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Are You More Awake Than Your Family? 12 Ways to Heal Family Relationships for the Holidays

We are all waking up! The problem is, we are each waking up at different rates. This is particularly challenging when it occurs within families.

If you are reading this, chances are you are more awake than others in your family, and maybe this presents some issues for the holidays. After all, when you are awake, it can be super difficult to deal with family members, such as parents, siblings and in-laws, who are still sleeping, especially when our habitual reactions cause us to go unconscious; showing us where we are still asleep ourselves.

The key to healing our families is not in trying to wake them up, but rather in staying awake ourselves.

If you are fortunate to be more awake than others in your family, what does it take to stay awake in the presence of sleepy individuals?

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abbadons-little-witch  asked:

Think you could do another explanation post about why Jensen has gained weight but still looks as incredible as he does? Cause that's pretty much my most favorite post ever.

why yes of course, i always have more to say on this topic. in case this post also decides to get notes, here’s the first meta i wrote on jensen’s body. 

so you worded this ask in an interesting way, and i don’t mean to make you feel bad or anything, but you’re almost making it sound like jensen looks incredible despite putting on weight. you probably didn’t mean it to sound in any way bad, but it’s actually a good example of how our society trains us to talk about weight. “she’s really pretty for a big girl.” “they look good even though they’ve put on some weight recently.” “he’d be cute if he lost some weight.” these are completely normal things to hear and say (again, i’m not mad at you about it), but they are bullshit. the reason why jensen’s body and weight are so important to me is because he demonstrates just how damn attractive some extra weight can be. 

people like photoshopping jensen onto bodies with abs. stop. stop doing this. stop it. jensen has NEVER IN HIS ENTIRE LIFE looked like this:

he has, however, looked like this:

this is important because the second picture is, well, unattractive. one of my favorite things about jensen is that he does not pretend to be something he is not. most of the time he doesn’t even try to be attractive. he just is. even when he’s trying to look unattractive, i’m still sitting here like “damn it he’s even more perfect than i thought.”

at burcon last year, he answered a question about shirtless scenes by saying that he wears three layers on the show and that he “ain’t doing crunches.” he then did this:

now, i remember reblogging this picture approximately 87 times when it happened. but when i went on twitter and saw the picture, the responses were mostly people in horror asking, “wait he doesn’t actually look like that does he???” everybody’s been so conditioned to believe that everything about jensen ackles is perfect and he’s got perfect muscles and a perfectly flat, toned stomach. when reality shows otherwise, people freak out. jensen has an average-looking body?? jensen doesn’t have defined muscles everywhere?? jensen’s not perfect??

instead of denying these things in order to maintain our perfect vision of jensen, how ‘bout we recognize that these qualities are perfect. jensen’s average qualities are as important (if not more important) than his outstanding ones. they demonstrate that he is human, that he is just like anybody else, that a person’s “flaws” can actually add to their beauty instead of retract from it. when jensen’s double chin shows up, i don’t pretend like it’s not there because i want him to be flawless. no, instead i think, “well if jensen’s pudgy chin can be pretty, then mine can too.”

when i look at jensen and see his outstanding freckles i think damn and when i look at jensen and i see his average pudgy tummy i think DAMN. everything matters. average qualities and outstanding. they are all perfect. how many ways can i say this.

So, that’s your plan.

#I will never stop saying it #this is the reason why black widow is my favorite avenger #and is such an underrated #under-appreciated character #here you have loki #god of mischief #of tricks #and of deceit #he is cunning #crafty #he manipulates both atmosphere and mindset #of people and otherworldly beings #he fooled thor #wise king odin #all of asgard #he wields his silver tongue with the utmost precision #and purposely chooses words to confuse and contort the reasoning of others #he is the ultimate trickster #lying is at the core of his very being #and he is exceptionally versed in its every art #to say the least #but then you have black widow #an ordinary human #no superhero substance flowing through her veins #no powers or alien gifts #just her intellect and wit #refined in the assassins fire #and the life of a mercenary #no magic to speak of #she cannot bend space #or create shifts in dimensions #she is simply human #but she does the extraordinary #here is loki #in the thick of his meticulously schemed plot #but he had yet to come face to face with her #so she comes with a plan of her own #and he talks #and she tells #it’s a give and take #but she is all the while constructing the perfect facade #she lets him break her #plays the part superlatively #to the highest degree #and the he lets it slip #one little phrase #a phrase someone else might not have paid any heed to #but she knows #this is what she’s been waiting for #and she instantly recognizes its significance when he says it #instantly #not a moment’s hesitation #because this is the black widow #this is who she is #she beats the god of deception at his own game #does things no suit of iron or super strength could ever accomplish #and it takes him moments before he even realizes what has happened #but by then it’s too late #in this moment she has won #and this is why black widow is my favorite #because the god of mischief fooled everyone else #confused their minds and placed a fog about their reasoning #not her #not natasha romanoff #she bested loki in his element #and left the charmer of words speechless

I’m beginning to realize what a relationship really means. What it really consists of. It’s not picture perfect and as ideal as its fantasized to be but its real. It’s real in the sense that it consists of two individuals allowing one another to see themselves like no one else does. To consciously share their souls in the hopes that it’ll be returned with a connection. Recognize each other as people who are flawed but can grow and develop. Who are not meant to mesh as one, but create a balance with one another. To realize problems are inevitable while resolution is a choice. So growth becomes an option that both partners must be willing to allow through compromise. To give each other the chance to be themselves. Because that’s the reality of a relationship. It is painful and it is difficult. While at the same time it is soft and delicate.

