does this confuse anyone else

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Does anyone know who the writer is of this one fic I read where tae was a murderer and he sort of seduced you at a ball/party and then murdered you but eventually he turned mad?? It was so well written my little description of it really doesn't do it justice😂😭but pls if anyone knows what I'm talking about pls let me know!✨

ah, I swear I’ve read this and it was such a rush and so riveting to read…also lowkey hot. I could have sworn @versigny was the one who wrote it because I distinctively remember “la vie en rose” but I guess I may have it confused with someone else?

Does anyone know it? It was a psycho!tae/serialkiller!tae scenario with maybe two parts????

Does anyone else hope gansey will be completely confused by the pynch relationship? Like, come on, that boy is dense. Of course he’ll be totally accepting because he’s GANSEY but the initial process will be so painful. Like adam will say “I kissed ronan” and gansey will make him repeat himself 10 times before he finally gets it, and even then he’ll be like “…..on purpose?” and adam will just sigh.

Does anyone else feel like Nalu is the ship that you just love the platonic relationship they have but you also love for it to become romantic but you still want the platonic-ness of it like I dunno man! I want them to be best friends forever but I still want them to get married and I’M HAVING VERY COMPLICATED FEELINGS OVER THIS!!! THAT MOMENT WHEN YOU WANT YOUR OTP TO BE PLATONIC AND ROMANTIC AT THE SAME TIME LIKE HOW DOES THAT WORK???