does that make me a hipster



has an app and no one told me????? grr ok ya they do, it’s called Pantone Studio!! it’s rlly cool & quite easy to use!! so it’s a good alternative if u can’t figure photoshop out lol. helps that it’s basically a tumblr aesthetic so yea u can try it out if u like the color swatches!!! and if ur tired of waiting for me to make them…. lol.

but yea omg!! i’m amazed, technology does wonders and no this is not sponsored i am paid a grand total of nothing from this tumblr it is mildly tragic

Okay so this happened today lmao

me: checking activity on my blog in class

guy sitting behind me: I always see you checking tumblr. Does it mean that much to you?

me: ….No?

him: What’s your blog about?

me: …. Nothing you’re interested in.

him: how do you know?

me: I’m pretty sure i just do.

him: *starts guessing what it’s about, hipster shit, make-up, aesthetics,…*

me: Nope.

him: …I bet it’s some 18+ shit.

me: *sweats nervously* how…how dare you think i run a porn blog??

him: I-I didn’t-sorry!

me: *closing all tabs*

*awkward silence*

Dear Straight Girls,
Shut. Up.
It’s nothing personal, really, it’s just that us gay girls get fucking tired of your bullshit sometimes. I know that you’re not trying to be rude, really I do, but it’s been a long day, and you jokingly calling me an abomination because “you have gay friends who say it all the time” doesn’t make it any shorter.
Dear Straight Girls,
The last thing I want to hear about is how un-fucking-fortunate it is that you got the straight end of the stick. That you wish more than anything that you could’ve been gay, because god, that would just make your life so much easier.
This may shock you, but moaning about how hard it is to be a heterosexual, does not get you a gold star in my book. It tells me that you only think of being gay as a lifestyle: an edgy, hipster choice that all us cool kids are making that you feel left out of. Well, guess what? If me and my future girlfriend can get kicked out of bakeries, kicked out of our homes, kicked out of our jobs- then you can handle not being part of this.
Dear Straight Girls,
Fuck you. Fuck you for thinking I’m always looking at you, for thinking I always want you. You are not the center of my universe. You are not some irresistible vixen just because my attraction to girls like you exists. You’re a girl. And I like girls. But that doesn’t mean I like you. Get over it.
Dear Straight Girls,
If I have to hear about how amazing your gaydar is one more time, someone’s getting punched in the tit. Don’t look at me, I don’t make the rules. Besides, I already knew they were gay five minutes before you. You’re not special.
Dear Straight Girls,
I know you’re probably pouting at my letters this very moment because I’m just the angry motherfucking queer girl with too much to say, but if you want to be as accepting as you say you are, shut up and let the gays talk every once in awhile. Maybe then we wouldn’t have to have this conversation every other day.
Dear Straight Girls,
Having a gay best friend doesn’t make you a queer activist. It doesn’t give you permission to call people dykes or fags because you are now an “honorary gay.” It makes you a person. With a best friend. Like the rest of us. Who needs. To shut. The fuck. Up.
Dear Straight Girls,
I’m not.
—  Fuck you for thinking otherwise

Bubblegum & The Pizza Hoodie of Love Series | Natsu Dragneel

For @yukifeari​ , @the-one-with-the-fandoms​ , @magerain​ (beb the fanart for another reason is in the works i promise i’m just drowning in workdasdjsdg). Amazing bebs. 

Other artists; makes natsu hot, a lil’ bit dumb and spontaneous. Gr8 art with gr8 abs. Macho. Cute but rlly rlly hot. Roar fire dragon fear me. lmao there is nothing wrong with this btw.

Ice: makes natsu a tumblr hipster who probably relies on his gf lucy and wears ironic pizza hoodies he got from hot topic or something. probably refuses to go to forever21. goes to topshop and stops by starbucks 24/7 probably. sarcastic shit. Burns apartment down in some attempt to bake pizza. added too much flour. only step he got right was kneeding the dough. cries from kids movies. actually a bit smart. @yukifeari does this remind you of anything. does it. does it. CC.

