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stars - peter parker drabble

character: peter parker (tom holland, marvel)

words: 821

prompt: “the sky is so beautiful tonight.”

summary: peter always knows how to make the reader feel grounded, especially when she’s having a hard time doing so herself.

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“The sky is so beautiful tonight.”

Laying on the grass on the field far away from her house, the school, her parents, and her friends is where Peter finds her, barely acknowledging anything but the way the stars radiate light from the sky. She does that, sometimes, run away, because everything somehow seems too much in such short amount of time that (Y/N) feels like she needs to run away, yet this strange boy, her best friend, always seems to find her wherever she runs off to. His steps falter for a second, fondly getting lost on the daydreaming like look on her face and wonders how the hell did he get lucky enough to fall in love with someone like her.

“Yeah,” he agrees, throat dry and so much more meaning behind his simple phrase as his eyes travel over her relaxed figure.

“I mean, look at the stars, Pete,” (Y/N) doesn’t seem to be aware of his silent struggle to keep his cool as she aims her hand to the dark, starlit sky. In this such secluded part of New York, away from the city lights, the small glimmers of light seem to shine brighter than ever, yet Peter still can’t look away from what he considers is the brightest star he’s ever seen shine. “Did you know that the most massive stars are the shortest lived? You would think that something such incredibly substantial part of the universe would get to live through it all, but apparently stars fade away, too.”

Her tone is melancholic, as if she herself were once a star that joined the others in the sky but had so suddenly lost its light and got sent to live its afterlife down on earth. Peter doesn’t miss this, in fact, he’s one of the only people that usually notices when (Y/N)’s feeling like this: desolated, downhearted. Like all faith in the world and the people living in it had been erased completely.

Peter frowns and ignores the big, flashy, red warning sign that fires up in his head when he walks to (Y/N) and lays down next to her, sighing contently at the feeling of the fresh grass against his spine and his shoulder brushing hers.

“What happens next, huh?” she asks, quieter this time, as if it were a secret she’s afraid to share. “I- I mean, where do stars go after they’re gone?”

“They become space dust,” Peter eventually whispers back, deciding against a big, scientific explanation and settling for what he believes is what she wants to hear. “But they’re never really gone, I think. The dust lingers among the other stars.”

“Do you think that’s cause the stars know we’re still watching?” (Y/N) turns her head, the grass tickling her cheek as she looks at Peter with wide eyes that could hold all the stars in themselves, and he just gulps. He doesn’t dare to stare back, but instead, finds her hand with his and boldly, though still slowly enough to let her out of it is she wants to, intertwines his fingers in the slots of hers, bringing their now joined hands up to his chest and laying them where his heart is beating erratically, and sighs. 

“Maybe,” it’s lame, he knows, but she hasn’t let go of his hand yet and his brain is working slower than it is used to. He also realizes in the split of a second that he can’t give her what she wants, pretty words that reassure her that she will never feel alone. Peter can’t promise that because he personally knows that everybody feels lonely at least once in their lives, but what he can promise is that he’d do his best (he has been trying his best since he met her, (Y/N) has never made him feel like it’s not enough) to make her feel as accompanied and loved and reassured that the universe know what it’s doing with their lives. It’s all he can do for her. “Maybe they don’t want to leave you, to give up on us. Want to make sure you’re not alone or feel so. Maybe they just want to look after you.”

(Y/N) ponders on that, shifts around so her head is laying on Peter’s shoulder yet she can still keep staring at the stars. 

“They should stay,” she decides, as if it were her call and they were actually talking about the stars, though in the way her breath feels hot against Peter’s neck and her voice is softer, less melancholic, let the boy know that the talk about stars was long over. Instead, she’s looking at him now, with the same amazement and fond she had been looking at the stars when he found her. Yet it’s not dazed off, unsettled, or with her mind lost in the stars. It’s right there, with him. “I seem to feel less off track when they’re around.”

hi! i wanted to make my first piece published here on tumblr was a spiderman drabble because i’m way too in love with peter parker and spiderman: homecoming comes out tomorrow in my country! also, i apologize in advanced if there are any errors, i finished this around midnight and wanted it in my queue as soon as possible, and english isn’t my first language but i’m doing my best.

thoughts? you are all welcome to request anything from the same prompt list for any of the fandoms i write for! thanks for reading, guys. seriously, it means a lot, let me know what you liked, not liked… 

thanks again! love,

- e. 

shrug emoji reviews


jesus fuck that pillow shading. why does apple think light behaves in any conceivable way similar to this. it serves its purpose but i feel like if i look at it too long my eyes will burn out of my skull 2/10 apple fucking lighten up with the airbrush already


this one is n ice!!! i like the simple, flat colors with subtle shading around the elbows and the neckline. the slight head-tilt also helps, as does her absolutely befuddled expression. 7/10 keep on keeping on


this one is just kinda… alright? the expression is weird and the hands are too high… also why do all of the microsoft emojis have ridiculously thick outlines, it looks like a five year old was fucking around in microsoft paint or some other shitty painting software 4/10 like i get its a style thing but if your style sucks you should still change it


what the fu8ck is this. what am i looking at. why is the hair a perfect chest nut with a crack in it and an absolutely rectangular viewing window. why does this look like a demonic possessed babushka doll that is going to cut all of my shoelaces whilst i sleep. WHERE ARE ITS FUCKING EL;BOWS ITS NOT SHRUGGING ITS RAISING ITS ARMS UP AND SCREAMING OUT AN ELDRITCH SPELL -1,000,000/10 BURN IT WITH HELLFIRE AND IF THAT DOESN’T WORK NUKE IT FROM ORBIT


this looks like a toddler’s pillowy clay-doh sculpture mixed with a gyroid from animal crossing. the eyes are not even the same size and the arms are shaded in such a way that i feel like its reaching out to grab me. 0/10 a complete fucking failure


its… kind of good??? the minimalist style is cool and all… but the facial expressions are all weird. is that middle thing her nose? its just a line?? is it her mouth??? what does that make the red dot, a popped zit? does that mean her chin is gigantic? and why are her elbows off screen? somebody else could be raising her arms up in front of her for all we know 5/10 so many questions for twitter rn


this. this isnt even a shrug. shes throwing her hands in the air in irritation and shaking her head. oh im fucking sorry debrah was your coffee a little too cold? would you like to speak to the manager with your uglyass haircut that looks like a chewed up marker cap glued to the top of your fucking cranium? -5/10 quit staring into my fucking soul

Emoji One




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Caan you do a reinhardt x reader where reader is younger and McCree is flirting with her nonstop and reinhardt is jealous af but also insecure that she should be with a younger man?

There’s not enough Reinhardt
btw I wasn’t sure how young, so I just kinda made reader around McNuggets age…


The large German watched disgruntled as the cowboy is flirting with you- yet again. His head was rested in his palm as he slouched over the dining table with a mug contained in his other hand. 

“Reinhardt, what seems to be troubling you?” Ana asked placing her tea and crossword book on the table before seating on opposite of Reinhardt. When there was no answer she followed the upset mans gaze to see you and McCree talking- well more Jesse flirting with you. A saddened smiled made its way to Ana’s lips as she quickly understood the situation.
“Am I too old?” His gaze never broke as he took a sip from his mug. Ana was unsure if a simple ‘yes/no’ answer would be the correct way to respond.
“What does your heart say?” Reinhardt looked down at the table as if he was anticipating the answer to be written down.
“No.” His answer was unable to please him. “But they are 42, I am 61.”

But a knowing smirk was now on Ana’s face as she leaned forward head on both hands. She looked from you back to Reinhardt.
“A little birdy told me (Y/N) likes someone.” At first hope filled Reinhardt, but quickly left as it left many options as to who it would be. “And they made it clear it wasn’t Jesse and they were older too.” Ana finished off her tea before leaving her friend with a newly found hope.

