does that clock have a name


hey, you wanna learn about the largest amphibian in the western hemisphere? you do


(no takebacks)

then without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to

found in the eastern half of the United States, the Hellbender is a giant fucking salamander. they are the largest amphibian in the western hemisphere by a wide margin, with adults clocking in at around two… feet? (that definitely says feet. jesus) long.

large enough to use as a blunt instrument

no one is really sure how these giant salamanders earned the name “Hellbender”, but it is thought that white settlers thought it was “a creature from hell who was bent on returning”, or that its wrinkly skin reminded white settlers of “the horrible tortures of the infernal regions.” (white settlers should not have been allowed to name things.)

…all right, yeah, it does sort of look like it crawled out of a Bosch painting.

these days, locals just tend to give them endearing vernacular names like: Snot Otter! Lasagna Lizard! Devil Dog! Grampus! Allegheny Alligator! aaaand for some fucking reason, Leverian Water Newt! 

these poor guys just can’t catch a break.

you’re hurting his feelings

the Hellbender is found in fast water streams and rivers from New York to Missouri. they breath completely through their skin (weird, but mammals can be judgey about this so I’ll let it slide) and hide under large rocks on the streambed, where they feast on crayfish and also regular fish.

maybe also feet

they are active at night and remain in dark areas during the day. to stay hidden, they have evolved light-sensitive cells all over their bodies. that’s right, they literally turned themselves into a single giant weird eyeball. what the fuck, evolution.

this seems like a good survival strategy (sort of), but it also means that to catch one you just have to go flip a bunch of muddy rocks over.

aaaaa! my plan, foiled!

unfortunately, human activity has been decreasing their number for years, and they are now regarded as Threatened. that said, there are many programs now in place for their recovery, including extensive captive breeding and environmental repair. 

hopefully in the future these amazing giant snot otters will make a recovery. we wish only good things for the lasagna lizard.

look at those eager faces! the future is yours, children

Underappreciated Things About A Series of Unfortunate Events

I’m rereading the series right now and I have a lot of thoughts

  • the time Lemony Snicket wanted you to never, ever do something so he typed never on one page and ever over and over on the entire next page
  • he once disguised himself as a dustpan
  • the Cafe Salmonella
  • Captain Sham because his disguise is a sham geddit
  • 667 Dark Avenue
  • not really underappreciated but “If you are allergic to a thing it’s generally not a good idea to put that thing in  your mouth, particularly if that thing is cats.”
  • describes a dark place with two solid pages of black ink
  • ““I’m your waiter, Larry,” said the Baudelaires’ waiter, Larry.”
  • Sunny once said “Busheney” to mean “You’re an evil man with no concern whatsoever for other people.” (this book came out in 2003. think about it.)
  • Lemony apparently knows Robert Frost
  • “There is a writer who, like me, is often assumed dead. His name is William Shakespeare.”
  • this isn’t within the ASOUE text but once in an interview Handler was talking about times when people have been mad about the series and this one woman took umbrage about him once saying that there are times when it’s better to lie and she was like “can you name one” and he was like “nice sweater”
  • Mr. Poe was the Vice President in Charge of Coins
  • then he was the Vice President in Charge of Orphan Affairs
  • puts so much thought into the naming relationship between the siblings and Olaf but then “his name is Dewey cuz he works in a library I’m clocking out”
  • legit though why the fuck does a count/actor have a massive fuckin tower in his suburban backyard
  • I’m pretty sure he mentions picnicking at least once in every book and just like. why. that’s a weird coincidence. someone take the poor man on a picnic.
  • also of the like three time he mentions animals living somewhere he uses the word condominium twice and just. it’s not that notable I guess but why that specific word.
  • also remember when he stopped mid sentence and was like “I’m gonna relay a fairy tale because the message I need to say is too complex to just write down” so he tells this story about some brat prince wanting diamonds for his birthday and the end is just. lions are dangerous sometimes. like. that’s it.
  •  he just fucking namedrops Mikhail Bulgakov and Haruki Murakami and just. to what end.
  • in the town infested with crows that perch on the Nevermore Tree Olaf is disguised as Detective Dupin
  • honestly the amount of literary references here are wild
  • he once wanted to illustrate deja vu so he put in the same page twice
  • the way he defines stuff
  • this is still one of the most subtly sarcastic books I’ve ever read
  • he once used littering as a way to identify evil people
  • honestly the messages in this book are the best
    • having a rough past doesn’t excuse being a shithead
    • morality is complicated but you’ve got to try your best
    • you can stop being an ass and change if you want to and good people will be kind about it
    • like the most infuriating people are the ones who are too scared to stand up to evil stuff (Mr. Poe, Jerome, Hector, Aunt Josephine, etc.)
    • “well-read people are less likely to be evil”
  • there’s this bit in The Vile Village where the siblings are thinking about running away with Hector in his self-sustaining hot air balloon and they’re just like yeah everything sucks but we can’t just run away. there’s stuff we want to do on the ground. and I don’t know but that just shook as a kid like that has legit kept me from killing myself three or four times now.
  • the cathedral of the alleged virgin
  • there’s tons more but that’s all I can remember right now

Author: @knockknocksoosthere as a part of the Bound series with @kpopfanfictrash 

Creative Content Contributor: @everybodykpops with another absolutely gorgeous moodboard. 

Rating: M - explicit sex, cursing, drinking

Word Count: 7.2k

Summary: Your fates were sealed long before your paths crossed. Get your diploma and get married. You were similar in that way – both bound by outdated customs. Falling in love was never something either of you dared to dream about. Until it happened.

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Date in a Box

Words: 9.7k
Genre: Fluff. So much fluff. 

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He called and you came running.

Knock Knock.

The door swings open; a boy dressed in a white shirt, blue jeans and timberlands greets you with frightened doe-eyes. “Are you-”

“Yes I am.” You push your way in, not having enough time to slip off your shoes politely. You take one quick scan of his apartment. “How much time do we have?”

“She’s coming in five minutes.” He says in alarm, scrambling to look at the clock.

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exo in the exam hall


• had three cups of coffee for breakfast

• woke up on the day of his exam with a cold. he sniffles a lot so one of the supervisors put a tissue box on his desk.

• he was unlucky and got the squeaky desk. every time he writes or uses the eraser the desk squeaks

• already coughed loudly 3 times. embarrassed to do it again but his chest really needs this cough to clear the phlegm for him to breathe properly 

• he attempts all the questions

• finishes 15 minutes before the exam ends


• very prepared. has spare pens, pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, ruler, calculator, a clear water bottle and puts his watch in the corner of his desk to track time

• you can see him smiling when he reads the questions during reading time

• has many brain farts during the exam, the answer does come to him eventually

• asks for additional writing paper for the extended response questions (does he have a lot to write or does he have big handwriting?)

may or may not have a quiet cry halfway through the exam

• finishes 10 minutes before the exam ends


• sat in the wrong assigned desk (”why am I being tested on microbiology?”)