I love my bby. 

That’s all from me bebs. 

So far in The Bubblegum Series;

FRESH NEW KEWL SWAGGIN I-expect-to-be-tagged squad; @neato-ft​ , @baerandish, @stormtrpo​, @acnomogia​, @itschildofthefairies​, @arkarii​ and my bby @doginshoe​ . Anyone else wanna be apart of this squad?

Hey lovelies my friend tells me i would be really good a making youtube videos so im kinda thinking about it seems fun .im also going on my first flight alone in a months very excited im gonna be doing some traveling outfits.I really love these types of summer outfits because its so hot outside but when you step inside a building it suddenly freezing.Does anyone feel like this ??

Exo’s Reaction - When You’re Embarrassed About A Scar

Thanks for the request! I hope you like it! Credit to my friend @hipster-shiz (who also does reactions - @exo-k-m-reactions) who helped me with this <3


Xiumin - *He helps you gain more confidence and forget them*

 Lay - *He tells you you’re beautiful no matter what and to not let the scars get you down*

 Kai - *He cuddles with you to make you feel better while eating food*

 Suho - *He reassures you that theres nothing to be embarrassed about*

Kyungsoo - *Pulls you in to a hug and give you small kisses all over your face* 

Tao - *He hugs you and strokes your hair and lists everything he loved about you including the scar*

 Chen - *He asks why you hid it from him for so long but he’d cuddle you and constantly kiss your forehead* (You’re Kai)

 Kris - *His sweet side would start to show and he’d say how beautiful you are, theres nothing to be embarrassed about your scar and gives you little kisses now and then*

 Chanyeol - *He helps you build up confidence and spread his little happy virus to you* 

 Baekhyun - *He wouldn’t like seeing you embarrassed over your body so he does everything he could to make you feel comfortable with your scar, even if it means taking your mind off it for as long as he could*

 Sehun - *He calls you a strong person for dealing with what ever gave you that scar and you should be proud of yourself*

 Luhan - *He kisses your scar and say that you’re beautiful and you shouldn’t let your scar get in the way of you*

You cannot change me. I will not wear less makeup because you think that I’m fooling you with my red lipstick. I will not workout more than I do now because you say I should. I won’t suddenly start liking rap music because you always talk about how much you love it. I have always loved reading and writing, and the fact that you hate reading does not effect me. I won’t watch the stupid TV show you keep telling me to watch just because you say my favorite show is too “girly”. I will not stop taking Polaroid pictures no matter how many times you tell me that they’re stupid hipster photos. I will not come drinking with you and your friends, I’ve never drank and God knows the first time I do will not be with a group of immature teenage boys. I won’t stop making sarcastic comments because it hurts your ego when you don’t recognize it.

I will change for no one, take me as me or find a different girl to mold to your liking. If you try to change me I’ll be gone before you can tell me to cover up my chest when I’m around your friends.

—  I’ve spent too long trying to figure out who I am and I’ll be dammed if I let another simple minded boy change me
The Signs as Drug Dealers
  • Aries: Handles the money
  • Taurus: Gets caught because of big mouth
  • Gemini: Best stuff in town
  • Cancer: Probably forced into selling and hates their life
  • Leo: Amazing salesmen with hella street cred
  • Virgo: Sells to 7 year olds
  • Libra: Tells everyone aftermath and loses customers
  • Scorpio: The one that does the ass kicking when you don't pay back
  • Sagittarius: Does the drugs with you and hands it out like candy
  • Capricorn: Paranoid about getting caught
  • Aquarius: Makes the product
  • Pisces: Accidentally takes the drug and wakes up in the middle of nowhere

ohsososophisticated  asked:

Hi! When you get this, write 5 things that make you happy, then send it to the last 10 people in your activity! <3

It has taken me an age to answer this because life, but here we go! 5 things that make me happy:

1) people in costumes/cosplay - I LOVE seeing what people like enough to emulate, and the work that goes in, and how proud they are, especially when someone “gets” it or compliments them. This is why I love Halloween and conventions (besides candy and shopping).

