does that work for movies

i wish people would stop seeing animated movies at the result of big name studios and see them rather as the result of the hard work of hundreds of artists who dedicated their time and effort into creating something for us to enjoy

Bee Movie is on netflix so I watched the whole thing

  • Bees in the movie live in a western-human-style society, complete with two-parent households and college etc, but they still make constant jokes about what bee societies are like in real life
  • References are made at the beginning of the film to the fact that bees have very short life spans and the main bee characters in the movie are expecting to live for another week at most, but then the movie itself takes place over several weeks or possibly months and they don’t seem to age or die
  • yes. yes, the bee presumably fucks the human woman
  • she’s, like, into him, sexually
  • I know that the weirdness of that is like a central part of why this movie has become a meme but listen: you can’t understand how truly off-putting that whole plot point is until you’ve actually watched it play out in front of your own eyes
  • the woman is married, too, so like, she has an emotional affair with a bee that drives her husband away in a scene where she tells him that “he’s the nicest bee I’ve met in a long time,” implying that she’s, like, known other bees on a personal level, to which he responds, “what are you talking about?” and you think he’s going to point out the obvious absurdity of her statement but instead he continues with, “are there OTHER bugs in your life?!”
  • all the bees are heavily coded as Jewish, and there’s a scene where Jerry Seinfeld’s bee parents are like, “do you have a girlfriend? I hope she’s bee-ish! She’s not a wasp, is she?” because… you know… wasp… WASP… get it
  • there is a Bee Larry King, who is played by Larry King and is, like, literally Larry King but a bee
  • did I mention that in the bee’s society, all the bees choose/are assigned honey-production jobs that they will work every day until they die, except like, there is evidence that other jobs exist - there is bee television, for instance, which would presumably require like, bee camera crews and bee producers and bee actors etc etc, so like, which bees are working those jobs? how does that work??
  • apparently in the world of this movie all you have to do to sue the entire human race is mail a letter
  • the whole court case comes down to the fact that no human being who isn’t a bee keeper has ever heard of a bee smoker and they all find it barbaric and horrifying
  • bee smokers in this world contain, like… nicotine and tar? like all the ingredients of actual commercial cigarettes? 
  • beekeepers in this world all hate bees, there is a scene where two beekeepers are making conversation with each other and their whole conversation is just about how much they hate bees, interspersed with manic cackling
  • instead of deliberating and coming back with a verdict the jury concludes the court case by just chanting “FREE THE BEES!” until the judge yells, “I FIND IN FAVOR OF THE BEES!!!!” 
  • AND THAT ISN’T EVEN THE END OF THE MOVIE there’s still like 20 minutes of plot I just
  • I can’t go on, I’m sorry
  • I may never be the same

god there’s so many holes in the cars universe

if they don’t have hands, how do they type up newspapers or put on the headsets they use in the movie

how does birth work ??

only the servant type characters have somewhat usable hands so is their only purpose serving the other cars

there are car cars and then like animal cars so why are some animals and some “people” when they’re all just cars

why do school buses exist if there’s no humans to bus

mack the transportation guy ??? like is he just the front part of the truck and the actual part that mcqueen goes into just like a backpack or something? or can he detach his head from his body? or is he literally voring mcqueen every single time

what’s the average lifespan of a car??


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After the Folding Ideas video essay on Man of Steel, I found another one called 'Everyone Batman kills in BVS and why it matters'. I personally admire the video for trying to add context to Batman's kills but I was wondering what you think about his points and your stance on Batman killing in Batman v Superman or any other Batman media.

I’m really sorry this sat in my inbox for so long, I have not been up to the BvS debate lately. I did a rewatch earlier this week, though, and spent last night listening to the soundtrack, so my cup is refilled.

I am bothered by the argument that either no one is killed by Batman (keeping in mind that murder is a different category than manslaughter. He commits a lot of manslaughter, but just one murder we know about, in my opinion) or that Batman killing doesn’t matter because it seems like a betrayal of this film in certain ways. What he says about intention in this video is absolutely in line with my thinking, but I think that we’re still dealing with criticism that fails to understand the intent.

The way I see it, the way I see both Snyder films in this franchise- we are not supposed to be cool with any of the killing that happens in these films, on or off screen. Period. 

We can see that in Superman’s reaction to being forced to execute Zod, we can see that in the way that the crowd on the ground, their fear, and their panic are given time and respect and prevalence. This isn’t disaster porn, we’re not meant to enjoy the sight of bodies being lifted by gravitational forces and then slammed back into the ground. Frankly, people who read it that way frighten me.

