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Okay, here’s the thing. Today I had a brief opinion exchange with some Instagram users about whether an art reposter should link the creator or not. My answer to that is “ALWAYS”.

I know this topic has been discussed so many times, but I feel it needs to be regularly repeated and reminded because there are still many people who fail to notice that reposting someone’s art without crediting them is an art theft (harsh but true). And before I confuse the shit out of everybody, this rant will be referring in particular to social media that do not have a reblog/share option, e.g. Instagram. This monologue does not apply to Tumblrs/Facebooks/etc., but I still share it here since many of Tumblr users also happen to be on Instagram. (When it comes to Tumblr and such, my stand is quite simple - DO NOT REPOST. PERIOD :) (ok, you can repost, but only with the author’s permission).

I am aware that most people on Instagram (and other media) tend to repost just because they love the art so much that they want to share it with fellow fans, and I’m really happy and proud that some of my works get that attention from time to time. It gives a huge motivation boost. But at the same time it’s really disheartening to see the work being reposted by another account with dozens, hundreds or sometimes even thousands likes, without any link to my profile. And it’s not only me. I’ve seen too many brilliant artists being reposted without credit, it truly breaks my heart. Their art receiving so many praises and likes, gaining the reposter a crowd of new followers, while the artists are still struggling to surpass 300 fan count. It’s just ridiculous.

“Okay, I reposted without credit. So what? I took it from someone else who didn’t link you. They should be at fault, not me.” It doesn’t matter. Stealing from another thief doesn’t make you any better. And if you do credit the reposter, well, then you’re definitely helping the wrong person.
Not crediting the artist just because you didn’t find the art on their account but someone else’s is also not an excuse. Looking up artist’s name with Google is very easy, even if their name has been cropped out from the drawing you can still search by image (CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW) and link them. And the more exposure and recognition they get, the more fanarts they will be willing to produce. And the more fanarts they make, the happier fandom will get.

P.S. Just so you know, crediting without link to artist’s account doesn’t really work. Sadly, most of internet users still does not make the effort to look up the author when you give them the name, but they are more willing to visit their galleries when you provide the link. True story.

P.P.S. All in all, my adventure with the Instagram reposter luckily ended with them linking me back. We’re good now :).

R/S Games 2016 Masterlist

All works for the 9th annual Remus/Sirius Games have now been posted. You have until 11:59 PM EST (UTC -5) on Nov 19th to vote on these works and help us determine this year’s winning team!

Team Time:

  1. Parlor Trick Magic and Other Trivialities, rated T, 17k words
  2. Recto Verso, M, 7900
  3. Exposed, T, 2900
  4. There Isn’t a Word for What We’ve Got, T, 7300
  5. Parchment, T, 4400
  6. Yours and Our, M, 6600
  7. 9 AM, G, ART
  8. A Past Tense of Drowned, T, 3200
  9. Time’s Fool, E, 4800
  10. The Warrior, T, 9900
  11. Circle, E, 13k
  12. Past Life, T, 1400
  13. The Past, the Future and the Present Moment, T, 4200
  14. A Very Nice Day, G, 3400
  15. The Redemption of Mercy Knight, M, 15k
  16. A Heart Closing, M, 9300
  17. Time, As A Symptom, T, 13k
  18. The Time We Have, T, 1600
  19. One Hundred Lifetimes (Until We Get it Right), T, 5300
  20. Pride, T, 1500
  21. Percolation, T, 3800
  22. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, G, ART
  23. The Witching Hour, T, 3500
  24. Out of the Ground, T, 7500
  25. Riverside, M, 2400

Team Place:

