does she even care about the fans

I’m sorry ( Zen x Mc xYoosung)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: Zen x MC (reader) x Yoosung
Rating : Mild angst

Summary:Mc used to be in a relationship with Zen, but after being bullied by his fans, things changed - Zen changed and so MC is left alone with the wounds of her past. The one who tries to mend her wounds is Yoosung, but will their relationship turn into a romantic one or is the past going to ruin it all? (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Authors notes: This is Mc’s perspective throughout her relationship with Zen and how she felt with Jaehee not trusting her and being against their relationship. How did MC’s life change while she was in a relationship with Zen? Did it turn for the better or did his fame only hurt her? Read on and find out~~ Hope you like it, cuties~  ( ˘ ³˘)♡


Life without him, is something can hardly imagine. Just picturing all the times, we used to chat and the conversations we had and the first time he saw me in flesh. Maybe that time when he saw me, was actually the moment where I knew that I was in love with him. How he got all excited and just how big his eyes got. He reminded me of how excited children would get when you gave them something they really wanted. Did his expression mean the same – did he really truly want me?

Someone so … normal like me? If I had to be honest I was constantly afraid of how he would react to me once he would get to meet me. But at some point I was waiting in anticipation for the day where we could be together in our own small world. Because maybe, just maybe, after all the times Jaehee was, how can I say…mean and very, hum, possessive of Zen, I didn’t know what to do. At one point I tried to understand her, but the more I tried the harder it was. Being doubted and not trusted left a scar in my heart which I knew wouldn’t heal so quickly. It was painful, trying to help the organisation when at the same time, the very people you wanted to help, did background checks on you and didn’t trust you. 

Zen trusted me with ease, he always said he just had a feeling that I was trustworthy and a good person. The more I interacted with all of the members of the rfa, the more everyone warmed up to me, I was starting to feel welcome and maybe even … loved?

But there was always Jaehee, always with her “if I may be so bold…” yada yada, I get it you don’t like me. It’s hard being nice to someone like her, when I actually really wanted to be her friend. But how can any relationship work, where there is no trust. And honestly I was starting to get fed up with how she would meddle constantly, just because she was a fan of Zen’s. I do understand that she was only protecting him, but there is a line between wanting what is best for someone and being possessive. In all that protecting she forgot about the one person she cared for – Zen. She forgot that he too has feelings, that he too is human and that if his fans did love him for who he was, they would accept the fact that he would maybe someday be with someone who loves and cherishes him. Also – his fans are supposed to love him for his work and not just for his looks. Maybe that is one reason, for why Zen liked me?
Because frankly, I wasn’t his fan, didn’t know about him. 

But I cared for him and his passion for his work. He is dedicated, strong and works hard in everything he does. That is why he so amazing and that is why, I fell in love with him.

It was nice how everyone in the rfa gave us their blessing, after a while even Jaehee warmed up to me. To this day, she is still at times is weird and goes on and on about how we should wait with every small thing in our relationship but I don’t mind, I see in her eyes that she is my friend and that now – she even means all what she says not to turn me away, but in a way to protect me.

This – me thinking about the past and reminiscing about how lucky I was is something that as of lately would often do. I would sit on the couch with a warm cup of tea in my lap and just think about everything. Before that happened all of us were happy.

The sudden ringing of the doorbell woke me from my thoughts and I walked towards it, I already knew who it was.  As I opened the door and welcome my visitor with a big smile.

“Hello MC, how have you been lately? Is everything alright, can you manage living all by yourself? Hopefully you don’t feel to bored without any company.” 

Spoke the cute blonde. At his question I only shook my head and showed him to step inside, he sighed slightly and nodded. I was about to go and prepare him a cup of tea, when he stopped me in mid of my tracks and took my hand.

“MC, I know that after all of that you don’t want to … see him or her and I am glad that you are even staying in touch with the rest of us. I feel like we all … weren’t good friends to you, we could have protected you better.”

I saw how his eyes watered and squeezed his hand at that and gave him a small smile. 

“I miss your voice, I miss your laugh MC. What those fans did to you is unforgivable.”

Ah, that is right …  I was bullied by Zen’s fans and … they almost killed me and the result from all that trauma was that I became a selective mute and I could only speak with some people. When I did speak though – I only spoke out a few words, but after some time I couldn’t talk anymore, I just stopped. At times the only one I could speak to was Zen, but after some time, when he started to change I couldn’t even talk to him anymore. He did feel responsible for everything that happened and as I was hospitalised. Zen would often visit me and bring me gifts and talk all about his work and how he missed me, missed … us. 

 Then after a while the visits would stop and I would often just be all alone in that white room. At those times all I had were the thoughts in my head that would slowly make me go insane. One thing that did keep me going was my window. Though it was painful to see the time fly, to see how the world was still moving even after all those horrible things happened to me. But I loved it, I loved how the sky would change in colour, how it would look different at different times in the day.  

As naïve as I was, I would always turn to the door and wait for someone, anyone that I knew to visit me and help me forget all about that time. That horrible time when I tried my hardest not to let Zen know just how much his fans hurt me, how mean they would get and just how mean Jaehee could get. If the rfa member knew just how much nasty things were behind the scenes, would they still claim to love each other? To love me?  

I believed them nonetheless. I was aware of the secrets and the things V hid from everyone, I just didn’t know how big these secrets actually were – so big that it endangered lives. But I loved them, I truly did, each and every one of them. Even if Jahee did those unspeakable things, even if Zen left me, I loved them and this love that I felt for them has only given me more pain. I believed in them, in my lovely members.

The rfa members, just didn’t have the time to visit and I understood. I knew that they would visit if they could, deep inside I knew. At least the ones who knew what happened could have visited. The only one who didn’t know was Yoosung – all of them thought that he would not be able to handle what happened to me. I understood and tried to be strong. But after all that happened and after all that they did to me it still it hurt and I wasn’t as strong as they thought I was. I was slowly crumbling and I was starting to loose myself.

As I gazed at my wrists that held light marks from that time, when I was weak and didn’t find any other way, Yoosung gently took hold of my wrist and kissed it. Ha…Yoosung, after they finally told him what happened he changed. All that anger that he felt for V and the organisation turned to hate, he hated them all. He was so mad at them, for betraying his trust, for letting all of this happen. He only stayed for my sake. He would run to me so many times, it turned to daily visits and he would stay for a long time or I would visit him and watch him play LOLOL. His presence calmed me and I wasn’t as scared. He grew to be taller, stronger and muscular. His shoulders were broader and I felt safer. I looked at him and no matter how much he might have grown I still saw the cutie Yoosung that would always blush at my compliments.

