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hunk: i consider myself to be a pretty laid-back, easy-going, nice guy! i prefer making friends, not enemies, y’know? i don’t like stepping on people’s toes. i feel like everything would be better if everyone learned to chill out.

rolo: (does anything)


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you can answer this in tags if you want because i'm not saying this to cause drama or be an asshole at all i'm just genuinely curious and trying to wrap my mind around everything- but if harry is getting "reborn" or presenting a "rebirth" to everyone then.. how does that coincide with him going back to 1d ever? like that feels a lot different than niall who was like "hey i did a tune, hope you like it!" that feels like superstardom. (again, not being sarcastic or snappy i'm feeling very :/ rn)

Niall was reborn as a solo artist when he increased his visibility and social media presence and dropped a song and one mic video out of nowhere. Louis was reborn as an EDM artist when he dropped his collab with Steve. Liam will be reborn as an RNB artist it seems. Harry is just being more literal and artistic about it.

They all have gone about things a bit differently but none would go back to 1D as the same artists they were before. Not even as the same people. Why is it only Harry striving for success (as they all are) that’s a threat to people?

As someone who has been on this site for like 7 or 8 years I gotta ask something to other long time Tumblr users

Does anyone feel like hate and disrespect is getting a bit out of hand on the fandom side of this site. Like within the last year or two it’s gotten worse. I get that not everyone likes the same shows/ characters/ ships etc but that is why the anti tags were created. Now I feel like more people post not only on the anti tags but the positive side of that tag to irritate the fans of that person/ show/ ship whatever. Why so much hate?

yeah but imagine some dude coming to their apartment all angry and being like “which one of you arseholes is Holmes?????” and john feeling all protective and just being like “uh that’s me, what the fuck do u want” and then a whole case ensues but now everyone is calling him John Holmes and every time someone does it Sherlock just gets this little :o surprise face and so then Sherlock jokingly calls him John Holmes a few times because why would he ever waste an opportunity to pretend they shared a last name and when he does John is like “I WISH U WERENT JOKING”

hey my room mate (who has a history of violence) is extremely angry at me and is convinced I tricked everyone to feel bad for me (I told her that the fact her boyfriend sleeps over every night made me feel uncomfortable and it wasn’t fair). She overdosed on her sleeping meds and said it was because I turned everyone against her. She must have got out of the hospital pretty quickly, though, because she crept into the room while I was almost asleep like 4 times.

anyway I’m scared for my safety so if anyone here could pray for me, that would be baller


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I’m not ready for love yet.
I’m way behind everyone else. …and not nearly good enough!

So…            wait… 

   ((  “you want me to wait? that’s cruel!” ))

                      but I can’t say that.

…I’m sorry.

It’s 9:20 pm and I’m in bed reading Tumblr and I see @sugaredbutnotsweet tagged me for a stop drop selfie, and I take a moment: does the Internet really need another picture of my face? right now? Of course it doesn’t, but that’s never stopped me before, so I don’t see why it should stop me now, and it’s my blog, and these people who are following along know what they signed up for, so.

yeah insecure lance is good bc it’s #relatable but also like…he actually does matter a lot

every one of the paladins has a talent and lance’s is social skills. like. he brought everyone together and is (from what i’ve seen) the most relatable paladin and represents all the good things you associate w humanity.

personally?? i want to see insecurities from the other paladins too. there is a significant amount from shiro to be fair, but not the others. things like keith feeling that he doesn’t have anything real to add to the team, he’s just an ok pilot/fighter. expanding on pidge’s doubt in episode one that she’s not even a pilot?? and also way younger than the others and thinking all she has is her intelligence. hunk not realizing how much he contributes to the team with his own genius and friendliness.

idk it just feels like lance’s contributions are made out to be lesser and they’re really really not :(

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baby gay anon here- don't feel obligated to post that if it's too nsfw for here i'm new to this blog and i'm not sure where the line is sorry!!!!

