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the rain will wash you clean

A surprising number of people expressed interest in me posting the Princess Diaries fic I wrote last night, so here we are.

It’s a scene tag for the end of the first movie (and isn’t exactly second-movie-compliant). Most of you can probably figure out what scene it is, but for reference, it’s set after Joe motions the rest of the security guards out of the entry hall so that he and Clarisse can have some privacy.

Anyhoops, I hope y’all enjoy.

the rain will wash you clean

The first time Joe kisses Clarisse, it is raining.

His touch is gentle, the brush of his lips feather-light against hers. She feels the warmth of his hand on her waist through the thick layers of cream silk, feels the soft sigh of air against her mouth as he pulls away, feels his hesitation in the fibers of his movement.

She suspects that, should she look at him, she will see hesitation—and warmth, always warmth—there too, clouding his dark eyes.

He is not one who was built for fear. She has seen him smeared with blood—his own blood and others’—has seen him tired and aching and wary. She has seen him angry, and hurting, and furious. She has seen him with his eyes burning, and his teeth bared. She has even seen him terrified, once, as she looked up at him from where she had been knocked to the floor by the concussive blast of a grenade. But never before had she seen him afraid.

She thinks, though, that if she looks into his eyes now, she might see fear.

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▼ Aged-up | Pro-Hero Life

■  When they finally became pro-heroes, in commemoration of this achievement, they decide to mate. Katsuki will never forget Todoroki’s face when that damn half-to-half noticed the mark on Izuku’s neck. He even took a photo. It helps him to be happy after some failed mission or plans that does not work;

■  He also has a photo of Uraraka’s shocked expression;

■  They promised that they would dedicate themselves to reaching the top they had always wanted. They will reach the top together but they never specified who would get the first place, so it’s a constant contest. They may be known as “wonder duo” outside the doors of the agency, but inside, they are known as “duo who even compete to see who drinks coffee faster”;

■  Izuku tries to ignore some assholes who say that because he is an omega he’ll never able to become #1 Hero;

■  But Katsuki never ignores those motherfuckers. He will never admit it, but his favorite pastime is to boast how his omega is strong and powerful, so it’s a real affront to him to hear those assholes vomiting a lot of shit to Izuku. HE IS AN OMEGA AND SO WHAT? GO SUCK A DICK, FUCKING BASTARD, DEKU IS BETTER THAN YOU IN BEING A HERO! YOU SHOULD WORRY ABOUT YOUR LAME LIFE, YOUR DISGUSTING BITCH, WE’RE GOING TO LAUGH ON THE FACE OF IDIOTS LIKE YOU WHEN WE’RE IN THE TOP!;

■  They have just mated, their careers as ascendant pro-heroes take a lot of time out of their lives and they are almost never at home. Even having so little time for themselves, they don’t regret their choices;

■  Due to the hectic routine of a pro-hero, Izuku began to take suppressors. Obviously obeying the medical orders to have at least four heats a year - one every three months;

■  Katsuki and Izuku want children but not now. Well, if they don’t get time to have sex, imagine to take care of babies who demand an untold amount of time (in addition, without sex, without pregnancy)! By the way, the apartment they bought isn’t wide enough for a child.

▼ Pregnancy | Children

■ Between the two, the one who most desires to have children is Katsuki;

■ Izuku often tries to imagine how his pups will look like. He wants to have, at least, two. Will they look like him? Or will they look like their alpha father? What about their personality? What about their quirks? Will they ever have quirks? Izuku hopes that his children don’t inherit Katsuki’s personality (but Katsuki’s quirk is another story);

■ Late at night (after sex), Katsuki joked that his only fear was that Izuku decided to put the name of their child of All Might. With a very serious face, Izuku said “Our kid will be called All Might Midoriya-Katsuki.” Katsuki got pissed, saying that if Izuku went to put the name of some hero in the child, that put his! Izuku couldn’t stop laughing after that;

■ The first time Izuku gets pregnant, he has no idea and therefore accepts without thinking twice about a dangerous mission along with Katsuki, Todoroki and two other heroes. With difficulty, the four of them return alive but extremely wounded. Izuku is one of the most injured. He cannot understand why he feels so sick, he knows he has lost a considerable amount of blood, but there is something different this time, something he cannot tell what it is. The answer comes later in the form of a doctor with a sad expression on her face.

