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Horror Favorites Meme: [2/6] Franchises - A Nightmare on Elm Street, 1984-2003

“Something like Nightmare On Elm Street, to me, was kind of an examination of levels of consciousness and the pain of facing the truth, and how easy it is to fall asleep, or want to fall asleep. And only a few of us struggle to stay awake.” - Wes Craven

Mr. Min - Prologue

Description:  Your CEO caught your attention the first day you started your new job and it seems the attraction is mutual.  Too bad he’s only interested in a relationship that benefits him.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Implied Smut?  All the other chapters will have actual smut.

Word Count: 1661

Warning: Dom!Yoongi, demeaning names

A/N: This is a response to this request.  Thanks anon!

Playlist - Prologue - Ch 01 - Ch 02 - Ch 03 - Ch 04 - Ch 05 - Ch 06

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You Understand, Right? (Part 3): Bargaining Chip

Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader, Bobby Singer

Length: 1154+ words

TW: Suicide. Depression. Abandonment. Character Death.

A/N: There was so much interest in continuing this fic! I am so glad you guys enjoyed it, and I really wasn’t expecting this to become a series! Feedback is encouraged!


Crowley thundered through the halls of his dungeon, a smirk on his face. He heard a little rumour going around in the rack, about a girl associated with the Winchesters- someone who meant an awful lot. He stood in front of the girl, assessing her from head to toe. A surge of power traveled through his bloodstream as he realized that he found the key to getting the Winchester’s to doing his biddings.

Y/N’s head lolled to the side as she became more conscious of her surroundings. It was rare for someone to be unconscious in hell, the demons like to keep the person fully aware of their torture when they’re on the rack.

“Hello, dear,” he greeted, an evil smirk adorning his face.

She didn’t reply just as Crowley expected. He tapped into her memories, watching her life flash by as he confirmed her relationship with the Winchester brothers. He patted her cheek, ignoring her wince as he didn’t even bother to avoid the bruise on the skin. As he walked away from her, he wondered just exactly what he would ask of the brothers. There were so many possibilities, and he could not wait for the time to bring her up.

It was almost ten years later when Crowley finally exhausted all of his resources, and used up all of his other leverages against the boys.

The demon tracked down the Winchesters to their motel room, having just finished a hunt in town, and ready to head back home to their bunker. 

“Hello, boys,” the demon greeted.

Both brothers pulled out their guns.

“What the hell do you want, Crowley?” Dean demanded.

“Oh, Squirrel. Always had the penchant for the dramatics.”

“Shut up.”

“If you could lower your weapons, and we can talk like normal people-” 

“Not until you tell us what you want,” Sam added.

“Well, I came to you because I may have a wee bit of a predicament.”

“And why should we help you?” Dean asked.

The demon smirked. “Because I got something that may be of interest.”

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Someone pointed out that Marina’s speak sounds more like English than Inkling speak does, which is A.) interesting, and B.) something you’ll hear forever once you have the thought in your head.

Me: Oh hey this fic seems interesting maybe I’ll-

The Fic:


Why does English still have the “TH” sound?

The interesting thing about this topic is that English is one of two languages of the Germanic family that has retained the feature commonly called the <TH>-sound which stands for the dental fricatives /θ ð/. If you have a look at the map below which highlights the Germanic tongues in red, only Icelandic and British English (from England, Wales, Scotland + Northern Ireland) in darker red sport these sounds. It is also fascinating because there was a time when the ancestors of all these tongues had dental fricatives but lost them over the last centuries.

Then, why did English maintain a sound that was lost in almost all its sister-languages despite centuries of evolution side-by-side?

Grimm’s Law

First, you have to understand that on the whole, Germanic languages phonetically stand out from the rest of the Indo-European languages for a set of processes that made original IE sounds move one step closer towards fricatives. These evolutions were named Grimm’s Law, after Jacob Grimm discovered this phenomenon in 1875. This is a brief summary of what happened during the splitting of Germanic away from common IE:

This translates into these instances:

  • Greek: Podos/ Latin: Pedis/ Sanskrit: Pada vs English: Foot/ Danish: Fod/ Gothic:Fotus.
  • Greek: Tritos/ Welsh: Trydydd/ Russian: Tretij vs English: Third/ Old Saxon:  Thriddio/ Icelandic:  Þriðji.