 Even now there was a slight dust of pink on his cheeks. And he spoke up while holding both of my hands; “I would have protected you if I knew, I would try to save you, would try to make the pan go away. I am so sorry that I couldn’t, I am sorry that you are hurting. I wish I was you knight.”

He led me to the couch and wrapped his arms around me and held me, maybe he thought that I was going to cry.

“You can…you can let it out if you want.”

I shook my head, I couldn’t’ cry anymore. All that happened has passed and I even if my life has changed I tried to live on. Zen might have left me, but I still had the comfort of my friends Yoosung and Jumin. Both of them have dedicated their time to visit me and make sure that I was alright.
Just as I thought of Jumin, Yoosung asked me; “Did Jumin visit you lately? How long has it been since he was here?”. I pulled back from the hug and showed him with my finger the number three – signalising that it has been three days. A slow hum escaped Yoosung.

“What about him? Does he ever contact you? Or…?”

I put my finger on his lips and only shook my head and after a long while feeling comfortable to speak up, I opened my mouth and in a hushed voice I said; 

“You are here.” 

He wore a shocked expression on his face, which instantly softened into a warm smile and tears in his eyes he embraced me again, but now stronger and … it felt warmer.

“And here I will stay! I promise to protect you, from now on I will be there!”

I wanted to cherish this sweet moment, feeling warm and safe in the arms of someone who cherished me so much. But this moment would surely pass – for a message was sent from an unknown number on my phone and the only thing it said was; 

“I’m sorry.”

I feel bad for Mel...

Even if she can take it in stride. Even if she can ignore it. Even if the assholes who say it think they are being humorous or edgy. Even if these people are her supposed friends. They have consistently shitted on her character and her character’s ability to relate to Daryl, the cash cow of TWD. And what it does is diminish the chemistry she has with him and others when they cast her in a mother role to people who are not even ten years younger than her.

My first thought is to be nasty and say mean things about those who do this to her, but it does nothing but bring me down to that level. But it also angers me that the people she seems to care about don’t seem to care much about her because if they did they would understand they are fanning the flames of the people who use her age and grey hair as a negative against her as a woman and an actress. But instead they continue to peddle the same bullshit. And to TPTB who know this as well, yet choose to use her and her character as a carrot for ratings and shipping but refuse to commit or acknowledge in any way what that is doing to her, well they sicken me.

I’m so fucking tired of coming online everyday and engaging her haters because this could be prevented or lessened if those who are supposedly her friends and crew mates would stop fucking perpetuating this shit and feeding the fucking trolls. If they don’t ship Caryl, which they don’t have to they can say “they have a special bond” or a “special non romantic bond” or something. The fact they know the reactions and choose to continue to use the language that can drive that is so upsetting to me.

I love Caryl but should she not be with Daryl, Mel and Carol the character deserve better than ageism as a reason. Why not just stop fucking wasting our and her time if they have no intention of romance? Plenty of the survivors are friends we can assume but they don’t talk. If the intention is to keep them friends, stop fucking with us and stop focusing on them and making them each other’s important person. Why even let them speak again? I can assume they acknowledge their friendship with a simple head nod or whatever. I’d rather they do that or say they are not romantic than sit there and say nothing or allow the petty mess in the cast, the interviews, and the fandom go on about her grey hair and nurturing ways, thus implying she’s a mother to a man equal in age to her.

A Comparison of Aang’s Romance to Sokka’s Romances and Why Kataang is a Failure

Mike and Bryan say Kataang was “in the DNA” of the series and it was something that was always planned. Well, I don’t believe them and there’s plenty of evidence that it was actually Zutara that was set up. The fact that the series ends on a plot hole with Aang’s final chakra speaks for itself. But even if that were true, it is handled far differently and more poorly compared to some of the other romances in the series, particularly Sokka’s. Book 3 is where things go very wrong and it even distorts Aang’s character at many points. 

I already compared Mai and Zuko’s relationship to his and Jin’s. Now I’m going to compare Aang’s romance to Sokka’s to show why Kataang is a failed pairing and why a large portion of the fan base rejects it. I’m going to discuss the aspects that make a good ship in a story and compare the relationships. The first thing is:

Mutual Attraction/Interest

This is a very big one. I think it’s very important to establish chemistry early on. If that isn’t the case, the pairing will feel inauthentic and hard to root for. As we can see, Sokka and Yue develop an immediate attraction. You see them flustered and eager to make a connection.

It is the same with Sokka and Suki. Although Suki made the first move, when she and Sokka reunited in The Serpent’s Pass, he was very happy to see her. He expressed interest in her back in Avatar Day after she kissed him. And even though he initially struggled to move on from his relationship with Yue, Sokka was the one to initiate with Suki when he was ready, showing his feelings.

With Katara and Aang, this is not the case. Although we see plenty of instances throughout the show that Aang is attracted to Katara, we see Katara repeatedly shun those advances, and flat out say that she doesn’t see Aang “that way”. Even the few instances where there might be something, they are ambiguous at best. 

Yet we know Katara has no problem feeling attraction to other boys. Her interest in Jet was immediate and obvious. Even as an enemy, Katara couldn’t hide her attraction. Toph even badgers her about it.

This lack of interest is not a slight against Aang. He is still prepubescent and Katara is not, and this says nothing about his future desirability as a partner. But he and Katara are at different points in development, and her lack of attraction is completely natural. But it makes it hard to root for a couple that is so one-sided and lacking in mutual chemistry.

Equal Dynamic

Despite their different social statuses, Sokka and Yue relate to each as equals. Sokka learns that being royalty is not always a good thing, and Yue gets an opportunity to get close to a boy her age for his personality, not his position. Sokka comes to understand the difficulty of needing to put political duty ahead of personal feelings, and Yue learns how the war has impacted the Southern Water Tribe and how adversely the commoners are affected. They are able to share their experiences and communicate with each other.

Sokka and Suki also relate to each other as equals. Suki had no problem taking Sokka on for his sexist attitude in The Warriors of Kyoshi. When they are reunited, Sokka is overprotective of Suki, and she is annoyed by this. Later on in the episode, she reveals that she accompanied them on their journey to also protect him and his friends. Suki wants to protect Sokka as much as he wants to protect her.