• forgot to write his name and student number before starting

• has random songs stuck in his head

• gazes up at the clock and around the hall a lot

• “why are the others using a ruler?????” “why are they using a calculator???”

• started the last question but time ran out


• arrives at the exam hall 5 minutes late

• his pen stopped working on question 3 and he forgot to bring a spare (luckily another student saw him struggling and passed him a new pen)

• turns over his exam pages loudly

• he’s nervous which means…tapping his feet

• puts his hand up and gets up to go to the toilet multiple times during the exam

• finishes writing his last sentence for the last question when time ran out


• had 2 energy drinks before arriving

• he looks confident (borderline smug)

• once he opens the paper his face drops and you can hear small gasps

• makes stupid faces to a friend of his who is sitting in a few rows in front (he gets his first warning). continues to make faces and mouth stupid words to his friend (second warning). he stopped after that

• clicks his pen repetitively as he thinks

• finishes his last question just as time runs out


• woke up early to cram in some extra revision before heading to the exam hall

• seems pretty chill (or did he already give up on the inside?)

• he turns his pages quicker than the majority of the other students

• mutters to himself quietly

• checks over his answers 3 times before putting his hand up

• leaves an hour early?! (did he give up? wing it? or a genius? who knows)


• nervous (he studied well but he’s still uneasy)

• you can hear him sigh a small breath of relief once he opens the exam paper

• he gets even more nervous when he hears one of the supervisors walk towards him and stops next to him…and then continues to walk off

• becomes annoyed with all the tapping, sniffling and clicking in the room

• holds his tummy after it makes a whale noise. doesn’t help. his face turns red as his stomach continues to growl (too nervous to eat properly that morning)

• finishes the exam on time


• stayed up late last night revising so now he’s tired

• as he reads each question, he remembers studying it but he has difficulty remembering the answer fully

• he looks up at the clock a lot and after each time he writes faster

• kicks his desk lightly as he thinks 

• finished 5 minutes before the exam ended

• closed his eyes and rests his head on his arms as he waits for time to be up. falls asleep


• lost some writing time since he arrived late

• his phone was confiscated because he forgot to turn it off/put it on silent

• he winged 50% of his answers while he genuinely knew the other 50%

• brought in a crunchy plastic drink bottle. makes a loud crinkling sound every time he picks it up to drink

• when one of the supervisors say “5 minutes left” you hear him go into a writing frenzy 

• at the end of the exam you can see him sunk into his chair with a dead defeated look on his face

Hannibal’s touchy nature

Hannibal Lecter has always been defined partially by his heightened senses: His sense of taste is so refined that he pretty much has to cook all his own meals. His hearing is so delicate that his ear earned its own rotating zoom as he listens to Handel’s Giulio Cesare in Season 1. And his sense of smell is so keen that he can clock a nurse’s perfume by name (which, let’s be honest, also requires that he have an internal catalogue of perfume brands to draw from - where does he find the time?). 

But there’s another sense that doesn’t get as much discussion: Hannibal is super touchy (and not just because he offends easily and holds grudges - but yeah, that too).

He has a natural tactility that seems to go against how private and closed-off he is as a person. Just think of how many layers - figurative and literal - one would have to strip away to really get under the man’s skin.

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(Go ahead, think about it some more. I’ll wait.)

Anyway, it dawned on me later that Hannibal’s natural inclination to touch is reminiscent of the way people touch pets

He bathes them:

He bandages their wounds:

And while his touches may eventually take on more meaning, that first proclivity for touch, absent the usual boundaries, mirrors the way he tends to view people around him in general: like animals. The caring touch goes first to those who earn the status of pets or, at least, favorite livestock. 

Because hey, we know he can’t let a sheep go without a quick caress:

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anonymous asked:

(I'm new to this blog sorry if you've been asked this before!) How did you end up with Zeke? Is there any story of how you bought him, or did you just want your own horse and go shopping?

I’ve posted but I’ll summarize for the new kids.

Soooo when I was 18-19ish I had entered into the full on, untreated, no coping mechanisms, vicious anxiety part of my life. No friends, failing class, couldn’t hold down a job or anything else. Lots of nightmares, insomnia, self harm, etc. Yes this is relevant to the story just wait for it.

At the time I was writing my second book, which is called Lucy, and the main character’s name was Zeke, and he was characterized as having ‘laserbeam blue eyes’. Aside from the book which was fun, everything in the world was terrible (the book was also kind of terrible) and I was coming around to the point of ‘I’m outie’, and had made plans to kill myself. But the book was a nice coping mechanism.

I was also volunteering at a horse rescue around then. That was where I clicker trained my first equine ever, a feral mule baby named Delilah. I thought a lot about wanting to adopt a horse but I was also like ‘hey I’m probably not going to be alive very long’ so I didn’t bother.

Thennnnn a horse shows up on the rescue’s facebook page. They’re advertising for someone who is trying to get rid of their horses, and one of them is a horse with blue eyes, named Zeke.

I thought that was kind of creepy and reeking of destiny but the horse wasn’t even there, he was just on the internet.

And then I go to the rescue and he was there. The people dumped him. He was a 4 year old stallion at that point, and was halter broke but they twitched him to trim him when he came in, and he was just an SOB. He was cryptorchid so they had to surgically go in and remove an errant testicle or however that works, and I was there when he was coming out of sedation. The universe was just shoving him in my face at that point.

I really repressed that moment for a long time because I didn’t want to invest in him emotionally until very recently tbh, I had him for a long time before I could admit that there was something special about that moment, but there was. I sat with him in his stall which was super shoddy (very janky rescue barn) and it was late and he was still white boy wasted, but he came over and put his head in my hands in complete drunken vulnerability.

I told the head of the rescue that if he was still around when I could afford it, I would adopt him, but he was SO SHITTY that they straight up gave him to me as my 20th birthday present. He was that shitty.

This was him around the time btw:

So I took home the Worst Horse Ever, because he had the name and eyes of a man I made up, and because every single star aligned, and idk it just happened.

This is us on my FIRST DAY of having a horse.

I was delighted, he was an ugly winter marshmallow, I was using a clock purse as a treat bag. Dark days.

So yeah I got him for free because Allah SWT read my shitty book and was like ‘hey I know how to make this youth not kill himself!’ and flung down a really weird horse who Does Not Fear Death, has two blue eyes, looked gaited or lame because of his bizarre leggies, had a misplaced testicle jammed up inside of him, and hated everyone and everything, and then I was obligated to stay alive because absolutely nobody else would want this horse ever. He was just for me.

Now I’m 24, have a steady job and a steady relationship, and I did not kill myself, so I think that all turned out pretty well. He seems pretty happy about how his life turned out, too.