That ask was probably just before the line, anything more is not okay, but like it’s kinda nsfw ig so here’s everyone’s warning since I can’t tag on mobile:

BABY GAY STORY— when i was in fourth grade i started becoming very interested in staring at other girl’s chests… i tried to rationalize it as “every girl does this, of course you’re more interested now because your own boobs are starting to grow!1!1!1” and i’m looking back at myself with my head in my hand like,,,, no,, sweetheart,,,, that’s not how this works,,,

I used to go to my friends house and the entire time we’d just stare at each other’s boobs and like,,,, she still thinks she’s straight,,,, sweaty no,,,,

Some people just don't get it

Can someone actually give an intelligent answer into why certain people feel the need to go into the “anti” tags? And I’m actually asking about those people who go into the anti misha tags. Even better? Making a post telling those who actually utilize the anti system; meaning making posts and tagging the post as anti misha, so their wank and such remains where it belongs, that they are wrong for making said posts with how they feel.

I have watched over and over again these people claim that they are “calling out the hypocrites”, and that they need to stop hating. Does everyone go into anti tags of things they like? (Rhetorical question here.) There is only one set of fans that do this: they have one thing in common; misha collins. These are the rabid destiel fans known as destihellers, misha stans who think he does no wrong, and castiel stans also known as castihellers.

I’m trying to simply to wrap my head around the logic of going into the tag of anti’s and then those same people being pissed off by what they read. Even worse? I can’t for the life of me logically explain why that group I mentioned previously feels the need to make posts trying call the anti posts out.

I will probably never get a logical answer as to why, because there isn’t one, other than those people being hypocrites. (P.S. I’m on my phone and it doesn’t seem to allow me to make paragraphs on the finished product. So, I apologize fiercely that this post seems so crammed together)

One of my favorite things to do is headcanon why Shitty has an aversion to being clothed.

Like does he have sensory processing issues like me? Did he spend two days shopping for sheets that would always feel nice so that some days if all clothes were driving him crazy he could just stay in bed? Does he buy the fancy toilet paper and everyone chirps him about it until he rolls his eyes and picks up a roll of charmin and everyone watches in amazement as he gets goosebumps all over, shivers, and involuntarily flings it across the room? Does he cut tags off of his shirts and sometimes just snap and cut off the collars of the shirts and the bottoms of the shirts? Is this why crop tops? And pants sometimes just always suck so screw pants honestly?

Wow. The Lena Dunham tag is insane and full of all kinds of vitriol.

I’ve always liked Lena Dunham. I think she’s smart, provocative and a really good writer. I had seen the first season of Girls and really liked it years ago. I’ve recently binged the rest, and I absolutely love it. It’s a very specific show that is not going to appeal to everyone, but I am the same age as her, and it spoke to my feelings and my experiences.

Could it and should it have been more diverse? Yes. Does that negate the whole show? I don’t think so. I think the same could be said of Lena Dunham, personally. Is she perfect? No. Does she say and do offensive things, sometimes? Yes. Does that negate the entirety of her artistic, cultural and sociopolitical contributions? No. And she takes criticism, synthesizes it and often responds to it well. We so often make perfect the enemy of good, and I think that’s a mistake.

I’m a white liberal who cares about intersectional feminism and civil rights. I have at times identified as an activist, though I cede that mantle to others now. But I have said and done offensive and kind of terrible things.

I will be 30 this year. When I was 18 and a freshman in college, I dressed up as a Harajuku Girl for Halloween. I had not yet heard of cultural appropriation and never considered how offensive that could be. It was 2005, and I posted those pics on Facebook. Thank god Facebook then isn’t what Facebook is now. They have long since been deleted and I feel ashamed of ever having dressed up like that, let alone posted a picture. But I can easily see another timeline where that could have been career ending, where I could have been a casualty of internet outrage. I am not trying to excuse my behavior, but I am trying to provide context. And this is just one example. I’m sure I’ve done and said other terrible things.

