does not mean poc

ignore this rare showing of bitterness but like

Bellamy: the ice nation brutally killed my girlfriend and we’re at war, I have to protect my people.

Bellamy: *grabs gun*

Lexa: the ice nation brutally killed my girlfriend and we’re at war, I have to protect my people.

Lexa: *establishes an unprecedented coalition of previously warring clans, establishes a representative system of government with a democratic method of the removal of religiously ordained leaders, creates a weapons-free neutral zone with a flourishing local economy, ignores her personal desire for revenge to allow the Ice Nation into this coalition in order to prevent more war, becomes a popular leader responsible for the first period of peace and unity since a nuclear apocalypse*

Still have a lot of the medical markings on but here’s me at 8 days post top surgery with the fantastic Dr. Mosser! I have to keep these dressings on my nips but they’re healing nicely. Scarring is also a load better than I expected! Could not be happier and can’t wait to be back at 100% 😊 (and no longer be bloated 😪)

Trump supporter I know: “It’s a two-man key system. Does nobody understand? He can’t just wake up one morning and nuke Finland! He lacks the power! No ones gets that here.” *pause* *Me* “Eh, sounds to me like you don’t 100% trust him with nukes. So, um, why vote for him?”

*Him* “He tells it like it is.”

*Me* “What the fuck does that even mean?”

“Why is it okay to draw/consider Blake as a black girl but saying Sun is a dark skinned/black dude isn’t?”

I saw this question somewhere and I feel like I should answer it. The reason Blake is represented as black is due the fact the lack of dark skinned people in RWBY back at volume one and how the faunus are associated to minority, like black people. 

But, why can Blake be considered black/dark skinned but Sun can’t? Sun Wukong, as his name says, Is a chinese man, And it’s pretty obvious that representation for asian people in general is little and they are generally side characters and things like that. Sun Wukong does not need to be a dark skinned or black to be considerated POC. 

It’s harmful to ignore the fact he’s chinese because you’re basically stealing other people’s representation when there’s little for both dark skinned people and asian people, It just creates the vibe that you’re putting minorities against each other and saying “this representation is better than this one” when this shouldn’t be the case.

All minorities should have their own representation. One isn’t better than the other and that’s it. 

Ooh this is going to make people angry but you know what? This needs to be addressed.

Long story short: all sides of this Star Wars ship war have mucked up.

We all share a common interest and instead of doing anything such as, oh you know, enjoying that, what is the fandom doing? Sending death threats and insults and calling out individuals all because of a matter of opinion? That’s absurd. Yes, I understand that there are certain aspects of all the arguments that could be construed as insulting to a particular group of people, but that is true for anything. I speak as a biracial woman who is bisexual if anyone cares because it’s clear that some people cannot see past race or gender or sexuality and use that in their arguments. However none of this is an excuse for wanting someone dead. People have different opinions and that is o k a y. Liking a morally corrupt character does not mean you wholly support their actions. Not liking a morally corrupt character does not mean you do not like their narrative. Not liking a character who happens to be a POC does not mean you’re racist. Like a character who happens to be a POC does not mean you’re the most inclusive person to exist.

However, liking a character exclusively because they are a POC is wrong. Not liking a character exclusively because they are a POC is also wrong. Telling POC fans that their opinions don’t matter because they’re POC is wong. Telling POC fans that their opinions only matter because they’re POC is also wrong.

But going after a person if they have done none of the above is worse than anything else because that means you think you’re more important than they are and that’s not okay.

The discourse is unecessary. The name calling is childish. But sending death threats to people based on assumptions you have made of them? That’s down right absurd. There is not a single right side in this argument because truth be told, everyone who is involved in this argument is biased and you know why that is?

It’s because it’s human nature.

I’m not saying that any examples of racism, sexism, or homophobia is a bias – that’s a prejudice and an act of discrimination – but passionately believing that you are correct is okay. You have a right to believe that you are right because there isn’t a “right” answer. Not at this point in time.

The largest argument against Reylo is that it could be incest or that it’s abusive. Yes. Yes it could be. We do not know yet. Does that mean it’s okay to send death threats to people over this? No. Could a single person prefer Reylo because they despise the idea of biracial relationships? Yes. Yes they could. Does that mean that it’s anyone’s place to send them death threats? No. It just means that they’re an asshole and we should leave them alone.

