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imagine CEO kim seokjin.

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  • you have the most handsome boss in all of creation, good luck.
  • first things first, kim seokjin is heir to one of the great business empires on his side of the planet.
  • for the moment though he’s just managing a few of the smaller branches as well as all the charities and his passion project, a moderately successful chain of restaurants.
  • you find work in one of these aforementioned branches, filling in as his secretary when his PA needs time off to care for their sick mother.
  • and he’s so stressed and busy he doesn’t even notice until around lunchtime when he bursts out of his office in a frenzy.
  • “assistant choi! you’re not assistant choi. where’s assistant choi?”
  • you remind him and he’s like “oops, i thought that was next week.”
  • because he can manage twelve charities and two businesses at once, he can clothe and feed himself because he’s a big boy, but he can’t organise anything. that’s what he needs you for.
  • also he can’t tie a tie properly.
  • he probably went to harvard business school, but he can’t tie a tie for shit. it’s always askew or crumpled or something, so you look knots up online because you’re just itching to fix it for him.
  • but you don’t actually approach him with the offer for a while, that would be inappropriate. instead you wait for him to tie it himself and ultimately fail, before you offer your help.
  • he accepts gratefully, and watches you concentrate in the agitating piece of cloth as if an angel just descended to save him from drowning.
  • later he admits that was when he knew he would fall in love with you.
  • and after that, whenever he has an important meeting to attend, you gotta fix his tie for him. it’s like ur lil ritual, and it helps him calm down and prepare.
  • sometimes he neglects to eat though. 
  • like when he’s trying to stay on top of events and important paperwork and running back and forth between meetings and you start to wonder if you should be organising meals for him as well.
  • he works so hard you end up feeling like you can’t just leave him alone in his office even if the work day is technically over, so you sit around answering emails as you wait for him to dismiss you.
  • eventually you just Go For It and order a bunch of food in, not knowing what he likes, because you’re hungry too dangit.
  • so at like 7pm you knock softly and ask him is it okay if you bring him something to eat.
  • kim seokjin could cry at that moment, but also he’s like “wait, you’re still here? why are you still here?”
  • you recite him his dinner options and by the end he’s almost visibly drooling.
  • “that sound amazing, do i have to choose?”
  • “well, one of them was for me.”
  • “which one?”
  • “whichever you didn’t want.”
  • “can’t we just share all of it?”
  • and so you and your new boss end up sitting across from one another on his plush expensive carpet, and have a virtual take-out feast.
  • and you’re both exhausted so you know he’s killing it with the dad jokes and his windshield wiping laughter just makes everything ten times funnier. lbr you probably peed yourself a little.
  • it’s late when you finally leave, so he drives you home.
  • the drive is nice and quiet and before you know it you’ve fallen asleep.
  • also you don’t know this but he was parked outside your house for like ten minutes before he mustered up the courage to wake you, like “ok we’re here!!!! hahahaha,,ha,,,ha,,,,, ah”
  • weeks pass, and jin’s dad is constantly piling more responsibility on him, which means more branches, which means jin has to travel more, and he takes you with him because he’s useless without you.
  • and you two are just so comfortable around each other from the start ??
  • but more importantly you really enjoy one another’s company and are constantly drawn together.
  • so eventually, always eating room service together turns into always spending time in the same room, which turns into eventually only booking one room with separate beds.
  • because more money saved is more money to charity. 
  • right? 
  • right ????
  • and guess what. 
  • eventually the hotel fucks up, but everything is so hectic you don’t even notice until it’s too late and you come back from a conference at night to find you only have one bed.
  • whoopsie daisy~
  • honestly though you’re both so exhausted because you flew in early that morning, jin falls asleep with all his clothes on and you don’t even care and pass out beside him like two minutes later.
  • when you wake however, he has shrugged out of his blazer and you’re snuggled up to him, head tucked beneath his chin, cheek pressed against his chest. 
  • to save you the embarrassment he pretends he’s still asleep while you untangle yourself. but breakfast is still awkward as heck to say the least, and he lowkey won’t stop smiling to himself the entire time.
  • and every time you attend a charity event with him everyone assumes you’re dating because you’re always laughing together and they’re used to seeing him with assistant choi. 
  • and one time he mishears someone asking if you’re his date and he says yes so you run with it and link your arm through his and call him pet names and he goes sO red and stutters and it’s worth all the death glares he sends you the rest of the night.
  • after that he’s kinda tense and weird and you end up apologising for your behaviour because that was very unprofessional of you and you crossed a line and you really need this job please don’t fire me.
  • and as you arrive back at the hotel he’s like “yeah, it’s cool, whatever, i need a drink.”
  • and you’re like “idk about you but there’s a minibar in my room.”
  • and he just stares at you until you realise what you’ve said and when you die of embarrassment he’s like “now we’re even. goodnight.”
  • eventually, one fateful evening back at the office, jin completely buckles under the weight of it all and you find him with his head in his hands, papers all over the floor.
  • he confesses to you how it’s all too much and he doesn’t know how he’s supposed to keep everything together, especially as his responsibilities keep growing and without assistant choi around to help him out.
  • you spin his chair around to face you and sink down to his level, take his face in your hands and tell him firmly that he’s got this. it’s okay to doubt yourself and to crack under the pressure, but he’s got you and he’s got this and together you’re gonna kick this thing in the ass.
  • and he laughs and hold your hand, leans in a fraction but hesitates until you tell him he can also kiss you if he wants. 
  • and he does. 
  • he kisses you over and over and over until you have expensive carpet burns, wink wonk if you know what i mean.
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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Person a tripping in the street and person b whomst is a stranger to them catches them and accidentally dips them ( like the dance thing u know)

Justin Oluransi likes to walk, and being in this city so far has been nothing but walking.

Walking from the subway to the hotel to the pharmacy back to the hotel, then to the hospital in the morning for his interview and from there to the deli for an early lunch then back to the hotel and then just - out to explore midtown.

New York City is all. walking. all. the. time. And it’s beautiful clear weather on a breezy spring midmorning.

He loves it.

It’s like a dance, weaving between the many pedestrians, pausing for cars in the street but not waiting for the signal to turn green, picking up the pace to get away from the creepy dude following too closely, and then slowing down to enjoy the atmosphere - suddenly halting to catch his breath when he turns a corner and sees the Empire State Building.

What a sight, what a rush, what a thrill! The only thing missing would be a -


A man bumps into him from behind so hard he’s twisted around and Justin’s glad he’s got quick reflexes because otherwise the man would have hit the concrete with the back of his head.

Instead, Justin has an arm under his shoulders and the other hand gripping the man’s waist tight to keep him cradled against his chest.

Wide green eyes stare up at him, and for a moment Justin can’t think. Those eyes are mesmerizing - they’re beautiful, soft, sweet. Justin’s lost in them.

It takes a moment for him to register that the other man’s hands are both gripping his arm tight, fingers digging into the light fabric of his favorite salmon hoodie, and he realizes he should help the man back to his feet.

“Sorry,” Justin says, pulling him into an upright position and letting his hands linger on the other man’s biceps for a moment to make sure he can support his own weight just fine.

“Chyeah, no, please, I’m sorry, I just, uh -” The other man is fumbling for words, running his hands over himself and then reaching up to right the cap on his head. “My legs don’t always send letters of intent to my brain, so sometimes my body wants to keep a pace and my legs just like - bolt for no apparent reason and I tumble over myself like a newborn fawn and it’s not - uh..”

He finally looks up and meets Justin’s gaze and for a moment Justin thinks he might lose himself in those beautiful eyes again, but the other man seems to suddenly regain control of himself upon catching sight of him. He straightens and stands taller, pulling at the hem of his t-shirt and licking his lips.

Justin does,, not follow the movement. Nope.

The other man clears his throat. “That wasn’t very chill of me.”

Justin laughs and the other man smiles softly in response.

“That’s ok,” Justin says. And then, because this man is really beautiful and Justin has never passed up an opportunity to flirt with beautiful people, he says “I was just thinking about how walking around here is like dancing, and then you waltzed into my arms for one heck of a grand finale.”

That gets a surprised laugh and a hint of a blush creeping on his cheeks, Justin can tell.

God, this man is beautiful.

“I’m Justin,” he says, extending his hand forward.

“Derek,” the other man - Derek - says.

When their palms meet Justin has to will himself not to stare at the way they fit in each other so well, or how they look clasped like that, or how long Derek’s fingers are.

“So uh,” Derek says, pulling his hand away but letting his fingers trail along Justin’s just slightly. “You pick up dance partners on 6th Av often?”

“Shit, is that the street this is? I thought I was on Broadway?”

He has to look around for a second, because if he got lost he has no idea how he’s gonna get back to the hotel and he cant handle being lost right now.

But Derek’s easy laugh flows over him, as does his gentle touch on his shoulder to draw Justin’s attention back to him.

“Yeah, Broadway’s right here. It just intersects here, see.” He’s pointing out all the street signs around them. “You probably just walked one block this way without realizing.”

“God, I’m such a tourist.”

Derek laughs again, and Justin loves how it sounds. “That’s alright, so’s everyone else.”

“You’re not from here either?”

“Oh no, I was born and raised on the Upper East Side. But everyone’s a tourist in this city bro, even the locals. Tourism is a state of mind.”

Justin lets that hover in the air for a moment. He watches Derek’s face and the way he seems so much more collected now, so much more in control and - chill.

“I’d love to have a five hour conversation with you about that one sentence.”

“No shit?”

“No shit.” Justin revels in the curious look adorning Derek’s face and asks “Where can we get coffee and talk into the sunset?”

Derek smirks and Justin can feel in his bones that he is not going to make the flight home tonight.

But that’s ok, maybe he won’t go home. Maybe he’ll stay in this city, take that position at the hospital, and maybe… maybe he’ll have Derek show him around in the meantime.

sarah’s ultimate fic rec (1/?)

this is only part one because i read too much. i’m making this bc i rly needed a place to organize everything (my ao3 bookmarks are a nightmare yikes), so here! have this! it’s categorized by ship, so it should be easy to navigate your way around.

this one only includes the following ships: yoonmin, yoonkook, vmin, taekook & taegi. i tried to limit myself to 10/20ish fics per ship bc i didn’t want it to get too long, so i’ll add the rest later on & i’ll also include other ships in the next post!

total: 20 yoonmin fics, 23 yoonkook fics, 15 vmin fics, 11 taekook fics, 8 taegi fics (77 fics overall).