People make mistakes, and Lena Dunham is under a huge amount of scrutiny. I can only imagine the terrible things that might be said about me if my mistakes and my behavior had ever been subject to a similar amount of scrutiny. At the end of the day, I think her positive contributions far outweigh any negative and it makes me sad that every outrage falls upon her.

And if I never read another thinkpiece about her show, it will be too soon.

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What's it like being scriztophrenic mod Donnie? Does it ever bother you the stereotypes?

It’s really hard. I hate the stereotypes and that everyone thinks were the same. I’m not mean or trying to hurt people. I’m not out to attack you. I’m just trying to get by like I’m normal. Not saying that schizophrenic people aren’t normal, it’s just how media deciphers us. I feel really targeted sometimes when I mention that I’m schizophrenic. Everyone suddenly asks ‘how many personalities do I have?’ or says ‘you don’t look schizophrenic’. That’s the thing. My uncle took his own life because of his schizophrenia. I didn’t even know he had schizophrenia until he died. You can’t tell until it’s gotten to the point where it’s uncontrollable. Recently during my last schizophrenic episode, my mom had to pin me down because I was screaming and thrashing around. It took 3 hours to calm me down and I didn’t know how to talk for the rest of the day. But after that, when I go out on my daily routine to Starbucks, you wouldn’t know that I’m schizophrenic. I sit there, and I mind my own business quietly. It’s like a really big rollercoaster you can’t get off and you’re blindfolded. I never know when my next schizophrenic episode is going to happen and cause of that, I can never relax. I’m always scared of what my mind is going to do next because I’m not in control of it. Because of my schizophrenia, I’m scared of myself. I’m scared that the things inside my head are going to convince me to hurt someone or myself. And it only gets worse every day. And I don’t have a cure. It can’t be stopped. I just have to wait it out and make it through the day. It’s emotionally and physically tiring. I just want it to all stop. 

five random facts

tagged by @madmajwithabox who is just such a lovely human bean and makes me feel so loved 

1. i’m that secret white girl who is ~bilingual~ and gets too drunk and screams at you in spanish because she heard you, bitch.

2. my wardrobe is essentially black and white and very selective pops of color…

3. i’m [this close] to graduating and i fully expect everyone to call me Master Ashley when i get my diploma

4. my best friend and i have the same birthday; it’s in like two weeks !!

5. i pretend i can’t sing for shit but i was actually nationally ranked in high school :)

tagging @petalstofish, @elanev91, @commanderchristie, @caffeinatedinsanity@silverbro, @nerdfelter, @ilivefortheweekndbaby, @rckll-bllys, @not-all-those-who-wander-r-found and literally anyone else who wants to do this have FUN Y’ALL!!

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Hi dad so uh. Basically I feel like my art is horrible and people keep saying that it's not! But I'm thinking then why the heck does it have 0 notes and nobody has liked/reblogged it? I just feel like everyone is lying to me - 🎩 Hat Anon

(send me ur artblog’s url and i will reblog it)

often blogs only get noticed through a lot of tagging and time. i think it’s especially hard to get noticed if your blog is displaying creative talent. like all i do on this blog is be #relatable but i’ve tried to start poetry blogs and they all flopped and the only fanfiction i write that gets notes is smut lmao. 

but a good way to get noticed is to notice other people! comment and reblog other people’s art and talk to them n stuff!

The My Shadowhunters Blog Tag!! Answer all the questions, then tag 5 of your followers. I was tagged by @softmags thanks babe <33

What is the title of your blog? I’m going to ‘encanto’ you (bc Albi <333)

What is your age? 18 but in june i’ll be 19

What is your gender?  female

How many followers do you have? rn 2,653 

What Shadowhunters character(s), ship(s), or actor(s) does your blog focus on? everyone tbh? i feel like it’s mostly saphael and malec tho, i’m usually reblogging everything sh/cast related

What post(s) got your blog noticed?  my shadowhunters + incorrect quotes if we’re talking about sh only

Have you read any of the books in shadowhunters universe? yeah..

