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Boardwalk Empire meme: Billie Kent [3/3] Female Characters

“Know what I hate the most? I keep hearing my father’s voice. ‘Always on the move, but going nowhere fast.‘“

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oh gosh. okay. hmm. i like???

  • my eyes
  • my hands!!
  • my art when its looking good
  • how?? nice i can be maybe
  • my blog B)

I missed my friend @lifeisshiny‘s birthday, so this is a tiny little ficlet to make it up to her.  CC, I hope you enjoy bellarke bickering about steggy!  (Set in this universe).

“You really mean to tell me you’re not going to see Captain America: Civil War?”  Bellamy asked.

Clarke lifted her head from his chest.  “No Peggy, no ticket.”

“But that’s the whole point of his story— he missed so much and now he’s rebuilding his life with new friends.”  His fingers were tangled in her hair, absent minded strokes that made her want to purr.

“If they found a way to bring back Bucky, they could have found a way to bring back Peggy.”

“They did.  In the last one—”

“– old Peggy does not count,” Clarke protested.  She dropped her head back to his chest.  “They picked a man over a woman and I won’t stand for that sort of misogynistic pandering.”

“Except it does sort of seem like Steve is in love with Peggy and Bucky.  So, you know, representation.”

Clarke scoffed, rubbing her palm across his stomach.  The soft flannel of his shirt felt nice on her skin, and she liked the low rumble of his voice, even if he was wrong.  “Like they’ll ever go in that direction.  I’m sorry, I just refuse to acknowledge that Steve and Peggy didn’t get to have their happy ending.  That’s what they deserved, you know?”

“I should tell Octavia you turned out to be the die-hard romantic of the two of us,” Bellamy said, and she could hear the grin in his voice.

“You’re the one that owns Chocolat, not me,” Clarke reminded him.  “It’s just in this instance.  I just can’t embrace him being happy with anyone who isn’t Peggy, you know?”

Bellamy kissed the top of her head.  “For the record, I wouldn’t be happy with anyone who wasn’t you either,” he whispered.

Clarke smiled to herself and snuggled just a little closer.  “I’ll see it when it comes out on DVD,” she admitted.

“That’s my girl.”