There are many more examples but the most relevant here is of course the change of alveolar/dental stops /t d/ into the dental fricatives /θ ð/. This is the first steps in explaining the presence of dental fricatives in English. They descend from a millennia-old process that saw these sounds develop in all Germanic languages.

Verner’s Law

When Grimm’s Law was accepted, a new problem arose; some words clearly didn’t fit within the frame hypothesised by Grimm. For example, Proto-Indo-European pa’tēr turned into father instead of the expected fader while PIE ‘brahtēr gave brother like Grimm’s Law predicted. The alternation can also be found in different forms of verbs. So of course, Grimm must have missed something. It turned out that the solution lies in the change of accents in Proto-Germanic. While stress was relatively free (meaning rather unpredictable) in PIE, PG stress shifted and was placed on the root of the word. The evolution of the phonemes did not affect the consonant if it was word-initial or right behind a stressed vowel. The evolution of these consonants are illustrated in the table below:

This is the reason why PIE /t/ became [θ] and then [ð] in PG for *fadēr while *brōþēr remained untouched. This event helped increase the number  of instances of dental fricatives in Proto-Germanic. But it still doesn’t account for English dental fricatives. Be patient.

High German Consonant Shift  

A new phenomenon took place in the southern dialects of German in the 5th century that consisted in a large-scale shift in the consonantal system. By the mid-5th century, Old English had already been brought to Britain and thus remained utterly unaffected by these changes whose relevant features are the following:

  • θ > d
  • β > b
  • ð > d
  • ɣ > g

As you can see, the dental fricatives evolved into stops and were consequently lost in the phonology. The HGCS was not restricted to German as certain elements can be found as well in Dutch, Low German and Scandinavian Germanic. Probably under the influence of German in the following centuries, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish lost their own dental fricatives as there were multiple and intense cultural and linguistic exchanges between German and “Scandinavian”.

While English, isolated geographically from the rest of Europe and from Germanic influence because of Roman and Norman Conquest, kept /θ ð/. It’s interesting to note that Britons did not have as much as Romans and Normans the inclination to write. Manuscripts by monks may have helped bring a certain standardisation to the language.

Two additional and contradictory phenomena took place in Middle English where /d/ changed to [ð] and /ð/ to [d]. This is why fader changed to father and murðer changed to murder. The sequence of /d/ + unstressed ending -er triggered its evolution to [ð].

In short, dental fricatives appeared in Proto-Germanic via Grimm’s Law and Verner’s Law and Old English managed to maintain [θ] and [ð] because it left the continent before the effects of the High German Consonant Shift could be felt. Its geographical isolation (being on an island) certainly helped protect the relic of the Germanic legacy.

I saw once that Welsh may have had an influence on the upholding of these sounds since both languages had them. However, Latin and French were much more powerful influences on English but that did not impact the keeping of the dental fricatives so a foreign language influence is not really believable. However, French might have contributed to the phonemisation of [ð]. Before French came to Britain, /z v ð/ were only the voiced allophones of /s f θ/. By introducing new graphemes for sounds that were not “official” in English, it turned them into unquestionable elements of the phonology of English.

Isolation may be the biggest driving force on the upholding of these sounds since Icelandic, in a relative similar position, is the only other Germanic language with dental fricatives.

Further reading:

High German Consonant Shift

Grimm’s Law

Verner’s Law

Icelandic Phonology

“” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : The women of the League are teasing you about the love bites that litter your body….