Luckily for Reinhardt he was assigned to be on a mission with you. But the downside was McCree was also there. He’’s a sweet kid and doesn’t mean any harm. But he just can’t help it and be jealous of the relationship he has with you.
“Hey Reinhardt.” His heart jumped and fluttered at the sound of his name coming from you.
“Ja?” He smiled down at you trying his best to stop himself from kissing you and wrapping you up in his large arms.
“Do you mind if I sit with you for take off?” You whispered before looking back to see McCree talking with Hanzo. “I kinda- well really- don’t want to deal with his flirting.” Reinhardt instantly replied happily at the fact that you wanted to be with him and not Jesse.

Take off lasted about a good ten minutes. The both of you made quick conversations trying to get each others mind off the turbulence. It was one of the greatest ten minutes of Reinhardt’s life, he couldn’t be for ecstatic. Then once it was safe to walk around McCree made a beeline towards you.
“Evening.” Jesse greeted titling his hat towards you.
“Hi. Anyway as you were saying.” Who turned back toward Reinhardt who was rudely interrupted. Reinhardt opened his mouth ready to speak.
“You know I was wondering…”
“Wondering what? If you could stop flirting with me and continue sucking of Hanzo, like you’ve been doing for the past 4 months. Because by all means go ahead.” McCree, Reinhardt and a very flustered Hanzo stared at you in shock. Jesse coughed into his hand nervous and flustered.
“Alright.” Jesse stiffly made his way back to the archer plopping himself back in his seat just staring at the ground.

A few seconds later there was a booming laughter erupting beside you. It was Reinhardt who had his hands on his armored stomach while falling down the chair. It took a few minutes for him to regain himself brushing away the tears. He wrapped an arm around your waist pulling you closer to him and placing a kiss on your forehead with a smile showing no end.
“That’s my leibling.”  He didn’t even realize what he had said until he heard your statement.
“So you’re not going to ask me out, just claim me.” Reinhardt quickly retracted his arm looking away ashamed.
“Sorry.” His voice was naturally above a whisper.
“I mean I’m not complaining or anything, just making sure.” He turned his head to face towards you slowly.
“You don’t mind that I’m-”
“Don’t even go there. It’s never bothered me. Just think of it this way; wine and some beers or champagnes- like what is it? AH Cantillion Gueuze- gets better the longer it’s left to age and uhhh… crap I forgot what else I was going to say.” You combed your fingers through you hair in frustration.
“Thank you.” Was all Reinhardt could say, insecurity of his age gone as he saw your determination to boost his confidence.

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This was my first thought "Was it worth" ....

“Was it worth it, y/n?” Shawn’s voice comes out cold. “Was it worth losing me, losing us over some shit people said.”

“No,” You breathe, “But its not that simple. You don’t get it Shawn. I did what I thought was best.” 

You’ve been without Shawn for six weeks now, and this is the first time you’ve seen him in person since the breakup. 

“Does it look like this was the best thing?” He asks. 

“No, but I didn’t know that at the time.” You defend yourself. You don’t want to hurt him. You never meant to hurt him. You don’t even know how you found yourself here. “Shawn, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I love you.”

“Don’t say you love me, y/n, you’re six weeks too late.”

“I broke up with you because I loved you.”

“Listen to yourself, you’re not making any fucking sense.”

“I didn’t come here to yell at you or be yelled at.” You say, desperately trying to keep your voice even.

“Then what did you come for?” He questions. 

“To say I made a mistake, saying goodbye to you was the biggest mistake I’ve made.”

“So that’s it. You think you can apologize and we’ll just get back together.”

You swallow back the sobs that are threatening to escape. “No. I know that’s not going to happen. I know I hurt you, and there’s no excuse for that. But I still love you, and I’m not planning to stop anytime soon. So that’s why I’m here. To say I’m sorry, and I love you, and when you’re ready–if you’re ever ready, I’m just a phone call away.”

He doesn’t respond for a beat. You don’t know what you expected to happen, but it wasn’t this. He looks at you, really looks at you, meeting your eyes, you notice his are full of hurt and sorrow. 

“I have to go, y/n. It was good seeing you again.”  

First Kiss - Yugyeom (Got7)

Yugyeom and you had been dating for about three weeks now and he was yet to kiss you. You knew he was shy with these types of things but every time you were with him you just longed for his lips on yours. You were currently hanging out with Yugyeom at the boys’ shared apartment. You were both watching a movie. You sat beside each other on the sofa, his hand draped around your shoulders keeping you close to him. In the movie a steamy kiss scene came on which made you look over at Yugyeom. He caught your eye and blushed biting his lip. You looked at his lips and moved your face slowly towards his trying to hint to him what you wanted. 

“Oh um excuse me I have to use the bathroom” He said quickly before getting up and going to the washroom. You sighed and threw your head back closing your eyes in frustration. You heard a chuckle which made you open your eyes. Jackson was by the front door apparently, he had seen your failed attempt to kiss Yugyeom. 

You pouted at him. “Does he not like me?” you asked feeling unsure about everything now. 

Jackson chuckled again coming and sitting by you on the couch.”He likes you a lot trust me.” he responded.

“Then why won’t he kiss me at least? We’ve been dating a few weeks now and he won’t even instigate a simple kiss” you said obviously frustrated by the whole situation.

“Look Y/N honestly you’re going to have to instigate the kiss. Yugyeom is too shy and insecure to do it so up your seduction and take what you want” he advised blatantly. 

You sighed and was about to say something when Yugyeom reentered the room. “Hey JB said we have a last minute rehearsal to go to in ten minutes.” he said. You frowned at his words. He could clearly see the disappointment in your eyes and he pouted at you walking over to you and pulling you into a hug. Jackson left the room to get ready for the rehearsal. “Y/N I’m sorry, I know I promised to hang with you but I promise you as soon as the rehearsal is over I’ll come over to your place ok I promise.” he said smiling down at you hopefully.

“Ok babe” you replied happy that you would get to hang out with him later on and you also decided that you would kiss him when he came to your place. You promised yourself that. 

A few hours later you were in your apartment eating a candy bar and watching some old reruns of your favorite show. You heard a knock on your door and you got excited knowing that it was Yugyeom. You ran over to the door and opened it to a smiling Yugyeom. “Sorry I’m so late” he said apologetically but you didn’t care as long as he was there with you. It was around ten pm. 

“It’s fine” you smiled beckoning him inside and over to the couch. He sat down looking up at you with an adorable smile. You sat beside him not leaving any space for him to move. He chuckled and draped his arm around you just as he had earlier that same day. He began watching what was going on on the television but you were paying attention to him. 

You watched as he cutely laughed at what was going on, the way those lips curled up, gosh you wanted to feel them on your lips right at that moment. You bit your lips staring at him. 

He soon realized that you were looking at him rather than the show and turned to you “Is something wrong?” he asked. You just licked your lips and shook your head, no. He smiled “I’m gonna pop some popcorn k?” he said and you nodded again. He got up and went to your kitchen. You just bit your lip and looked at him walk away. God, you really wanted to kiss him right away. A minute passed and you got the courage to go to the kitchen and take what you wanted as Jackson had so nicely put it.

You entered the kitchen, Yugyeom was standing in front of the microwave waiting for the popcorn to stop popping. He turned slightly when you entered and smiled before turning back to face the microwave. You went and sat on the middle island staring at Yugyeom’s back.

“Oppa” you said softly. He turned to you with bright blushes on his cheeks. You had never called him that before. “Come” you said sweetly. He gulped but did as you said. He took a few steps and he was in front of you. You reached your hands forward grabbing the front of his shirt and pulling him in very close. Your lips were mere centimeters apart now. 

