does this confuse anyone else


I just wanted to say I figured out the real reason behind Quiet’s entire design.

The secret is that she’s actually a HUGE dork! She clearly spent all her life learning how to kill, so she never had a chance to explore fashion or interacting with people!

When she finds out she can’t wear much clothing and can’t wear her normal uniform, it’s like the first time she ever gets to pick out her own clothing. She picks out something she thinks seems sexy and cool~ but little does she know she just comes off as a fashion nightmare to everyone else. Boss and Ocelot are too nice to tell her otherwise!!! 

This also explains why does all the weird shit she does, the “sexy” shower, the “sexy” walking, the “sexy interpretive dance in the rain” that makes everyone go wtf?? This woman has no idea how to act normally around a guy she has a crush on so she defaults to awkwardly mimicing what she THINKS is “hot” to guys.


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Does anyone know who the writer is of this one fic I read where tae was a murderer and he sort of seduced you at a ball/party and then murdered you but eventually he turned mad?? It was so well written my little description of it really doesn't do it justice😂😭but pls if anyone knows what I'm talking about pls let me know!✨

ah, I swear I’ve read this and it was such a rush and so riveting to read…also lowkey hot. I could have sworn @versigny was the one who wrote it because I distinctively remember “la vie en rose” but I guess I may have it confused with someone else?

Does anyone know it? It was a psycho!tae/serialkiller!tae scenario with maybe two parts????

@zhe-end and I did a Lexark collab!

Tumblr is such a cool place.. that moment when you message an artist whose work you love and ask if maybe one day they would wanna do a drawing with you, not getting your hopes up because they’re amazing. Then freckin’ next day they’re like yeah sure and you silently lose your mind and play it cool, then proceed to confused them by using slang they don’t understand…

Does anyone else call what is picture here a ‘dinky’?

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i get confused when i see your fc as anyone else? like i keep seeing “bellamy” gifsets and i’m like bellamy who that’s enjolras 

and i don’t watch t100 so i’m vaguely confused abt everyone like there’s the angry blonde and there’s the angry mechanic and there’s enjolras

this is a) the best summation of t100 ever and b) the best thing ever in general tbh 

From the Hetalia World Stars Volume 2 Character Page

Did anyone else notice this?

At first I thought it meant Prussia assumes himself older than Germany, but hinting to the whole ‘HRE equals Germany’ theory: if Germany is HRE, and HRE was older than Prussia, then Germany would actually be the older brother?

But then I thought, ‘Well maybe the operative word here is oldest.’ As in, Prussia THINKS he’s the oldest out of all of Germany’s brothers, but there’s someone even older amongst the mix? Maybe Austria?? Since Austria is older than Prussia. - I honestly don’t know the ages of APH Bavaria, Saxony, or Hesse. 

Now reading it again, I’m not sure the ‘he’ refers to Prussia at all. Perhaps it means ‘[Prussia is] Germany’s oldest brother (or so Germany thinks)’.

Maybe Germany doesn’t realize who the oldest is amongst his brothers? Maybe that’s pointing to HRE. Since Germany (apparently) doesn’t recall that era, is it possible he thinks Prussia, and not HRE, is the eldest?

I don’t know. u-u Does anyone else get really confused by the family ties in Hetalia? What a tangled web Hima weaves! ;) Or maybe that’s just me…

I often feel like I am disconnected from reality, like I was just observing the world from some kind of a high tower where I live as a hermit. I get visions, impressions. I pretty much live on my intuition. Sometimes I feel really weird and just different from other people. I’m not “normal” but I appear “normal” to other people (I think), and that’s just really fucking confusing.

Does anyone else have this?

Does anyone else always get a little confused when they see posts about LGBT+, neurodivergent, or disabled witches and wizards that imply Hogwarts is equipped to provide a safe, comfortable, or accommodating environment for their students? Like, as much as they teach magic there, Hogwarts is actually a really shitty school, and if magic was an everyday part of my life, I would probably find some other school for my kids to go to.