The View From Here - Ch 10

I have no idea why I thought everything in this chapter would have fit into the second half of chapter 9… This one was almost too long on it’s own.. Oh well. Here is this. 

First Chapter - Prologue

Most Recent- Chapter 9

Next Chapter- Chapter 11

Logan and Virgil just stared at the building for a moment, Roman and Patton were nearly to the front door. Virgil suddenly snorted and rolled his eyes in an exaggerated motion. Logan just turned to him with a raised eyebrow. Virgil pointed at the building.

“Are you seeing what I’m seeing, Specs?”

Logan looked more intently at the building. In large red letters that could be read from the road, the building simply read TRAMPOLINE PARK. But he looked closer at the doors and saw the actual name of the business.  

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❝   beauty   and   the   beast   (2017)   /   starter   sentences.

feel   free   to   change   the   pronouns   to   make   these   fit!

  • ‘ how would you feel about growing a beard? ‘
  • ‘ i’ve been so lonely! ‘
  • [ name ], look! a beautiful girl! ‘
  • ‘ how does a moment last forever? ‘
  • ‘ what if she is the one? the one who will break the spell? ‘
  • ‘ when [ name ]  finds out you have disobeyed his orders, he will blame me! ‘
  • ‘ you know she will never love him. ‘
  • ‘ a broken clock is right two times a day, mon ami. but this is not one of those times. ‘
  • ‘ what are you reading? ‘
  • ‘ perhaps our world has no place for a creature like me. but it can for you. ‘
  • ‘ think of the one place that you’ve always wanted to see. now find it in your mind’s eye and feel it in your heart. ‘
  • ‘ have you really read every one of these books? ‘
  • ‘ was that a joke? are you making jokes now? ‘
  • ‘ oh, you are very strong! this is a great quality! ‘
  • ‘ that is a hairbrush. ‘
  • ‘ you are the wildest, most gorgeous thing i’ve ever seen! nobody deserves you… ‘
  • ‘ i never thanked you for saving my life. ‘
  • [ name ]’s not as terrible as he appears. ‘
  • ‘ how do you like your tea? hot enough or boiling? ‘
  • ‘ you have to help me. you have to stand. ‘
  • [ name ] is the most beautiful girl in the village. that makes her the best. ‘
  • [ name ] can be as argumentative as she is beautiful. ‘
  • ‘ pleased to meet you! wanna see me do a trick? ‘
  • ‘ i want to help you. there must be some way to break the curse. ‘
  • ‘ it’s not for you to worry about, lamb. we’ve made our bed, and we must lie in it. ‘
  • ‘ if i didn’t know better, i’d say she even cares for him! ‘
  • ‘ he’s not a monster, [ name ]! you are! ‘
  • ‘ i love you, [ name ]. don’t be afraid. ‘
  • ‘ your hands are ice. we need to get you home. ‘
  • ‘ do you realize what you could have done? you could have damned us all! ‘
  • ‘ i am done playing this game of yours. where is [ name ]? ‘
  • ‘ there are no such things as beasts, or talking teacups, or magic! but there are wolves, frostbite, and starvation! ‘
  • ‘ i can’t… [ name ]… my friend… it was an honor to serve… with you.’
  • ‘ sounds boring. ‘
  • ‘ you know, there are other girls. ‘
  • ‘ a great hunter doesn’t waste his time with rabbits. ‘
  • ‘ when i enter the room, the laughter dies. ‘
  • ‘ the villagers say that i’m a funny girl. but i’m not sure they mean it as a compliment. ‘
  • ‘ i have no taste buds, but i can tell this is exquisite! ‘
  • ‘ do you have any proof of what you’re saying? ‘
  • ‘ do you hear those wolves? ‘
  • ‘ i need six eggs, that’s too expensive! ‘
  • ‘ i was the one who had it all. ‘
  • ‘ i could try to pick the lock. after all, it’s - it’s only gears and springs. ‘
  • ‘ come back. come back. please, don’t leave me. i love you. ‘
  • ‘ thank heavens. i’ve spent the last five days trying to find you. ‘
  • ‘ i have had my doubts, but everything is moving like clockwork. true love really does win the day! ‘
  • ‘ are there any other tasteless demands you would like to make on my artistry? ‘
  • ‘ you could stay here. you could be happy. ‘
  • ‘ can anyone be happy if they aren’t free? ‘
  • ‘ we must believe as lovers do. ‘
  • ‘ will you now forever remain out of reach of my arms? ‘
  • ‘ did you honestly think she’d want you? ‘
  • ‘ how lovely to make your acquaintance! ‘
  • ‘ it’s hero time! ‘
  • ‘ pretty eyes, proud face, perfect canvas! yes! i will find you something worthy of a princess! ‘
  • ‘ how in the midst of all this sorrow can so much hope and love endure? ‘
  • ‘ don’t worry. i’ll have this place spotless in no time. ‘
  • ‘ live your life. and forget me. ‘
  • ‘ everything i am is because of you. ‘
  • ‘ so, what can i bring you from the market? ‘
  • ‘ be calm. let me do the talking. ‘
  • ‘ i want adventure in the great wide somewhere! ‘

Imagine:On everyone’s 18th Birthday a Tattoo of their soulmates name appears. Your still waiting for yours.

You sat in your room surrounded by your 4 bestfriends.
“So how long have you been 18 for?"Lydia asked curiously.

"22 hours"you sighed.

"And you still haven’t got a name?"Allison bit her nail worriedly.
You nodded sadly.

"What if you don’t get one, does that mean you’ll be alone forever? Because your running out of time"Malia glanced up at the clock before taking a bite out of your cake.

You all turnt to Malia with widened eyes.
"Malia!?"Kira exclaimed.

"Don’t worry I’m sure it’s just late"Kira reassured you.

"Yeah my mom’s appeared two days after she turnt 18"Lydia nudged you.

"What if Malia’s right, what if I am gonna be alone forever, I’ll probably live in an apartment all alone with like 89 cats"you pouted as you took a giant spoon of ice cream and shoved it in your mouth.

"I need to pee"you mumbled sadly as you swung your legs off your bed. Your friends watched as you shuffled out of the room.

Truth was, you didn’t need to pee you needed to get away.
You were the oldest out of your friends and you were worried that you would have to sit back and watch them all get their soulmates tattoo whilst you have bare skin.

You poured yourself a drink and brought the glass up to your lips just as you were about to drink it, a sharp pain shot across your wrist.

It was happening.
You threw your glass in the sink and sprinted up the stairs.

"Guys it’s happening!"you screamed. The girls squealed in response as you all gathered around your wrist.

"I’m so excited"Lydia smiled.

"I wonder who it will be"Allison added.

All 5 pairs of eyes were glued to your wrist as the pain stopped.
Confusion was plastered on all of your faces as you glanced at the name.

