does she even have a job

New rule: unless you’re in palliative fucking care dying in a hospital alone you’re not allowed to have someone make you breakfast and serve it to you in bed. Especially not from your girlfriend. You’re not a baby, life’s not a womb, it’s horrible, get the fuck out of bed and sit at the table and face up to the crippling anxiety attack that is modern life. What, does she hold your little cock while you make toilet so you don’t get wee wee all over the floor? Wash you with a fucking rag ?? Have some self respect - god damn couples are disgusting. Fucking away in bed like pieces of shit trying to make some sort of child they have to keep alive. Slaving away in some dogshit job trying to save up for a house - stashing all that money away in a big ol’ treasure chest like some sort of fucking pirate ship man. 

Why do you even want a house anyway? Who cares? It’s not the fucking 90s - just go on the internet and just rent a house; it’s easy - stop trying to be like your parents. Owning a house is embarrassing anyway, what, you’re just going to buy some land hmm? Like some sort of colonial shit cunt from England? Got yourself a nice little block of land did ya?  Haven’t you done well for yourself? The dream is over, jesus christ, let it go. If this dueling home ownership thinkpiece-narrative between idealistic self obsessed cowardly fuckheads from Gen Y media and pink skinned fat faced racists from The Daily Telegraph doesn’t end soon i’m going to tie a belt around my neck and the doorknob and just go the full Hutchence.  You’re not special either you baby boomer cunt - if you had fully charged mobile phones with the internet and delivery cocaine and imported goats cheese and $9 milkshakes when you were younger instead of Chiko Rolls and whatever else it is you had; seesaws at the park, glasses of water, cheap cigarettes, free education, a will to live, all that nonsense, if you had what we have you wouldn’t own your precious fucking house, trust me.
You’d be living with me in a sharehouse watching Curb Your Enthusiasm on your laptop drinking tinnies on the floor in your underwear like the piece of shit you really are.


After mating, the female cassowary will lay three to six large, green eggs.  Once these eggs are laid, the female’s job is done, and she will wander off to find another male to mate with.  It is the father who constructs a nest of waterproof vegetation and incubates the eggs for the next fifty days.  A devoted parent, the male will not leave his eggs until they have hatched.  A broody male cassowary does not need to eat, drink, or even defecate for the entire period of incubation.

Cassowary chicks are small, beige in colour, with dark brown stripes.  The father will protect his new family with devotion, showing them what foods to eat and ferociously protecting them from predators.  The chicks will stay with their father for the next nine months.

It has also been noted in zoos that cassowary chicks will imprint readily on anyone who is present when they hatch, including humans.  These chicks are then extremely tame and will follow their adopted parent anywhere.  In some native villages in New Guinea, cassowary chicks are even kept as pets and left to wander loose through the village, like chickens.  However, even the tamest chick will turn savage and dangerous upon reaching adulthood.  


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Based off @thelastpilot’s Secret Santa fanfic, specifically Chapter 7! The mistletoe scene! This was supposed to be done by Christmas but… err… Happy New Year?


It’s my own personal headcanon (can you even have headcanons about a fanfic? I’m so sorry) that it was Plagg who says this lovely line, and that it wasn’t just in Adrien’s head.

Happy New Year, fellow Miraculers!


it was a shitty thing that happened to isak. he never should have had to answer to people about his sexuality. it was wrong, and it would have been important to see that conversation with emma, to see them both sorry for how it played out.

but it makes me think, too, where does the finger of blame stop? even knowingly hurt sonja. sonja told emma. emma was thus hurt by isak and probably told some close friends who she trusted. so then who knows who told who?

it’s ugly, what happened, that’s the point. there’s unknown consequences in talking out of turn. (this was seen again when vilde text isak about even’s bipolar). and I think skam did a great job of showing just how detrimental our words can be. words said on a whim, words without thought or feeling, words hateful and against other people (and ourselves as well).

the beautiful thing here was isak taking a step back from all that, thinking, I don’t want to live like that any more, I don’t want to be dishonest or scared or resentful any more, I just want to be me. and I think we saw that person today.

David had just given our daughter medication to help her deal with a cold, and, quite abruptly, she announced that he was “more like the mom” and I was “the dad.” Wait, what? How can our kids (of all people!) be hypnotized by the rigid gender dichotomy that our family undermines by our very existence?

It’s not even as though we follow roles that break down in quite the way of “traditional” mom/dad couples. My job’s hours are pretty flexible, so I have lots of time to spend with the family. I do my share of the laundry and generally clean up after dinner. David does the cooking. And when it comes to caring for them when they’re sick—which, after all, triggered the mom/dad comment—it’s a pretty even deal. 