With Aang and Katara, this is not the case. We see time and again, instances of Aang confiding in Katara and her comforting him and showing him emotional support. But never once do we see the same in reverse. The dynamic is heavily one-sided.

Even in the one moment where providing emotional support would have been crucial, Aang offers nothing but platitudes and a dismissive attitude. I blame Bryke for this, since I know the original script for this episode was altered to (quite unsuccessfully) push a Kataang view on the audience, but I think the point still stands. Never once do we see Katara discuss her past, her mother, or her inner pain with Aang. Aang puts Katara on a pedestal as being perfect. He simply does not know how to respond to seeing her have hate or rage. The one time she is shown to be particularly vulnerable, he is unable to help her. His more optimistic nature just doesn’t allow him to understand or relate to this darker, more serious side of her. Despite their friendship, Aang is just not someone who Katara can confide in emotionally. This is a very bad thing for a romance.

Respect for Boundaries

Despite their mutual affection for each other, Sokka does eventually back off once Yue starts becoming uncomfortable. She is torn between her feelings for him, and her arranged marriage. Although he is greatly troubled by the situation, he respects position and does not want to cause her any unnecessary pain.

This is also true with Sokka and Suki. Sokka is still troubled after his relationship with Yue, and is unable to kiss Suki back when she initiates. She repects his feelings and apologizes for making him uncomfortable. This respect gets Sokka to trust her, and he is able to return her feelings the next day.

Toph has a very similar crush on Sokka that Aang has on Katara. But Toph never acts entitled to Sokka’s affections and respects his attraction to girls his own age. The difference is, the show does not spend an inordinate amount of time depicting Toph pining for Sokka the way it does with Aang’s crush. It’s treated as a natural part of growing up.

Yet again, we don’t see this with Katara and Aang. Aang assumed he and Katara would be together after he kissed her at the invasion without once ever asking her if she reciprocated his feelings. When she expresses her feelings about not wanting a relationship, Aang demands to know why she “isn’t sure.” He then gets angry with her and blames his lack of success at unlocking his final chakra on her.

He then ignores her feelings and kisses her anyways, much to her displeasure. The worst thing is, never once does he seem to ever contemplate the fact that she may choose not to reciprocate. He has become possessive, and never has to accept the idea that he is not entitled to her affections romantically. Katara has been a very selfless friend to Aang, and she does not owe him her romantic attraction. Aang does not express the maturity that he would respect her freedom to be true to herself, even if her answer may disappoint him.

Unfortunately, this is the exact point the guru was trying to make, a plot point that was unceremoniously dropped altogether, leaving most fans very confused about the guru’s message. Other writers obviously understood the problem with the Katara/Aang dynamic, but their plans to address this were aborted. Aang cares about Katara, but he also views her as the prize at the end, hoping he can “win” her over by being the Avatar. It is his attachment to his desired outcome for a romance that interferes with unlocking his 7th chakra. The crown chakra is opened by coming to love others completely unselfishly and doing the highest good with no expectations for earthly rewards. Aang needed to learn to let go of expectations and love Katara by respecting her feelings, even if it meant he was disappointed by her response. Sadly, this never happens in canon.


Mutually positive interactions are vital for a successful romance. The audience needs time to see the relationship develop to get invested in it. With Sokka and Yue, we see their relationship develop in the brief duration that it lasted. We see them awkwardly flirt with each other as they start to develop feelings.

Although Yue could not be with Sokka, we see how much she likes him, and he likes her. Their ride on Appa shows them continually growing closer.

This culminates in Yue’s eventual self-sacrifice, with one last kiss to Sokka. Despite their circumstances preventing them from being together, their connection was genuine and mutual.

With Sokka and Suki we see how they get together, and we also see something else very remarkable. When Suki is captured by Azula, Sokka learns she was waiting for him to save her, and he never came. He is overcome with emotion. This is the first and only time we see Sokka cry in the series. Sokka is one of the most upbeat and optimistic characters, and he’s not prone to sentimentality like Katara or Aang. Seeing him shed tears is very unusual and shows his true feelings for her. 

His emotional reaction even wound up sabotaging their invasion plans. Sokka is a very logical and rational person, so we see how much he cared about Suki to cause him to lose his composure like that. We see how much it hurts him when he thinks he’s unable to protect his loved ones.

They have a heartfelt reunion later, and we see how close their bond is. Suki always had faith that Sokka would come, and she was right.

We continue to see them have a positive and healthy dynamic, joking and being affectionate. Although Suki didn’t get as much development as she deserved (most likely because of the cancellation of Book 4), she has a solid relationship with Sokka that is rooted in respect and mutual affection.

With Aang and Katara, there is a lot of development to their friendship, but the same cannot be said of their romance. Much of the development consists of Aang trying to impress Katara or make her jealous, and her being disinterested.

The Headband contains probably the only real sign of attraction and interest on Katara’s part. It’s also interesting that it replaced an episode that was originally going to explore Aang and Kuzon’s backstory. That episode was scrapped to add in something so that the Kataang ending didn’t feel as forced. I’d argue it was still unsuccessful in that regard either way. It’s this late into the series and we’re only just now establishing a possible attraction. This doesn’t contain much to build on for a relationship, though. It is a flirtatious moment, but lacking in any substance whatsoever.

By the end, the viewer is left with nothing to go by as to how Katara comes to accept Aang as her romantic partner. It seems to be something that happens after Aang is recognized as the “real hero”, not something that happens by furthering the understanding or bond of the two characters themselves. It is very sudden and sends the message that accomplishments are the way to “win” someone over, not personal dynamics or communication. This is not a healthy message to send to a young audience. And the final point…

Contribution to Character Development

At the beginning of the show, Sokka has a slightly sexist attitude; a result of being raised in the Southern Water Tribe. But by the time he meets Yue, we see that he does indeed respect women. He is disgusted by the sexist traditions, and is enraged that Yue has to marry someone that she doesn’t love, and that doesn’t love her. He sees how the patriarchal Northern Water Tribe is unjust and unfair to Yue.

We also see how the relationship alters his perspective of life. In the beginning, Sokka was left behind with the rest of the children of his village, and has been sheltered from the true realities of war. His meeting with Yue, and her sacrifice, changes him, and we see him have a new respect for the losses that come with war. This helps him strive to become a better warrior to protect his loved ones.

