does not appreciate losing

appreciate your band directors, okay?

they put up with so much shit. and trust me, i have a pretty good idea of how much pure s h i t they put up with

“Oh, it’s /just/ band. It doesn’t matter.”

fuck you.

An Appreciation for Money by Li-ling Ooi

I’ve been meaning to share this story with all of you here for months, but somehow just never found the right time. I know that the average person out there would find it so hard to believe but you all here would get it completely.

Recently I’ve been reading so much about the asking about money on this and some other Abe groups I’m on, I thought it might be helpful to share it here. (I think it’s going to be a long post - so sorry for that)

I know Abe says that when there’s a negative vibration/momentum about money - stop thinking about it/ change the subject - this is a different approach to money, but utilises a lot of Abe ideas - and it has worked really really well for me.

It started out like this:

I wondered to myself, if i could choose anyone (irrespective of time), who I’d want to learn about money from. I found myself drawn to Andrew Carnegie and Warren Buffet.

Andrew Carnegie because I’ve always thought of him (rightly or wrongly) as the good guy. He made his money by a series of coincidences (we all know that there’s no such thing) but also found it important to find a way to give back and contribute.

Warren Buffet - I realised has an infinite love for money. Not in a desperate way, but his relationship with money is so so akin to play a game with it.

So I started asking (Infinite Intelligence, higher self, the Universe), what is it that these two men had/did to create the wealth that they have. Was it about working hard or something else?

The questions sat for a while (over a few days really) and gradually the answers seemed to pop in to my head. In particular, with relation to Warren Buffet, because he’s around and it’s easy to ‘see’…

The relationship with money that ALLOWS money to flow, is one that

a) Treats money as an equal (does not put money on a pedestal)
That is to say, instead of thinking 'I need to work for money’ which is almost everyone’s natural thought. Money is a by-product of the work that you do - especially if the work is something that calls to you. I know we are not all so fortunate to be able to be in that place right now - but ultimately, to dislike/hate your work and then still feel you need to work for money - is probably the most difficult relationship to establish with money.

In Buffet’s case, it is easy to see that he makes money work for him. It’s all a game - one in which he must never lose money.

b) Appreciate what Money does - or even better appreciate Money itself.
Most, if not all of us here, know and realise that Money is but an energy form. It didn’t start out that way - but over time it has very much become so.

And when you think of everything living and how it too has it’s own energy, that is, you and me and everything else, the most important key to all of our existence lies in the fact that we are appreciated (love is perhaps the more common term). Think of your children and pets and plants and you realise that everything basks in your appreciation of it.

Money really is no different. If it’s helpful, you could even create a Money persona (give it a name an identity), and then realise that like every thing else, an appreciation for it and what it does is truly where we really should be heading.

These two points were really really key, not only in completely changing my money mindset but also in allowing an immense amount of unexpected money to flow, effortlessly in to my experience.