does jordan roll his eyes when he moves away from the frame?

The Future is Now

Paring: Derek Hale/Reader

Tags: female reader, werewolves, AU where nobody dies, monster of the week, fluff, angst, protective Derek, some spoilers for series 3-5!!!, but not too many. 

Summary: The people of Beacon Hills always had thought you to be a freak, a nerd who didn’t fit in, because well maybe you were. Or maybe it was because you could do really hard math off the top of your head, and figure things out before they happened.


The time when Derek notices you and you notice him, after…well, experiences are experienced.

Word Count: 1,822

Posting Date:  2017-01-25

Current Date: 2017-06-07

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reading the signs

had this sitting around in my drafts for a while so! here!! thanks to @ushiiwakas​ for proofreading it so long ago.

Castiel Novak, 29. Sign Painter, Stanford University Facilities Management and Planning.

As one of the few tradesman employed by Stanford University, Castiel spends most of his time in his studio, deep below the feet of passing students. He has two assistants – another tradesman like himself and a student intern – but most of his time is spent on his own. When he gets a request from either the custodial staff or a faculty member for a new plate, he does a proof on his design software, emails it, and once he gets the go ahead he fabricates and prints it full scale with a laser printer. On any given day Castiel can be applying a detail, frosting windows, or installing actual signage. He wears the usual black quarter zip with red seal maintenance uniform that’s typical of people working the grounds at Stanford; he doesn’t delude himself into thinking anyone knows he’s responsible for making anything.

While not high art, Castiel’s work is indispensable. He’s painted all the signs around campus announcing the names of buildings, room numbers, where to find wheelchair ramps or a bathroom: pieces of himself. Everything he makes is practical, says exactly what needs to be said in only a glance. Signs like that really only need to be there when you want to see them; they fade into the background just as Castiel himself does. Silently, he takes great pride in his work, in making a few lives easier.

Ironically, the sign that decorates Castiel’s door is just a piece of laminated paper curling at the edges. In neat typeface it announces, “Stanford University Sign Shop.”

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Chapter Fifteen ✘ Epilogue

Before this chapter, I just want to thank every single reader out there. The ones that read, reblogged, liked, commented; anything. Thank you so much! We’ve loved writing this story and reading your comments every week! 


Jordan and Emilie 

She pushed the door shut after walking in and immediately took off her heels. Wearing them was exhausting, but for the few hours she had at the office, she would do it without complaining. It looked good and as a journalist for ELLE magazine, she couldn’t just show up in her favourite, slightly shabby ankle boots. Luckily, the comfort of her own home had other laws. Fuzzy socks, his shirts and messy hair was the primary uniform.

Mid-step, she gently rubbed one bare foot against the other, trying to soothe the soreness caused by her black suede stilettos. Before making a short pitstop in her room in order to put away her coat, scarf and bag, she followed the delicious smell of chocolate to the kitchen and popped her head around the doorframe to look at her favourite view.

“Hey, you,” a smile was already plastered across her face as she spoke up, making her presence known.

Standing by the stove, one hand used to scroll through his phone as the other mindlessly stirring the warm liquid with a wooden spoon, was the one person she’d never get tired of hurrying home to. Upon hearing her voice, William’s head immediately shot in her direction and sent her a welcoming smile. “Hey. I’m making some hot cocoa. Want some?”

“Yes, please. That too.” While he’d acknowledged her presence and welcomed her home, Noora had almost absent-mindedly dropped her coat and scarf to the floor before heading over the door-frame to the stove in order to welcome herself home - properly. Intuitively, William had repositioned himself in order to allow her arms to wrap around his torso.

“That too?” He frowned jokingly, looking down at the blonde who clung onto him for dear life. “You could at least have warned me about how high-maintenance you are, before tricking me into moving in with you.”

“Shut up,” she mumbled before sliding her right hand onto his stubbly cheek to accompany a soft, sweet hello-kiss. Quickly following this, she pulled back just a few inches and looked right into his eyes. “I didn’t trick you.” Then placed another kiss to his lips - this time just a small peck.

“Oh, so does that mean that you agree with the fact that you’re extremely high-maintenance?”

