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In search of non-haters

Hello guys.

Are there any Skam blogs out there who does not bitch all the time? Give me a heads up… Because right now I’m only unfollowing people and I want some new content on my feed (I am tired of the bitterness tbh. We get it. You hate everything… But my life does not get any better by reading all this hate 24/7)

You don’t have to praise anything. You don’t have to be jolly all the time or positive about everything, as long as you are not on one or more of these rants that I see ALL the time atm:

  • Omg I hate william
  • Omg I hate Noora
  • Julie has destroyed SKAM
  • I hate this season
  • I have no hope left in my body
  • I honestly don’t care what happens from now on, because I’m hating on everything.

Disclaimer: I am all for constructive criticism, but none of the criticism I’ve seen is in any way constructive… It is just salty tears of bitterness…. And I don’t have time for that…

That’s all. Hit me up pals!

I can’t accept this, it’s too much.

Sugardaddy! Harry Blurb . This is au where Harry’s a billionaire, not a rockstar :) This was a request - let me know if you have any xx

Sugar Daddy - noun.

  • Like a genie - he may be a little old, but if a girl rubs his lamp, he’ll grant her wishes.

This was not the way Y/N expected her summer to be going. In fact, this was not the way she thought her life would be going. She had this big plan, the four friends would move to London, go to Uni and have a fab time. Granted she was living in London with her friends, Uni was going great and London was, well London’s London - does it get any better?

Her love life however was something different entirely. At 22 everyone had said “You’re so young, you’ve got everything to live for, don’t settle down yet!” But what they didn’t know was that they couldn’t be further from the truth. 

That night, the night she’d met Harry wasn’t anything special and she sure as hell didn’t think that she’d be in a relationship with one of the richest men in London. Well relationship, maybe that was a bit of an overstatement.

They’d met one night when the catering company she was working for, was organising the food for one  of the functions his company was hosting. Harry Styles, CEO of Styles Industries, leading manufacturers in all pharmaceutical goods. They were all there, Harry the head of the company flanked by his loyal assistants and Vice Presidents. They all looked like they were having a great time, and you’d drawn their table as the main one you were waiting on.

They were polite and respectful, at least at the beginning. As the night wore on and the Irish VP Niall was getting a bit handsy. At first it was the light arm touch, but when it progressed to the butt grab enough was enough.

“Listen mate, your hand goes there one more time and you’ll lose it. Got it?" 

The other guys around the table laughed and Niall had at least the decency to look sheepish. As you walked over to the bar, the orders didn’t stop coming all night, you felt a hand on your upper arm. You turned around and was faced with the one and only Harry Styles.

"Hey listen I’m sorry about Niall, he gets handsy when he’s had a few drinks. I hope you weren’t offended?”

“Mr Styles, it’s totally fine. I’ve had way worse so don’t worry about it.” 

"Harry please. I’m not old enough to be Mr Styles yet. Is it always like this for you at work? Drunk guys groping you?”

“Well you know Harry it’s not too bad. I’ve gotta find some way to pay for Uni, and you know that table with guys like you on it tip well.”

“Well if that was your way of asking for a big tip then you got what you asked for”, Harry laughed and you did too. “Hopefully I’ll see you at another one of these things. Sometimes someone like you are the only things that make it worthwhile.”

From there it went from bigger to bigger tips. Somehow at each event you catered Harry was there. And somehow he was always at your table. After the sixth weekend in a row of Harry giving you an exorbitant tip you decided enough was enough. You had decided to confront Harry the next time you saw him however you were not expecting the call that you were about to receive. 

“Hi Y/N, its Jan here from student fees. I’d like to say congrats on paying off your student loan. And the extra money that’s on your balance should pay for the next couple of years plus any textbooks or the like that you’d need. We’ll let you know if you get low on funds but between you and me, I don’t think that will be a problem! Have a lovely weekend, and congrats again on the paying off!”

Jan hung up and you were more than confused. Where did all that money come from? Your phone buzzed again you assumed that it was Jan saying she’d made a mistake, but it was a text.

Y/N, hopefully you won’t need to worry about waiting tables to pay off  your student loan. See you this weekend and maybe we can talk? H xx.

