does saying i love you fix everything

4.11.16 // 11:28 pm

i saw nothing at first because it wasn’t worth it. i was blinded by an endless circle spinning around my head like a halo that was mistakenly given to me. you became the fire to guide me home – a celestial light…a beacon. everything was broken and i don’t know if i wanted to be saved fixed. the shadows are haunting and they haunt you too but every flower shines brighter with every act of love. it was something new and i was afraid at first, but the monsters that truly mattered were the ones in my head. and you put them to rest. 

now i’m sinking and i can’t hear your voice. what is the sound of falling angels? this silence is deafening; the night sky bleeds and i’m letting everything burn around me to erase your absence. you have my heart, my soul. but you also still have every breath you stole from me. my rib cage is empty and my bones are hollow. is this what love is? is this what it’s supposed to feel like? it hurts. but i still want it. i ache for it. for you. i’m alive because of you. where are you? i’m alive so i can wait for you. where are you? i’m waiting–

To all Swifties

I’ve been reading a lot of heartrending and very touching stories from Swifties on my dash. You guys have suffered so much and made it through with flying colours and I just wanted to say how much I admire you for that. I also know that we all want to get noticed by Taylor and have her drop a kind word and fix everything with a swish of her hand, but for every person Taylor notices and helps, there will always be a hundred more who she simply does not see. And for those people, I just wanted to say that they have the support of every Swiftie and about 60 million people have your back. Even if Taylor doesn’t see your post, we all did and we all love you for your bravery and your determination to keep going. Never lose hope <3

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and it’s gonna be fantastic
  • Fitz and Jemma talking over one another. And Fitz asking for Simmons’ help. I love that she’s Jemma only when it’s them and it matters, but Simmons when it’s for everybody else, for science, and SHIELD, and everything old and familiar.
  • (But Fitz, you should remember that time can be rewritten. I know Fitz was speaking from a scientific point of view that does not include mad men flying in a tiny blue box, but he’s so pessimistic. He was talking about Daisy’s vision, but really he was just saying that time is fixed, that their lives are fixed, and some things are just not meant to be. There’s nothing you can do to fight the curse. He’s given up.)
  • The buskids investigating together. I never thought I’d see this day again, thank you Jed and Mo. 
  • May saying ‘BANG!’ when she shoots. Fitz playing dying (”Please nooo”) and JEMMA’S EYEROLLS. JEMMA’S EYEROLLS GIVE ME LIFE. Plus Jemma being a terrible actress and May’s stage directions were everything. Can we see a Public Theater AU where they’re all putting on a show? Jemma’s 'Fitz! You come right after Doug!’ dsoifcjdsovjcodf. MORE OF THAT. PLEASE.
  • Why would I even care about Hive’s plot? I want a whole episode of them trying out scenes from the future. 
  • I can’t believe FitzSimmons had a romantic Doctor Who moment 
  • “I think we’re supposed to hold hands now.” I love Jemma so much. I love that she’s going for it. I love that she reaches for him. I love that their fingers link together, interlaced. I love that Fitz can’t quite believe it for a moment, that his first reaction, every time Jemma gets closer, is to freeze, like he’s trying to remind himself not to hope. I love that their little hands swing, because it’s simple, and sweet, and young, and in love. I love the way Jemma says 'Maybe some things are inevitable’, because what she’s telling him is: we’re not impossible, we’re inevitable. And it might’ve taken us 12 years. The universe might’ve thrown everything it had got at us - brain damage, and hydra, and a trip to a different planet. But we’re here in spite of it. We’re here, holding hands, and it’s snowing ashes, and we’re going to happen. “I’m tired of it not being possible. You are possible. You are possible with me.” (fuck you Freddie Lyon)
  • That was Jemma coming on to him. It was Jemma saying 'What do you think we should do about it?’ all over again. Ball’s in your court now, Fitz. I know he’s scared. I know he’s terrified. But Fitz…Fitz, it’s time to /do/ something.

I want to say a very big, very very big THANK YOU to @titania522 for all she does for the fandom, and for others.

She did host Yuletdide in Panem, now is the main admisintrator of Love in Panem.

With that, she still finds the time to work, take care of her family.

And as if it wasn’t enough, she betas stories, not only fixing mistakes, but also offering advices, throughly going into the story.

To add to that, she also writes amazing stories.

And guess what? She does it without asking anything to anyone.

So … THANK YOU SO MUCH, @titania522 for everything. You’re awesome.