does mona know

I’m still re watching S3, taking my time, I know.
But seriously there’s just so much happening I can’t keep up!

So firstly, as stated in a previous post, Jason was definitely on the Halloween train the whole time. The wound Mona was cleaning up for him on his hip area was definitely from Aria stabbing him with that screw driver.

I love Toby, I do! But I kinda didn’t realise how much he actually DID for A/The A Team. I mean, ok sure you join to “protect” Spencer but I feel like maybe he had other reasons for joining too.

Ezraaaaa! Nothing major but he’s been unemployed most this season and he had a sneaky comment thrown in about an autobiography he’s writing may be published, apparently it’s someone worth writing about. Aria didn’t question him as to who it was. Alison? Has the book been on the cards for that long?
He knows A LOT MORE than what he’s letting on. That 50K cash was so suspicious, idc if Wes’s story checked out, I’m sure it was from Jason.
If Ezra knew Ali was alive (did he??) then he would have known those remains weren’t hers. Maybe he stole them or even viewed them for his book? (Remember he paid CeCe for something? Maybe it was that?)

Has anyone actually thought that Toby may have been beach hottie? Has it been answered that it was definitely Wilden? I just found it weird in one episode RIGHT after (or before - can’t remember) the flashback of Ali visiting Toby in juvie, they went immediately to a scene about the Beach Hottie. Probably irrelevant, but it was an observation! We don’t know a great deal about his past, and if he never knew about Ali’s pregnancy scare, he’d have no reason to tell Spencer or the girls.

Wren is 100% in on whatever Mona and Toby have been doing. Toby’s Radley card is “E Lamb” ffs. That right there just proves Wren is involved, considering his history with Eddie Lamb himself.

The birth of Red Coat.
This. Is. Confusing.
Seriously?? The Red Coat was originally Alison’s/Vivian Darkbloom’s. Sara Harvey wasn’t “in charge”, merely a decoy Red Coat.
CeCe was Big A ~allegedly - still think she’s covering for someone~, and we are later told that ALI made CeCe dress as RC to distract the girls or something??

Emily literally says, “the woman in the Red Coat is the one in charge” ….. Season 3, when CeCe was first introduced.. Did no one seriously suspect her then? Plus why would they put CeCe in the spotlight like 10 episodes after she first appeared? Or is it only now that we know what we know it seems pretty obvious that it has been Ali’s game all along…?

Side note - how in the feck does Mona and Toby not know who they’re working for?? Mona is a goddamn tech genius and she can’t work out whose calling the shots?
Pffffft! Mona knows, Mona has always known up until season 4 I believe.

I don’t think she was Original A, and I don’t think CeCe was Big A. I think they’ve been working for or with someone this entire time, only this time someone was killed so Uber A has to come forth and take full control again.

Let’s see:
- Alison’s possible pregnancy MIGHT be with Emily’s eggs. Em’s choice? No.
- Spencer’s possible (unlikely) death/disability from shooting. + the bombshell of being Mary’s daughter. Life possibly ruined? Yep.
- Aria’s relationship with Liam ruined because Ezra was thrown at her. Worst thing ever? Well no, but.. Ezra proposing and then fleeing the country to save his ex? Heartbreaking.
- Hanna? Kidnapped, tortured, mentally unavailable, lost her job and fiancé in the process.
Who got the girls back to Rosewood? What’s keeping them there?

A L I S O N D I L A U R E N T I S.
She double crossed Charlotte and Archer. He did fall for Ali, she knew exactly what was going on the entire time.
Alison killed Charlotte to be with Archer. Archer tortured her for doing it and was going to talk if she said anything. She planned her night and made sure the girls where in the right spot at the right time to hit him.
Sara was kidnapped originally and felt for the girls. She wanted to tell Emily everything. Alison had her killed, too.
BOOM. Two murder investigation, one missing person. Four suspicious girls. One locked up in Welby.

The perfect ALIby.

PLL S5 Ep25 “Welcome to the Dollhouse”

“They can take everything from us, but they can’t take us from each other.” 

“We had an accident..”
“Yeah, I did in my pants.” -Aria

“A” made the dollhouse rooms look exactly like their rooms..

“WE heard you, bitch!” -Hanna to the voice.

Someone playing the piano with an Alison mask on..

…MONA?! with blonde hair..?

“Mona? I know it’s been a while, but I haven’t changed that much.. It’s me, Alison.” 

“And one of ..Him, Her, It.. BITCH!” -Hanna to “A”.

Caleb, Toby, and Ezra all working together..

So Mona DOES know that she IS Mona and NOT Alison..
“I’m Alison when the camera is on..” 
She’s out smarting “A”..


Alison telling Spencer’s parents about “A”..

Spencer decoding the blocks.. “Charles”

“A” giving Alison[Mona] a gas mask.. but not the others..

Spencer’s parents BELIEVE THEM ABOUT “A”.

Andrew hacking Mrs Hastings phone call..
wth? where does he fit in at.. in all of this?

“There is no way Hanna wouldn’t call me, if she could.”


The “fake” Prom with all the mannequins..

The liars calling “Charles/A” out..

So.. Alison and Jason has/had a brother? 
i’m so confused..

i’m really really confused.. that was the big reveal..? REALLY? 

Wait.. we didn’t even get to see A/Charles’ face.. REALLY?!
i’m disappointed.. i should NOT be surprised..

The liars are trapped still!! Where the hell does -A/Charles have them?!?

"...and I know EVERYTHING." | Guilty PLL's


I started this theory with a few things on my mind:

1. It is probably Sarah Harvey in that grave (but I’m not 100% sure).

2. Mona HAD to be involved in the killing and burying of that girl (either it’s Sarah or someone else) because she wanted to make sure everyone thought Alison was dead and she had Ali’s clothes from that night.

3. The girls were totally drugged the night Alison left.

4. We were told Spencer came back to the barn after she fought with Alison and went back to sleep… But from the pilot we know that she was back outside and when the girls woke up looking for Ali, Spencer says “she’s gone, I think I heard her scream” - meaning that even though Ali saw the girls sleeping, that wasn’t the end of it for them.

5. Emily had a flashback while going through hypnotherapy with Dr. Sullivan that showed her with a shovel, about to beat Alison, who is screaming with terror. She later thinks it’s a memory from the other night she was drugged and was found in front of Ali’s empty grave, but I think that memory was clashed with a memory from the night Ali disappeared.

6. It’s really easy to drug these girls and while they’re under the influence, get them to do something they will never remember later on. I think 3X01, when Emily is drugged and does a whole bunch of things she doesn’t even remember later (being with Paige, getting picked up by Jenna and also being used by A at the graveyard and still having no idea how she got there) - this is all a major clue that in PLL land, this can happen to these girls and maybe even already happened before.

So, this is my theory:

The very first text that the girls received together from A (Mona) was:

“I’m still here, bitches. And I know everything. -A”

Let’s take a look at that text. They got it after Alison’s funeral, and right after Wilden talked to them and let them know that Ali’s case is no longer a missing person’s case but a murder. The girls look very shaken by this and even more when they get the text.

But what is Mona saying? “I’m still here” - Who is? I remember watching PLL for the first time and thinking, well it’s obviously Alison who is still alive that is sending them this text, because it’s signed ‘A’ for Alison and she wanted them to know that she’s not really dead but 'still here’. But now I’m thinking… We know it was Mona who sent that text. She is trying to say, “Alison is dead, but I’M still here.” She is making sure they know that even though Alison supposedly went to the grave with their secrets, someone else is STILL there and “knows everything”. But what does Mona know? So, of course, it could mean all their little secrets (which she later uses to blackmail and torture them with) but I can’t help but recall another hunch that I had when I first watched the show, and that is how this text sounded so much like “I know what you did last summer”. What does Mona know? What did these girls do? What’s the ultimate secret, the biggest thing they’re guilty of?

Well, I think the PLL’s were the ones who killed that girl. It could either be Sarah Harvey, or someone else, but either way I think it was all four - Emily, Aria, Spencer and Hanna - who were involved in the murder and burying. How did this happen? Well, let’s see.

We know that they were all drugged by Alison that night. SO drugged that they all fell asleep, while she was watching them and waiting for a text from A. We know Spencer came back to the barn after their fight, and in 4X24 we see a flashback scene where they’re all sleeping together. However, in the pilot we have the scene where they all wake up, and Spencer is already outside of the barn (meaning, she definitely was awake again) and if you check out the little details and differences between the two scenes, it looks like the other girls were awake as well, after Alison left, and only later went back to sleep:

Of course, it could be a mistake by the props department on the show… but I don’t think so. They made a lot of effort in 4X24 recreating that scene with the same music, cups, candles, Aria’s pig and all… So why not the blanket? I think it’s a clue, showing that they didn’t sleep from the moment Ali left till the moment we see them wake up, rather they woke up in the middle, did something they later forgot, and went back to sleep.

It was a friggin LONG night, that night. We saw Ali get a bunch of 'errands’ done and come back to the barn to make sure they were asleep, and then leave, get hit and buried alive and then escape…all in one night, and it’s still dark when Mona picks her up and takes her to the motel. It’s still dark when the girls wake up and Spencer says that Alison is gone. It’s a really, really long night. So, what happened between the moment Alison left the barn and was hit and buried by her mother and the moment the girls wake up and Spencer says she’s gone?

