does that makes a pro

i wanted to give something to the voltron alarm meme

“are you professionally diagnosed?” of course, i’m a professional on myself. “but is the diagnosis official??” yep, i am officially autistic.

oh you mean did a complete stranger who probably still uses outdated criteria and terms, who just met me that day, confirm or deny what i already knew about my own self who i’ve lived as my whole life? no, but why does that make any difference?

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Conspiracy theory: @booklover456 was the creator of the troll accounts all along. (Seriously, who has so much time that they’ll go to EVERY post about the ransom/blackmail just to write “OMG NOT REAL KLANCER” & make posts to SHEITH fans of all people that “not all klancers are bad”).

Hinata is NOT a bad mother

Is this seriously the trend for those who do not support her marriage to say? Hinata being a bad mother to her kids?

How is she a bad mother? 

She loves her two kids, that is undeniable.

She makes sure to try to comfort them if they are feeling distressed.

She Is concerned about their safety and applies a curfew if staying out of the house late.

She organizes the mansion so her kids can have a nice, clean space to live in.

She makes them meals so they can eat three times a day.

She frequently tells them about her history so they could possibly learn a few things based on her past.

She  is strict when need be so they take note when doing something wrong.

She uses her calm tone when talking to them.

She makes sure to check on them at night…

Like how are people saying she is a bad mother, when she is the best mom anyone could have??

Just  because you do not agree with her style of parenting does NOT make Hinata a horrible mother, I am sorry.

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I'm glad Bill Maher used the N word because it exposed an ugly truth that POCs have known for years: that white liberals can also be racist and identifying as 'liberal' does not make you exempt from being a bigot. You can be pro-LGBT, pro-choice, anti-gun, pro-science, pro-gender equality, anti-gun, pro-marijuana, etc.... but you can still be a racist, Islamaphobic fuck. Example: all of motherfucking Europe.

I can see this argument.

Someone just told me you cannot spell Cas without spelling Dean. And they didn't mean any harm. But BOY if that didn’t annoy the hell out of me. Alright children, listen up: CASTIEL AND DEAN WINCHESTER ARE NOT A PACKAGE DEAL. THEY ARE NOT SIAMESE TWINS. You can get one without the other. In fact, I largely prefer it that way. If I’m reading a fanfic that’s supposed to be Castiel centric, I don’t want to be ambushed by surprise Destiel. If I’m watching a video that’s supposed to be about Castiel and his arc, I don’t wanna be 20 seconds in and realize I’m watching a Destiel video. Obviously, Dean has been important to Castiel and his story but there’s acknowledging that, and then there’s telling me you’re giving me Cas content but then reducing him to the other half a ship. And nine times out of ten prioritizing Dean and what Dean feels in that ship. Don’t do that. Don’t false advertise to me. It’s hard enough finding ship-free, wank free Castiel content as it is. 

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Aww tae~~~youre so cute,,,hows life going with those giant sweater paws? Does it make the moon more fun? 🌝🌝

there’s always pros and cons of having these sleeves, but the main cons is…

it doesn’t really make the moon more fun but i can use these sleeves to slap people :^)

Your shadow is growing jealous of your reflection.

( Prompt by @plotsandpromptsforall )

The morning routine begins the same way, every day.

Before faces are even washed, before foundation considered, they bicker.

“Another day faced with beauty,” says Shadow, cast behind you on a plain white wall filled with cabinets, made ever stronger by the five bright lights blaring before you to better illuminate the bathroom space. On days when her silhouette is darker, her opinions are also stronger. And so is her whining. If her form could droop, it probably would. And it does, as you lean over the sink to scrub cleanser into your cheeks before rinsing it away.

“More like faced with the back of our dear person,” says Reflection, massaging dewy moisturizer beneath her eyes to soothe away the dusty shadows and slight puffiness brought from lack of sleep. She is vain, and she doesn’t so much as flick her eyes toward the shadow on the wall, focused solely on her task of finding blemishes and imperfections to cover for the day.

Like your shadow, your reflection is also bound by your actions, repeating even the tiniest movements you make as you reach for bottles and creams and powders lined up across the marble countertop. But the words—the words, they speak themselves, and you are the unfortunate middleman. Mostly, you roll your eyes and remain silent because this usually only lasts through the morning. When the two aren’t in a space together, they usually keep quiet, too. And when they are? That’s what headphones and music are for.