Soul Man Leaves His Mark on Feinstein’s/54 Below

If there’s one thing John Lloyd Young has a lot of, it’s soul.  So much so, that “soul” is his chosen Chinese name.

JLY revealed this to us during his shows on Tuesday night at Feinstein’s/54 Below in NYC, from underneath the beautiful leather jacket he wore (the same one worn in the 54 Below promo photo).  The Chinese character for “soul” was featured prominently in white on his black t-shirt.  And he truly does sing from deep within his soul.  

He also made something else a part of his stage presence…a red thumb on his right hand.  Those who own or know about his beautiful artwork will immediately recognize this symbol - he signs/seals his original pieces with a red thumbprint.  It’s how he leaves his mark, not only on his visual art, but now also on his performances. 54 Below was the perfect place to debut this use of his signature…but of course, his best calling card is his incredible voice.

From the first notes of Stardust, all the way through each set, he held us spellbound.  I love what’s he done with Stardust - it gets more sultry and soulful each time he performs it.  And nobody has ever performed My Prayer with as much passion as JLY does…he takes it to a new level, to the point that it’s difficult to go back and listen to the original artist because he’s done it so much better.  He has a gift for doing that with every song he sings, no matter which song he chooses.

In addition to favorites like Say No More and Hurt, he included a song that always brings me and several others to tears - Just One Smile.  Part of the enjoyment of JLY’s shows is hearing him tell the stories behind the songs, both classics and originals.  He also shared more about his recent visit to Cuba with the arts delegation, and we all love hearing more and sharing in a little bit of that experience with him.  It had to be a surreal moment to sing Ooh Baby Baby not only to, but with, Smokey Robinson.  And his explanation of why he chose Victor Jara’s Manifiesto moves you deeply - as does his performance.  By singing songs in both Spanish and Mandarin (Ming Ri Tian Ya), he proves that he can really sing anything well.  I wonder what language he will tackle next…and look forward to hearing whichever one he chooses.

JLY displays the perfect balance of humor and soulfulness during his performances.  The way he jokes around and interacts with his musical director, the incredible Tommy Faragher, and with all of us, just adds to the experience. He can rip your heart out with a song one minute, then turn around and have you laughing the next.  He has truly come into his own as a singer/songwriter/artist, only getting better each time you see him.  Even though it seems impossible for him to improve upon what he’s already done, he does…the best performers know they must continue to grow as artists, and JLY is the perfect example of that.  

One of the fun parts of the evening was watching JLY perform Sherry for us, complete with all of the moves, as he invited us to sing along with him.  I couldn’t help but smile, getting to sing along at the show after doing it hundreds of times along with the Jersey Boys Soundtrack at home.  The audience also loved having him come out and sing among us - he chose Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me for that part for the first show, then switched it to In The Still Of The Night for the second show.  No matter the song, it creates favorite moments for so many fans and friends. He also brought back Who’s Loving You, making you wonder just how he hits those notes.  His range, from baritone to falsetto, is part of what makes him such an original artist.

Speaking of original, one of the best parts of the evening was hearing new music that JLY has written with Tommy Faragher and Adam Zelkind, along with a song that Tommy and Adam wrote that they played for JLY that fits his voice - and soul - perfectly.  That song, Almost There, is a favorite of mine for so many reasons.  He also performed two songs that he was a part of writing…the heartfelt and ethereal Alone Together, and the gritty, emotional Slow Dawn Calling.  JLY shared stories about these as well - he is still in awe of the songwriting process, and he is learning his craft well.  All three new songs have amazing radio potential, and I look forward to hearing them on a new CD soon.

JLY was able to include a little bit more material in the second performance, since he didn’t have to worry about leaving enough time between shows for the waitstaff to get everything ready for the next set.  (By the way, the food was wonderful and the people at 54 Below were very friendly and helpful.)  He performed Maybe I’m Amazed, dedicating it to all of us in the audience and touching all of our hearts.  Then he moved us all to tears again with To Make You Feel My Love.  Several of us have learned that we need to bring Kleenex and be prepared for this one (as well as for many of the songs he performs). It brings out such deep emotion that you can’t help but have a lump in your throat and tears in your eyes.

I only wish that I hadn’t had to drive back to Ohio today, and could have stayed for the rest of this week’s performances.  @johnlloydyoungfriends is an artist that, no matter how many times you’ve seen him perform, leaves you wanting to see him again and hear his phenomenal voice live whenever possible.  He has truly left his mark on Feinstein’s/54 Below - and the venue will never be the same.  And that is definitely a very good way to share your soul.