does that even make sence

Sunday 5th of May 2013

I’m still giggling about last night, people shouldn’t insult people I care about around me because I don’t take kindly to that sort of thing. 

I basically lead someone on for ages and then told them they weren’t man enough for me because they spent the evening telling me that someone I care about was gay because of the way they act. 


anonymous asked:


13:Favourite food

i love my chickennnnnnnnnnnn xD 

16:First thing I notice in new person

If their confident in themselves or if their shy, like if i see them and they seem to hold themself well and start talking a lot to me or some other person  you can tell their confident, or if their quiet and look like the shy type or are just alone by the side, lol also their appearence 


There’s a fine line between compromise and change and I find it so hard to find that reasonable balance. How much does one compromise before they’re changed? Should one change in order for there for be balance?

My head is so confused - constantly fighting this battle with myself in order to find that balance with compromise and without change.

Does what I’m saying even make any sence?!