“No, I can see, you know,” Shadow claims. “I can see every color, every single hair, every eyelash, every pore. You are the shape of me complete and I am nothing but a blank slate of a sloppy, lumpy form.”

Hey now, you want to intervene, but you know it’s something you think of as true on your worst days. At times, you wonder if these two are simply your own struggling thoughts recycled and spat back out at you, pinioning you between the loathing and vanity born from the need for society’s acceptance. Only at times, because their back-and-forth is too real and they have minds of their own, like Peter Pan’s shadow and the evil queen’s mirror on the wall.

“Jealous?” Reflection taunts, a smirk on her lips as she smoothes a light pink lip balm over them that smells like fake strawberries and oil.

Shadow nods, hands on hips, as you consider your foundation palette for the day. You never can quite find a tone that matches your skin perfectly, so mixing two, sometimes three, has to do. “I’m not ashamed to say yes. I want to be filled in. I want to have eyes. I want the color of our lips and our fingernails. You have all of that beauty for free.”

“Beauty? Please. If anything, I’m jealous of you, you silly thing. You’re free of the pressure imperfection brings. You have no scars to hide, no acne, no crooked teeth. You have no need to pluck the hairs between your eyebrows or seal the makeup on your face to hold everything together.” Reflection purses her lips as the foundation is dotted all around and smoothed and patted in with a damp blending sponge. You’re no make-up pro, but it does well enough.

“I am not beautiful,” Shadow says, and she believes it, deep down. “You can’t be jealous of me.”

“Yes you are,” Reflection counters, and she believes it, too. “And yes I can.”  

“No, you—”

Yes, I—”

Their words overlap and the sound grates on your ears.  

Today, just the one day, you choose to reply and put an end to the argument that took a strange turn into the sentimental. 

“Agreed. We’re all beautiful no matter what we look like. Even if we aren’t, who really cares? This is who we are and we have to live with it.” You check your face for streaks, making sure it’s all covered, and decide it’ll have to do. If there’s a flaw left over that bothers someone, they’ll just have to get over it.

“And for what it’s worth, I’m jealous of both of you because y'all don’t have to exist in a three-dimensional, physical form.”

To this, they have no response. Blessed silence at last.

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Hey,I just wanted to pass by and say that I really admire your willingness to share less popular opinions in the DA fandom,opinions that I myself share. I feel like this fandom is so toxic sometimes,and I'm sick to death of the mentality of templars are evil,mages are saints.I think Bioware put in effort to make it more complicated than that,and it shows. Oh,and Anders is probably the most despicable fucking fictional character I've ever stumbled upon in all my years on this planet. Cheers

Thank you, anon! I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate this message.

This fandom is toxic AF. There are some really nasty fandoms out there, but everything seems to pale in comparison to the DA fandom. Hell, even SuperWhoLock at its worst was healthier than DA. And it’s really depressing sometimes, to feel like hardly anyone else is willing to speak out. I know I come off as aggressive sometimes, but that’s because I’m screaming to make my voice heard over the nonstop circle jerk wank of “Anders was right” and “Mage Rights Or Mage Fights.”

Dragon Age is amazing. Not perfect, by any means, no, but the series has built this complex immersive world with so many facets and nuances and so many options to explore, and yet this fandom reduces it down to only a few “real” and “acceptable” choices, so much of which involves altering or falsifying things, while everything they don’t like is dismissed as “bad writing” or “OOC.”

The Templar and mage conflict is not black and white at all. There are some black and white elements to it, like the fact that bombing a place of worship full of non-combatants is wrong and immoral and terrorism no matter what, but neither side The One And Only Good side nor The Ultimate Evil. There are victims on both sides and people who take advantage of their power to abuse others on both sides.

There are truly very good people among the Templars, like Ser Bryant, who does everything he can to help refugees fleeing the Blight and offers the Warden what help he can. There are Templars who try hard who do the right thing and fall short sometimes, like Thrask and Cullen. There are Templars like Meredith who take their efforts to extremes in an attempt to overcorrect past mistakes, and then there are Templars like Karras, Alrik, and Mettin who are in it for sadistic kicks (and they are the only three named Templars in the games we see who abuse mages for sadistic purposes outright, unless I’m missing anyone named in DAI, but I don’t think I am). They are a very nuanced group with high and noble ideals, not all good, not all evil, and the fact of the matter is that their efforts are necessary for the good of Thedas, the good of mages, and the good of non-mages.