Alternatively, the largest argument against Finnrey is that it does not stop to consider the story’s themes/there is not information to base a conclusion off of and that it’s fetishizing biracial relationships. This is conditionally true. We do not have enough information to base any conclusions off of, and there are repeated motifs in the Star Wars franchise that have been seen time and time again. Does that mean that they will be repeated in this new triology? No. Could a single person like Finnrey exclusively because they are into biracial relationships? Yes. Yes they could. Does that mean that it’s anyone’s place to send them death threats? No. It just means that they’re an asshole and we should leave them alone.

You can dislike a ship and not hate on it. You can like a ship and not agree with the dynamics. You can dislike a ship but enjoy the dynamics. You can dislike a ship and like the story. You can like a ship and hate the story.

But for THE LOVE OF GOD, do NOT send hate to anyone over a ship.


Hi Yes you’re friendly neighborhood cryptid here to tell the entire Good Omens fandom to give the actors a chance. If it turns out bad then flame it all you want, but seriously give them a chance. If that doesn’t make you feel better just know that Neil is literally probably most likely going to set a Bentley on actual fire. 

P.S: This doesn’t stop people from drawing their versions of Crowley and Aziraphale. Only because they hired white actors, DOES NOT mean I can’t still draw Aziraphale as a POC. Yall need to look on the bright side for once. It’s like TAZ all over again. 

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You posted something saying not all latinx are poc. Can you further explain that for me I'm a bit confused what that means.

The majority of this blog is devoted to answering that question, so instead of explaining it again, I’m going to use your Ask to create a 101-style link dump for anyone still wondering the same thing.


“What Is A White Person? What Is A Black Person?”

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I honestly don't want to be mean, or make anyone feel bad, but fuck! Does all of this mean that if I like a poc character like, say, Parvati, I can't cosplay her? Because I'm white? I can't change my skin color!

Andy: Yes. They can still be your favorite character, but you can not cosplay as them.

It’s offensive and it erases her important representation in the movies/books because there is much more to Parvati than just her skin color. 

All of her decisions and why she makes them, all of her interactions with other characters, her favorite foods, holidays, etc. all will come from her cultural background. 

Taking away her skin color would take away some of her best character traits, erasing her as a person. 

It’s why representation is important.

Just a rant

I hate to do posts like this, especially on an imagines blog but holy christ I need to say this.

This fandom is toxic as all hell.

I get that every fandom has a little toxicity in it but Overwatch seems to take that to a new level and the toxicity from last night when people saw the origins for Mercy made me want to throw my laptop at a wall.

Just because you, personally, prefer the thought of Mercy being a male poc does not mean it gives you the right to call blizzard cowards, insult their designs, refer to their characters as bland or say they are racist for not adding the current design in place of the current mercy. 

I completely understand wanting more diversity in a game, be it race, gender or sexuality. I think it would have been amazing had Mercy not been another white person in the cast but instead a poc, but I also love her design now. 

Am I sad she wasn’t male? No not remotely as when the game came out it would have made 1 support a female and then three male and that unbalance annoys me. Not to mention Overwatch would have then 13 males to 7 females and people would have cried even more that females weren’t represented as well as males in the game on release.

Overwatch is a highly diverse game, yes it isn’t as diverse as some people want, myself included but that doesn’t give anyone the right to hate on others designs and call a company cowards as they didn’t do something you think is amazing. 

Just stop being toxic, we can all appreciate how cool the mercy concept design is without hating on blizzard for not implementing yet another male into a game which desperately needed females at that stage. Hopefully they’ll add him as a separate character.

Just stop harassing the team with shit like this when honestly they’ve been honest and said they’re afraid to approach the community enough as it is.

Just because someone is gay or bi or pan does not mean that they cannot be transophobic

just because someone is in the lgbtq does not mean that they cannot be racist 

just because someone is trans does not mean that they cannot be homophobic

Just because someone is a POC does not mean that they cannot be homophobic or transaphobic

just because someone is a POC does not mean that they cannot be racist towards other POC 

don’t use being POC or LGBTQ to excuse racism, homophobia or transaphobia

just because someone is lgbtq does not mean that they understand how it feels to face racism

Just because someone is a poc does not mean that they understand what if feels like to face homophobia, transaphobia or biophobia 

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legit question about the nationality vs ethnicity thing in recent anon asks: so white people can have their nationality be african but not ethnicity. Does it mean PoC in Europe have a european nationality but not ethnicity too? (or white people and non-native americans in America etc.)

