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A Lesson in Love (The First Date)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,978

A/N: The tag list for this story is officially CLOSED.

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist

@avengerstories - Nik, you’re a genius editor. Your brain is almost as perfect as your face (I would like to thank Leslie Knope for coming up with this compliment because it works perfectly for you)

Originally posted by arianagrandes

“Y/N, you have a message!”

“What does it say?” You call back, too scared to step away from your laptop and lose the flow of inspiration that had hit you out of the blue. With a draft due in a few days for your Creative Writing class, you’ll take what you can get.

Wanda emerges from your room, phone in hand and a grin lighting up her features. “Is there something you forgot to tell me?”


“Wear something comfortable tonight, but not white,” Wanda reads directly from your phone. “I’m so excited. Happy face.”

Your hands freeze over your keyboard, knowing exactly who that message is from without Wanda having to tell you. “Oh.”

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Haikyuu Fic Recs #3

part one / part two


You’re Not Over Yet by Yuu_chi

Hinata breaks. Kageyama breaks with him.

This is so painful

You’re an Effort in Translation by Yuu_chi

Living with Hinata is a better idea in theory than in practice.

Or; Kageyama is stupidly in love and Hinata is “accidentally” irresistible

Spiked by Karasuno Volleygays (ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor)

When Ennoshita had enough of Kageyama and Hinata being at each other’s throats, he forced them to walk in each other’s shoes. The results were not what he had expected.

Blush by someonestolemyshoes

There are a lot of things that make Hinata blush; compliments, and being the butt of friendly jokes, and when his sister calls him Sho in public and when people buy him things and sometimes, when he gets to stroke a really really cute puppy and the list, well, it really does go on forever. Hinata thinks that there are probably too many things to count.

But being touched by Kageyama is definitely, absolutely, one-hundred per cent not one of them.

(Except it is.)

I Won’t Tell Anyone by spacecats

Hinata is scared of thunderstorms. 

The Next Step by PotatoButt

Five times they stop, and one time they don’t.


Black by SuggestiveScribe

kenma has depression 

Bleeding Heart by shions_heart

Kuroo Tetsurou is a thief who wants nothing to do with kingdom politics. However, when the mysterious and mystical Heart of Nekoma is stolen he finds himself risking his life for a reward he believes will help his village.

What he finds isn’t what he expected.

part one of The Heart of Nekoma series

Heart of Gold by shions_heart

Kenma is finally rescued from his basement prison by Kuroo and his friends, Bokuto and Akaashi. However the escape brings with it painful consequences, and Kenma is tested in a way he never thought he would be.

part two of The Heart of Nekoma series (there will be a part three!)

The Rhythm of the Rain by PotatoButt

Kuroo has always had this habit of kissing Kenma. Never on lips, but more of a “let me kiss it and make it better,” sort of kissing.

Scraps by kozume

Kuroo had always been there, and Kenma, rather stupidly, assumed he always would be. 


i’m the satellite and you’re the sky by sugacookie

That made it finally dawn on Iwaizumi how much Oikawa wanted this. How much Oikawa wanted him. The thought hit Iwaizumi hard and he pulled away with a quiet gasp, moving his arms to grab Oikawa before he could speak. He held onto the other tightly, his chest heaving slightly and his voice coming out hoarse. “Stupid Oikawa. I’m not going anywhere.”

Shiver by Yuu_chi

Oikawa was always the brave one. Hajime just followed two paces behind.

Honestly this is one of the most beautiful iwaoi fics i’ve ever read (A++ characterization)

This is How an Angel Dies by kozume

four little deaths and resurrections of oikawa tooru.


I Love You by sugacookie

Daichi and Suga were sleeping shirtless in the same bed. So what? It’s not like that hadn’t happened before. They had sleepovers all the time, and often chatted as they changed after practice. It was nothing new, so Suga shouldn’t be acting this way, but he couldn’t help it.

Sea of Colour by sugacookie

The world wasn’t dark, but it wasn’t exactly bright either.


