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My mom (a nct stan) send me a video of herself whispering “stan nct, stan talent” in my step father’s ear while he was sleeping. The video lasted six minutes and finished when my step father woke up and said “I love you but for these kind of things I want to be single again”. Later that day I called my mother and she told me, proudly that my step father was giving a try to kpop just because she told him.


happy birthday to our dearest jungkook!
thank you for being you 


The Climax of V’s Route


Fact: Bakugou’s also a dragon shifter, he just never shifts cause he’s super fucking tiny and he hates it with a passion

So I was on @cartooncommubackup​‘s stream and a Camp Camp portal AU came into the conversation. Sorta realized camp must be a lot like Portal from Max’s perspective. Also friendly David GLaDOS who thinks the tests are fun for Max?? Anyway, this random thing became my warmup drawing for today.