Their nationality could be of the country they were born in but they will never be considered African if they’re white.


Why does disney seem to think that interracial means white person x poc?

Like how about a black person x eastern asian person? Middle eastern person x eastern asian? You don’t need a white person in every relationship you have, disney. All of the poc in Andi Mack have white male interests. And i know that I’m nitpicking, but it would be refreshing to see a less-common interracial relationship on the show.

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Dicta, I saw your great reblog about racism in fandom. I have a question that applies to white fic writers. There's this problem of white fans ignoring POC characters and failing to have good representation. At the same time, there's this issue of white people totally sucking when they try to do it. Saw a post recently like: "Non-Muslim people considering writing a Muslim character--just don't. Don't." Do you have any thoughts about dealing with this? Much love!

So many thoughts, anon. I’ve got a related ask that’s been hanging out a while and I’ve been waiting until I have enough time to sit down and properly answer, so I’ll have more and maybe more settled thoughts when I have a chance, hopefully soon. For now, these are sort of preliminary thoughts. Feedback is welcomed and valued and appreciated!

tl;dr: I think both of those arguments are right and it’s hard.

To be really candid, as a white fic writer, writing non-white characters makes me nervous, specifically because I really, really don’t want to fuck it up. But I don’t think my nervousness is an adequate end to the conversation; the experience of nervousness is nothing on the experience of constant erasure that I’ve experienced as a queer person within mainstream media, and I imagine that it’s nothing to the erasure that poc experience in fandom. So I think white people need to suck that one up, that  focusing on our nervousness as its own thing is not reason enough to stick with white guy slash.

The part abut there being real potential to fuck it up in harmful ways is the part we can’t gloss over, and I do think that’s worth being nervous about - but that nervousness needs to generate thoughtfulness and caution rather than inaction. There are two (and a half?) main questions I’ve had in my head about this. And again, I’m really open to pushback on all of this.

1) How useful is it to distinguish between writing about vs writing as? I’ve seen this distinction made elsewhere/seen it go around as a farely common piece of advice, between writing about marginalized characters but not pretending to write as a marginalized person - so, for instance, don’t write as a Muslim character, but do include well-researched and thoroughly considered Muslim characters in your story. That way you’re including marginalized characters without claiming that you know what it’s like to be marginalized. That’s something that makes me, like, hum consideringly in a not-bad way. But the research part feels really key. It’s not enough, imo, to write a character and then add a line about the color of their skin and call it a day. If your white POV character is dating or close friends with or in a close working relationship with a person of a different race, and especially if it’s their first time dealing with institutional racism in such an immediate and emotionally invested way, they’re going to need to deal with that. Even if it’s not the first time, that stuff is going to need to be in there if you want to avoid erasure. So if you’re going to write that you need to go read (and then give credit, in your author’s notes, to!) accounts of people who have lived with those experiences and who can point out dynamics you might not be aware of. For instance, someone sent me this article recently, about two friends trying to plan a vacation and the black woman having all her attempts to make an airbnb reservation declined, and then the white man getting his reservation accepted on the first try, and how that changed their dynamic and their trip. (See also: the classic on this.) So, say you’re writing a buddy cop au with a mixed race couple in a forced proximity/maybe bedsharing situation, how is your characters’ race (and location, and time period, and gender, etc.) going to change the process of getting that room? More generally, we need to not just say “this is Joe and by the way he’s [insert characteristic here]” - we need to consider how that would change their lives and where that would show up in our stories.