Please tell me that wasn’t Harry that texted you. THE Harry Styles. How did he get your phone number, and how did he know about your student loan account?

The next evening you approached your allocated table for the evening and were greeted with the five familiar faces from Styles Industries including the one and only Harry Styles himself. You were polite and courteous and avoided Harry’s eye.

“Y/N? I hope I’m not interrupting anything?”

You looked up and into those green eyes which were the same as those on the cover of GQ this month “London’s Most Eligible Batchelor”. “Did you get my surprise?”

“Harry, it’s too much I can’t accept that. It’s too much." 

"Well Y/N you know nothing’s too much when it comes to someone as special as you. Anyway I’m sure you can find a way to repay me?" 

That’s how it started. Harry as your ‘sugar daddy’ it didn’t seem like the right description. You really liked him, he was only a couple of years older than you - nothing like a sleazy 50 year old man looking after you. And if he bought you something nice, a handbag or something, well that was his choice. You were independent, as much as he tried to help you out, you rebuffed most of his gifts. Although if he was offering an exotic trip, like the one you were on at the moment in the Maldives well, that was another story altogether.

This was a request - I hope you liked it! If anyone’s got any more for me let me know :) xx

I was going through yahoo and reading this article x and I was like  "Hahaha look how funny people look in motion caption suits"

but then I saw the actor that does the motion caption for Rocket Raccoon


Stelena’s last scene was a testament to the beauty of their love story. Elena’s speech to Stefan was so genuine and real because all of it was true. Stefan came into her life when she was lost and broken and dead inside and being with Stefan changed all that. The instant they bumped into each other, her life changed. How does it get any better than that? That meeting someone can change everything. But that is what Stelena is. That kind of love can change your whole life. Everything turned around in that moment, the sun came out and the world shifted. She was brought back to life, just as he was. He saved her life in every way imaginable. Healed her. Inspired her to find joy and to feel alive again. You should love the person that makes you glad you’re alive. He wasn’t the center of her life, the only thing that mattered, or her identity. He inspired her. Allowed her to be herself, wholly, completely. To grow in her friendships, her family, to become a better person. I really think Stefan brought out the best in her, grew her courage, her bravery, her compassion. She always had it, but he inspired it further. Because they were a team in their kindness and goodness. She flourished with Stefan. 

Their last location together is so telling. It reflects again how valuable Elena views her choice, and how deeply she values Stefan being the one person who always fought for it. How important that memory is for her, even now. So many things about it show why she loves Stefan. How he would bring her places, taking her away, so that she could accept her situation, be honest with herself, face it, and ultimately find closure and acceptance with it. That he understood the importance of her last moments of being human. That this is the place he said he wanted to be with her forever. And mostly, that he understood her better than anyone. She didn’t need to say anything. He knew. But she needed to say it, and he knew that.

You knew me better than anyone. You always have. This is so important. Its not her brother, or her friends, no, its Stefan. Because their souls connected even that first day. He understood her in a way no one else did. Do you ever mean it? 1x01 - Stefan is the only one who noticed her facade. And she finally was able to let it down with him. A soulmate is someone who knows you better than anyone else. Who knows the depth of your soul and who you are, the good and the bad, sometimes better than you know yourself. Nothing compares to that, because Damon and her will never have that intimacy, that truth, that connection. He’ll never know her the way Stefan does, just as Caroline will never truly know Stefan. Its impossible. Stelena are so connected, so intertwined, its an unspoken connection. It can’t be learned. It just is. 

And even now, Elena still loves Stefan so much. I never stopped loving you. Its not like I don’t love Stefan anymore. I will always love you. Loving Stefan is a part of her. It will always be there, deep within. That love is endless. It will stay with her forever. And Stefan didn’t need to say it back. You could see it in his smile, his eyes, his heart. She already knows he loves her. I will always love you, Elena. 

Not to mention the fact that they have the best way about them, the way they joke with each other and give each other those knowing, loving, understanding looks. How they find joy and laughter even in the grimmest of times. Because now you’re a puny human again. The way she easily reaches out for his hands, and he helps her down. I know it won’t be high school. They know each other so well, and they truly are best friends but more. They will be soul mates forever. They have everything that makes up a soul mate, but its not just on paper. You just see it, you know it, feel it. Thats the beauty of Stelena. They just are.