The doctor explains to Izuku that he was pregnant (a month and a week). Izuku repeats quietly, lip trembling “I was …?” and the fact that she looked away gives Izuku the answer he didn’t want to hear. Trying to hold back the sobs, he asks if his mate already knows the “news” and the doctor says no because she thought it best to talk to Izuku in the first place. Izuku begs her not to tell Katsuki anything.

Izuku feels guilty for not being able to protect that fragile life (ignoring the fact that he didn’t even know he was pregnant), but he knows that if Katsuki knew about the miscarriage, he would never forgive himself. His alpha would blame himself a thousand times more than Izuku is blaming himself now because it was Katsuki who brought the subject of the dangerous mission to Izuku, challenging him for the first place in the hierarchy of the heroes. Izuku spends the night crying in mourning for the baby he never knew.

Eventually, Katsuki learns about the miscarriage and as Izuku predicted, he blames himself for it. Izuku is continually haunted by nightmares, he speaks of it in his sleep. One night, Katsuki decides to pay attention to the murmurs of his omega. He finds out why Izuku is so far away from him since returning from that damn mission that almost cost them their lives.

The problem is that Katsuki understands everything wrong. Izuku is avoiding him because he knows he will end up telling his alpha about the miscarriage. He doesn’t want to make his alpha suffer. Izuku doesn’t want Katsuki to blame himself for something that was not the fault of either of them since they didn’t know about the baby, but that possibility did not even cross Katsuki’s head.

Katsuki thinks that Izuku hates him (but he doesn’t know if it is because he was the one who brought a mission to Izuku or because he wasn’t strong enough to protect him and the baby). Katsuki believe that he is a bad alpha that only serves to afflict the person that he loves. He calls himself a fucking idiot because he didn’t realize the pregnancy before (by the Izuku’s scent). Izuku wakes up with the sound of Katsuki’s cry and he doesn’t need to think too hard to understand why his alpha is crying;

■  It’s hard for them to talk about it, so they’ve decided to try the only possible option to overcome it – therapy. Izuku to overcome the fear of having another abortion, Katsuki to accept that it wasn’t his fault;

■ The second time Izuku gets pregnant, it’s planned. Katsuki couldn’t be happier. In fact, his happiness includes calls Kirishima at 2AM just to give the news - HEY, MOTHERFUCKER, GUESS WHO WILL BE A FATHER? and his mother – I DON’T FUCKING CARE IF YOU WERE SLEEPING, OLD WITCH, I HAVE TO GIVE YOU A FUCKING GOOD NEWS!

■ Izuku waits until morning to call his mother. Inko didn’t know about the miscarriage, he didn’t dare tell her, so she is absolutely happy with the news. They end up spending almost two hours on the phone;

■ Uraraka (mated with Iida) and Todoroki (unmated) appear at their home after receiving the news. Uraraka with a bright smile says she is praying earnestly for the child to have no trace of Katsuki because no one deserves such a curse. Izuku laughs though he’s keeping his alpha from killing Uraraka;

■ Katsuki and Izuku are still frail with past events, so they took a number of precautions. One of them, if not the main one, is that in the first few months (before Izuku takes maternity leave), Izuku must not accept dangerous missions or anything that goes from rescuing a cat from a tree (Katsuki’s exaggeration);

■ Even though he has agreed with Katsuki before attempting to conceive, Izuku always finds himself in a dilemma when a very strong villain appears. Should he go there and help his friends defeat the villain (risking his baby’s life) or trusting his friends?

■ Izuku soon discovers that pregnancy is not that wonderful time that everyone says. He gets tired more often, morning sickness puts an end to his appetite, he feels more sleepy, his nipples are more sensitive (don’t dare to take advantage of it, Bakugou), his mood swings scare even his moody alpha;

■ Inko decides to spend time with Izuku during pregnancy. She knows that her son and son-in-law are lost. Especially Katsuki, who does not know how to deal with the flurry of instincts he has to suppress. He is an overprotective, territorial and bloodthirsty alpha (in fact, he is more to overprotective, territorial and extremely affectionate alpha, but nobody dares to comment);

■ Izuku’s nest, as well as at the beginning of Katsuki’s courtship, mixes sheets with the scent of Inko and Katsuki. He feels relaxed and safe;

■ Izuku panicked during the pain of labor, thinking he was having an abortion, but his mother was there to calm him;

■ Throughout the pregnancy, Katsuki tried to dominate his alpha side, the one that said to keep Izuku out of the world, to protect his omega and his offspring, but in the hospital, listening to his mate scream in pain, he had to be restrained not to blow up the whole damn place. He could not disrupt the childbirth;

■ When Katsuki first sees Izuku with a baby in his arms, he almost cries. It’s such a beautiful scene, that fragile thing in his muscular arms. Izuku is exhausted, but he seems so proud of himself;

■ Katsuki did not want to hold his daughter for fear of hurting her. She looks a lot like Izuku. She has freckles. He will not let anything in the world hurt that pretty little thing.