Well, I think they were all still sleeping while Alison was pulled out by Mrs. Grunwald.  She then left her car, only to be picked up by Mona, who convinced her to fake her death. Mona was willing to do everything in order to make this happen, she was helping the person she hated the most, just in order to get rid of her. We see Mona put Alison to sleep and go over to her 'A lair’ next door. Her night was just beginning.

She had access to Alison’s clothes, probably gave her something else to sleep in (we don’t see this, but I’m assuming this is how Ali’s clothes were found on the body) - before Mona went and bought her new clothes in the morning for the Vivian disguise, it was still the middle of the night and Mona took the yellow top and pants and left to make sure that THERE WAS A DEAD BODY FOR PEOPLE TO IDENTIFY AS ALISON. How would her plan of making Ali disappear and assumed dead work, if there was no body to be found? Mona was in charge of finding a replacement. However, I don’t think she did this alone. 

Either Mona, or a different person who was helping her (could be: Cece/Wren/Melissa/Wilden/Jason/Avery), or both Mona and this other person - went back to the place where Alison was buried alive, with the clothes that Mona took from Ali. Then, the four PLL’s either woke up or were awoken by Mona and together they killed and buried Sarah Harvey. How they got Sarah Harvey there and why it was specifically her that was killed is a different theory which I’ll write about later, but what I’m focusing on now is how the four PLL’s are involved in this murder.

Remember Emily’s session with Dr. Sullivan, who was trying to help her after the whole Nate/Lyndon thing? Dr. Sullivan wanted Emily to go back to the night she killed him, but Emily’s mind took her to a different night. In the flashback, there is a clear mix up between Alison’s yard where her body was found and the graveyard where Emily was found in 3X01.

Then, in Emily’s mind, we see her holding a shovel and scaring the living sh*t out of Alison… She is wearing the same clothes she had on the night Ali went missing and it looks like she isn’t totally in her right mind. I mean, have you ever seen Emily with those kind of crazy eyes??? This is what Ali was yelling:

“We shouldn’t be here… This is bad, we shouldn’t be doing this! You have to stop! What do you think you’re doing? You can’t do this! STOP!”

Later that episode, Emily remembers that it was actually what she herself was yelling, at the graveyard, when A was digging up the body. Even though Emily was recalling the graveyard from 3X01, the rest of that flashback was pretty gruesome and maybe the biggest clue ever given on this show about what happened that night. She simply dismisses it as a nightmare combined with a memory from the graveyard and then the rest of the girls assure her that she didn’t hurt Alison… But I think it was an actual memory.

We now know it wasn’t Alison in that memory, because she told the girls what she did that night and none of this was mentioned… so could it have been a mistake by Emily’s mind trying to fill in the gaps and in reality, instead of Ali it was actually Sarah Harvey? 

What I’m getting from all of this is: Emily was awake that night, drugged, after Ali had already been saved by Mrs. Grunwald and long gone… and she was really holding that shovel and was with this screaming girl. However, Emily wasn’t actually alone with the shovel and the girl, that’s just the only thing her memory allowed her to recall. I think she was there with the rest of the PLL’s (all drugged and woken up by Mona) and also with whoever was helping Mona and got Sarah Harvey there that night. We hear Sarah screaming for her life, it sounds like it’s not just one person who is doing this to her (Also from Emily’s flashback, it seems like she could have just ran away or fought back… Maybe she was held down by the rest of them, only Emily can’t recall that because it’s deeply suppressed and she was very drugged). So, the girls were taken full advantage of and were brainwashed by Mona to hold this girl down, kill her and bury her (or maybe the person who was helping Mona was really close to them and convinced them to do this while they were drugged).

There is no other explanation I can find for these images in Emily’s head. She was wearing those same clothes, she was drugged and totally out of her mind, it sounded like she wasn’t alone in doing this and it was obviously a combination of what she remembered from the night Ali left and the other night at the graveyard. She and the other girls were totally involved in this murder.

I have always believed that the biggest twist on PLL would be that the 4 protagonists we all love and adore would end up being guilty and deserving of the torture that they’ve been through. Of course, it wouldn’t make sense if they were aware of this and just lying (to each other as well? nope), but it would make sense if they all were drugged, didn’t do it on purpose but were used and brainwashed to do this, and suppressed it and could never recall it (unless they went through hypnotherapy like Emily). It’s also debatable what they’re guilty of - maybe they didn’t actually kill the girl but witnessed it / maybe they witnessed the murder and helped bury her / maybe they were convinced to actually kill and bury her / maybe it wasn’t all four girls, it could be just Emily and Spencer or Emily and Hanna or Emily and Aria (remember in 4X01 the whole thing with the little girls and the dolls that resembled the PLL’s and Mona - one of them said, “Not fair, Aria! It was Emily’s idea!” this could be a hint to something Aria and Emily did… maybe it was this. Could this be what Aria’s nightmares were about? Is there some part of her mind that remembers this, maybe her subconscious when she’s dreaming, and maybe Ezra figured this out while they were together?) But either way, I’m sure Emily was involved because of THAT FLASHBACK! (and once again, 3X01 was a clue that it’s easy to drug her and make her do things she won’t remember). It’s really a twist when the person least expected, like Em, has the scariest skeletons in her closet. Still, I’m pretty certain that if it was her, she didn’t do it alone. I think all four girls are guilty (because they were all drugged and so I think they were all involved) and like Ali said, they all remember more about that night than they think.

So, Mona knows this because she helped do it (providing the clothes and making sure a body was found and Ali was assumed dead) and she also realizes that the girls don’t remember this, but she is probably afraid that they’ll recall it somehow. She wants to keep it a secret, because she was involved in the murder as well. I think Uber A is either whoever helped Mona do this and has some sort of connection to the girls or someone connected to Sarah Harvey/or whoever the dead girl is… I am pretty sure Alison has no clue about this and the only other people who know are probably Cece, Melissa, Wilden. I also think Wren found out about this from Melissa (but she might not know he found out) and also Jenna could have found out once she got her sight back. 

Once again, I am certain that the girls don’t remember doing this and that they had no intentions to do this, they were just drugged and forced to take part. They ARE, however, considered guilty (especially if you ask Uber A) and I think that’s the biggest secret of Pretty Little Liars. It’s why the focus of the show is on them and also on Mona. We are supposed to relate to them only to discover that the worst secret, the worst lie, is about them. We might even end up on Uber A’s side… After all, Marlene said that is her favorite character :)

ThAnks for reading!

About Charles

I have  few things I want you to think about:

- We are supposed to think that Charles is Jason’s twin brother, right?

1. If he is his twin, than why they didn’t show us his face? This reminded me of “ALISON IS A! ALISON IS A! ALISON IS A” when everyone was screaming that, but if it was so clear that Alison is A, than why we have never saw her face. Just like now…..

2. Why the boys in the video looked like, one of them is a bit older than the other?

3.  Hello??

does that means nothing to you? “say good night to your sister. Give her a little kiss. What a good boY you are. Good boyS good boyS.”

4. How are we supposed to believe that this is Alison since she is 7 years younger than Jason and these boys are 4-5 year old. But Jason is 5 years older than Bethany. Who said that this is Alison?

5. What was with the two yellow matching dresses in the Christmas episode? What was with the twin sign in Alison’s room? What was with all “Alison is having twin signs’’ if Jason was one with the twin?

6. How come A and Black widow are same person if A is Charles? 

7. I think that one of the girls having a twin would have been so much more interesting, also I think A being a female would be much better too!

- What is Sara Harvey connection?

1. Marlene said that we’ll hear from another missing girl next season. Sara? Bethany?

2. How can be Sara related to all of this if she is from another town and Rosewood is such a mess!

3. Does Mona know about Sara?

4. Why the girls didn’t searched more about her?

- Alison

1. We all know Alison is smart, manipulative and she always gets what she wants! She knew Jason was Peter Hastings son. Did she knew about Charles? May be Charles is not Jason’s twin.

2. What was 5x24 A ending mean? Alison stays in prison, but who else stays with her? We see A puts a doll where Alison was and kidnapping the others. Who stayed with Alison?

- The girls

1. If we assume that Charles is Jason’s twin, than we can find a reason for him to torture Alison. She was happy, living with their family, but he was left in Radley (or somewhere else) no one cared for him. But here’s the question why didn’t he torture Jason? Only Alison and …. the girls! Why did he torture them? It wasnt their fault he was left in Radley. He also killed people: may be Ian and eventually Maya (if she is even dead). He blackmailed Melissa. Why, why would he do that if he is mad at Alison and DiLaurentis family?

Pll’s biggest questions

Wh Okay before I start posting my theories I wanna start by stating all the questions we hope get answered in 6A. questions from season 1 that still havent been answered. If you think i made a mistake and one of these had been answered please feel free to say.

1.What was Monas real motive, she claimed it was cause they stole hanna away from her, but she was A before her and hanna were even friends.

2.Who was Toby really looking at,who was turning to face him,before he was hit(season 3 finale, at the night of the fire at thornhill) 

3.)Who hit Toby that same night?

4.)according to marlene cece isnt red coat, Why was she dressed in red coat and at the barn dance in season4?

5.)What was the dog sniffing for in jasons yard when he threw a newspaper at him.

6.) A picked up the dog that night, what did A do with him?

7.)Ezra’s book cover up totally does not check out and has many holes in it,was the book story legit?