The biggest mistake that gets made while watching Batman v Superman in reference to Batman is that certain audience members are treating him like an aspirational figure. If he is an aspirational figure, then naturally the narrative supports everything he does, and therefore the narrative is pro-killing. But the evidence is stacked against us seeing Batman that way. Maybe a large number of people see Batman that way because they are predisposed to his rightness, or because they are not accustomed to having their moral compasses tested in this genre, but there are stacks and stacks of evidence here that Batman is pretty much… not Batman. Context suggests he hasn’t been that guy for two years or more, possibly since he lost Jason.

We need to wash the infallible Batman out of our cultural myth because I think it’s a large part of the toxic masculinity and capitalist superiority that should have no place in comic book media if we really want them to continue to represent progress as they were originally meant to. I think BvS could start to do that work, if we’d let it. 

Batman does kill in this movie. He also spits on the Wayne legacy, he tarnishes the Batman I love, he disappoints Alfred over and over again, he proposes a premeditated, intimate murder in the name of his parents, he wastes hours and hours of time and energy he would usually put into protecting the city playing crime games with Lex Luthor fighting over a rock, and he compares criminals to weeds. 

The first Bruce Wayne scene in his movie establishes that yes, two years ago, he was absolutely Batman. He was everything we love and respect about him, and the second Bruce Wayne scene literally features him as a horrifying specter who scares victims more than he does criminals. 

The juxtaposition of those scene is not remotely accidental, it is a storytelling technique. It tells us this is where we started, and this is where we’ve ended up. It’s difficult to me that anyone would be ignorant of the contrast if they’re paying attention, because plenty of characters tell us about this. Alfred tells us, these are new rules, he calls Bruce cruel, he faces down with him about the Superman decision- he doesn’t even say the obvious- hey if you try to fight Superman, you will die, he says, plainly, he is not our enemy. Are we supposed to not trust Alfred now, of all people? Alfred??

Batman most certainly kills people in this film, and has killed people in past films, and many other superhero movies are stuffed full of the kind of fatalities you find counted out in that video, and I actually agree with the title of the video, because it does matter. It just doesn’t really matter for the reason everyone seems to think it does.

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The Wachowskis directed the Matrix movies as men and shouldn't be on your Monica Bellucci post.

The Wachowskis were still presenting as men and credited as such during the initial run of The Matrix movies but I included them in the Bellucci post for several reasons:

a) Before Lana was publicly out as a trans woman she was living openly as a woman in private. The rumours about Lana go back to The Matrix years and it is possible that Bellucci, as someone who worked with the Wachowskis, knew about this and was including them in her quote. 

b) Even if Bellucci wasn’t speaking about them in her quote, and I knew 100% that she had no idea that they were trans women I would have still included them in the list. Lilly Wachowski gave a great speech a few years ago at GLAAD where she invited people to revisit the work of her and her sister and reappraise them through the view of their transness.  

The point of the “directed by” posts is to help people discover women directors because I know that a lot of people end up becoming fans of cinema or discovering directors through actors they like (that was what happened to me. Thank you for making me a film snob Nicole Kidman!) 

I would feel remiss excluding the Wachowskis from Bellucci’s directed by women filmography just because at the time they were not ready to come out as trans women. They are not only incredibly talented directors but they are also incredible cultural pioneers. Lana is the first (and so far only) openly trans woman to direct a studio movie! Their work does deserve to be reappraised and discussed in that light. 

This blog will always accept trans women as women. 

Chasing Light

I hastily scrambled for a glimpse of sun breaking the rain

I stumbled and fell hard as the clouds never stirred to change

Luminous beauty and enveloping darkness are one and the same

Dawn lights candles the dusk will quench time and again

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hi! im hoping to become a storyboard artist but im not sure where to start learning... any tips? love your art btw💕

Hi! Thank you!

First of all I’m sure many people have taken different roads in storyboarding so there’s no RIGHT way to become a storyboard artist - these are just things that help me all the time. 

 REAL ADVICE: JUST START BOARDING. You can read all the books and tips in the world, but there’s no better learning tool than just going for it. 

Rule number one - Have fun! If you don’t like it, its fine. One of the first boards I did was in high school as my part in a group book report just because I wanted to and it was awful, but it was fun! :) 

If you’re looking for drawing tips I would say just start keeping a sketchbook and draw in the free time you have - observe from life, if you can go figure drawing that is also amazing for seeing and analyzing form. Be a sponge! 

For drawing and storyboarding - the goal is to not show a series of pretty drawings, the goal is to draw well enough so your drawing skill level doesn’t restrict you from telling the stories you want to tell.  Storyboarding isn’t really a drawing job, its a filmmaking job that uses drawings. 