William knew it was coming, when he’d decided to mess with her like the foolishly in love guy he was, but still flinched when he felt a small, playful punch in his stomach. Looking back at her, she was of course rolling her eyes and turned around to pick up her abandoned coat. God, he was smitten, he thought to himself as he caught himself smiling even though she’d already left the room to put down away her outwear along with today’s work. Though she’d explicitly stated that she was shamelessly married to her job and William wasn’t the one to steal credit from Noora, he couldn’t help but praise himself for the fact that she hadn’t seemed all too married ever since he’d moved in 2 months ago. After discussing their situation - a lot - they’d both decided that it would be easiest for William to come home to Oslo and move in with Noora. First of all, her apartment was quite roomy and second of all, there was no way in hell Sophia would allow William to set a foot - let alone Noora - in their old apartment. To his dad’s dismay, William had of course also quit his job at the family-firm and immediately started applying for new ones in Oslo. Noora was beyond proud, when she came home one evening and he told her that he got hired by one of Oslo’s leading firms. All she could do was smile, kiss him and admiringly state how proud she was to see that he now magnificently enforced the laws and authority - instead of being the legally betrayed boy, full if distrust towards the system, that he used to be.

Yet to both of their luck, they never got to use his legal skills to protect Noora against Sophia. The designer had never contacted neither Noora, William or even ELLE ever again. Though Noora had also made sure to write a quite praising and, maybe even too, glorifying article about the woman and her work. But to Noora there was no questioning it. There was no room to even consider whether or not Sophia actually deserved the words she published. All she knew was that if it meant avoiding trouble and losing her job, she’d write a flawless article to match the flawless designer - even if it was a matter of opinion, as William himself had commented after reading it. Luckily as well, no one ever got to hear who Sophia’s fiancé actually was, so William had no trouble with showing up at Noora’s work and introduce himself as ‘Noora’s boyfriend’. Not to say that there wasn’t any jealousy, when they noticed all the little things he’d do for her; randomly show up with coffee from the café around the corner, take her out for lunch when their schedules fit and picking her up in his gorgeous car were just few of many things. It was easy to say that everyone envied Noora Saetre.

“William! The cocoa!”

As soon as her voice drew him out of his own mind, he suddenly noticed the sound and smell of boiling chocolate going over the edge of the pot. His brows raised in horror, as he watched Noora almost run to save it before he could react properly himself. “Shit,” he mumbled, wetting a cloth to carefully soak up the mess as Noora removed the pot.

“At least we know it’s warm now,” he heard her mumble under her breath as she grabbed a trivet from a drawer and put the pot down. Once everything was back in control, she turned around and leaned her back against the kitchen counter, crossing her arms and admiring him as he finished cleaning up the stove. “Hard day at work?” she wondered.

It caught his attention, causing him to turn his head away from the now brown cloth and towards her instead. “No, not really,” he mumbled and looked back at the now cleaned stove. Brushing off further details, he turned his attention towards the sink and started washing the cloth. But Noora knew him better than that and that she’d need to poke. Just a bit.

“Sure? You know it’s okay if it was, right? You’ve only been there for two weeks. It’s normal if it’s still hard and overwhelming.”

Upon hearing this, he dropped the cloth to the bottom of the sink, dried his hands and turned around to face her - he leaned back onto the part of the kitchen counter that was across from her. Both now stood face to face, each leaning on their own part of the wooden surface. A sigh followed the dropping of his shoulders and his hand tiredly rubbing his eye.

“It’s just— I hadn’t thought about the fact that Norwegian law would be so different from British. I obviously knew, but it’s hitting me very hard right now and I need to get used to a whole new set of laws. It’s exhausting.”

Noora scrunched her mouth to the side, like she often did when someone had bad news and she was figuring out what to say. She knew he wouldn’t want her to, but she did somewhat feel like it was her fault. If it wasn’t for her, then he wouldn’t have moved to Oslo and he wouldn’t have to start all over again. Law-school and his job in England was hard enough already. “I’m sorry.”

A small smile crept onto his face, brightening it up just a bit, before he took a step across the floor between them. “Don’t be.” He slid his fingers into her hair, combing it back on both sides of her beautiful face. “This was a mutual decision and I’ll be okay. All new beginnings are hard, but it’ll only get better with time. Just like us.”

A small, shy smile finally crept back onto her face, making William’s heart feel much lighter. Making her feel guilty about one of his own issues wasn’t something he’d ever wish to put upon her. Especially when he knew that she was more than innocent. A comfortable silence engulfed the kitchen, leaving only the sound of pouring rain hitting the kitchen window to be heard. After slowly leaning in and placing a soft kiss to her forehead, then the tip of her nose, a giggle of her’s finally erupted into the room. Mission accomplished, he thought to himself as he allowed himself to move on further down and peck her lips. “We’re like wine. We grow better with time.”

