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Homescreen / Lockscreen - I literally can’t take a picture of my lockscreen (I tried) but it’s completely identical to my homescreen’s background anyways. Hasn’t changed in a while. Design created by @unlikelymilliner

Last Selfie - taken just now. Pardon the “ran over” look. 

Last Song I listened to - does a whole album count? because I put this on last night to sleep and I sorta slipped off at around the 4th/5th song [”Shout”/”Destiny Unknown”].

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Heated Kisses

This short one-shot was inspired by this picture drawn by Hiro Mashima. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: A bad date and a poker game later, Lucy finds herself in the arms of a fiery dragon slayer. Will their passion get the better of them? Or will they end up challenging each other because they’re two stubborn wizards?

Rated T: Foul language and some suggestive themes.

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Genre: Humor/Romance

Word Count: 2,237

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Lucy opened the door to her apartment. She was mentally exhausted. Yet another one of her dates went awful. There wasn’t exactly anything wrong with him like the others, he just didn’t catch her interest. None of them seemed to be able to do that…

After a long soak in her bath she was feeling a little more refreshed, but she still couldn’t shake the thought that she would never find the right guy. It didn’t make sense to her. She’d been trying to date for the better part of six months now, and never had she made it past the first date.

She’d shared a few kisses with them, but that was it. It never made it past a rare goodnight kiss at the door, then she would never see them again. She didn’t think it was fair to waste her time or theirs. She didn’t want to say she was one of those people who believed that they should feel fireworks explode when they have their first kiss, but she couldn’t deny that her bar was set pretty high. So far no guy had made her knees weak or made her see stars.

Lucy sighed, wondering if she was just not meant to be with someone. In nothing but a towel, she strolled over to her closet, her feet barely lifting from the floor as she walked. She pulled out a simple tank top and white mini skirt, knowing they would be comfy since the weather had started to warm up. She didn’t think she’d be leaving her home again today anyway, so there was no point in worrying about her wardrobe.

Lucy was about to walk over to her desk to start writing, but a loud and cheery voice startled her.

“Hey Lucy!”

Said girl flinched, letting out an ‘eep’ as she whirled around to see the pink haired fire dragon slayer sitting on her living room floor. “Natsu! What the hell are you doing here?!”

Natsu raised a brow. “I came to hang out with you!” He said as if it were obvious, because to him, it was. He always loved spending time with her. “I didn’t see you at the guild this morning.”

“That’s because I was out on a date,” Lucy turned, not catching the way Natsu’s eye twitched when she said ‘date’. “Where’s Happy? I swear if he’s raiding my fridge again I’ll-”

“Happy’s not here,” Natsu answered, his tone a little dejected.

Lucy easily picked up on his mood change. “What’s wrong with you?” She asked, forgetting she was in nothing but a towel.

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(Picture not mine)

SEUNGCHEOL (s.coups): 

  • Confused at his own wedding tbh.
  • Tries to act cool.
  • “Pfft…Im fine. Try me.”
  • Ends up panicking.
  • Wants everything to be perfect.
  • Probably sweats a lot.
  • Doesn’t put up with the member’s shit.
  • Would be a bit stressed.
  • Makes sure the other members are ready and dressed for the wedding pictures of the groom’s party.
  • Counts each member.
  • “Jihoon if you lose the rings i swear.”
  • Such a groom-zilla tbh.
  • Ends up doing everything himself.


  • Sleeping until he hears music start and is like “OH SHIT I’M SUPPOSED TO BE UP THERE WITH COUPS AND THE BOYS.”
  • Slides in with the groomsmen before the bride walks the aisle.
  • Sits prettily in a chair as Joshua does his hair.
  • Probably would dress Chan.
  • “Where is Chan’s flower boy outfit?”
  • Is the one pulling the wagon swiftly.
  • Looking into the mirror most of the time.
  • Asking himself why Coups is marrying you instead of him.
  • Would outshine you in beauty because he is just so handsome.
  • Fashion. ksjhoafoafjn

JOSHUA (jisoo):

  • Would spend most of his time on Jeonghan’s hair.
  • Freaks out because he is still in sweats when he’s told that he has to be ready in five minutes.
  • “What!? Why me!.”
  • Would probably help calm the bride.
  • “I was supposed to do what?”
  • So much back and forward.
  • Would probably be the one talking on the phone if they need anything fixed or whatever because his english skills and vernon didnt want to help.
  • Says sorry over things he didn’t even do but knows your upset about.
  • Would try to make a rap about the wedding and how cute you and coups are together.
  • Does cute solo dancing in the corner.
  • But, still pulls out that drop spin move when he needs too.

