does it mean that carrie is dorothy

some detail things that I appreciate from that sneak peek:

  • Lucas’ jacket functioning as a blanket for Dorothy headcanon is confirmed
  • A blanket being used for Toto is the cutest effin thing
  • We Have to Sleep Huddled Together To Keep Warm trope can be checked off the list
  • Dorothy’s head on Lucas’ shoulder practically nuzzling his neck, her hand delicately resting on his chest, his arm around her waist, his hand resting against her arm that’s draped across his chest, and her leg tangling with his
  • The intimacy of the barely audible volume in which Dorothy speaks
  • Dorothy being so comfortable that it takes her more than a few seconds to actually get up and go when Lucas tells her to
  • Lucas carrying and holding Sylvie (is that her name?) like the protector that he is
  • One of the main reasons Dorothy and Lucas get separated is because she does the mean Not Today Satan sprint through the woods
Weekly Recap - Episodes 6-8

G’day! Welcome to week two.

When we left off last time, Dorothy had her soul and spirit crushed because she didn’t get into the sorority. She’s been a lump on the couch ever since.

yeah yeah but look at what Breton is saying. She’s not wrong. This was her legacy. This was her dream. This was the point of going to this school and it didn’t happen? She’s allowed to be in a funk. A week is probably long enough though so Connie asks for suggestions and Breton you are my new favourite.

I laughed so hard at “throw pennies at her until she gets up” and man I hope my boss didn’t hear me. I was the one who’d throw socks and random shit at my brother to get him out of bed when we lived together so Breton, I like you. But online friends can’t physically be of assistance so a call for backup goes out.

oh jesus. and what the hell is on her shirt? it looks like the lovechild of a squirrel and a Tasmanian Devil.

Welcome the cavalry. Portia is heading up Operation Save Dorothy and Ariana jfc don’t be an arsehole. 

She deserved that and Dorothy is exactly like me in the mornings - if you get too close you run the risk of getting punched or having something thrown at your head. Portia keeps trying though and brings up all the fun shit they can do - a picnic, a mixer with a chocolate fountain and literally none of that stuff happened where i went to school. We did have people throw couches out of windows though. And there was the Whalebone Incident. And the Deer Incident. and all the cat food. …my first uni was a bit of a shitshow. 

None of these really get our fighty hero out of the blanket nest she’s in so it’s time to call in the big guns.

(just so we’re clear the Big Guns is Alex, not the penny thing).

Alex does indeed show up and bro have you used a computer? Have you ever used the internet? Why do you have such a rod up your butt about online friends?

Thank you, Breton. And thank you, Connie for pointing out that this is the crew who got her through high school.

See? “Laura” is gonna come through the monitor and kick your ass so get off your high horse and get sweepin’, Alex.

Progress! She’s moved from the couch to a chair and she’s sitting up. Well done, O Fighty One.

Baby steps. Sitting upright first, showering later.

More progress! And a pep talk from Mom Alex!

Well that’s quite the look. I guess she’s also cashing in on that pie she’s owed. On Pi Day no less! Well-timed, @a4oseries 

Miller made her dinner and the pie! Hooray! He’s good in the kitchen.

Lbr, someone had to ask it.

So Miller, being the cutie that he is, basically wants the blessing of the squad to ask Dorothy out and I’m shipping a m/f pairing? That never happens. They’re all for it except cookiemonster (biiiiiiiiiiiiig friggin’ shock there) and after some cute emotional gushing, Miller finally gets it out:


So everything’s awesome!

except not really.

Ep7 is girls night, which quickly turned into All Inclusive Regardless of Gender Night and unsurprisingly Breton has a comment about it. Also, rad shoutout to all gender identities! Nicely done. More shows need to do this. Seems like Dorothy has been spending a lot of time with her dude and Portia (in that fabulous onesie that I need in my life immediately) is happy they managed to snag her for some quality time. Mom wants to meet the new beau though and Arsehole Ariana wondered if he’s even real (sidenote that snark and sarcasm was funny in the first episode but now i’m like welp you’re a downright rude asshat).