I already kinda had the idea of doing a similar story on the women side…So here we go. Last time the guys of the League were mocking Bruce for the scratches on his back (you can read that here), now, it’s Batmom’s turn (though I feel it’s not as funny as the other, I tried something else you know, so that the stories wouldn’t be exactly the same, too similar and shit…erf, whatever, hope it’s kinda ok). Hope you’ll like it (insecuritiesoverloadbutitsok) 

WARNING FOR LANGAGE and slightly NSFW, just slightly. Also, My masterlist blog here :


It wasn’t really part of your initial plan to shower at the same time than them. Bruce told you about his friends trying to tease him about the nail marks you left on his body after a heated night, and you were afraid that your girl friends would do the same, a bit paranoid about it really…

But then you thought about the fact that usually, women tended to be a bit more mature about that (maybe?), that they would probably behave and ignore the hundreds (literally) love bites on your body. 

Besides, there was only Diana, Zatanna and Dinah, surely, they wouldn’t say anything, after all, they were used to Bruce being affectionate towards you when he thought no one was watching, small love bites wouldn’t shock them or anything. They were your three best friends, they knew how to not intrude too much in your life. They would definitely not talk about the marks your husband left on your body. 

And oh you were so wrong. 

You were in your underwear when you started to notice their smirks, and the way they whispered in each other’s ears while looking at you. No…could it be ?

You turn around, and when Diana’s eyes go wide at the sight of the love bites on your front while Zatanna and Dinah just start laughing stupidly, you know you actually were right to “fear” a reaction from them. You roll your eyes and give them your best “really ?” facial expression before saying :

-Are you guys snickering like idiots because of the love bites ? 

Zatanna answers your question :

-No, we’re snickering like idiots because Bruce…

And then it happens. The worst pun you ever heard in your life (and you were used to Dick and Tim’s nerdy jokes). All three of them yell : 


Stun. That’s what you are. Wow. Even worst that the poor attempt from your male friend in the league to embarrass Bruce. An awful pun. 

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in doing some periphery research for my degree i just came across an academic article titled "Outing Ourselves in Outer Space: Canadian Identity Performances in BioWare’s Mass Effect Trilogy" it's excellent would recommend. it's exactly what it sounds like

That sounds incredible


Throughout BioWare’s Mass Effect 3, players confront a vast array of unexpected Canadian content in narrative dialogue, settings, and identity development choices. This article examines the overall effects of Canadian content in this immersive video game series.


Originally posted by simonteenca

Imagine getting married with Jensen in secret and going on your honeymoon.

“Jensen stop!” you shrieked when you felt the top of your bikini loosen around you. Your hands instinctively went to your chest to hold it in place and you turned around to glare at the green-eyed man that was smiling at you like a young boy.

“Funny how after so many years this is the first time I hear you say this.” he chuckled, swimming around you as you glared at him “Wow things do change after marriage.”

You scoffed at him, trying to tie back the strings after he’d undone them “You were the one that insisted, mister. Don’t put the blame on me now.”

“Just kidding.” he chuckled, wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing your bare shoulder “You know, I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world.” he buried his face in the crook of your neck “For anyone. You are the woman I love and will always love. I proposed to you because I want to spend the rest of my life with you, have kids, growl old together. You know how much you mean to me.”

“You’re so lucky I actually do.” you whispered, turning around to look at him, cupping his face and pressing your lips to his in a sweet kiss.

“Why do you have to be such cheeky ass huh?” you asked as he spinned you around in the water with his arms around your waist.

“If I remember correctly you like this cheeky ass quite a lot?” he smirked, raising and eyebrow at you giggled.

“Guilty, but sorry not sorry.” you pecked his cheek “I just don’t understand how you do this every freaking time. All it takes is a few words and you have me melting in your arms and acting like a lovesick teen.”

“Feelings mutual, though.” he shrugged with a soft smile “We wouldn’t be married if we weren’t soulmates, right baby?”

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consider: a marvin and whizzer political power couple au,,,i dunno how everyone else comes into this buuut

lowkey, a Hou/se of Car/ds AU has been on my to-do list for awhile now, sooo I have been secretly in love with this concept for a very long time.