JUN (junhui):

  • “I wish i could help but that is not my job.”
  • Watches everything happen and enjoys the drama.
  • Tries to narrate coups’ thoughts when something went wrong and hes obviously stressed about it.
  • “Im coups hyung, and im going to be a lonely bum if things aren’t perfect for my wife to be because she only cares about the venue instead of me… HAHHHHHH.”
  • Snickering quietly.
  •  Cries at the ceremony.
  • “Minghao thick in those dress pants.”
  • Secretly firts with the bride.
  • “what? pfft no man she’s yours! I just wanted to see if she was faithful.”
  • “And turns out she is buddy. great.”

HOSHI (soonyoung):

  • Would cheer everyone up.
  • Would be showing you the last touches of the dance you were going to do for coups at the reception.
  • Nonstop questions.
  • “Doesn’t becoming Choi (Y/N) scare you?”
  • “Can i see the ring wow.”
  • Complements from left to right.
  • Nonstop talking.
  • Overly excited.
  • Is the life of the party.
  • Hosh is loved by everyone tbh.
  • “Wow hyung you’re getting old!” 
  • “Wait we were supposed to bring gifts for a wedding what the ?”


  • “Im here for the free food ad to fill this empty seat, thanks.”
  • Mingyu does everything for him.
  • Probably looking off into the nice view out side.
  • Sides his hands in the sleeves of his blazer even though it looks weird. 
  • “Im not wearing this.”
  • Ends up dancing with everyone even though he really didn’t want to .
  •  “You’re lucky i love you guys.”
  • Laughs at mental breakdowns.
  • Doesnt make it discreat that hes laughing about someone.

WOOZI (jihoon):

  • “Call me small again.”
  • Would probably gove a gift of a condom with a sticky note that says “You may be married but i dont want to take care of you children yet.
  • Looks hella cute but blushes when people say that.
  • Smiles awkwardly.
  • Looks up at the bride.
  • “Seungcheol you look ugly.”
  • Gets called a hater for bashing on seungcheol on his wedding day.
  • Does the dugie and the running man in the middle of a dance circle.



i can’t count the number of people who have said “oh I never knit, except during the war, of course”

i spent a goodish part of last night (I mean when I wasn’t finally dragged down to my doom by Candy Crush) looking up World War II knitting and sewing propaganda posters and let me tell you son don’t do the thing.

anyway my actual reason was a joke I’m slowly working about about Captain America being in propaganda about E V E R Y T H I N G and Steve Rogers being unable to know where to put his face seventy years later. So far I have:

EVERY STITCH COUNTS [picture of Cap earnestly and awkwardly bent over a woolly thing bristling with needles, NOT SHOWN: Steve Rogers arguing for hours that that isn’t even how you make a sock, Steve Rogers’ fancy afghan square contributed toward Myra’s wedding afghan by the girls, Steve Rogers mailing a package of socks to James Barnes, who is currently undergoing torture and does not receive them]

TIME TO SIT? TIME TO KNIT [picture of Cap, arms folded disapprovingly, gazing sternly at two ladies sitting and having coffee, smoking cigarettes in their idle hands, NOT SHOWN, Steve Rogers on train to Billings, Montana, where he’ll be second fiddle to a pig’s squeal being auctioned off (yes it happened, look it up), two showgirls cuddled up on either side of him, moving his hands in small, careful motions so June and Ruby don’t get disturbed even if he can’t sleep, needles clicking away on a hat that he’ll eventually throw at a man named Jim Morita, saying, “Just shut up and wear a damn hat, Jim, we all know you’re a delicate fucking hothouse California blossom”, also not shown, Peggy Carter, years later, pulling on much darned woolen gloves while her daughter says, “mummy why don’t you throw those old things away?”]

MENDING HELPS THE MEN [picture of Cap, allowing a girl to sew a rip on his uniform as he looks paternal and amused by her efforts, NOT SHOWN, Steve Rogers saying “Aww, Ginny, don’t worry, it’s gonnal take two seconds to fix, I ain’t gonna tell Bossman you ripped it if you ain’t”, taking a cheap satin skirt from one of the girls and fixing a tear on it with quick hands, also not shown, Steve Rogers looking down at a sweater that James Barnes wore for months of hell and carefully darning, reknitting, until finally he can hide it away where Bucky can’t see it but Steve knows he fixed something, even if he can’t fix Bucky—]

and I’ve run out of ideas and also I think I’m going to have to sit down in a corner and stare at nothing until I stop having feelings, ugh. 

I can’t even with this.

Sasuke looks so happy.

With Naruto (and Boruto).

I don’t think it’s been emphasised enough that 99% of the time that Sasuke is around Naruto, in the movie, he is smiling. And I think we all know how rare it is to see Sasuke smile (and no, showing me a picture from a calendar does not count)

I could say the same for Naruto, though he is generally a ‘happy’ person. However, it’s not hard to tell that the smiles he shares with Sasuke are so full of love, care and (most importantly) meaning.