“Oppa I really wanna kiss you” you whispered breathing onto his face as you wrapped your arms around his neck. “Can I?” You asked. He looked so flustered, his cheeks were so red and he was biting his lip but he nodded giving you permission. 

You tangled a hand in his hair and pulled him in close your lips met and you felt all the butterflies fluttering in your stomach. His lips were soft and moved slowly against yours. Your lips moved together in sync as if you had both kissed before. You slowly parted his lips with your tongue and slipped it into his mouth. He immediately began playing with your tongue with his making you whimper against his lips. Just then the microwave beeped signaling that the popcorn was ready.

You pulled away from the sweet kiss “The pop…” you began but he pulled you in close reattaching his lips to yours. Kissing you slowly and passionately. His hands were on your back and yours in his hair as you kissed. You both kissed for a really long time before pulling away. 

“Wow” he said smiling cheekily at you while you smiled back at him. Sure enough you both had many make out sessions that night, you taking the first step definitely gave him his confidence as he never wanted your lips to part for too long.

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Part Three: Leave ‘Em Hungry For More. (My Bloody Valentine S05E14)

Episode Summary: Castiel helps Sam, Dean and the reader hunt down Cupid on Valentine’s Day after people begin killing each other for love. But things become worse when each of them starts to be consumed with their own lust for hunger.
Warning: Canon violence and mentions of drinking blood. 
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 4,819.

Previous Part | Supernatural Rewrite Masterlist

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I’ve written a lot of weird stuff for this show. But this…This has got to be the weirdest thing yet. (A lot of you guys asked for more Demon!Reader, so here we are.) Things go from zero to sixty real quick, real fast. Sad thing is, I really liked writing this. Enjoy, my loves!

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You Can’t Stop Me... Epilogue

Fandom: Marvel

Characters: T’Challa, female reader, Usiku, Steve, Tony, Sam, Wanda, Scott, Clint

Pairing: T’Challa x Reader

Warnings: Implications of sex?

Summary: Follow-up to You Can’t Stop Me… And guess who’s getting hitched! Requested by Anon who asked:

You’re latest t'challa fic rocked! Could you do like a tiny part 2 where Steve and Sam come to see Bucky and Sam sorta whispers to Steve see told you he liked cats and like y/n is right behind them and she’s like actually the cats mine xx

I feel like I’m flying through these! Good God, why don’t I work this hard at school? Anyway, hope I didn’t disappoint you…?

A year after taking in Usiku, T’Challa finally mustered up enough courage to propose to you. He tried to make it romantic and surprising but he was so nervous. After stumbling over his words and Usiku (yeah, he tripped over a giant panther), you quickly put him out of his misery and said yes.

Now as the ceremony approached you sympathised with your fiancé, feeling the same jittering nerves that he felt.

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ASL reactions when their partner dresses up really nicely and looks perfect for a date with them?

Precious precious boys! <3 Thanks for the request, anon!

- North 


  • At first he’s fairly surprised that they put so much effort in for a simple date with him.
  • Instantly feels under-dressed now for the occasion (but let’s face it, he always is)
  • “You look hotter than me, babe.” (Bad puns from him)
  • Would smirk and wolf whistle in appreciation and admiration.
  • Flirtatious compliments are in abundance.
  • Feels a strong combination of love from his s/o and lust for his s/o.
  • Probably wouldn’t make it out on the date after all. A night in would probably be on the cards instead from becoming too hot and bothered (Ha, pun, I’m sorry).


  • He is almost floored by how incredible his s/o looks.
  • Full of smiles and compliments from the moment he saw his s/o all dressed up. 
  • Makes them do a full twirl so he can see how good they look from every angle.
  • So appreciative that his s/o thinks he’s worth the time took to make themselves look perfect.
  • Bedroom eyes were cast the moment he saw his s/o (and were maintained for the entire duration of the date)
  • “Perhaps I’ll treat you in return later tonight.”


  • Didn’t even notice at first. (Too busy thinking about tasty meat)
  • When he does it’s a simple “Oh, nice.”
  • These things go so far over Luffy’s head and he doesn’t understand why his s/o needed to get dressed up in the first place. Their regular clothes would have been fine.
  • Probably a bit too indifferent to the point he upsets his s/o a little bit.
  • The crew would have to drum it into him for him to realise he needed to react a bit more.
  • “Y/N, you don’t need to dress up for me. You look great in whatever you wear.”

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns <3)

A/N: More Pride for you all. Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Title: A Dog Makes Three

Requested by: Anon - “21 and 32 with Pride”

Word Count: 476

Pairing: Pride x Reader

21. “You owe me.”
32. “Just this once, okay?”

You couldn’t help but chuckle when the little pup yapped at your feet. You lowered yourself down onto the squad room floor, behind your desk, sitting crossed legged and grinned when the pup climbed while stumbling over your legs, “Aren’t you beautiful…” You cooed at the little golden Labrador.

The puppy was once owned by a Marine, but he’d been killed three days ago and as of yet, nobody - not even the family had come to collect her. She had stolen your heart as soon as you and LaSalle had gone over to the Marine’s home to process the house and belongings. You had set up a little bed for her in a makeshift crate and two of NCIS bowls from the kitchen cupboards for her water and little bits of food.

Reluctantly you’d placed the calls to the local shelter for them to take her but they were bogged down this time of year, Christmas. Everybody wants a dog - some people can’t afford them.

You stroked over the Labs small head when you heard Pride coming down from the living space. Peeking over the top of your desk he started chuckling when he saw you.

“Y'realise she does have'ta go back eventually…” He said, coming to perch on your desk, hands clasped on his lap.

You didn’t say anything at first but nodded when the little pup licked at your chin, “She doesn’t have to.” You pointed out quietly.

“[Y/N]..” He warned and stood.

“Look at her, King. She’s beautiful.” You argue softly and stood too, looking up at your boyfriend and boss, “Can’t I just put in for keeping her? I’ll pay for her to be micro-chipped, I can get her the shots she needs-”

“-It’s not that simple, [Y/N].” He tried, holding up his hands, giving you a sympathetic look, “There’s procedures-”

“-I can make arrangements, ring whoever I need to…It is that simple.” You said with a strained smile, “Please…”

You raised up the pup a bit more, giving Pride your best puppy dog eyes, “Just this once, okay?” You asked placing your hands on his arm, “I don’t want to become the crazy dog lady…but I’ve fallen in love. Again.”

He groaned quietly and shook his head but smiled at the pair before him, “Y'serious about this?” He asked, tilting his head.

The both of you chuckled when the little pup let out a squeak when she yawned, “I am. I love her. I think she’d be a nice addition. When she’s bigger she can be our mascot.” You grin cheekily, causing Pride to roll his eyes.

“Fine. But just this once.” He held up a finger which you grabbed and wiggled.


Pride leant down and pecked your lips and then stroked the Labrador’s head, “You owe me.” He mumbled to you, smiling when you beamed at him.

Tag list: @imagicana @lestradeslover @tudorsloth @irishavengersassemble

Astro Reacts | You Skateboard

Author’s Note: gifs aren’t mine and credits go to their owners! hey arohas! Although I’m not too sure many of you like this kind of stuff, I tried it for fun and for myself & my brother lol. also don’t be shy if you want to talk to me, I’m harmless~ thanks and happy reading -assstro 💫


Probably from the street dance influence, jinjin would be pretty impressed that you were sponsored in skateboarding, even if it was the smaller companies. Even when you flipped to a grind down a seven-stair rail, and it didn’t cut the cleanest, jinwoo would love it. Sometimes, because he’s jin-photographer, he’ll try to use the fisheye lens and help take videos for you, cause honestly, thinks it’s the hottest thing in the world.
“If I film your part in the skate tape, could I get that one shirt?”
“No, the last one’s in stock for me~”
“Fine. If I film your part, can i get a kiss from you?”


