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Jumin’s Birthday Party

A fic for the @juminzenweek mini event to celebrate our awesome CEO and cat lover! I’ve been sick lately so hopefully there are not too many errors in this. I hope you enjoy!


The CEO got showered in confetti the second he stepped through the door. Saeyoung had made sure to add a whole bucket of glitter as well, making Jumin’s dark hair sparkle like the galaxy. Yoosung was so kind to give him a decorative napkin while Zen snorted and Jaehee facepalmed.

“This was not necessary, my birthday is not something unique compared to other days,” Jumin commented, attempting to wipe the glitter off his suit.

Of course that riled up Zen. “We went through all this trouble to host you this party, at least appreciate it, you jerk!”

The redhead continued to act like the host, ignoring it the two. “Games, cake and gifts await in this fun-tastic evening!” He waved his hand at the scene. The RFA had decided to use their party HQ to celebrate Jumin’s birthday. It was decorated with every possible streamer and balloon they could find, together with a large banner with HAPPY BIRTHDAY on it. In his mind, it was perfect.

While Jumin accepted his fate and allowed Yoosung to lead him to the table laden with purple cupcakes, MC gently poked his side.

“Psst, Saeyoung!” MC whispered. “There’s a problem!”

“Houston, we have a problem! What kind?”

“We don’t have a gift for Jumin.”

Saeyoung gasped. That was a problem indeed. “What happened to buying the super deluxe gold-plated bowl?”

“Too expensive. Also Yoosung said Jumin might have it already.”

“Good point.” Saeyoung pondered. “You guys think of something, and I’ll distract him in the meantime!”

“How?” MC immediately knew she said a silly thing as Saeyoung pranced towards the large plastic crate in the corner. When he found his treasure, he ran to the middle of the group, once again grabbing all the attention.

“As promised, the fun and games! Jumin, as the birthday boy you’re expected to participate.” He held up the color box for all to see.

“Twister?! Are you serious?”

Why was Zen forever the party pooper? “Why, think you can’t win? And here I thought you exercised so much,” he grinned, defying the albino.

“Please! I’ll win with my eyes closed!” Zen already discarded his jacket and his shoes while Saeyoung put the plastic tarp on the floor, grinning. Tsunderes were so predictable.

Jumin watched Zen with fascination as the actor stood proudly on the tiny tarp.

“How does one do this… twister?” he asked as Yoosung and MC took off their shoes as well.

“When I call out a body part and a color, it is everyone’s duty to put said body part on the right color dot. You can only move that body part if it is called again, otherwise you must keep it on that dot. If you fail to do so or fall, you lose,” Saeyoung explained.

It was doubtful that Jumin understood, but he dutifully followed the others. No matter how much MC begged, Jaehee refused to participate, conveniently excusing herself to check on the birthday cake. Naturally, as the game master, Saeyoung didn’t join either, leaving four of the RFA to battle it out.

Saeyoung spun the wheel before anyone got to change their mind. “Right hand red!”

Yoosung and MC took the easy route by kneeling but Zen had to show off and touch a red dot further from him, grinning smugly as his body stretched over the tarp and giving the other contenders are harder time reaching things. Jumin wasn’t deterred and grabbed a dot close to Zen. That caused the actor to drop his grin.

“Dude, personal space!” he said as Jumin’s crouched body hovered near him.

“Seriously Zen?” Yoosung remarked quite aptly.

Saeyoung watched the scene unfold and a wicked idea came to mind. He pretended to spin the wheel. “Left foot yellow!”

MC got mixed up and accidentally moved her foot to the wrong dot, taking her out of the game early. Being on the edge of the tarp, Jumin had no choice to move his foot over Zen’s leg to reach the yellow dot. Zen wobbled upon this yet impressively held his balance.

“I thought dancers were supposed to be agile,” Jumin sassed the younger albino, who was turning red.

“Your shittiness caught me off-guard! I’ll still win this!”

“Left hand blue!”

Yoosung misplaced his hand and ended on his butt, though no one noticed as everyone was focused on the last two. Jumin was now hovering above Zen’s body, his body a suspended bridge to match Zen’s reversed one. It was so hard for Saeyoung not to laugh, Zen’s emotional battle between saving his dignity or wanting victory displayed on his face.

“You’re doing this on purpose!!” the albino screeched.

“Come now Zen, you know I’m not the game master.” Jumin didn’t seem to mind this predicament at all. The redhead found this very interesting.

“Shut up, shut up!!”