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Meeting Taylor at Jingle Bell Ball London (10.12.2017)

Okay so first of all, I can’t believe I actually get to write this post cause I never expected that this would happen to me. So again, thank you so much to everyone who helped making this happen, I know I would not have met her without all your incredible support.

A little backstory for everyone who doesn’t know this yet: Ever since it got announced that Taylor and Ed would perform at Jingle Ball London the same night, I desperately wanted to go to the show because they’re my two favourite people and seeing them perform the same day was always a dream of mine and so I tried everything to make it happen. I tried to find persuade my friend to come with me, tried to find others on Tumblr to go with, tried to get a single ticket for the show when that didn’t work, participated in a contest to win a trip to the show where shy af me had to take a freaking selfie in public with a huge Taylor cardboard, didn’t win, looked on Twitter if people were selling tickets for the same section some of my Tumblr friends would be sitting in. Nothing worked out, so I kinda gave up on attending the show. A few days or so later, my friend Miriam @wontreplaceyou told me her local radio station is doing a contest for Jingle Ball, similar to the one I already participated in, and said she would take me with her if she was gonna win. I was excited and so thankful that she was gonna choose me, but we both didn’t really think anything of it, we didn’t have hope that it could work out and basically forgot about the contest soon after haha. Fast forward to the next week and Miriam got a call from the radio station (fun fact: while grocery shopping lol) that she’s among the finalists for the contest and they would call her again the next day if she’s the winner. We couldn’t believe it, like non of us had hopes about this contest and then this happens?! Miriam told the radio host that she’s been a fan of Taylor for nine years already and has never seen her live, and that I’m not only a huge Taylor fan as well but also a huge Ed fan, who would also perform the same night. The radio host sounded really excited about it, which is why we actually had some hope this could work out. So the next morning, after us nervously texting for hours, Miriam actually did get the call. We could not believe it. We would fly to London in ten days (where Miriam had never been before as well) and would see Taylor and Ed at Jingle Ball, and all of this mostly for free. It literally seemed like a dream.

The next days were filled with lots of organizing, checking into flights, booking bus tickets (I had to drive to Hamburg five hours by bus since we had to both fly from there as it was a radio station from Hamburg). I was also thinking about my outfit, and when I decided on something I thought I would make a Tumblr post about me going to Jingle Ball and show what I was gonna wear. I didn’t expect anything to happen, but why not try, right? I had nothing to lose. To my surprise, my post got so many notes, people tagged Taylor and Taylor Nation, made posts themselves about me going to Jingle Ball, all kinds of stuff. I was super happy about all the support but I genuinely did not think anything would happen, I mean it. I had a feeling Verena @speaknow was going to meet her, I really really hoped that would happen, but it just did not seem realistic that something would happen for me.

So fast forward to Sunday and after some crazy hours of traveling and (failing to) sleep(ing) at the airport, Miriam and I arrived in London (and were running on two hours of sleep haha). It still didn’t seem real that we were actually there and would get to see Taylor and Ed so soon. After some more crazy hours of traveling through London, we finally reached our hotel and got to pick up our tickets there. Our seats were so good, we would be sitting in the lower level section directly next to the stage. We immediately added our seat numbers to our Tumblr posts (not knowing this was completely unnecessary because Taylor had already seen my post by then wow). Suddenly it was 3 pm and we had to get ready for the show – the closer it came the more unbelievable it was to us how soon we were gonna see Taylor and Ed. We arrived at the O2 shortly after 4 pm I think and first looked for something to eat since we only had had some breakfast in the morning. After that was done, we finally entered the venue and went to our seats. We knew we were gonna be close to the stage but didn’t realize we were gonna be THIS close so we freaked out about that for like half an hour hahaha (you might remember my post screaming about our crazy view lol). That whole day, people were still crazily reblogging my and Miriam’s posts about going to Jingle Ball, which made me super happy, but I still did not expect anything to happen. Then I went to get us something to drink since we knew the show would last four hours. 

So, this is were it gets interesting. After I got back to our seats, we were just on our phones a bit, talking about seeing Taylor so soon since she was the opener, etc. I was on Tumblr and coincidentally in my dms already, when suddenly a new message popped up. I said this in a post before but I’m not joking, I have never been more shocked in my entire freaking life. When I read ‘taylornation’ and ‘confidential message’, I was so shocked that I just turned my phone down, looked into thin air and said ‘No’. Miriam was super confused since she didn’t see the message, so I showed her my phone and we both died. This literally did not seem like real life. I opened the message and got more shocked than I already was. I think I read the ‘Taylor wants to meet you after the show’ part five times or so cause I could not believe it was actually real. I started shaking and could not feel my hands and was on the verge of tears. For some reason, Miriam managed to stay a lot more calm than me on the outside and reminded me we had to act normal, especially since there were Taylor fans in the row in front of us. We read the instructions Taylor Nation gave me and I nervously wrote back my details, I was super worried to get something wrong since I was losing my mind and could not think straight. So after that, we just sat there in shock and tried to not act suspicious, which was, let’s say, not easy haha. Nothing seemed real. I had been thinking about this moment for over five years and now it was actually gonna happen, I was gonna meet Taylor in about an hour and not just that, SHE wanted to meet ME. I’m sitting here writing this three days later and it still does not seem real. So then in the thirty minutes left til Taylor was gonna hit the stage, I started to think about what to say to her, I decided I wanna tell her I met my best friend Justyna @tylorswft because of her. I also planned to tell her I’m gonna see her in Dublin next year but I forgot to mention that at the end (ugh). After a while, I got more calm again, probably because it didn’t seem real that this was actually gonna happen. So before Taylor was gonna come on, I luckily remembered to reapply my lipstick (but not to comb through my hair again, ugh, never mind). Then it was finally time for the show; that was insane itself for Miriam since she had never seen Taylor live before. I feel like I’m repeating myself but during Taylor’s set I tried to process the fact that I’m gonna actually meet her in a few minutes but I could not process it like this could not actually be real life? 

Then Taylor’s set ended, and now the most stressful minutes of my entire life began. Right after she left the stage, we left our seats since we were told to meet at a secret location shortly after her set in the dm. The problem was that we did not know what location they exactly meant nor how to get there. So at first we just ran through the hallway desperately looking for a sign that might tell us where that location would be. We probably looked like crazy people haha, I really wonder what the other people in the hallway thought was going on. :D I think we asked like five or more security guys if they could help us, most of them were just confused and asked us to show them our tickets… well there were no tickets haha, Miriam told them we were requested to go to that location. I was freaking out, I really thought we were not gonna make it there on time and miss our chance to meet Taylor. Finally, after a while we found a security guy who actually seemed like he could help us. He described to us how to get to the location, I can’t even really remember how we did that but at some point we were standing in another hallway, asked another security guard and that one already knew what we were looking for and pointed to the left. We were so relieved you have no idea. So we go the left and see that there is already a small group of others standing there. I look at the group and oh my god, suddenly I spot Verena @speaknow. I scream and run up to her and hug her and she goes 'oh my god’ or something as well, and I said 'I KNEW it was gonna happen for you!’. So then we were all just talking a bit, the others had also struggled to find the location haha. Someone also asked for my details, and it was the weirdest thing when I said my URL out loud and they were like 'ah yes’ and checked it like…. idk it was really crazy. 

So after a while it got explained to us that this was actually not allowed so we could not take any photos in the backstage area etc. After some security checks, we entered the backstage area…. which was insane by itself. We went through some hallways and then walked right behind the stage I think, The Script was performing and I was like damn cause they were the only performers I was actually excited to see next to Taylor and Ed and now I was gonna miss them hahahaha. I saw some signs while we were walking through the backstage area and noticed we were always walking the way where the dressing rooms were gonna be and I was like fuck fuck fuck this can’t be real what is happening. After a while we were standing in front of Taylor’s dressing room. Yes. In front of Taylor Alison Swift’s dressing room. It’s not like I was dying enough already, but then I spotted Taylor’s body guard, Erica and Tree Paine. Tree turned around to us and was like 'Hi guuuys!’ and said some more stuff which I can’t remember right now. She is the sweetest person. Then I think some people of her team told us some more stuff, for example that we should hand them our phones so they could take the photos of us and Taylor (Tree also took some). Oh right, the door also opened sometimes and we spotted Joe omg (the room seemed really full).

So then, holy crap, Taylor Alison Swift walked out. It seemed so unreal. Like, she was right there, a meter in front of me. What the hell?! She was like 'HII GUUUYS’ and we were like HIIII and she started hugging the first people. It all happened so fast. We kinda formed a line. Miriam met her right before me. Suddenly it was my turn. Taylor goes 'HEYYY’ and I say 'HIII I LOVE YOU SO MUCH’ and we hug. Literally right after, she looks at me and goes 'Oh you’re wearing the outfit! I saw your post and took a screenshot!’ I can’t really remember what I said (I hope I said something and not just stared at her like what the hell did you just say lol), I think I said like 'oh yeah!’ Then I said 'I met my best friend because of you!’, I can’t clearly remember her reply but I think it was something like 'that’s amazing!’. Now in retrospect I wish I told her that we went to the 1989 Tour together in Cologne but I forgot ugh. Then I went onto saying 'Her name is Justnya’ but it was already time for our photo. So she pulls me into a hug and someone takes the photo. Then we both said 'byeee!’ I think and I told her I loved her again, I wish I remembered to say 'See you in Dublin!’. It was over so fast I didn’t actually realize what just happened. So then I went to the others who just met her and hugged Miriam. I think Verena met her directly after me and everyone was really excited to see her meet Taylor hahahahah. Even though we only had very short time with her individually we still stood super close to her for like ten minutes since we got to see everyone else meet her. I knew that Ed’s dressing room was right next to Taylor’s because of my friend Nathalie @divide-swift so I looked to the right and spotted Ed’s body guard omg. I told the others 'If Ed is gonna come out there now too I’m actually gonna drop dead’ – he didn’t which was probably good for my health lol. So then I watched Taylor meet the rest of the others and it still didn’t seem real that she was actually right there. Then after she finished meeting everybody, she said 'BYEE GUYS’ to all of us and something like 'YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME’. We also told her to have a great birthday. :)

So then everyone was like 'oh my god’ and in disbelief about what just happened. We then got lead back through the backstage area and were asked for our seats so they could get us back to the show. The looks on the faces of all the people in the backstage area were so funny cause I don’t think many knew what was going on and we were like dying and they were like um what’s going on haha. Before we went back to our seats Verena, Miriam and me took a photo together and also talked for a bit before saying good bye (we later met again by coincidence when leaving the venue haha). Oh yeah, before we got on some lift to be brought back to our seats I also made my Tumblr post. :) I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this video of how a celebrity’s phone looks like after they’ve posted something but it was literally just like that oh my god the notifications came SO FAST it was hilarious to watch hahaha. So then we went back to our section and before we went to our seats again I walked up to Juul @fearlessjulliet cause she was sitting super close to us and told her we just met Taylor and she freaked out haha. So then I texted lots of people and made more posts on Tumblr, quickly edited my photo a bit before posting it and stuff. When we got back to our seats I was so shocked like both of us could not believe what just happened and we couldn’t focus on the show at all. Some people next to us noticed what was going on but most of them didn’t haha. I could not believe Taylor freaking recognized me the moment she saw me and TOOK A SCREENSHOT OF MY POST like what the hell how was I not dreaming this. Miriam was too overwhelmed to say anything really for like a long time and I was screaming at her for a straight two hours I think oooops, my voice was pretty much gone even before Ed came on lol.