“I don’t drink,” she laughed, thinking of the first time she ever stayed at his apartment in Oslo and had stated this as a response to him offering her a glass of wine. The party had been ushered out the apartment, but William Magnusson wasn’t going to give up without trying - yet instead they’d ended up drinking cocoa. Her way or no way.

“That’s a lie,” he had to laugh as well, as he removed his hands from his hair and pointed accusingly at her instead. “You had no problem downing 10 glasses of wine and champagne, when we went out in London.”

Dramatically rolling her eyes to give herself time to think, Noora worked out a defence in her head and gave it a shot. “Like I was about to sit there and watch you down wine all by yourself. That would’ve just been too sad. I did it for you, you know?”

“Is this the part, where I tell you to shut up? Cause that is one big pile of bullshit,” he dropped the pointing finger in order to grab her hands instead, pulling her in and up against his chest before suddenly dropping the playful grin and turning serious. “Plus… I’d never want you to go against your own principles for a guy.” A small smile made a come back “Especially not me…”

Another silence captured them as they shared small smiles, Noora’s eyes shining with pure joy right into his. Her right hand gently let go of his and reached up to attentively push his bangs out of his eyes. “Especially not you…” She mumbled, stealing his words for no specific reason - partly just because she could but also because she didn’t believe them. The rain kept knocking on the window, washing all other worries away in order to prepare the two lovers for new beginnings.

Though neither found the need to speak right in that moment, both knew that their absence in each other’s lives had only made their hearts grow fonder of the other - if that was even possible.

The moment the words stay with me had spilled off her lips, coming directly from the bottom of her heart, Noora knew. London, Sophia, the waitress right behind them… None of it really mattered. Accepting the Sophia-task, coming to London, running into William, giving in to him all over again… 8 years later. It wasn’t a mistake. Maybe it wasn’t altogether ideal, but it wasn’t a mistake. Being the academic and reasonable woman she was, Noora had never fallen for the idea of ‘faith’. It just seemed too far out there, when the world was so immense and people so small - especially after she’d fled London and the one person who’d given her a reason to even consider faith as an option. But now? She could definitely see what people meant. Maybe they were faith all along, she just didn’t want to believe until now.

“Not that I mind dazing into your eyes, but I think the cocoa is getting cold,” William had leaned in and quietly mumbled into her ear, tickling her and causing a slight shiver of pleasure. Having completely forgotten about the boiling beverage - and not really minding one bit - Noora gave into her longing for something else and put her arms around his neck. Her shoulders rose in a careless shrug.

“Oh…” she mumbled, for once not really caring one bit about the cocoa.

“Yeah, what are we doing about that?” His mumbled words were just barely audible as he pressed his lips to her temple, looking over the top of her head and out the soaked window. He almost couldn’t believe he was here, but he was glad he was. He felt her head move beneath him, causing him to react and look down at where she was already looking up at him.

“We could just… not drink it. And heat it up…” She looked at his collar, quietly toying with the second button of his shirt, as she innocently tilted her head to the side. The first was already popped. “…Later?”

A wide cheesy grin grew on his face, letting his hands slide from the small of her back to the front  of her pants and hook his index fingers into each their belt loop. If it was even possible, he pulled her in closer and leaned in to kiss her lips. The smile never went away, even as his lips were firmly pressed to hers. After this they went directly from her lips to the crook right beneath her jaw. An old love-bruise had just barely started to fade from the surface of her pale skin.

“Noora Amalie Saetre… There’s no way I’m ever going to let you run again.”

Her eyes half closed, already too caught up in his touch she just barely got out a whisper.

“Good thing I don’t have a single reason to do so then…”

Dolph Ziggler

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By: Muscle Marinara

Baron saying some nasty comments about you and Dolph getting upset. (I do not own the gif nor the picture)


You were visiting Dolph on smackdown. He got you a backstage pass so you can be back there with him. With his current situation he had a lot on his mind. 

You didn’t really think about your dress choice since you dress like this quite often. Dolph absolutely loved it. 

You walk down the halls hand in hand with Dolph when Baron Corbin happened to pass you guys. He snickers and kept walking. Dolph didn’t catch it but you did. You raise an eyebrow but happen to brush it off. You fix your braids and your dress a little and kept walking. You guys hit catering and Dolph grabs some food and you sit down at an empty table. 