I admit the home workload isn’t strictly a 50/50 proposition. David’s design business is part-time at this point, and he does more around the house than I do. But our roles are flexible and nongendered enough that calling us Mom and Dad is just weird.

It’s also true that our neighborhood is very gender-progressive. Our next door neighbors both work full-time, but the dad’s home a lot more, does more than half the cooking, and is forever busy around the house. On the next block is a dad who mainly works from home while mom goes off to her full-time engineering job. Another mom is a high-level nurse practitioner whose husband is an ice sculptor. And so on. In sum, there is no shortage of gender-role busting all around us. Why isn’t all that enough to steer our kids away from such reductive ways of thinking?

Because even those important, living examples of role flexibility are still overwhelmed by the morass of gender traditionalism swirling around them.

The problem with the Westallen fandom is that they tend to THINK we care what they say. Sorry we don’t….Actually, no one does.

As an African American woman who watches The Flash and loves The Flash, I’m embarrassed. Yes, I would love the writers to explore Barry and Caitlin. But even I have to admit it won’t happen.

I mean come on! Iris West has been reduced to nothing but Barry Allen’s “girlfriend”. What happened to Iris West Ace Reporter? Like does she even have a job anymore? So you’re saying that’s what you want for her? It’s sad.

At least Caitlin has a story arc, at least her character is developing, at least her character is more than just feeling sorry for herself over a guy (finally). I hope she goes full blown Killer Frost in front of the team like BAM Bitch, I’m evil and I’m loving it!

Westallens’: You need to take a step back and re-evaluate this twisted,incestuous and weird relationship. Even Joe feels uncomfortable LOL

Mysme characters summary
  • Zen: Beauty and Grace - Call me both and I'll kiss your face ;)
  • Yoosung: MC, you must eat on time! *MC gets something to eat* Rika used to eat.. yOU'RE HER!
  • Jaehee: What she says - Mr. Han // What she means - fuck my boss, fuck his cat, fuck this job
  • Jumin: Does a sexuality where you're only attracted to your cat exist? Catsexual? Does Jumin Han is catexual? Sounds better
  • 707: Hurt me, kill me, but don't say you love me *crawls back to the world of memes*
  • V: Roses are red, violets are blue. Hello, this is V and I can't fucking see
  • MC: [to V] Dude. Be thankful. I don't even have those eye sockets

“Don’t work too hard, eh?”

Said with a snippy tone of voice and the most patronizing glare I have ever seen from an old man, while I am running two tills during a huge rush and dealing with loads of impatient customers who don’t understand I’ve got multitudes of crap to get done, and let’s not forget my supervisor flat out up and left and at that point I had no idea where she was. Oh, and no managers or anyone was coming up to help even though we paged them three times.

In other words.

Do not fucking imply I don’t work hard enough to please your ass. I work two jobs, one being full time, and this one here. I haven’t had a day off for a while because my other job keeps popping up. Just because you had to wait a few minutes like everyone else does not give you the right to imply I’m lazy. Kindly go fucketh thyself sir. And have a great day.


“You know, it’s weird, because you get forced together with another actor, and who knows what’s gonna happen. I just think that I really liked her; I mean, we’ve got a similar sense of humour; she’s Irish, I’m Australian. She is a very endearing person, very intelligent, she’s excellent at what she does which made me sort of admire her even more as an actor. Fun to be around.”

–  Joel Edgerton

“We like each other. We all kind of really like each other and we all get along, but no one wants to hear that, do they?  But you know, the thing about when you like someone is…it’s about like respect, and wanting each other to have a nice time…because I like my job and I want to enjoy it. And I think that Joel describes it brilliantly. He says we all felt, and especially the two of us, that we were carrying something very important and precious together and that was our job, and so you can’t help but need each other.”

–  Ruth Negga  

Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga try to explain the beautiful chemistry they created on-screen as Richard and Mildred Loving; shown at the film’s world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival


“And that is what RENT the movie ends up being. Sympathetic to an underclass that was violently screwed over by the system, but ultimately the embodiment of the voice of the ruling class … Rent takes an inherently political issue and depoliticizes it to make something comforting and consumable. Rent looks pretty, and does as little as possible.”

I highly recommend watching this video essay. To understand all of her points, you really have to watch the full thing. It’s long, but well worth it! She addresses both the musical and the film and does an excellent job pointing out where it’s message is weak, compares it La Bohéme, and even briefly discusses the similarities between aspects of Rent and Hamilton, another show that’s largely about a revolution. This includes (briefly) bringing up one of Hamilton’s major criticisms, which is basically that it glosses over some of the real problems of one of the “whitest things to ever happen”, and fails to really dig into any current issues in the American Dream™, etc. Even if you disagree, I think it’s a really interesting video! If nothing else, you’ll learn some stuff about those musicals about revolutions we all know and love.