  • Charlotte is def the president of the United States. The first African American woman ever in history, and she’s also a lesbian in a committed relationship to boot. Her election was a huge surprise, and the media is weirdly desperate to see her fail. She’s passionate and driven for her cause of the betterment of the American people, but this tunnel vision and blind idealism can lead to certain people taking advantage of her position of power and desperation to get things done.
  • Cordelia is Charlotte’s doting wife. She doesn’t know much about politics but she knows how to tell liars and cheats from saints and and is a scarily good judge of character. Cordelia keeps close to Charlotte’s side and protects her as fiercely as she can. She’s also not scared to get her hands a little dirty if it is for the good of her president.
  • Marvin is Vice President, though he was not on the ticket when Charlotte had gotten elected. (Obv this makes more sense on how he did this if you’ve watched House of Cards since Frank Under/wood pulled the same feat off) but to make things simple, let’s just say that Marvin is a very, very good talker and - like Cordelia - isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. So, he got this position through deceit and unsavory exploitation.
  • Marvin was known as the “whip” in Congress, the person that everyone came to when they needed something done and had something to offer in return. He’s a democrat from New York, and he lived a privileged life, sure. He’s had his eye on the presidency for awhile, but since he’s grown fond of Charlotte, he’s torn on going through with his original plan of stealing the presidency or waiting his turn. He doesn’t know if he should gamble away his life-long ambition or gamble away his opportunity for genuine friendship and later love with a particular journalist but we’ll get to him later.
  • Charlotte has been forced to trust Marvin in clutch times since he’s always pulled through for her, but Cordelia is not so naive. She likes Marvin, sure, but she knows there’s something that he’s hiding, that he’s pulling the strings behind the scenes to achieve some personal agenda. Cordelia keeps Marvin close and watches him, waiting for a slip up.
  • Mendel is Marvin’s private psychiatrist and has been for years and years and years. Mendel knows Marvin by body and soul, and he knows Marvin’s plan to climb the political ladder. Mendel has always been one to stay on the side-lines, to not ask questions but to listen, to never intervene. But then he fell in love with Marvin’s ex-wife, Trina, and now he wonders just what will make him unethical and what will make him a hero.
  • Trina is Marvin’s ex-wife but has since thrown herself into charity work (via maintaining her own multi-million dollar charity organization) after the divorce. Marvin is still a permanent fixture in her life, still trying to control her even after he humiliated and divorced her. She hears through Mendel the grapevine that Marvin is vying for the presidency, hell-bent on doing anything to get what he wants. And she couldn’t imagine anything worse…
  • Mendel and Trina decide to play dirty for once - for the good of the people (and each other’s happiness). They start anonymously tipping off a desperate, nobody, hungry-for-fame journalist - Whizzer Brown. Not with information (bc that would be hearsay and Marvin would immediately know the source to be Mendel) but with opportunity and direction - telling Whizzer to get close to Marvin, to run stories for Marvin, to play along with Marvin, to get Marvin to trust him enough to give incriminating evidence against himself.
  • Whizzer Brown has been underestimated, underutilized, and underappreciated in his line of work. He cares as much about projecting meaning into the world through his stories as he does affording dinner and a roof over his head (the former of which he isn’t doing at all, and the latter of which he won’t be able to do much longer if he keeps writing dry fluff pieces that no one reads). When he keeps getting anonymous tips about this new hot-shot (Marvin is his name - someone in politics, apparently) who has secrets that the whole world will want to know, Whizzer doesn’t question it as much as he should. He memorizes Marvin’s schedule (given to him by the anon) and makes a plan, resolves to play this man’s game, and readies to expose him and get all the money and fame that he had promised himself years ago.
  • And Marvin is puzzled and amused by this smart-mouthed, willing, pretty journalist. Marvin is initially relieved to have someone wedged in the media, who he can feed stories to and tear down his enemies. He doesn’t realize the fact that by trusting Whizzer among doing other things with Whizzer, he’s essentially loading the gun aimed straight at him.
  • Of course Marvin and Whizzer start breaching any semblance of a “professional” relationship. Of course Marvin - being so, so lonely and so, so desperate for love - would fall in love with Whizzer. Of course Whizzer realizes this straight away.
  • Of course Whizzer grows to love Marvin too.
  • Of course Whizzer realizes that maybe that helpful anon has their own agenda by pushing him to betray Marvin. Of course Whizzer is still tempted. But heyyy, would Whizzer rather have short-lived fame for taking down a nameless man trying to trick his way into the presidency (he’d get a mere footnote in the history textbooks - if that) OR would Whizzer benefit more by having the arm and ear and bed of the future president himself???
  • Now here’s the dilemma: 
        • Charlotte and Cordelia knows that someone is trying to swindle them, has been picking off priorly loyal Congressmen and turning them and the media against Charlotte. They just don’t know who yet.
        • Mendel and Trina want a perfect life together, away from Marvin’s influence and control and suffocating presence in their lives. They want Marvin with as little power as possible. They want to take him down.
        • Marvin wants the presidency - desperately. He’s been weaving this web for years and years and years. Marvin is ambitious, but is that a fatal flaw or driving quality? Will it lift him up or bury him?
        • Whizzer wants fame and power. And he’s willing to play both sides (Marvin’s, and Trina and Mendel’s) until it’s revealed which one will get him all that he so desires and deserves.

