does the pope shit in the woods

So last night I watched a really interesting interview with Mark Arnall (Kimi’s Personal Trainer) and he had some interesting things to say....

-At the start of his career when he worked for Mika, he lived in his spare bedroom with Mika’s pet tortoise, Carolina.

-Kimi is very specific about his driving stuff. He has a favourite pair of boots and gloves that, on a race weekend, Mark must carry with him at all times. 

-He also mentioned in another interview that if there is a scratch or finger smudge on his [race] car windscreen, Kimi cannot drive the car until they replace it completely.

-Mark treats his drivers like princes. Mark believes it’s his priority to keep track of flight details, know hotel bookings, the  PR schedule, rental cars, dietary arrangements etc. And all Kimi has to do is text him, “When do we have to leave?”

-Mika once got fed up of saying “Yes” to stupid questions and asked Mark for advice on what to say. Mark told him to say “Does a bear shit in the woods?” “Is the pope a catholic?” The next time Mika was asked a stupid question he said, “Does the pope shit in the woods?” and everyone was laughing so he gave Mark a thumbs up!

-Kimi is very motivated and dedicated to his training. When he started to play badminton with Mark he watched Mark play his friends first to gauge what kind of player Mark was. Mark beat Kimi easy, so in between their sessions Kimi practiced until he was able to beat Mark.

- Kimi is so confident in his badminton game, that once when he was playing Seb, he bet him that he could have his Ferrari Enzo if Seb won. (He didn’t)

-Kimi can no longer do as much weights training as he used to because Mark says Kimi bulks up very quickly and the new F1 regs on lower driver weight means Kimi can’t afford to put on the muscule. (Which explains alot b/c Kimi isn’t as muscly as he used to be.)

-Kimi trains very hard and will row on the rowing machine until he’s nearly sick. (And in fact, once he did vomit.)

-Kimi is nothing like the cold & unfeeling person we see on the track and away from the track he does get angry at his bad results but is also a completely different nice guy. (But then, we already knew that didn’t we?)

-Most importantly, Mark loves his job and the travelling. When Kimi was out of F1 for 2 years, Mark said he missed the people in the paddock lots.


things my linguistics professor has said...

  • “the human brain is like a bird feeding”
  • “evolution basically goes “everyone change! now, who’s not dead?”
  • “giraffes are a totally fucking ridiculous shape”
  • [about the evolution of giraffes] “fuckers with the long necks ride more - have more offspring”
  • “it would be great to have intelligence and good eyesight” 
  • “i’m so turned on right not by your inability to express anything coherently” 
  • “you think i can’t see your phone behind the water bottle? is this your Trump persona” 
  • “children don’t wake up and say ‘i wasn’t feeling that well today, but i got up anyway’ no it’s ‘toy, shit, sneeze, things directly around them’”
  • “i can tell you so much about death”
  • “the child assumes that when you lean behind the desk and say flabbledock, you actually mean something”
  • “how the fuck does a child learn the meaning of the word ‘party’?”
  • “the sensitivity to work out a word like party involves all this weird shit”
  • “humans can’t tolerate words having the same meaning”
  • “humans die, so you’re going to die, maybe not today, not tomorrow, but certainly by the end of the week”
  • “and if i replaced your baby with a kitten, you’d still say ‘ah, that’s lovely”
  • “if you didn’t have rickets in 1930s Dublin, you were nobody”
  • “chickens respond to the color yellow which isn’t a movie fact, so it won’t be on the exam”
  • “if an animal eats a rat it doesn’t stop there, i mean, once you do one, you don’t stop”
  • “it’s a rat eater, a fucking Trump supporter”
  • “when i was your age, back when we were battling the dinosaurs”
  • “the shot the soldier the mosquito bit missed - now what the fuck was that”
  • “now, when humans 2.0 come along, whenever that is, they’ll be able to deal with double phrase centering”
  • “somehow magically, you can concentrate better with your tongue sticking out”
  • “see i can’t say ‘ding dong ding dong” and have you say ‘who’s there?’ i have to say ‘knock knock” but nobody fucking knock on doors anymore, they ring the doorbell - that’s how language works”
  • “a lot of criminals have bumps here [on their heads] so that’s the criminality bump, a lot of priests have a bump here, so that’s the ‘i like children’ bump - that’s the basis of phrenology”
  • “if you look at a cat brain, it’s not as groovy… as you kids say today”
  • “evolution can’t just decide ‘oh let’s make a new brain that functions properly’”
  • [for Broca’s aphasia] “they understand ‘the car was chased by the dog,’ because cars don’t chase dogs, but they don’t understand ‘the cat was chased by the dog’ because it’s 50/50 whether the cat chased the dog, because cat’s are bastards” 
  • “communicating an idea is different from language- ‘sure, i’d love to, does a bear shit in the woods?, is the pope a pedophile?’ - these are all ways to agree to go on a picnic”

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Do you wear wigs?

Do I wear wigs?  Ummm,  is the bear Catholic?   Does the Pope shit in the woods??   (damn, I always mix those up….)    I think the answers to all these questions should be pretty obvious. 

Glee Fic: Little Rich Girl

3129 words. Jane, Roderick, appearances by the McCarthy twins. Friendship with the barest hints of Roderane. Apologies to the-multicorn, since this request was on jazzypizzaz’s list and not yours, but it wouldn’t leave my head.

Jane comes from money. That’s no secret.

Say what you will about Dalton and its discriminatory policies and its atmosphere of toxic testosterone (and Jane does), she never got made fun of for it there. Because, well, everyone came from money. Here, she gets called Princess and Daddy’s Little Rich Girl and a lot of other things that don’t even make sense. Jane’s been here two weeks. Part of her is beginning to understand why the twins hide behind infallible positivity and Roderick hides behind headphones. But the rest of her is just pissed off. She wants to yell at them, ‘I stand for social justice! I care about inequality! I’m not some precious doll in an ivory tower!’ but how can she when her daddy started an entire lawsuit just to get her into a glee club?

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Am I ready for Tyler Hoechlin to be gay? Does James Woods shit in a bear? (PS, I feel like Hoechlin would be known as an otter in the LGBTQ+ Community and I'm HERE 👏 FOR 👏 IT 👏!!!!!)

I don’t understand the James Woods reference but the pope is Catholic so…

Career Goals (Update)

1. Become Vatican Correspondent for a major newspaper or magazine.

2. Convince the Pope to go camping for a week.

3. Spend the week asking the papal spokesperson, “Does the Pope shit in the woods?”

4. Retire at the top.