Heavy Heart, A Love Apart by keptein

(802): Our sex has gotten so much better since we broke up.

aka the fic where akaashi and bokuto break up (and eventually get back together)

Sharpen Your Knife by kozume

he looks in the mirror and says his own name and all he hears is a death rattle.

Of Music Scores and Sand Castles by awkwardedgeworth

“Hey, do you ever talk to your neighbor?” Kuroo, aged six, asks, volleying the volleyball between Bokuto and himself in his backyard, Kenma sitting in the shade of the patio with his little hand held console. His little hands bump the volleyball awkwardly, almost slapping it to Bokuto. It’s an early sign that Kuroo’s skills lies somewhere else of setting. “You know- the really quiet one.”


“No, stupid. Akaashi.”

Wherein Bokuto never gotten around to befriend his neighbor, Akaashi, until Kuroo unceremoniously jumps into his life and brings the two together.


Bad Days by SageMasterofSass

Sometimes the world is too much for Tsukishima to handle. But with Yamaguchi around things are never as bad.


Close to the Chest by darkmagicalgirl

It takes Yahaba thirteen years to realize he’s different from the other kids, one to figure out how to hide it, and two more to learn to be happy just the way he is. Yahaba’s journey ft. an extremely annoyed Kyoutani, best friend in the world Watari, and loads and loads of good senpai Oikawa.

favorite kyouhaba fic of all time

Things I Miss by niniaan

Spending a sleepy morning together Yahaba realizes he really likes Kyoutani's hands.

Drifts and Pulls by shions_heart

All Yahaba wanted to do was rehearse his violin piece in the quiet sanctuary of an abandoned classroom on Monday afternoon. However a certain ace has other plans that include disturbing his peace.


Aegri Somnia by @aetherdrive

Special Investigations 1st Unit has a new detective, and he’s assigned to be Yaku’s partner.

But little do they know, they’re about to change each other’s lives – and save many others along the way.

A standalone fic in the buddycop AU series; reading the others isn’t necessary if you’d just like to read this one!

mouseymightymarvellous  asked:

Your defensive fury for fanfic writers give me LIFE. I keep imagining you appearing to defend innocent writers everywhere à la "Truth Coming Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind".

So, first, I am so honoured that you would say that. It’s so unbelievably flattering, like you’ve made my month. Too too sweet, I don’t know that I deserve such praise but I’ll take it anyways!

Warning, rant below (I hope this cut works I’m on mobile. Let’s see how good my HTML is)

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Valentine’s day Blogrates and Compliments

Hello sweeties!

So Valentines Day is coming up, and because I love every single one of my precious followers and beautiful mutuals, I’ve decided to celebrate by spreading love and kindness! I absolutely loved doing positive blog rates last time so I’ve decided to host another one except I’ll give you a choice of Blog rates/Compliments, Promos or Ships!


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  • maybe check out my creations?
  • blacklist #cici does ships, #cici does blogrates and #cici does promos if you like :)

Guidelines bellow!

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12 Tips for those new to Tumblr
  1. Eventually you’re probably going to want xkit. That’s how people tag asks, make new posts out of replies, see all the tags on posts, keep sent messages in an outbox, and do 90% of the other stuff you can’t figure out how to do. Here’s the link to download it.

  2. Tag your original posts for people with similar interests to find. Only the first five tags you add count, and tagging reblogs does not put those posts in the tag, even if you add something to the reblog.

  3. Use the tags to comment on posts you reblog.  It’s polite to compliment selfies, add agreement, etc., in the tags. Unless your comment adds something to the conversation that people who don’t follow you would want to see, it probably belongs only in the tags, not attached to the post.

  4. If you don’t want something reblogged, don’t write don’t reblog - change a few letters (like “do nut reb/agel”) so the jerks who search for “don’t reblog” don’t find it to be a jerk. You can also put your post under a readmore with ctrl+shift+K so reblogs become unreadable once you delete the original post.

