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okay but Dennis picking some old classic movie that's three hours long for the gang to watch but everyone else except for mac has something else going on or they just don't want to so it's just Dennis and mac who brought over beers watching the movie and it's late at night and they're both v drunk and mac is itching to just lay his head on his shoulder but Dennis passes out laying on mac and mac doesn't sleep all night because all he can think about is him and when den wakes up he doesn't move

dennis uses mac’s thigh for a pillow, his head turned away from the tv and facing mac instead, and as he sleeps, he keeps pressing his face against mac’s tummy for warmth. mac doesn’t dare to move even an inch - dennis looks so calm for once, and his sleepy soft snores feel nice against mac’s skin. mac can’t help but thread his fingers into dennis’s hair, but as the end credits start to roll, dennis stirs awake and mac feels like he’s just been caught doing something he shouldn’t have.

as dennis slowly returns to consciousness, a gentle smile forms on his face as he realizes what happened. “how long have i been asleep?” he asks mac, stretching out his arms above his head. mac’s hand is still tangled in dennis’s hair, and dennis lets one of his own hands fall on top of mac’s. mac can’t breathe, staring wide-eyed in astonishment at their joined hands, leaving dennis to break the silence again.

“never mind then, i’ll just go to bed,” he says, getting up. as he walks away from the couch, he turns back to face mac. “come with me. you’re a nice pillow.”

mac doesn’t need to be told twice.

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Prompt: nursey and sex telling chowder they're dating and chowder being adorably enthusiastic

okay 1. i know that was meant to say dex but i spent a good 5 mins laughing at it 2. i have had this ask for literal months and i’m so bad at doing things and i’m so sorry and this is gonna be way shorter than i wanted it to be i’m sorry

“Dude, play it cool! You’re already turning red,” Nursey whispers to his boyfriend as they watch Chowder walk through Annie’s double doors.

“Shut up, Der. I’m fine, it’s gonna be fine,” Dex hisses back as Chowder spots them and waves.

“Yeah, babe, it is going to be fine. He’s gonna be happy, everything will be okay, and also I love you,” Nursey murmurs back, reaching under the table to squeeze Dex’s hand as Chowder gets his coffee and makes his way over to them.

“You-you’re right. Everything will be great and I-I love you too, a lot an- NURSEY AND I ARE DATING,” Dex practically yells as Chris reaches their table.

Nursey snorts.

“Way to play it cool, babe.“ He grins as Chowder beams back at them and reaches over the table to hug them while enthusiastically arguing the merits of double dating with Farmer and himself.

Nursey feels Dex’s grip on his hand relax from death grip to slightly sweaty grasp and leans into him as well as he can with Chowder still clinging to both their shoulders.

Yeah, he smiles, everything’s fine.

oh but i love so easily. i want to be an enigma, or cool and collected, or mysterious and lovely. instead i blurt out information you don’t care about, tell stories that last too long, declare my passions. i gush and trust and wish too hard. i chase people away because i like them too much, i chase people away because i don’t like people very easily. i accidentally mention things like my mental illness and am somehow surprised that people are uncomfortable around me. i’m trying to get better. i’m trying.