"What the hell is a Stiles?"you asked.

Part 2??

Option B

Blame @the-well-rested-one. Like Shaggy said, it wasn’t me.

Harry’s house is just as gorgeous as the one we have left, and the population of two that inhabit it are much more to my liking. I can barely remember the invite I got to That Party, but I’ll be sure to thank my friend, because this is living the dream, but I know I won’t ever go again. I wonder if Harry will attend another. I look over at his unmasked face and marvel. That jawline is criminal, its stolen my attention all evening. I can’t imagine what else it will abscond with by the time this is through.

He catches me looking and I blush.

“Look at that bloom, love!” he chuckles and approaches where I stand near his kitchen island. His arms circle my hips and grip. I find myself on his marble counter top and my ass would be as icy as it if the heat coming off him between my thighs wasn’t akin to an industrial heater. His hand runs up to my neck and he clutches it like an egg. I’m not going anywhere, but the pressure is delicate. He rubs a thumb up my throat and watches my neck as I gulp. “After how good you just treated me, I’m surprised you are capable of blushing. Think it’s about time to return the favor, hmmmm?” he finishes the question with a vibrato against my lips and when I nod eagerly is smears our lips together. The balm I had applied after the abuse I had just inflicted happily upon myself is spread around and I can feel it breach the borders  of my lips and the sense memory of swiping him onto and around those same body parts causes a moan.

Harry takes advantage; the kiss starts deep and wet. His tongue makes a home in my mouth, but it’s not cozy. It’s a messy house party, and his hand has remained clutched to my neck and is squeezing lightly to the sides of my neck. The restricted blood flow is fucking with me, I can’t even think about participating and my volume is unrestricted. When I pull back to gasp, he smirks at me and the power shift from an hour ago is a revolution.  I can feel a pulse and gush. When I blush again, he tilts his head to the side and gives me a curious glance. But rather than asking, he seems to be intent on playing marco polo instead. The hand on my neck migrates down and the way that I fill the palms of his hands seems to work for both of us if the twin groans are any indication. He investigates the twin peaks he’s created, planting his flag on this previously undiscovered country for a time until my groan turns to a mewl and I hear myself begging. My shirt disappears with my skirt and all I can think of is that Versace lyric. I feel like I’m cheating , musically, on my single serving lover,  but Bruno hasn’t a chance.  

The favors he’s doing my nipples are perfect, except they are dry and I am having trouble voicing my frustration. But my lover is smirking, “Need something?”

“Wet them….Can you wet your fingers?”

“I’ll do you one better.” he does me at least a dozen better when he attaches that pout to them, but only after he makes them wet. It’s a delicious preview of what they may look like soon when they are covered in me. His mouth forms a cup around my nipple, I’ve always considered them a little big, but they seem to meet and exceed his expectation if the not so subtle adjustment he gives himself is any indication. The suction seems to be his favorite, but his fingers are plucking at my other peak, he pulls back a minute and I wimper a protest before he chuckles and gets back to work. I wonder what the hold up was, until I get what his intent was when his fingers are shoved unceremoniously into my mouth. I wet them, as he none to gently has suggested and bite as they escape. With wet fingers, he circles one nipple, and mimics the movement with his tongue. He’s looking at me. I’m breathless, speechless already.

“This what you like?”

I nod, and realize I’m only watching the goings on, my hands are gripping the edge of the now warm marble beneath me. I need the ballast, but I remove one hand to run through his silky hair. He’s laughing again, the smug ass, but I realize my neck is still going like a bobble head on a dashboard. I scratch his scalp and laugh at myself with him. He flexes into the caress and I catalog that for later. Hope for a later. His mouth draws down the center of my tummy, and his hand that remains on my chest pushes me back so I’m reclining. There is a second tier to the island I’m on, its completely uncomfortable and I find the cold hardness of it distracting.

But Harry performs a magic trick, and I forget my discomfort, it  makes me wonder where my self preservation has gone. He’s petting my panties and I know they are embarrassingly wet, have been since the head I gave him earlier. He seems to approve and the kisses to my lower abdomen are as wet at my pussy. Both hands circle my thighs and I marvel at their size before he pulls me down. My back is going to hate me tomorrow. I can’t be fucked to care. Or I being fucked to well to care. His fingers are inside of me and he seems to be checking his progress, like an eager student turning to the back of the book. My head falls back, and before I know it, the magician between my legs has used some sleight of hand to get my panties off. Maybe I blacked out. He’s mouthing the round ball of my ankle joint, and who knew that was a thing. His arms are long; the fingers not on my foot are still inside me, driving me crazy with straightforward thrusts. I really want him to turn his palm around, but my words have disappeared behind the veil where my sense has gone. My mouth reengages when he kisses up my leg, stopping at my knee, and continuing up until he is at my hip flexors. He mouths at the meeting between my hips and thigh on both sides before testing my flexibility by bending me in half. My knees meet my chest when his mouth finally finds my vulva. I’m the pucture of wanton anticipation. Naked as the day with a clothed man between my thighs spread out on the clean surface below me. But I’m waiting, and his fingers have disappeared and I’m empty. My head, which feels like its full of lead, lifts up to find him staring at me. I don’t have it in me to feel insecure, I’m to worked up. I just watch him watch me before he leans forward and purses his wet pink lips and blows on my swollen clit. My back jumps off the counter, “Motherfucker,” comes out of my mouth and I feel his shoulders bounce below my thighs. I don’t hear the laugh, because his mouth is busy. He’s licked me top to tail, and I’m so ready to get to the main event, the pulsing little heart of me  I whine out, “No!” when he licks around my clit, but not on it. He continues this for longer than I’d like.

“I can feel those legs twitching,” he smirks.

“Fuck off,” I return and he fills his smiling mouth with my hood and the intake of breath I draw almost chokes me. His work is smooth. He licks up and down, flicks occasionally, until he realizes that I like the broads strokes better. Up and down, like a carousel horse, and my belly undulates to the rhythm. I can see the muscles there constricting and if I had the wherewithal I would wonder why they didn’t do that in belly dancing class. I think I’m saying please, but I might as well have a shell pressed to my ear. Sounds are muffled.

He pulls back to slip his tongue into my opening and the pause is enough for me to realize I have a handful of hair, and I’m pulling, hard. “Sorry.” I say and my hand finds its way to my stomach.

He looks up at me, crocodile eyes above the waterline, and grabs my hand to put it back where it was. I fear for the curls that have sprung up, but obey. He places a hand back on my tum, his mouth back to my center, and three fingers on his opposing hand find their way into my opening. He turns them up in a come hither motion at the moment he seals his mouth over my clit with a bit of suction and proceeds to rub the flat of his tongue up and down until he has to move both of his hands to unclamp my thighs from his ears. He pushes them to the counter.