It’s sort of a first part, I guess. I’ve written several headcanons katsudeku omegaverse, but I do not have enough confidence to put them here. 

anonymous asked:

My therapist said putting things into words, like a trauma, is supposed to help take the intensity of the trauma away or something (I don't remember exactly what she said.) So, on Friday I told her something that happened to me but it's Sunday and I still feel awful. I don't feel better at all, I feel scared because I haven't thought about that event in a long time and now I can't get it out of my head. Am I doing something wrong? Does therapy really work?

your therapist is correct that expressing things can help decrease the intensity of the emotion related to them. that’s because by stopping avoiding the thing, you remove some of the power the Thing has, decreasing the amount of negative emotions you experience related to the Thing and the amount of work you put into trying to avoid the Thing. however, you usually can’t just express the Thing once- you’ve got to do it over and over until you stop having strong negative emotional reactions to it. that can take anywhere from an hour to a year or more, and is unlikely to happen in a single session. 

during that time, you’ll usually experience what’s called an extinction burst. an extinction burst happens when you stop reinforcing something. in this case, the reinforcement is typically goes like: think of Thing -> feel bad ->avoid Thing and thoughts about Thing -> feel better -> continue to avoid Thing and thoughts of Thing. The avoidance is the reinforcer. But when stop reinforcing, and so stop avoiding, we confuse the system. The system in this case is your body. Your body notices that you did not avoid the Thing, and thinks “what is going on? they didn’t avoid the Thing! Maybe if I increase the alarm bells, they’ll avoid it like I want them to.” so then your negative reaction to the Thing increases- your symptoms get worse. This happens for a little while- minutes to months depending on the issue -and then it stops. Your body realizes you aren’t going to reinforce it anymore, and it stops raising the alarm bells, and your symptoms decrease. 

so no, I doubt you’re doing something wrong. but when you decide to express things in order to take away their power, you’ve got to have a good plan for how you’ll manage the extinction burst. That usually means lots of coping skills and self-care and self-monitoring, so that you can do the hard work of getting rid of your avoidance without being overwhelmed by the extinction burst. if you’d like to pursue this, I’d talk to your therapist about getting a really good plan in place so you feel more comfortable with your treatment. take care! 

“Honesty is a bad habit of mine”: Jean’s Honesty in Attack on Titan, Part 1

So a partial draft of this has been sitting in my documents for a few weeks now, but today feels like a relatively timely moment to post it because of two things that have happened recently: Jean’s character song “Rusty Honesty” has been released and—as @imperfecteclipse informed me!— last Sunday was apparently national honesty day! So let’s talk about Jean’s most defining trait!

Jean’s attempt to persuade Armin and Reiner to assist him in stalling the Female Titan, Chapter 23.

In an interview published with the first volume of Attack on Titan in English, Isayama states that Jean is his favorite character in the series because, “Jean comes right out and says what he’s thinking, even if it’s something you normally couldn’t say. That’s what I like about him.” However, many characters within the manga don’t find Jean’s forthrightness quite as endearing. Shadis, for instance, compares Jean’s personality to “a drawn sword, which tends to create conflict” (chapter 18) and Jean himself calls honesty his “bad habit” (chapter 15). It’s a personality trait—or perhaps we should say personality commitment—with consequences, often putting him at odds with others because his observations make them uncomfortable.

What I find fascinating about Attack on Titan is that Jean is never, at any point of the narrative, asked to totally give up this “bad habit”: instead, his honesty—which often takes the form of dissent—is presented as a potential asset, particularly to his development as a future leader within the Corps. In the early chapters, his honesty gives way to cynical defeatism and apathy, but over time he develops it into a tool of productive critique. He never quite assimilates comfortably into the Survey Corps, working instead to keep them on their toes. He reminds both the Survey Corps and the reader of the stakes involved in fighting the titans, wondering what it means to achieve “the greater good” at such high costs.  

It’s a trait that, when used to actively question the world order rather than just passively observe it, makes Jean dangerous. And I’ve decided to talk about it in two parts, because pulling it apart and looking at in depth has proven to be quite an undertaking, haha. This part will focus on Jean’s honesty in the early narrative (and what he means when he terms himself an honest man) and part two will explore how it assists his development as a leader up through the Return to Shiganshina arc.