Two of my favorite people coming together to sing songs from one of my favorite franchises, does life get any better?

CEO!Luke Part 23

Y/N’s POV:

I take three deep breaths hoping the pain would subside but it didn’t. I groan trying to get off the edge of the bed but was struggling due to the pain. “Y/N”? Luke asks rubbing his eyes. I could only respond with a groan. Luke wakes up more and realizes the state I’m him. “Baby is everything okay? What’s wrong? Are you in pain!?” he says rushing out of bed and running to my side. “It hurts Luke” I whine leaning on the into his shoulder. “What hurts sweetheart? Tell me what hurts” he says afraid to touch me. “My stomach. It feels like it’s being ripped open” I cry out feeling nausea in my chest. “Call Doctor Greenfield while I throw up” I demand him as I try my best to make it to the bathroom without falling. “Baby it’s 4:30 in the morning” he says holding the phone. “Just do it!” I yell falling to my knees and spilling out last night’s dinner into the toilet. I hear Luke mumbling words into the phone quickly as my head starts to pound. “We’re in luck love. She got into work around 3:00 so let’s go” he says rubbing my back and helping me up. Luke grabs a wash clothes and wets it under the sink then wipes my mouth gently with it. “Thank you” I say tiredly. “Does your stomach still hurt” he asks walking us to the door. “Mhm” I say squinting my eyes. “Luke I’m scared about the baby” I cry out. “I’m sure the baby is fine Sweetheart just keep breathing” he tells me locking the door behind him. I walk slowly to the passenger side of his car and climb in leaning my head back against the seat closing my eyes. I breathe deep as Luke pulls out of the driveway onto the road.

“Almost there baby” Luke says rubbing my thigh. About 5 minutes later we pull into the parking garage and Luke gets out to help me out of my seat. “I got you Princess it’s okay” he says holding me and guides us to the elevator. “What floor baby?” he asks. “2” I respond leaning on his shoulder. We ride down to the second floor as the doors open revealing an empty waiting room. “Y/N? Luke? Is that you?” Doctor Greenfield asks. “Yeah it’s us” Luke replies. “Great come on in” she says. “Y/N you are experiencing lower abdominal pain?” she asks as I lay down on the white cushion bed. “Yes. I have been tossing and turning all night then bam this sharp pain hit me” I tell her as she lifts up my shirt. “Does this hurt?” she asks putting pressure under my belly. “Kinda” I reply. “How about this?” she says doing it again but this time on both sides. “Shit yes” I cringe. “It’s okay Y/N everything is fine. The baby is fine” she tells me. “Really? Oh thank god” I sigh looking over at Luke. “So what caused the pain?” he asks. “It’s very common. You had round ligament pain. “Sometimes as the uterus enlarges, it stretches the round ligaments. The two big ligaments that travel off the front of the uterus and down into the groin. You may feel this as lower abdominal discomfort that radiates into the groin. It may be sharp and stabbing when you change positions or dull and achy. It usually begins in the second trimester and will resolve on its own but you have had it early which is normal for some women” she says. “That makes sense” I respond.

