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Milly how do i get over my ex boyfriend having a new gf only a month after weve broken up... I see them on social media and i cant help but just to feel replaced :(

i was in a similar situation, but the best i can say is really that it does get better eventually and the pain goes and you no longer feel hurt by it. it feels painless. i now feel very happy for my ex for having such a lovely girlfriend and i am very strong and it doesnt bother me in the slightest. you are not replaced, you were an experience and she is another to him. think how you have bigger things to worry about than what he is doing with his life. you are moving on up my lovely!!! i assure you. you will grow from this.

The problem with Women and Superhero shows

You know what’s really frustrating? How many TV shows,especially  superhero TV shows aimed at young people absolutely refuse to do something as simple as make sure that their show is gender balanced.Or show female characters have any connection with other women. Superhero shows are meant to inspire us, to show us a better way and yet they seem to hate the very idea of actually spending any time on female characters

Just look at all the TV shows we had till now .Can you think of one show where the the men don’t outnumber the women? Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Agent Carter…….the only one which actually bothered to some degree  was Agents of Shield*

Arrow is horrible when it comes to it’s treatment of female characters. We all know that. But they are also horrible when it comes to the actual presence of female characters.. And they don’t learn. Oliver’s new team of vigilantes had a 3;1 male to female ratio. Was there ANYTHING preventing them from making Rene or Rory a girl? And look at how isolated Felicity is from other girls. She has zero female friends

The Flash is also very much a guy show and Caitlin and Iris barely even interact with each other. Again was there anything to prevent Julian from being a girl? No. They absolutely refuse to include more female characters

Legends of Tomorrow has a two girl maximum. At least in the first seaosn Sara and Kendra were friends but now Sara barely even seems to talk to Amaya. And again there was nothing preventing them from making Nate a girl. Hell his issues with being sheltered and feeling helpless his whole life would have been even more impact if he was a girl

And the few shows we have which are supposed to be about girls? They are cringe inducing when it comes to these issues and absolutely get worse with time

Agent Carter was male dominated and the only somewhat female light in the show was Carter’s friendship with Angie. And they snuffed this completely in the second season in favor of a shitty love triangle. And don’t get me started in how they took a brilliant female historical figure and turned her into a pathetic villain

Supergirl is probably the worse when it comes to this. Look at how the show started. Although Winn has improved he started as a creepy toxic male geek. One of his very first lines was thinking that Kara was a lesbian because she didn’t want him. And when Kara turned him down he made her feel guilty and apologize to him. And he was presented as her best and ONLY friend. Kara Danvers had no female friends. Do you realize how insane this is?. Still season 1 wasn’t quite as bad. Kara had Cat as a female mentor, she overcome her hesitancy and develop respect and friendship with Lucy and James although he had a few minor glitches like his reaction to the Red Kryptonite was a goddamn awesome and healthy male character. But in season 2?

Although the introduction of Maggie and her realtionship with Alex is excellent it’s the ONLY bright spot. Everything else ruined the little they had. They ditched Cat in favor of Snapper, Lucy disappeared in the void of unappreciated female characters and instead we got freaking Mon El. The very definition of bland pretty boy. James was turned into some fragile insecure boy who feel threatened by by Kara’s status, Winn actually actively sabotaged Kara just so he and James can shine and again don’t get me started on Mon El. M’gann should have been one of the bright sides of this season but he was barely used. We got see more of Mon El’s fuck then of a fascinating and complex character like M’gann. The ONLY female friend Kara has is Lena and you know they are going to fuck with this,

Literally all of these shows actively isolate women from interacting with other women. Female friendship is treated as some flaky thing that can easily be ignored and erase while male friendship is celebrated and iconic. Just look at Oliver and Diggle, Barry and Cisco. On Legends they pushed Nate and Ray and Ray and Mick to bond and become friends  while Mick and Snart were beyond celebrated and iconic. On Supergirl they put more attention on Winn and James friendship then on any interaction Kara had with a girl that wasn’t her sister

Female friendships gets none of this. The closest we ever came was Carter and Angie’s and Sara and Kendra’s (and come to think of Sara and Sin) . And all of them got only a fraction of the time spent on male friendships and was erased completely later on never to be mentioned again

The only chance girls get when it comes to friendship is with male characters and this is often either a prelude to or baiting of a realtionship


*I am not gonna get into the Netflix shows as well since this already got too long but they have their own issues as well. Not quite as horrible as the CW shows but still bad