There was one more thing he could do to get the bickering duo to move even closer. How could he not choose that? “Right hand green.”

It was a lovely thing when people did exactly what he predicted. Jumin moved the hand that was near the edge to the one on the other side of Zen’s head, causing him to perfectly lean over Zen. Zen’s brain short-circuited, staring only at the CEO, his face redder than the dots underneath him.

“No protest this time? I guess you don’t mind this, do you?”

“H-have you gone mad?!” Zen yelled, but his arms gave way and he fell flat on his back.

“Hurray, Jumin wins!” MC cheered.

Saeyoung pouted. Couldn’t Zen have held on a little longer? There were so many more compromising positions he wanted to put them in!

“Cake’s here!” Yoosung pointed to Jaehee entering the room with a large cake in her hands. The assistant took one look at the group and looked relieved to have missed the ‘fun’. Zen hastily scrambled to get away while Jumin calmly got up and put on his shoes.

Soon most RFA members were busy with the cake, preferring to eat it over singing the standard birthday song, some of them still shoe-less. Seeing Zen sitting on the floor angry and grumbling how Jumin didn’t play fair, gave Saeyoung another brilliant idea. He tapped MC on her shoulder.

“I know what we can give Jumin,” he whispered.

“Oh?” she asked and followed Saeyoung’s gaze to a certain man. “Oh! But won’t that just make them both really angry? Especially Zen?”

“Maybe. Maybe we’ll have to run for our lives. But it’s worth it.”


They both cackled and rubbed their hands together as they approached the unsuspecting albino.


“Tada! Enjoy!”

Jumin had already been suspicious when Zen, Saeyoung and MC had gone missing while Assistant Kang had cut the cake. Even more when two of them returned, albino-less. Tripling when they asked him to follow them to a unique, RFA-only gift.

The moment he stepped into the side room, the two closed the door behind him and locked it, giggling like maniacs. In the room Zen sat on the couch, his body wrapped in a large red ribbon, accompanied with a big curly bow on his head.

Jumin couldn’t help but smile. A unique gift indeed, albeit a little silly.

Zen faintly struggled with his ribbon bindings. His blush had dissipated a bit since the twister game. “I did not agree to this!”

“But you do look very good.” Jumin joined Zen on the couch, gingerly putting a lock of hair behind Zen’s ear. Zen’s blush returned, but this time there were no fake glares. “Does this mean Saeyoung and MC know?”

“I doubt it, but you’re doing a very poor job of hiding your feelings,” Zen said, following Jumin’s hand as it trailed down from his head towards his thigh. A quiver ran through the actor’s body.

“I can’t help it. Besides, Saeyoung obviously rigged the game.”

Zen frowned. “When we get out of here, I’m going to punch that little pervert.”

“Fair enough. In the meantime, how about I make the most of my ‘gift’?” Jumin leaned in, hearing Zen’s breath quicken.

“Don’t you want to save this for tonight?” Zen whispered, his body language telling Jumin not to stop.

“It’s my birthday. I can indulge.”

Zen agreed in the form of a heated kiss, and Jumin smiled.

Later when they were released to eat the last slices of cake, they didn’t see a piece of ribbon dangling from Zen’s pants.

some things never change

A Kidge fluffy summer au because why not! 

Also on AO3

She loves him, she supposes. It is simple enough. One of her brother’s friends, a few years older than she is. It would have been a love story for the ages, right? High school sweethearts, friends. Two people who manage to click into place early-on and no matter who gets between them, they easily fit back into a routine.

It’s a shame the world doesn’t work that simply, doesn’t it?

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DeanCas Wizarding World!AU
Note: While this does not contain spoilers for Fantastic Beasts, it does use an element of the Universe from the movie.

“Dean? Dean! Dean Michael Winchester, do not take one more step, young man!”

“I’ll be okay, Momma!” Dean barely slips through his mother’s fingers, lanky nine year-old body darting through the open door and into the open, overgrown yard. “I gotta go help!”

“Dean, don’t you dare—!”

He sprints through the cornfield.

Knowing his mom will take too long with Sammy to catch up—and have an even harder time finding him amongst the tall corn—Dean pushes himself until his Momma’s hollering is background noise to the yelling of the people at the Novak’s. There’s the fire car there, and men shouting at each other for more water, and the house burning up like on the fourth of July.

Dean throws himself into the fray.

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Does size matter to you?