This has nothing really to do with meeting Taylor but I thought I’d mention it anyway, Ed suddenly played Photograph which I did not expect at all since he hadn’t done this at the other Jingle Ball shows and I could not believe it cause it’s my favourite song of him and I’ve been waiting to hear it live for three years now despite seeing him in concert two times. I was so overwhelmed that I basically cried during the whole performance omg, I think mostly because it was all too much like I had just freaking met Taylor and now I was finally hearing my favourite Ed song live so I guess I was crying about everything at once haha. Just like during Taylor’s set I had the best time during Ed’s set, the crowd was absolutely amazing as well and everything was just so incredible and also the fact that we were in London…. wow.

I don’t really know how to end this but if you made it to this point then congrats cause this got reeeally long ooops. December 10th was literally the best day of my life and I will never forget anything that happened on this day. Just the fact that I even got to go to the show after all thanks to Miriam was insane, and then the fact that I not only got to meet Taylor but that Taylor wanted to meet me and that she immediately recognized me is still unbelievable to me. Thank you to everyone who made this happen, I know it wouldn’t have happened without you guys and I truly hope every single one of you gets their moment with Taylor some day! ❤

a-z nsfw: moon taeil

warning: absolute filth (YOU’VE BEEN WARNED)

author’s note: so, I’ve seen a handful of these floating around, and I decided to make my own, cause why not! (I got this template from @chantenyongs but I wasn’t able to find the original creator to give proper credit to… I’m sorry!) I’m pretty sure I’m gonna do it for the entirety of nct (legal members only, of course) and I’ll prolly just go in age order? alrighty, without further ado! (K, I just finished and I went a little overboard with this lmao oops)

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that stare at the very end of the gif; hot damn

A = Aftercare

I don’t know if it’s just because he’s the oldest, but it’s very evident that Taeil has taken this sort of “mother figure” towards the rest of the boys. They’ve even admitted that Taeil is the best one to turn to in regard to any personal problems they may be having. And for that very reason, I strongly believe that this angel would be tending to your every need (and then some) after y’all finish “doin’ the do.” It doesn’t matter if the two of you spent hours partaking in rough, kinky sex, or if you simply made love for 20 minutes. Either way, his first instinct is to ask you how you’re feeling; followed by questions regarding showering, eating, and the possibility of another round KIDDING!

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of their’s and their partner’s)

Okay but I remember reading somewhere that he said his favorite body part of his was his abs, so…. I’m just gonna leave that one as it is lmao. As for you, he’s in love borderline obsessed with your neck/jaw. Whenever you guys are alone, he likes to cup your face and rub little circles into your jawline right before he kisses you; slowly making his way down to - you guessed it -  your neck. During steamier moments, he loves attacking your neck area; loving how you squirm underneath him. He doesn’t even try to hide the smirk on his face as the whimpers pour out of your mouth while continues to go to town on your neck. When he’s finished, he sits back and takes a good 15 seconds to praise himself on the dozens of blue-ish/green bruises scattered all over your neck and jawline.

C = Cum

In all honesty, I think Taeil likes to keep it plain and simple and cum inside of you. Not only does it save you a mess that neither of you really wants to clean, but he enjoys the intimacy of it. When he feels himself about to fall off the edge, he loves to hold your body flush against his, and bury his face in your neck as he lets himself go inside of you.

D = Dirty secret (A dirty secret of theirs)

This is more of a secret the both of you share, rather than just him, but if any of the boys found out it would end the two of you. You’d both be too mortified to show your faces ever again… I mean, who wouldn’t be embarrassed if their friends found out that they took part in their sex life? The entire thing actually started out as an accident. One day while you were at the dorms, you unintentionally got a little too close to Yuta while the two of you were watching a scary movie together. Taeil watched from the other room, fuming as you clung onto one another; burying your faces into each others chests. That night, Taeil decided to show you who you really belonged too, and after agreeing that that was by far the best sex the two of you had ever had, the whole “using the members to tease Taeil” thing became a regular occurrence!

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

As far as actual physical experience goes, I don’t think Taeil has much of any. He spent years of his life as a trainee, with presumably little to no time to maintain any kind of relationship; so I think its safe to say he’s still a virgin. But I do think he knows a lot about sex in general, and knows just how to please a woman. Given the opportunity, I think he’d do a pretty damn good job!

F = Favorite position

Taeil prefers good ol’ missionary. Referring back to the answers I’ve already given, this position not only gives him free rein to mark up your neck as much as he pleases, but it also allows him to pull your body against his and bury his face into your neck while he cums.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

Honestly, I think it all depends on his state of mind. If he’s stress free, or as stress free as you can be as an idol, and in a good place, I think sex would be bubbly and lighthearted! But if he’s being overworked, and the pressure is weighing down on his shoulders, I feel like he’d be more serious, and focus all his attention on fucking his troubles away.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)

Tbh I think he’s pretty good at keeping himself well groomed. As long as there’s nobody to shave for, I don’t think he’d go through all the hassle. He probably trims it regularly to keep it under control, but as soon as he gets into a relationship, I can see him starting to actually shave… Cause I mean, ya never know when you’re gonna get lucky, am I right??? 

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

“Doyoung-ah, I’m romantic” I’m sorry that’s the first thing that popped into my head as soon as I read the question lmao. But in all honesty, I truly think Taeil is a very romantic person! During mainstream, casual sex, I see him as the “people pleaser” type. He’s always putting you before himself. He’s one of those people that actually gets off on your pleasure! He doesn’t even think about coming before you have.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)

I’d say Taeil masturbates on a regular basis; sometimes more than usual when he’s got a little extra tension built up in him. But he’s kinda weird in regard to said topic… Even though y’all have done much worse in the bedroom, he still gets oddly shy when it comes to masturbating? He checks at least three time to make sure he locked the door before even thinking about dropping his pants. Even the thought of you catching him in the act has him losing his hard on faster than he got it… idk man, I guess everyone needs their alone time, right?

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again - Taeil is one hella freaky dude. As far as kinks go, I think he’s into the following:

Dominance: Referring back to the “dirty secret,” you can bet your ass Taeil is gonna be the one in charge in the bedroom! He takes much pride in the way you listen to each and every one of his commands. Even when he “gives you control” for the night, you and him both know damn well that you’re never really in control… Even when you top, he’s got a firm grasp on your hips; controlling both your speed and your movements.

Marking (giving & receiving): Also referring back to his favorite body part of yours, Taeil has a slight obsession with leaving as many hickeys on you as he can. He loves the way your body, (neck in particular), looks after he’s left his mark on you; in the form of little purple blotches. He also secretly loves it when you return the favor; as long as its below the neckline, and out of sight for anyone to see! He likes to bitch and complain about the hickeys on his chest and scratch marks covering his back the morning after, but when he’s all alone, he’ll stand in the mirror shirtless, and admire the work of art you left on his skin.

Dirty talk (giving & receiving): At first glance, Taeil might seem like a shy and reserved kind of guy, but in the bedroom he’s far from! He’s actually quite blunt. He likes to whisper crude remarks in your ear in-between pants and moans; leaving you speechless and blushing like crazy. But Taeil can’t even put into words what it does to him when you return the vulgar comments. It sends a chill down his spine hearing such dirty words spill from your precious mouth, and he has to stop himself from coming right then and there.

Teasing (giving): This little shit… Taeil is the biggest damn tease! One of his favorite things to do is make you beg for whatever it is he’s withholding from you. He’s relentless, too. If you’re feeling stubborn and refuse to give into his desire to hear you beg, then oh well. I guess you’ll have to go without, because no matter how willful you may be, he’s even more headstrong; and he is not giving you want you want until he hears you beg for it!

Orgasm control (giving): This one goes hand in hand with the teasing. More often than not, Taeil is going to make you work for your orgasms! Right when he realizes you’re on the brink of euphoria, he’ll slow down any and all movements to an agonizing, torturous pace, with a cocky smirk plastered on his face. He’ll then proceed to taunt you, asking if you “really deserve it” in an ever so condescending tone. Sometimes ya just wanna slap him.

Loud sex: If you ask me, Taeil is one of, if not the loudest in bed. He lets himself bask in the pleasure, not giving two fucks about how loud he may be in the process. But he’s always making an effort not to get too loud; as he wants to be able to hear you crying out from the pleasure. And if you’re thinking of slapping a hand over your mouth, or biting your lip to forcibly quiet yourself down, don’t; because Taeil won’t be having any of that.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

Honestly, this freak dude would be fine taking you anywhere, as long as theres a locked door; meaning absolutely no chance of getting caught. Being the oldest, there’s this sense of responsibility he carries, and he can’t help but try to be the best role model possible to his younger brothers. Getting caught having sex by one of the other members is one of the worst things that could happen, according to him.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going, etc)

As previously stated, seeing you “flirting” with his friends is a sure way to get him all riled up and ready to fuck your brains out. But a very close second to that would be stress. Taeil is the type of person to literally fuck his stress away. If he’s being overworked and pushed too hard, his emotions get all out of whack, which tends to makes him extremely horny. And I’m not talking “cute, bubbly, vanilla sex” horny - no. I’m talking “fucking you into your mattress so hard you can’t walk tomorrow” horny. But I mean hey, who’s complaining? He’s relieving himself of some unwanted stress while you get dicked the fuck down… It’s a win-win situation!