“Keep em there,” his tone means business but he adds a please. I nod my head again, my neck muscles are gonna be sore at this rate. Every hope I had about how he’d look anointed with my dew is answered. His mouth is gorgeous and wet and a little pink and sets atop a jawline and between cheekbones a sculptor would cut with an exacto. I watch him until his mouth descends. His hand and mouth get back to work, and when a pinky finds its way to my puckered hole, I disobey, my thighs snap up, my back arches, my belly does a samba, and my mouth calls his name.  I quake and quiver on his countertop while he gentles me down. He’s removing his hands and rubbing my thighs, licking lightly until I push his head away. I move to curl up and groan when I realize where I am.

He helps me down and I stretch uncomfortably as I realize the sun is coming up.

He follows my gaze while he rubs the tender spots on my back. “It’s early,” he states. “Do you have to be anywhere?”

I look at the clock, shit. “Yeah, I need to get to work.”

He senses my hurry and helps me locate my clothes, points out a bathroom, and when I come out as presentably as I can, he hands me a coffee cup.

“I never asked your name?” the accent is thicker this am, voice raspier, and his mouth is still wet. I still want it.  I wonder if he’s cleaned himself up at all.

“Um, its Elle.” I leave it at that.

He leans in and kisses me, and I know he hasn’t washed.

“I called you an uber, but I wasn’t sure where to send it.” I take his phone and put in the address.  

He puts it to use when a beautiful orchid arrives later to the desk I work at a record label. I read the card and smile.

“I won’t forget you, or your taste.  

                        Love, H.”

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Soulmates and Circuses

Nightwing (Richard Grayson x Reader)

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(A/n, not one hundred and ten percent sure how I fell about this I’ve had it siting in my drafts for awhile. P.s I have no idea how to end this so if you have any ideas for a part two let me know.)

(A/n: I just rewatched the last episode of Young Justice again, and so what if Nightwing only had a year to live when he ‘took a break’ after Wally’s’ passing.)
Prompt: Your clock is a countdown of how long you and your soulmate have left to find each other or else you both will die because the universe is sadistic af—and if you find your soulmate you get to live longer.
Dicks pov
       I glanced at my soulmate timer again six hundred and five days, seven hours, seven minutes and nine seconds. It was a low number considering most people received at least thirty years to find their soulmate. that’s what made mine so shocking as it fell just four hours and fifty-three minutes before my twenty-first birthday. I knew I wasn’t going to find my soulmate in time because I’d waited too long to start looking. I’d always tried to convince myself that I didn’t care if I died that young, but I couldn’t anymore. Wally’s, my best friend’s death was the final straw that had broken the camel’s back. It made me realize I didn’t want to die young and thus, I needed time to think without the vigilante lifestyle clouding my thoughts. 
       “Dick, are you sure about this?” Bruce asked as I stuffed a white cotton shirt into a black duffle bag. I was heading back to Hailey’s circus my childhood home. It’s where my life started it might as well be where it ends.
“Yeah, Bruce I’m sure. I just need time to process all this.” I sighed, this was the fourteenth time someone asked me that same question. Bruce gave me one of his signature Batman glares probably trying to get me to back down and stay on as Nightwing, so I would spend the last year and a half of my life fighting crime. “Bruce, we both know I won’t be any good to you or anyone else when all I can think is what does my clock say now or how long do I have left,” I admitted as I zipped up the duffel and slipped it on my shoulder before walking out of my room in the manor.
Your pov
(HOMETOWN) November 30th, 2017 4:00 pm

     “(first name) (last name) where do you think you’re going?” My mother inquired from where she stood leaning on the door frame. Her arms crossed over her chest as her eyes were trying to impale me with daggers.
“Well, Mama I was planning on going to the circus tonight,” I stated as we engaged in a battle of glares. After a few minutes of this, I averted my gaze, 

   “Look, Mom, this is undoubtedly going to be my last night on earth, and well I want it to be a good one.”
   “Fine, but you better be back home before that timer runs out we don’t need you scaring any little kids for life.” My Mother sighed.
   “Thanks, mom I love you,” I stated as I rushed out the door in a hurry to get to Hailey’s circus.
3d person pov
     That’s how the two of you found yourselves here tonight. So young and only minutes away from death. One doing daring feats high above the ground and one watching from bellow destined to meet and fall in love. Dick had just finished his act when both of you begin to feel the life seeping out of your forms. Dick scrambled down the ladder trying to get away from the peering eyes children they didn’t need to see this they didn’t need to see him die.
Little did he know you were having the same thought as you rushed out of the crowd not looking or caring where you were going just so long as the kids didn’t see your death. It wasn’t until you collapsed that you crashed into Dicks’ arms with only one second left on your timer that you blacked out.

Happy New Year

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A/N: Happy new year friends!  Here’s a quick fic that I wrote before I head to the airport.  I hope you all have a wonderful night/day and a fantastic new year.  Grateful for all of you.

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“Sweetheart, you forgot one of your presents!”

“What?” you say, not willing to untangle yourself from the blanket on the couch.

Steve reaches around the bottom of the tree, moving aside some discarded wrapping paper to pull out a medium-sized box, covered in wrapping paper.

“How did I miss that?” you ask, hands outstretched.  “I’ll open it right now.”

“Nope,” Steve says and you raise an eyebrow.


“Now you have to wait until midnight,” he grins and you shake your head.

“Steven Grant Rogers, that is a random and completely arbitrary rule,” you complain.  “It’s after Christmas, let me open my present.”

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Stripped (Part 2)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 2974
Warnings: Fluff, mentions of death, some Bucky feels

Summary: You are a SHIELD agent working undercover in a strip club whose owner is involved with organized crime. When you find out he might be in talks with HYDRA Bucky is brought in to help.

You wake up a few hours later with the sudden urge to use the bathroom. You look down to find Bucky’s head resting on the peaks of your breasts with his arms holding onto you. He looks so sweet and peaceful. You hate the thought of disturbing him, especially after his rough night but you have to. You try to wiggle your way out from under the super soldier to no avail.

“Bucky,” you call, as you gently nudge him. He stirs slightly but does not wake up. You call his name again with a firmer voice and he opens his eyes. His gaze is directed at your hardened nipple pressing against your tank top. He seems surprised by his position, stuttering slightly as if to apologize but he’s not getting up fast enough. “Bucky please move. I have to pee so badly!”

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Hamsteak is over and dead the time has come to collectively forget about it and purge its memory forever.