8.)Miss Aria You’re A Killer Not Ezras Wife, what did Maya know, this part wasnt in the web address

9.)Did Dr. Sullivan really know it was Mona when she said she knew who A was, if so why did she circle nosey bitches?

10,) Where was Dr.Sullivan hiding out this whole time and what did Mona have on her son?

11.)Did Jason really cut himself,when all those bloody bandages fell out of his trash?

12.)Who was the shadow in Jasons house?

13.)When did Mrs.D really find out Ali was alive?

14.)Who killed her and why?

15.)How much of a part did Shauna really play in being A if she was at all and what made Ezra know it was Shauna?

16.)Who is black veil?

17.)Why did Charles take Mona instead of the actual Alison?

18.)Who were all the creepy guys in masks running around in masks in New York?

19.)Why did Melissa and Wilden really try to kill Aria?

20.)Who did Jason give his 50k reward to?

21.)Who trashed connors car?

22.)Who was bethany talking about in her recordings? Alison or Mrs.D ? Someone else?

23.)What exactly was on page 5?

24.)Who hit Bethany?

25.)Who hit Alison?

26.)Why did Jessica protect them once, then when Ali came back she couldn’t anymore?

27.) Was Bethany hit cause the attacker thought she was Ali?

28.)Why was Cece wearing a yellow blouse so similiar to Ali’s and Bethanys?

29.) If Charles wasnt A in season 1 and 2 then why does some handwriting from those seasons match to A’s handwriting in season 4 and 5????

30.)Was it Cece or Alison living in that crawlspace, and why?

31.)What part does Noel play? Must be involved cause why would ALi trust him first over the liars?

32.)Why Did Ian come back to Rosewood?

33.)What did Maya wanna tell Emily the night she died?

34.) Was Harold Crane working with Mona?(He had her stuff which she got back later)

35.)Who is in the barrell, will we ever find out??

36.)Why did Cece really visit mona in radley

37.)Who Killed Garret? If it was A, Why would A want Garret dead?

38.)Why did ‘Ezra’ attack Spencer in the Ravenswood mansion?

39.)Who really cleared out monas lair when she went to Radley?

40.)Did Nate really kill Maya? we were totally left hanging and in the dark with that one.

41.)Is Mona really on the girls side?

42.)Why was she working with Ezra?

43.)Does Mona know more than shes leading on?

44.)Did A kill Ian?

45.)Did A kill Mrs.Potter and make it look like a natural accident, or was it an actual accident?

46.)Did A hit Ali and Bethany? Does A have anything to do with Sarah Harveys disapperance, Is she ever found, Is she A??

47.)Is Big A and Uber A Working together? Have we seen Uber A’s face? Are they related?

48.)Who stole Fake Ali’s remains?

49.)Did Jenna have anything more to do with it than she said she did?

50,)Why was holden supposidely there that night?

51.)Who was the fragile patient on the roof with Marion?

52.)Was it Bethany? Why would she wanna kill her?

53.)Is Maya alive?

54.)What the hell is going on with Jason?

55.)Who choked Ali in her house?

56.)How did Alison and Bethany really know each other?

57.)Did Jessica know they were planning to meet up the night of Ali’s disappearance?

58.)Was it Shauna who shot Ezra?

59.)Who buried the hockey stick that toby found that Peter later burned?

60.)Why did he burn it?

61.)Did Ali really push that girl? Was Cece lying when she said Ali got her kicked out of Upen?

62.)Who was Wren talking to suspiciously on the phone with all those times after hanna walked away?

63.)How does Shauna know Wren?

64.)Who is varjak?

65.)IS Cyrus good or bad now? Was he helping Mike? Who burned him?

66.)IS Wren working with red coat?

67.)Was he ever working with Mona?

68.)Who was driving the car that crashed into Emily’s house?

69.)Who started the fire?

70.)Was Charles or Uber A There that night?

71.)Who attacked Spencer on the Halloween train, and why?

72.)What did Garret do that made Jenna hate him soo much??

73.)What was Ezra paying Cece Drake for?

74.) If Ezra isnt A why would Cece want to help him?

75.)Can Ezra even be trusted?

76.)Are they broken up for good this time?

77.)Why does Eddie Lamb really hate Wren?

78.)Is Eddie a good guy?

79.)Who really attacked Ali in the abandoned house in the halloween episode?

80.)Lucas? Who was baby face not in the halloween episodes?

81.)Who was in Ali’s attic with Hanna in the christmas episode?

82.)Was Toby’s car wreck and accident or was it an A move?

83.)Who did Spencer see in Ali’s room in the pilot? Was it Ali? Maybe Maya?

84.)Where does Jason go when he disappears?

85.)Why did Jason and Jessica move back to Rosewood?

86.)Who was Ali with after she left Hectors?

87.)Why did Ali need so much money?

88.)Whats the real story behind all the masks?

89.)Did A get a hold of Emilys mask cause Hector knows A?

90.)Who put took the cop car out of the lake? Cece?

91.)Why did Cece really kill wilden?

92.)IS Cece part of the A team?

93.)What exact information was she gonna share the night she was caught?

94.)How did she escape the police station?

95.)IS Cece actually loyal to Alison?

96.)why did she lie to Aria about her car being towed?

97.)What part does Lucas play with all of Monas schemes?

98.)Where is Monas mom? her house was broken into and she never reported it?

99.)What else is Peter and Jessica hiding?

100.)Whose blood is on Alisons anklet?

101.)How was the evidence distorted that had the charges dropped on Toby?

102.)When Ali was found alive, why did the police not think then why did Ian confess in his letter? It mustve been a fake letter??

103.)How many red coats are there?

104.)Why did Arias Family decide to go to Iceland?

105.)Was Wren working with Mona?

106.)Charles motive? Ali? The Girls? Is he really just lonely and genuinley wanted a prom? Or is he planning on killing them in the dollhouse?

107.)Can we really trust holbrook and Tanner?

108.)Why was Claire and Samaras character played by the same actress, coincidence? 

109.)Why is Dr in quotation marks in DR. Wren Kingston on the board at the police station?

110.)Black veil, Uber A, Charles? IS Charles his real name? Where is Cece?IS she gonna get caught? What is the whole Bethany Young, Sarah Harvey story? Was the night ali went missing the day before the first day of school?Why have we so many un answered questions? Did the writers forget? Is every A scene in season 3 til now Charles under that hood? Why did Black Veils note to bethanys parents match Ians suicide note? And Main A’s handwriting? Are they the same person??

If You read all this I really appreciate. I dont understand how we are left with all these questions and probably hundreds more. Sorry they werent in order i just jotted these down over time and finally decided to post it.:)

IF you think you have an answer to any of my questions, Id love to hear them even if they are just theories.

Thank you!:)

Questions I still have post 6x10:
  1. Who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis?
  2. Why did Cece need Ali and Noel’s help to flee the country if she was -A?
  3. Did Cece ever tell Jessica that Ali was alive after the lodge fire? If not. Why not?
  4. Where is Eddie Lamb - What was the significance of him as a character? Is he dead? Did he know about Cece??
  5. Where are Melissa and Wren? - If they’re not involved in the -A storyline, why are they so fucking sketchy?? Also are they back together now or??
  6. Is that damn yellow top cursed or sthing? Or is it just blondes?
  7. What was the point of the Radley prank story that Ali/ Cece did to Jessica if Jessica knew Cece was her daughter and was a patient there? 
  8. Was Sara Harvey always in the dollhouse? Or was she just a plant? Why was she there? Who put her there in the first place? What were the dashes on the walls for? Does she really like showers that much or is she just sketchy? 
  9. What was even the point of the dollhouse? Like it wasn’t even mentioned in the finale!
  10. Why was Shana so fucking annoying? Like what was her problem?
  11. Who is Varjack?
  12. Who is Beach Hottie? Is it Wilden or??
  13. Where is Mona in the time jump? What is she doing?? 
  14. What happened to Clark? Did he disappear? Why bring Lorenzo back also if Ali has a husband in the time jump??!
  15. Who built the dollhouse? How long did it take to build it? How did they build it? Why did they even build it to begin with?? Why place it in that exact spot? 
  16. Whose body was planted to look like Toby’s?
  17. Where are Jenna and Sydney post time jump? 
  18. Are there actually twins or are we meant to believe Ali and Cece are the twins?
  19. Where is Holbrook?
  21. What happened to Cyrus? And Andrew Campbell?
  22. What was the significance of the Campbell apple farm anyway?
  23. Why did Cece attack Mike?
  24. What was really going on with the N.A.T club? Will that ever be explained or?
  25. Did Cece transition or not?
  26. Also why dress up as Charles for the prom instead of as a Charlotte, if that’s what she considers herself the most?
  27. Why was Cece prom queen if she never went to Rosewood Highschool?
  28. The Marion timeline - Full Stop. 
  29. What job did Caleb get in New York that would cover both him and Hanna?
  30. What does Mona actually know?
  31. What was the point of Lesli Stone? And was Rhys Matthews just solely introduced to be a decoy?
  32. Where were Toby, Caleb and Ezra during the finale?
  33. Why were kids playing on the roof at Radley? Seriously. That place is fucked up.
  34. Where is Tippi the Bird? Where is Pepe? Why does Sara have a tattoo like Tippi??
  35. If Ian committed suicide and Mona staged the crime scene along with the suicide note, why did he kill himself?
  36. Is Sara actually good or bad?
  37. How does Charlotte have access to bodies and bones? Like legit. Also I need a better explanation of how she got all of her money. Not just a stock market story!
  38. Where is Noel?
  39. How did Alison manage to meet a future husband who isn’t a psycho?
  40. Why didn’t we get to see graduation!!
  41. Where is Byron? Is Wayne Fields actually dead?? :((
  42. Who is coming after Alison in 6B?