As is the case with pretty much all of my Jean metas, this reading of his role in the series is entirely dependent on the manga. As I have argued here, the anime’s characterization of Jean is quite different, which significantly alters his role in the narrative.

More under the cut!

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Let’s see.. what happened at the end of session 2??

Taven is trying to keep those captive poachers alive
Isroan is on the side of Sam and Lesdyn for killing them
Lesdyn grabs a rad hat from the loot
Sam somehow gets a toaster from the loot as well??
Nazha fails to figure out a nail puzzle
and Rowan becomes a Disney Princess

Good session guys

~Sun Siblings~

Thank you SO MUCH to @fyrielle for this great commissioned piece of my sibling Seekers of the Sun, Y’asmina Malha and Y’raos Nunh! It’s gorgeous!

If you were considering getting some art done of your characters, I can’t recommend @fyrielle enough. She’s really receptive to your opinions and requests and does some wonderfully colorful and expressive work. Please go check her out!

Random Andreil headcanons

Exactly what it says on the tin :) 

  • Andrew is very particular about pillows. They need to be super hard so that he can sleep on his side. If they are staying at a hotel for an away game, he always prods the various pillows to see which is the hardest and uses that. Neil now knows just to silently hand him the firmest pillow without an argument. 
    • When they get the cats, Sir Fat Cat McCatterson and Andrew fall out a lot over firm pillows. Sir likes sleeping on them. Andrew likes sleeping on them. Things go downhill from there. 
  • Andrew once ate a whole (large) chocolate birthday cake in under an hour. Neil caught him but Andrew glared at him so hard that he figures he is sworn to secrecy over that one. 
  • Andrew doesn’t like spiders. Neil doesn’t like birds or anything flapping near him. 
    • When they move in together, Andrew has to deal with the birds the cats drag half dead into the apartment, Neil has to deal with the spiders. The cats have to deal with the mice. They’re a good team. 
  • Andrew likes cooking for Neil and working out his different likes and dislikes. He will just plonk a meal in front of Neil and make him eat it and watch his facial expressions to work out what the does and doesn’t like. 
  • Neil gets turned on when Andrew wears glasses, and we all know Andrew Wears Glass amiright?
  • They have such different taste in music that they just can’t share it. Like there will never be music on in their room (and eventually their apartment) if they are both in, because they think the other has terrible taste. There will be an argument. 
  • Andrew has no cavities. It boggles Neil’s mind. 
  • Neil’s favourite part of Andrew’s body is the hollows of his hip, where he’s all strong muscle.
  • Andrew’s part of Neil in his thighs. Neil’s got Exy Thighs. 
  • Andrew is a book and film buff. He makes Neil watch the movies he thinks are important, even though Neil finds them boring, but Neil is a really reluctant reader. They get into a very, very heated argument about The Great Gatsby and literally don’t speak for a few hours. 
    • (Don’t even get them started on Harry Potter, jesus…) 
  • Neil once grabbed a t-shirt of Nicky’s out of the laundry by mistake. Neil and Andrew Share Clothes, so Andrew picked it up and wore it without realising what it was. He spent all day walking around with ‘BAE WATCH’ on the back of his shirt. He was not amused. People nearly got knifed.  
  • Andrew hates, HATES cold feet. He wears socks all the time. He gets seriously pissed off when Neil gets into bed with cold feet and sticks them against his calves. 
  • But Neil generally runs hot at night. Andrew complains it’s like sleeping next to a furnace. 
    • When they get the cats, they love the heat, and end up sleeping on top of Neil most nights. Andrew wakes up with a tail up his nose a number of times a week. 
  • Andrew can bench press more than Neil can. Neil can run further than Andrew can. They both know this, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get into heated debates and contests about it all the time. Kevin gets so fucking bored of it. 
  • Their favourite sports are Exy and Arguing with Journalists. 
  • Andrew always loses his pens and steals Kevin’s.  Kevin goes to more elaborate lengths to hide them and Andrew goes to more extremes to find them. One day Neil has to just buy a fucking bulk pack of black pens to break the tension. Andrew just says “I only write with blue ones” and goes back to stealing Kevin’s. Neil wonders how is this is his life (he loves it). 
  • Aaron has an allergic reaction to a kiwi, so Andrew gets a test and turns out he is allergic too. So Neil panics and gets an EpiPen and then keeps one in his bag all the time for fear Andrew will have a reaction. He never does, so Andrew doesn’t find out. Until, ironically, Aaron eats something with kiwi in it again one day and whilst everyone panics Neil just whips out the EpiPen. The percentage goes up very high that day. 
  • Andrew gets serious bed head. Neil doesn’t seem to. It’s an endless source of amusement for Neil, and of annoyance for Andrew. 
  • They like watching political dramas together. On the couch, wearing each other’s Exy hoodies, Andrew wearing glasses and with a tub of ice cream, watching House of Cards. 
  • Neil doing a British accent turns Andrew on like nobody’s business. Like all Neil has to do is say ‘alright?’ or ‘mate’ or ‘love’ in that perfect British accent and Andrew gets all rowdy. 