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do; turn offs)

Like I said, Taeil wouldn’t do anything to risk getting caught in the act by any of the other members. Meaning absolutely no sex if theres not a lock on the door. Just the thought of that is bone chilling to him. Other than that, Taeil strikes me as the kind of guy to “try anything once,” so I think with him, experimenting would be a major key in letting you know what things he enjoys and what things  he doesn’t.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

Honestly, with Taeil, its dead even. Of course he loves getting his dick sucked, (what guy doesn’t), but he loves pleasuring you just as much. Watching you squirm underneath him while your faces scrunches in pleasure, hands desperately grabbing at his hair as you whimper his name followed by moans and groans of pure satisfaction is a thing of beauty to him. He wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. As far as skills go, this boy definitely knows how to use his mouth; thats for sure! Hell, he probably knows your own body better than you do!

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc)

Like I’ve been saying throughout this entire post, his pace, attitude, and everything alike depends 100% on what kind of mood he’s in. But more often than not, be prepared for rough sex, because thats exactly what Taeil will be giving to you!

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc)

Hell yeah, Taeil’s down for a quickie! But, (for the 50th time), only if its behind the security of a locked door! Whether it be fast one in a LOCKED bedroom at the dorms, or a quick fuck in a LOCKED supply closet backstage before a show, he’s all up for it! He just, and this bares repeating, DOESN’T WANT TO GET CAUGHT!

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc)

Taeil’s as game as they come. Like I mentioned, he’s the kinda guy to try something at least once before deciding whether or not he likes it. A big part of your sex life is experimenting with different kinds of positions, kinks, toys, etc. As far as risks go, Taeil is pretty mild. Since getting caught is a huge no-no, don’t expect to try anything spontaneously perilous.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last, etc)

I’d say Taeil’s stamina is a little above average. On average, he can go two, sometimes three rounds if he’s feeling up to it. Sex as a whole usually lasts about an hour or so, (give or take a little), but a lot of it foreplay, rather than actual sex. Still good, nonetheless!

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)

It definitely depends on the toy! I can see Taeil loving things like handcuffs, blindfolds, and pretty much anything that has to do with sensory depravation; aiding him in the teasing aspect of things. But I don’t see him being too fond of toys such as vibrators. He prides himself in knowing just what you like and being able to pleasure you in unthinkable ways, so bringing in a toy that’ll potentially take his place isn’t really ideal to him. He also isn’t too keen on you using any of said toys on him. In his eyes, it only takes away from the domineering persona that he worked so hard to build.

U = Unfair (How much do they like to tease?)

HE TEASES YOU TO NO EXTENT! Sometimes, if he’s feeling extra cruel, he’ll see just how far he can take the teasing; until you absolutely can’t take it anymore. If that means you’re left with tears pricking at the corners of your eyes, then so be it. His dominant nature mixed with his love for teasing and hearing you beg makes for some harsh and persistent torment. Which is still undoubtably enjoyable.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make, etc)

Again, if you ask me, Taeil is the loudest of all in the bedroom. He is very much a moaner! Most of the sounds he elicits are going to be loud, angelic moans. He’s also a bit of a groaner/grunter; especially if he’s fucking you for all you’re worth. I can definitely see him being the type to cry out when he cums, too. The most beautiful, sinful, melodious sound your ears have ever been blessed with.

W = Wild Card (Create a random headcannon for the character of your choice)

“Now, baby girl,” Taeil says, ignoring your distraught whimpers as yet another orgasm slips through your fingers, “what have I told you about flirting with my friends just to tease me?” he asks in a low, raspy tone while dragging a single digit tauntingly around your core; purposely avoiding the place you desperately needed him the most.

There was a dull ache in your shoulders as you wiggled your wrists, wincing at the chaffing of the handcuffs that currently bound your hands together. You slowly looked up to find Taeil already staring at you; making you feel completely powerless under his intense gaze. His eyes were a darker shade than usual, and his face held a stern expression that sent waves of both excitement and nervousness coursing through your body at the thought of what was to come.

“I asked you a question!” he bellowed out as he suddenly pinched your clit between his thumb and pointer finger; eliciting a high pitched yelp from you, as you helplessly tugged on your restraints.

“I’M SORRY I’M S-SORRY-” you cried out, trying to the best of your ability to shimmy your way higher up on the bed, and away from the harsh hold he had on your sex.

“Really? Cause you didn’t seem too sorry when you were throwing yourself on Johnny earlier today?” he asked rhetorically as he cocked his head to the side and sent you a bone chilling glare.

“I-I…” you stuttered, unable to think of a suitable response for his accusation.

“That’s what I thought,” he replied in a curt manner, before thrusting his hips forwards; filling you up without the slightest warning.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants; picture or words)

Hmm I think Taeil is average in length; maybe around 5 inches? But he definitely makes up for it in girth because DAMN that boy is THICK !!!

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

Since a big part of his sex drive comes from stress, and I’d imagine he’s pretty stressed out most, if not all of the time, I’d say his sex drive is fairly high.

Z = ZZZ (How quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

This all depends on how rough he was with you. The rougher he is, the more thoughtful and considerate the aftercare will be. This boy doesn’t even THINK about laying down to go to sleep before making sure you’re alright; and that he didn’t go to far, or get too aggressive with you. He might be all dominant, rough and condescending during sex, but afterwards, he’s back to the sweet, harmless, caring and gentle Taeil you know and love!

Plan J for Jealous

Request: Hi !!! Love your blog:) can you please do an imagine where the reader is part of team flash and Barry gets jealous cause of someone idk you chose and the reader is like why you care and he admits his name and lots of fluff Thanks ;)) -anon
Pairing: Barry x Reader
Warnings: Fluff, jealousy
Word Count: 1122

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College Roommates!GyuHao

A/N: I’m just not in college yet, I’m a high school student, so anything that may seem a little off logically it is most likely because of that, so please be open minded. Thank you!

College Roommates!GyuHao
•Minghao went into college thinking “I just want a roommate that is chill and I’ll be fine”
•Mingyu went in thinking “I just want a roommate that won’t steal my stuff”
•Both of those wishes were not granted when you put these two together
•Hao: “it’s three in the morning, why are you playing mariokart”
•Gyu: “I’m trying to beat every Grand Prix in one day, wanna join?”
•Hao: “why not, it’s not like I needed to finish a paper anyway”
•Gyu: “Wait are those my earrings???”
•Hao: “ah I am foreigner, I can’t understand”
•Gyu: “so they aRe mY eARRinGs, I thought I lost those!”
•Hao: “well ya lost them now. And the cup, I just blue-shelled your ass”
•Gyu: “I’m so freaking done with you I stg”
•Naw but Mingyu will be doing really random things at late hours, or try to do something vry quietly because it’s late and then make a huge amount of noise and wake up Minghao
•Minghao is unamused at first but he gets used to it and whenever he hears a giant ‘CRASH!’ at two in the morning he just thinks “oh Mingyu is probably trying to do a handstand or something” and goes back to sleep
•when they get their morning Starbucks together (because you know they do I will fight someone on this) Minghao is like “hey man. Did you die last night like what happened”
•Mingyu always tells him exactly what he did and it gets more and more ridiculous tbh
•"I tried to do a handstand" (Hao: “I fuckin knEW IT”)
•"I thought I could summon Jihoon from a Ouija board but I got freaked out and threw it out the window"
•"I thought I’d take up art and make pottery but the pottery wheel was not only vry loud but really hard to use??? So I gave up after five minutes"
•"I misplaced my hairdryer so I tried to use a Bunsen Burner instead and the end of my hair is a lil too toasty is ya catch my drift"
•Hao: “I may or may not have your hairdryer”
•Random Starbucks Employee: “excuse me but could you keep it down, you’re disturbing other customers”
•Gyu: “…”
•Hao: “can you believe them, like the audacity to tell us, paying customers, that we’re too loud?”
•Gyu: “yeah I know right we weren’t even screaming yet”
•Basically it’s meaningless (and usually funny) quarrels between each other, but 98% of the time it’s them together vs everyone else
•they look out for each other and if a person is talking shit about one of them, the other WILL intervene
•Mingyu would be like “hey that’s really mean and here’s 3157 reasons why Minghao’s great” until the person gets bored or loses interest and leaves. Or they get shook by Mingyu towering over them and nope out.
•Minghao would be more like “if I ever hear you talking shit about Mingyu again, I’ll kick your ass so badly that you won’t be able to physically speak ever again” *person runs away, grabs their passport and flees the country*
•So even though Mingyu is a curious yet clumsy giant and Minghao borrows things without asking, they end up getting over these differences and become the best of friends
•Mingyu, being a culinary major, is always in the communal kitchen making something because boy can EAT
•Minghao is totally okay with this because free food for him. And he doesn’t have to live off ramen forever like the rest of the kids on campus
•but like if people know Mingyu is gonna cook, they flock to him because he can’t say no if they ask him for some bc “wow someone wants my cooking, I’m so flattered”
•and Minghao is like “bro they just want an easy meal” but Mingyu is not discouraged by reality
•these two still want a majority of the food for themselves though so they sneak down to the communal kitchen either really late at night or deadass early in the morning and make mass quantities of food to last them the next handful of days
•Mingyu usually does all the cooking (and insists that he should because it’ll taste better), but Minghao always comes with him because he’s worried about Mingyu being by himself when no one else is around
•like Minghao knows that Mingyu is clumsy and what if he decides to do a headstand, and instead of knocking over their bookshelf like last time, he breaks his neck? Minghao’s thinking “if he wants to do something dumb I can at least stunt him and/or call an ambulance immediately after”
•but one time Mingyu is like “shit I forgot the <random ingredient>, I’ll go run to a convenience store. Watch the rice”
•and Minghao does watch the rice, but Vernon sent him a snapchat of Hoshi drunkenly doing a cartwheel into one of the campus fountains and Minghao was like “I bet his snap story is full of Hoshi doing embarrassing things- blackmail collection time”
•so he watched his phone. And not the rice.
•he didn’t even realize it was burning until the smoke detectors went off. VERY loudly. Across the whole building :’)
•he’s thinking “shitshitshit everyone in this dorm is gonna hate me” so he runs outside and hides behind a random bush
•all the people in this particular dorm are groggily shuffling out of the building and wondering who is to blame
•because let’s be real, 9/10 times when smoke detectors go off, there’s no fire. It’s either someone curling their hair and the steam sets it off, someone vaping, or someone burning food.
•Mingyu comes back after the majority of the residents of their dorm are outside and he’s just like “fiRE!? Where’s Minghao?!?”
•he power walks through the crowd looking for Minghao until he finds DK and is like “bro wtf is going on??? is there a fire??? have you seen a skinny Chinese man anywhere??? Why are you smiling at 3 am under these circumstances???”
•DK is like 1.) someone burnt food, idk who tf was cooking
•and Mingyu is both relieved because at least Minghao isn’t dying in a fire right now but also its pretty much their fault. But DK continues.
•DK: “two- there’s no actual fire from the food burning, Seungcheol put it out with a fire extinguisher. three- I haven’t seen Minghao but if you want someone to help you look, Jihoon’s your guy. He’s ridiculously observant. And four- have you seen Vernon’s Snapchat story?? Lmao look at naega hosh vs the school fountain”
•Mingyu watches the video of Hoshi cartwheeling into a fountain and is only comforted a little because he just wants to find his best friend
•Mingyu is a lil intimidated by Jihoon because Jihoon has constant resting bitch face and an aura of “I’m tired and don’t want to be bothered by anyone”
•but he goes up to Jihoon and is like “plz halp I can’t find my wife”
-and Jihoon is like “your wife???? Is that supposed to be Minghao?? Okay let’s go look”
•it takes Jihoon a hot second to find Minghao crouched under a random bush, and to notice Mingyu with a bag of ingredients
•Jihoon puts the pieces together and drags Minghao out of the bush and takes them both by the ear, dragging them up the front steps of the building so that everyone huddled outside can see them
•Jihoon: “these are the assholes that set off the smoke alarms. I have a 6 a.m. class and I’m sure you all are peeved about this so to make up for it, these two are going to buy everyone coffee in the morning”
•*Half hearted screams and cheers from the crowd of tired students*
•Seungcheol the RA is like. “Not really sure if we can enforce this but I’m all for peer pressure so everyone write down their orders of what they want from Starbucks”
•and that’s exactly what everyone does and Mingyu and Minghao end up paying like 3-4 hours later that morning
•Minghao may or may not have spit in Jihoon’s coffee while no one was watching
•after this fiasco they’ve learned that when they cook at unreasonable times in the morning or really late at night, they should never leave Minghao to take care of the food
•Mingyu makes him chop the vegetables as punishment but then lectures him for doing it wrong and ends up taking over and just doing it himself
•this dynamic duo seems like they should be completely dysfunctional but they have a lot of fun, even if it’s complete chaos

