does it make you sick that i'm doing well

Actual conversation I just had with a girl who insulted me for wearing pjs in the hotel
  • Girl: Yuck. You know this is Vegas right?
  • Me: Yeah... So?
  • Girl: Well you're mucking it up. Seriously how is anyone suppose to look glamorous with you looking like that?
  • Me: Huh?
  • Girl: Just go back to your room okay.
  • Me: ... That's where I was headed. I was just getting someth---
  • Girl: I don't care.
  • Me: (now annoyed) Do you watch Game of Thrones?
  • Girl: Yeah. But only because my boyfriend does.
  • Me: Did you see the Red Viper verses the Mountain?
  • Girl: Yeah.
  • Me: Okay. Well you're the Red Viper and I'm the Mountain. You may get a few jabs in here and there, but just when you think I'm dying I'll bash your teeth out, gouge your eyes in, and make your head explode. So keep it up honey, because I'm going to enjoy this way more than you.
  • Girl: You're sick.
  • Me: No. I'm just the high functioning sociopath you decided to get into a pissing contest with. Now why don't you take your cheap ass shoes, your tacky dress, and your clown make-uped face and get the fuck away from me before you really get hurt.
  • (She practically ran the other way... Never insult my Batman pajama bottoms. Never)

i put this on twitter, but i feel it needs to be repeated and it’s the last i’m gonna talk about this season (except for maybe the actual episodes):

if you’re a professional writer for an actual television show and you have a legit fanbase, and you continually admit that your show has “errors” (by which i mean discontinuity, problematic [racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.] dialogue/events, recycled characters, etc.), and yet you do nothing to try and fix those errors, you are a bad writer and you will start losing that fanbase.

i think it was, ironically, jeff davis himself who said “fandom has a long memory; they rarely forgive and they never forget.” well, mr. davis, i really hope you remember those words.