MJ is such a cute little doof. Though he doesn’t seem the type to be into skateboarding, he will be curious about every little detail. When you try to send in videos for sponsors, MJ is always there to (loudly) cheer you on. He’ll see you one day trying to set up a new deck after you’d just snapped one, and he’ll be fascinated by the tools, grip tape and stickers. He’d ask how to apply everything, and you’d show him and sit beside him. MJ then watches for a few seconds, but it doesn’t last. Skateboarding will never be as fascinating as you. “Are you paying attention? You asked about the grip tape”
“Of course I am, keep going!”
*continues to stare at you endlessly*


You and the boys met outside the studio one day to drop off some snacks for them, and while you stared at Eunwoo from a distance, he stared back - but not at your eyes. He was staring at your scraped up shoes. At first soft boi would be worried for you and wonder if you suddenly couldn’t afford new shoes, until you casually pull a pop shuv-it late flip on your board. He’d admire the happy face you made as you received praise from his members, and when you rolled up to him, he would just grin and look down to hint at your shoes.
“I can see you like my kicks.”
“Pshh. Don’t worry, I have plenty of money saved, so maybe I’ll get you a pair of new ones for your birthday, okay?”


While waiting for bin to come out of the fantagio building, you decided to mess around and skate in an empty and trashed space across the street. Little did you know that moonbin watched from afar as you attempted to treflip your board high up a trashy slope and accidentally snapped it in half. As you chased the one half sliding away, you found it caught under moonbin’ shoe, and he was grinning like an idiot. He couldn’t help but smirk, not because of the way you messed up, but the way you looked when he saw you fly up in the air and come down so strong.
“So hearts aren’t the only things you snap in half?”
“Ah, you’re too much, I might actually snap you in half.”


Apart from dancing, rocky finds your skateboarding addicting to watch. While getting to know you, he saw you more as a sweet and gentle person, which you are - but that wasn’t all you were. While hanging out and watching you jump, flip and grind everywhere, he was impressed, until you fell down a ten stair, scraping your hands and knees. Rocky rushed over to ask if you were okay, but without hesitation, you got up and casually climbed the stairs. You gave your filmer friends a thumbs up, and did a varial heel flip and landed like it was no big deal. He would gape at first, but it would turn into a tiny smile, loving that you just got back up like it was nothing.
“I was ready sweep you off your feet and rescue you, but you never gave me the chance.”
“Thanks, but all I need are band aids, rocky.”
“Not even a kiss for the boo-boo?”


It’s said that cute pie maknae is a quick learner by his older members, so when everyone found out that you could skateboard, he would want in. It would almost be like an old rom-com, where you teach him to balance and properly push on the board instead of pushing mongo (pushing with your front foot like an idiot). You’ll be holding his hands, and he’ll look down at you with his awkward little smile. He’ll be slightly distracted by your presence, causing him to fall a lot, but at some point sanha will start skateboarding to impress you.
*rolls up to you and does a simple ollie*
“They see me rollin’, they hatin’-”
“Sanha, not too long ago you fell over pebbles in the ground.”
“I was falling for you, Y/N”
*continues to roll away and sing before you kick this meme boi’s ass*

Mind Games pt.4

Requested by me: Your decision between Batman or J and harl has been made but can you live with the choice?

Pairing: The Joker x Reader x Harley (poly)

A/N - Am I making another post in the same week? oh my god, that’s so unlike me. I’m sorry this is so cliche but sometimes cliche is good, keep that in mind. Don’t hate me!! I also apologise if this sucks, i’m trying here. As always feedback is appreciated, I never know what you guys like or don’t.

⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ - Sexual references, guns, daddy kink…I think that’s it?

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I stared through the wire fence that surrounded her barred cell. She hung delicately from the clothe, that was attached to the top bars of her cell. Her arms out stretched. Legs split in mid air. The white fabric twisted around her limbs to keep her up. She looked elegant, graceful even despite her location. I watched her. A sinking feeling deep in my gut.

“Come on, it was for the best.”

I let out a sigh. Was it? Was this really where she belonged. The masked figure lead me out and as we reached the door, I heard her voice.

“I thought you loved me.”

I backed up, returning to the fence. The girl below had now dropped to her feet. Her eyes on me. I gave her a smile, one she didn’t return.

“I did…” I started. “I do.”

“Is that why you got me thrown in here? Nice to know.” The blonde chucked, reminded me a lot of J. “You chose him over us Y/N, that doesn’t scream love.”

My gaze dropped, unable to face her. She was right and I had no excuse to argue.

“She’s just tryna get in your head. Ignore her.”

That deep voice belonged to Batman. The man chosen over the two I loved apparently. My morals where messed up. I still wasn’t convinced I made the right decision. As I stood in Belle Reve’s staring at my ex girlfriend I felt bad. I wanted to help her, I wanted her to be free like me. But she wasn’t allowed nor J. They’re considered insane. Criminally insane and while I technically should now come under that bracket too. I was let off. Why? Because I chose the path of good. I sided with Batman in that room. We had him in our grasp but I couldn’t go through with it.

“I’m sorry Harley.” I mumbled quietly. “I had to do what was right.”

“And did you do that? The right thing?” She asked.

Before I had a chance to reply, batman yanked me away from the fence. “You did the right thing, trust me.”

He led me back down a corridor. Passing by murderers and thieves. In simple terms criminals. “Do you ever regret your decisions?” I asked walking behind.

“Of course. Everyone does.”

“I think I’m regretting mine.” I sighed.

“Is that who I think it is?” A voice interrupted. One I knew all too well. I abruptly stopped. Almost scared of what else was to come.

“Y/N don’t.” The caped crusader stated. I kept my eyes on him but I was almost drawn to the sound. I flashed Bruce a sympathetic look before walking in the direction of the voice.

“I thought so, Y/N. long time no speak, how you doing today?”

I stood face to face with the door and pulled open the slot. There he stood. In all his madenning glory. The Joker. His lips in a smile as they always tended to be. I didn’t answer him.

“Heard you regret your decision. Good. I worked so hard to make you forget that bat and the minute you remember him you go running back into his arms. I didn’t let you join the gang so you could ditch.”

“J…”  I mumbled but he continued ranting.

“I would say I’m angry but frankly I don’t care. All I care about is that you got me locked up in this place while you run around free as a fairy.”

I glanced back towards batman. Who stepped forward pushing me to the side.

“I got you thrown in here Joker. Not her.”

“Oh look batsy come to defend your honour. You always were weak.” My hands were balled in fists but he wasn’t wrong. I was angry that he was right. I’d always been the weak one. Too scared to pull the trigger. Too scared of getting caught. Harley had to hold my hand half the time just to encourage me to get things done. I need constant reassurance. Now, even going back to Bruce, I looked for help like a lost puppy. Waiting for someone else to take the lead. I’d always be a follower.

“She isn’t weak, it took a lot of guts to leave you two psychos.”

“On the contrary my dear bat. She had the option to leave any time. I made sure to implant the idea. It’s like a test of loyalty, one she clearly couldn’t quite pass.”

I remained stood to the side. Scared to say anything that would upset him.

“I’ll be out soon enough and, well, let’s just say Karma’s a bitch.”

Well at least he isn’t angry. A soft sigh left my lips as I followed behind Batman. Leaving behind two admittedly dangerous people behind. Besides that, I still loved them. And it hurt my heart to see them in there but what could I do now? Go running back to them? They were locked up and I would be too. I’m not sure they would even want me back at this point. If only I hadn’t remembered working with the bat. Maybe everything would have been okay. Maybe I wouldn’t feel physically sick because I miss two people.