18. Harry Styles, “Meet Me in the Hallway”

Producer: Tyler Johnson, Alex Salibian, Jeff Bhasker
Album: Harry Styles

“Meet Me in the Hallway” is the perfect opener for Harry Styles’ solo debut because it hallmarks all the aspects of what the former One Direction member wants us to hear in him now. It’s a little rock, a little sad, a little twangy. Above all else, it’s vaguely confessional—as is much of Styles’ album—who is this mysterious woman who has got his heart all tangled up? Who does Harry Styles “gotta get better” for? Is it really about drugs? I mean we’ll never find out, but it’s a great listen, one that evokes the ghosts in our own hallways that we never got better for. - Complex


My mum loves Celine Dion! I love Celine Dion! We listen to listen to her together. I was just so psyched to tell her that she had been such a part of my childhood, you know. The movie has been such a big part of my childhood. And to get to meet her and for her to be part of our movie, this new version, she sings a song over the credits at the end. It’s just such a… it doesn’t really get any better than that, does it?
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“You really think it’ll be okay?” he says. 

“I know it will,” Even says. 

(As many doubts as Isak has, he has to admit that those words, when they come from Even, are the greatest comfort he might ever hope to have.)

A childhood best friends AU - Part 3.2

In this universe, Isak and Even are best friends. Some things are different; some things stay exactly the same.

[15.8k / 93.2k words]

To all my bis that are going through a rough time trying to accept themselves:

May 2013: I first came out to someone as bisexual, I had a panic attack and cried myself to sleep. I was struggling to accept myself in general, and when I came out to my mom, she didn’t believe me.

May 2017: Last night I made a new friend and came out as bi to her in a pun. She told me she was ace and we felt that much closer for it. My mom sends me every positive article related to lgbt+ issues she finds in our facebook messages. I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin. 

I know this sounds really cheesy to say, but I just wanted to let you all know that it really does get better.

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4. and 39. with Remus/ Sirius you can choose. I love your blog alot💜

So I already did both these prompts for Sirius so I chose Remus instead! This is pumped full of feels, take care when reading. 

Also, some domestic Jily that no one asked for, but got anyway…

4. “Walk out that door and we’re through,” and 39. “Please come home, I miss you.” 

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Harry Potter had his mother’s eyes. He resembled his father, with a tornado of jet black hair and a mischievous yet charming grin, but the shape and color of his eyes were purely Lily. He was, quite simply, adorable. And you loved him so.

Bouncing him on your leg, Harry stretched two, pudgy hands out in front of him and curled his little fingers around your hair, giggling loudly.

“Don’t you yank my wig off, you little gargoyle,” you joked and Harry burst into a fit of giggles as though he understood your joke.

“Always knew that wasn’t your real hair,” James grinned, “And my son is not a gargoyle. He’s a baby troll.”

“Are you suggesting that Lily got freaky with a troll?” you asked and James barked out a laugh.

“What can I say? She’s kinky. Besides, who needs monogamy anyway?”

“At least the troll was more satisfying than you ever were,” Lily remarked, padding into the living room wearing a wicked grin. You choked on your laughter.

“That’s not what you said last night,” James smirks, sending a wink to his wife. He reaches out to catch Lily as she passes, she tries to dodge him, but he’s quicker and she shrieks a laugh as he collects her into his arms, pulling her onto his lap. Lily slaps his shoulder and he kisses her cheek.

“I don’t need to hear the details,” you cringe and James chortles.

“Come on (Y/N), you’re into it…” he waggled his brows, “I’m sure Lily wouldn’t mind an extra body in our bed.”

You snorted and Lily shook her head, biting her lip. “Why did I marry you?”

“For the sex, of course.” James remarked, flippantly.

“Fifth-year Lily would not be impressed, to say the least,” You retorted, “No matter how good the sex is…”

“Oh, I think I’d send fifth-year-Lily to her grave if she knew,” Lily mused, “and I wouldn’t be here, sitting on this ones lap, talking about it with you.”

“I think all that hate was just unresolved sexual tension,” James mused, though his grin was devious, “I knew you were having wild, sex dreams about me…”

“Harry, you poor, poor boy,” you remarked, as Harry launched into a fit of hysterics, “You’re going to be stuck with these jokers for the rest of your life. I pity you already.”

“Well, ya ‘know, he can’t stay innocent forever,” James remarked, though his eyes twinkled slightly as they observed his son. Pride, awe, love. There were stars in his eyes and Lily and Harry were his universe. Your smile was soft and genuine.

“Not while Sirius is around,” Lily retorts and you snort in agreement.