  1. The Fall, rated T, 4600 words
  2. They don’t love you like I love you, G, 5800
  3. Intergalactic Hitchhiking, and Other Such Earthbound Adventures, M, 14k
  4. Dusk, G, ART
  5. Our House is a Very Very Very Fine House, T, 16k
  6. How to Suffer a Storm, T, 12k
  7. Leave The Rough Road, T, 7700
  8. When the Dust Settles, E, 20k
  9. Remus’ Room, G, ART
  10. Longsdune, T, 3500
  11. Found by one Sirius Black, G, 3000
  12. Lost Socks and Sealing Charms, M, ART (graphic novel)
  13. Three Times Teddy Saw the Sea, T, 4200
  14. Fires at Midnight, M, 6100 + ART
  15. Grim Winter Was Howlin’, G, 1500 (text fic)
  16. Ticket To Anywhere, G, 1800
  17. Untitled, G, ART
  18. Thoughts on Fate and Coincidence, T, 20k
  19. A Story of the End, G, Art (graphic novel)
  20. Sometimes Quiet Is Violent, M, 28k
  21. The Bells, M, 23k
  22. The Ache for Home, T, 9800
  23. I do not think of you lying in the wet clay, T, 11k
  24. Dark Web, E, 6700
  25. I Should Tell You, T, 2300
  26. The Sweater, T, 1700
  27. The Nag’s Head, T, 8200
  28. Date-Date, T, 1800
  29. The Kitchen Disaster, T, 3300
  30. This Bright Familiar Sun, or Lost Snapshots of Summers on an Island, T, 12k

Because participants are not permitted to vote, we count on our readers to decide the winning team. Your vote matters! You can make a huge difference by voting on even a few entries!

Follow the link at the bottom of each Games work on AO3 to find its poll page on LiveJournal, and answer these 3 questions:

  • does the work focus on the concept of its designated team (time vs. place)? (yes/no)
  • how well does the work use its prompt? (1-9)
  • how much did you enjoy this work? (1-9)

Voting is easy-peasy, even if you do not have a LiveJournal account:

  • click on the poll #
  • click “fill out poll”
  • click to login using facebook, twitter, google+, or open id
  • answer the 3 poll questions
  • click “submit poll”

All works are archived on AO3 under RS_Games, and in the AO3 R/S Games 2016 Archive.

Questions? Comments? Our ask box is always open!

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I have been accepted to do a medical internship in Kenya!! Very exciting only I can’t afford to go. So I need help. Your help.

The project I’m working on is to help test people for HIV/AIDS and to help counsel them. And also to provide education on HIV and AIDS in the communities there. Not only is the project amazing and does so much good, but it would be the number one thing pushing me through into medical school (which I also can’t afford lol) so I can help more people who are struggling to get the care they need.

Apparently I don’t know how to use a link, so I don’t think you can click on that. but that’s the ‘link’. Google it if you wanna donate? Maybe it’ll work.

If you can, please do. If you can’t, please Reblog. Even if you donate please Reblog. I have no followers. I need help

Correction I added it as a source! Just click that it’ll take you there like magic

11 Awesome Apps for Fandom Geeks (BONUS: They're Free!)

Hello again geeks! I noticed that I’ve been spreading my geeky virus all over the place by coming up with articles about fandoms and I guess one more wouldn’t hurt, right? :)

I know that most of us lounge around with our smartphones and tablets to help us sustain our fandom madness. If you’re fandom is currently on hiatus, it doesn’t mean that you should be! Make your gadget the ultimate fandom toolkit and check out these awesome and free (yes! free!) apps! :)

Reading and Writing Apps (with Fanfics along the line)

1. iBooks
If you’re one of those books-over-movies kind of geek, iBooks is the app for you! You’ve got your entire library at the palm of your hands and those I-need-the-next-book-but-I-left-it-at-home seizures can now be avoided. :)

2. MicrosoftOneNote
A fanfiction writer? No need to worry about missing a writing inspiration and jot it down right on the spot! You can have tons of tabs for each of your fandoms and write chapter by chapter by chapter! You know you want to! :)

Speaking of fanfics, this one isn’t really and app but you can have the website in your Home Screen for easy access. Whether you’re a fic reader or writer (or both), this place has will truly satisfy your fanfic cravings.

FanArt apps

4. SketchBook Pro
An absolute favorite of mine, Sketchbook Pro is designed for creative chaps who can’t get enough of their favorite characters! It has tons of brushes and colors that can give you that satisfying artistic feel once you finish your fanart. Who knows? Maybe if you tweet your artwork to your fave celeb, it might make them notice you!