Comments from the peanut gallery are the best. But boytalk comes later because there’s A Schedule and of course she’s scheduled things in.

This was hilarious. And she’s right, accidental felonies are a great way to bond. But aww she planned this so Dorothy would feel like she’s got sisters even though she didn’t get into a sorority and that is SO GODDAMN CUTE. First up: 90s Karaoke.

Imagine CookiemonsterNotLauraButWeAllHeadcanonItAnyway singing 2 Become 1 to Carmilla at karaoke.The internet doesn’t get to see this and that’s probably a good movie, Alex considering how most karaoke events go. Or at least the ones I go to. 

Post-singing, it’s time for the ol’ sleepover staple: truth or dare. Oh and guess who’s being a child about it.

Yeah, why don’t you.

The Inseperables who are legit people and yes they’re friends shut the hell your mouth Ariana are invited to play as well. Let the games begin!

high-five, Breton. Next up is Alex. She picks truth and is asked to tell a secret. Guess who has a dickhead comment about her not having any skeletons in her closet?

Shut up.

shuuuuuuuuuuut uuuuuuuuuup. at least she’s a self-aware asshole? much like myself.

Whoa. That was an outburst. If she was perfect she’d be able to protect people and keep ‘em safe? She had something happen in the past, didn’t she.

oh yeah there it is.

That’s my preferred coping mechanism.

But she does. She was supposed to be taking care of a boy, a runaway. She thought she was protecting him but she ended up hurting him. He vanished and she hasn’t seen him since. She’s been carrying this guilt for years and I just wanna wrap her in a blanket and give her a hug because now I have feelings about this goddamnit.

“Just because it’s in the past doesn’t mean it can’t still hurt.” Wise words, Dorothy. But that was a bit of a buzzkill, eh? Portia tries to revive the night by starting up the next fun and totally not a downer activity - prank calling. Bit of a hard sell though. The energy’s gone out of the room a bit. Alex still wants them to have fun though but

they did the thing where they say the name of the show on the show!


The night is revived! They’re gonna prank some people and for some reason that requires a wardrobe change? Portia were you raised by drag queens? Alex delegates tasks and asks the Inseperables who to call.

Well this has potential.

Right well I wish we could have seen what the transmedia has called the most terrifying prank call ever (that miller totally knew was D) but thats fine.

MY CHILD IS ANGRY AND I AM HERE FOR IT GO RIP OFF SOMEONE’S ARMS, GIRL. Sorry not sorry I’m getting invested in this.

Anyway we learn that Connie was rejected from MST even though she’s related to the president and that’s suspicious as hell. Wanna bet who’s involved? Yeah Rick the Dick of the SU and DOUCHECANOE Dorothy go fight him please. Rick made Anne kick ‘em both out because he’s the worst.

Yeah he’s terrible. But there are two differing opinions on how things are going here. It gets a tad heated and a lot awkward:



Anne was forced to block two pledges. Guess who? Rick the Dick has Doucecanoe as a minion doing all his evil bidding and let’s be honest, he and D are not on great terms, and that’s putting it HELLA mildly. 

Someone give her a hug. 

But wait! Our hero isn’t defeated. She won’t go down without a fight.

Get out, Buzz Killington and let her fight someone (or at least something that isn’t a bike rack).

Because they’ve known you for more than 3 seconds.

Ariana is on “Team Go Kill Him” but Alex isn’t up for mob violence sadly. She wants Dorothy to let it go but man she’s like a lobster when they get a finger in their claw (and I say that from experience).

Rick’s shadiness is no surprise but uh, Alex seems like she knows somethin eh?

Yeah she’s got inside info on this I bet. REGARDLESS she says again that violence is not the answer


Mom has a point - if they’re gonna try to figure this shit out they need to be smart about it.

So CLEARLY that was something that was an option before, and Breton I’m with you, that’s usually my first reaction to twatwaffle dudes.

Douchecanoe isn’t the one with power. But there’s someone who wields a mighty sword. And now he’s got a short angry army mad at him.


for the love of a god i don’t believe in, someone get her a helmet and a mouthguard.