Yes, they do. People with big hearts are THE BEST DOT COM 💙

…Now, seriously. Meh. They really don’t. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I don’t mean to be vulgar but… Big? Small? Just put it in my mouth. ✔️


o the lovely dooshiedoosh texted this image to the ladies and I from the FT PR Twitter promoting the new episode tonight.

And my first thought was “Okay… so when did THIS happen? What is Juvia so confident about?”

So went back and reread Gray vs. Silver and Juvia vs. Keith and realize a couple of things I did not realize before. Main point being, the events of Tartaros have a high chance of coming into play big time in the war arc, or at the very least the END conflict for two major reasons:

- Natsu. Natsu will need to make a decision to become END. We know that the best way to get to Natsu is through Lucy, so I highly expect for Lucy to be in some sort of danger when Natsu takes on that power. The dilemma? We’ve had so many allusions to his conversation with Igneel before his death– how does Natsu make this choice? Believe in his own power and risk the chance of failing and losing what he loves again– or open the book Igneel told him not to open for any reason to gain a power he knows can save her but he may not be able to control? 

- Gray. Gray will need to make a decision about destroying END. The best way to get to Gray is through Juvia, so I expect at some point in this war arc that Juvia will be in danger. We also know that Gray absorbed Mard Geer’s Momento Mori curse and his demon slaying powers cause his tattoos turn into marks that resemble his body after he absorbed the curse. Gray was unable to kill Silver, overcome with his emotions and love– and that task was left to Juvia. When Natsu becomes END, will he be able to destroy END– kill Natsu– or will that be left to someone else again? Can he shoulder it this time? 

These are the two major conflicts that are pushing both Natsu and Gray– the loss of their fathers, and the will left to them by their fathers. Chapter 453 is titled Parental Role, and when I first read it I immediately thought of Makarov– who, in Taratros, was down on himself becauase he could not use Lumen Histoire to save his kids. Makarov, who has said twice now in this arc alone that he will be guild master until he kicks the bucket. However, I was forgetting som pretty major things– there are THREE parental roles highlighted in this chapter, the calm before the storm. Mashima is setting us up for what is the most important in this final battle and I completely missed it.

The three parental roles are Igneel, Silver and Makarov. The chapter is called Parental Role– not just because of Makarov, but because of the will left to Natsu and Gray by their fathers and how that has directed their lives. 

Natsu and Gray are both emulating their fathers and using this opportunity to do the things they were tasked to do. HOW DID WE MISS THIS.  We all knew that Mashima was hyping END vs Gray, but we did not stop to think of just how deeply this was pressed. The entire outline for this final conflict has already been laid out. Mashima used 453 to show us who our major players in this will be. I’ll get to that in a minute, but lets go back to Tartaros and review a few things we learned and have probably since forgotten.

Gray and Natsu’s battle with Mard Geer taught us a lot about Zeref and how to destory him, and it also taught us a lot about Curse power. According to Mard Geer, curse power is the opposite of magic power and becomes stronger through negative emotions such as hatred, envy, and grudges. So he created a curse to kill Zeref which would turn him into nothingness– a nonexistence that can neither be called dead or alive. 

Which is exactly what Mavis is. 

Mard Geer’s curse of Momento Mori is supposed to place Zeref in a similar position, suspended between life and death– unable to harm anything around him and seemingly dead, but simple gone. The difference is that it is a curse of absolution and loneliness, a spiral of negativity– and Mavis’s state is not. 

We know that curse power is built on the negative emotions– which is what allows it to become so unwittingly powerful. However, we also know that there is a magic that can rival it– the One Magic, the magic of which all magic is born. And the one magic is love.

Mavis has the ability to communicate with those she loves who are members of her guild, and her presence can still be felt by Zeref even though he cannot see her or hear her– because her state was born of love, Zeref’s love for her and her love for him. The reason Mavis died had nothing to do with her loving him less or him loving her too much– it had everythign to do with how long her curse had been acquiring power. She was not cursed as long as Zeref, so her curse was not as powerful, as she had not been exposed to as much negativity as Zeref. 

How terrible the Curse of Ankhserum is– for it to have allowed the One Magic to give Zeref the ability to free Mavis, but in turn spiral him into a deeper darkness that he cannot climb out of. And it is from her suspended state that Mavis has to use the One Magic to free him as well– that power has been accumulated into the Eternity Magic of Fairy Heart. She gained power after her “death”, because she is neither alive nor dead. The exact state that Mard Geer felt was necessary to give Zeref his end.

So curse power is the negative– the dark. The one magic is the positive– the light. 