And the mages are NOT all the poor innocent tortured imprisoned victims the fandom makes them out to be. There is a MUCH higher number of mage antagonists throughout the games than there are Templar antagonists, particularly in the second game. And people try to justify maleficarum using very destructive and harmful magic killing so many innocent people by saying they have no choice but to defend themselves when they’re backed into a corner, but how were mages like Tarohne and Idunna and Quentin and Uldred defending themselves by kidnapping people, torturing them, killing them, and using necromancy/forcing demons into them for possession in any way defending themselves?

There are good mages out there, like Bethany, who’s one of the most truly good characters in the game. Circle mages and apostates alike, there are good people and terrible people and people who are very in between among them.

They are not black and white sides, and to try forcing them into this mold tramples all over the storytelling and efforts of the developers, not to mention the characterizations of so many people on both sides and in between the conflict. But such a huge part of this fandom tries to force their One True Narrative, and I hate it and refuse to accept it. I hate being told things like “Templars only want to kill all mages” and that I’m “a little bitch who hates oppressed people.”

The characters and stories of Dragon Age are so much more than what most of this fandom tries to make them out to be.

And how horrible is it for new people to enter this fandom and instantly be force-fed the toxic bullshit constantly propagated? It was for me. I wish when I entered the fandom last year that I’d found someone with the unpopular opinions I have now. I wish I wasn’t made to feel scared and guilty. I wish I hadn’t felt obligated to tiptoe around the feelings of abusive, toxic people. But my true feelings and opinions are out there now, and I won’t hesitate to stand by them.

So thank you for sending me this message, because sometimes I hate feeling almost alone in all this, and it’s really comforting to me to know that I’m not.

And yeah, Anders is the worst. The absolute fucking worst. There is nothing to excuse his words and actions, and the fact that people bend over backwards to justify and glorify what he says and does makes me physically nauseous. He is completely despicable.

i’ve said this before, i’m sure, but i’m so sick and tired of people claiming hinata is a bad character because of neji’s death.

first of all, did you even watch that scene? hinata WEPT over her cousin, and fought to defend his body from further damage. she didn’t ignore his death like you fuckers seem to think she did. she was hurt by it just as much as anyone else he knew.

second, hinata was under no obligation to care about neji. this boy grew up making it damn clear that he wanted hinata to die for something that wasn’t even her fault. take a moment to think about this.

hinata was already being neglected and abused by her immediate family. she was naturally shy to start with, her father hated her and considered her a fucking failure, and then, to top it all off, the boy who was supposed to be there for her and protect her wanted her to DIE.

then he actually attempted to kill her, all the while mocking her insecurities and telling her how weak and worthless she was.

it doesn’t matter that neji eventually changed. he could have, and maybe did, scar hinata for life.

hinata would have been well within her right to fear and hate neji after all he did to her- because three years or so of him being Not a Dick™ doesn’t make up for all those years he abused and bullied her.

but hinata cried over, mourned over, and defended her cousin EVEN AFTER WHAT HE DID TO HER.

she already gave neji more than what he deserved.

and then she takes neji’s final words and slaps some sense into naruto with them. she doesn’t just ignore neji in favour of naruto- but if she had, that would have been completely logical, because naruto supported her for longer and more willingly than neji did.

finally, hinata is a gentle woman. she hates to fight- if it wasn’t for hiashi, she probably would never have become a shinobi.

this gentle woman is in the midst of war. people she knows and loves are falling all around her, and she just watched her own flesh and blood sacrifice himself for her sake.

OF COURSE she’s going to seek comfort, and naruto’s hand was that comfort.

hinata reacted to neji’s death in a truly selfless manner, and her need for comfort after such a traumatic experience does not make her a bad person.

its hilarious when anti-anders fans say anders actions were for vengeance and vengeance isn’t morally justifiable

lmao if thats true that means hawke is forbidden from killing quentin (the man who murders leandra) and at best should only give him over to law forces

actually if this is true that means hawke can’t kill anyone out of vengeance, which cuts out 99% of the game, and begs the question of when hawke will finally get their knife in the back