(Please feel free to add to this if you have other questions, these are just the ones off the top of my head I could think of.)

Mona knows who Charles is...

In a flashback that Hanna has at a sleep over with Mona, Hanna asks Mona what would happen if Ali was alive. Mona suggests that she would go crazy and be thrown in Radley and “no one ever gets out of there.”

But Mona did escape Radley. Time and time again. Easily too. Who else do we now know escaped Radley? Both Bethany and Charles. Bethany died in the attempt. How? We are still trying to figure it out. Which means Charles is left.

Mona has been working with Charles ALL along. It was Charles who taught Mona how to get in and out of Radley. It was Charles who gave Mona the idea of A. It was Charles who was at the 313 House on the Halloween episode.

I LOVE Mona’s character. But she’s never seemed innocent to me. She didn’t need Ali’s help to look beautiful. Meaning she was geeky as an act: because she looked pretty great as cat woman at the Halloween party.

So what does this mean? Mona knows who Charles is. To me, this could mean someone like Wren who gave easy access to people like Cece to get to Radley and decided to volunteer there while also giving Mona her therapy - weird. But I would also say that Toby is a good candidate as well. Seeing that we find out Toby is working with A half way through season 3 and in episode 3x01 he tells Emily “it feels really great to be out on my own.” It would also explain the weird way he’s been acting towards Alison.

I feel like Mona has worked closet with both Wren and Toby and it’s interesting that the two most suspicious people are most related to Spencer: equally as brilliant as Mona. It could be one of the main reasons A is always revealed to Spencer and that Spencer feels that A is familiar.

What do you guys think?! If Mona knows who Charles is, then who could it be?

Sooo many questions after the finale

Soooo, here’s a few I have. I’m totally confused which is kinda great, it leaves me wanting to theorize again, but now I actually have a ton of questions that need answers, feel free to comment/add answers! 

Mary Drake is Jessica’s twin and Charlotte’s mother who had her when she was in Radley. Did Charlotte know her then? She had to right otherwise she wouldn’t have called herself Cece Drake. 

So did Mary and Charlotte plan this together? 

Did Mary kill Marion? 

And Jessica? 

Or did the person who killed Charlotte do that? Bc Charlotte was really upset by Jessica dying. 

If Mary and Charlotte were planning this, why would Charlotte be upset by Alison’s news of Ali dating Rollins? Wasn’t she aware of the plan? Bc she didn’t tell Ali about loving Rollins. So if she wasn’t really upset, why did she go to the church the night she died? 


So is Mary Uber A and the killer is someone else? 

Is the final motive for the A game Mary getting what she thought she was owed? The life Jessica and Ali had? So basically the book plot except the twin is Ali’s mom but exact same motive, revenge for the life she never was able to have and she used her daughter as a way do get it? Then she died and that became the reason for becoming A again? 

Was it all about the DiLaurentis money? 

Does Peter know about Jessica’s twin? 



Did Bethany kill Marion and Marion was Mary’s friend? 

Or did Marion find out about Mary and Charlotte’s plan and that’s why Mary pushed her? And Charlotte lied to protect her mom? 

Did Mary and Charlotte meet Rollins in Radley and that’s where they made their plan? Did Rollins fall in love with Charlotte and decided to help her in her revenge plot? Since when was he involved? 

Is Rollins being British a clue that Wren (maybe his brother?) is involved? 

Did Wren maybe introduce Rollins and Charlotte? Is Wren involved in the A game? 



My Thoughts On "Through A Glass, Darkly"

I have to give it to Ali, she had guts going to Mona’s funeral. Either she helped Mona fake her death and felt bad seeing Mrs. V so heartbroken or she felt bad because of how badly how she treated Mona in the past. Maybe both. Either way, Mrs. V knew Mona feared Ali and had been bullied mercilessly by her, which prompted the “slap heard round the world.” Ironically, Mrs. V had no issue with Spencer being there, considering she was out on bail for being suspected of murdering a teenage girl. Don’t try to understand Rosewood logic, you’ll just hurt your brain.

Side note: does the opening scene bug anyone else now that we know Ali is alive? It just lost that “thing” that gave me goosebumps in the beginning of the series. Mona’s mom questioned if she was really dead since there’s no body: clearly, she has tumblr.

Jessica being the witness who named Spencer as Ali/Bethany’s murderer isn’t shocking. We knew this already. Wilden covering it up isn’t an earth shattering revelation either. Whoever Jessica was covering for is definitely the person who murdered her (remember the email Jessica sent saying she couldn’t cover for them anymore). If Jessica really buried Ali she was willing to cover for the murderer and it’s prob why she didn’t push the issue any further. That’s right Tanner: all roads lead back to Radley. I would totally be up for breaking in to dig through their files and hang with Big Ronda. Ya know, if the place wasn’t fictional and all. Because I’m dying to know what big secrets lie in Radley, pun intended. I think whoever killed Bethany not only murdered Mrs. D but and Wilden too. Maybe whoever it is (A?) was counting on the girls turning on Ali in order to clear Spencer, because I’m pretty sure A wouldn’t mind Ali taking the fall. Besides if Ali was protecting her girls, we’ll now, it’s open season on the liars.

“My parents want me somewhere safe.”- Paige’s parents win the smartest/best parent award. But this is rosewood so it’s all relative and the competition isn’t tough.

One scoop of ice cream each. Yea, Hanna and Caleb, that’s how much I eat too. True story. I’m totally not lying.

Mona was so smart even Caleb can’t crack into her computer. I LOVE that.

Now the girls wanna use Grunwald. This show could’ve ended seasons go. Come on Caleb, cops use psychics all the time. Party pooper.

“She saved Ali when Mrs. D planted her.”- this is why I love Hanna.

Honestly, I go back and forth with how I feel about Ali. But I felt really bad for her this episode. I don’t think she killed Mona and I don’t think she’s A. I know I shouldn’t have but I laughed so hard when Aria started blowing the whistle. Poor Ali.

After habitually leaving Ali alone since she’s returned, I guess the least her dad could so was supply her with a fake alibi.

Mike: no body, no funeral. The writers are totally messing with us and read all of your theories.

So they found traces of Mona’s blood in Ali’s trunk. A could’ve planted that. OR Ali helped Mona fake the whole thing.

Jason asked Spencer if it’s so hard to believe the Dilaurentis’s spent Thanksgiving together as a family. Did he not see the Christmas episode? I’m sorry, I’ve said before that I wish the series took place while the girls were in college bc I have issues with the unrealistic level of parental supervising all things considered. So just ignore my rants. I’d say I’m gonna stop but that’s be a lie. So ignoring me is best.

I eat a lot of fiber. How can you not love Hanna?

Each one hated/feared/knew something about the other. When Grunwald said this the first thing to pop into my head was “two can keep a secret if one of them is dead”. Does that explain Ali and Mona’s complex relationship? Mona knew Ali was alive this whole time but what does Ali know about Mona? Was Grunwald insinuating Mona was buried alive: Surrounded by earth and insects. Is her soul is having a hard time passing over bc she’s still alive? Fingers.Crossed.

When did Emily becomes so comfortable breaking the law? For someone who loved Ali so deeply she sure did a 180.

The picture of the Dilarientis family on the ski trip: Jason remembers it as a bad day but she remembers a nice day. Jason hints how Ali has a way of remembering things differently. This could be a clue (I don’t think her story the night she disappeared is the truth, at least not all of it, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t convince herself it was for self preservation). We know Jessica taught Ali this habit in the Christmas episode.

Of course Caleb’s mom is helping him w his own place. His dad is still pissed he bought a house in Ravenswood and Caleb didn’t hold up his end of the bargain to help fix it up. If you didn’t watch Ravenwood I apologize. Again, just ignore me.

Aria is wearing red, Celeb calling her A for anonymous (she said this exact line to Ms. Marin once)..I’m just saying……home girl is A.

Is Aria trying to see if Caleb found anything on Mona’s computer or does she really only care about colleges? One makes her shady and possibly A, old news. The other option is typical Aria. The others are tracking down clues and planting evidence while she’s spends the episode concerned only with herself and Ezra’s shelves. BUT this sure would be a clever way to learn from Caleb. She’s totally A.

Terminations is a collection of short stories about sadness and loss. One of them is about life and death and making sure a close friend is remembers and not forgotten about once they pass away. Mona knew how smart Hanna was and that she hid it. Was this bc Hanna felt like Spencer already filled the “smart” friend role and she already saw how much Spencer and Ali clashed?

The whole Aria getting attacked scene. She wasn’t hurt. If A wanted to they could’ve, they didn’t. If Aria is involved with A She could have a mental condition and not even realize some of what she does. Or she might need to convinced herself that her being a target of A is real so she can convince the others. Maybe this was to really nail home how “evil” Ali is. Plus, now the evidence from Mona’s laptop is out of the liars hand and into A’s. Why wouldn’t Aria want to tell Ezra? It also could’ve been Ali trying to protect the girls because something on there could hurt them. All I know is WTH did Caleb give Aria that laptop? Did his quick lesson quality her to break into Mona’s files when he couldn’t?