“Why in Godrics name would you name Sirius fucking Black his godfather. The poor boy already has to put up with James Potter as a father,” you mock-scolded Lily.

“His persuasion techniques are irresistible,” Lily grinned with a wink.

“I knew you and Sirius were fucking,” James shook his head in shame, “And to think you wouldn’t invite me…”

“Please,” Lily scoffed, “You had six years with him all to yourself. You ought to learn how to share…”

“What do you think I was doing before when I invited (Y/N) to one of our…meetings,”

“You do realize that your ten-month-old son is right here, don’t you?” you piped up, and Harry let out a delightful squeal as if to prove your point.

“Like I said, he can’t stay innocent forever,” said James, matter-of-factly.

At that moment, Harry mouth stretched into a soundless yawn and you grinned goofily at how adorable it looked on him.

“It’s his bed time,” Lily noted, rising from her husband’s lap. You handed Harry to Lily and she cradled him in her arms, beaming down at her son as he gazed up into her eyes. It was the perfect portrait of a mother’s love, a rare and priceless piece of art.

“Here, Lily, I’ll take him,” James offered, standing and stretching his arms out for Harry, “You can have a chat with (Y/N) here,” he gave her a knowing look. Lily nodded. She planted a tender kiss to Harry’s forehead and brushed some of his wild hair aside, gazing lovingly at her now-sleeping son. James, Lily and Harry; they were a masterpiece. Your heart swelled, ribs cracked, ribcage fractured. Nothing’s indestructible.  

When James had left, Lily threw herself into the armchair previously occupied by James. She sighed, airy and contented. You knew how she felt, you had felt it before.

“James is a lot of things but subtle isn’t one of them,” you noted and Lily chortled.

“He’s still learning.”

“Good luck.” You smiled, “You have a beautiful family, Lily.”

Lily’s lips curled into a soft smile, and in that smile, you saw a beauty that only true love could induce. Agape. The definition was written on her lips, sparkling in her eyes. She’d found her happiness. You’d only just lost yours.

“So do you,” she whispered, very softly, almost tentative. She knew the subject was still raw, wounds were still exposed from the fight you had had with the love of your life. The memory of it stung the gashes on your heart, it stung behind your eyes.

“I don’t know anymore,” you sighed, “I mean, he’s still beautiful. He’ll always be beautiful…”

“Fights happen. Ugly words get said and, for a while, everything’s on fire and you want to launch yourself into the sun. But it gets better. It really does.”

“Sounds like personal experience?”

“Hey, just because I love James doesn’t mean he’s not still a git. We’ll always bicker. But that’s just who we are. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

That smile again. Agape.

“Remus he – he loves you, (Y/N). I’ve never known a man to be so in love with someone. It’s like a scene from an Audrey Hepburn film…”

There it was again, the pieces of your heart expanded and swelled, flowing over your ribs, leaking into your soul. Images flashed before your eyes as you thought of the other night.

“Walk out that door, and we’re through” He growled, low and animalistic. It was fierce and threatening, a wolf’s warning. Each word sunk its teeth into your heart and tore chunks from your chest.

“He doesn’t want me there,” you said after a beat of silence, “He doesn’t want me anymore.”

“That’s not true,” Lily whispered, “He’ll always want you.”

“Walk out that door, and we’re through.”

“Maybe once,” you said, pensive and sad, “But not anymore…”

Silence clouded the air like a fog of unspoken pain. Pain snuck out of your eyes, trailed track marks down your cheeks, and stuck to your chin. You swatted it away and felt the salt soak your skin. Lily reached across and covered your hand with her own, all smooth skin and slender fingers. You looked up at her, watery gaze staring into her own.

A knock on the door scattered your thoughts. You started. Lily leapt to her feet and minced toward the door. The door swung open and murmured voices resonated through the kitchen. The sound of footsteps and you rose to your feet, turning to see who the unexpected visitor was.

Lily entered the room and stood off to the side. And then…

Remus,” you whispered. It was only when you said his name that you realised how much your lips loved the word, how effortlessly it rolled off your tongue, how it danced in the air and filled your heart with more love than it could contain.

Remus stared into your eyes, pain written in every soft line, every wrinkle, filling every corner of his elegantly handsome features.

“(Y/N),” he rasped. Your heart sung and your soul wept.

“I’ll give you two some privacy,” said Lily, before disappearing up the stairs to James and Harry.

You averted your eyes. “You shouldn’t be here.”

“I had to see you.”

“No, you didn’t.”

“(Y/N),” he was pleading, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Please come home, I miss you.”