I could go on for days talking about how these two bring out the best in each other, but I think we all know that already :)

Picture Perfect Christmas (reader x Bucky)

Characters: reader, Bucky, Clint.

Prompt: “cards”

Summary: Reader and Bucky want to make new traditions for their first Christmas together with unexpected results. 

Warnings: Fluff mostly, implied smut? Maybe? I dunno. :D

Word Count: 1654

A/N: This was written for @themercurialmadhatter (previously murialweathers I hope? That’s the name I received originally) or do you prefer @buckysplumfondler ? I’ll just tag both. :) I’m your Secret Santa!! I know you requested Bucky fluff/smut but I’m not a smut writer. This does have a little bit of heat in it, though! I really hope you like this. 

Thanks for setting this up @marvel-ash and @oneshot-shit. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

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“Let’s see,” you recalled, counting on your fingers as you spoke, “Tree lighting ceremony? Check. Ice skating at Rockefeller Center? Check. Window shopping at Macy’s? Check. Walk through Central Park as the snow falls? Now we can check that one off!”

“Yeah, but was it worth it, doll?” asked your favorite Super Soldier, settling down next to you on the couch in the common room.

You sniffled, snuggled up in a blanket as your attentive boyfriend handed you a mug of hot chocolate to warm you. The park, while beautiful and romantic as you strolled arm in arm with Bucky, it had also been absurdly freezing and now you could not get warm enough.

“Yes, it was!!” you assured him, curling into his side to steal his heat as well.

He let you pick the movie and slowly your body temperature rose to normal, empty mug of cocoa resting on the coffee table. Halfway through the movie, Clint came waltzing in to the room with something in his hands.

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Prompt: Can the reader be a new cast member on the avengers movies and is secretly dating Sebastian , and during a question panel (I don’t know what it’s called but the whole cast is on stage and answering questions) she is asked “how does it feel being the ugly one out of a group of beautiful people?” The cast gets angry but Seb is the one that really stands up for her and then reveals they are dating and that he loves her. Sorry long request! :)

Word Count: 530

Author’s Note: I kind of changed it a bit so the insult wasn’t as bold, hope you don’t mind. Also, I’ve never been more proud of a gif find.

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Best One Yet [Sherlock Holmes x Reader]

Author’s Note: Found this sitting in a folder and decided to share since I haven’t had time lately to write. Been working on a project for my writing class that’s taking all my creativity. Maybe I’ll share some pictures here of how that’s going(: 

Cookies if you can guess what episode this is set in hehehe. 

Word Count: 319

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I Want You Here With Me (Like How I Pictured It)

Summary: 2009!Dan is so anxious for his first Skype call with Phil, he doesn’t know what to do with himself. But as it gets closer and closer to their scheduled time, Phil is still nowhere to be found. How does Dan handle Phil’s lateness? And will Phil ever show up for the call?

Word Count: 1.7k

Genre: Fluffy angst

Extra tags: 2009!phan, Skype calls

Warnings: Mild anxiety, but otherwise none

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A/N: After binging on 2009!phan videos (as you do), I suddenly felt inspired to write this short little angsty fic and cranked this out in a few hours! Title is taken from Something Great, one of my favorite One Direction songs. I hope you enjoy!! (Seriously though, don’t tell me Dan wasn’t a nervous wreck during those first few Skype calls) ;)

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.:..twø years of vessel..:.


these are all my pictures/my edits, so if you repost give credit!

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Can't Hate on Kubo Without Hating on Legend of Korra and Prince of Egypt

Kubo was a perfect movie. Perfect. It was constantly upping the ante on its gorgeousness and overall action. Definitely the most thrill-heavy of the Laika pictures.

Ignore the whitewashing complaints. The representation is there on screen and if it doesn’t count then neither does Korra, Aang, Prince of Egypt, and even MIYAZAKI! The majority of the cartoons people reblog here on tumblr aaaall star white actors as the majority, no matter the race of the character.

Get a new argument and stop being lazy. And stop ruining the positive flow of energy for a movie that’s trying its damnedest to be accurate and respectful of the culture it’s based on.

okay i worked it out best i can without going and counting shit

there are 1850 posts tagged homestuck here

but i know some of them have multiple pictures in the same thing for whatever reason so ill add like. rough estimate of like 70 for that

then i know for a fact some shit has just disappeared cause my old deviantart says it has 14 deviations but there are only two there????? so thats another 14

then god fuck i drew a lot in school my planner was huge bc i had so much doodle paper in there, then the books and what i doodle now id say like. 150 for nice round numbers

i Think ive drawn homestuck around 2184 times

Special Interest Hell