Baron walks into the men’s locker room and laughs loudly. A few superstars give him a weird look but then look away and he over hears American Alpha talking about you and your body. 

“Damn, Why does she have to be with Dolph?” Gable spoke

“I don’t know. She’s a dime. A ten. A bea-”

“A whore.” Baron spat. 

“Woah dude. Nah do you think she is?” Jason looks at Chad. 

“No. Baron what’s your problem?” 

“What’s my problem? Nothing I just don’t think it’s okay for girls to be walking around like sluts especially if they’re in a relationship. But I wouldn’t expect more from Ziggler, he’ll sleep with anything.” Baron rolls his eyes. 

“Slut shaming….” Jason whispers. 

“But for real dude, do you even care to know her? Maybe she’s cool.” Chad says. 

“No. She’s dating Dolph. I wouldn’t expect more than a classless act of a woman.” 

“Well damn. She’s still hot.” Jason spoke. 

“True.” Chad smirks. 

“Well. Go fuck her. I think she’ll let you.” Baron rolls his eyes. They look at him and roll their eyes. “Let’s go find her.” Chad mouths and they walk out of the locker room and walk around the arena. 

Dolph left to go do a Promo with Dean so you stayed and watched from backstage when two men approached you. 

You look up from your phone once the two sat in front of you. 

“Um hi?” You gave them a weird look. 

“Hey. I’m Jason and this is Chad. It’s nice to meet you.” He smirks. 

“Oh American Alpha! I love you guys!” You smile and put down your phone. 

“Thank you. So you’re with Ziggler?” Chad asks. 

“Um yeah.” You say. 

“See She is nice. Baron is just a dick.” Jason spoke to Chad. You gave them a weird look. 

“What?” You ask them slightly confused. 

“Ohh. Um Jason explain.”Chad says. 

“Oh okay. Thanks Chad. Well you know Baron. He was talking about how you know you’re a whore, slut, a classless act. Well yeah.” Jason says softly. You roll your eyes and get up from the table and walk out of catering. You walk down the hall, your suede heels clicking on the concrete floors. You see Baron leaning against a crate by himself. At this moment you were heated that someone would say those things without knowing you. You storm up towards him. Your smaller frame glaring up at him. Baron moves his phone out of the way and rolls his eyes. 

“No thanks.” He scoffs. 

“How dare you? You don’t even fucking know me and yet you have the audacity to say I’m a slut and a whore?” You glare. “No actually you have no right to think that. The way I dress has nothing to do with whatever you think. It’s not for you. It’s not for anyone but myself. So how about you keep your mouth shut you asshole.” You add. 

“Woah. See there you go, you classless act. Fuck off honey. Go fuck someone so you know you keep getting money. Isn’t that why you’re with Dolph?” He spoke. You clench your jaw and slap him in the face. At that moment American Alpha runs over and pulls you away and Jason held Baron back. 

“Oh you’re going to fucking slap me in the face? You bitch.” baron spat. 

“You fucking deserve it.” You yell. 

Dolph walks down the hall and heads into catering to be greeted by your beautiful smile. But he wasn’t. He looks around and thought you left. So he goes and walks down the hall when he hears the commotion. He walks down the hall and sees Chad holding onto your waist and Jason holding Baron bnack. 

“Hey!” Dolph yells and walks up to them. He yanks Chad off of you and glares at Baron. 

“What the hell is going on?” 

“Oh I don’t know some dick thinks he has the right to call me a whore.” 

“No Everyone knows.” Baron rolls his eyes. Dolph clenches his jaw and moves up closer to Baron. 

“Don’t fucking talk about my girlfriend like that ever again.” Dolph spat. Baron laughs and shakes his head. 

“Take care of your dog,” Baron shoves Jason off and storms off. Dolph was more than pissed off. 

He grabs your hand and pulls you down the hall to Shane’s office and storms in. 

“Give me a match with Corbin.” Dolph snaps. 

“What? Why?” Daniel asks and they turn towards him. 

“Just do it. Schedule a match.” Dolph says holding your hand tightly knowing he was mad you wince a little. 

“Well alright then.” Shane says and quickly goes and schedules it. 

“Thank you.” Dolph says and walks out with you. 

“Dolph. Babe. Calm down please.” You say and stop walking. Dolph turns towards you and sighs. 

“Nobody ever talks about you like that. Ever. I don’t care who they are.” He spoke. 