As time passed I slowly grew used to the ache. The pain became unnoticeable even. But there were still times I’d think about them. Every chuckle reminded me of the Joker. Every giggle or diamond of Harley. I was pretty sure I was nothing more than a bad memory to those two by now but I still longed for chaos. A certain kind of chaos. I was still helping out B-man and his life isn’t exactly controlled. There were other villains. Penguin, Two Face, Killer Croc. But it just wasn’t the kind I was after. I leaned back in the plush chair of the Batcave, overlooking his main computer. It was so eerie being in here alone, the place was just so big. I spun around on the chair until I was interrupted.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself Miss Y/L/N.”

I abruptly came to a stop, taking a moment to recover from the dizziness.

“Hey Alfred.”

“Are you okay?”

“Nothing to concern your self with Alfred, where’s Bruce?” I replied.

“Master Bruce will be down soon, would you like me to get you anything while you wait?”

I gave a solemn sigh. “No thanks.”

“Alright, I shall go check on Master Bruce then.”

“No need, I’m right here.” A voice interrupted and the broad man was making his way over.

“About time.” The man rolled his eyes. Throwing a newspaper onto my lap.

“What’s this for?”

“Just read it.”

I groaned but looked down at the document on my lap. What was so interesting about a newspaper? Probably just some crappy little bank heist or something. I flipped it over to read the front page, my eyes widening.

Joker and girlfriend on the loose again.’

I stared at it in shock. And what did this mean to me exactly? A hand appeared on my shoulder and I looked up to see Bruce. He was never the reassuring type, he still looked cold. But he was trying and I guess that was all that mattered.

“We’ll catch ‘em Y/N, don’t worry. I won’t let them hurt you again.”

I smiled softly knowing if I spoke my voice would betray me. Was that what I wanted? For them to be locked up again? I had to admit my life had been calmer without them and I wasn’t hiding from the law anymore so I guess that was nice. But they were still in the back of my mind so maybe I was just waiting for this moment. With them on the loose, maybe they’d come find me. But was that really a good thing? J seemed angry last time we spoke.

“How?” I asked, pretending to perk up.

“We just need to figure out what they’ve got planned and I assume they’ll be coming for you soon enough.”

I hesitated.

“The Joker never forgets.” He added at the end and I knew he was serious. Serious about stopping J as well as the clown not forgetting. It made me sorta happy thinking he wouldn’t forget about me. I’d always be in the back of his mind but then again he wanted revenge more than he wanted me. Made me wonder what he’d actually do? Would he just torture me again? Or actually kill me this time? I shuddered at the very thought.

“Maybe he won’t do anything bad? Maybe he’ll just lay low.”

“Doubtful.” Bruce stated plainly beginning to walk away.

“But-” I started spinning on the chair but he was gone. Hate when he does that. I was once again left alone in this dark cave, waiting for an order. Days. Weeks. Bruce found himself on the hunt for the joker. Following each and every lead but they all led to dead ends. I was right about him lying low for a while. But he was determined. He wanted the Joker locked up again for the sake of everyone. I spent a lot of time with him looking for J. And one day we finally found something. And by something I mean we found him. Him and Harley….and frost. Nobody else. I thought it was an odd tactic considering Batman had taken on more. I stood behind batman, looking them all over. They each had a smile on their face except frost whose expression remained blank. I locked eyes with Harley. Her smile grew with a tilt of her head. She waved at me and I slowly waved back. Why did she seems so happy and calm about this. Why was she waving at me? The Joker and Batman seemed to be doing their typical banter thing.

“Hey Y/N, you’re looking as cute as ever.”

I felt heat rush to my cheeks. She still had the same effect on me. Made me giddy. I couldn’t help it.

“Same goes for you.” I mumbled back, stepping out from behind Batman.

“Thanks, prison was good to me.” She chuckled and I felt a twinge of guilt.

“I’m glad.” I teased, knowing she was probably joking.

“Is the princess scared to come out from behind her knight in a shining bat costume?” My head turned to J who was now smiling at me. A smile with malicious intentions. I was scared to be honest.

“No.” I shouted back. I stepped out more. My hands in fists.

“Come closer or are you suddenly terrified of daddy. I won’t hurt you.”

I looked toward Batman who shook his head but I wanted to prove I wasn’t scared - even if I was. I began walking over to him, slowly. “Well you’re not exactly the friendliest of people.”

“Oh the girls got jokes, glad to see she learnt something from me.”

He kept his eyes on me and I stopped in front of him. I glanced over his pale face, I knew every detail like the back of my hand. He’s not exactly easy to forget. We locked eyes and I could almost feel myself getting lost in them again. The clown chuckled.

“I can almost smell your fear it’s that obvious and with all due respect-” he grabbed my arm, yanking me to his lap. I felt a metal tip at my temple. “You should be.”

“Y/N, what was the number one rule of being around the Joker?” Batman yelled.

“Always be on guard.”

“Oh lookie here, the b-mans got you trained like a dog. Do you speak on command too?”

I remained silent, although my breathing was as heavy as could be in this situation.

“Speak, tell me what you want.” J mumbled calmly but I remained silent.

“I said speak!” He growled this time, pressing the gun harder into my temple. Did he want me to bark like a dog or actually talk? I was confused by the whole situation.

“Let me go J.” I squirmed and his arm tightened around my neck.

“That’s the joker to you.”

I struggled to take deep breathes but I was still holding up. I’d been in these situations a lot sadly.

“Let me go, Joker!” I yelled

“You’ve got her well trained Batman. I wonder what tricks she does.”

“You heard the lady Joker, let. Her. Go.” Batman responded, starring daggers at the clown.

“Why? She likes to be choked a little, don’t ya Y/N?” he chuckled. Harley’s giggle drifted to my ears too. I got the reference, I chose to ignore it. My airway was blocked off suddenly and my chest began to heave for oxygen. I felt tears well up my eyes but Batman seemed to just stand and watch. He didn’t even attempt to save me. I was confused. Didn’t he promise to never let the clown hurt me again, well what was this? The arm around my neck loosened. A rush of oxygen filled my lungs.

“Don’t you Y/N.”

“Y-yes.” I mumbled out.

“See, she’s happy as a clam so you can go now bat.” Frost ran up behind. Holding a gun to the man’s back.

“I’m gonna give this girl everything she deserves. Don’t worry Batman, I won’t hurt her after all she promised to live for me.”

I narrowed my eyes in on Bruce. He looked like he’d given up, that there was nothing he could do. Why was he being…well…useless. Frost pushed him out the room. Leaving me alone with two clowns. The arm suddenly vacated my neck and I was shoved off his lap. I stumbled forward looking back at my exes. Each had a smile but I wasn’t smiling. I was dying to back up and run away but I was frozen in place. Harley skipped over to me. Her arm draping over my shoulder, she planted a kiss on my cheek.

“You scared Y/N?” She whispered in my ear. A shiver ran down my spine. The girl moved around to face me. A smile on her lips. I glanced at the joker who was just watching us. I shook my head, knowing they knew I was.

“Do you miss us?” She didn’t give me time to answer before planting her lips on mine. I lost myself in that kiss, my hands reaching up to pull her closer but she protested, pulling back. “Miss this?”

A soft whimper left my throat. I did miss this. All of it. I wanted it back but I also knew it was wrong. It was toxic.

“Aww she does. That’s so cute.”

Harley patted my cheek before spinning and running off back to the clown prince of crime.

“Weird. She misses us but she left us to rot in prison.”

“What did you want me to do?” I asked, my brows furrowing.

“I don’t know? How about not stab us in the back so you could run off into the sunset with the bat-”

“Harley calm down.” J interrupted.