With Sokka and Suki, it is similar. When he first meets Suki, Sokka doesn’t think that women are suitable as fighters. Throughout their friendship and relationship, Suki more than proves Sokka wrong, and she helps him to become a more open-minded person regarding gender roles. She shows him that she’ll have his back as much as he has hers.

Unfortunately, the only real message that I got from Katara and Aang’s romance is: Katara’s feelings don’t matter, only Aang’s do. This scene in The Fortuneteller should have been the exact opposite of a shipping moment. Katara ponders the prediction she received and for the first time thinks of Aang as a potential romantic partner. But as we see so clearly with Zuko, one of the main themes of the show is that only you can create your destiny. Aunt Wu may have gotten Aang’s hopes up, but ultimately Katara’s destiny should be up to her.

The same can be said of The Cave of Two Lovers. While Aang is certainly enthusiastic about kissing Katara, she only suggests the idea as a means of getting out of the cave. Once again, just because Aang gets his hopes up, this does not mean that Katara should be locked in as Aang’s love interest permanently in order to not disappoint him.

We see this yet again in Avatar Day. The prisoners tell Aang that Katara will “come around.” Aang and by extension, the audience, is asked to sympathize only with Aang’s feelings and never Katara’s. The prisoners have no idea that Katara will change her feelings.

We see this yet again, when Avatar Roku encourages Aang that he just needs to be persistent and that being the Avatar will no doubt help him win a girl’s affections. This is not healthy for Aang, as it encourages him to see his status, not his personality as being enough for a potential lover, and that isn’t fair to him. He deserves someone who loves him for who he is, not because it’s cool to date the Avatar. And it’s unfair to Katara, as it implies that she will see his status as the Avatar as compensating for her lack of interest in other areas of their dynamic. Also, persistence is not always a surefire way to “win” someone over. It more usually drives the other person away.

Once again, the audience is only encouraged to see the relationship from Aang’s point of view. His feelings are prioritized, and she becomes the object of affection in his dreams. She’s his “forever girl” before she ever even has a chance to learn about Aang’s feelings herself.

This is why the Kataang ship is such a failure and why this final scene was undeserved and unsatisfactory. It fails every criteria for being a good ship and is not built on a solid foundation at all. It distorts plot points and character development that was set up in previous seasons, and simply lacks the necessary ingredients for a healthy relationship.

anonymous asked:

I actually like a lot of stuff that you post but you continue to be really, really dismissive and insensitive about what the new 52 did to Lois and how bad it treated her. I support your love for the "Superfam" but she is the most important member of it, the only person there from day 1. And you regularly defend things that just literally didn't give a fuck about her and treated her like yesterday's rotten garbage. You don't care at all about what the new 52 did to her. That's a problem.

well, I’m sorry if you feel like that but please tell me which part in the Superfam rulebook that compels me to be actively devote and care about Lois in order to get a Superfam fan card, or do i need to revoke mine now?

if i saw her as rotten garbage” i would have care less about the way i draw her and just scribble some fractured lines or something, and i wouldn’t even have something planned for the upcoming Mother’s Day with her and Talia :/ people think artist can just draw whatever they want but no, we need love and connection to a character in order to do it.

i don’t see N52 does anything particular bad to her that even preN52 hasn’t, and that’s my view? she is getting on well with a new boyfriend, there’s a new story somewhere, yet it’s cut short. that’s how it is to me. the Lois Lane one-shot in N52 is honestly amazing, and i love the short relationship she had with Bruce in Batman/Superman (BruceLois is honestly a nice ship)

Hell, the Rebirth Lois, along with Jon, are few redeeming quality for Rebirth at this point. She actually cares and wants to discuss what happened in Reborn but Rebirth Clark brushed her off. When I criticise Rebirth I only zero in on Superman in particular.

and really it’s amazing how you guys keep sending me messages like this, maybe i should start going around and criticising every single DC blogs that ship Constantine with Zatanna because how dare y'all ignore that Constantine has an amazing wife in Vertigo Hellblazer called Epiphanny and he will honestly never never ever love anyone more than her, and if you want to talk about soulmate it’s always supposed to be Kit. Since Hellblazer has a damn good history of 300 issues and countless spinoffs, one-shots and a Vertigo classic, people should pay attention to all those details how dare they only enjoy the new Hellblazer.

but no, i won’t be doing that, i’ll just complain to myself and anyone who wants to hear, that’s all. because i can’t police people’s fandom experience. (if i give myself that power you’ll see an aggressive little shit that attacks people for liking things like current Hellblazer, Lucifer and moan 24/24 about how DC fucked up for letting Karen Berger go. g od it’d be a nightmare)

it-is-i-the-funkiest-nut  asked:

Hi! How do you think that the RFA would react to MC who does parkour in her free time?

i hope u like it!!! i had fun writing them haha!!


-Zen is iNSPIRED
-he joins in!!
-of course MC isn’t about to just let Zen join them without proper training
-so they do that
-MC and Zen train together
-and then Zen gets his debut!!
-he’s p good??? already an athletic boy but now!!
-he is a Parkour Boy
-he loves it
-he fuckin loves it he’s such an adrenaline junkie
-and so is MC
-they shoot videos together and of each other doing acrobatic moves and dangerous leaps
-and with all that adrenaline u bet your bippity-boppity-boo there’s makeouts after (and sometimes in the middle)
-and we all know Zen….. is so thirsty
-but also a self-imposed gentleman
-wait till they both get home tho


-mmm listen
-listen the first time Yoosung sees MC doing parkour he is STARRY EYED and like
-that reaction nnnneeeeeverrr stops
-he is so impressed???
-and so proud!!!
-especially when MC parkours their way to him while he’s outside on campus like
-that’s my SO!!!!!!! being the coolest!!!!!!!
-and he wishes he could do it too, but
-Yoosung is.
-not. athletic
-at all.
-but he is MC’s biggest fan!!
-and he loves receiving those breathless after-run kisses from MC he’s a blushing mess he loves this he loves MC
-he lives for those smooches


-finds the fact that MC does parkour casually (as in, yknow, without even thinking about it and just going for it)
-aha see wat i did there?
-she is a lil hot n bothered
-doesn’t care if MC is sweaty they are going to kiss
-it feels a lil like seeing Zen perform except better bc MC is their significant other
-I mean!! Jaehee worries!! of course she does!!
-but she has done her research
-Jaehee trusts MC to know what they’re doing out there