Ali didn’t look too excited to see Grunwald. Ya know, Considering she saved her life and all. Supposedly. This show makes my brain hurt.

Mona’s hidden cameras don’t show a face. Of course. This doesn’t rule out that Mona didn’t stage this: she knew the cameras were there and no serious injury/blood occurred. How nice that newbie Toby, whose girlfriend is accused of murder, is allowed to sit in w Tanner. Keep up the by-the-book work Rosewood PD.

I feel for Jason being stuck between his two sisters…and I will happily console him.

If Ali’s right and she’s been protecting the girl then A should get pretty ruthless towards them now that Ali’s in prison.

Having someone arrested for Mona’s murder would make Mike feel better. Mona being gone would make it easier for Aria to have a relationship with Mike. Aria admits that she was always concerned what Mona would tell him about hers and the girls. Typical “compassionate” Aria only thinking of herself. Aria says she hopes Mike will tell her about the real Mona: ie get all her secretes/the inside scoop. Everything Aria says has an ulterior motive to me.

Poor sobbing Mike, Aria does love her brother.

I love Spencer but how does she knew she didn’t hurt Bethany? She doesn’t remember a lot from that night, Ali said she was sleeping but the first series episode shows Spencer awake entering the barn saying she heard Ali scream and went to look for her. This has always confused me.

Poor Ali is in jail bc of a video showing a girl with blonde hair and lack of an alibi. That’s apparently enough to arrest someone without bail even though blood in their trunk isn’t. Hmmm.

This episode had no answers as usual. To quote Spencer “No, I don’t accept this.” LOL! Thanks for reading, I love you! I have to go eat some fiber now…

Mona knows A!?

How does Mona not know who A is? If this new A stole the game from her, she would’ve had to have known he/she/it/bitch in some way, right? Unless she just woke up one day with a random text saying give me the game and she just handed it over, which literally makes no sense. Mona has to know who A is! Especially after being in the dollhouse for that long. She’s either just too smart to figure it out, or too scared to say it. We need to have Mona in these upcoming episodes because she always knows so much more than she tells. She’s been such a scared, vulnerable character lately and the girls need to be with her, especially Hanna.

Charles, Bethany, Alison, that night, and now

The Night Alison “Died”

My newest theory about Pretty Little Liars and the night Alison “died” involves Charles.  Before this new player came to light, I believed Bethany to be the one who hit Alison in the head that night.  I still believe she played a part in the events, but I no longer believe her to be the one who instigated the plans that night.

Let’s begin with the phone class Jessica DiLaurentis received that evening.

This phone call was from Radley but it isn’t about Bethany.  Radley was calling to inform Jessica that Charles had manage to escape the sanitarium and they were calling to give her warning.  They are aware of Charles’ obsession with Alison.  

When Alison enters the house, Jessica immediately states that she doesn’t want Alison going out that evening.

Alison, of course, doesn’t listen.  She’s on a mission to figure out who is taunting her and takes the sleeping pills from her mother’s purse.  We know from the episode “A is for Answers” what occurred the rest of the night (if we can trust Alison’s words).

On her way back to her house that night, after meeting with half of Rosewood, she pauses when she sees her mother in the window.

Then we see a look of horror on Jessica’s face.

This is when Charles hit Alison in the back of the head with the rock.  I think Charles believed that was Bethany, not Alison.  

Jessica rushes outside to see if Alison is dead, and thinking she it, decides to help Charles and cover up what he did.  I have always thought the way Jessica acted was because whomever hit Alison meant just as much to her…like a child.  Jessica needs to protect Charles, so she buries Alison in the yard.  

Where has Charles been this whole time?  No idea, but part of me thinks that Jessica provided him a place to live, hide, escape, whatever you want to call it. Charles has a little home that they built just for him.  He has his toys, his dolls, everything they think he needs. They check on him of course.  You can’t just let him fend for himself out there when he’s been in Radley so long.

 What they don’t know is that on September 2nd Charles saw Sara Harvey.  Having just lost his Alison, he needed a replacement. Sara is now his Alison.  He has everything he wants now.  Or so he thinks.

Enter Mona.  All she wanted to do was fake her death, frame Alison, and figure out who in the hell stole the game from her and was now A.

Charles takes Mona and adds her to the collection.  This is the part I’m not clear on, but every theory has its holes, so here’s one. Does Charles know that Mona was tormenting Alison, and took her in revenge?  Did he just take her because she knew Alison?  I don’t know, but Charles took her and made another Alison. Maybe Bethany was too broken after a couple of years and he needed a replacement.

Part of me thinks Mona told Charles that Alison is still alive.  This is when Mona carved “he’s going to kill me –M,” in the back of the wardrobe.  Telling Charles would have led to her own death.   Mona was going to need help if she wanted to escape.  What better way to get help than to tell Charles that Alison would want her best friends with her in the dollhouse?  She convinces Charles that he needs to collect them for her.

Once the girls were in the dollhouse, Mona taught them the rules, got them ready to live there and they could be waiting for Alison.

It backfired on Charles though, because Mona is smarter than everyone but Spencer.  The girls escaped, Alison was never captured, and now he’s alone again with nowhere to live or be safe.  Where he is now, I don’t know, but we’ll be seeing him again.

I think Jason knew about Charles, but was told that he died when he actually was sent to Radley.  He was then told never to speak of him.  Alison was a baby so she doesn’t remember him.  The DiLaurentis’ are on the board at Radley.  They did this so they could make sure no one would ever make the connection to the family. He most likely went by another last name while there. (I also think the recent purchase of Radley was by Kenneth DiLaurentis to keep things quiet.  He knows who is behind all of this.)

While at Radley, Bethany Young met Charles.  Over time she figured out that his mother was actually Jessica.   I believe that her drawings show her anger at Jessica for the lies she’s told about Charles.

She then tried to use this information to blackmail her for reason I have yet to figure out.  Trying to keep Bethany quiet, Jessica bribed her with trips and gifts.  She may have even tried to get close with Bethany’s father in order to keep Bethany quiet.  Jessica could be the person Bethany was talking about in those tapes.  Both of them making plans and playing games.

Bethany decided to take it a step further and get to Alison.  If Alison knew, then Jessica’s plan would fall apart all around her. That Labor Day weekend would be perfect.   More plans were made.  Bethany would get to Alison and tell her everything.

There was one problem though…Charles.  He wouldn’t want anything to happen to Alison.  He would need to escape and get to Alison to protect her.  That night he mistakenly hit Alison in the head with the rock thinking it was Bethany.

Now I know there are holes within this theory.  I have found a few and I wrote it.  I can’t figure out where things like the prom fit in, or NAT, the new ‘A’, etc…Part of me thinks that there are still two different things going here (Charles and ‘A’). I still even have theories about Wilden. Where did Maya fit into this theory? Jenna? See holes all over this theory.

Still, I think I may be on to something here.

Unanswered PLL questions:

These are just the ones off the top of my head, feel free to add more.

What did Maya know? And when will we find out?

Who killed Charlotte if it wasn’t Uber -A/ Mary/ Elliot? (Why was Melissa’s suitcase broken??) Why did someone kill Charlotte? Were the flowers near her body from the killer? Or were they for the person she was meeting? Was that person Elliot?

Where the frick is Eddie Lamb? Did Ezra have something to do with him disappearing? Will we ever see him again?

What happened whilst Ali was gone? What did she get up to? 

What was the connection to the apple farm? Andrew Campbell??

Is Charlotte really Charles? Or was that a lie?

What was Wren’s role in everything? He was not just a doctor, I refuse to believe it

What does Mona know? Did she know about Charlotte’s real mother all along? (She def didn’t seem surprised)

Who is Bethany Young? What was the importance to her character? Will we ever find out?

Was Mary Drake always mentally unstable? Did she get her child taken from her to protect her? Did she know Charlotte over the years, did they work together? How did she meet Elliot? What is the connection between them? Why is she working for Uber -A?

Why did Charlotte attack the girls? I don’t think we ever got a strong enough explanation of this at all

Who killed Mrs. D? Was it Mary/ Uber -A? Also why is everyone working for Uber -A? Who is Uber -A? What do they know?

Who is Sara Harvey really? What is the point to her character? Was she really Black veil or is that just a lie?

Where is Rhys and what is his backstory? Will we see him again?

Who dragged Hanna out if it wasn’t Mary and it wasn’t Elliot? Uber -A? Or someone else?

Are there more people working for Uber -A and wearing masks around Rosewood?

Were there two masked people in the Dollhouse?

Why was Alison guilty about Wilden? What happened between them? Was Wilden boardshorts?

Who set off the fire that burnt Aria? Was it Lucas or Uber -A?

Why did the creepy boy in the doll shop mention a male and female with dark hair? Who were they? Melissa and Garrett? Melissa and Wren?

