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What do think about people saying that someone on the panel said that "lance is keiths stability"? Do you think this is fake, a poor choice of words, or a misinterpretation? Something else entirely? Id love to see what you think

you know, I was pretty confused until someone else pointed me to the transcript, but now I think I get it:

Fan: My question is, last year at this same panel I asked about Lance and the Black Lion. Now that we’ve seen how much Keith does not want to be a leader, or is cut out for it, will we continue to see Lance in being Keith’s right hand man…come into his own as a leader himself as he’s proven that he’s capable? Does this have any mirroring or juxtaposition to Zarkon and Alfor’s relationship?
Lauren: I think you’re kinda dead on where you see the relationships between these lions and the paladins that are in those lions. It’s a very specific type of person that these lions respond to and you see there is the leader and the right hand man, and Lance has absolutely come into his own with Keith and kind of being his stability. 

And, I mean, I’ve talked a lot about how I see sheith mirroring zaggar. But also, I’ve gone into meta about how I see Lance and Keith’s dynamic revolving into a mirror image of Zarkon and Alfor. And I’m really happy that it seems like they’ve confirmed that’s the case! A lot of Allura’s moments with Lance in season 3 stress just how much of Alfor she sees in him. And she says that’s why Red picked him

The fact that Allura sees Alfor in Lance is especially interesting when talking about these comparisons. Because, we already know from season 2 that she also saw Zarkon in Keith. 

I also think it’s very purposeful that Lauren and Joaquim kind of ignored that first part about Lance becoming black paladin or taking over Keith’s position as leader. This idea that Keith isn’t “cut out for it” or that Lance would make for the better leader–seems weird to me when supporting Keith’s role as black paladin is what got him his seat with Red in the first place. The “stability” bit is something I think refers to two things. 1, how Lance put his own ego aside and encouraged Keith to be the leader 

And 2, how Lance helps to kind of advise Keith in season 3. We see Alfor trying to call back Zarkon when he goes out of line. And similarly, Lance is there to try and talk Keith down when he gets too caught up in his emotions. It’s very much a purposeful parallel. 

Joaquim also confirmed at this same con that “Keith and Shiro have the closest relationship.” So, you know. It’s not as if Lance has “replaced” Shiro or has invalidated the fact that Shiro is the most important person in Keith’s life and the one that he desperately wants to see. Joaquim has also said in the past that, “He latches onto Shiro at times because Shiro’s sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep him in check.”

So Shiro is still the only one that really has that kind of sway over Keith and provides that level of comfort. Seeing people try to use this line to act like Lance is going to replace Shiro in his life is weird to me, because we know for a fact that’s not the case. It just means Keith and Lance are getting closer–and that’s great! Keith is learning to reach out more and connect with people. Likewise, Lance is learning to reign in his own ego and personal grudge instead of trying to knock Keith down a peg every chance he gets. It’s good for both of them 

Similar to the lifting fandoms, something that drives me CRAZY about people is that everyone shares these tips and tricks on how to buy alcohol while you’re underage (tumblr does it a lot).

Like, I don’t know how it is for other places but I live in Ontario Canada and if I sell alcohol to a minor regardless of if they had a fake ID or anything I can personally be put in prison and charged for thousands of dollars.

I know it sucks being underage, but when you “get away” with buying alcohol as someone who is underage, you’re putting so many people at risk and I’m so frustrated that people are so selfish just to get a $10 bottle of Sourpuss or some shit. This is my life, it isn’t a fucking game.