“Yeah and it could be because your uterus is growing you know? You still have a couple months to go” she laughs. “I do” I laugh along. “I’m going to prescribe you Zestatine which is just prenatal vitamins which does help with pain” Doctor Greenfield says. “Thank you so much” I tell her. “Your welcome” she smiles as she sets up the ultrasound. “Since we are here and since you Y/N are 13 weeks in, we are able to determine the gender of your baby. Would you two like to know?” she asks us. “Absolutely” Luke and I both say smiling at each other. “Awesome” she replies smoothing the cold gel onto my stomach. “Have you made any guesses yet?” she asks. “Well I think that it’s a boy and Luke thinks it’s a girl. Luke wants a girl so that’s his guess” I laugh. “Aw well we are able to find out” she smiles. As she moves the “wand” around my stomach, the sound of my baby’s heartbeat comes to life. “Can you hear that?” she asks us. “Yeah” I laugh looking at the monitor. “That is your baby’s heartbeat” she says. “Healthy and steady heartbeat she or he has” she laughs moving the wand more. “Luke you’re shaking” I confront him. “I know I’m just excited and nervous at the same time” he smiles gripping my hand more. “Luke I can tell you now that every client I have had during an ultrasound, the father is always shaking” she says to him. “It’s just a natural feeling. I mean you two have created another life so it’s insane to think about but it’s one of life’s most precious gifts” Doctor Greenfield smiles. “It really is” I say nodding my head. “Oh and I forgot to congratulate the two of you on your engagement” she winks looking at my ring. “Oh thank you so much” I smile. “No problem. Alright you two ready?” she asks. “100%” Luke says putting his chin on my arm. “Y/N and Luke you are going to be blessed with..”. I swear I could feel the blood rushing through my veins at this moment. My heart beat racing a thousands beats her second. I feel the sweat of Luke’s palm on my hand as he rests gently on my arm.

“With a baby girl!” Doctor Greenfield smiles as she shows us our baby girl in the monitor. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Luke shouts standing up as I laugh at his reaction. “Congratulations you two!” Doctor Greenfield says to us as she prints out the ultrasound picture. “We’re having a baby girl. God I love you. I love you.I love you” Luke smiles cupping my face in his hands kissing my lips repeatedly. “I love you too” I giggle leaning my forehead on his. “Here you go guys” she says handing us the picture. “God she’s beautiful already” Luke says admiring the picture. “Let me see” I say as he hands me it. Tears swell in my eyes looking at my baby girl. “I’m gonna cry” I laugh looking at Luke and Doctor Greenfield. “I bet she’s going to be beautiful” she smiles. “We only have a few more appointments Y/N and by the time those are over, your due date will be right around corner from there” she informs me. “So just continue to do your regular schedule. Eat healthy choices and I really recommend that because your blood sugar levels could either be down in the dumps or rocketed high and we want to keep it in the middle. I suggest getting one of those exercise balls because those are great with keeping your weight balanced and also when you have braxton hicks contractions. Maybe even bring it here when your water breaks because it’s very helpful. Other than that, I have sent an email to your pharmacy for your prescription and the directions are on the bottle for you alright? Seriously again congratulations! I’ll see you two in a few weeks!” Doctor Greenfield says before leaving us to clean up. “Get some breakfast!” she laughs closing the door behind her.

“Thank you!” I respond leaning my head back looking at the ultrasound picture again. “We’re having a baby girl Lukey” I smile as he cleaning the gel off my stomach. “I knew it. I just knew it!” he smiles kissing my clean belly all over. “I think it’s time to call Ashton so he can help us baby shop” I laugh pulling my shirt down. “He is a good shopper” Luke says opening his arms for me. “What time is it?” I mumble into his chest. “About 6:45” Luke responds checking his watch. “Wanna call Michael and Clara and ask them if they wanna join us for breakfast?” I ask looking up at him. “Sure I’ll tell him 7:30. Hopefully their awake” he says pulling out his phone. I open the door and walk out with Luke behind me. I see Diana, the receptionship, coming in through the door. “Morning Y/N! I just heard the news. Congratulations!” she smiles sitting down at her desk. “Oh thank you so much. I can’t believe myself” I laugh opening the exit door. “Aw well I’m so happy for you. Have a great day” Diana says. “Thank you and you too!” I smile waving at her. “Alright see you then. Bye” Luke says into the phone as ride up the elevator. “Did they say yes?” I ask. “Yes they did my love” he smiles picking me up bridal style. “I’m going to have a tiny princess and a queen. Does life get any better than that?” he asks. “Well all I can say is that this is all I’ve ever wanted” I smile. “Aw baby” he smiles kissing me. He carries me over to his car and opens the door for me. “Thank you Sir” I laugh. “Anything for you my lady” Luke bows and closes my door. “I’m craving blueberry pancakes” Luke says starting the car up. “Ooo those sound good” I say looking out the window. “After breakfast I’m going to nap like a bear” I say picking the lint off of my leggings. “I agree. We’ve had a long morning huh?” he asks. “We did” I respond as we drive through town. “Did you inform them on what happened? Because I’m too lazy to tell them” I laugh. “Oh yeah don’t worry I did. I didn’t tell them that we found out the gender because I thought that we could surprise them” he tells me. “We are so full of surprises. Ever since we’ve started dating we have always surprised them. Certainly they’ve surprised us with their engagement but we have done it since the beginning. Like we’ve surprised them with me getting pregnant, then engaged, telling them they’re going to be the godparents of our child, and now we are going to surprise them with the gender” I laugh.