-Parkour is dangerous MC
-please do not

-MC has to sit him down and explain that they regularly train for this and that they absolutely know what they’re doing Jumin okay??
-listen after the initial hesitations and worry have passed if MC doesn’t have like…… their own YouTube channel and professional cameras and stuff they do now
-they’ve got a camera crew and onsite medical just in case
-Jumin Han is the Richest Boy and he wants to spoil MC at every opportunity
-v supportive now that he is assured of MC’s (relative) safety
-posts links to the videos in the chat room all the time (Zen would be annoyed but….. it’s MC and it’s…. SO COOL)
-gets a p elaborate obstacle course set up inside the building for MC for practice and for inclement weather days
-low key loves the athleticism and the muscle definition
-dem thighs


-is here for this!!
-sort of
-he’s done some p similar stuff before
-I mean…… he still thinks it’s dangerous for MC to do parkour
-so he goes with
-and they race
-he gets used to the whole thing
-they fuckin
-they end up cosplaying when they parkour together like……
-Seven and MC end up with a following???
-Seven is several parts embarrassed but mostly excited and flattered
-makin a mark on the world..
-rly super glad MC does parkour now and got him into it too
-he’s the one that ends up botching stunts the most, tho
-cause he’s so stupid reckless
-MC yells at him and worries a lot
-but Seven’s pretty resilient
-already knows how to minimize injuries in a fall due to prior training so..
-worst he’s gotten so far is a broken arm and like….. a leg fracture

So the masses have now caught on to Cultural Appropriation (is a sociological concept which views the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of a different culture as a largely negative phenomenon), and most of the time, those not of color are pointed out for it...which is fine...BUT let’s not forget...

Some of y’all might get mad at this but…

Because y’all worship her

So quick to call it out, but I never see this on my dash tho, usually just Kylie Jenner and Katy Perry…

I personally could care less but since y’all been so hot about it, I thought I’d put into perspective…

And as a Moroccan, Henna is not just some cool, cute idea for arts and crafts and tattoo ideas, it’s cultural and sacred. Though it finds its way into more than one culture, it is a practice in Indian and Arabic culture…But it’s Rihanna right? So who caresss…yea. I really could care less about this cultural appropriation fight, and could care less about what she does, and this isn’t an attack towards Rihanna by any means, but let’s not be one sided. I just like to start real conversations and put things into perspective. Oh but it’s cultural appreciation not appropriation. I appreciate Chinese culture, I may even study it, but I am not Chinese, and I will not wear the garments that so honorably identify you, etc. Here comes the attacks and justifications from Rihanna fans………..unless y’all understand. :) #Noshade

This time, I’ll be reviewing Switch #3 by Stjepan Sejic. Sorry for how long it’s been since my last review. But here I am!

Before I get to anything else, I’d like to draw attention to the cover (seen above).  Here, we have a wide variety of the wielders who our heroine, Mary Parker, draws from. I’ll identify them clockwise, starting with the bottom left. First, we have Una, who we’ve been introduced to before. A cavewoman, she was the first wielder of the Witchblade, unless others wielded it before it came to Earth. She’s not exactly one for words, befitting her time period, and seems to be more in line with using the Witchblade as a blunt instrument than as a tool for more complex strategems. Next we have Imani, an African woman who first shows up in this issue and seems to favor a bow. More on her below. Then, at the top, is Hilde, from the times of Norse mythology, with a hammer. The wielder in the Stetson hat with the overall Wild West appearance and the handgun as her primary weapon is unknown to me, but the closest I can think of for her would likely be Enola from the prime Top Cow continuity, from the one-shot “Witchblade: Day of the Outlaws.” Minato comes next, hailing from what appears to be an Asian country (which one I am uncertain, but most likely before the widespread use of firearms) and uses some form of sword from her country of origin. Lastly is a redheaded spear-wielder from what I assume is Medieval Europe, based upon her attire and, according to preview images on Mr. Sejic’s DeviantART page, a less-than-healthy obsession with killing dragons with it. This small sampling is likely not all of the wielders. In fact, I am certain of it, as Zala the Twilight Empress is not shown. However, the many conflicting opinions are very amusing and give a good feel for how the comic goes, mixing action with bickering in a satisfactory way.

Now then, on to the issue within. Much like the previous issue, this one does not dive directly into the fray. Instead, we look at Sara Pezzini’s love of coffee, not to mention a brief mention of her sister, Julie. In the prior continuity, Julie entered into a relationship with Jake McCarthy, Detective Pezzini’s partner, but he appears to not even know about said sister in this one, judging from how Sara has to identify her by name. Given that this comic focuses heavily on the adventures (and misadventures) of Mary, her friends, and her enemies both known and unknown, I am unsure if the relationship will come up again. Joe Siry, the captain in charge of Sara’s precinct, also appears, but it is unknown if he will have an important role either, especially considering he seems to be more angry with what has happened regarding the Irons City Grid, whereas he had a connection to Kenneth Irons in the prior continuity. On a related note, I love the use of word bubbles in this scene. While there have been dashes on the outside of said bubbles before to show anger or other high emotion in voices, the heart-shaped bubble that showed when Dectective Pezzini took a sip of her long-awaited coffee showed far more emotion than some other authors would, when they would perhaps place a tilde (~) at the end of a phrase to indicate playfulness or lengthen words, increasing their size or repeating certain letters in a word.

When we last left our heroine, she was about to face off against General Celestine of the Angelus Warriors. I have to feel bad for the guy whose car is utterly smashed (along with Mary’s rib) in the part of the fight we enter upon. Still, it was very amusing. When we come back to Una, I was very pleased to see that Mr. Sejic is taking into account that while Mary is channeling the super strength of Una, she is still a “scrawny teenager” and so cannot perform the same feats.

That’s what we have Imani for, who takes up the role of channeled power. I enjoy the look at the different sides of the different bearers. While Una is filled with primal anger and courage, Imani instead projects wisdom and determination. While Una moves with Mary, practically possessing her, Imani instead guides her as a teacher, only taking complete control when absolutely needed. Una’s unbridled ferocity worked for some situations, but not all, as there is no real attempt at defensive measures. By contrast, the first thing Imani does is show Mary how to defend against the holy fire that Celestine projects, then how to create a bow. That bow in particular was something that I greatly enjoyed. I have always been a fan of using powers in unique ways, and the way in which Mary is taught to not only disassemble the threads that make up the three arrows she simultaneously loosed, but also entangle her opponent and even banish her to the plane from which she came without needing to use anything more than vocal commands really shows more of what mystical effects the Witchblade is capable of.

