does this actually count as a crossover

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Rate all the cc ships u can think of from favorite to least favorite

Does Mogarvid count as a CC ship, even as a crossover? Because it’s pretty high up there rn. Probably my favorite. Good forest boyfriends who can balance out each other’s extremes and raise their tiny angry son together.

Speaking of which, David and Max in a father/son relationship is also top-tier. Actually…David being a dad in general is very good. Same also applies to Daniel and Space Kid, but like…less of a father figure and more of a protective figure who would die for this sweet kid. He doesn’t get to be a father because I’m an asshole.

Going back to romantic shipping, Gwenvid is also good and pure.

Counselorshipping (DavidGwenDanielJen) is quality, as long as it’s in an AU where Daniel and Jen aren’t like…child killers and are just kind of terrible personality-wise. This also applies to Danvid and JenGwen, or heck, even DanielGwen and DavidJen. I like shipping all of them, okay?

NeilHarrison is precious. Precious awkward boys.

Nikki/Girls who will treat her like the little forest queen she is is a very good ship.

Nurf/Boys who will treat him right is also good. I really like the idea of Nurf/Petrol. Big boyfriends.

Max and Space Kid is baby Churboose, which I love with all my heart. Grumpy boy with happy cinnamon roll is a nice dynamic that I’m weak for.

Also admittedly, after the most recent chapters of SOSO, I….kind of like the idea of Space Kid and Dolph Dee, but ONLY if/when he tries to break away from being nothing more than a shitty Hitler joke and better himself as a person. I feel like Space Kid would be a good influence on him, and they could be each other’s first baby crushes and talk about space together.

Honestly those are all the ones I can think of that I really enjoy, so put everything almost else beneath that.

Then put any ship (ESPECIALLY M///A///X///D//AV///ID) involving the adults and kids romantically beneath everything else because those are shit-tier ships and I don’t want them anywhere near me and I’ll never stop vocalizing how much I despise them. Disgusting. Horrid. Gross. Bad.

EDIT: FUCK HOW COULD I FORGET JASPVID??? Jaspvid is high up there. Cute childhood boyfriends and also AUs where Jasper is alive and they are counselor boyfriends are good.

Title :: Champion by starswholisten

Word count :: 7,219

Chapters :: 4/?

Rating :: Teen and Up Audiences

Relationships :: Feyre/Rhysand

Characters :: Feyre, Rhysand, Mor, Nesta, Elain, Lucien, Tamlin

Additional Tags :: brief Feyre/Tamlin at the beginning, Alternate Universe - Hogwarts, AU

Language :: English

Summary :: Feyre Archeron is a Slytherin 5th year living in the shadow of her older sisters: Elain, a 6th year, a Hufflepuff with an affinity for Herbology and the OWLs to prove it, and Nesta, a 7th year Ravenclaw, who excels in Divination and just about everything else she does… and she doesn’t let anyone forget it.

This is the year Feyre won’t let them overshadow her.
It’s the Triwizard Tournament.

When she finds a way to bewitch the goblet of fire (against her boyfriend Tamlin’s wishes) and is actually picked for the Tournament, she is ready to prove herself. But when the exceptionally handsome and talented Rhysand from Durmstrang is chosen as well, Feyre must wonder if she enjoys his equally matched competition… or if she just enjoys competing against him.

ACOTAR/Hogwarts AU.

I was talking with 100-yardstare and we thought it would be cool to have an Over the Garden Wall/Alice in Wonderland crossover B)  This looks best viewed in full resolution, tumblr really sized it down. 

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we need a list of all au type things created by u like damn

oh my god all the mistakes:
- shakira au
- salad au
- bill la bill au
- everyone-is-a-deer au
- mahou shojou au aka sailor moon au
- wonder falls au
- everything-bill-can-possibly-wear-is-actually-a-sweater au
- instagram au
- little red au
- fruit au
- carrot au
- carrot x bagel au
- corn au/banana au
- black rock shooter au/crossover
- cas in dress series? does it count, it was a thing at one point
- pocket deanmon/angel au
- kiss kiss fall from grace/senpie au
- cas becomes a weeping angel au
- everything is elvis presley if you look closely au
- cas is a doll au
- deanmon is forever bottom au

Marcia goes too far yet again™: the saga continues