We have two characters in what Mavis calls the new generation who emulate the curse power and two who emulate the one magic.

Natsu is END. He does not know this yet, but it has been forwarned by both Zeref and Igneel that this power is something he can obtain easily at his choosing. Igneel has warned him not to open the book of END but also that he is the only one who can take it. It is something that Natsu cannot avoid. 

At some point, Natsu will take on the power of END– whether by his own choosing or it being thrust upon him. He will have to go against Igneel’s words. 

In 453, we have Gray mentioning that he has a trick up his sleeve for Zeref and END as well– what would this be? Gray is a demon slayer, and Zeref is not a demon, where as END is. However, Gray DOES have a trick up his sleeve and we have seen it demonstrated many times and Natsu already knows exactly what it is.

Gray has the curse he absorbed from Mard Geer. Gray has Momento Mori– and it is quite literally up his sleeve. The irony of Natsu’s words should not be missed either… possessed by a demon? Natsu does not realize that he is speaking about himself. Gray has a curse that I do not know for usre if he can cast or not, or if it is overtaking him. And the magic that was passed on to him was learned and fostered in hatred by Silver. Gray is a breeding ground for negative feelings and emotions. 

So when he tells Juvia to let him focus, he is telling us a lot more than just that. He has positive feelings, reciprocating feelings, for Juvia. He loves her– and the two of them just got done hearing Mavis’s story of love, and how it counteracted a curse as powerful as Ankhserum– but in a negative way. Gray is the Zeref to Juvia’s Mavis. She is all of the positive feelings and love, and for him to make his ace-in-the-hole work, he needs to be able to focus and fight without thoughts of her keeping him at bay. So he has stalled his answer, satisified the situation, given them both a reason to live… and at the same time sealed both of their fates by once again placing the death flag over Juvia’s head. 

He doesn’t want a rerun of the dragon invasion, and his heart softens for her– but at the same time Gray is not willing to give her up. That’s why we didn’t get a rejection here, and it’s also why we didn’t get the negative, mean, hurtful conversation a lot of us were thinking we would get. Gray has listed Juvia as his future, and yet again unknowingly put the person he loves in danger. It’s a vicious cycle for Gray; it doesn’t seem to matter what he does, the people he loves dies.

Ironically,Gray is not the only one who has viewed Juvia as his future.

However, right now we are going to focus on Keith. Every time I reread the Juvia vs Keith fight, I uncover something new. And after reading Chapter 453, I think I have finally finished connecting the dots. Why was Keith so involved with Juvia? Why did he take the time to share what was happening with Silver and Gray? Why did he take time to spin the tale in front of her, to try to provoke her?

Many of you know how strongly I feel about how Mashima did the Juvia vs. Keith fight, and Gruvia in general throughout Tartaros. I have written many essays on this, so I will not rehash them but I will link them all here:

Notes on Juvia vs. Keith

How Keith Has Claimed Juvia as Gray’s Future

Tartaros: The Arc in Which Gray Realizes What Juvia Is to Him

However, a point to note is that Juvia’s “death flag” has been over her head ever since the beginning of Tartaros– starting with her bad feeling and the I’m Here With You. What does this have to do with Keith? Keith is a necomancer, a demon who deals with death– probably one of the first few demons that Zeref made in an attempt to kill himself. Keith was Mard Geer’s ace-in-the-hole. He was the glue that held together all the loose ends of the FACE operation. He had no interest in END, that I could see. He purely wanted to toy with humans and turn them into tools until he found the perfect corpose. 

Juvia was the perfect corpse.

She had strong emotions that Keith intended to use against her. I believe that he originally intended to use Gray’s corpse should he had died, but Juvia surprised him by being so similar to him– and he realized then that Gray’s emotions were dark and he could make him fall into calamity, but that this girl in front of him would do anything to stop it. Her emotions were stronger. He wanted to turn that into negative energy, which could be converted into curse power. 

Then he would kill Juvia, and use her to destroy her friends. To end Gray’s story, and destroy the line of demon slayers. Gray failed to kill Silver, so Keith knew well enough that he could not kill Juvia. It served his purpose in all areas– she was untouchable, similar to him. She had emotions that were so strong that if turned to hate would become an intense pool of curse power. When Face went off, she would still have power because her magic would have been converted to curse power. So he taunted her, he tested her, he attempted to draw her into despair.

But Juvia’s love– her connection to the one magic– beat his curse.