This isn’t to say that Una is useless. As soon as the fight against this more powerful foe is over, she helps to guide Mary in climbing a building away from the police. All that this means is that Una is more attuned to less refined forms of defense, such as running when needed and not in direct combat.

Sonatine’s aggravation never ceases to amuse me. He seems like a man who feels as though he is completely surrounded by imbeciles who cannot accomplish anything of import. Still, he also seems rather kind, for what he can do. He is relatively nice to Tony, his charge, though harsh when he feels he has to be in order to protect him. On the other hand, I found it rather odd that Tony immediately knew Mary is the same person with whom he was once very friendly. Still, this is somewhat ameliorated by the fact that he asks for her last name. Most other fiction would completely ignore that half and assume that there is only one person per first name, even if this is not the case. In fact, this happens sometimes for people I know in my own life, where it is no less silly in my opinion.

The return to Sara and Jake at the scene of the battle had another refreshing addition. While all of the data of the fight was digitally removed from all mobile devices of the people who saw said fight, Sara is rather astute, immediately becoming suspicious of Kenneth Irons, who would have access to the data, and whose city protection grid has failed twice in recent times, both times at these “angel” sightings. Of course, this raises questions about why Irons does not manufacture more issues with his grid at other times to cover his tracks, but that can be chocked up to his apparent egotism.

Following Irons himself discussing how he is in need of adapting his plans to changing circumstances and how he may be visited by one of the Angelus’ agents, Mary finds herself in “the Crossing,” which could be deemed a kind of waiting room for the fallen of the Witchblade, where they come across one another. Here, Mary learns of the past of the Witchblade, including the Darkness and the Angelus, along with meeting with Una and Imani in person.

Imani’s description of the purpose for the Witchblade is very potent, not to mention one I enjoy as a synopsis. “A whisper of SHADOW to offer shelter from endless light – if ANGELUS was to claim victory… a SPARK of light to keep the universe anchored if DARKNESS was to prevail.”

Also interesting, not to mention hilarious, is Mary’s even more succinct description of its nature. “Light and darkness HATE each other except this one time when they LIKED each other very very much, made a BABY, and that baby is now this thing on my hand, right?” Hard to deny that’s pretty much exactly what it is, so Imani doesn’t even try.

Speaking of Zala from earlier, it is in this issue that Mary finally meets her. The double page spread that introduces her in full is absolutely gorgeous, with the sharp lines in many of the pages completely smoothed out to show off the character designs as if they were stand-alone paintings, rather than pieces of a larger comic book. Zala looks intimidating, not unlike Maleficent of Sleeping Beauty fame, and the gray eyes of Mary as she looks upon her are just as breathtaking. I do not know if Stjepan or Linda Sejic made these pages, but thank you for them, for showing just how beautiful the art of Top Cow can be.

Even with how intimidating she is, Zala is not without sources of amusement. She seems to forget that the fact that her name has been hidden from history, as she herself admits, means that a later bearer such as Mary would be extremely unlikely to have any idea who she is, to her chagrin. I am reminded of Maxwell Lord IV’s anger during the Brightest Day regarding loss of memory of Wonder Woman by the general populace. But I digress.

The talk with Zala shows me something else: apparently Mary’s ability to channel the power of other Witchblade users is unique to her. Is that her special skill set, like those of the others? If so, what was Zala’s? Magic only?

After some issues with getting Mary to accept her role as the new bearer, I was actually laughing out loud at her reasoning that led her to accept. She doesn’t care about cosmic balance, light versus dark, or any of that. She’s a teenager, and seemingly a geek besides. Why does she agree? Because she has an actual alien weapon! That’s the kind of thing many a science fiction fan would love to say, even if not to use it. That display of humanity and normality had me laughing for a large part of the day.

While I feel sorry for Mr. Stjepan Sejic’s injury that led to the delay of this issue, I wish him the best. I can’t wait until next issue!

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That shipper you spoke to doesn't know the facts either. No one does. Damn shipper. They need to stop acting like they do. Look I'm sick of all these WWE romance crap they've been showing. If this is the new era, focus on the wrestling damn it!

YES thank you! I was like not getting into this because you don’t know the facts or the details either. However it’s like if you aren’t a wrestling fan at all then why do you even care about two people who work for a wrestling company and retweet ever useless tweet she tweets. Sorry for the rant had to do some massive unfollowing on my personal twitter 

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I hate going back into the past an talking about old dating crap, but that niall and selena thing was funny because they were walking out of places together. She was backstage at x-factor and NOBODY CARED!!! As a Harrie fan, what is that like? If that was Harry all hell would have been breaking loose. Niall was in Disney with some girl and in the pictures, playing with her hair and all that. Nothing, not even a hint of a whine. It's amazing

nobody cares what he does. literally no one

I don’t get it.
I simply don’t get it.
What has Sarah Urie done so bad that she is getting harassed and bombarded with insults and hate on the Internet?
And don’t give me that shit that
“she’s too nice.”
“too perky.”
“She’s just in for the money.”
“She’s a gold digger.”
For one thing, you cannot hate someone for being too nice, WHAT IS WRONG WITH KINDNESS??? And she is a literal sweetheart, frankly WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE SARAH URIE in our fucked up world right now.
She cares about everyone around her, and she literally emits light with everything she does. What has she done so bad?
What she cares about everyone around her? She loves her friends and family so dearly?
She loves Brendon?
She cares about us fans? Even after everything some fans have put her through, she still cares.
She’s sweet and forgiving?
Are these crimes?
Sarah Urie is a grown, caring, kind woman, who deserves to be treated with respect. I don’t care if you love her or you hate her (which I don’t understand how you wouldn’t love her)
She is getting bullied and harassed for no reason, and by a bunch of fucking teenagers!! Teenagers.
Jealous teenagers who know that they will never be with Brendon.
Does it make you feel better that your bulling a 28/29 year old woman?
A woman who is a perfect role model for all people everywhere?
A woman who loves Brendon, your idol, so deeply?
A woman who Brendon loves so much, with all his heart.
It does not take a genius to know that Brendon and Sarah Urie are happily in love.
Plus when you say that Sarah is a gold digger, your also insulting Brendon too. Because by saying this, your kinda saying that Brendon isn’t smart enough to see? If she was, Brendon would be smart enough to see that. Brendon is not an idiot guys, so do not act like he is.
Brendon has had to tell us to fuck off with all the hate, and it’s embarrassing for the Panic! At the Disco Fandom that we have had to come to this.
Don’t you dare tell me or call yourself a fan of them if you hate Sarah. If you love Brendon, then you would at least respect Sarah since he adores her.
It honestly breaks my heart that she’s getting treated this way.
Sarah is not a gold digger.
Sarah is not too perky.
Sarah is not doing anything wrong.
Sarah is kind, caring, loving, and forgiving.
We need more kindness in our world.
We need more people like Sarah Urie.
Kindness is not a crime.