He Tells Everyone You’re His - One Shot

In which Simon tells his mum whilst recording a video that he has a girlfriend, you, and she loves you already even though she hasn’t even met you yet.

Requested? Yes

Simon’s Point of View

I was on the highway on my way to my parents’ house. My dad wasn’t in, instead he was in the US, doing stuff for his job. My mum was always welcome, though, so I decided to head there in the afternoon.

She’s not expecting anything; probably just the usual, which was me talking about how much I love YouTube and any video ideas I have in mind, and telling her about things me and the other boys did since the last time I saw her. Little does she know that I have some very important news I know she’ll be delighted to hear.

I parked my black rover right outside the door to my parents’ house and rang the doorbell. I could hear the shuffling of socks on the tiled floor before I was greeted by my mum’s familiar smile.

‘Simon!’ She cheered and stood on her toes to engulf me in a hug. I smiled and bathed in her smell. I instantly felt ten years younger, seeing as this is the house I grew up in, the house I lived in when I went to Middle School and High School. But I had to remind myself that I’m 24 now, and that I’ve changed. And that things have changed for this family. 'Come on in,’ She opened the door completely, letting me walk inside and then shut it behind me.

I took off my thick Autumn coat and hung it up on the wall behind the door like I did when I used to come home from school. The nostalgia was filling my mind and taking over all my thoughts, so I didn’t realise my mum had ask me something.

'Sorry?’ I told her, raising my eyebrows. I has subconsciously followed her into the living room, where she stood in front of the coffee table.

'I asked if you’d like some tea or coffee.’ She giggled up at me.

'Oh,’ I smiled awkwardly, and I could feel my cheeks heat up. 'Tea sounds good,’ I told her and sat down on the sofa. I pulled my phone out whilst she got to making the tea in the kitchen. 'Is something troubling you, Si? It’s not often you’re so in thought.’ She questioned.

'Are you calling me stupid?’ I laughed whilst scrolling through my Twitter feed aimlessly.

'What? No! Of course not!’ She laughed in return. It was silent for a short while, but the bubbling sound of boiling water made it a comfortable silence.

'Hey, mum, do you want to film a video with me? As in, right now?’ I asked without looking up.

'Oh, was I supposed to prepare something for this?’ She asked.

'No, I just got an idea.’ I told her.

'Um, sure, what will it be?’ She asked. I could see her pouring the hot water into two mugs.

'I was thinking just a regular Q n’ A, except you get to ask me questions, too.’ This would be an easy way to tell her, since she’s sure to ask about my love life. She used to love joking about how it doesn’t exist.


'I’ll just go get my camera and stuff from my car quickly,’ I said and ran out to the front of the house, grabbing a tripod, a camera, and a little microphone.

'Okay, this is a good one.’ I told her and smirked. 'When’s the last time you and dad kissed?’ I asked her. This was one of the last questions for the video.

'This morning, when he left to go the United States,’ She said confidently. I giggled and then looked up at the camera and cringed. I had just imagined my parents kissing.

'Your turn,’ I told her, but I knew what was coming. She hadn’t asked the question yet.

'How’s your love life?’ She laughed, assuming she already knew the answer.

'Funny you ask that,’ I said, pulling out my phone. I could see her eyes widen in shock. 'I have something I needed to tell you today, mum,’ I looked up at her again. 'I have a girlfriend.’ I stated, smiling so much that my cheeks began to heart.

'Really? Oh my goodness, Si, that’s amazing.’ She said in a high-pitched voice and leaned in to squeeze me, causing me to hold my breath.

'Guys, I’m dying,’ I said to the camera, sounding as if I was going to be choked to death.

'Do you have a picture of her? Oh my days, what’s her name?’ She asked, seeming to be really excited now. My fingers were trembling slightly as I unlocked my phone. Not because I was nervous about telling my mum, but because I was uploading this to the internet a couple hours later.

'Yeah, I do, and her name is Y/N.’ I said, smiling as I looked through my camera roll quickly. It wasn’t hard to find a picture of her because my camera roll was filled with pictures of us cuddling on the couch at the Sidemen House and pictures of her sitting across from me at a table at a café. I settled on a picture of her laughing at a crappy joke I made, whilst she was sitting opposite me at a fancy restaurant we went to together one night.

'Oh my days, she’s gorgeous.’ My mum gasped at the picture.

'If you swipe right, there’s more.’ I told her, handing her my phone. She continued smiling as she looked through all the pictures.