She destroyed him from the inside out, the same way he tried to destroy her, tried to destroy Gray, tried to destroy Silver. 

And Juvia LIVES. This is the first time we see her use her love to overcome curse power and live. It’s also when we get the first true parallel to Mavis.

Juvia’s collapse after her fight with Keith is exactly the same as Mavis’s after kissing Zeref. She has avoided the death flag– the same as Mavis is not dead. 

Juvia’s speech upon destroying Keith is also an allusion to the story of Mavis and Zeref– even if their bodies physically vanish their feelings remain in the others’s hearts– we believe in the power of love! (Viz translation used). We have already explored this– Mavis is not dead, and her love is what has drawn them to this point with Zeref. It is why he wantes Fairy Heart. It is why there is a power like Fairy Heart to begin with. It is how they over came the Ankhserum Curse. It’s how Juvia overcame Keith’s curse.

Also, Viz, who is WE?

It is after all of this that we see the rest of the parallels to Mavis, and how Juvia has staved off this darkness in Gray. This is why Silver asked her to watch over Gray– to keep him from falling into the same darkness that Silver himself did. 

It’s no wonder that Juvia completely understands the pain Mavis must feel in having to destroy the person she loves most, at having to watch that person fall into a darkness her light cannot reach. 

Mavis hovers over Gray as he informs Juvia that he has an answer for her, but he needs to focus. She smiles, because they are speaking of the future. She has said herself that the new generation will grow up and make a strong future in this era– that they will surpass where she and Makarov have failed. 

The death flags have been raised. The question is, now that we can say without a shadow of a doubt that Natsu and Gray are the dark to Lucy and Juvia’s light and that their clash is going to bring about a moral dilemma that both girls will likely have to alleviate or influence, when does this start? Is it going to be a slow grind to the end? Is it going to be quick? 

How will the fate of the girls affect how far the boys fall?

If we have learned anything from Tartaros, it is that love is strong and if you are a father, you will probably die (sorry Makarov and potentially Gildarts!). 

However, I feel that we are more likely to get the Gruvia end of this than the Nalu end in this arc– we will definitely get play on both, but Gruvia will hit their canon before Nalu will because Nalu is our two main characters, so they will hit right int he end. Gruvia also has the Zervis parallel in a Zervis romance heavy arc– so we can expect a lot of heartache. But there is so much more going into this arc than just that, and we need to be preapred.

STart reviewing old arcs. Start rereading. because Mashima is pulling everything together now.

So I was digging through some of my old books this evening and stumbled upon this, which I had totally forgotten about! Just seeing the cover put a huge smile on my face, and I’m planning on rereading it before tucking it away for future generations. Does anyone else remember this series? Do you have any other old children’s books featuring characters of color that you look back on fondly? 

-Jocelyn (Dot) 

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prompt: nine/rose, longing

“How can you not see it?" 

Rose sticks her tongue out in concentration as she stretches her right leg forward and underneath her arm to reach the blue dot on the twister mat. 

"See what? It’s your turn.”

Jack spins, looking down at her with a smirk. “The longing in his eyes. Just look at him watching us. Watching you." 

Rose glances at the Doctor just in time to see him look away and duck underneath the console. 

"We aren’t like that." 

"Right, he’s ‘better than that’, you’ve said. I still think that’s a load of crap. You two could build a river around the land of denial you live in." 

"You don’t understand, Jack. He’s bigger, more important than being someone’s boyfriend.” She blows her hair out of her eyes, straining from the effort of keeping her contorted position. “Are you gonna take your turn or are we gonna chat about boys all day?”

Jack lifts an eyebrow and glances at the spinner. “Ooh, would you look at that? Right hand and red – things are about to get cozy. Knew we should have played naked twister.”

He loops his arm underneath her to reach the circle, barely missing brushing against her breasts. 

“Oi! Watch it!” she says, laughing. 

Chuckling, he grabs the spinner to hand to her. “Look – all I’m saying, Rosie, is that it’s there in his eyes. He wants you. Believe me, I know that look. I’ve had it directed at me by more than my fair share of humans and aliens.”

“Yeah, I bet you have.” Rose tries to shrug and almost loses her balance, nearly collapsing onto Jack. “Maybe, I dunno. Doesn’t matter though does it?”

“Right! That’s all sorted then. When you lot are done talking about me and twisting your body parts around like rabid apes, I’ll be in the kitchen making tea,” the Doctor says, interrupting Rose just as she’s about to lift her left leg over Jack’s bum to get to a green dot.  

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