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I just saw an ichiruki fan's lame attempt to degrade the friendship of rukihime, i would have contd to laugh if it was not for the fact that people actually agreed with them that orihime is a bitch for not caring about rukia

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

I think I saw it in the “Bleach 681” tag by @ichuki-nee  & also her stupid attempt to support her claims while she was disputing with @remedy-ad: just tagging the bitter anti since it’s her post I’ll be addressing. Before she starts to yell bullshit like:

“You’re full of shit, you didn’t see this on your dash – its tagged anti and only Ichiruki’s are reblogging it – you being an ichihime, do not follow Ichiruki’s. You went searching for this post to start shit.”

She started shit when she tagged it under the latest chapter, as if it flew out of her head that IH fans are also a part of the Bleach fan-base.

Anyways back to her obvious biased declaration over:

“Rukia cares for Orihime, all Orihime cares about is Ichigo”

While she uses at least two images (I’m going to exclude the third to properly explain how she’s completely wrong in that one):

First of: where the hell is Rukia concerned and caring about Orihime in these two scenes?

I’m not going to question that Rukia does care about Orihime, because she beautifully does such as these scenes :

But Rukia isn’t even looking at Orihime in any of the scenes you are using for your pity hate: the first panel she is looking at where her hand is touching her abdominal region while Orihime is looking at Ichigo and his concern toward Rukia.

In the second panel Rukia’s line of gaze turns to Ichigo, just the same as Orihime is looking at him. 

Let’s not forget that Rukia had been heavily injured and Orihime instead of healing herself went to healing Rukia and the others.

Since you can only see what you want, I bet you skimmed over Orihime’s worry toward Rukia while she heals her in the third panel.

And jumped straight at the chance to degrade Orihime while her eyes shift to Ichigo’s own worry. Because that only shows how selective you are being.

To the absurd remark you made toward the recent Rukihime scene:

Orihime’s face was looking toward Rukia’s in the first panel, before her eyes turn to face Ichigo. 

Rukia is speaking in shock at the information she has acquired before falling silent as she processed everything; who were the two people there that could have explained to Rukia about Ywach’s ability?

And who is the only one from them that is still able to speak about what they faced?

Unless Rukia had been there with Ichigo & Orihime to fully comprehend Ywach’s power, please be my guest to explain how Rukia found out this data.

Nonetheless I think @puraiuddo‘s own explanation is better elaborated so I’ll add it “here.

Now to better express how Rukia & Orihime’s relationship is; I’ll include the scenes where Orihime shows her attention/concern toward Rukia:

But since you are so determined to dirty Rukihime with your atrocious critical view of Orihime: 

Please continue to show other fans that there are people as yourself “deluding” themselves into warping a fictional character with hate & disgust while being an opposing factor in shipping terms.

Because apparently Orihime can only see Ichigo, and hasn’t been shown to care for other characters such as Rukia.

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Sheik’s Secret 

Do you ever wonder how dedicated Zelda is to her disguise? I always imagined it being about this level. She does all the little fine details with great care, but underneath something’s…. off. Who matches their costume with their underwear anyways? 

And don’t even try to tell me this is an unreasonable discovery for Hyrule Warriors. You can steal Impa’s bra for god’s sake!

I'm just going to say it.

The fact that Killian can remember the people he’s killed and their names, and speak about them with such regret, shows that despite his past he has managed to hold onto his humanity and feel remorse for what he’s done.

Whereas Regina. She can’t even be sure whose heart was used to bring Daniel back to life, because she “took so many”. And she couldn’t even bother remembering the time she sentenced Marian to death, because apparently she was “too vanilla”.

These are people’s lives she’s talking about. Lives she was responsible for ending. But does she care, even now? No, of course not.

This is the sign of a true sociopath.

Why anyone would ship Emma with this woman is beyond my understanding. But then I suppose most SQ fans are only into the ship because of Regina.

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Now I'm thinking about it and it seems older cartoons (a few at least) handled representation better? At the very least they tended to be open about the characters' cultural backgrounds. As a kid I always picked up on these things, I always knew which ethnicity a character belonged to. SU does little to nothing. They like throwing in little hints that a child (even teenager fans) wouldn't really pick up. It's like they're afraid of showing things as they are.

Ikr, I don’t know what’s wrong with showing the fact that culture exists on SU. And yet people want to come up with all these ludicrous ideas that she has no culture ties or that she’s well assimilated, like it’s a good thing. Yeah, I’m sure she doesn’t at all care about being Indian. Much like how Native Americans were perfectly happy their culture was not only shamed but ripped straight from them, and they were forced to imitate white angle Saxon protestants in order to receive basic human rights.


It’s shit like this that fills me with absolute rage. So I’ve attached a quote from taylorswift to counteract the stupidity that is this meme and written a little novel in her defence.

((If you know me at all, you will not be surprised about this at all))

It is so fucking hypocritical of everyone - the media, the public etc - to shit talk about what she writes about for her albums. ALL musicians write from personal experience. Whether it be from the past or present. I’m a nobody, and even I do. I’ve only had like two boyfriends my whole life and a few big crushes, but I have a fuck ton of songs written from my experiences and I could probably write more if something triggers a memory and brings back some past emotions.

Tay hasn’t dated anyone in over TWO YEARS because she was too afraid to after all the bullshit like this that she has copped from the media and the public eye. She is finally in a place where she is happy and confident within herself, and feels she can finally date publicly again. And all that is happening is she is being gossiped about and people are trying to chip away the confidence and happiness she has ALREADY worked so hard to rebuild after previously being knocked down. She became so insecure and closed off because of the media continuously depicting her to be some boy-obsessed slut.