This got really really dark and I think I def want to write this now. Def keeping this for reference. But like, would this be interesting to read?? 


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (1966) » Tuco

You never had a rope around your neck. Well, I’m going to tell you something. When that rope starts to pull tight, you can feel the devil bite your ass.

simon imagine - small world

REQUESTED:  ‘Can you do a Simon imagine where you dated before he start YouTube but broke up and were is first everything and the one he wanted to marry. He still in love with you. The other sidemen beside JJ don’t know about and when you guys see each other again you’re dating another sidemen please’


I knocked on the door of the large house. There were three cars parked out the front, almost symmetrical. The house was intimidating - it was clearly home to a few people, assumedly very rich people. The guy I was dating had assured me he didn’t live here - Harry, was his name. He had told me he was a youtube entertainer, and that this house was the home of his friends, that he stayed here before making announcements and filming videos. I agreed nonchalantly whilst he had explained this. But inside, the mention of Youtube made me want to run and hide. I had had experience with a Youtuber before - Simon, my first boyfriend - and the precious website had been the end all of what we had. Ever since I stayed away from it completely. I had been lucky in the sense I was dating Simon before he got too invested, and so I had no idea of where his success had taken him, or if he had been successful at all. This also meant I never received any social media attention at all, and the entire relationship stayed a simple secret. I hoped things with Harry would hopefully go the same way - although, without all the messy break up of course.

When the door opened I came face to face with Harry. Instantly I smiled as he welcomed me in with a warm embrace.

“Y/n, you came!”

“Of course,” I smiled.

“Well, we’re gonna film a bit later but for now we’re just chilling. Come through to the kitchen you can meet the others.”

He took my jacket before taking me through to the kitchen. I smiled politely as I was confronted by four guys, all sitting and standing round a kitchen table. Sat together were two of them, one of them slightly bigger than the rest and the other beholding a distinctive beard. Stood by the fridge was a slightly smaller Indian boy in khaki shorts and a pizza patterned hoodie. Then on the other side of the room, closer to me, stood the last man, a quite muscular and broad black guy wearing a snapback and a gold chain. The one with the beard spoke first.

“Hello, you must be Harry’s girlfriend! I’m Josh.”

He stood up to come and greet me, wrapping me in a formal hug. I smiled appreciatively into his shoulder.

“I’m Y/n.”

Two of the other boys greeted themselves as Ethan and Vik, before alerting me that the guy in the beast shirt, who had left shortly to take a phone call was called JJ. I recognised the rare name. Harry took a seat from around the kitchen table, pulling me down to sit on his lap. I smiled uncomfortably at the PDA.

“So Y/n,” Ethan addressed me. “Tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do for a living, where are you from?”

“Well, I’m from Watford but living in Stratford. I’m currently training as a probation officer.”

“Oh that sounds interesting, what does that entail?” Josh asked as all the other boys watched with intrigued eyes.

“Well I went to university in Watford and studied criminology for a few years, then eventually graduated and now I’m in first year of probation training. It’s gonna take a while to properly climb through the career but it’s something I’ve always been interested in.”