“That is true Sweetheart that is true” Luke says pulling in the cafe. We both get out of the car and head inside. The aroma of coffee, bacon, pancakes filled the air making my stomach growl. “Let’s get a booth” Luke says holding my hand and leading us over to a table. It’s about 7:20 now so Michael and Clara should be here any minute now. Luke and I ordered small french vanilla coffees while wait for them. “Hola bestie” Clara smiles sliding in next to me. “Morning” I laugh hugging her. “Hey guys” Michael says while him and Luke do their handshake. “Early morning huh?” he adds on. “Very early” I say to him. “Is everything all good?” Clara asks concerned. “Everything is great” I grin looking at Luke. “Why are you smirking? What are you hiding?” she asks leaning in. “Luke and I got the ultrasound picture today” I smile taking it out of my purse gently. “Oh my goodness” Clara gasps admiring the photo. “Mikey look” she says handing it to him. “Adorable little squish” he smiles. “Did you find out the gender yet!?” he asks. I look at Luke who has a smirk plastered on his face. “We are having a baby” he pauses making them both groan. “Girl” he finally says. “Yes! I knew it! Hand over the five dollars baby” Michael says holding out his hand to her. “I thought it was a boy” she says placing a five dollar bill in his hand. “Me too!” I laugh nudging her shoulder. “But a baby girl is even more precious” she smiles. “Congratulations Y/N” Clara smiles. “Aw thank you” I say hugging her again. “Thought of any names yet?” Michael asks.

I was about to say that we have talked about names yet but I was cut off by Luke. “Layla Marie Hemmings” he says looking at us. “What?” I ask looking at him. “I was just thinking and that came to mind. I love the way it sounds to be honest” he says giving off a small smile. I stare at him in shock. “Baby you okay?” Luke asks reaching out for my hands. I place my hand over my mouth almost about to cry. “Baby what’s wrong?” he asks as Clara puts a comforting hand on my back. “It’s perfect” I whisper. “The name. It’s perfect Luke” I say as a tiny tear slips from my eye. “Aw I love it too” Clara says. “Oh I thought you were angry” he chuckles. “No” I smile holding his hands.

“So I guess you agreed on a name?” Michael smiles. “Yes. Layla Marie Hemmings it is” I say. An older woman who looked liked our waitress walks over to us with a pad of paper in her hand. “Morning folks!” she smiles but it fades as she sees my teary eyes. “Oh don’t worry. They just figured out the name they’re going to call their baby girl” Michael reassures her. “Oh how precious! Congratulations you two” she smiles. “Thank you” Luke nods. “Well to celebrate, how about some breakfast?” she asks making us all laugh. “What can I get you son?” she asks Michael. “Can I get the ham and cheese omelet with a side of wheat toast and bacon?” he asks. “Of course you can” she smiles then asks Clara. After she collects Luke and Clara’s order, she finally moves onto me. “What can I get you Sweetie?” she smiles. “Can I get a stack of buttermilk pancakes with a side of two eggs, bacon, and white toast? Also, can you add in a cup of fruit to that please?” I ask. “You got it” she smiles and collects the menu from us. Clara, Michael, and Luke all stare at me with a strange face.