“No! She abandoned us for Batman. A guy who left her to be tortured for months on ended without coming to look for her. A guy who practically couldn’t care less, does he even have feelings? I loved her.”

“It’s okay my pet.” J patted her head, rather like a dog but I guess she was used to that. “We’re gonna deal with her.”

“You were the ones who tortured me in the first place. I still have scars from you.”

The joker laughed and Harley followed. “Think of them as gifts from us to you.”

“Well can I return them.” I snarled back. He was getting annoyed with my attitude, I could tell even past that smile.

“You left us to rot in prison. After I so generously let you join us. We treated you as one of us and you went to join the bat. That wasn’t part of daddy’s plan, now was it?” He asked, rising to his feet. With each word he stepped closer until we were face to face. His hand reached up, placing it under my chin. He lifted my head. “I don’t like traitors.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Oh you’re sorry. Look Harley she’s sorry, I guess that makes everything okay then.” He shrugged.

“I never meant to hurt you guys but it was the right thing to do. I really am sorry J.”

A laugh slipped through his lips as he let go. “You think I care that you’re sorry. I don’t even care that you left us. What I care about is the fact you know stuff about me that could help the bat and the whole locking me up thing too. You pledged yourself to me, do you remember?”

I nodded.

“You said you’d live for me-”

“I know what I said.”

“Don’t interrupt me!” He shouted as his foot connected to my stomach and I fell backwards to the floor. Coughing violently.

“You said you’d die for me so let’s see if that’s true.”

I guess I got my answer, he was gonna kill me this time. My mouth was agape and I was lost for words. What does one even say. The man brought out his gun once more. Pointing it sharply between my eyes.

“Wait puddin” Harley shouted jumping on the mans arm. A low growl left his throat. A sigh of relief slipped through my lips. Thank god for Harley.

“I wanna do it.”

Scratch that. She just wanted to do it herself. She went for the gun but the Joker pushed her away.

“Don’t be silly, I want this kill.”

He walked closer, crouching in front of me. Then suddenly his lips were against mine but only for a moment.

“This is gonna hurt you a lot more than it’ll hurt me.” He whispered. A long, maniacal laugh filled my ears and Harley jumped down to kiss my cheek as the gun was placed on my forehead.

“Love you Y/N.” Harley called.


I shot up. Sweat on my forehead. My heart racing. I looked either side of me. J on the right, Harley to my left. I wasn’t dead? The girl stretched before rubbing her eyes.

“Are you okay?” Harley asked groggily.

Tears slipped down my cheeks but I nodded. “Yeah.”

“What’s wrong?” The tears feel harder and I shrugged, falling back against the bed. Her arms slipped around me pulling me to her. “Don’t cry puddin”


Her hand slipped through my hair. Comforting me. Why was I crying? And why was Harley being so nice? I’d never actually cried in front of them. Every time a tear fell, I thought J would shout. He hadn’t done that but still. I snuggled up to Harley.

“Do you wanna tell me why you’re crying? Still having nightmares?” She asked. I immediately felt like an idiot. I was crying over a damn dream. It never happened. I hadn’t left J and Harley. They weren’t trying to kill me. Batman hadn’t left me to die, well, not again. I was okay.

“I guess. J shot me. You wanted to do it but he wouldn’t let you do it.”

“We shot you? Why?” She asked.

“I left you both to rot in prison to go rejoin Batman. Then you escaped and hunted me down. Then you were really mean to me and shot me.”

Harley giggled. “We were mean to you?”

“Don’t laugh.” I whined.

“Sorry baby.” She kissed the top of my head. The joker shuffled beside us and I froze, not wanting him to see me like this. He didn’t handle vulnerability well. He’d use it against me with no regrets.

“You know I would never shoot you in the head right?”

I nodded.

“Not without reason or unless mistah J told me.”

“Good to know Harley. I wouldn’t shoot you either.” I sighed.

“Not without reason or unless told to right?”

I shook my head. There was no way I could ever hurt her or J for that matter. I’d rather they shoot me because it’d probably hurt less.

“No, not at all. I’d miss you too much.”

“Well aren’t you just the-the sweetest.” Harley yawned.


“Hmm.” She murmured quietly. I assumed she was falling back asleep again. We hadn’t really talked about anything but that’s just how it was. I closed my eyes, trying to get back to sleep. I knew the dreams weren’t going to stop. They kept repeating. Each time J would ultimately kill me in a different way. I shuffled out from Harley’s grips and turned to face J. He was less scary when he was sleeping. Made me feel calm all the same. I moved closer to him. Wanting to feel his strong arms wrapped around me. I rested my head on his chest, listening to his gentle breathing. And to my surprise his arm wrapped around me and I wiped away my tears. He may not be a superhero. He may not always show it. But I sensed he cared and it made me feel better. I didn’t regret my decision. Not at all. I loved him. I loved her. And I was happy being the one in between.

Hoseok Scenario: A Special Kind of Love.

Request:  Hi! I would like to ask an imagine where Jhope and I are friends (we always had a crush on each other) since we were born & I always got jealous when one girl who lived near to us used to flirt w/ him! (When we were 4 he gave to her a flower and I ran to my mother and cried a lot & I gave to him a silence treatment, and he tried to talk to me, giving hugs and kisses on my cheek).

Genre: Fluff

It was by now a too well known feeling for you. Your heart crawling to your throat, your breath getting unease, your limbs unable to keep calm until you were unconsciously tapping one foot against the floor. Actually, right now you were tapping against your crossed arms with your fingers while you stared outside the window to the front of her house, where she was shamelessly putting a show while watering her garden only for Hoseok to see, who conveniently happened to be fixing only god knew what on his father’s car.

God, that girl, you swear it was about time she moved away from your street, your block, your lives, the planet itself or something. Why did she always have to be openly flirting with Hoseok? why didn’t she do it with every other boy on the block? No, she had to go over to the one you liked.

Of course there also was that little minuscule detail of nobody else knowing you liked Hoseok, but still. She didn’t have rights to show herself to him in such an obvious way.

The jealousy over her went way back, you’d grown up next to Hoseok, but she had been around too since you could remember. Hoseok waved at her when she called him with a sugary sweet voice that was so faked, how could he buy that? It made you huff under your breath, now you were truly mad.

It felt like every time she and Hoseok had interacted before somehow, you knew the way she looked at him with hopeful eyes, and you recognized the smile that bloomed on her lips whenever Hoseok went by, you’d seen those too on yourself, and you really dammed the day Hoseok had invited her to play along with you.

You could have been just a little girl, but you had always liked Hoseok, or so it felt like since you spent almost everyday seeking him on the playground, crossing the street to his house or inviting him to yours. Your parents were friends, you were neighbors, he was the sunshine kid who smiled at practically everything and played jokes on the other kids, he was friends with every other kid around the block so when the new girl arrived and moved exactly next to his house it shouldn’t have been a surprise to see her at Hoseok’s house when your mother took you there for you daily play date.

You’d kept your toys away from her, and only now you thought that you should have kept Hoseok away from her too. That day you were playing at the backyard while your mother chatted happily somewhere along the kitchen. You stared at her two pretty braids that bounced whenever she giggled when Hoseok pulled out a handful of grass and blew it at her, you sulked down while looking at your toys, if she wasn’t there Hoseok could have been doing that with you.

You were about to pout, but smiled lightly when Hoseok pulled out two little flowers, firmly believing he was going to gift them to you, but the first thing he did was turn to the new girl and give a flower to her.

You stood up and smashed your favorite doll against the grass, running back in the search of your mother with increasingly disheartened tears until you clung yourself to her leg because now Hoseok had a new friend and he wasn’t looking your way.

