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Ok i don’t know if anyone pointed or noticed this before but remember episode 5 S1 of Camp Camp? When Max, Neil and Nikki are about to enter the old summer house with Jasper on Spooky Island? Well, hear me a little.

When this happens

And this

If you pause the video in a few seconds, we get to see how everyone is looking at that figure except Max. I mean, while everyone is staring at that creepy shadow that just happen to appear, he was literally STILL looking at Nikki with surprise.

Then instantly Neil says “A monster!” and Max focuses on acting as if that closeness between Nikki and him had not happened.

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I know Karamatsu flaunts his English, and I've heard the Choro is the best at it, but are any of the rest of you decent at it? (Aside from when Ichi was imitating Kara((badly)) and whenever Jyushi is chanting his usual hustle muscle mantra)

Osomatsu: Eh? I didn’t think we needed to know it.

I… really don’t like the stereotype that asexuals are ignorant of people’s advances on them, like we aren’t stupid and in fact I’m more aware of any kind of attempt at getting closer to me because I know I’ll have to explain to this person that I’m Not Interested™ I don’t know who started to idea that asexuals are thick-skulled and don’t know what flirting is, especially considering how people are basically taught what all that is from a very young age because of how overly-sexualized our society is today, but they need a reality check

I remember seeing a various really good post about the visual references to american comicbook artist in My Hero Academia, like how Stain takes cues from the 90′s edgy anti-hero aesthetic or how the more exagerated mouth expressions are like those drawn by Todd Mcfarlane -especially Bakugo’s.

All that said I decided to specualte myself about what artists inspired All Might design, both the musclebound and the more scrawny version.

The heroic version of All Might has been compared to a Rob Liefeld character due to his absurd size but I think it looks more like how John Byrne drew Superman but with a way heavier inking.

Even his smile looks like an exagerated version of how Byrne drew Supes’ own.

As for his  more humble version, the dropped shoulders that seem to blend his neck and arms, the angular face and the simplistic mouth shape with square teeth remind me mostly of how Mike Mignola draws Hellboy.

“The Raven Queen is actually good good buds with Lady Istus.”

the power couple among the gods, to be honest