“What?” I ask them. “Nothing” Clara says. “That’s a pretty big order you got there Y/N” Michael chuckles. “Okay who’s the pregnant one here huh? That’s right, I am and if it’s called pregnancy cravings. Ever heard of that?” I say making them all laugh. “It’s okay baby we were just kidding” Luke says. “I know” I say. About 15 minutes later, our food arrives on a big silver platter. Lucy who was our waitress hands us all our plates and bowl of food. “Thank you so much Lucy” I smile at her. “No problem dear. Enjoy” she responds walking away to serve another table. We all dig into our food not saying a word to one another. I literally scarf down my pancakes since I’ve been craving them. “Love don’t choke” Luke says to me as I look at him with a full mouth of food. I mumble something to him but I don’t think he understood what I said. I wash down everything with the cold green idea I ordered. “Ah Mama’s satisfied” I sigh leaning back against the booth rubbing my belly. “I’m sure Layla is too” Clara laughs. “I think she wants a piece of Daddy’s blueberry pancake” I smirk picking up a fork reaching over to Luke’s plate. “No way” he says pulling the plate away. “Please Luke!” I pout giving him my best puppy eyes. “Those won’t work Y/N” he responds. “One piece” I beg again. “Fine. Only one” he complies putting his plate back down.

“Yes” I whisper in victory cutting off a small piece of his pancake and eat it. “Thank you” I mumble as Luke shakes his head. “I’ll pay for the check guys” Michael offers. “No way. Let me” Luke says stopping him from reaching into his pocket. “Neither one of you boys will pay because it’s on the house” Lucy says out of nowhere. “Wait why?” Luke asks her. “Because this couple I’ve met today are expecting a baby girl and I am a baby lover so that news made my day so it’s on the house” she tells us. “Wow thank you so much” Luke says. “No problem son” she smiles as we all begin to slide out of the booth. “What is your name dear?” she asks me offering her hands to help me up. “Y/N” I respond. “Y/N. Pregnancy may be tough. Here it from me, a woman who’s had eight children. Children are a gift and they are so special. Being positive through this will bring you  even more happiness into your life. Tenderness and kindness can never be forgotten. The most important thing at the end of the day is to love” she smiles holding my hands. “I’ll never forget that” I tell her hugging her. “Promise to stop by when the little one is born?” she asks. “Promise” I smile. “Good luck dear” Lucy says. “Thank you again. Have a good day” I tell her before walking out the door.

“I was about to cry watching that” Michael says making me laugh. “She’s a sweetheart” I respond walking to Luke’s car. “Well breakfast was lovely guys thank you” Clara says. “Thanks for coming” Luke smiles. “See you guys later!” they both say getting into their car. “Ready to go home baby?” Luke asks. “I’m ready for a nap” I respond as we drive smoothly home. We pull into his driveway about 10 minutes later. I rush out of the car racing for the front door because I had to pee very badly. “Luke keys!” I shout. He throws me them as I quickly unlock the door. I sigh of relief as I do my business. I pull up my pants and wash my hands before heading out into the living room. “Time for nap” I yawn crawling onto the bed. “I’m exhausted” I mumbled to myself closing my eyes.

Luke’s POV:

I gently close the door that was left wide open due to Y/N’s urgent race to pee. I don’t hear the TV on or anything so I suspect she’s still in the bathroom. I walk past the empty bathroom furrowing my eyebrows because she isn’t in there. I check the guest room and the kitchen but then I see her curled up body passed out on the blue comforter of my bed. I chuckle to myself since she couldn’t make it to the top of the bed. I grab the fuzzy white blanket off one of the couch in the living room and gently place it on top of her. I tuck a piece of hair behind her ear and admire her peaceful figure. God I am a lucky man. I’ve been wanting to talk to her about moving in with me ever since she told me she was pregnant I just never could find the right time. I figure now that we know the baby’s gender we could start looking for a house together and get all our shopping done. I’ll talk to her once she wakes up. “Sleep tight my beautiful angels” I whisper and place a kiss on Y/N’s forehead then one against her belly as I get up to head to my home office to answer some work emails.

I had to send this to you. A free, white couch on craigslist? Does life get any better?!? Now, even the poorest of us can live the Pottery Barn lifestyle. I know this picture is from a few weeks ago, but I’ve been too busy, you know, sitting on my couch eating chocolates.
Thanks for making us all laugh and reminding us we’re not alone!

Okay, Seattle people - I expect one of you to act on this.