If so, which one(s)? only the tmi series bc i liked sassy/sarcastic jace and cute jewish boy, idk if im ever gonna anything else that cc wrote, maybe if you guys recommend it?

Which book/series was your favourite from shadowhunters? idk man?? i hardly remember anything from books? 

Who are your LEAST favourite characters? locelyn? valentine?

What is your favourite thing about the cast? they’re such a great cast and amazing actors and they love their fans and they get along so well i just love them so much

Who are your BROtps? PARABATRI, domberto ofc, matt+dom (sherdario?)

What are your top 3 favourite episodes so far from both seasons? 1x12, 2x07, 2x08 

What is your favourite fan event that the cast has attended so far? holy shit how can anyone answer this? do y’all remember all those events? idk man

Do you write Shadowhunters fanfictions nope

If so, what is your name on a03? i do have an account but i’m not posting anything, made it to support all those amazing writers

Im tagging: @thedownworld @jugheadlightwood @catharinaloss @thirstyalec @kitkatmcnamara

(you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to or you already did)

polyrescuebots headcanons part 1!!! wow!!! (part two!!)

-blades was most likely the mastermind here
-he calls the whole team together (after ages of worrying) and is like “guys,,, im in love with boulder. and chase. and u heatwave.” and everyone’s like bro we’re all friends here what u tryin to say and blades is just “no like more than I love bumblebee maybe” and Then It Clicks
-boulder’s probably second to agree but he does so immediately and he’s like “i love u guys as much as I love earth culture and That’s A Lot”
-heatwave and chase are a lot more hesitant to agree bc it seems off in a way? sorta?? in the sense of it being a “"distraction” and also chase just takes time to process some ideas
-heatwave takes a few days but once he sees how much better boulder and blades are doing teamwork wise and just how much happier they r in general he’s like “k,,,, so maybe I love my team like a family but also more,,,,,,,”
-cue movie night to celebrate heatwave joining the party. chase looks on in uncertainty while heatwave’s being pummeled by the Cuddle Fiends and Kissing Kings
-chase takes even longer to give in and when he does, he gathers everyone together for a big formal talk abt it
-he can’t find the words for “seeing you all so happy and close made me nervous at first but now I see that i just wanna snuggle you guys and also ur all super cute” so he’s just,, opening and closing his mouth and tapping his chin in a way
-it comes out like “i’ve been feeling really,,strange lately and it would appear to me that i may have either caught the human virus “lovesickness” or otherwise i am extremely fond of all of you and i want to,,, k,,,??? k,, make contact with you all often particularly in the form of embraces and putting faces together which in my research seems to maybe be a form of affection among humans who are very close and prolonged periods of such action are considered very very intimate”
-he just makes it super chasey y'know??
-even when they weren’t all Together chase felt strongly abt cuddling them and such but he held it back because “this is probably unprofessional no” -before he joined the relationship he no doubt talked to chief abt it??? chief is hecka confused and shocked probs but still supportive bc chase is His Bro and he just tells him to trust his heart and I mean of course chase is like “sir I don’t have a heart is that anything like a spark maybe” but we already know this,,

Lawful Good: Always washes the dishes on their turn without fail. Helps out even when it’s not their turn too.

Neutral Good: Enjoys washing dishes. What a freak.

Chaotic Good: Forgets when it’s their turn to wash the dishes, but always makes it up to everyone.

Lawful Neutral: Always complains whenever someone doesn’t follow the chore wheel. Wrote the chore wheel.

True Neutral: Only does the dishes when they feel like it, or when someone else tells them to.

Chaotic Neutral: Complete enigma. Never know if they’re gonna do dishes or not.

Lawful Evil: Only ever washes dishes when it’s their turn. Leaves the most hideous and rancorous messes when it’s not.

Neutral Evil: Deliberately makes everything harder for everyone by cooking a lot and never cleaning anything ever.

