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Just a reminder that, when you're partaking in a hobby, it isn't work. That's called leisure, entertainment, fun, etc. Work is when you're doing something for a purpose, like monetary gain. Work is a strenuous activity; sometimes it's hard, maybe even hazardous, and occasionally it's exhausting. Hence why you'd work for money. A hobby really does not count as work because you're enjoying yourself and exerting less effort than you would with work, since you're only doing it with fun in mind.

8) so ur telling me buddy, that when someones hobby is farming, they aren’t doing work?

ur telling me that when someones hobby is fixing cars, they aren’t working?

ur telling me that when people are painting and doing what they love and selling that shit they aren’t working?

shut the fuck up

I could tell you about the coronary arteries
And the chambers our blood flows through.
 I could draw you a hundred EKG’s,
But they don’t explain how my heart beats for you.

 I could tell you about the gastric glands
 And what happens when they go awry.
 I could explain ulcers and gastritis
 But not how you give me these butterflies.

 I could tell you about the cerebral lobes
And strokes of many different kinds.
 I could outline the circle of Willis
But not how you dominate my mind.

 I could read all of Netter’s, Robbins, and Gray’s
And study the body for all of my days.
 Nothing will explain this lover’s craze,
But when these bones grow old, this love will still stay.

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Dude you know how in the camping tent there's like, little to no space for 4 men? Who would be the cuddliest? Who would wake up to go pee only to be surrounded by 3 snoring bros?

holy s h i t get ready for a wild ride anon

  • it’s getting dark and everyone is laying in the tent silently  
  • ignis is just thinking about how the next day is going to go and staring up at the top of the tent when someone with a particularly fluffy head of hair just latches onto him 
  • he kinda jolts a little bit and gladio opens one eye curiously from his cramped position near the flap to see noct completely passed out and just curled into ignis’ side 
  • in his defense ignis is really warm 
  • ignis expected the culprit to be prompto but no he’s just asleep in between noct and gladio and being perfectly peaceful
  • eventually ignis and gladio fall asleep too and everything’s fine for 0.2 seconds
  • but in the middle of the night gladio just opens his eyes and then immediately narrows them 
  • shit 
  • he hasn’t had to pee this bad in like five whole years but he’s not the quietest person so moving is a thing he’s dreading because he doesn’t want to wake up noctis - he’s a grumpy little shit when he doesn’t get enough sleep
  • he manages to sit up quietly but as he’s putting on one of his shoes he just feels something attach itself to his leg
  • he just freezes and slowly looks down 
  • he can’t really see anything but a tuft of blond hair and a tangled mess of blankets 
  • aside from the yellow chocobo blanket there’s also one that looks suspiciously like noct’s fluffy navy blue one and is that his other sock?
  • prompto has somehow managed to take at least three of their blankets and gladio’s fucking sock is this man even human what the fuck prompto
  • the poor man just wants to pee 
  • gladio just lays back down miserably because he’s not going to wake up the literal ray of sunshine clinging to him only a monster would do that
  • gladio just ruffles prompto’s hair and sighs
  • when they wake up in the morning gladio looks like he hasn’t slept for 80 years and noctis wakes up sprawled horizontally over ignis 
  • prompto just opens his eyes and separates himself from the mess of blankets and smiles really sweetly even though gladio knows what he’s done
  • he can’t fool anyone with that smile, the dirty sock-stealing bastard
  • prompto claims to have no recollection of what happened and acts just as confused as everyone else when gladio bolts off into the woods the next morning the second prom lets go of him 
  • and yet, the next night, gladio wakes up to a blond haired bathroom break saboteur clinging to him 
  • god fucking dammit, prompto


‘Okay,’ Tay already looked somehow tired, and they hadn’t even started. ‘What do you know about dancing?’

‘Err, well, I suppose, I have some basic knowledge… coming from Shakira videos..?’ Fern replied uncertainly.

Tay signed. ‘Do you have some dancing experience?’

‘Does Duck Dance count?’ Tay signed again.

Oh boy. Something told her it’s gonna be one hell of a long night.

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You're latest comic panel has been in stitches and i feel so bad for the both of them. Poor bros. Flowey did alot of damage not only in Papyrus but to the extension that he did to the household. With that scene, i was listening to "It's raining somewhere else" in piano arrangement and it's so fitting with that latest comic page you put out. I do hope things will work out for them both and that the finale is a happy one. They both deserve it.

Yeah, it shows <tried to show???> how much healing is really needed - to their family, their brotherly bond. <it hurted me SO BAD in the fic!>

And yes, we’re working towards a happy ending! Does that counts as a spoiler?…

Get to know you thing????

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Name or nicknames: Emily

Preferred gender: Female

Star sign: Gemini

Height: 5 feet (and ½ an inch)

Sexual orientation: um will people notice if i just don’t answer this

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

Favorite color: Purple, and like 8 different shades of gray

Favorite animal: Idk? I feel like I should know this… I loved dolphins when I was little does that count?

Average Hours of sleep: anywhere from like 3-7 hours tbh

Cat or Dog person: Dogs, but like my brother is like deathly allergic to cats so I was never exposed to them so I feel like it’s an unfair question

Favorite fictional characters: Oh god. Seriously edited current list:  Cassian (from acomaf), Cassian Andor, Kaladin from The Way of Kings, Moana, Newt Scamander, The Infernal Devices trio,  Hermione Granger, Fire from Kristin Cashore’s Fire. There were so many I cut from this list for the sake of space but yeah.

Number of blankets sleep with: 3 at the moment but it ranges from 1-8 and has nothing to do with the season

Favorite singer/band: I’ve been listening to musicals a lot lately but other than that James Bay, Mumford and Sons, and Hozier

Dream trip: At this point probably Puerto Rico. My great grandparents are still alive but I’ve never been to Puerto Rico so I’ve never met them.

Dream job: Early Intervention specialist doing home visits for children 0-3 or working in a center.

When was this blog created: Literally the minute I finished ACOMAF so like mid-May last year

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When did your blog reach its peak: Follower-wise? I have been steadily gaining followers since like August so idk but I didn’t start getting followers until I posted this incorrect quote from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast 

What made you create this blog: I finished ACOMAF before my best friend and I didn’t want to post spoilers on my main blog because she would see them.

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