“So I’m going to teach his ass a lesson.” He adds and walks away. You sigh and walk to catering and sit down in front of a backstage monitor.. The match happened to be next and Baron was the first one out. Dolph comes out next and didn’t look happy whatsoever. Once the bell rang Dolph kicks him right where the sun don’t shine and the ref quickly disqualifies him. Dolph glares down at Baron and jumps out of the ring and walks backstage. 

He gets to catering hugs you from behind. 

“That was for you.” He whispers and kisses your cheek.

Fine Line

Fandom- Harry Potter
Pairing- George Weasley x reader
Plot- George is in love with the reader who hates him, will she come around?
Warnings- None

(His pov)

I was in love. Absolutely infatuated. Ever since the moment I’d first laid eyes on that beautiful (h/c) hair and those bright (e/c) eyes.

~Flashbacks yay~
It was my first year at Hogwarts, I stood on the Platform with Fred, my other brothers had already boarded the train. We were talking with a guy we had met named Lee Jordan and we were in the middle of a exciting discussion about dung bombs and the possible pranks we could pull when a black cat darted in between my legs.
“No no no no no!” A girl yelled right before I was tackled to the ground. The cat ran off through the crowd and the girl on top of my groaned. She jumped up and I rolled over on to my back.
“I am so sorry my stupid cat just hates me me for some reason, sorry.” The girl babbled. She held out her hand to me but I was frozen. She looked like and angel. (Curly/Straight/Long/Short) (h/c) hair framed her (s/c) face and beautiful (e/c) eyes burned into mine. Honestly, I wouldn’t have been surprised if I was drooling at that point.
“Are you alright?” She asked me gently. I snapped out of my daze and took her hand. She helped me up with a surprisingly strong grip.
“I am so sorry but I really have to find my cat, sorry!” She yelled as she ran off in the direction of her missing cat. All three of us watched her disappear into the crowd.
My mouth was hanging open and I was felt they eyes of my brother and Lee staring at me.
“Uh you ok?” Fred asked.
But I couldn’t get any words out. With wide eyes and an open mouth, I nodded vaguely, still staring in the direction of the girl.