Questions that STILL need answered on PLL

Questions that STILL need answered—–in no particular order

1. Who was in Ali’s room with either a blonde wig or blonde hair, that Spencer saw in S1?
2. Did Mrs. D and Jason know that Ali was alive while she was missing?
3. Who else’s body was buried in the yard, is it really Bethany?
4. In the 3.24 ending who did we see pulled out of the grave the night Ali went missing ( besides Ali)? and who pulled them out! That most certainly wasn’t Mrs. Grunwald that pulled the person out, this person had bright red nails, so who was it?
5. Why did everyone have the same yellow top on that night?
6.Why would Ian commit suicide?
7. Why did Ian want to kill Spencer that night at the Bell Tower? He said it was for Melissa, why would that be?
8. What did Maya know?
9. How was Wilden working alone putting Aria in the crate on the train etc. when we heard a girl and saw another QOH’s? In fact he was arguing with her that he didn’t want to push the crate off the train…
10. Was Melissa really the other Queen of hearts like Mona said? We saw Wilden with someone so who was it. Also there were supposedly 4 QOH costumes bought or rented so…
11. Was there more than two ppl dressed up as the queen of hearts the night of the Halloween train?
12.Why would Wilden put Aria in the crate?
13. Who did Aria stab with the screwdriver?
14. Could Cece be Bethany instead of Charles? I know that MK said Cece is Charles, but we’ve been lied to before and it’s funny how the people that would know the truth are now dead. Also we saw Bethany’s drawings that show Mrs.D in the same outfit that she had on when Cece was supposedly at Aunt Carol’s and it’s funny how MK will not say if Cece transitioned from male to female or explain how Jason saw Cece with Melissa the night Ali disappeared. Also think of all the stories of how Mrs. D took Bethany out etc. so is it possible that Cece is still playing the game and pretending to be Charles? or that Cece has split personalities and that one of them is Bethany? Maybe she was never put back in Radley as Charlotte but was put back in as Bethany!
15. Why did Mrs.D say “Never turn your back on a Hastings”?
16. Did Bethany actually draw the drawings in her sketchbook or did someone draw them and give them to her? What did the drawings mean?
17. Who did Spencer hear scream outside the barn the night Ali went missing S1E1? We never heard or saw Ali scream.
18. How did Cece learn archery?
19. How did Cece have access to a morgue?
20.How did Cece get the body that she put in the barrell from a medical school or wherever they said? How did she even get access to the medical lab?
21. How did Cece get Sara?
22. Why did Cece say Mona helped her get in and out of Radley, but Mona said it was the other way around?
23. Why were we told we had seen BW without her mask in S4 when Dre Davis didn’t come into the show until season 6? Are we counting that flyer/bulletin of missing SH? Surely not!
24. Why did Cece decide to date Jason instead of just befriend him?
25. Whose things did Maya throw out that were supposedly Ali’s in s1?
26. Why was Ali’s grave dug up in s3?
27. Who drugged Emily to dig it up and why?
28. What did Garrett mean when he told Spencer medical records didn’t lie?
29. Who took the picture of Ali the night she disappeared?
30. What was in the bag that Ian gave to Jenna?
31. Where did Cece learn her hacking and combat skills?
32. Who was the person that Toby saw at the Lodge before he was knocked out?
33. When Melissa said those bitches are gonna be at the lodge, was she talking about the girls?
34. Why did Jenna, Melissa, Shana, and Wilden want the girls at the Lodge?
35. Who hit Toby over the head that night and threw the NW lighter down? Was that Cece, Sara, or someone else?
36. Why the rushed wedding between Melissa and Ian? Was it for an alibi and if so what did they need an alibi for?
37. Was the story that Melissa was pregnant and going to get an abortion in Cape May but miscarried on the way true?
38. Why did Ian meet up with Ali in a hotel in cape may if Melissa had just miscarried?
39. What was on the videos that Ali stole from Ian and why were the videos made?
40. Was the NAT club behind the videos or someone else?
41. What was the purpose of the NAT club ( just to dim young girls?) and why are so many of the members now dead?
42. Who all was Ali dating the summer before she came up missing?
43. Was Ezra really board shorts? If not who was?
44. Who was beach hottie?
45. Was Ali pregnant and if so by who and what happened to the baby?
46. Were those diaries that Mona had really Ali’s?
47. Why didn’t Ali ever tell the girls who she was dating or that she was friends with Cece? Why is Ali keeping so many secrets?
48. Was Melissa pregnant by Ian after they got married or did she fake the entire pregnancy?
49. If Melissa was pregnant was Ian the father, if not who was?
50. Why did Melissa continue to pretend to be pregnant if she did miscarry Taylor?
51. Why did Bethany call Marion a goody two shoes?
52. Why was Marion in Radley? Was it really just depression?
53. Who was the blonde girl that Dr.Palmer told Toby to stay away from? Cece?
54. Why was Eddie lamb trying to get in touch with Ezra? Why did he have a bad feeling about Wren?
55. What happened to Eddie Lamb?
56. Who attacked Emily in the green house? Cece?
57. Was Toby really protecting Spencer?
58. Why was Toby in London?
59. Why did someone make Toby appear to be dead, tattoo and all? And who was the dead person?
60. Right before Mona is kidnapped she tells Aria that Ali lured Bethany to her house the night Ali disappeared. Is this true? Does Ali really know Bethany? Was this false info? How did Mona learn this?
61.Why did Cece put Mona in the trunk?
62.And why did she take baby Jesus and replace it with the Mona doll in Emily’s manger scene?
63. Who did Ali say “I know you wanna kiss me” to? Ian? It appeared that way but then neither one of them seemed into eachother by that point so could it of been someone else?
64. The kissing Rock video, what did it show in its entirety? Why two different versions and all the different edits? Was it fake or real? And what was its purpose?
65. Who killed Mrs.D ( if that was in fact Mrs.D) and why?
66. Who is Dr. Sullivan’s son?
67. Why was Maya staying with Noel?
68. Who grabbed Maya in the video at Noel’s cabin?
69. Is Andrew really adopted or was Ezra lying?
70. If he is adopted then who are his biological parents?
71. Who is Andrew’s uncle that supposedly owns the orchard? We saw paperwork showing that someone in the Dilaurentis family owns an orchard, Is it the same orchard?
72. What did that lawyer that worked for Mona and/or Varjak say to Ezra?
73. Why were Shana and Jenna afraid of Melissa?
74. Who was the blonde girl at the zoo reptile exhibit? Just a person to throw us off?
75. What’s with the number 214? It was a room number, Garret’s badge number, and a locker combination so what Is its meaning?
76. Why was Mona meeting with Jenna and Shana?
77. What is Bethany young’s connection?
78. Is Bethany young even her real name? Why was she in Radley?
79. Who was the person with Mona behind the frosted glass at the salon/spa in the ending of episode 5.3?
80. What is the Sara Harvey connection?
81. Who pushed the girl at the frat party, who was the girl that got pushed, and what happened to her?
82. Who was Ali with at that frat party, when she wasn’t with the girls?
83. Did Cece really get kicked out of college or have to leave because she hit Ali in the head? Did she blame Ali and the girls for getting kicked out or having to leave college and if not why would her roommate tell Aria that?
84. What is the purpose of the Carasimmi group?
85. How did Charles have time to transition to Charlotte/Cece when she’s 15 months older than Jason and those surgeries take years and she showed up looking like a full fledged girl his senior year, meaning she would only be around 18-19 and you can’t have those surgeries legally til you are 18? Did she go out of the country as a teen for the surgeries?
86. How did Cece have masks and stuff in the Dilaurentis house yet no one that lived there realized it?
87. Why were Sydney and Jenna dressed like twins?
88. Could Jenna see the whole time she has been back in Rosewood and if not when did she start back being able to see?
89. What did Jenna give Shana at the park and what was she supposed to do with it?
90. Why is no one investigating Ian’s suicide note?
91. Why was Alison afraid of Paige?
92. Why were there scratches on Alison’s bedroom door and on the door of the room at the sorority house where Ali supposedly hid out?
93. Why did Ali say and what did she mean when she said there’s not enough locks to keep out Jason and his friends? And why was she crying at Spencer’s house? What happened?
94. Also what did she mean or what was her purpose of telling the girls that Jason had a problem with doorknobs?
95. Why was Jason standing at Ali’s bedroom door staring at her when she came home after being hid out for years?
96. What did the whole bad apple thing that Ali told Spencer refer to?
97. Why did Jason tell Spencer not to trust their father, Peter Hastings?
98. What does Mona know on Ali and Ali know on Mona that Mrs.Grunwald was referring to?
99. What bad things have the Hastings and the Dilaurentis family done that Ashley Marin hints at?
100. Why did Ezra think Mrs.D was A?
101. Why was Mrs.D sneaking into Spencer’s house staring at her?
102. Who’s number is 2154693561? ( tippi whistled the number and we’ve seen it several times) is it Cece’s?
103. Who did Jason pay the fifty grand to?
104. What kind of information did they give Jason in exchange for the 50 grand?
105. Who owns the old blue mustang?
106. How did Wren get to be a doctor at such a young age? Or is he a doctor?
107. How did Wren end up working or volunteering at so many places of importance?
108. Why did the dollhouse have a poster that said love thy neighbor like Wren?
109. Why did the dollhouse have a poster of three skeletons like Wren?
110. Why did A have a piano like Wren’s?
111. Why did Mona tell wren she stopped trusting him when she found out where his loyalties lie? And what did she mean by that?