At this point JJ walked in. He patted my back slightly as he took a seat around the table, as if to make up for the lack of greeting earlier without interrupting my conversation. I appreciated this - although I couldn’t shake the feeling of deja vu I felt in his presence.

“Oh criminology?” The indian boy that I knew to be Vik spoke up. “I’ve heard that’s a lot of essay writing, isn’t that what Simon did before he dropped out?”


Josh, the beard guy seemed to notice my confusion.

“Our friend, Simon. He started out doing a criminology course but didn’t like the coursework content, so he dropped out and began youtube instead. He lives here actually, JJ where’s Simon?”

“I’m here why- Y/n?”

My heart stopped as a new boy entered the kitchen. His face seemed to pale as we made eye contact. Simon. Oh my God.

“Simon? You alright mate?” Josh asked, eyebrows furrowed in subtle confusion. “This is Y/n, Harry’s girlfriend - although it seems you already know her..?”

“We met in a club once,” He interrupted, not taking his eyes off me. “That’s it.”

“Really? She shares a lot of similarities with you actually, she grew up in Watford too.”

“Small world,” he muttered. 


An uncomfortable silence reasoned throughout the room for a second before the rest of the boys continued conversation, excluding me this time. My eyes remained on Simon. He had changed significantly since we had crossed paths for the last time about four years ago. He had grown, massively, now towering over everyone. His hair was a brave shade of red, longer than it was when he was younger. Even his eyes seemed to glow brighter. He was a whole new person. Eventually he broke the eye contact. 

“JJ, can you come up to my room please?”

The guy on my right looked up from his phone.

“Um yeah, sure?”

Both boys left, and I focused my attention to the kitchen island. Holy fucking shit. What a small world.


“Dude, that’s her.” I spoke quickly to JJ as I leant against my bedroom door. “It’s…Y/n.”

“Her? What Harry’s girlfriend, yeah I know she’s hot right?” 

“No, you fucking idiot. It’s Y/n. As in, my Y/n. Only girl I’ve ever loved, Y/n.”

JJ’s eyes widened. He put his phone in the pocket of his tracksuit bottoms, sitting down onto my bed. “Oh…shit, man. Dude, you did well. She’s hot.”

“Fuck off.” I spat at Jide, who held his hands up in defence. “Yeah, shit indeed. How the fuck has this happened? Why would she do this, she must know Harry and I are friends surely? We have a fucking book together.”

“Well, unless she’s been living under a rock, yeah.”

“Fuck, she looks good,” I sighed, sitting down next to Jide on my bed. “Better than before. She looks hotter, healthier…happier. She looks happier.”

“Dude, you have to do something. This can’t happen, Harry can’t just be parading her round here when you love her. It’s not fair.”

“What the fuck can I do? He has no idea, and she’s his now. I have no rights over her, she’s allowed to do whatever she wants. Oh God.”

As my eyes welled up slightly I put my head in my hands. 

“Fuck. Good point.” 

“I love her, JJ. I really fucking love her.”

“I know you do, Simon.” He rubbed my back in encouragement, which only made me want to cry more. “We’re gonna do something okay, we have to. Maybe you should talk to her?”

I shook my head in silence. A tear rolled down my cheek and landed on my carpet, out of Jide’s eyesight. What a fucking mess. I couldn’t get rid of the image in my brain - her tiny hands resting under her chin. The natural waves in her hair. Her glossy eyes looking into mine, the shock on her face. Even the way she sat on top of Harry. That image made my fists tighten.

“Out of all the girls Harry could have chosen…it just has to be her. I never ever mentioned her, never showed anyone any photos, never talked about her in a video. But he still ends up with her.”

“I know man,” JJ sighed, hand still on my back. “It’s a small, small world bro.”

hello tumblr, here is a thing: i want to do a lil baby kickstarter before i launch my book kickstarter, just to get familiar w the process of running a thing & figuring out shipping & organization & etc. i was thinking enamel pins are cool so lets do that. i want to do a pin of the prince for starters, bc hes a pretty iconic lil guy for me. for the first stretch goal i was thinking a carl pin bc carl is cool. does this sound like something you would be interested in?