Boyfriend Jeno pt.2

Request: BF JENO PART 2 WITH ME IN IT(i mean if you dont wanna add me into it im cool too)

A/N: jsksms happy birthday jeno, i’ve been dragging this request for so long i finally decided to post it today, but this is so short im sorry ahh

  • whoop it’s this angel’s birthday today so i’m blessing y'all with this post!
  • but idk if this will turn out well though oh my
  • you might want to check out part 1 here first!
  • okay without further a do,
  • let’s start!!

  • okay so 4 months into dating

  • jeno’s still as sweet as ever!!
  • he still loves showering you with gifts and compliments
  • and showing affection to you in general
  • backhugs
  • poking your cheeks
  • and random pecks on your forehead and cheeks!!
  • he loves all of them
  • literally smiles at the mention of your name
  • and gets all smiley and happy when someone compliments you
  • because inside he’s all like
  • “yes that’s my girl!!”
  • “im happy to be with her yes”
  • “isn’t she just perfect!!”
  • heart eyes everywhere
  • okay but both of you are so cute together the other members are jealous
  • especially salty hyuck™
  • who has something against y'all
  • but lowkey still ships it
  • “ew stop hugging here, this isn’t some kind of hugging session, we’re in the DORM right now”
  • “it isn’t the first time you’re seeing us like this though?”
  • “exactly why”
  • “someone’s in a bad mood today”
  • “shut up, i’ll go tell mark hyung”
  • “he was the one who suggested y/n come over so-”
  • “oh god that hyung seriously”
  • but at times you catch haechan smiling and just giggling at the both of you
  • and when he’s feeling good he’d compliment the both you so
  • and thanks to jeno, he got you interested/more involved in dancing
  • he dragged you to the practice room with him once
  • and taught you how to dance to nct’s songs
  • and some of the sm’s seniors’ songs
  • and even choreographed a few for you
  • so y'all spend at least two times a week in the dance studio
  • you love stealing his hoodies and pullovers because they’re just so soft??
  • and it smells of peaches and just him in general and you love it
  • jeno loves it too
  • so he always makes sure to bring an extra one for you
  • loves bringing you out on dates
  • cafes, carnivals and small little walks in the parks
  • he loves it all
  • and cherishes every moment
  • becomes your personal photographer and probably sets it as his lockscreen
  • he has so many photos of you, he changes his lockscreen almost every week
  • most of the time he’s all sweet and fluffy
  • except when he gets jealous
  • he becomes all moody and becomes a small child
  • pouts a lot and probably tries his best to act tough
  • but you always notice first so you assure him with a hug and kiss
  • which softens him all the time
  • saves your contact name as “mine 💖💖”
  • sweet texts every morning and day
  • “have you eaten well?”
  • “i couldn’t sleep well last night, i was thinking of you. i miss you so much :-(”
  • “good morning angel”
  • probably talks about you to the other members and gets all excited when he does
  • but only taeyong, doyoung, mark, jaehyun & johnny are willing to listen fully
  • the rest are all too jealous or end up cringing from all the sweetness
  • “both of you are so cute!! my children” -taeyong
  • “im happy for you, jeno ah” -mark
  • “y/n’s really nice! im glad you chose her” -johnny
  • “hyung is happy that you’re happy” -jaehyun
  • “if any of you need help, you can come to me!!” -doyoung
  • okay maybe winwin and taeil are willing to listen too
  • but sometimes they end up screaming
  • okay back to jeno
  • probably shows up with a puppy in his hands in front of you one day,
  • “surprise!!”
  • “oh my goodness jeno, WHAT IS THIS-”
  • “i thought you might like it so hehe, i got it for you”
  • “i love you more”
  • why is he like this
  • your #1 motivator and supporter
  • is always there to cheer you on
  • but his smile itself could boost you up by 2933822% so
  • because of his good looks and visuals you often feel insecure
  • and he knows
  • which is why he always has his hands on you in public to show that you’re his
  • and shows his love to you every day
  • honestly you’re also his main source of happiness too so his main goal everyday is to make you happy
  • which always succeed and work because how can one not be happy with him?
  • he’s an angel sent from above
  • please don’t sleep on him and start loving him more thanks
  • i love jeno
College!AU Ken