112. Who did the lil boy in the doll shop see? He said a couple, guy and girl, with dark hair..who was that?
113. Who gave Ali the anklet? And what was its significance?
114. Where did wren get the drawing of the family and why did he only color in the red jacket? Who did he call while doing that?
115. Was there a reason Wren misspelled diagnosis?
116. Who attacked Ali in the Halloween episode wearing the baby doll mask?
117. Why was there a Radley car outside the house?
118. Who were the twins in the Halloween story?
119. If Cece is A then why was she at the Hastings caressing Spencer’s hat in a s5 A ending?
120. Why did Tippi say Hello Board Shorts to A if A is Cece?
121. Why did Cece turn herself into police?
122. What is the significance with Cindy and Mindy? Or is there any?
123. What were the 2 things in seasons 1-2 that Mona did not do? Did Cece do them?
124. Who took the stuff from Mona’s original lair? Cece or someone else?
125. Why was Shana helping wren move?
126. Why was Jason hugging Mona in season 2? What was the deal with that?
127. Who was Mrs. Grunwald talking about when she told the girls one of them had been touched by the one Ali fears the most? Is that supposed to be Cece? That doesn’t make sense considering they’ve all had the same interaction with Cece!
128. What does miss Aria your a killer not Ezra’s wife mean? We know it meant Maya knew but did it have more significance than that?
129. How old was Wilden? In one scene Hanna says he was c/o 1996 and in another he supposedly was a couple of grades ahead of Melissa who was class of 2005, so what is his real age?
130. What was on page five?
131. Why, if Cece is A, did they have a man in the black hoody at times? We could tell it was a male’s physique, what’s up with that?
132. How long did it take Cece to build the dollhouse? Did she build it herself or have help? If she built it when did she learn to do that?
133. How did Jenna know Alison at the Halloween shop? Did she already know about Alison before she moved to Rosewood? If so how? If not when did she learn of her and by who?
134. Who was the girl in the mask/dress at the Halloween store in the webisodes?
135. Why did Radley close? Who owns it?
136. How did Bethany know to wear the same outfit the night Ali went missing? Who left Ali the note to wear it too?
137. Why did Mike have 18 grand in his bank account? Where did he get it and why?
138. Who was Mike leaving candy for? Cece?
139. Why did he steal the liars blood?
140. Who is Cyus Patrillo and how does he fit in? Also why was Mike meeting him?
141. Why is Ali scared of the painting “the isle of the dead”?
142. Was Shana’s death just forgot about?
143. Where is Meredith?
144. Why were the pictures of two blonde kids in Aria’s family album?
145. Who was Melissa talking to the night Ali disappeared on the phone when she said do I have to call 911 to get ahold of you?
146. Where was Mona’s mother at after Mona’s funeral?
147. Where was Jason really at when he told he was at rehab?
148. What does Ali know on Noel? What are his secrets?
149. What happened to Jason to injure him when Mona was helping to bandage him in season 2?
150. How is mrs.D connected to Bethany?
151. Who was Melissa talking to the night Ali disappeared,that Jason thought was Cece, and what were they talking about?
152. On the tapes that Spencer and Mona found at Radley of Bethany talking, were those real or fake? If they were real what did she mean by mrs d had an affair with her father? Who are her parents? And what did she mean by “I can make plans to”? Who was she calling an evil bitch?
153. Has Alison ever met Bethany Young? If not, who wrote and planted the note in Ali’s attic? Cece? If so why would she do that?
154. In fact who planted the stuff in Ali’s attic and why? Again was that Cece?
155. How did Ali get the scar on her leg?
156. How did Ali get her arm broke when she was two?
157. Who took the pictures of Aria that Jason had? Did Ali really take those, did Jason, or someone else? And why did they take them? And how did A get those later on?
158. What did Spencer put in Ali’s coffin?
159. Why, if Cece cared about Ali did she set her up for Mona’s murder and pay people in jail to beat her? Why did she send her a video of her burying their mother and write I buried her just like I watched her bury you? So it’s ok for Cece to be cruel to Ali but she got mad at the liars for not being upset enough that Ali was gone?
160. Why did Ali and Melissa have masks made of themselves?
161. Why was Melissa’s riding helmet at the place Mrs.D took Bethany to ride her horse?
162. Who did Ali get into the car with outside Hector Lime’s?
163. Why was Ali going to hectors asking for money?
164. What happened to put Cyrus in the burn unit and who was In the bed in the burn unit? Also where Is he now?
165. Why did Jason act strange watching the video of Mona and why did he say it could be my sister and clarify that it could be Ali? The detectives don’t know he has any sisters besides Ali so why clarify?
166. Who is Varjak?
167. What was with the carnival theme in the dollhouse, what’s with candy, pizza, popcorn, flowers (especially roses), magic,masks, compasses, ice cream, the colors red/black/yellow,pig, literary/movie references, vintage items, etc. and how does any of that tie to Cece?
168. Who were all the black hoodies in the park in New York? Who set that up?
169. Who all was on Mona’s team?
170. Was there and is there still an A team? Was the A team Mona’s team? If not how many teams are/were there? What are the purposes of the teams? did Cece have her picture taken for a yearbook at a school she didn’t even attend and get them to put Prom Queen under it?
172. Why did Cece need a visitors pass to visit Mona when she was already a patient at Radley? Why would Wren make it for her and why would he pretend not to know that Cece was a patient there? Surely he, being a doctor there, knew Cece ( being in a mental ward) could be dangerous and I thought he cared for Spencer yet he didn’t warn her. And why did he lie and say Melissa called Cece thinking she could help Mona?
173. Who’s body was in the body bag on the train?
174. Why did Toby hit Lucas on his skate board?
175. Why was Toby driving the same vehicle as Cyrus?
176. Why can mrs.marin see the ghost girl?
177. Why was it that when we would see A that we would sometimes see a brown braid hanging out of the hoody? Was Cece wearing a brown wig or was that even Cece?
178. Who was the guy that knew Emily when she was chasing red coat and then we never seen him again? What was the point of that?
179. Ezra’s research, what does he know? And why didn’t he use it to help the girls?
180. Who was Alison spying on in Brookhaven?
181. Why did Ali have Vivianne Darkbloom as an alias and wear a brown wig?
182. How did Ali get all these fake IDs and passports?
183. Who did the bloody bandages in Jason’s trash belong to?
184. Who’s blood was on Ali’s bracelet?
185. why did Cece try to kill Jason and Emily on the elevator?
And where did that picture go of Ali on Wilden’s boat?
186. How did Jason get out of the hospital so fast and where did he go when his mom said he couldn’t stay at aunt Carol’s?
187.Where is Holbrook?
188. How did he and Ali know eachother and for how long?
189. How did Holbrooks father know who Ali was?
190. What did Nate mean when he said to Jenna I know you saw me girl?
191. What is Charles/Cece’s obsession with war related things like gas masks, airplanes, etc.? We even see drawings of these things at the Carissimi group headquarters, why?
192. If Bethany is dead then who drew all the drawings in the dollhouse and Carissimi group?
193. Why would Mrs.D allow Cece to date Jason? Even if Nothing happened and Cece knew, Jason didn’t. Why would she allow Cece to go with them to the Cape? why didn’t she pull her aside and tell her to make up something?
194. Why did Cece go from wanting to kill the girls and then having the chance and not hurting them?
195. Why was Cece more obsessed with Ali than Jason when they are both her siblings?
196. Why didn’t Jason seem happy when they learned Ali was alive?
197. If Mrs.D bought Cece the same clothes as Ali then why did she tell Emily that she got a call from Radley saying they had her daughter and she rushed there only to find that it was not her daughter it was Cece, dressed head to toe in Ali’s clothes? Being that Mrs.D was on the board and Cece was a patient, why didn’t they recognize her and why didn’t Mrs.D even think it could be Cece? Why did she get on to Ali about it when it wasn’t Ali’s fault?
198. If Mrs.D loved Cece so much then why did she talk so negatively about her to the girls? In fact if Mrs.D knew Cece hit Ali wouldn’t she be concerned that Cece was out hanging with Ali’s old friends???
199. The night Ali went missing and Mrs.D got a call that made her afraid for Ali to go out, was that about Cece? If so why would Mrs.D be worried considering Ali had spent time with them in Cape May? Was the call to warn Mrs.D that Bethany had escaped if so why did Mrs.D think Bethany would hurt Ali?
200. Why did Bethany hate Mrs.D and Ali and talk about them on those tapes in Radley, yet Ali claims she doesn’t know Bethany? Could Bethany of been talking about Cece not Ali?
201. Spencer has a flashback of the night Ali went missing and she has blood on her face, did she hurt someone or kill someone that night? If not what was that about?
202. Did something happen that the girls do not remember the night Ali went missing? They were drinking and drugged so could something of happened they don’t remember? If not what did Ali mean when she said the four of them knew more about that night than they thought they did?
203. Why was there an email on Aria or Ezras computer in season five about installing a fence? Why would Aria or Ezra install a fence?
204. Who was the person sending texts to Aria signed H?
205. How did Ted end up giving Ashley Melissa’s engagement ring that Ian gave her? Where did he get it?
206. Why was Cece on Ezras payroll?
207. Who did Cece tell she was not coming back to rosewood on the telephone, but later in the same episode we see her eavesdropping at Ezra’s door?
208. How did Cece track Ali down after she found out she was alive?