“Remus,” you began, your voice tight, “Y-You hurt me. I can’t just come home. I want to, but I can’t…”

Remus nodded. “I understand. Sometimes, when you’re a werewolf, it’s hard to tell who is prey and who isn’t and sometimes, you end up hurting the people you love the most.”

You fell silent at that. Even your thoughts were quietened. He rarely ever spoke about his problem when you were together. In fact, the last time he had mentioned it was before the two of you got together, in your sixth year at Hogwarts. It had been a warning, a ‘I’m impossible to love because I’m a monster and monsters do not deserve love.’ You had vowed not to leave him, yet here you were. You had abandoned him for two days.

Every cell in your body burned for him.

“The truth is, I love you so much, I can’t breathe without you. For two days, my lungs screamed for you because you give me the desire to want to breathe. I need you.” Remus stepped forward, closing the distance between the two of you. He cupped your face in his strong hands, and you let him. You let him press your foreheads together as he continued to mumble ‘I need you, need you, you.’

I need you, need you, you. 

Tears filled your eyes and dripped from your lashes. He kissed them away, planted tender, sweet kisses to your entire face, as though his lips were a brush and he was painting you. And then, he found your lips. He kissed you. And you kissed him back.

When he kissed you, it truly was like a dying man taking a gulp of fresh air. You realized how much he needed you, how much you needed him. You had been so lost in your own skin, your bones so fragile, your heart lifeless and empty, your soul trapped in a limbo. And now here he was, kissing you passionately, a warm embrace that filled your lungs with air and painted your skies blue.

And then you felt it. Agape.

The restriction of LGBTQ+ videos on YouTube isn’t only affecting those content creators, it’s affecting those people who watch them.

Those people, many of them children, watch LGBTQ content because they feel connected to these people. They look at these content creators, look at what they’ve struggled with, look at how they can help themselves, and look at how that it really does get better.

At home, they may not be accepted or they are fearful of what would happen if they came out.

I haven’t come out to any of my family except my mom and even still, I haven’t gone into detail with my sexuality with her. She’s the most caring person I know but she just doesn’t understand. Maybe one of these kids feel like me. I have overly religious family members and the only ones that would understand would be my cousin and maybe my two younger siblings.

LGBTQ YouTubers are what helped me come to terms with who I am like Tyler Oakley, MilesChronicles, Gigi Gorgeous, and many many others.

They are what helped me see that I don’t need anyone’s approval and acceptance but my own.

If you’re reading this and are feeling depressed or anxious or confused or whatever, message me. I know what it’s like to struggle. We stick together in this community.

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Mama, can I have a hug? I feel like I have no more supportive family members left in the world.

My dear lgbt+ kid, 

I send you a big mommy bear hug! 

Originally posted by we-re-shooting-for-the-stars

Please know that you are not alone. Even when you have no relatives who support you, you still have a family. There are so many people - people you may not even know yet! - who love you, and they are your true family. 

I know it may sound like a childish cliche and far away from the pain you feel but it really does get better. 

I may just be one person but I am confident that I can speak on behalf of all the people following: We stand with you. We support you. And whenever you need a hug or a word of encouragement, we are here for a really big virtual family hug.

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Out of Feathers, Out of Bones [an elucien epistolary fic] part 1

Elain travels Prythian learning to accept her new life and powers, but better than any glittering court is her tentative correspondence with her mate. (rated g, set post-acowar so minor spoilers)

on ao3

Originally posted by angelkarafilli

Lady Elain,

I hope this letter finds you well. And I also hope it isn’t overly presumptuous of me to send this at all. I wrote to Feyre a month ago, telling her I’d be longer in the spring court than I planned; They need all the assistance they can get reorganizing after the war. Is it right to call it a war when it lasted less than a month? The extended skirmish. No, sorry, that makes it sound silly, and the death toll was

I’ve already restarted this letter four times, and Tamlin does not possess an unlimited supply of stationery, so I’m going to keep going. My apologies for that babbling and any in the rest.

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I think that it’s important to direct your anger at your abusers and the core of abuse and your pain, because mostly people are too scared to be angry at directly what’s hurting them, and then simply redirect that anger at someone more vulnerable, someone more easy to be angry at, someone they can easily hurt and get away with. It’s something I’m scared that I myself might do, because I get massively furious at minor offenses and I have to keep myself in isolation until I calm down because I don’t want to be taking out my anger at someone who didn’t deserve it (or maybe they deserved just a little bit and I want to pull their guts out).