find leo (here), ravi (here), hakyeon (here), & hongbin (here

  • major: pre-med (biology) 
  • minor: creative writing 
  • sports: soccer team
  • clubs: choir, campus literary journal writer 
  • probably the most outspoken, interesting, and clumsy pre-med student on campus and every lab teacher knows him for being an actual walking safety hazard because he loves experimenting with things he REALLY should not be experimenting with
  • like literally he was making the skeleton talk during a study of the vertebrates lab and the professor was like “….ken……do you have something to share?” and ken was just like “no…..ill be as silent as…..the dead……” as he waved the skeletons arm and the class was like om f g did he just pun @ the prof???
  • (yeah he did)
  • and like people tend to misjudge him based on his relaxed and funny aura and they’re like oh he probably skids through his classes with like D’s and C’s but that’s completely not true
  • like ken has a knack for the sciences, especially neurobiology because he finds things like dna sequencing fun???? and people are like nah he never studies but when you visit the library sure he might be goofing around with hongbin and ravi but then the minute they leave he’s got his head in his lab notebook and textbook
  • and like his grades on tests are always the highest???? and his labs are always crystal clear???
  • and even the professors are shocked by his ability to actually be serious 
  • also imagine ken in like a long white coat and lab goggles holding up a brain and being like “ah…..yes……..the Human Brain……a work of art….” ok let me stop
  • ken was rumored to have smuggled a puppy into one of his behavioral psych courses and when the dog barked ken would cough really loud and no one has confirmed this rumor but like ,,,, ravi told someone that he found dog treats under ken’s bed once,,,,,
  • ken’s literally on the soccer team to meme at leo like he actually isn’t that into soccer he just likes imitating leo’s roles from the plays he does on campus during practice and leo is like ken,,,just quit and ken just launches himself into leo’s arms like you don T me A N that I L ovE you and leo is just: silent screaming
  • he took creative writing as a minor because he loves writing stories about the weirdest shit ever and like his teachers dig it so much so does the on campus literary journal so now he has like a short story published every month and each one is crazier than the next it’s..,,,,amazing no one guess it’s by a pre-med student lmfao
  • but yes you meet ken on a study abroad actually and it’s in australlia out of all places like you guys are there on two different programs, he’s there with his neuro class and you’re there to do research for your major but like 
  • ken has no sense of direction so when you guys have off time you notice as you’re like walking around sydney that ken is standing smack dab in the middle of the street looking up at the sky and you’re like ,,,, isn’t that kid from my college???
  • and there’s a car coming and this boy isn’t moving and you’re like !?!?!??!!? but you don’t even think you like run and grab his hand and like pull him across the street and you’re like dude!!!! what the hell!!!
  • and he’s like oh o h i got distracted by the sky and in korea the light makes a noise and gives you time t- and you’re like boy we’re not in korea??? and he’s like yEah you’re right thanks for saving my ass (-:
  • and he’s so damn nonchalant about the whole thing that you’re like ok,,,he’s a little,,,,,weird
  • and you don’t think anything of it when you leave him after he says thanks but then that night you overhear professors talking in the hotel asking where ken is and you’re like i saw him today in the city and they’re like he hasn’t come back and you’re like oh….
  • and tbh you don’t know what compels you because like you’ve never been friends with him or even really talked to him but you like decide to just go back to the place from today to see if he might be there and 
  • to your surprise he is he’s standing (not in the street) but at the corner, jotting something down in his book and you like sneak up behind to see and you’re like heY
  • and he’s like holY SH I YO UScreaED ME 
  • and youre like oops but hey dude it’s past midnight come back to the hotel because the teachers are freaking out and he’s like oh lol i didnt notice the time but yeah ill go back in a second and you’re a little suspicious because from what youve seen so far he’s not good at paying attention so you’re like ill wait till your ready
  • and he smiles @ you and it’s like,,,,,the softest smile you’ve ever seen on a human and you’re like oh wait ok he’s weird a little just a little but he’s also really handsome what the heck
  • and ken keeps writing for a bit and you notice that he’s really tall actually with nice proportions and pretty hair and,,,,,,,ok he’s hot that’s the point
  • so finally he closes his book and he’s like all set!! the story is finished 
  • and you’re like story?? and ken’s like yeah, for the next magazine on campus ^^ and you’re like oh you’re a creative writing major?? and he’s like noooope pre-med
  • and you’re like PRE MED but then you’re like oh ,,, how did that happen and ken shrugs and he’s like idk im just good at science and being a doctor would be pretty rad yeah?? and you’re like ive never heard someone use doctor and rad in the same sentence but somehow ken’s making it work
  • and so you two walk back to the hotel and you’re kind of curious to read something he’s written so when you get back to your room you ask to see if any roommates of yours have an issue of the campus lit magazine and luckily someone has last months and you find ken’s story and like
  • you read it in bed and then reread and reread it again because it’s s O GOOD and it’s over the top but??? he has skill and the next morning at breakfast you find him and you’re like 
  • DUDE your stories are soooo good and ken gets all smiley over his pancakes like !!! they are? well i know they are, but what’d you like about them??
  • and ken wants to hear each and every last one of your opinions and you want to give them and somehow you and him end up talking till everyones already gone for the day 
  • and that is how your friendship starts on this study abroad and it’s cute you bond over his stories and then ken lets you read a bit of the one he’s started here in sydney and like there’s only a week left but
  • you and ken just grow close in an instant because he’s never dull to be around and after your respective classes you meet up to go on adventures in this undiscovered country and you learn about ken’s real genius when it comes to science and you two might not have the same interests but you click
  • like when you two walk, something just works there’s like an energy that draws you closer
  • and on the plane ride back you two even sit next to each other and spend a good amount of time making fun of the bad movie and when you wake up you see ken’s head on your shoulder and like ok frick you might like him more than you expected
  • but like even after just a week of knowing him you know how flirty and outgoing he is so you think like it’ll never work, like no one can really tie him down 
  • until you hear that the pre-meds are throwing this big party and the whole campus is invited but like you have to study so you hit up the empty library to get some work done and suddenly you hear a noise and when you look up??
  • it’s just ken??? except he’s obviously tipsy and like disoriented and he like leans against a bookshelf and drops down to his knees and youre like oh shit is he ok so you hurry over and you’re like ken??? ken!!! and you’re shakign his shoulders and ken’s like coming to and he looks up at you with glassy eyes and you’re like
  • duDE are you crying?? 
  • and he just reaches out and pulls you into his arms and you’re like !!!! and he whispers your name against your neck and he’s like ,,,,,i hate this,,,,i hate everyone thinking im an idiot
  • and you’re like ????? ken what are you talking about and he just kind of trips over his words and he’s like 
  • i hatE  that theY A ll think im SOME jokE to laugh at!!?  that i don’t work for this as much as they do ! like i dont really want to be a doctor,,,,
  • and your heart softens and you kind of let your hands settle around him and you’re like im sorry,,if it helps i know that you’re so smart and kind and you’re gonna be a great doctor and ken keeps silent for a moment until you think like you feel??? his lips on the side of your neck and you’re like k–k-ken
  • but then you pull back and this big kids actually just asleep and you’re like oh my god but also god bless because you’re totally red in the face
  • and so you text ravi and leo to help you get ken back to his dorm but before he passes out dead on his bed he mumbles your name and leo and ravi are looking at you like oH and you’re like GTG BYE TELL HIM TO CALL ME 
  • and the next day you get a call and it’s ken and he’s like heY i didnt say or do anything dumb yesterday right and your heart sinks but youre like dont worry dude!!! you were just drunk haha
  • but then ken is like hey,,,,,,can i see you alone today,,,,later and you’re like oh ok???
  • and you’re worried to death that he’s caught on to your feelings or something and tbh you meet in an empty lab room and he’s there finishing up work and you’re like knock knock you told me to come here??
  • and ken smiles and he looks so professional in the white coat with his glasses on that you almost think he’s a teacher but that’s not the point you’re like what’d you wanna talk to me about?? and he’s like oh i want to ask you something really really important
  • and you swallow like ok??? and he’s like ,,,,,
  • “since im studying to be a doctor,,,,,,is it ok if i,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like omf what…is he going to say
  • and ken’s like on the verge of laughign he’s like “is it ok if i perform a full body exam on you……….im SORRY I couldn’t RESIST THE Pun”
  • and you’re kind of confused for a second but then you’re like blushing but also smacking him playfully like WHat ARE you SAYING 
  • and ken pins you against the counter of the lab desks and he’s like wiggling his eyebrows and it’s so funny but you’re also like are you serious???
  • and ken’s like im dead serious
  • and you’re like soooo does that mean you like me??? and ken’s like ,,,, wELL it’s a little more than just like ,….id diagnose myself with ‘lovestruck’ basically 
  • and you’re like that’s corny but whatever makeout with me
  • and ken’s like DONT MIND IF I DO 
  • and as much as i want to say you guys just do your thing there, ken’s like we can’t because the teacher is gonna come in 10 minutes to lock up the lab sO let’s do this somewhere more comfortable
  • but tbh like he’s a mess the minute he kisses you he’s just like my dorms too far your dorms too far you know what’s not far mY car that’s parked on campus let’s go
  • and like it’s ken so he’s large and so it’s a little uncomfortable but like at the same time he’s making you laugh the whole while and also just being really gentle and always asking if you’re ok and like whatever you don’t care where you are as long as you’re holding onto him
  • and it’s the same for ken like he whispers into your ear that that time he saw you in sydney, after you saved him when it was nighttime he couldnt even look at you because you were so beautiful against the backdrop of the moon
  • and you’re like god you’re so sappy like a real writer why are you becoming a doctor but you only say it to hide the fact that your heartbeats going wild
  • but since he’s pre-med ken can literally hear your pulse he’s like yeah uhuh says the one completely infatuated with me right now 
  • and you’re like kEN if we Bo th weren’t head over heels deep in for each other we wouldn’t be in this car right now doing this righ-
  • and ken just kisses you like yes yes i get it 
  • tbh it’d be hilarious you guys are too tired to go anywhere you sleep in the car and in the morning like ??? hyuk is knocking on the window and he’s like YO Ken hyung are you naked in there?? and ken’s like FRICK throws his lab coat over you and flips hyuk off through the window
  • “so you and ken are dating?” “yes ravi we are” “and you guys hooked up in his car?” “yes ravi we did.” “…….romantic.”
  • but like dont get me wrong ken treats you like royalty tbh dating ken would be gr8 because he’d only ever think about you and talk about you (he’d also study medicine but like you get what im saying)
  • and tbh his stories start getting more squishy and lovey-dovey and the lit journal editor is like damn ken did you get married or something you’re just seeing stars these days and ken’s looking at you like yEAH i guess i am
  • he’s a dork he’d show up to your dorm with like flowers at random times in the day and get down on his knees just to ask you to lunch
  • “ken check my temperature” “why?? do you feel hot??” “yes” “are you sick oh my g-wait……you didn’t mean it like that did you” “NopE - take your shirt off.”
  • going to ken’s soccer games and cheering for him and leo’s like he didn’t even score a goal and you’re like so what he’s the mvp and ken has you in his lap sticking his tongue out at leo like hEARd that im the M V P 
  • you and ken would just kiss a lot it’s freaking GR E A T 
  • also sometimes he’d just speak in really hard science terms when stressed and you’d have to soothe him by like gently patting his head and like letting him rest it in your lap
  • also like ken sings one day just like while you’re over at his dorm and he’s making some food and you spit your water out because holy hell ken you can sING 
  • and he’s like it’s a hobby (: and you’re like HOW ARE YOU Good at everything are you like actually a demi-god
  • and ken just gets all proud like mAYBe who knows aren’t you lucky to be dating a hunk like me
  • and you’re like shush before i throw this toast at you and ken’s like do it i bet i could catch it
  • the rest of the campus is like @ you how does it feel to be dating a real life meme and you’re like it’s amazing so you can all frick off
  • and then you like meet up with ken and he picks you up in his arms and you two walk off into the sunset except not really oyuyou’re going to starbucks to study for midterms RIP
Faith; Harrison Osterfield

Originally posted by tomandharrisongifs

  • pairing: reader x harrison osterfield
  • warnings: literally none its just cute
  • words: 1740+
  • summary: you hated airports and the thought of being up in the air, but there was this nice (and cute) stranger that was more than willing to help you out and make you feel safe
  • request here

TAGLIST:  @davros2004 | @cynderros | @manyfandomstohandle | @aussie-mantle | @honestlypeter | @clairesrainbow | @kennedy-christl | @bitchybaeeeeeew​ | @chasingsuperheroes​ | @kaiyaisbae​ | @spideyology​ | @alexander-william-gayskarth​ | @cyb4r​ | @jjgirl4797

to those on the taglist, i weren’t sure if you wanted to be on all of my fic’s tag list or just Rich Love’s so i added everyone to be safe. if you only want to be on the one for Rich Love then please shoot me an ask saying that, so I won’t include you on any more one shots/fics! thank you, i love you all

You were six the first time you traveled by air. That was also the last time you traveled by air. It was a family trip to Disney World and the trip was fun, you’ll admit that. The airplane, however, was not. 

You hated every second of it. Your ears popped, the noise that surrounded the plane itself scared you into thinking there was something wrong with it. You were constantly at the edge of your seat, worried that out of nowhere, you’d be free falling to your death. 

You weren’t sure why those fears came to you at that young of an age, but they sure did stick with you. 15 years later, you were still petrified. 

For the most part, you didn’t have to worry about airplanes. You travelled by car all of the time, and only twice by train. But you had no choice except to fly this time. 

Your boss was flying you out to London for a week long training seminar to learn about the new computer system your company was going to install. The only reason it was you going to London was because you offered to be the one to learn and bring the information back, before you realized it was overseas. 

Once you were told it was in London, it was too late. Your boss booked a hotel room for you and arranged a round trip flight under your name. 

So there you were, sitting in the Toronto airport, impatiently waiting for the boarding derails to be announced. You still had about ten minutes before you could get on the plane, but you were eager for it, wanting it to be over and done with as soon as possible. 