Here’s a little history lesson on taylorswift’s dating life. She dated like TWO guys when she was just a normal, small-town girl as well as had a few CRUSHES but NEVER DATED said crushes, who inspired some songs for her albums ‘Taylor Swift’ and ‘Fearless’ and then only SIX celeb guys after hitting stardom herself, that led to inspiration for songs on ‘Speak Now’, 'RED’ and '1989’. That is only EIGHT PEOPLE in her whole lifetime, now nine with Calvin. That is NOT a big number for a TEN-YEAR time-span. I know people who have had double the number of boyfriends, or slept with triple the number of people just for a fling.

For Taylor to actually be seen out in public with Calvin, looking so happy smiling, hugging, kissing and HOLDING HANDS after all the shit she has gotten about the men she’s dated, is such a huge thing for her.

Especially after this quote:

“If you see me in the press hand in hand with someone even after having said this, it will be because that someone is absolutely extraordinary.”

Tay doesn’t deserve all this hate and petty bullshit. She is such a good person. She cares about her Swifties and does so much for us. She interacts with us fans online more in a day than most artists do in a month. She stalks our social media accounts to find out what we like, and what our interests and hobbies are and then sends us packages filled with gifts and notes from her. She had fans comes to her houses for secret sessions to listen to 1989 months before it was released. She organises a backstage meet and greet FOR FREE and has her mum and members of her team surprise fans in the audience during her concert with a pass to go see her.

Just… People need to realise that snide remarks and words fucking hurt and can do more damage than actual physical violence. It can break you apart and make you a shell of the person you really are. She may be one of the most successful musicians in the world, but she is still a fucking person, she has feelings too. She is a human being for Christ sake, not a toy for you to play with for your own amusement.

*drops mic*

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What does Taylor want to "prove" with her next album? Well ... what is the current criticism? I say it is that she is too popularity-oriented and cares too much about what others think of her. The promotion for 1989 was completely about getting her established fans behind her before it was released (Tumblr, secret parties, etc). I hope this time she wants to prove she does not care what anyone thinks or if it is popular or not, and releases an album filled with non-mainstream music she loves.

It’s unlikely that she will ever try to be liked by everyone as much as she did in the last “era”. Either way her next album will be popular even if she tries to have a “quiet” release phase. Because Taylor has such a big fanbase, everything she puts out can be seen as “mainstream”, everyone will at least hear the lead single.

Some people might say that last year was Taylors not caring what others say phase, even if her last album had that theme…

Let’s talk about more of YG’s shit

This will be long.

AKMU is the definition of started from the bottom. They had so little money that they couldn’t go to school and now finally they can compose, produce and write and share their talent yet YG prohibits them from doing so. They literally begged on television for a comeback.

Most YG artists are self sufficient. YG cashes in on how “genius” his artists are being able to compose, produce, choreograph, etc yet he is still controlling over when and how they release their music.

Lalice. When the fuck will there be actual news on her?

Katie Kim won Kpopstar and has been locked away for so long though she is the only female vocalist in YG comparable Lee Hi and he still doesn’t debut her.

Seunghoon and Mino have both composed songs for WINNER and everything Mino put in was “too hip hop” yet iKON can show diversity and Hoon doesn’t even know is YG listened to his songs.

The english version of Can’t Nobody was supposed to be a warm up for CL’s US debut. It’s been 5 years. Where is her US debut?

Beyond that, her US releases so far were not even as good as anything she’s done in Korea.

YG ignores his female trainees for his boy groups but still gives the boy groups bad promotions.

Bom was never in the wrong. Her needing to “self reflect” is bullshit. He just doesn’t care. G-Dragon got to explain his weed scandal (which frankly was stupid) and gets excused from stupid behaviour yet Bom, totally innocent has to deal with it herself?

Minzy has been in YG 11 YEARS and has not had a solo. Explain.

SuPearls had extremely talented girls yet he only kept Lee Hi, which confuses me because she does deserve it but… Why drop everyone out of YG????

Jennie Kim’s ass was everywhere but SHE HASN’T DEBUTED YET?

And YG obviously sees that boys are the moneymakers for hormone crazed female fans but he doesn’t seem to see HIS STOCKS DROPPING. He should at least care about that enough to debut his damn girl group.

Sua has been a trainee for 6 years. Even so YG said that her staying in YG depends on how she does on UPRS. What???

AKMU and Lee Hi proved themselves to be powerful rookies and had a large impact yet Lee HI only came back recently and where is AKMU?

Kim Jisoo? She’s in ads and other stuff but she has yet to debut?

YG just uses his female trainees as props seeing as he doesn’t have to pay them

YG “didn’t have time” for Lee Hi thus sending her to HIGHGRND. What type of manager does that? YG has time for a golf academy, a restaurant, a clothing line, yet no time for his artists?

When preparing Lee Hi’s comeback, Tablo waited until the MV for Breathe was done to tell him that Jonghyun composed it. The fact Tablo had to fear Lee Hi wouldn’t get to promote such a good song for such a petty reason scares me.

Jung Jaewon. There is 0 reason for him to be a trainee for long. Why is YG waiting to redebut him? Boy has mad popularity from 1Punch and SMTM4 but YG is waiting for… what?

Speaking of One, him, Mino and Bobby were supposed to release a single. I’m positive that hasn’t even started yet.

If he’s going to ignore his girl groups then he could at least promote his boy groups better and give them more freedom. Just saying.


I really wanted to point out that Gummy left for the same reason Minzy probably is. Hiatus. She wasn’t releasing shit.

Anyways. Part two: Stocks is coming soon (lmfao)

The amount of hate for lila in the volpina tag is disgusting, some people are so petty I swear. She absolutely does not deserve to be called the b-slur for lying about the ml-equivalent of saying you’re best friends with taylor swift. How was lila supposed to know ladybug would 1. find out and 2. care. She just wanted to impress her new classmates after transferring schools which is nowhere as evil as some people make it out to be. And why do people care so much if she likes adrien, he doesn’t even like her back. Marinette realized she was wrong to lash out at lila for this at the end of the episode but it looks like a lot of fans didn’t get that part.

(also lila is in no way required to accept the apology and that doesn’t make it so that what ladybug did no longer has to be apologized for)