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I got people asking for a female body tutorial, so here it is. I’m by no means an expert, this is just how I draw girls. Sorry my writing is awful and I can’t explain too well, my biggest suggestion is to just watch how clothes move on your own body, eventually you start to understand how they fold. Also dont suction cup the boobs, why… just stop.

So we wanted to give Twenty One Pilots a customized Magic 8 Ball...

My sister and I ( sweeto-jpg) won tickets to the 97x Green Room where we got to see TØP do an acoustic performance and also take pics with them. We wanted to give them a really unique gift and my sister came up with the idea of making them a TØP themed magic 8 Ball.

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I’ve seen a fair amount of people throw InuYasha under the shōjo genre lately and so I felt that it was time to remind everyone that InuYasha is not a shōjo manga it’s a shōnen manga. Using fantastic elements like a magic well, having female leads, and exploring the emotional state of characters is not exclusive to shōjos. What separates a shōnen from a shōjo is primarily the art style and the way that a manga-ka includes inner-monologues and dialog. Additionally, the way that conflict unfolds within a shōnen manga is drastically different than in a shōjo manga. InuYasha does not qualify as a shōjo because it lacks the art, monologue-dialog balance, and conflict treatment common to its style.