  5. Porn blogs will follow you. Just block them. They are the athlete’s foot of Tumblr and do not respect boundaries.

  6. Don’t post or reblog unsourced art, including porn. Artists and sex workers’ livelihoods can depend on benefitting from the visibility of their work. When it’s circulated without a source, it can harm their chances of earning a living, so it’s considered very rude. (Another reason we all hate porn blogs.)

  7. If anyone makes you uncomfortable or violates your boundaries, block them. Especially if you’re younger and adults act creepy, it’s not really rude to just block them - it’s just refusing to interact with them. People who freak out over being blocked are usually the ones you were right to block.

  8. You’re going to say or do something embarrassing. Tumblr is a popular place for marginalized people, and you are going to learn that something you thought was fine is actually deeply hurtful to at least one marginalized group.

    This is a normal thing that happens when your social circle expands to include people with different experiences. Try not to take it personally, listen, apologize politely, and try to do better by them.

  9. If you answer hate mail, you will get more hate mail. People send insulting asks to lots of people to see who will answer. If you do, they’ll keep coming back because they want to get you riled up. If you block them and delete it, you’ll get less hate mail in the future.

  10. You’ll have more followers if you make your blog accessible. Don’t put an autoplay song in your theme, use text too small for some people to read, or use a flashing background. Tag common triggers. Break long posts into paragraphs. Caption videos or images. If you do even some of this your blog will be easier for a wide range of people to access.

  11. Interact with other blogs if you want the full experience. Ask questions of other bloggers, engage in community discussions on topics you like, send happy birthday messages. If you reblog an ask meme, it’s polite to send one ask from it to the person you’re reblogging it from.

  12. Curate your dashboard so it has only things you like. Unfollow blogs that post things you hate seeing. Search for new blogs that talk about your interests. Use tumblr savior or xkit blacklist to hide posts on topics you don’t want to see.
aesthetic blogrates by sara !!

in celebration of reaching my first big follower milestone, i want to do something fun! no number ratings, this will be compliment based only~


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  • send me an ask with ‘blograte’ + something you love or are excited about!!!!

format under the cut

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so, ya girl just reached 600 followers so i decided to do some promos for y’all <3


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that’s it! in ~48 hours i’ll start posting them in lists of five w/ a little compliment for each blog <3

I just reached 400 followers y'all ♡ to celebrate I’m gonna be doing compliments

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& I’ll answer with something nice about you

that’s it ♡
thanks guys ♡

anonymous asked:

what are some of your fave tli interviews?

*suddenly forgetting all the interviews I’ve seen so far*

Well, I obviously haven’t seen all of them since I only recently got into TLI (so many years wasted…), so I still have A TON of interviews to watch!

Ok, so a few of my favourite Lonely Island interviews (in no particular order):

So yeah… These are a few of my favourite TLI interviews (just click the bolded part to watch the videos if you want to). I just spent, like, an hour watching different videos and if that’s not a perfect way to spend your Sunday afternoon, I don’t know what is!

Thank you for the question, Anon!!

EDIT: Feel free to add your own favourite TLI interviews/ videos in general, so this can become, like, a masterpost of amazing videos!! (all of their videos, face it…)

                           shit.    you’re  a  lot  more  attractive  when  you  don’t  talk  that  much.      

(    @softlybrutal  liked  for  an  one - liner.    )

i’m sorry but 16 year old Dan with his emo hair running around a nursery trying to keep ten toddlers under control is such a hilarious image. 

“Timmy do not eat the sand,” 

“Thank you for the compliment on my hair Emma, but no you can’t plait it,”

“Johnathan, did you not just hear what i said to Timmy” 

16 year-old Dan, with a group of toddlers. holy shit. 