Good draftsmanship is just the tool to convey the ideas in your head, whats really going to make a good story artist is your attention to the filmmaking. Here are some quick bullet points I can think of for that sort of big “filmmaking” blanket term. 

1. Characters and character relationships are key. Study screenwriting and take note of people in your life that have specific things about them that convey their unique personality! Your mom always taps her fingers on something when she’s thinking? Small things like that make characters feel real. They need to feel real to you when you’re drawing them! :) 

2.  Try to make your boards clear, concise and pay off whatever story you have set up. Show them to your friends and ask their opinion “Did that make sense?”. 

3. Learn the language of film. What is a close-up? Whats the difference between a “pan” and a “tilt”? Why does that cut work or not work?

4.  Watch movies and do film studies. Studying film is important. A lot of people will leave a movie and think “Hm. I didn’t like it.” yet not be sure how to articulate why, but they felt it. Start asking your self why.  

5. Vary your shots and try different tones (esp when starting out!) Comedy, drama, action, romance etc. It not only helps you become a diverse storyteller, it also points you in the direction you like best. 

6.Technical tip. Pay attention to geography in the shot, the 180 degree rule, making sure the space you’re drawing is convincing (this is where I’m trying to improve the most right now). You can draw a beautiful character, but if the space doesn’t feel right, then that’s going to distract from your storytelling. Remember to have the characters interact with the environment occasionally, it grounds any scene more! 

7. LOOK UP TO THE PEOPLE storyboarding now! There’s so many incredibly talented artists working now that are literally a Google search away. Check out their blogs (Mark Kennedy’s is particularly a treasure trove of knowledge) and just stay excited! Whatever storyboarding job you aspire to whether its independent, TV or feature animation - set your bar there! 

Hope that helps and good luck! 


So i saw the movie yesterday, and oh man…. the feels…

Thought these two deserved some love… The hat/necklace scene with them cracked me up soooo much XD

I’m officially weird… Actually I’ve always been XD

*First post so I’m not sure how everything works yet….

things the lego movie is not about:

  • the dangers of communism
  • creativity being superior to logic/organization (”not following the instructions!”)
  • everyone is a spechul snowflake uwu uwu uwu (stop)
  • it’s not about communism ok

things the lego movie is about:

  • embracing your individuality does not mean working alone, pitching in our individual talents leads to stronger results
  • there is no superior way of doing things, following the instructions or creating your own are both ok, as long as you don’t force your way of doing things onto others.
  • any society controlled by one group or one person’s idea of perfection are bound to fail.
  • everyone can make a difference, but they won’t know they can until they are told they can.

“I used to tell Walter, ‘Never start a fight… but always finish it.’ I didn’t start this fight… but by God, I’m going to finish it.”

What she says: I’m fine
What she means: In the 2012 movie adaptation of Les Mis, why does Grantaire go from sitting on the front of the carriage wearing a coat and a hat to sitting in some random cafe with a girl on his knee in a matter of seconds? Was George Blagden acting as an extra and the directors just hoped we wouldn’t notice? Or were they suggesting that Grantaire couldn’t bear to see Enjolras die so as soon as the conflict started he ran away to bury his sorrows with wine and a girl? If that was the case how did it happen so quickly? How does time work in the Les Mis movie universe? At the start of the film Fantine is shown to go from fairly ‘normal’ to having a cough in just a few scenes which are probably set over a matter of days, weeks at most. Does time pass differently in France? Do they experience shorter days and shorter years? Back to Grantaire, when he kisses Mme Hucheloup off her chair why does he go from wearing a sash around his waist to not wearing one even though the shot didn’t change? Is Grantaire always doomed to have trouble in the wardrobe department?


Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Warnings: Cussing

Word Count: 1,226 (I’m not sorry)

Cariña - Dear or Darling

Tag List: @the-a-ham @philipandlaurens

You were doing your usual, sitting and doing your grueling work on your computer, when the door opened.

“Cariña?” Lin called. “I’m home!”

An smile crept on your face, as it always did when your boyfriend came home from work. You sat up and yelled “I’m in the living room!”

He pranced in, grinning and holding a large wooden object. You looked at him quizzically. “What’s that?” You pointed at the object. “It’s for you!” he smiled like a giddy child and held it out to you.

You took it carefully and inspected it. It was a large book, carved and put together beautifully. Looking at Lin and raising an eye brow, you said “What is it?” his brown eyes sparkled. “Well, look at it!”