Welcome To Outglut


“If you were born here, you are not allowed to leave”

(photo credit to someone on Discord)

Well I don’t know about you but that does not sound like a particularly pleasant situation and I’m incredibly interested to see where that’s going and how this strange city-wide oppression (of ALL castes) - if this is indeed Xefros and Dammek’s city - inspired them to join the rebellion. 

Also this postcard is absolutely beautiful. The design is great, I love the font and colouring, the text position is good. The art of this game never fails to blow me away it’s just fantastic and the team has such a grasp on colour and lighting. 

This is the first time we’ve seen so much of the city in landscape and wow. I assume that window colour = blood colour but in that case it looks to me like the higher castes haven’t built hives particularly larger or more opulent than the lower castes. Perhaps that has something to do with the weird internment dealio. The tall AF buildings in the back left are I think apartment complexes, they remind me of Sollux’s hive AKA a Communal Hive Stem, but true to modern skyscraper fashion they could also be business buildings? Also worth noting is that the green moon here looks an awfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul lot more like, when compared to the flat moony texture of the pink moons:

A Sun.

  • Neah: Okay, new rule: if you regularly consume the blood and flesh of a demigod in a room full of chanting elders, you’re not allowed to call other religions primitive and evil.
  • Mana: That is oddly specific and leaves some very interesting questions unanswered.
  • Past!Allen: Catholicism does sound weird when you put it that way.

I was re-watching some of my favorite Andy/Haley episodes on Modern Family and I noticed something. Jokes aside about Haley being Hyde and Jackie’s future daughter or Sarah Hyland being fan favorite fancast for JH daughter, here’s this:

The first time Hyde and Jackie kiss, Jackie assures she felt nothing and asks Hyde if he did. He lies and says that no, he felt nothing too. And we can see hisbody language and just enrie face how much he’s lying:

In similar fashion, when Haley and Andy first kiss, they are talking about how if one of them felt somorever)ething out of it, it would be a disaster and he is sure she would had been infatuated with him by now. She calls bullshit and he keeps assuring her it would had happened. So, to shut him up (and because she’s been wanting to kiss him since forever), she kisses him and says that nothing happens.

But Haley’s reaction reminded me of something,

or more like, she reminded me of someone:

I find a lot of similarities between both couples, but especially between Hyde and Haley in the ‘where do I go, what should I do, do i deserve this bit of happiness with this too good for me person’ sense and the fact that both are openly rebellious and sexual and incredible closed when it comes to their actual feelings. Hell, Haley is not able to say ‘I love you’ to Andy directly, does it sounds familiar?

What I found interesting is that the parallels between both couples can be made on a very deep and meta level, because in the outside they may not be much alike. In fact, I’m sure people may think that Haley is more like Jackie, since both are spoiled girls with a high interest in fashion.

Both female chracters share their ‘funny’ tropes (shallow, spoiled, fashionist, popular girls), but Haley shares her deeper tropes with Hyde the most (laziness out of insecurity about the future, commitment issues, alcohol and drug use as supposed recreation but actual copping mechanism, smart but lazy, bad at school but not dumb, loving and passionate inside, pining for the optimistic dreamer, I could go on).

For me, it’s great to find these similarities in two of my biggest OTPs ever. Yes, I have a type in OTPs even, it seems.

And it amuses me how much people like the idea of Sarah Hyland being fancasted as Hyde and Jackie’s daughter, especially if sharing most of Haley’s highlight moments. Seeing her share these bits of characterization so similar to Hyde’s just adds to the magic.

Gif credits: (Hyde) (Haley).

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I just read something (it was a post about dlc for origins) about how the companions in dragon age can be redeemed or aim for some sort of redemption. Do you think we will see that Solas does get saved in the next game or will Bioware finally break the cycle??

Well, it’s time for opinions.