2) people unabashedly loving things - this is part of why it pleases me that “geek” is super in these days. I hate the gatekeeping and the hipster approach, but the fact that people feel more comfortable loving things publicly makes me super happy. People actually celebrating art in whatever form moves them feels like such progress! (this does not mean that “problematic faves” get a free pass, necessarily - but you can still love something that’s problematic!)

3) books! - not just reading, which I love, but also the physical objects. I don’t have a lot of details on this, but like, books as objects, whether or not there are any words in them, really get me. One of my life goals is to completely produce a book of my own - write it, print it, bind it, all myself. I also really like printing presses.

4) dance - I am not an exercise person by default. I would much rather sit and read or play videogames, or spend money than, like, move. I hate sweating. BUT, since finally allowing myself to pick it up 6 years ago, I can’t imagine my life without dancing. Ballet kept me (arguably) sane through law school and bar prep, and it has taught me a lot about being a person, as well as about the actual discipline. I took up ballroom dance late this past summer, at my parents’ behest, and I love that, too! It’s so different to ballet, but I find they really only help each other out. Anyway, I’m not like amazing at either kind, but I love dancing, and I love how everyone involved is so kind and supportive and we’re all dancing because we want to feel like we’re beautiful and strong and part of the music.

5) (I will not cheat and say dogs) RPGs - I am a terrible roleplayer, I just haven’t figured it out in the…10 years? that I’ve been doing it, but I love them so much! In the first place, I love regularly gathering with people whose company I enjoy, whether or not there are games. But I also love getting to be a part of someone’s story, and spending hours at a time with friends playing pretend. I love how many different systems there are to explore different worlds in different ways, and I really like dice. Currently I’m playing an outrageously charismatic (CHA 28) necromancer with a loyal spelleton (spellcasting skeleton) called Leonard McCoy (Bones for short, obvi) and up to 4 regular skeleton henchmen (my dead gay sons, whom I love). 

So those are fairly assorted, but that’s 5 things that make me happy! Idk who the last 10 people in my activity who aren’t @ohsososophisticated are, so tag amongst yourselves, and share the happiness!

Exo’s Reaction - Accidentally Knocking The Wind Out Of You

Hey thanks for the request @bellona-dreamer and I hope you like it! <3

Thanks to my girl, @hipster-shiz for helping me <3 


Xiumin - *He’d sit you down and make sure you were okay and the feeling of guilt covers him* I’m so sorry Y/N, I didn’t mean to

Lay - *He wouldn’t realize he did it and when he does, he’d constantly apologizes as he feels so bad and shower you with kisses* 

Kai - *He’d hate seeing you struggling to breathe and would feel really guilty for what he’s done, hating himself for it*

Suho - *He’d make sure you’re okay, make sure you had anything you needed so you were okay again and would tear up because he might have actually genuinely hurt you*

Kyungsoo - *He’d immediately help you and tell you to relax yourself to feel better and afterwards, because he feels really bad, he’d cook your favourite meal for you*

Tao - *He wouldn’t know what to actually do apart from sitting you down and rubbing your back. He’d feel so bad that he’d cry into your shoulder, saying how sorry he was*

Chen - *He’d hate himself for it and wouldn’t leave you alone because of it, he’d wrap his arms around you and cuddle you as his apology*

Kris - *He’d try anything he thought of to help you and would wrap his arms around you, pulling you close and kissing your head, apologizing as he pulls away and frowning* (You’re Baekhyun)

Chanyeol - *He’d rub your back for you as you start beginning to be able to breathe again and he’d smile at you sweetly, kiss your forehead* I didn’t mean to do that, I’m sorry

Baekhyun - *He’d try to help you get your breath back and would make sure that you were okay and wouldn’t leave you go*

Sehun - *He’d have no clue what to do and would quickly pop us hyungs a message for help and would follow the instructions and would give you loadsof cuddles as a sorry*

Luhan - *He’d immediately feel so bad and apologize while rubbing and patting your back to help you get back to normal again* I’m so sorry baobei 


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