'Is she the only person you have pictures of on your phone?’ My mum asked and I nodded and smiled. 'Oh come here, my little big boy,’ She said and leaned in for another hug, completely embarrassing me in front of my viewers.

went to saw Sing tonight. ignoring the emotional torment of celebrity deaths and giving some thoughts about this precious new bit of animation.

  • taron egerton is 100% the celebrity i will gladly watch in anything and follow their career to the ends of the earth. he’s just so wonderful and talented and i love him and he did fantastic as johnny plus his voice is amazing.
  • i knew scarjo had some background as a singer but in this i was like BLOWN away by her vocals because she belted out that song and it was killer and i loved it.
  • i was even more impressed with reese witherspoon bc i don’t think she has any musical background or if she does i’ve heard nothing about it (i might be wrong feel free to correct me). like she did fantastic.
  • they did a really good job of creating the characters without really overwhelming or neglecting anyone specifically. like obviously buster got the most backstory but he was also supposed to be the lead character. it felt like a very well balanced ensemble which i liked.
  • i have just as many questions about this world as i did after seeing zootopia which lead to some strange theories with my bestie on the drive home which just makes the movie all the better.

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i need advice because i love my current job, the environment, our regulars, my boss, my coworkers, except for one. shes terrible to us, she does her job wrong, cuts corners even when weve told her its dangerous(i work at a coffee shop), she ignores pretty much everything we tell her, and everyone there is getting so frustrated correcting her mistakes. i don't want to quit because i quit my last job because of bad coworkers, but i feel like i can't talk to my boss about it. i dont know what to do

Talk to your bosses. Nothing will be solved otherwise. Ik it’s hard and it sucks, but they could really
Solve the only issue you have with the job -Mandie

TMNT Human Au! Mikey

Meet Teppei Koike, aka Michealangelo! He was recommended by a follower and he is perfect. Bonus! Human Mikey loves to skate and has even won some competitions. He would go pro if he wasn’t so devoted to the family dogo. He and Raphael have the most tattoos in the family. Mikey’s are very colorful and of the many, his favorite is his brother’s names. He loves to design and makes a lot of his own clothes. He even designed the dojo logo and some merch for it. He’s a major flirt (of course) but has only been in a few relationships, the longest lasting three years. The kids at the dojo adore him (and have an endless amount of nicknames for him) but also know that he’s super kickass. They have huge arguments over whose the best ninja, Mikey or Leo. He loves to dye his hair, starting with simple highlights until he does an all around dye job. Mikey doesn’t remember their mother, she died when he was barely a year old. So his brothers have him the most pictures and tell him stories about her.

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au where kanaya is a popular beauty and fashion youtuber meanwhile rose does book reviews that are mostly her telling everyone how she could have done a better job (and she damn well could have). kanaya asks her to colab just to have an excuse to talk to her bc she has a huge crush, and rose accepts even though their channels don’t have much in common at all. people start shipping them online so they start to do more videos due to popular demand, eventually it’s pretty much expected that rose in in most of kanayas videos and despite them treating the shipping as a joke at first, both of them totally look at fanart. rose does a review on a fanfic. 

I know most of the attention on eyewitness around here focuses on Phillip and Lukas, but I also think Helen is amazing and really important as well. 

She’s a woman who freely admits that she loves and is fulfilled by her job, but decides that she wants to have a family, even though it does not come naturally to her. 

She works so hard at being a good wife/mother, and sometimes she messes up and gets it wrong. Instead of giving up though, she apologizes and tries to make amends/do better next time. And its clear that she cares so much, even if she doesn’t always know how to express that. 

It’s so important to me that it not only shows that relationships take constant work, but also that its okay to want them even if its not easy for you. That family doesn’t have to be effortless to be good. 


#this gets funnier every time i watch it #like can you imagine the horrified look on cat’s face #just absolutely STUNNED and confused because her assistants are always trying to ~impress her #always trying to prove they read the right food reviews and dine well and know the hot restaurants #assistants like siobhan who hand-press her coffee and conflate status and worth #who try too hard to prove their elitism #instead of just being good at their job #can you picture cat not knowing /wtf to do with this girl/ #who tries hard in all the right ways #and doesn’t think twice about how bringing cat chain-restaurant food will reflect on her ~worth #how thrown cat must have been because this issue has literally never come up before #and kara’s only been working a few days and she’s so earnest in everything that she does #that cat just waves her off and tells her JUST THIS ONCE exactly where she wants her lunch from #(god do you think kara even took it out of the bag #or did she just like drop a 5lb burrito on cat’s desk)

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fuck coworkers. I'm the only one who does their fucking job (the co-manager even told me that I'm the only one who does what I'm supposed to), and it's leaving the best manager we have SUPER stressed. if she leaves, our store will rot. kill me.