2) Does the way white fic writers approach writing characters of other races make a difference? I sometimes see people talking about writing diverse stories like it’s one of those tasks you do because you know you should, but you don’t really want to, and it sort of feels like a drag, and I can’t imagine that doesn’t come through? I mean, maybe not? But it definitely informs the sentiment around them and contributes to, I think, this sense that stories about people of color are somehow created with less joy and enthusiasm? And to be embarrassingly honest, there are times when it’s come really easily and felt really natural and obvious to me to have Kingsley or Lee in a certain role, and times (none of which have seen the light of ao3) when it’s felt forced, and then stilted as a result, when I’m doing it because I feel like I should. Otoh, I really really want to write fic for Moonlight. I had that instant fannish reaction when I saw it, like five story prompts in my head before we were out of the theatre, was on AO3 looking for fic in the car home, feel a deep soul-level need for 20k about the evolution of Kevin’s relationship with his hands, and another at least 10k about the last things Juan thought, and several dozen different stories that retell everything from Teresa’s point of view, and maybe a 70k slow burn bookmarked by Chiron’s reflections on the different ways Kevin touches him and the space in between the thing in the schoolyard and the thing in the apartment (I’m trying to be vague bc spoilers but thinking about it gives me serious feels). I don’t think that enthusiasm is enough on its own; does it make a different at all? I think it might - I think when they’re characters we love fannishly and want to understand, more people might be willing to do the research and put in the work to really understand what their lives are like, and that that could be a moment when fandom is pretty powerful.

2.5) So one thing we as white writers have to do, as this post from earlier said, is to “put in the effort to fall in love with POC characters.” That doesn’t mean forcing it, that doesn’t mean doing it with a sense of dread, but it does mean actively seeking out media that includes POC characters and it does mean thinking about and embracing them. This is partly an issue with canon creators, who often don’t give us much to work with, but that’s less and less true. There is stuff out there if we go look for it, and there are characters who will grab us by the heart if we give them the chance. If we have to go looking for that, that’s work we should be willing to do.

The common denominator here seems to be doing your research? That no matter what, that’s really really important. I think that’s a good takeaway. And the rest I float as thoughts more than suggestions because I think as a white person my perspective here is necessarily limited. Also this is a hard question! So again, thoughts and responses are welcome!

Just because you are a poc does not mean you cannot be racist towards other poc

Call-out post for Star on Fox, I live for Lee Daniels’ work, Empire is amazing, but he disappointed tonight with Star. The blatant appropriation and sexualization of Indian culture and dress reduced a whole country’s art and style to a cheap aesthetic for a music video. This show was promoted by Daniels as a way to heal the divide between black and white America - heal one divide should not come at the cost of creating another. A non-south Asian dressing up non-south asians in lehengas and bindis with “traditional” Indian patterns in the background is cultural appropriation.

TLDR: The new episode of Star on Fox appropriated Indian culture and should be called out for it.

As a light-skinned POC I know for a fact that racism against me versus someone with darker skin isn’t the same

I realize I have certain privileges others do not and I benefit from the twisted existence of colorism

I understand I need to stand up for those of my people with darker skin and stand against those who seek to spread hate against them

That does not make me a lesser POC. This does not mean I can’t give my opinions on stuff. This does not change the fact that sometimes it’s our own people spreading hateful messages about others’ appearances or mere existence. To me this makes me excluded from both groups just as much as I benefit from both. People on one side won’t listen to me because I’m not a dark enough “minority,” on the other side they won’t listen to me because I’m a “minority.” There’s no winning. Just pain and hate and yelling and fear and not understanding where you belong. Just the same simultaneous message to speak up and shut up.

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I think rockruffian actually quit art bc of the harassment they got for drawing h/am/ilton. theyre a poc and a minor, and although I don't agree with what they draw, they didn't deserve that kind of bashing in my opinion

they shouldn’t have quit art – they should have moved on to art that didn’t put a bunch of gender, sexuality, and identity labels on 

1) real people who actually lived 

2) real people who owned real slaves and committed real crimes 

the fact that this person’s poc and a minor does not excuse them from the consequences they’ve faced. their being poc and a minor does not mean they should be shielded and protected from everything. 

what they don’t deserve is hate telling them to quit art.

they do deserve the criticism and the backlash, and hopefully they remake an account where they don’t create art like the hamilton pictures. 


Some of the actors of colour suggested by tumblr for Newt Scamander following casting news for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Newt’s grandson, Rolf Scamander, is described as “swarthy”, meaning dark skinned and it potentially codes him as POC. This opens up the possibility of Newt himself being POC since British does not mean white only.

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett
Riz Ahmed
Richard Ayoade
Dev Patel
Gary Carr
Suraj Sharma
Ukweli Roach
Rahul Kohli

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Despite not supporting boycott movement(which consists about two users only), I have to ask- do you realize that by "they have to give us what we want" most fans all this time mean "equality for lgbt characters and characters of colors"? I don't want to be rude, it's just very upsetting how you purposely simplified such an important issue to vilify certain group of people (based on act of the few)

Thank you for your respectful message, I mean that. Since you expressed your concerns so calmly, I took the time to elaborate my stance a bit more, since I also come from a place of being upset. It’s a deeply rooted sentiment, so I hope you can be bothered to sit through all of it.