nevergrowupnevergrowupnotme  asked:

What do you mean by you barely have the "spoons" to wash your hair? How does that work?

Spoons are an expression that people who suffer from depression or other mental illnesses use to identify the amount of energy they have. It takes a certain amount of spoons to accomplish a task. The harder or more intense the task, the more spoons it requires.

I am a person that suffers from severe depression and anxiety. I do take medication to help me, but it doesn’t make everything A-OK, it just makes things more bearable. 

Now, back to your question, washing my hair takes quite a few spoons because of the length and thickness of it, and also because of the damage I’ve done to it from bleaching, perming, and dying. So in order to make it seem somewhat presentable, I have to thoroughly wash it, super deep condition it (every time I wash it), not to mention do all of my other shower things (shave, wash my body and face, exfoliate my entire body, etc). And then when I get out, I have to condition and oil it, and then comb it out, which can take a while just by itself. As I said, all of this on top of anything else I need to do after I get out of the shower. And if I want to wear it down, then I need to straighten it too, which is another 30 minutes at least.

It’s an exhausting process, especially since I end up just wearing my hair up 95% of the time anyway because of the humidity or just to keep it out of the way since I work with animals.

allhailthesuagrlord  asked:

Olly's eyebrows are my life, I hope that's not weird, but I like the way you did them they look very animated when he does a certain facial expression and I like that about all of your works

Thank you so much, not weird at all Its my fav thing to draw on him. When I draw Olly I draw his eyebrows first haha! Big brows run in the fam he gets it from his Mom  (Olivia Janis ) and Nana!


You crept down and slowly pushed open the door. It creaked loudly but the floorboards made no sound as you padded up to him. Crowley watched you, amusement and interest glistened in his eyes.

“Hello, rabbit.” He greeted “How can be of service?”
“I want to know more,”
“More?” He tilted his head questioningly.
“About what you do. Demons, hell, torture methods, hounds, deal making. How does it all work?” You ask eagerly. 
His expression changed “Oh, interesting. And what does your Dad have to say about all this?”

“He’s not hear. And I’m bored. Besides, he doesn’t have to find out.” You make your case.
“Very well. But you let me out for the day.”
“No I can’t.”
“It’s been a pleasure talking to you, rabbit.”

He looked back up.

“Fine, but if you try anything-”
“I won’t.”
The next hour or so he told you everything he could think of. You sat. Your curious eyes scanning any books he took off the shelves to show you.

“And my personal favourite,” He opened up a book in a language you didn’t know “Chinese water torture.”
“Which is?” You leaned in on the edge of your seat.
“The victim is strapped down so they can’t move a millimeter out of place, ice cold, or perhaps boiling hot, water is focused on one point of the victim. Normally the forehead. Drop by drop the water hits the same spot. Each drop can be seen. Again. And again. And again. Until. The prisoner is so bonkers they think there’s a hole right through their forehead,”
Your eyes widened and you couldn’t help but smile.
“Of course the military tend to stop by this point. But I’ve had it going on for centuries. It’s still going for a few.”

“What else?” You ask.
“Actually, I was thinking you’d enjoy some cinematic education.” 
“There’s a franchise of films I’m sure you’d enjoy- they go by the name of Saw.”
“I’ve heard of them.”
“Watch them. I’ve been known to steal one or two ideas from them.”

“Y/N!” Your Dad’s voice echoes through the library walls and you freeze up.
“Turn around.” He demanded.
You slowly rose from your seat and whirled round face to face with your furious father. Your Uncle Sam was more focused on Crowley.
“Hey Dad.” You stutter.
“What the hell is he doing out?!” He shouted so loud you flinched.
“I just thought-”
“You clearly didn’t think!” 