209. Why did Ezra supposedly have a problem with Ali’s age but not Aria’s?
210. What happened to Pepe and tippi? Does Cece have them?
211. Who had the dog (Pepe) sent to Ali, was Mrs.D really thinking of adopting it or was it sent from someone else? And why did Jason not want it?
212. Why did Jason ( or was it Jason) leave a recording at the Brew on that secret machine saying he let the dog out of the fence?
213. What’s with all the Paris and French references? Was that only bc that’s where Cece was headed and was a clue to her being A or for another reason?
214. When Toby was in London and stopped by Wren’s where was Melissa?
215. Why was Ali blackmailing people for money?
216. How did Cece get surveillance cameras in the girls houses? How did she spy on the girls 24/7?
217. What exactly did happen to the girls in the dollhouse?
218. Who’s suits were in the Ravenswood lair and why was Ezra so mad about it?
219. Who was hiding in that lair watching? Cece?
220. Why did Cece dress as a guy in a tux at the dollhouse prom?
221. Was the Ravenswood lair really Ezras?
222. What did Peter/Veronica find out from the A boxes?
223. Why didn’t Peter and Melissa come home after Spencer was found after being kidnapped? It’s strange that Melissa came home when Spencer was missing and had only went to NY to find Ali but when she had been kidnapped for weeks Melissa didn’t even come home?
224. Who was Ali’s friends boyfriend that pulled a gun on her?
225. What did Mr.D mean when he said Jason didn’t even know what he had put the family through?
226. Why couldn’t Ali remember where the guidance counselors office was when she came back?
227. Why did Ali have 3 full baby albums?
228. Why does Jason have black outs and forget things? Is it only due to drinking? I think not considering he forgot he had a brother!
229. Why did Cece stroke her own image in the Halloween store in the webisodes?
230. Why did Cece buy Emily a gift card from a hardware store?
231. Why did Cece as A use British terms like nosey and Holiday ( instead of vacation)?
232. Did Mrs.D discover the crawl space that someone was hiding out in the basement?
233. Why are there quotation marks around doctor referring to wren on the police board?
234. Why did Cece have a framed picture of Mrs. Grunwald?
235. When did Cece learn to play the piano?
236. Who was Ali trying to get disinherited? Jason?
237. Why did Ali have all the twin stuff in her room?
238. Why would Sara’s family put out a huge bulletin for her when she went missing and now not care when she’s found? Not to mention she was supposedly like Ali, which is super popular, and no one is wondering where she is? Just Claire?
239. Emily said she was missing for two years, but she supposedly went missing right after Ali did? That was three years ago bc if you look at the time line Ali went missing the start of sophomore year, then Aria moves to Iceland for the rest of sophomore year and comes back junior year. We are now at the end of their senior year so Ali would of went missing 3 yrs. ago not 2. Yet Emily tells Caleb that Sara ran away when she was 14, which would mean she’s been missing four years. So which is it 2, 3, or 4 years?
240. Why is Sara so obsessed with taking showers?
241. Could Sara Harvey still really be Bethany Young?
242. If SH is really BY did Cece pretend to be her mom and check her out of the hospital? Could Cece of paid Claire off to pretend that Bethany is Sara?
243. Why is Emily’s mom okay with taking in strangers? Wouldn’t she try to get ahold of SH’s parents to check out the girls story? It couldn’t be that hard considering Pam works at the police station.
244. Was there any significance to the dance the little girl did in Radley basement? If so what was it?
245. Who is/was that little girl whose picture hangs in the basement at Radley? If she were Spencer wouldn’t she have recognized herself and if it was Melissa wouldn’t Spencer of recognized her? Surely their family has photo albums.
246. Why did Leslie Stone have a bunch of fake glasses in her car?
247. Why didn’t the girls ask Mona to ask Leslie what Bethany looks like?
248. Why was Leslie supposed to be at Mona’s families thanksgiving dinner?
249. Who and where is Mona’s father?
250. Who is Mona’s Uncle Ned that taught her card games?
251. Why was Mrs.D sitting front row ( like family does) at Darren Wilden’s funeral?
252. What kind of a parent throws their child in a mental hospital, never visits, and doesn’t care when they child supposedly dies? I don’t care what your child does you are supposed to love them unconditionally. Look at everything Ali has done yet Ken still loves her. So why does Ken treat Jason bad and treated Charles even worse?
253. Why hasn’t Cece already came after Ken?
254. Why did Mrs.D wait til Wilden was dead to come back to Rosewood?
255. Where did Ali go when she was supposed to be going to meet the girls in 6x05 because she was not at their meeting?
256. Did Mona really leave Ali a card in the mailbox?
257. Does Cece own the junk yard that Aria and Clark went to? Because the stuff there looked like stuff she would own.
258. What is Cece’s obsession with Aria’s pink hair? Did she hear Jason say he liked it and was trying to help him out?
259. Why did Cece have pictures of twin girls in the soul room of the dollhouse? And who were they?
260. Who’s birth certificates did Cece have hanging on the wall in the soul room of the dollhouse?
261. Why didn’t Cece put a tracker in Mona? And was she still working with Cece or another A?
262. After Jason/Ashley hook up someone fixes it,or that’s how it appears, so that he runs into Aria, why? Did Cece do that and if so is she trying to set him up with Aria? Also the fling with Ashley gets brought up in court why would Cece do that to her brother?
263. How did Cece learn to read x-Rays?
264. How did Cece learn to insert things in teeth and put trackers in people?
265. Why did Aria get picked on the least of all the girls by Cece/A?
266. What did steamy with Wren, steamy with me, mean? Did Cece date wren?
267. What is Cece’s real name now that she has transitioned? Charlotte Drake or Charlotte Dilaurentis or neither?
268. Why were we told that Ali’s middle name Lauren was a clue? If it was a clue, to what?
269. What were the 7-8 other meanings of the Charles Dilaurentis anagram?
270. Who went into the art gallery and stole Aria’s photo?
271. What is the deal with Leslie Stone? How does she fit in?
272. Why did Leslie say the first she ever heard of Charles name was the night Bethany escaped along with another patient, yet Charles was Charlotte by then?
273. How did Leslie get a college education in Radley?
274. Did Mona go to Radley to steal Leslie’s file or was she sneaking a fake file in?
275. Why did Mrs.D take Bethany riding and buy her a horse, Custard?
276. How did Bethany have drawings of Mrs.D exactly the way she was dressed in Jason’s flashback when he went to Aunt Carol’s? Is Bethany really alive?
277. Did Cece date Noel Kahn’s brother or was that just insinuated and untrue?
278. Why did Bethany’s drawings seem to represent the D’s family? Is there a reason for that?
279. Did Ali really date Darren Wilden in Cape May? She was 15 yrs old. & he was either 24 years old or 31 years old, isn’t that way too old for her?
280. Who was the doctor Ali told Emily about that could get her birth control?
281. Did Cece date Darren Wilden or want to, as Jason suggested to Emily?
282. How did Shana and all the A’s in the park in 5.1 know A’s outfit? And have exact duplicates?
283. Who’s cabin was Ezra staying at that he had a lair in?
284. Why was there a picture in that cabin of a train with only red colored in like the one Wren was doing?
285. What did Aria say to Mona in the theatre?
286. Who kidnapped Sara Harvey? She was supposedly kidnapped the day after Ali went missing and Cece was back in Radley so who took her?
287. Who was the character in the finale that was supposed to be dead, but wasn’t? Because we were told that we hadn’t seen the last of someone we thought was dead being alive, yet that never happened? Is that coming later on?
288. Right before season six aired in interviews we were told there would be ANOTHER missing girl. Why didn’t that happen?
289. When Ali and Mona see one another at Ali’s crypt, what does Mona mean when she tells Ali that she doesn’t have to pretend to be anyone else anymore? In fact what was that whole conversation about?
290. If Cece has Tippie then why is Tippie calling her board shorts? Doesn’t make sense!
291. Why were the NAT tapes made such a big deal of then that storyline dropped?
292. If Sara was only pretending to be traumatized why write on the wall how many days you had been there?
293. Why would Sara look so pale and like she had been in the dollhouse a long time if she wasn’t?
294. What did Ashley see on the tapes that she threw down the garbage disposal?
295. Who is the parent that supposedly knew the most?
296. How did Cece find out where Ali was when she was in New York?
297. Why did Melissa break the mold of her mask?
298. Why did Cece give Hanna the scholarship?
299. Why did Cece put spikes in Jake’s punching bag?
300. Bethany is supposed to be 5-6 years younger than Charles but on the roof they look almost the same age. Same goes for the video of Charles/Ali/Jason when they were kids, ali and Jason look the same age with Charles a year or two older when in reality Ali is 7 years younger than Jason and 8 years younger than Charles.
301. At the prom in the dollhouse why did Cece want to be prom king and Ali to be prom queen???
302. How did Cece/Sara get tickets to the RW high prom when neither of them go to school there?
303. Why did Cece rent a tuxedo for the RW high prom?
304. What is Cece’s obsession with Mannequins?
305. Was that even Cece dressed as Charles at the dollhouse prom? If so why did she want to dress as a guy if she is a transgender female?
306. The Ali bracelet, were there 3 bracelets made with Ali’s name on them? Because Ali was wearing hers that night. We saw someone pulled out of the grave, other than Ali at the end of 3.24 that also had on the Ali bracelet, and Bethany had on an Ali bracelet too. Unless Bethany is alive and was who we saw pulled out in 3.24, but then who’s body was found?