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It’s scootin’ scooter Scootaloo! Looking a little distressed here, but I can explain! This is actually a redraw of a piece I did about four years ago (kudos for anyone who has following my work that long), and that I’m doing to showcase my progression since my early days of anthro drawing. Of course, I’ll post a side-by-side comparison once I’m done with this one.

This still doesn’t explain why Scoots had this expression in the original piece, does it? Oh well.

Work in progress. Please consider making sure that you follow my art blog, @mykecandraw, if you’re interested in catching the final piece as soon as I post it.


You crept down and slowly pushed open the door. It creaked loudly but the floorboards made no sound as you padded up to him. Crowley watched you, amusement and interest glistened in his eyes.

“Hello, rabbit.” He greeted “How can be of service?”
“I want to know more,”
“More?” He tilted his head questioningly.
“About what you do. Demons, hell, torture methods, hounds, deal making. How does it all work?” You ask eagerly. 
His expression changed “Oh, interesting. And what does your Dad have to say about all this?”

“He’s not hear. And I’m bored. Besides, he doesn’t have to find out.” You make your case.
“Very well. But you let me out for the day.”
“No I can’t.”
“It’s been a pleasure talking to you, rabbit.”

He looked back up.

“Fine, but if you try anything-”
“I won’t.”
The next hour or so he told you everything he could think of. You sat. Your curious eyes scanning any books he took off the shelves to show you.

“And my personal favourite,” He opened up a book in a language you didn’t know “Chinese water torture.”
“Which is?” You leaned in on the edge of your seat.
“The victim is strapped down so they can’t move a millimeter out of place, ice cold, or perhaps boiling hot, water is focused on one point of the victim. Normally the forehead. Drop by drop the water hits the same spot. Each drop can be seen. Again. And again. And again. Until. The prisoner is so bonkers they think there’s a hole right through their forehead,”
Your eyes widened and you couldn’t help but smile.
“Of course the military tend to stop by this point. But I’ve had it going on for centuries. It’s still going for a few.”

“What else?” You ask.
“Actually, I was thinking you’d enjoy some cinematic education.” 
“There’s a franchise of films I’m sure you’d enjoy- they go by the name of Saw.”
“I’ve heard of them.”
“Watch them. I’ve been known to steal one or two ideas from them.”

“Y/N!” Your Dad’s voice echoes through the library walls and you freeze up.
“Turn around.” He demanded.
You slowly rose from your seat and whirled round face to face with your furious father. Your Uncle Sam was more focused on Crowley.
“Hey Dad.” You stutter.
“What the hell is he doing out?!” He shouted so loud you flinched.
“I just thought-”
“You clearly didn’t think!” 

“I’m sorry…” You whispered, moving so Crowley was nearer to them than you were.
“And you! You stay away from my daughter!” 
“We were only having a chinwag.” Crowley seemed amazingly calm considering.
“I don’t give a crap!”

You bite your lip to stop yourself from crying. Your Uncle Sam noticed your state and put his hand on your Dad’s shoulder, pulling him away a little and saying something you couldn’t quite make out. Your Dad shook him off and stepped closer to you. You tensed up to stop yourself from shaking.
“I’m sorry. Please don’t hurt me.” You trailed off, the last part barely a whisper. Your Dad stopped and he looked more hurt than you at that point. “Y/N, I’m not gona hurt you.” He sighed. “I’m just pissed off you thought it was a good idea to let the king of hell go free.”
“We were only talking. I got bored. You’re normally away for longer…” You look down. Your Dad pulled you in for a hug. “Don’t think you’re of the hook because I am still massively pissed off with you. But I’m also sorry I scared you.”
You nod against him. Your Uncle Sam brushed past to take Crowley back, giving your shoulder a squeeze and smiling comfortingly as he did.

“Watch those films, rabbit.” Came an English accent.
Your Dad pulled you out of the hug to give you a confused stare “What films?”

Requested by anon

Can you do an one shot where the reader is deans 14 year old daughter who is obsessed with horror and anything scary?Maybe they leave for a hunt one day and Crowley is chained up in the dungeon so she goes down and lets him go and they spend the whole day talking about demons,hell,his favorite torture methods and she introduces him to the Saw movies.Dean and Sam come home and Dean is pissed.No matter how tough she dresses or acts,she is terrified of her pissed off father and hides behind Crowley
Hope this is okay! Thank you for requesting- also I researched the thing on Wiki so sorry if it isn’t 100% accurate :P

I do not own these gifs

So after watching this, I decided I didn’t really like the reaction Rhys had when Vaughn got stabbed- So I gave him a PROPER reaction


baekhyun’s new nickname - bo bo hu

Surprise gift for @deheerkonijn​. I know we share a love for Fem Arthur, so i thought i would show my love for her Aggressive Hufflepuff Arthur, by combining them  into Fem!Aggressive Hufflepuff Arthur (which is stupidly complicated I know) (honestly part of this is love for your AU but there is a part which is just me wanting to draw Fem Arthur in a school uniform shhh)

(also check her art out, I can gush about it (and her and how amazing she is) all day but really you should just discover it for yourself.

(its also kind of a nod back to how I remember the first time we talked which was when i very shyly sent her an ask asking if I could draw fanart of her AU because I’d been a fan of her for months and it sort very quickly became us screaming compliments about each others art  and I knew i had to make this person my friend at all cost and so here we are) so moral of the story is don’t be afraid to tell someone you like their work.


Kenny McCormick doodle bc SOUTH PARK TONIGHT!! ♥

i care so much about lapis lazuli’s depressed ass like as somebody with depression and like lapidot fucks me up okay like lapis cares! about! peridot! but she’s not the best at showing that like, being super hype about it the way peridot is or like, you know, the way a non-depressed person is, but she does care and she does express herself as best she can and peridot Gets That and works with her and like tbh it’s just… that’s how i’m with! with the people i care about! and it’s really heartwarming to see lapis and lapidot validated as like, a friendship/relationship that’s good and worth having


Not sure if anyone noticed or cared, but other than Hugh’s amazing faces of awesome as seen here:

If anyone noticed, he can more or less keep his expression fairly neutral and yet still convey many different emotions just by shifting the angle of his head. As you can see with these pictures above he doesn’t do much more than shift his eyes or tilt his head in a certain direction. From just that simple movement you can see a wide range of emotions:

Curious, Concerned, Submissive, Inquisitive, Threatening, and downright pissed off. Though he’s obviously more expressive than someone like Mads who works mostly on micro-expressions (and does an excellent job of it) Hugh also has an incredible ability to portray intense emotions just by moving his head and shifting his eyes. It’s very evident in season one as he transitions from “normal” to “dark” when he has his pendulum moments. It’s amazing how him, Mads, and nearly all of the cast can function just giving tiny little shifts and smiles.

It takes a massive amount of talent to convey and entire story just from your eyes or the slight twist of your lips. A shift in body posture or a simple tilt of the head. This cast was great. Ninja level masters at the very subtle and nearly imperceptible body movements it takes to portray realism to the highest level. Which is why it confuses me how none of them ever got nominated for a single Emmy. If we are going to talk about true acting, we need look no further than Mads Mikkelsen or Hugh Dancy.