I’m conflicted. On one hand, god yes please. On the other, despite my very serious dissatisfaction with the ending, I honestly would still recommend it to anyone with enough time. It’s worth it. The things it did with multiple mediums was amazing and groundbreaking. The cast of characters was varied and compelling, with attention and real character development given to - well, a lot of them, and for the most part it was equally divided; if the ending had been good (including being significantly longer) I think it truly would have been satisfyingly equal. There is some amazing fanfiction, including a near-complete revival of second person narration. So I say: let it live. It is ended, but it is not dead, not while its name is spoken in the world. Homestuck. Who among us does not still look at certain shades of color and remember? Who among us does not take particular notice when we check the time and the clock says 4:13? Who among us does not still feel their heart speed up at the sound of Cascade’s soundtrack, or roll their eyes and sigh with fond exasperation at the time Dirk cut off his own fucking head. Nay, friend, I shall remember, and advocate, and periodically sing Adele because the ending could have been so much better. But even if it ran me off a fucking cliff of high expectations, only to dash against the rocks of brevity and complete faltering of theme…Homestuck was worth the ride.

Exception | 2 |

Summary: In a world full of routines, he becomes your one exception to it all

1.4k words

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Part 1 | Part 2 

Your day so far has been a constant reminder of Chanyeol. Somehow his face hasn’t left your mind the entire time you’ve spent away from him. While it’s haunting your mind to no end, your day continues at its regular nonchalant pace.

The whole subway ride to work is full of your memory of the short yet captivating kiss from the previous day. It lingers like the whispers of your other reality. The walk from your final stop is calming to you, the hustle and bustle of the city relieve your tension. He doesn’t leave your brain alone with his eyes and smile burning holes into your mind.

As you reach your work, your greeted with a genuine smile from Lily, one of your few close friends you have in your real life. She stands on the shorter side and always has her blonde bob perfectly brushed. She makes up for her height with her signature heels, an essential part of her daily wardrobe, along with a plain white blouse that’s partially unbuttoned and pencil skirt. You always feel underdressed in her presence, your outfit today is a pair of denim ripped jeans and a black turtleneck with a sloppy, messy bun nestled on your head. She still seems to look flawless even without a bit of effort. She envelopes you in a hug as you draw closer.

“God, I thought you were going to be late again.” She jokes with you as her arm stays wrapped around your shoulder, she guides you through the entrance way and past the front desk. She greets the man sitting at the counter and continues, into the elevator.

“Sorry, I guessed I zoned out for too long this morning when I woke up.” You shrug your shoulders as you press the button for the third floor. “I had this weird experience over there.” Lily’s eyebrows knit together in confusion as she looks at you.

“What happened? Did you have to have another social situation?” She finds enjoyment in joking about your lack of socialness, and you playfully slap her shoulder. She’s the only person you trust entirely with your mysterious circumstances. Not that you wanted it to be much of a secret, it just isn’t something you want to be going around. You’re pretty sure everyone would just call you crazy and delusional at the concept of your ‘realities.’

“Yeah actually.” another surprised look forms on your friends face. “I woke up with a stranger in my bed…. over there I mean.” The door to the elevator opens on the third floor, and you both step out.

“What?!” she whisper-yells at you, as you snake your way to your conjoined private office. “A stranger?”

“Well, kind of…. I felt like I knew him from somewhere, but I’m still not sure where.”

“Him! YOU HAD A GUY IN YOUR BED.” The whole office might as well have heard her comment as you rush to shut her up, slamming your hand over her mouth.

“Lily! SHUT. UP.” you tell her while shutting the door behind you. She removes your hand from her lips and places her bag on the coat rack in the corner. The room is quaint with two desk parallel to each other, both reasonably modern with a few personal touches on each one. The wall that separates you and hall has an array of camera equipment leaning against it with a small shelf in the middle to hold more minor things, like lenses, microphones, and cases. The wall opposite of the equipment has two medium-sized windows that give a view of the alley next to the building you both work in.

You both work for a smaller division of a major media company. Lily is an interviewer for mostly musicians who come to town. You, on the other hand, prefer to work behind the scenes as an editor and the coordinator for equipment, for the shooting of said interviews.  Lily immediately continues with her integration of what you told her moments before.

“A guy… as in a person of the male gender.” You roll your eyes at her remark. You drape your bag over the back of your chair and plop down into it, turning on the laptop you were given when you joined the company.

“No a dog. YES! A male human, as a matter of fact.” You sarcastically reply will not bothering to look up from your screen as you check emails and answer a few messages you received overnight.

“Was he cute? Oh my god, did you guys get it on?” She winks at you and wiggles her eyebrows. You now have the regret of telling her, and you want to curl up into a ball under your desk and slip into oblivion.

“What if he was and do you really think I would tell you if we did it.” You never thought you would be saying that to your best friend. “We may have kissed though.” You shrug.  A gasp fills the room, and a slow ringing sound breaks the silence. You checked the clock for the time, and it reads barely two in the afternoon. The ringing doesn’t stop as Lily continues on.

“You didn’t deny it…So you just have a man all of sudden. How the hell does that happen?”

“He’s not my man, and I don’t know as I said earlier before you almost made a scene for the office. He was just there when I woke up, and he acted like he knew me. Like we had some prior meeting, but as far as I’m aware he is a stranger. I only got his name after accidentally snooping on his phone.”

“I guess other you got you a boyfriend, maybe she felt sad for your lack of social interactions too.”

“I’m not sure what happens when I’m not there. Even if 'I’ do stay 'alive,’ I’m pretty sure I don’t do anything out of the ordinary. Especially not making relations with strangers.” The ringing doesn’t stop. It has to be your phone back in Seoul because both of the ones in your current room aren’t showing any sign of life. Who could be calling me, its two in the morning back there?

Chanyeol?  You remember finding his contact in your phone after he left. It can’t be my bookkeeper. No way would he wake up to discuss my account this early. “Well, at least you finally have something interesting. Maybe he’s your destiny. Maybe he’s there to help you figure out why this is all happening to you. Cause as far as we are concerned it isn’t normal to unexpectedly wake up in different life every time you sleep.”

“Destiny? You’re funny” You laugh and try to listen to the ringing slightly. It stops for a few seconds. You sigh, and then it returns. He must be calling again.

“You never know, destiny could be real. Your weird dilemma is real.” She might not be wrong, but you weren’t going to agree to anything yet. You stand up, shutting your laptop and taking your keys for one of the media rooms.

“I need to deal with something.” You point towards your ear, and she looks puzzled at your action. Then it clicks for her.

“Is he there? Can you hear him?”

“I can hear my cell phone ringing, and it’s two a.m. there. So it has to be important. I need you to make sure no one goes into media room three for me. I’ll try to be back quick.” You open the door and turn back towards Lily to see her nod her head. She gets up and opens the blinds to the glass that separates the wall of the hallway, leaving it slightly open to keep watch.

You make a quick escape for the door across the hall. Unlocking the door, you make sure no one is watching as you slip in and lock it back up. You go to the farthest wall and sit down on the floor with your back against the wall. The soundproof walls help your focus as you try to locate the ringing. Your senses subsid and you find yourself sweating in a seated position on your bed back in the apartment. The darkness is split in half by the lit signs of the skyline just outside the window of your home.

