does this count as a signal boost

Operation Blank Space

Guyyysss, a few things to remember:

1. Do not log in to YouTube, it will only count as one view

2. Open the video on an incognito tab, as that doesn’t save cookies who might stop your view from counting

3. Preferably also use Hola from time to time, change your location as that changes your IP address, because apparently YouTube does not count every view from the same IP adress.

4. Sites as listenonrepeat do NOT work.

5. Just refreshing the page constantly does not increase the views, it’s unclear when exactly a view counts, but forums say things from 30 seconds till 2 minutes. So to be safe, put some tabs on loop, mute them and let them refresh after two minutes and watch the full thing on full volume on another one ;)

6. Dance to Blank Space all day long.