does that clock have a name

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Do you ever think Daisy writes on Coulson's name plate and just changes the u to an o, so it says Coolson?

i can just imagine him Begrudgingly rubbing it off because he actually loves it but he has the president as his 1 o’clock and he has to maintain some sort of professionalism in front of the leader of the free world

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Why is the Game O' Clock called that? What's the "o" short for?? Because if it was actually meaning of the "o" is a shortened version of "Of the" but it doesn't make sense to have a title as "Game Of The Clock". In fact, the name in general? Don't get me wrong I like the idea of series to have names; it adds a playful sheen to it. But Game O' Clock?! I mean for fucks sake Pyro, how did you even come up with this name? I find it funny but weird at the same time so I know my dilemma will never be solved. The way that the Pyrocynical channel itself has began to expand in its content with Pyrozella being his blooper channel and the introduction of new content makes me happy. Speaking of which where are the extra cuts that we were promised?! Why does he do better makeup than me! None of these things make sense and the only conclusion I have is that God can't have let such puzzles to exist without a proper solution

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Victoria Ailes 7 & 8

(7. What kind of animals would they like as a pet? What names would they give their pets if they got any? If they already have pet’s what are their names?)
7:She would most likely want an owl or cat, she would definitely name an owl. ‘Who’
8. How does your OC keep track of time? Do they have a planner? A calendar?
8: She finds, and looks at clocks to show her the time, but mostly she has no idea what’s the date.


mbc fm4u - two o'clock date radio ♡ 161013
translation by: omggminho

what jonghyun / minho / taemin save the members as in their phones
jonghyun: jinki hyung, kibom, minong, taem
minho: the taemin i love, the jonghyun i love, etc. (the same as what he puts his family in as.)
taemin: said that he loses his phone often so he doesn’t always have the members’ numbers, but when he does he pastes “hyung” behind their names. he also said that jonghyun has two phone numbers so he saves one as “jongman” to prevent confusion.


“Lamp Shade”

All puns aside, though I love both of these characters, I have a feeling they (or at least my versions of them) wouldn’t quite enjoy each other’s company–hence, this drawing! Plus, it was an excuse to keep drawing nerds in this style.

Art © @ticktocktimepiece 2016

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Dr. Emmett Lathrop Brown appreciation post
  • built the time machine out of a delorean because this is the most groundbreaking invention in human history it’s gotta look cool
  • test driving said time machine at himself because no it wont be cool it will be AWESOME
  • how does one man living in a garage own so many fricking clocks… no officer i’m not a time traveler what are you talking about
  • plus all the freaking watches like do you really NEED three on you at ONCE
  • the little super carefully detailed dioramas he wasn’t fully satisfied with that were useful for an approx 30 second long demonstration
  • when did you have the time to make those emmett do you sleep are you ok
  • names all his pets after scientists (including horses in 1885)
  • and the middle names of his kids
  • basically he is both very aesthetic (in his own way) and dramatic but also over the top to the point of cheesy
  • and yet somehow he wears all those tacky shirts
  • also I’m pretty sure he’s not old enough to have been in a time where the phrase “great scott” was in especially common rotation
  • use of large odd phrases in general
  • where do you find all these words emmett
  • steampunk trash
  • (^actually that one… may explain the prior point now i think about it…)
  • all his other inventions
  • gave terrorists a bombshell filled with pinball machine parts and stole their stolen plutonium holy crap the guy’s got guts
  • “don’t change the timeline ever evER EVER except if your friend’s kids do something stupid you can fix it. Also marrying somebody from another century is fine. Go talk to 17 year old me Marty you’ll get along great and nothing could possibly go wrong. BUT OTHERWISE DO NOT EVER.”
  • all joking aside though how he went from “this is the one great thing i will ever do” re time travel to “i have made a terrible mistake this will be the end of the world i have to destroy said achievement” to “this invention has both a lot of potential and lot of danger but overall i think everything’s gonna be ok things are allowed to be okay” is just… i have feelings about it alright
  • loves his wife and family a lot and just generally very loyal
  • huggable and very fluff
  • flaily and very physical
  • like honestly he’s a just giant dorky genius puppy how is that not the best???
  • Christopher Lloyd is actually pretty handsome yknow?

Currently, I live in Irving.

It’s tough seeing Texas in the national news on something like this, because I know that a stigma of Texas causes some to roll their eyes and say “Texas. Of course.”

But I think this could have happened at just about any school in the country. People are hyper sensitive around this time due to 9/11, and Islamaphobia does tend to be higher in the south.

That being said, if a white kid, even a black one brought this clock to school, I sincerely doubt the police would have been called. Even worse, if they had been called, they would have looked at the clock and said, there is nothing more to see here, thanks for the precaution, but we’re leaving now.

No, this is all cause the kid’s name is Ahmed Mohamed.

Explanations from police will be backpedaled, because this news is now front and center. But the biggest tragedy of this to me? This kid’s face as he’s in handcuffs. It reallly breaks my heart because no child, and yes, he is a child, should have their optimism and interest in engineering crushed like this. He was proud of something he made, and was hoping to have an attaboy from his educators.

Instead, he was treated this way.

People forget, that although there is NO excuse for the radicalism and terrorists that attacked and will attack our country, those terrorists are created by incidents like these. This kid was embarrassed in the national spot light, and could easily, and justifiably hold a grudge against Americans or even America due to the way this was handled.

He vowed never to “bring an invention to school again.” Does no one know how tragic this really is?

I hope this kid gets more positive than negative attention. I hope a ton of kids at his school protest by bringing clocks to school today, and tomorrow, because standing up against this kind of hatred and fear due to a name and skin color can ruin the potential of a remarkable child.