The ringing is now louder, and you reach for your phone. Your guess is right as his name is flashing at the top of the screen. You slide your fingers across the screen and hold it up to your ear. You stop breathing for a second as you wait for him to talk.


“I’m sorry for calling so late, but I was wondering.” There is a long pause. “Can I come over?” his voice is soft and quiet in your new found silence. “I feel like I can’t sleep without you.”

(I’m back! I was so surprised this morning to find notifications about this on my phone, thank you all so much for noting my story. This chapter kind of sucks, it turned into a filler chapter in my opinion, but it feels necessary to show you all, the other side of reality and introduce your life in NY. I don’t know how often I’ll be updating, but I hope I can do it frequently. So, bye for now and thank you to everyone who liked it. See you all later, bye)

State College Gothic (Featuring True Experiences)
  • There are bathrooms on the first floor of your dorm building. They are impeccably clean. You have never seen anyone else use them. Even so, you always get the last paper towel in the dispenser.
  • Maintenance just finished fixing all the washers in the laundry room. Still, only two work.
  • There are six people living in your suite. You know the name of your roommate. As for the others, you cannot determine which is which. You move out at the end of the year just as clueless as when you moved in.
  • You have spent hundreds of hours in classes and studying for your major. No matter how much you try, you cannot remember a thing.
  • Students speak of the dog that wanders around campus. Campus PD has stated that they have never seen a dog fitting that description, be it in person or on security footage.
  • The fire alarm goes off at 2:00 AM. You evacuate the building. An hour later, you are let back inside. The clock reads 2:02 AM.
  • Your professor asks you your name when you go to talk to him. You have had him six times in three years. He does not remember you.
  • You venture up to the fourth floor of the library. All the lights are off. No one is around. As you round the corner, you see a text book lying in the middle of the floor. On the page, in big, scribbled letters, is the word “FUCK”.
  • In the middle of the night, you hear thumping from the room above you. The next morning, you remember that you are on the top floor.
  • The CVS across the street closes at 10:00. You have never seen the lights off. Sometimes, you see a man walking out with bags around 12:30. 
  • It is 25 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Despite your two fans and open window, your room is still 80 degrees.
  • You go to a school-hosted party. When you arrive, the decorations are up and the dance lights are on. No one else is in sight. You go home after an hour. No one ever showed up.
  • Your phone rings. You have a conversation for a few minutes, while you remain unmoving. The reception cuts out at random. There is no discernible reason why.
  • Stress and other factors get to you, and you go to see a counselor on campus. In time, the counselor then tells you that you have exceeded the number of visits allowed. You can only count four sessions.
  • You check your grade online. An hour later, you see it again. It is ten points lower. No new grades have been added.
  • You get an email from the president of your school. You have never seen this name before. It is not the same as the name from the last email the president sent out.
  • Before your 8:00 AM class, you are the only one there. A little girl walks into the room. She stares at you for a moment, then immediately exits.

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Aaaaa requests are open??? Jumin/MC please!!! It can be them shopping together, cuddling, spending time together I'll take what I can get (have I mentioned I love Jumin Han?)

A/N: First time writing Jumin/MC so I hope this is okay. :) Merry Christmas anon!! 

When he gets home, the first thing he sees is her dozed off on the floor, back leaning against the edge of the bed, with Elizabeth the Third still lying snugly in her lap. The sound of the front door opening and closing does nothing to make her stir from her deep sleep in the slightest. His lips curve into a smile as he takes in the sight of her sleeping form, his chest filling to the brim with an inexplicably homely warmth. Finally.

As he approaches her, Elizabeth the Third spots him and meows in a soft greeting, though she makes no move to go to him herself. These days, she seems to be getting more fond of his wife than him, though Jumin does not particularly mind. There is nothing to not love about her, and it would not be unreasonable for his long-time companion to share his sentiments.

He removes his winter coat, careful to be quiet as he hangs it on the coat rack by the wall, before stepping closer to her. Her pink lips are parted as she breathes softly, her chest rising and falling subtly. He spots the diamond watch loosely grasped in her hand, the watch that he had given it to her just last month as a gift when he chanced upon it in the shop. Her head is tilted at an angle towards the ticking clock that’s facing up. It’s already nearly 2:15am. A pang of guilt hits him at the realisation that she must have been waiting for him all this time.

Loosening his tie, he squats down so that his face is level with hers. Curiously, he leans closer, carefully brushing the stray strands of hair from her face aside. He manages to do so without waking her, though she does stir and he catches his name leave her lips in a tiny whisper. His heart swells with love for her, loving how peaceful she looks when she’s asleep. When he gets a little too close, Elizabeth the Third seems to sense she’s no longer welcome and meows at him before getting off to return to her own bed at the other end of the room. With more space now, Jumin moves in to gently brush his lips against her forehead.

The result is a gentle fluttering of her long, pretty lashes as she stirs and groggily wakes up. The moment she registers him and his close proximity to her, her eyes bounce wide open and she sits straight up. The sudden movement causes her to wince at the soreness of her neck from staying in that position for too long.

“You’re home, Jumin,” she grins with a sleepy yawn. “What time is it?”

“It’s way past your bed time,” he replies with a chuckle, unable to help the urge to kiss her once more on the forehead. “You shouldn’t have stayed up to wait for me.”

She shakes her head. “No, it’s okay. I’ve missed you, and I wanted to be the first to wish you a merry Christmas.” She then happily throws her arms around his neck, giggling as she goes, “Merry Christmas, Jumin!”

He adores every part of her, from her light tinkling laughter to her bright smile that can easily outshine the sun itself. Wrapping his arms around her in a tight squeeze, he inhales the scent of strawberry shampoo in her hair and the scent that belongs uniquely to her – the scent of home. “Merry Christmas, my love,” he returns with a hearty chuckle, before pulling away to press his lips to hers in a chaste, gentle kiss.


“Can you do an angsty Tyler Joseph fic where they get into a fight, and it ends really, really badly?” from @theathellama .

Gif is not mine!

Word count: 1734

Originally posted by trashy-extras

“Here you are! One vanilla sundae with chocolate drizzle!” She says with a broad smile as she sets the cup in front of me with a large red spoon stuck in the dairy treat. I thank her, as she takes the seat across from me with her cookie dough cone, licking up the side to catch the drips.