You were beyond tired, deciding against your morning coffee when you woke up hours ago. Thinking that maybe you’d pass out on the flight so you wouldn’t be stuck with your alarming thoughts of how the plane could easily be stranded in the middle of the ocean, leaving you out there to perish with a bunch of strangers who don’t even know your name. 

You hated this airport. 

You hated the possibility of something going wrong mid-flight. 

You didn’t want to go to London. 

“First time on a plane?” You heard a male voice ask from in front of you. You turned your head in the direction it came from and saw a young man sitting across from you. He had a smile on his face and you wished you could be even half as calm as he looked right now. 

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THE RETURN OF SUPERMAN ft. Choi Seungcheol

Words: 7,009

Genre: FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF with a little bit of angst to spice it up (BUT this is REALLY supposed to be full of FUN and fluff idk.)

A/N: Anyone who is an avid fan of THE RETURN OF SUPERMAN SERIES? Hahaha. This idea came from a request. This is kinda long BUT IT WAS DEFINITELY WORTH WRITING, I enjoyed it so much. Admin Hyeri is working on that request because it involves her main bias Wonu-ssi HAHA (we have this unwritten rule that we won’t write stories about the other’s bias UNLESS the other one can’t really do the story idea). Since Admin Hyeri is not really a big fan of children shows and kids in particular she’s gonna kill me for telling on her, we decided that I’d start this one and she’d basically know what to do with Wonwoo’s scenario. To whoever requested this, THANK YOU FOR REQUESTING! Please keep on following and reading our works BECAUSE YOUR FEEDBACK REALLY MEAN A LOT TO US. <3 Thank you!

P.S. I put in a little backstory to go with this scenario because I honestly didn’t know how to start off with it HAHA. Anyways, this is how I’d imagined Seungcheol’s family life to be like.

Some terms you need to know about because I included them here:

  • Ssal-mium – rice porridge
  • Orijinib – daycare
  • Yuchiwon – daycare for preschoolers


SEUNGCHEOL: Hello, everyone! My name is Choi Seungcheol, leader of KPop group SEVENTEEN, and the father of two cute babies named Soyoung and Seungjae. Soyoung-ah, Seungjae-ah, please say “Hello!” and bow like we practiced, okay? Come on.

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excuse me, i’d like my heart back, please

pairing: jikook (rlly can we expect anything else from me)

genre: fluff, attempted comedy

a/n: hey jo!!! @shyjimins remember that time u said this? well, this lil’ drabble is for u ;)


summary: officer jeon tries to make a move, but it doesn’t go as planned.

(alternatively: do not arrest people for stealing your heart, it’s unethical.)

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A Bad Morning ⦁ Kihyun

kihyun x reader ➠ requested by anonymous–”his s/o tells him that she is pregnant.”

warnings: none. genre: fluff. word count: 1,113. a/n: . i didn’t have time to proof read this but if i don’t post it now it won’t be up for a day or two so i thought you’d rather it a little messy rather than late! 

Originally posted by aceyng

It’s not everyday that you wake up feeling so sick that you need to run to the bathroom to avoid vomiting all over yourself, but here you are, sitting on the freezing cold tiles with your cheek resting on the toilet seat and your boyfriend, Kihyun, still asleep in the next room. Maybe it was the chicken you ate last night, you reason. Maybe there’s nothing sinister about the way your stomach is churning. Maybe your craving for strawberries over the past month is just a coincidence. Maybe, just maybe, you aren’t what you think you are.

But you have to be sure.

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My Soulmate — Vampire!AU Lai Guanlin Fic

requested by my friend irl! woot 

genre: fluff?

this is rushed;;;;

Eerie silence.

It struck terror into your heart.

You were stranded in the middle of what looked like a cemetery. You were an all-around student, so of course you’d be at the library studying after school. That, was exactly where you were. You got too into the materials you were studying that you didn’t notice the time.

It was 8PM, very dark. Not wanting to worry your parents even further, you took the shorter route, and that, my friend, is how you found yourself in the middle of the cemetery.

Fog. That’s all you see. You didn’t bring a jacket with you as it was terribly hot in the morning and afternoon.

A gust of wind blows past you, goosebumps.

Wanting to get out of there as fast as possible, you began running. But you ran further and further into the cemetery. You tripped over a rock and expected to fall face flat on the ground. That didn’t happen.

Someone caught you. He’s cold.. his skin is abnormally cold, he’s freakishly tall, his eyes flashed a certain emotion (relief? love? care? but why??), he’s pale. Very pale. But he has a gummy smile plastered on his face.

“Hey, be careful.”

“A-ah! S-sorr-ry!” Your heart was palpitating, you didn’t know where he came from but oddly enough you found him attractive. ‘He’s cute.’

Letting go of you, he turns around and points at a direction, “The exit is over there, don’t come back here at night, it’s dangerous.”

“Th-thank you!” He slowly starts walking away, for some reason, you can’t seem to just let him go like that. “H-hey! What’s your name? I need to know the name of the person who helped me.”

“You’ll find out soon enough.” Blinking, not understanding, he walks off and disappears.

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

‘Aaahh, what does he mean?! I can’t focus at all!!’

Sitting at your desk, waiting for the first period bell to ring, you were very tempted to bang your head against the table to get yourself to focus.

But you didn’t want to embarrass yourself, so you didn’t.

As soon as the bell rang, students fled into the classroom, not wanting to be late. The teacher walks in with someone very familiar looking behind her. Gasp. ‘It’s him!’

Refraining yourself from jumping out of your seats and shouting at him, you sat fidgeting.

“Class, we have a new student. Please welcome him warmly, like the good kids I know you are.” Looking towards the gummy smiled boy, “Please, introduce yourself.”

“Lai Guanlin.” Guan- champion and Lin- rainy season. Hm. Rainy season champion??

“Okay Guanlin, please sit-” Looking around the classroom, she notices the empty seat next to you. ‘Ah, i’ll finally get a partner!’ “Right there, next to Y/N! Please raise your hand, Y/N.”

“Hey! We meet again!”

“Yeah! Hello!” ‘WaahhH-aAaww, his smile is so adorable.’

Turns out, you had every single class with him and in every single class he is placed as your seatmate. what a coincidence.

You two became the best of friends in a matter of seconds, but you didn’t really know him. Wanting to get to know him more, and satisfy your growing need to befriend him, you offered to help him on the lessons learned weeks before and he agreed.

“Great! Let’s meet up at the front gate and we’ll walk over to the library!”

Helping him catch up was an easy task, he’s determined to learn and he’s very quick at it. As your mind wanders off, you think back to last night, ‘Why was he at the cemetery at that time?’ So, you decided to ask him.

“Hey, why were you there yesterday? At the cemetery? At night too.”

“Why were you there?”


“Nah, i’m kidding, I was just taking a walk. I felt at home there, you know?”

‘Felt at home…at a cemetery???’

As you guys continue to get to know one another, you find him sort of weird. Cemetery feels like his home, he loves blood, he carries around jelly donuts–the jelly kind of looks like blood, he says(wowp reference)–he’s been to 7 proms ‘Uhm, what??!?’, and his sense of smell is enhanced. 

Furthermore, his skin is extremely cold and pale (idk if this says anything but ye..). But you dismiss these signs, not thinking much about it.

A week passes by, you don’t know why but whenever a guy comes up to ask you something, be it on a date or homework help, Guanlin always gets upset and his eyes would flash red.

One day, one of your classmates approach you, asking if you were up for a date with him. Not even giving you the chance to say anything, Guanlin pops up out of nowhere and tells the dude to get lost.

“She’s mine, now leave us her alone, and tell your other friends to too.”

Your heart actually flutters, you felt like you were flying. You found out a few days ago that you began missing him when he isn’t by your side. You dream of him. Your heart pounds near and at the thought of him. Butterflies, actually screw butterflies, the whole zoo erupts in your stomach when you see or think of him.

Fed up with having to reject every single guy that comes up to you, he grabs your hand and leads you to the rooftop of your school.

“Hey, I have something to tell you. It’s a big secret of mine..and you can’t tell anyone.

I.. Am a vampire, and you are my soulmate.” ‘I’m sorry, what?!??’

You stare at him, befuddled. You were more surprise at the news of you being his soulmate rather than him being a vampire. ‘It’s the 21st century, anything is possible.’

“Wait, you’re saying that I’M your soulmate?”

“Yeah! I’ve finally found you after years and years of searching you know…So, what do you saying Y/N,” he takes off the jacket he’s wearing and swim…??

And with a gummy smile on his face, “Can I swim in your heart?♡”

“Hey, hey Y/N. -in a transylvanian(?) accent- I vant to suck your blood, hahahah.”

“Shut up, you dorky vampire, why do I even like you??”

hfdsjkns unedited! haha..

here you go miss lai aka “sm visual joy” cough i still dont see it jinyi and mina’s kfc.

i hope y’all enjoy this rushed plot of this fic! ♡

jimin; mine back then, yours until now

❝jimin had asked you to be his when he was ten. he repeats the same question when he’s twenty. 
*late christmas present for @nerdjimin ((love you boo, now suffer))
►+/- 4329 words // scenario, heir!jimin 
© (photo credit)

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reachann  asked:


FOR YOU I WILL. So previously we have The Shirogane House, so now let’s take a tour at Grandpa Zarkon’s Residence. Zarkon is the CEO of The Galra Enterprise. Rich man and all that. What exactly is his business? Hmmmm, it will all be revealed in time, but today is not that day.

Zarkon’s house is IN FRONT of Shiro and Keith’s house. But his is bigger than theirs. I mean, just look at that, THEY HAVE A FRIGGIN FISH TANK! Most likely filled with Koi fishes because only expensive fishes can swim in his most likely also expensive fish tank. Zarkon wakes up every morning drinking his morning coffee, throwing some fish food like he has nothing better to do, no papers to sign, no proposals of sending weapons to some country to approve of. No, he takes his time in the morning to appreciate the fishes because he paid for them and god dammit he will look at them.

More under the cut of course as we tour this house. Buckle up.

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You Break Her Heart, I Break Your Foot.