Abusers often manage to seem invincible, terrifying and generally like someone you can’t afford to be angry at, or like it’s unreasonable and hopeless to be angry at them. Most often you can’t really express your anger directly at them, it’s too risky and they would take it as an excuse to torture/kill you, so it can be very tempting to just take out your anger at someone who isn’t nearly as scary or dangerous to be angry at, and sometimes this can happen even without you realizing because your anger gets re-directed automatically, but listen, you need to be aware of where you’re directing your anger and why, and I know it’s hard to handle anger, especially if it’s pent up and you can’t really process it properly or control what it does. You’ll get better at it the more you keep processing it.

 All of the anger you have inside you is there for a reason, and the only way to actually get rid of it is to direct it straight at your abusers. You don’t have to express it directly at them if it’s too dangerous or impossible, but when you’re too angry, be angry at them, rant about them, write revenge stories with them inside, stab their picture, stab anything pretending it’s them, punch shit pretending it’s them, but have them in your mind and rage until your anger is set free. That is how you hold an abuser responsible. And that is the way your guilt is going to melt and you’ll be left with clarity over what was done to you, and who is responsible for it.

25 Ways Life Got Better After High School

A lot of you are probably in your last month of high school right now, and that’s a really scary place to be. Your whole life, you’ve always known what’s coming next and what to expect; you progressed from grade to grade, with the same rules, routines, and probably the same classmates every year. Now you’re about to be spit out into a big, open world with no structure, no oversight, and a dizzying number of options and possibilities. And up until this point, all the adults in your life have probably talked about “the real world” like it’s some fanged creature that’s going to chew you up and spit you out. 

It’s not. 

I graduated from high school seven years ago this June, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned in that time, it’s that life really does get better. It got better for me in a lot of ways, in fact. Here’s 25 of them. Your mileage may vary.

1. You get to choose what to study, instead of taking the same program as everyone else

2. You never have to eat a meal you don’t like ever again 

3.  You can adopt, name and raise your own pet if you want one

4. No more curfew

5. Your friendships are more meaningful and based on more than “sat next to each other in fifth grade”

6. You can escape your hometown

7. Other people are way too focused on their own lives to worry about what you wore last week or what your hair looks like

8. It’s easier to cut toxic people out of your life

9. Your relationships are treated more like “serious relationship that might be forever” instead of “high school puppy love that will definitely end in 3 months”

10. You can get birth control without giving a shit what your parents think

11. Taking trips with your friends instead of your parents

12. You naturally give less and less of a shit about what other people think as you get older

13. You get to vote and have a say in how your country is run

14. Getting your own credit card and buying things online is awesome

15. Your actions have logical consequences (didn’t clean the house, so the house is messy) instead of arbitrary ones (getting grounded)

16. You can pierce or tattoo whatever you want

17. Buy whatever snacks, cereals and groceries you like

18. If you need help for a mental illness, you don’t have to worry about your parents finding out

19. You are much more free to express your sexuality, whatever it may be, and have it taken seriously

20. You can escape your parents’ religion

21. You can complete re-invent yourself as many times as you need to, in a way that you can’t in high school

22. Your artistic pursuits are taken much more seriously than the art you made in high school

23. The older you get, the less devastating small setbacks and failures feel

24. Do whatever you want to your hair, makeup or wardrobe

25. You get to decide what’s important to you and what kind of life you want to live, instead of having your goals and successes defined for you. And that’s worth everything.

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Hey I have two questions, 1.) Do u have any tips on how to draw people's faces/ make them look more like the specific person. 2.) Any tips to become better at shading. Thanks I'm advance for any advice you can give!

Hey there!

1) Honestly, the best advice I can give on this one is: use references. And make sure you use good references. If you wanna draw a person but the picture you’re working from is a 50x50 pixel photo taken in weird lighting then that’s not going to be very helpful. When you’re first starting to draw a person, getting photos of them that are taken professionally are generally excellent resources because you know they will be high quality and you can usually find large photos so you’re not squinting trying to figure out the detail. Other than good references, I’d just say to really take a look at the person you’re trying to draw and figure out what is specific about their features. Do they have a round face? Oval face? Thin lips? Full lips? etc etc. details like this are what allow us to recognize people, so they’re important if you’re really trying to get a likeness down.

2) Oh gosh, this one is hard. I think in the end it really comes down to studying references and picking up how light reacts with things in real life to get a feel for it. Lighting/shading/understanding how light and color changes based on circumstances is not an extremely intuitive thing and it takes a lot of trial and error. So I say just trying out different things and methods and it definitely will get easier over time. 

Hope that helps! Good luck on your art!