On this blustery June afternoon, she insisted that we stop by this shop that makes their homemade ice cream. We both always wanted to try it, and it’s certainly living up to the expectations after I take my first bite. Of course, I wasn’t too fond of going, and I told her that. All I wanted to do was sit in my house and write songs like I have been all this week. I’ve been in a creative funk lately, so it’s more like scribbling a few words before pitching into the overflowing bin next to the desk. When she showed up on my doorstep uninvited with crossed arms and a raised brow, I knew I was going either way. But anytime I get to spend with her is valuable. Compared to her cheerful personality, mine is just dreary. While she finds something positive about every situation, I find the negative. She’s as bright as the sun, and I’m as dull as the moon during the day. But when I’m with her, I smile bigger, laugh harder, and fall deeper. Too bad, I don’t know if she feels the same, and.. maybe I don’t want to find out.

“Did Josh tell you about that party he’s having tomorrow?”

“Yeah. Dunno if I’m going. You know parties aren’t my thing.” I scoop up another spoonful.

Her bottom lip juts out in a pout. “I know, it’s just I won’t know anyone there if you don’t go, except Josh and Dylan, but I don’t know them super well like you do.”

My brows come together at the second name as I slide the spoon out of my mouth. “Yeah, not going, sorry,” I respond with a cold tone, then look back down at my sundae. Of course, what I just stated is a bold-faced lie. I know exactly who he is: Josh’s new acquaintance that he met at the skate park a few weeks ago. He’s got two sleeves of tattoos, long blonde hair that’s always pulled back into a bun, thick glasses, and to top it all off: he’s from Austrailia. That’s not the part that strikes a nerve with me. Nope, the part that drives me up a wall is if I mention a hobby of mine, he’ll claim that he does it, too, but more extravagantly. More simply, he’s one-upping me, and only me. Anytime someone else mentions something, he’ll hand them a compliment, but I have to sit in the dark while he takes away all the thunder. I try not to let it get to me, but fuck, sitting through it all the time the four of us hang out does grow old fast. Maybe he’s trying to get rid of me? A stupid thing to think, honestly, and I try not to see it that way. He could be a good guy just being friendly, but my pessimistic brain thinks otherwise.

“Why not, Tyler?”

“Told you once before, I don’t party. Besides, I need to write for the new album.”

She lets out an annoyed huff. “You need a break from writing, you’ve been at for the past two weeks! You’ll get burnt out.” She’s right, always is, but my stubbornness isn’t going away so easily.

“Well I mean, this is Josh and I’s career you’re talking about.” I retort then her brows pull together in confusion.

“Um, okay. It’s only one night Tyler. I’m not asking for you to take a month off. What’s wrong with you?”

I shake my head. “Nothing.. sorry. Can we just go, please?” I pick up the empty container, then walk over the exit, tossing it into the bin as she follows behind. She pops the last bit of the cone in her mouth, then falls in step with me to the car.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” All I do is nod in response. “Oh.. well I won’t force you to go if you don’t want to, but afterward do you want to hang out and watch movies all night? We could order pizza, take out, or whatever?”

A small smile appears on my lips. “Yeah, I’d like that. Thanks (Y/N),”

“Anything for my best friend, Ty!”

Best friend. Man, what I would give to be something more.

* * *

“Yeah, that works!” I exclaim after halfheartedly singing the new lyrics I scrawled down in my notebook. “Now, I just have to work on the actual music.” My left-hand rests against my cheek while the other taps the pencil against the book. This is pretty much what I’ve been doing since I departed the ice cream shop, this and a long nap. Too bad Josh isn’t here, this album would be finished so much faster, but he’s too busy hanging out with Dylan. Just the thought of his name halts the tapping against the desk and causes me to grit my teeth. Why does everyone like him so much? What does he have that I don’t? Better looks, more talent, a sharper tongue? I just don’t understand.

A knock on the door brings my attention away from the scribbled pages, then onto the time displayed on the bedside clock. That must be (Y/N), but why is she so early? It’s only ten, and the party only started an hour ago. Pushing my chair away from the desk, I head into the foyer then peer into the peephole to find (Y/N). However, when I open the door to greet her with a smile, it drops faster than a pen when I see Dylan step out from behind her to pull me in for a hug. I grimace at his friendliness, then pat him on the shoulder before he lets go and steps inside. My brown eyes fall on (Y/N) as she steps forward; she senses the angry held within them because she apologizes quietly. “He wanted to watch movies, too, Tyler.” No, that’s it. I can’t deal with this anymore. Dylan is not ruining any more moments for me, especially when it involves her.

“Can I talk to you please?” I mutter through gritted teeth, then grab her hand and drag her inside past Dylan, who gives us a confused look.

“The movies are in the cabinet in the living room!” She calls out to him as we enter the hallway that leads into my bedroom. As soon as the door is closed, she rips her hand away from my grasp. “What are you doing?” I let out a harsh breath then turn to face her.

“He needs to fucking leave.”

Her eyes widen at the sudden hostility that I rarely ever show. “Excuse me? Why?”

“I don’t know why you or Josh haven’t realized it yet, but I fucking hate that guy! He’s such an ass.”

“Why though? He hasn’t done anything to you, Tyler.”

I let out a small laugh. “Are you being serious right now? He treats me like shit, ever single time the four of us hang out, and I throw in my own opinion or share my hobbies or whatever, I get shut down or one-upped. Do you have any idea how that feels when it happens regularly?”

“He just joking arou-”

Joking around are you fucking kidding me? I’m sorry, I know what joking around is (Y/N), and that is definitely not it.” I hiss. “Why the hell are you even defending him for? You’ve known him what.. two-three weeks? I’ve been your best friend for years, or does that not fucking matter?”

She crosses her arms, and her voice starts to rise along with the anger. “Really Tyler, you’re melodramatic. You always blow everything way out of proportion, seeing all the negative and never the positive. Dylan is a great guy! You just need to give him a chance! And don’t you ever say that your friendship doesn’t matter! You’re vital to me.”

“Obviously not important enough when it’s apparent what side you’re on!” I swallow down the frog in my throat to try and fight off the tears brewing in my eyes. “You like him, don’t you?” I whisper.

“What?” I say it again a tad louder, and she stutters for a response. “I-I mean a little bit, why does that matter to you?”

At that moment, my heart shatters into a thousand pieces. My worst fear is a reality. That’s why she’s defending him; she actually has feelings for that prick. With a shaky breath, I point to the bedroom door. “Get out,”

“Get out? Tyler-”

“No! I’m done! I’ve tried so hard to be something more than just your friend, but now I don’t think I wanna be that anymore.”

“Don’t say shit like that! I care for you Tyler!”

“No, you don’t! Not in that way! Not in the way you like him!” My voice grows quiet for a second. “I’ll never be good enough for you.. so just get out of my life.” She opens her mouth to say something but quickly shuts it. Tears are falling onto her cheeks when she storms out of the room, slamming the door shut behind her. That’s when I fall apart, the sobs shaking my body when I fall to the ground. I hear the front door slam, and an engine roaring to life before tires squeal against the pavement.

And then she’s gone.

Dylan bested me again; he stole woman of my dreams.