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#02 life is not disney movie

“you gotta tell us now!” Arzaylea practically yells at me, tackling on the hotel bedroom, stoping me from leaving the room and trying to get the words out of my mouth by tickling me.

“Stop that!” i wiggle on the floor, laughing out loud, trying to get her off me. “i am not saying. stop trying” but she doesn’t.

“how come i’ve been hanging out with you for nearly 7 months, and i don’t what is up with you?” she says.

“Jess!” i yell to my best friend that is sitting on the sofa, scrolling on her phone

“She’s right” she says not caring to much on my tickle torture “i’ve known you since forever, and i don’t have a clue on what the hell is happening to you”

i sigh and Arzaylea stop tickling me “Gee thanks” i take a deep breath “i appreciate that you guys worry about me, but seriously, i am fine”

“Stop lying” jess whines, throwing her phone aside “(Y/n), i know you better than you know yourself, and i know that you getting distracted about absolutely everything and blushing just because… it’s not normal”

“i am…” I start saying, and standing up of the floor, but Arzaylea interrupts me.

“i think you are in love” she says, teasing me and giving me a playful push.

“Shut up” i say covering my face with my hands and throwing myself on the big bed.

they go quiet from a while, and i feel the bed moving from them sitting on it beside me, ready to get more information from me.

“who?” Jess says picking on my red cheek, teasing me.

“Alright!” i exclaim, knowing that sooner or later i was going to tell them anyways “I might or might not have a crush on Calum hood”

they are speechless, i feel both of them hug me and exclaiming happily. i uncover my blushed face and wiggle out of their arms, feeling weird. 

“This is amazing (Y/n)” Jessica says happily “he is a good guy, you might get lucky and finally be able to kiss a gu…” she stops realizing i don’t like her talking about that topic. 

“Wait what?!” Arz screams “so, I’ve seen you get drunk…like real drunk, and you’ve never kissed a boy? Are you serious?”

“That does not make sense” I whine, crossing my arms over my chest “I am not good with guys, okay?!”

“You write about relationships all the time, how can you not?” She keeps saying.

“They are just songs” I bluff “it’s not big deal, that’s my job anyways, I get paid to write about relationships, it does not mean that I actually know about it” I shrug “l’ve just never been in one”

I can see the pity in their eyes, but I look away. I’ve never had a real boyfriend, or a kiss. Not in my 18 years of existence and that is something that still haunts me. Being surrounded almost all the time by people that has already live the beautiful experience of the first kiss and also of the first time. I feel alone now that I am the only one who is still waiting for it.

“Have you make a move on him or something?” Jess asks, moving closer to me

I shook my head “not really” I shrug “on writing hours, when we were working together, he told Luke he was Feeling down for some reason, and the day after that, I left a little note on his bass. Just to… You know.. Cheer him up somehow” I tell them “I know it’s not a ‘move’ but I don’t know, I’ve been doing it since that day… sometimes i left little treats or gifts and he seems to like it”

“Oh god, that’s you!” Jessica exclaims in surprise “how could I not even suspect it?”

“That’s good” I nod “then I know he does not suspect who his little ‘secret’ admirer Is and it stays as a secret, like it’s supposed to be”

On the corner of my eye, I saw Arzaylea shooking her head various times, not agreeing with what am I saying “(Y/n) you need to tell him it’s you” she encourages me “he loves those notes, and he would totally love to know who is the person behind all that”

“No” I shook

“Maybe he likes you back!” She finishes, cheering loudly and giving me another playful push.

“maybe he likes the notes, and would love to know who is the one who makes them” Jess adds.  

i sigh “Don’t you think it is kinda childish?.. i mean, like we were in high school and..” i start but Jess interrupts me. 

“It is not, it’s a nice detail!” she rest her hand on my shoulder

“It does not matter anyways” i shrug “He likes someone else, and not to mention that he is totally out of my limit, i should forget him now before something happens…” 

“What do you mean?” Arz asks confused “How do you know that likes someone else?” 

i get out of the bed, thinking of anyway to get out of this conversation, before i do something stupid “he obviously does” i explain “he is always coming late to writing hours, and he seems more inspired than usual… he is always texting! it is pretty obvious. and i wanna forget about him, because somehow i always end up making a fucking movie in my head, and i don’t want to end up hurt” 

they look at me with that pity look in their eyes once again, and makes me want to puke. the last thing i need is having other people to pity me. i can see Jess have a lot to say, she is looking down and sighing, and that is something that she always does before saying something big. i know her too well, so i prepare myself for her words. 

“Listen (Y/n)… i know what you are trying to do, and let me tell you, that if you don’t do something about all this, i will” she starts “i’ve been with a lot of guys, and you know it. i’ve gone all the way with them, and i am concerned that you haven’t even got a simple kiss!” she starts exclaiming “you are almost 20, and if it does not come to you, you need to come to it. understand?” she says way to harsh. 

i nod sightly, looking at her, who has a stressed look on her face for almost no reason. but she is right, it need to come to it. no wonder on how am i gonna do it but it needs to happen, sooner or later. 

it was already 10 am in the beautiful city of Toronto. the sun was shinning and the cold wind was sightly blasting on the Rogers Centre stadium. i was sitting on one of the countless empty chairs that were on the VIP zone, were the fans would be coming later. 

the guys were doing their sound check as usual, and some fans at the back of the stadium, watching the soundcheck and screaming at the top of their lungs. 

i liked to just sit around and watch the guys play when it was soundcheck time. the stadium was almost empty, so it made me feel that somehow, they were giving a little show for me, even though they actually weren’t. also it was the only time where i got to watch them play, since i do not like being on big crowds of people so i never attended to the actual concerts, but i was totally okay with this.

i fix the baseball cab that it’s on my head by the moment, trying to prevent the sun to burn my face, and open the notebook that is currently sitting on my lap and look thought the hand writing of all of it’s pages, until i get to the page i was looking for. i decided to follow Jess and tell Calum how i feel, because i know that i don’t do it by myself, she will, and i know that if she does, things are not going to end up well. 

i wrote another note for him, but this time, i did not left it beside his bass or in the dressing room, as i usually do, i am going to give it to him, in person, and tell him everything. it is now or never. or at least that’s what i think. 

when they finish the last song of the set list, they stay on the stage, saying some random things and just hanging out. i read my note for the 10th time today. making sure it is all good before giving it to him. 

“I am not good expressing myself, 

and probably this is a bit strange for you 

but it’s time to reveal myself and let you know how i feel,

i am sorry if this is not as poetic as my lasts notes, and obviously not as poetic as my love songs, that you love so much. 

but without further or do, all i need right now is ask you. Do you feel the same?” 

I sigh and groan nervously. but without any patience left. i get from my sit, take my things and go straight to backstage. everyone in the crew was moving around all over the place, setting everything for tonight. i run around, trying to get to the opposite side of the stage, and once i am there, i lean just a little bit, enough to see Calum on his usual side of the stage, so i call him. 

“Pss” i say, waiting for him to turn around “Hey, Cal” i whisper/yell 

he turns around, and gives me a little polite smile, i give him a signal, asking him if we could talk for a minute, and tell him to come to where i am. instead, he moves his head, telling me to come on the stage and tell him what i needed. i cringe, i felt so nervous suddenly (more than before). i was about to confess everything to him, in front of about 100 people and his friend.

Take deep breaths

Calm down 

i approach to him slowly, and make my way to his spot. i understand why he told me to come to the stage. the crew was already indicating the fans that everything was over, so they were already starting to leave the stadium, at a really slow peace, trying to enjoy a little extra time with the boys. 

“Hi” i say with a little smile. 

“Hi” he says politely putting his bass down. “What’s up?” 

“Hmm” i mumble “not much, i wanted to talk to you about something…”

he shrugs “Sure, what is it?”  he asks. 

i doubt for a little bit if i should tell him or not. i play with the paper of the note and take a deep breath. my mind is rushing and i really need to think my words before saying them. 