Chaotic Evil: Leaves knives in the sink with peanut butter stuck on them. Has no capacity for consideration or decency in their heart.

Undetectable Alignment: Never dirties any dishes or cleans anything. What how?? Do they even eat!? Has anyone seen them eat!?

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I'm sorry to keep sending you stuff like this but imagine Dave and Jade painting each other's nails. She draws stars on his and Dave does littles gears on hers and they both are so happy about it and show their nails to everyone. Bonus: they haven't confessed their feelings and one of them suggested it as an excuse to hold the other's hands.

hahaha omg jacob no worries you don’t have to apologize!!!! this is super cute!! i can see it just being a nail-painting party (bc i bet rose has the biggest assortment of nail polishes, and kanaya only adds more to the pile) and they’re all having fun and watch a movie while it dries. dave doesn’t stop narrating all the way through, jade keeps laughing, and rose gives them both knowing looks because she sees them still holding hands. she sees them.

I finally posted a thing! So I figured I’d try to get to some of the memes (that I have been tagged in since last September jfc)! The lovely @nyquildriver and @soupdrag0n tagged me in this one :)

Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better no one, but everyone should feel free to because I always wanna get to know y’all better!

Nickname:  I’ve had a few offline, but mostly these days people just go with my username, Sovin!

Star Sign: I am an ageless being with no day of birth, so this Does Not Apply. (But rest assured, the horoscope posts are inevitably horribly wrong for me.)

Height: 5'5”, 5’6”ish? Turns out if you don’t know how spines work, measuring your height is difficult.

Time right now: 9:31 PM

Last thing you googled: “the adventure zone arcs” because I always mess them up and wanted to know if Samy was far enough along that A Thing would not be a spoiler. Alas, it would be.

Favorite music artist: Oh no, I am so bad at favorites. But I was recently listening to “The Unseen Guest,” who have some pretty good songs.

Song stuck in your head: Hozier’s “Someone New” has been stuck in my head on and off for a month, because one of my offline friends has it as a climactic finale to a character playlist for her novel and I STILL HAVE FEELINGS. Also, it’s catchy as shit.

Last movie you watched: Moana! I just saw it recently, and it was delightful and adorable and had one of the best mythic/traditional folkloric narrative arcs I’ve seen in ages, which, let’s be honest, the world needs more of.

Last TV show you watched: “Escape to the Country,” because it is a much more calmer alternative to House Hunters and there are neat little informational segments.

What are you wearing right now: Black pajama pants, a light grey t-shirt, and a blue-green cardigan. Never underestimate my love of cardigans.

When did you create your blog: I’m not entirely sure? But my first post was on February 17th, 2014, so I’m guessing sometime around then!

What kind of stuff do you post/do you like to read/follow on Tumblr: A grab-bag of stuff? I mostly post fandomy shit and art and some photographs and occasionally fic or me yelling about shit. I like to read about that stuff too!

Do you have other blogs: I used to! But not anymore!

Do you get asks on a regular basis: nope! Every so often I’ll get some, and I always appreciate them, because I seem to have the loveliest followers and friends, but my inbox is usually pretty quiet.

Why did you choose your URL: Oh man. So. I was using a variant of my tagline/subtitle “Like an Outline of Winter” for a thing” and a friend was like “My brain keeps trying to turn it into Silhouette von Winter” because she was taking an intro to German class and was at that point where your brain is just like TRY TO TRANSLATE/TRANSPOSE EVERYTHING.

Except that day I was having some good old aphasia issues and my brain was just like “S(h)ovin. That is what that says. I don’t care that there are three words, that’s what it says.” So because I try to have a sense of humor about these things I went “lol, brain, you tried. Actually. That is kind of pretty. I like that. I will keep it.” When making this blog, I ended up tacking on the “-ly” because if I am Sovin, it follows that I do things in a Sovin-like manner, aaaaand that’s the convoluted story of my URL!