The thing with Solas right now is that, first of all, he’s no longer your “companion”, and his current position in the story is… complicated (or fucked, if you want to be more crude and real). Towards the end of Inquisition they apparently give you the option to try and “save Solas from himself” on the next game. They also make you choose from a handful of different options, some of which will -presumably- turn the efforts against Solas stronger or weaker. 

This all makes you think that the option to help and save him will be there, but let’s not pretend that Bioware doesn’t play with the “illusion of choice” a lot. Aka, “your choices don’t really matter, we gonna do what we want anyways.”

Let’s be objective, you can only “save Solas form himself” if there’s something to save him from, right? For as long as he doesn’t bring down the veil, he hasn’t actually done anything that needs redeeming. Perhaps you’ll be following him around and trying to dissuade him from carrying out his plan but, does that sound like an interesting plot line to you? Plus, we’ve pretty much have the fact that the Inquisitor won’t be the next main protagonist confirmed so… I think this is unlikely. 

What we’re left with -and this is my opinion- is the most likely scenario: Solas will bring down the veil, or get close enough to it that shit starts to go down. Then you have to choose between fighting him or not. Hell, or maybe you won’t get that option at all, maybe you have got to fight him anyways and you only get to choose whether you kill him or not. 

Maybe he’ll perish all the same because it sounds like ripping off the Veil is a Very Dangerous Thing To Do and he didn’t sound very hopeful in terms of his own survival. I don’t think he believes he will come out of it alive himself. 

So I’ll be honest with you, the more I hear about the “potential new DA4″ the more I start feeling like Solas won’t survive this whole thing. Redemption doesn’t mean survival. He might die all the same. Even if you stop his plan and do help him. 

In a perfect universe a friendly Inquisitor/romanced Lavellan could dissuade him altogether and find another way to restore Elvhenan together. 

Hint: That’s not gonna happen.

Now what I’d like to see happen? I want Solas to try and carry out his plan. And I want to see his plan not work out quite as he expected. I want him to have to go back to the Inquisition for help, yet again -probably getting slapped in the process- and I want everyone to fight together to, yes, bring back Elvhenan but also accomplish something akin towards equality for races (because elves do deserve better but so do other races). ((Also I’d kill to fight Old Elvhen Gods ok…))

And I want him to have to go back begging for help because I want him to realise he isn’t and doesn’t have to be alone in this. There are other ways and there’s people who care for him. And who will help him despite everything.

Another hint:… This is unlikely to happen, as well…


The Princess Bride-A Supernatural Retelling

So my favorite TV show is Supernatural, and my favorite movie is the Princess Bride, hence my name (winchesterprincessbride). I’ve had this idea kicking around in my head of doing a retelling of the Princess Bride story using the Supernatural characters, but never went anywhere with it. I mentioned my idea to @manawhaat and she was like, you should totally write that. So here is Part 1!

It was only the second day, and Tommy was bored with being sick.  He was tired of laying in bed, and tired of playing XBox. There was nothing good on Netflix, and his Mom would only bring him crap like soup and jello to eat when he really wanted Cheetos and Dr. Pepper. Yep, this whole being sick thing sucked.

Everyone else was in school so he couldn’t even text any of his friends.  The doctor said he had to stay in bed for at least this whole week. He never thought he would miss school, but he would give anything to be there right now.

“Hey sweetie, are you up for a visitor?” Mom asked, poking her head in. “Grandpa came to see you.”

“Yeah. He can come in.” Maybe Grandpa would tell him some more cool stories about when he fought in the war. That would help pass the time. His grandfather entered, carrying a book under his arm. He ruffled Tommy’s hair.

“Hey, Champ! How are you feeling? Your mother said you were bored, so I thought I would come over and read you a story to help pass the time.  This book has been read by generations of our family.” He sat down in a rocker next to his grandson’s bed.

Tommy made a face. “Princess?” I’m not a girl, Grandpa. I don’t like Princess stories. It’s probably full of kissing and stuff. I like stories with lots of action.”

Grandpa looked down his bifocals at Tommy.  “This story does have kissing…..but it also has pirates, giants, swordfights, magic, and monsters.   Does that sound like something you might be interested in?”

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