5. PicsArt
A photo editing app, this can help you come up with professional looking edits that can make your fandoms proud! :)

6. Laminar Pro
If you want something more detailed than PicsArt, Laminar Pro has a photoshop kind-of-feel that you can use in putting your OTPs in one photo together! Eeep! :)

Viewing Apps

7. Youtube
Sometimes, the show isn’t enough and the conventions are in abroad! Plus, there’s the dilemma of how much a boxset will cost, especially if it’s shipped from the US. How are you supposed to watch the gag reel now?!? Well, there’s ol’ reliable Youtube for that! :)

Not another app (again!) but I just have to include it in the list! This website has tons of working links where you can stream your favorite TV series! Just add it to your Home Screen and tap to watch! :)

Social Networking

9. Pinterest
Google Images giving you photos that does not match your search? Your Camera Roll/Gallery already full of fandom photos and your phone memory no longer has space? Boohoo! Switch to Pinterest and have your favorite photos at your disposal anytime!

10. My Wikia
A Wikipedia app for geeks, this app contains trivias, information and even spoilers about your favorite fandoms! You can learn more and more everyday just by browsing the sites dedicated to various books and shows and who knows? Maybe if you read through all of them, you will become the ultimate fandom master!

11. Tumblr
The home of the fandom geeks, this blog site has the craziest fanbases, trivias, fanarts, fanfics and anything fandom related EVER! I mean, even Robert Downey Jr. And Martin Freeman admits to browsing it once in a while! :)

There you have it! What’re are you waiting for? Start downloading them now! :)

And also check out the following for fandom related articles: 5 Things Only Geeks Will Understand and 10 Things We Learned From Our Favorite Fandoms.

-Amanda Arambulo
Toons of the World Unite! Map Project

Hello Toonblr! I’m working on a project on where in the world people are playing in the Toontown community. If you’re interested in participating in what I hope to be a huge and widespread success, please read on!

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Why is it wrong to make a POC character white? I'm black and I don't understand? I think it'd be cool to see a character as all races and that includes white.

hmmmm anon u say

anyway, there’s a lot of resources out there for this question so maybe “has this been asked before?” tab could be useful. I linked yesterday to racebending Disney which, I’m sure, has this answer in their FAQ. Google might even work well.

To make a long story super short because I’d prefer you looking for a longer answer elsewhere, racebending illustrations often address an issue that’s in media: underrepresentation of PoC characters. Racebending characters white to Poc helps address that, at least as part of an art conversation (because fan art does not suddenly become mass-consumed media). Racebending PoC to white only exacerbates an already existing issue.

While in theory it might be cool to see everyone as everything, in reality art isn’t removed from racial issues in media & society and artists should be mindful of this

dear OFF fandom and other fandoms in general *cough* hetalia *cough* homestuck *couuugh*

stop stealing other people’s art to make your Windows Movie Maker AMVs for the youtube dot com 

making art is a long and arduous process and these people deserve proper credit for their work - not a brief tagline of “not mine belongs to original artists!! (:”

this is so, so disrespectful on so many levels and frankly just a terrible display of ignorance - the five to ten minutes you took to download images and make a slideshow with them is not even a comparable effort to the hours put into cranking out a good piece of fanart or original work

  • ask for permission before using someone’s art 
  • if you’re impatient and insist on using the work anyway without permission (which is gross but that’s an argument for another day) GIVE CREDIT TO THE ARTIST WHO MADE THE WORK
  • AND IF YOU’RE GOING TO CREDIT, DO IT PROPERLY. LIST TUMBLR URLS. DEVIANTART USERNAMES. PIXIV SOURCE. A catch-all “i found these on this website”  or “it was on google images” does not count.
  • If you can’t find a source, try uploading it into a reverse search engine like Tineye or even Google Image’s search feature.
  • If you STILL can’t find a source - DO NOT USE THAT WORK. 

it is actually as simple as adding a list of usernames or links to your youtube description or in a credits section at the end of the video

i don’t know why this is such a difficult concept to understand