Pillow Talk

((A/N: Bam! Getting ‘em out. I *loved* writing this because as a busty girl, I totally empathize with the reader here. My Twitter can attest to that every time I go clothes shopping. THAT SAID, prompt is as follows:

Hope you like Dean fluff! How open are you to a Dean x Reader where the reader is borderline plus-sized and is self conscious about her breasts (I know it’s a bit overdone)? She doesn’t like how large they are, and how many cute clothes she’s had to forego because they don’t fit right. Dean would flirt with her and try to compliment her to make her feel better. It could also be comically arranged for them to fall asleep innocently, and wake up with an awkward boob-pillow situation. ;)

Word Count: 1300

Warnings: Boob talk. Language.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

For you, @ohheyitsmik!))

“C’mon, Y/N! Serious, how long does it take to pick out clothes?” Dean looked at you impatiently as you eyed the clothing placed haphazardly on the racks in Goodwill. It was that time again where the group of you needed to restock on clothing. Such was the issue with hunting. Get beaten enough in some jeans and they no longer have the ‘cute tattered’ look, but more ‘is she homeless?’ look.

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omg hey guys!! a couple days ago i hit 1k followers so i’ve decided that i wanna do something to celebrate because i’m SO thankful!! so im doing blog rates and everyone will get a compliment as well because you’re all fantastic and i wanna check out all your blogs!!!


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  • reblog this post (likes won’t count!! sorry!)
  • send me an ask with a question here, any question of your choice!
  • format of blog rates will be under the cut - every rating a positive one! (except maybe the OWL results but *hint* i won’t ever rate anyone below acceptable - just had to include them all u know) nothing is good or bad because i think everyone’s blogs are wonderful
  • i will write a little compliment for each blog as well
  • feel free to blacklist ‘alicia does br’
  • i’ll definitely delete this if it flops and the go hide under a rock because embarrassing

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ITV hub ist bugging me again! I am so sorry, guys, but I am losing my last nerve with this.

It looks like the transcripts will always be days later from now on. 

I mean, does it even make sense for me to do them anymore? Do people still enjoy them? I am not fishing for compliments here, but I see the note counts going down and I am guessing part of the appeal was that I was able to do them so quickly.

So please let me know your honest opinion.


Rating: K

Word Count: 1160

Request: Can you write a drabble about Morgan flirting a lot with the reader and she does the same but when he tries to make a move, she pushes him away bc she is afraid of get hurt like she was in the past, her ex was a player and she thinks Morgan it’s like him but he tries so hard so they end together of course!!

Hope you like it!

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She Is

Description: From his POV. Whichever boy you want. 

Word Count: 219

Dear No One, 

I’ve never seen someone look so sexy with chopsticks hanging like walrus tusks under their lip in the middle of a rundown restaurant. She’s beautiful in all the non traditional ways. She rarely brushes her hair and only does her makeup when she’s feeling less confident. Those are the days I know to hug her tighter, to compliment her insecurities. She deserves to love herself. She’s the best person I’ve ever met. She’s clumsy and funny and cares about the environment. I’ll never forget the first time she let me in her bed; when she excused herself to change into something more comfortable and came back out in a Pikachu onesie. I loved her right away. She wore lingerie underneath and then I loved her again. There’s not a thing in the world more powerful than us in the same room together. We like to bite when we kiss. When we fight it gets bad, but we always make up. God, do we make up. What we share is much more rare than once in a lifetime. I can’t believe how lucky I am. 

She’s the kind of girl rock songs are written about. The kind of girl who fucks the rules and makes you realize your first love can come after anyone you’ve dated before.


anonymous asked:

I like how our names are pretty similar and not at the same time. Like my name is written Hanna-Liisa (I'm Estonian, which is why there are two 'i's in 'Liisa'). But I thought that if I had to live in another country, I'd switch to Hannaliese... Although that looks just plain weird. But I really appreciate your name (I mean I like it... Does that count as complimenting myself also??? °∆°). It's compact and pretty, very artistic, like a gentle web of black lace laid over fresh snow. (* ^ ♡^)

ooohh your name is so pretty:) 

(no one has ever said my name is artistic, thank you so much you’re so sweet<3)