I stared across the grand hall at the Ravenclaw table were (Y/n) sat, talking animatedly with her friends. She was laughing and looked as beautiful as ever. But her bright eyes narrowed into a glare when she saw me staring. I quickly looked away, over to Fred who was looking at me with pity.
“Don’t worry mate, she’ll come around.” He said.
In second year, we had devised a plan to get (Y/n)s attention. Not gonna go into detail, but lets just say the plan backfired and she was embarrassed in front of the whole school. Now she hates me.
“Ya whatever.” I mumbled.
I watched (y/n) talking with some of the Beauxbatons girls. Even next to them she was still the most beautiful girl in the room
“Why don’t you just ask her already?” Ron asked between mouthfuls of food, earning him a slap from Hermione.
“Because (Y/n) hates him and George is too much of a wuss to try again.” Lee said.
“Shut up I’m not a wuss, but you got to admit, she’s pretty scary when she’s mad.”
The group nodded in response but Hermione just rolled her eyes, “She is not scary. She’s actually very nice, I talk to her all the time.”
“What? You do? Why did you never say anything, I could’ve uses that as a reason to talk to her.”
“That is why I never said anything. Plus your right she does hate you.” She’s said causing me to groan.
“Why don’t you just ask someone else?” Harry asked. Fred, Lee and Ron all laughed out loud.
“You don’t understand Harry, but (Y/n) is literally all he talks about.” Fred said.
“Not true.”
“Ya, it is George.”
Lunch ended quickly and I was grateful to escape that conversation. I walked to poisons, a class I shared with (Y/n), and was shocked when I saw her seat empty. She was usually here before I was.
I sat down and watched out of the corner of my eye as (Y/n) ran in just before class started with a Ravenclaw boy just behind her. My heart sank. Was she going to the ball with him? Were they dating? My mind was reeling as I watched them walk past us to their seats. She was just three tables over and the guy was sat right in front of her. Throughout the class he kept throwing glances over his shoulder to her, making her blush as she was too looking at him. I wanted to punch him in his stupid face. What did he have that I didn’t?
The moment class ended I was up and out of there, tired of seeing someone else flirt with the girl I loved.
The Yule ball came quick and I still had not gotten a date. I was still going, just alone.
Fred had disappeared with Angelina to dance and I stood to the side, talking with a Gryffindor girl about quidditch and other things. She was going on about something or other when I saw her.
(Y/n) was standing in the doorway looking stunning, as always. She had a long (f/c) dress that complemented her eyes and her hair was pinned up in some intricate way with a matching (f/c) head band. She looked absolutely gorgeous.
I glared at the Ravenclaw guy, the same one from before, who came around the corner and offered her his arm. She took it and they joined the crowd and began to dance. She looked beautiful, the way she moved with ease and grace, her dress flowing around her feet with her every move. I wished it were me dancing with with my arms around her waist.
I spent rest of the night dancing with different people and wishing they were (Y/n). At point, I stopped to find Fred when I saw (Y/n)s date making out with a Beauxbatons girl. I looked around and saw the familiar head of (h/c) hair running out of the Grand Hall. I had the urge to go beat the crap out of the Ravenclaw guy, but decided to go after (Y/n) instead.
I ran out of the room and down the hall, following the sound of heels tapping on the ground. I finally found her leaning by a window with her back to me. Her shoulders were shaking and small sniffles were coming from her.
“(Y/n?” I called out quietly. She jumped and spun around, quickly wiping her cheeks off.
“What do you want, George?” She growled but her voice shook and her eyes were still wet with tears.
“I just saw your date and you running out and-”
She cut me off, “What you want to come make fun of me, tell me how stupid I was? Well save your breath, I already know.” She turned back to the window and rested her forehead on it.
“I just wanted to make sure you were ok. Any guy would be lucky to have you and anyone who thinks otherwise, is an idiot.”
She turned back to me and for the first time in years, she didn’t glare. “Why are you being so nice to me? I thought you hated me.”
“What? I don’t hate you, I thought you hated me!” I yelled, waking closer and joining her by the window.
“Well, what about that time in second year when you-”
“Yes I know what I did. But, I don’t hate you. I actually really like you. That time in second year I was just trying to get your attention. But it didn’t quite go the way I’d planned.”
She looked at me with wide eyes and a slight blush dusted her cheeks. “Well I really like you too. The incident, obviously made me angry, but I never hated you. I was just mad.”
“Really?” I asked, astonished. Was this really happening? Was I just dreaming?“
She nodded, "Really.”
“That’s great!”
She just blushed. “So now what?”
As soon as that sentence left her mouth I leaned forward and kissed her. She responded instantly and wrapped her arms around my neck. I pulled her closer, if possible, and placed my hands on her waist, feeling the cool fabric of her dress between my fingers. This kiss was everything I’d dreamed it would be and better cause this wasn’t a dream.
Neither of us cared when we heard footsteps coming closer, nor when Fred whistled and yelled out, “Ya George get some!”

The 100 3x16 - Natalie is dead, part 2

Season 3 is over.

*takes a deep breath*

You know what? I LOVED IT. Yes, there were some less great moments. And yes, Meg and I will totally get into all that when we no doubt devote too much of our lives to assessing the season on the whole. But overall, I loved it.

I think that the choice to tear the delinquents apart in 3A was the right one, and that bringing them back together in 3B has been the truest of delights. I think the overarching themes have been fantastic. I LOVE grey morality because I think it’s a great reflection of the real world. If all of us at all times could stop ‘reacting’ and start 'thinking critically’ about everything - the world would be a better place. But we are human beings, and so we react and we do and we screw up and we try to make things better. No big flashy redemptions, nobody is perfect, nobody is ever completely right or wrong, we are all ignorant of other ways to live and new things to learn.

OOF. Bless you, show. Look where you send my brain.

ANYWAY. What a wonderful finale. I won’t deny that I felt…odd at the end of it and I think that was for two reasons.

1. The episode ends abruptly, because they clearly cut a scene that was meant to follow on from Octavia walking out. BUT I’LL GET TO THAT LATER.

2. THE BIG TWIST WAS THAT NOBODY DIES. Now, you might have noticed this about me but I am absolutely a masochist when it comes to fiction. I like it when fiction hurts me, makes me cry, but keeps me hanging on. So I was ready. I didn’t WANT anybody to die (except Jaha) but I was ready. And then nobody did!!! (well, Pike but ya know) and it kind of…how do I word this…it absolutely was not disappointing, as I am incredibly happy about it…but I was anticipating such a different feeling post episode that I almost didn’t know what to do with myself.

The finale ended with hope. And that shit is beautiful.

Shall I recap now? All right then.

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