Oversimplification is a problem when it comes to engaging in online fandom. Within the group that probably feel targeted after reading my previous post, let’s say there are three subgroups (since we’re all simplifying anyway, please forgive me). 1. There are people who genuinely argue in favour of more equality for lgbt  and poc characters with legitimate arguments I agree with 100%. 2. There’s also a group of people who hijack these legitimate issues in order to bash other fans, because how on earth can someone argue against that without coming off as a racist homophobe? 3. Then there’s a third group that leech of these first two groups that don’t bother beyond: ‘No one cares about het drama, gives us Malec’, ‘Not Malec, not interested’, ‘No one wants Clace’.

The first group I support. I agree with their arguments, and they bring up legitimate issues that ought to be addressed. However, acknowledging issues in representation of a lgbt/poc ship does not mean one can’t support a straight white ship. I can be upset about the ‘strategic fade to black’ that was Malec’s first time, while also being excited for a Clace centric episode. Call me greedy, I just want it all.

It’s the second two groups I have an issue with. Group 2 bases their arguments on semi-truths, or truths that are not relevant for the argument they are making. This gives the discussion a broken foundation to begin with, and thus is impossible to engage, because how does one come up with a decent counter argument to a broken argument? To me, this is very upsetting. Genuine issues become trivialised this way, and custom fitted into an argument. High expectations not being met is not queerbaiting. A Malec scene being cut is not an act of homophobia. Scenes get cut, c’est la vie. I think they came from a good place when they released that bts picture, and never anticipated this backlash. Making an episode is more complicated than assigning scenes to couples, as if they have a quota for romantic fluff. Also, whereas it may be a handful of people being serious about a boycott, the ‘they should listen to what the fandom wants’ sentiment is a lot more popular, the boycott is just taking it a step further. 

The third group makes itself very guilty of oversimplification as well. It’s one thing to say ‘I don’t care about het drama, I only watch for Malec, and I do not want Clace’. Arguing that no one cares, and everyone is only in it for Malec is just not true. (This kind of non-arguing of course also exist in other fandoms. I’ve seen plenty of Clace fans claiming no one cares for Climon, only to criticise Climon fans in the very same post.) However, people in this group also frequently feels justified in arguing on behalf of the entire lgbt community. And that is just wrong no matter how you twist or turn it. A recent example: I criticised the outrage when that sneak peak came out where Jace gets the promotion over Alec. I was subsequently slammed for not understanding what ‘we, gays and bisexuals’ go through. This person must have looked at my most recent reblogs, which were Clace related, and come to a conclusion about me and my sexuality according to those random gifsets. How bizarre is that, when you think of it? I’m sure I alsohave come to the wrong conclusion as well about people on here, based on their Tumblrs, but I wouldn’t attack an individual based on that. Either way, in this situation I hinted that I, in fact, am not straight, but apparently was too subtle, and thus got asked directly whether I am straight. As if only my sexuality would validate my arguments that did not consider sexuality in the slightest, it’s just that that sneak peek happened to involve a gay character. 

Pan and bisexual fans, including yours truly, risk being excluded from the lgbt portion of any TV fandom by showing support for a straight ship, yet some people exclusively shipping lgbt ships feel justified in arguing on behalf of all of us. You can’t do that, period. Surely it comes as no surprise that someone who is attracted to people from both sexes in real life, would be interested in both straight and same sex ships. Supporting a straight ship doesn’t make me any less bi, just like being attracted to a man would suddenly make me straight. 

So, my post was not just about some randoms trying to organise a boycott. The boycott is the tip of the iceberg of a much larger issue that exists in modern fandoms. The Shadowhunter fandoms seemed to avoid many of these issues for a long time, hence my disappointment to see Shadowhunter related tags filled with such negativity and toxicity. It’s such a shame that such individuals can throw such a shadow over something many people enjoy, and it’s even more of a shame that these people shout the loudest, and thus are the voices heard.

Thank you for your message, thank you for reading mine. Feel free to message me again if you wish to comment.