Originally posted by penguinsweetest

REQUEST: could you do an Edward one where he finds out that the readers boyfriend is cheating on her behind her back? and maybe like he tells her and comforts her and idk. maybe he even gets revenge and kills the boyfriend or something? please please please! you are the best 

FANDOM: Edward Nygma [Gotham]

AUTHOR: MK (purityimagines)

TAGS: cheating, swearing, murder, riddles, Ed’s POV

Take away my first letter, and I still sound the same. Take away my last letter, I still sound the same. Even take away my letter in the middle, I will still sound the same. I am a five letter word. What am I?

Empty. Empty is the answer to the riddle. One of my dearest favourites from the book and at the top of my head. It is also a good word to describe how I felt with Y/N and her sweetheart. Empty. 

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What Asshole Invented Allergies?

@cup-of-blue: Random fic prompt idea thing cuz the allergies are striking at half past 10 in the evening: Michael is having the allergies and doing the suffering, and he’s chill with it, it’s just an annoyance. Until he runs out of tissues and freaks out cuz he can barely breathe now cuz too much snot help

@orderly-opaline: Ok, I know this is dumb but think about it. As a follow up to the fic where Michael has hayfever, what if Michael went to school and was ACTUALLY CRYING. Jeremy just assumed that he had allergies so he went on like normal. And Michaels just like, wait does he not see that im crying?? Does he not care about me??? I know its dumb but like, IDK man I just like the idea?

Not dumb at all lovely! Hope you two don’t mind i combined your fics! Let’s mcfucking torture some kiddos

Michael woke up that morning already knowing he was in for a miserable day. His alarm felt louder than usual, each ring banging down doors against his sensitive ears. When Michael turned it off and went to take a deep breath he found that one of his nostrils was blocked and he could barely breath through the other. Great, nothing like being a mouth breather. Michael had a pretty bad case of hayfever last Friday and figured the weekend would be plenty of time to rest. But judging by the itching on his nose had to stop to scratch every five seconds and the dripping of his nose he had to keep inhaling he’d say he might be even worse off. Fuck spring, honestly.

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gaytrash-aesthetic  asked:

Hi, I just saw one of your fics and I fell in love with it so here I am asking you to please write me 144 with jimon.

Oh My Gush!! Sugarplum this is so so so sweet, and I’m squealing all the emotions! I’d love to know which one of my FICs u saw first! That’s always fun💚😁💚 

I’m so sorry that this is a few weeks late, I read the prompt tonight, and just got so inspired…IDK if this is anything you wanted, but yeah…I wrote the arbitrary future family/kid FIC 😁 But if that’s not your thing, feel free to chew me out!

Hope you like it though!!💚💚💚

From This List

“Hurry up, hurry up,” Simon bucks up his hips, sliding greedy hands under the waistband of Jace’s briefs.

“You ever wonder if the romance in our relationship is lost?” Jace snorts, nibbling on Simon’s collar bone, across his jaw and finally landing with a searing kiss onto his lips.

“Mmm,” Simon flips him over so that Jace’s writhing underneath him. “Dude we have four kids under five! No time for romance between frantic hand jobs.”

“Freya’ll be six next month,” Jace points out, peppering kisses all over Simon’s face.

“Fine, we’ll have a really romantical, slow bone session right after we clean up all the cake and ice-cream from her party. But right now, I can barely remember the last time our dicks touched.”

“Two weeks, nine days, and three hours ago.”

Simon leers, “Bro I don’t know whether to be flattered that you’re counting down the hours till we fuck, or be concerned the my man is obviously thinking about me every second of the day instead of focusing on  his actual, very dangerous job.”

“One,” Jace pulls Simon back underneath him—always having enjoyed the push and pull of their relationship, the way neither of them let the other have anything easy. Always poking and prodding and forcing each other to do better. To be better. “I’m your husband, not your dude, or bro or any of the other colorful nicknames you like to use, pretending your some douchey, snapback wearing frat kid getting drunk off his ass in some party.”

“Oh, like you wouldn’t have been that douche in another life…You know one vacant of demons and vampires and all that shit.”

“Two,” Jace continues as if Simon hadn’t even spoken, grinding down into him and reveling in the little, gasps of groans that he lets out at the contact. “We’re doing much more than fucking, don’t ya think?”

“Oo, ah ah yeah, yeah definitely,” Simon almost squeaks out. “But we’re not going to be doing anything if you don’t shut the hell up.”

“My have the tables turned.”

“Ass face,” Simon latches their lips together with a fervor that Jace feels in his bones—making his toes curl and his dick shoot up in excitement. “Hello my old friend,” Simon simpers before wrapping it with one of is large hands.

“It—huh—It hasn’t been that long.”

“Says the guy who’s been counting down the hours,” Simon gifs another savage tug—using some of Jace’s pre-cum to rub up and down his shaft. Jace swears he sees light while he’s frantically smacking down on their night table, in search of some proper lube. That is until…

A bloodcurdling  screech bursts through their baby monitor.

Jace collapses onto Simon’s shoulder in defeat.

“By the Angel!”  

“God fucking damn it!”

They freeze there for a moment more, Elijah’s cries growing ever louder.

“One of us must’ve been a mass murderer in past life and that’s why Karma’s being such a bitch,” Simon reasons, slowly pealing himself off of Jace and throwing on the nearest pair of boxers he could find. “I put my money on it being  you.”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say vamp.”

“Touché, you want baby duty or going down stairs to make the bottle?”

“Fuck, we didn’t bring it up?”

“Ah no dude, we were—erm, otherwise compromised.” Jace suddenly remembers much of the same actions taking place last night, but rather than a fitful baby that haunted their plans, it was a very fear ridden Freya, who had watched a scary clip on Youtube with some school friends earlier that day. And then him and Simon had another argument over sending her to Mundy school and were angry at each other until this morning, when Jace agreed that he was acting a bit hot headed, and Simon offered to talk with her teacher—which then lead to heated kisses and the bright prospect of finally getting off.

A prospect which never came into fruition.

“Right, well I’ll grab Eli—he always likes your bottles more, for some reason.”

“What can I say,” Simon sniffs. “I have magical hands.”

Jace licks his lips on a swallow. “Don’t remind me.”

“Shhh baby, c’mon Eli, c’mon you’re okay,” Jace croons, rocking him into his arms. “You wanna hear a lullaby? Huh? Yeah kiddo?”

“Jace! Jace!” Simon clammers into the nursery, hair askew and shirt boxers slung low on his narrow hips. “”s broken! His bottle! ‘s broke!”

Half dazed from a serious lack of sleep, not enough coffee, and the worst tease of his fucking life, Jace plucks out the  aforementioned bottle right from Simon’s death grip.

“Ah Simon—You didn’t even screw on the nipple?” Jace points out, rattling it in his face.

“Is it bad if you saying the word nipple is really making my pants tight?” Simon ponders out loud,  biting into the nail of his thumb.

“Well considering your referring to the utensil our child needs to use to eat with, and that your not even wearing pants right now-“

“Does it take effort being such a dry witted ass hole so early in the morning?”

“You forgot functional. I’m a functional  dry witted asshole. Unlike you evidently.”

“Hey! I’m functional!” Simon argues, to which Jace just gives a pointed look to his disheveled mop of hair, and bare chest speckled with dried milk that spilled out when he must’ve been shaking the bottle without properly sealing it’s lid. Simon’s face goes a very fetching scarlet, and Jace very much feels the ache of their lack of, well…erm, private time, yet again. With Carson and Freya starting the school year, and the twins beginning teething—well it’s all been way too hectic, and something had to give way eventually…Jace just mourns that it had to be their sex life. “Hey! Don’t you dare use those judgmental eyebrows on me goldilocks!”

Jace’s eyes go owlish before meeting Simon’s glower. “I have no clue what you’re talking about.”

“Yuh huh,” Simon snorts unconvinced, taking Elijah out of Jace’s embrace, and tucking him into his own chest. “Well I’ll have ya know big guy that back in college,  I spent many a days fueled purely on Starbucks refills and sugar highs that these munchkins would salivate over.”

“Is that right,” Jace drawls, eyes flickering to the mural Clary had painted on the wall of the twin’s room—a family tree where each branch has an emblem dangling off it’s tip—symbolizing the most important people in their lives.. Jace feels a rush of pure elation when spotting the Lightwood flames combined with the Herondale bird and lone star of the vampires, glimmering on the very top. It’s so right and perfect, and never in a million years did Jace think he could have this. A set of friends and family who truly loves him, and who he trusts and adores implicitly. A partner that snarks at him at every turn, but also makes Jace’s knees go weak, and his heart swell with affection. Hell, never did Jace ever think of himself as being the fathering type—but with Simon, it all just feels natural, definitely not easy (Especially when Carson’s favorite blanket is in the wash and he refuses to go anywhere without it, or when Freya brings in some new critter she’s caught outside in a sudden save every animal and bring it back home with me kick.) but it all feels right. Like Jace’s not screwing up completely.

“Yeah, well that and your vigorous love making of course,” Simon clutches a hand over his heart, and flutters his lashes like he’s in a fucking mascara advert.

“You’re ridiculous.”

“I know,” Simon straightens up, hitching a now fast asleep Eli into a more comfortable position. “But I’m also right. I use to be the king of doing shit without even a blink of sleep.”

“You know Simon, it doesn’t bother me that you’ve become less spry in your old age.”


“Not in front of the children, they’ll be up soon for school.”

Simon’s face lights up at that, n almost kitty gleam pixilated in his eyes. “They are, aren’t they?”

“ah, yuh…That’s what I just said?”

“M’kay! Me and you got bout the same amount of sleep last night, right?”  

“Sure, I think?”

“Well I know for da both of us. So let’s prove who’s actually the spry one in this little  relationship of ours”

“Oh?” Jace perks up at the sound of that, moving up to settle a hand on Simon’s hip—his eyes going dark. “And how do you suppose we do that?”

“Definitely not in the way you’re thinking,” Simon sucks in a breath   when  Jace begins to  ravish his neck with a fresh batch of kisses.

Jace deflates at the clarification. “I don’t think anything else really interests me.”

“Don’t be such a sour patch,” Simon chides, cuffing Jace on the back of the head. “Me and you should have a competition.”

Jace kinks up one of his brows. “See who can get Carson or Freya ready for school first?”

Simon’s grin goes devious. “Winner gets blown.”


“Oh Jace, babe there are no losers in this game.”

“I’ve got Freya,” Jace calls, striding to her room, knowing full and well how difficult Carson could be in the mornings—probably because he stays up way past his bedtime without ever being caught.

“Succor, her favorite dress ’s in the laundry.”


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