does someone need a hug

Please picture Shiro refusing to ever break down or show that he’s suffering in front of his team, because he’s told himself over and over again that he needs to be strong for them, that he can never show weakness, because he has to be their foundation, their unbreakable unshakable leader.

Imagine all of that stubbornness and resilience falling apart the second Matt pulls him into his arms and whispers into Shiro’s ear that it’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to be scared, that it’s okay to not be okay. Because Matt isn’t Team Voltron, Matt isn’t Altean royalty, Matt is just Matt, and Matt has suffered just as much as Shiro has if not more, and Matt knows, Matt knows.

Please picture Shiro refusing to break until Matt is there to hold him, until Matt is there there to tell him it’s okay, and then he just buries his face into Matt’s bony (too bony too thin) shoulder and just lets it all go and finally shatters.

Please picturing Matt being the one to help Shiro break, and then being the one to help put him back together.

  • Eurus: *leaves tiny child to die in well*
  • Eurus: *threatens to kill brother*
  • Eurus: *commits arson on family home*
  • Eurus: *brainwashes prison guard into killing his family*
  • Eurus: *forces John or Mycroft to kill the Governor*
  • Eurus: *shoots the Governor's wife*
  • Eurus: *is basically Jigsaw*
  • Eurus: *kills three men*
  • Eurus: *forces Sherlock to shoot his brother or his best friend*
  • Eurus: *locks John in a well to drown*
  • Sherlock: does someone need a hug from their favourite bro?

What is it about the character of Heinz Doofenshmirtz that I find so funny, so fascinating, and so strangely touching? In part, it’s that his evilness is almost an abstract notion, even to himself. As he frequently points out to his nonevil teenage daughter Vanessa (voiced by Olivia Olson), being an archvillain is simply his job. Like Phineas and Ferb, Doof wakes up every day determined to excel anew at his task. It’s just that his agenda isn’t to make the most of summer or build cool stuff with his friends but to take over the entire Tri-State Area….

Doofenshmirtz is far from the first cartoon villain to be smacked down by fate at the end of each episode. There’s a touch of Wile E. Coyote in Doof’s endless -inators and more than a little Road Runner in his silent, uncapturable platypus foil. What sets Doof apart is his wishful relationship with his own imagined evil self. His pathetic dream of Tri-State dominion is really just a thinly disguised—and by that I mean completely undisguised—longing for universal adoration and acceptance. He wants to be loved, not feared.

—  Dana Stevens, Slate
I can have an amazing day filled with friends and family, but be up till twelve with a heavy heart thinking of how lonely I actually am.
—  currently

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Luke is the clingiest boy and Michael loves him so much like just imagine their writing sessions Michael would be like "Luke you're such a sap" while nearly crying because Luke was singing about him and Luke would be like "does someone need a hug" and he would just jump on Michael's back and hang on for dear life and Michael would love it but he'd say "wtf bro get off of me" and then Luke would kiss Michael's cheek and say "love you too"

Luke is the clingiest little fluff in the entire universe I swear and Michael is that person who says ‘you’re an idiot’ when he means ‘I love you so much don’t ever stop snuggling me’ 

does anyone else feel like they need a hug from someone that you are sexually attracted to… like not for sexual pleasure but like an actual satisfying pleasure you don’t get from hugging someone you aren’t sexually attracted to

“I’m quite fetching!”

I’m kind of obsessed with ‘80s HeinzFirst of all, GODDAMN, BOY, look at you being all stylish. His outfit is adorable. AND HE’S SO WEIRD, like, even weird by his normal standards. Why does he keep pretending to be a robot? HONEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING. But ugh, just look at him, he’s such a plaaaaaya. You can tell he just thinks he’s the shit. And his idea of a successful movie date is getting to hold hands. BAAAABY. BAAAAAAAABY. 

I’m used to Heinz having those dark circles under his eyes, but here I think he probably just got the snot kicked out of him earlier and got two black eyes. HE AIN’T EVEN BOTHERED, THOUGH. He is a clever robot.