“I’m sorry…” You whispered, moving so Crowley was nearer to them than you were.
“And you! You stay away from my daughter!” 
“We were only having a chinwag.” Crowley seemed amazingly calm considering.
“I don’t give a crap!”

You bite your lip to stop yourself from crying. Your Uncle Sam noticed your state and put his hand on your Dad’s shoulder, pulling him away a little and saying something you couldn’t quite make out. Your Dad shook him off and stepped closer to you. You tensed up to stop yourself from shaking.
“I’m sorry. Please don’t hurt me.” You trailed off, the last part barely a whisper. Your Dad stopped and he looked more hurt than you at that point. “Y/N, I’m not gona hurt you.” He sighed. “I’m just pissed off you thought it was a good idea to let the king of hell go free.”
“We were only talking. I got bored. You’re normally away for longer…” You look down. Your Dad pulled you in for a hug. “Don’t think you’re of the hook because I am still massively pissed off with you. But I’m also sorry I scared you.”
You nod against him. Your Uncle Sam brushed past to take Crowley back, giving your shoulder a squeeze and smiling comfortingly as he did.

“Watch those films, rabbit.” Came an English accent.
Your Dad pulled you out of the hug to give you a confused stare “What films?”

Requested by anon

Can you do an one shot where the reader is deans 14 year old daughter who is obsessed with horror and anything scary?Maybe they leave for a hunt one day and Crowley is chained up in the dungeon so she goes down and lets him go and they spend the whole day talking about demons,hell,his favorite torture methods and she introduces him to the Saw movies.Dean and Sam come home and Dean is pissed.No matter how tough she dresses or acts,she is terrified of her pissed off father and hides behind Crowley
Hope this is okay! Thank you for requesting- also I researched the thing on Wiki so sorry if it isn’t 100% accurate :P

I do not own these gifs


baekhyun’s new nickname - bo bo hu

pro tip: once you master it, you can use the same sort of pretentious-sounding vague figurative language to discuss wine, other expensive food products, poetry, music you don’t really understand, literature, any and all visual art forms, and bizarre ‘conceptual’ modern theater; you’ll sound profound and well-educated without having to actually understand or in any way enjoy what you’re critiquing.

e.g. “I love the texture of this piece, it’s delicate yet compellingly multilayered” sounds much better than “hmm, interesting.” but can be applied to the same wide variety of things. It helps if you affect an arch and contemplative tone, and pronounce your judgement slowly but with assurance, as if you’re still mulling over the complexities of the thing you’re discussing, rather than choosing adjectives at random and adding a few adverbs to flavor your word smoothie with.

With practice, you can render all discussion about the arts functionally meaningless!

fudayk  asked:

Can I ask for more IZMK hcs, please? Where would they go on a day-date in the summer and what would they do there? :)

Wow, I’m so fucking sorry that I put this off for what, three weeks? I have a bunch of excuses I could spew, but I’ll leave it at that apology and get straight to the headcanons instead:

  • Izaya watches his relationship with Mikado very carefully, as he feels that he has more control over it that way. He thinks that this awareness can help him actively distance himself at least a little, just to err on the side of caution. He’s caught completely off guard, then, when he decides to sleep with someone to get useful information – he spends the whole time imagining he’s with Mikado instead. He can’t get him out of his fucking head and it’s so fucking frustrating, but also intriguing and irritating and it keeps happening after that night. Everything about Mikado continues to be unexpected.
  • Izaya likes to go through Mikado’s schoolwork, take graded tests, and put them on the fridge to embarrass Mikado (which is further achieved with sing-song comments like, “I’m so proud that you improved your score by four whole points this time, Mikado-kun. You’re a bright young man with a promising future, you know.”).
  • Another way Izaya manages to fluster Mikado is getting him to wear Izaya’s clothing. The boyfriend shirt, the boyfriend coat, any option is incredibly satisfying for Izaya, partly because Mikado’s marked as his this way, which gives him a temporary edge over Mikado in their quiet contest for psychological dominance. It’s also really damn attractive, so he’ll lightly coo and put on a pleased face as he pulls Mikado into his lap or comes up to him from behind. Mikado understands the underlying manipulative nature of it, but he doesn’t mind, caught up in slight embarrassment and discomfort. 
  • They have quite a few dates that involve sitting in cafes. Izaya people-watches while Mikado reads or does work, occasionally looking up to observe Izaya’s expression. They show affection not by holding hands, but by how their legs tangle together as they sit.