does not listen

Life Update

So, our family (by that I mean my mom, me, and my two brothers) traveled the two hours and then some because traffic to my grandparents house, and the whole time I was in the backseat with my 11-year-old brother (we’ll call him Phoenix) we kept telling each other to take a chill, he even went so far as to put a sunflower with cracked black pepper on it (which I snootily pointed out couldn’t make a chill pill).

Well, we just stopped by a grocery store because that’s what my family does and both him and my 15-year-old brother (we’ll call him Red) picked up Altoid mints.

Not ten minutes ago, Phoenix piped up and had me put my hand out. He just put a mint into my hand and said: “Haylie take a chill pill.”

Red: “Oooooh.”

So I was at a loss until I see a pack of mint gum in front me. So I pull out a stick and tell my brother to hold his hand out. I put the gum stick into his hand and told him: “Phoenix take a chill stick.”

(Yes, I’m well aware of what a chill stick actually is.)

Red doesn’t miss a beat: “Oooooh.”


playing around with Emily’s black sparrow masquerade costume from The Corroded Man, which she then based her outfit on in Dishonored 2. 

(The book said her mask had a short beak, but given that that’s a stupid decision I’ve elected to ignore it. I want her to have a plaguedoctor-esque vibe to her outfit)


Concept: a small child whose imaginary friend is Superman. He talks to “Superman” all the time, completely unaware that Clark can in fact hear everything he’s saying. The child and associated adults are infinitely surprised when reply letters from Superman start appearing in their mailbox