The cover was carved with a title at the top in swirling letters. “The Perfect Fit”. In the middle, two detached pieces of wood shaped like a Yin Yang sign were there, one had a picture of you carved into it, the other a picture of him. In between the two was carved “A story of two people who fit perfectly together.” You looked at Lin, then tried to turn the page and found you could not. “No, no, it’s a puzzle!” Lin chuckled. He put a hand on the piece that had your face on it, and you looked at him for a moment before putting your hand on the other one. You pushed it and it moved, Lin pushed his, so that they came together, and a click could be heard.

You turned the page.

On one side, there was more writing. You inspected it.

“Once upon a time, there was an awkward young Latino boy and a beautiful girl with [eye color] eyes. She was energetic and kind, he was nerdy and whimsical.” You giggled lightly.

“One warm Spring morning, the two were walking to school when they bumped into each other, causing them to drop their books. They apologized at the same time, helped each other gather their things, and when they walked away they both hoped they’d see each other again.”

On the opposite page, there was two half circles with knobs. You tentatively turned the first knob and where the half circles ended there was an array of characters and things. You smiled when you saw the familiar one, a little ghost, and you remembered that when you’d met, he’d been wearing a shirt of Casper the ghost. Reaching for the second knob, you stopped it on another familiar object, heels. You’d been wearing heels that day. Never again.

A click, and you looked up at Lin. His eyes were wide and he looked at you expectantly. There was a sense of something in his eyes. Anxiety? Fear? You turned the page.

It was titled “The Journey”. Your eyes flitted over the writing and you couldn’t help but smile like a dork.

“The girl went to school and noticed that awkward but dashingly handsome boy being bullied every day. He was called names, pushed, shut in lockers, and thrown in trash cans. One day she couldn’t take it anymore and spoke up against the bullies for him. This started their friendship.

In college they were dorm roomies and stayed close through everything. Bad relationships, breakups, family loss, you name it. They were constantly there for each other, but neither realized they were slowly falling in love.

When they were 20 hey got into a play in theater together, and both were cast in the lead roles. Their first kiss was scripted, but that’s when he realized he loved her. He finally mustered up the courage to ask her out a month later, right after their performance of the play. She said yes.”

On the other page, there was a little car and a bunch of grooves for it to drive through. As you moved the tiny Chevy, little landmarks swung up. The theater where you had your first kiss, the building  you had your first date on top of overlooking the stars, and it ended at one of your fondest memories, the time when you snuck away in Lin’s car and drove all the way to Florida and played on the beach two days before your exams started. When you reached the end, there was a click. You turned the page.

This one was titled “Little Ankle” and read:

“The two went to Florida at a time that was pretty inconvenient. But they came back not only happy, but with a new companion.

Little Tobillo came running up to them on the beach cold, wet, and covered in sand. A helpless puppy with nowhere to go. They took her in and named her Tobillo because she liked to nip their ankles. They thought she was a boy at first but by the time they found out it was too late to change her name. Tobi it was and Tobi it would stay.”

On the opposite page was a circle with you on one side and Lin on the other, cut down the middle. You glanced at Lin and then separated the two to reveal Tobillo walking in between the two. You giggled and turned the page.

“Perfect Two” was the title, and you read on.

“Now you’re  probably wondering what the fuck I’m doing. Have patience, love, and let me tell the story.

Now, they’re getting older. Not really settling, because everyone knows they’ll probably never settle down. But calming, a bit. He does movies and theater. she does work from home and the occasional theater role. They’ve been dating for going on 7 years. Are they really perfect for each other? No one knows.”

You frowned a bit and looked at the opposite page. It was an eyelet and a moving piece of wood. You looked at him. He was fidgeting in his seat and you could see he was shaking. “Go on.” He coaxed quietly. “Open it.”

You pried your eyes off of him, mind ablaze with questions, and turned the page.

The little compartment opened to reveal a beautiful ring with a sparkling diamond staring you in the face. You began to shake, and slowly picked it up, looking it over. Finally, you looked a Lin. But he wasn’t there, he was on one knee on the floor, his brown eyes sparkling despite his shaking hands.

“[full name], I’ve loved you since we bumped into each other, and ever since. I’ve never stopped loving you and I never will. You’ve stayed with me through thick and thin and that makes me so happy. I know I can always rely on you for anything, and I know for sure that I want you to be my wife. What do you say?”

You didn’t bother wiping the huge tears streaming down your face, you just stared at him, ring clutched in between your fingers, and watched as his face started to fall. You immediately enveloped him in a huge hug, now sobbing into his shoulder. After a few minutes, you pulled away and looked at his face. He had tears on his face and in his eyes, which you wiped away with your thumb. You thought for a good minute, just looking at him as more tears fell from both of your eyes.

Finally, you spoke.

“Of course I’ll marry you, you fucking dork.”

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