“Well..” i start “i wanted to give you this” i hand him the note, and he takes it with a confused look on his face “Listen Calum” i say while he is reading the note “The other day i noticed you were feeling down so i left a little note to you so you could cheer up a little… and then i started to leave them everyday, because somehow, you seemed to like them, but the thing is…. i didn’t leave them there just because… i really like you.. more than a friend you know?” i chuckle and look down “So i was wondering that maybe.. someday we could go out for..” 

“Wait” he stops me on a pretty harsh way and giving me the note back “it was you?” he frowns still confused. “oh my god” he sighs, running his hands through his hair. 

“Is that bad?…” i ask confused 

“(Y/n)” he sighs, and takes me by the shoulders, for some reason, making me walk at his other side, so he was backing the public and talking directly to me “You can’t just do that” he says to me in a soft tone, like he is talking to a little kid. 

“emmm, why?” i raise an eyebrow. 

“Does not matter, and i want you to stop doing it NOW!” he exclaims. but i am still confused. 

“they are just notes..” i mumble and shrug. 

he lets out a humorless laugh looks at me “I am dating someone” he starts “and you don’t have any idea on how many fights she has gave to me, because of that stupid notes!” 

Ouch. that hurt. 

“It’s childish, you know?” he continues “this is not middle school, i am an adult. if you want something, you come, and tell me on my face. you don’t do this” 

“I am not a kid” i argue and frown, taking a step back “Stop talking to me like that” 

“Well, act like an adult!” he yells at me “you probably don’t understand this, because you are always fucking alone, but i have a relationships, and because of this shit, my girlfriend seriously thinks i have an affair (Which i don’t). and this is a problem for me and i want you to fucking stop, understand kid?” 

“Stop” i groan when calls me kid. feeling the tears already coming to my eyes “i did not wanted this to happen, okay?, i am sorry, but i really like you..”

“No” he stops me from talking “i do NOT like you. okay?” he exclaims, way to loud “stop bugging me with these, i don’t care what your intentions were, stop ruining my relationship, get a life, i have mine-” he stops when he spots the tears escaping from my eyes. “What?” he laughs again, while i just stand there, and listen “Did you thought i would go out with you, and automatically we would be a couple?” he laughs again “life is not a Disney movie, kid, get it in your head! in adults world, you go straight to the point, you don’t do these kind of shit and you don’t-” 

“Calum! Stop it” a voice speaks throught the microphone. 

Ashton is on the back of the drums, he did obviously listen to all of the conversation and he had a pretty mad expression on his face. when Calum looked at him, he pointed with his drum stick to the crowd. there were about 30 fans standing there, and at least 20 of them were recording the whole thing with their cellphones.

i gasp and cover my mouth in surprise. my cheeks were covered in tears, and everyone around us was looking at us.i feel the anxiety coming, and that is not a good sign. 

“I am not a kid” my voice cracks when i talk. 

i rip the note i had on little pieces and throw them at his face that by this time had a very angry expression. 

“i am going to get a life” i sob, and run 

i run out of the stage 

i run out of my problems

but more importantly 

i run out from him 


Sirius Black x Reader

Prompt: Could u write an imagine with sirius x hufflepuff where he has been asking her out all the time and she finally agrees(shes hesitant cuz hello he’s a heartbreaker) so he takes her on a special date says to dress nice and to meet her near the black lake at midnight, she does and he has a picnic ready with sweets and maybe he plays music and they dance and he points out the constalations she tells him why she was hesitant to say yes

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Y/N sighs. Everywhere she turns, Sirius Black is there, asking her out. Even though she thinks he’s one of the most snog-worthy guys at Hogwarts, his player reputation isn’t really appealing. But his constant pestering is getting annoying.

“Come on, love, just one date!” Sirius says with his signature smirk. “You know I’ll make it worth your while.”

Y/N whirls around, her hair almost slapping him in the face. “Fine, Black. One date. You’d better not mess this up.” As she stalks away towards the Great Hall for lunch, she misses the genuine smile that appears on Sirius’ face.

Later in class, Janine taps Y/N on the shoulder and passes her a note.

‘Meet me at the Black Lake at midnight. And wear something nice, darling.’

Y/N slowly turns around to look at Sirius and is met with a broad grin and a sexy wink. She rolls her eyes, but can’t help the blush that rises to her face as she quickly turns back around.

“Y/N, you look gorgeous!” squeals Janine later that night as she is helping Y/N get ready for the big date. “He’s going to be speechless.”

Y/N smiles, looking in the mirror and appraising her appearance. She is wearing a peach slip dress with simple nude heels, silver jewelry, and letting her naturally wavy hair fall around her shoulders. “Not too shabby,” she thinks.

“I think I’m ready,” Y/N says softly, and with one last hug from her best friend, starts making her way down to the Black Lake. As she walks out the castle, she reminds herself to not fall in too deep with the heartbreaker. “He’s a player, Y/N. If he does anything, just – Oh!”

Her eyes land on a beautiful candlelit picnic and the beautiful boy standing next to it with a nervous smile. His eyes widen as she approaches and he takes her in.

“Hi, Y/N. Umm – this – this is for you,” Sirius says, handing her a gorgeous rose.

“Thank you, Sirius,” Y/N says, with a radiant smile. Gesturing to the extravagant setup, she asks “All this for me?”

Sirius smiles. “I told you I’d make it worth your while.”

The pair sits down on the blanket, talking, laughing, and sharing a piece of cake. As Sirius turns around to put their dishes into the picnic basket, Y/N takes a moment to study him. She has never seen this side of Sirius before, and she has to admit – she really likes it.

Suddenly, soft music begins to emanate from a radio she hadn’t noticed before. Turning around, Y/N sees Sirius with his hand extended towards her.

“May I have this dance?”

Y/N giggles and allows Sirius to take her hand. He pulls her up and into his arms, and the two begin to move to the music. The couple begins to talk softly about anything and everything. Sirius cracks a particularly corny joke, making Y/N throw her head back and laugh.

As she raises her head again, she sees Sirius chuckling, his eyes glittering with humor. She finds herself staring at his lips. “He has perfect lips,” she thinks. When she glances up, she sees Sirius studying her and beginning to lean closer. She finds herself mimicking the movement, and tries to close the space between them –

A sudden bout of loud music makes them jump apart. Y/N laughs and grabs Sirius’ hand again. The two dance wildly around each other for a couple minutes, doing their best to perform the most hilarious moves, and then collapse on the grass, sweaty and giggling. They maintain that position in amicable silence even after catching their breath.

“That’s Cassiopeia,” Sirius says, pointing towards the sky after a while.


“Over there.” Sirius gently takes Y/N’s hand in his and points to the constellation.

“Oh.” Y/N responds slightly breathlessly, trying desperately to ignore the tingles shooting up her arm from Sirius’ touch. Their hands remain intertwined after they drop back to the grass and Sirius begins pointing out more constellations.

“Can I ask you something?” Sirius asks, interrupting his story about Coma Berenices – a queen who performed a selfless act for the love of her life.

Y/N rolls her head to the side to look at him. “Of course.”

“Why did you reject me so much?”

Y/N sits up and sighs, giving Sirius’ hand a squeeze. “I was kind of – well, Sirius, you have to admit you don’t have the best reputation around school, and I just –”

“Just what?” Sirius asks softly.

“I don’t want to be another one of your victims, Sirius. I don’t want to get my heart broken.”

Sirius exhales a breath and shakes his head. “Y/N, I love you.”

Y/N whips her head around and stares at him. “You – you what?”

“I love you, Y/N. You make me a better person. You’re nice to everyone, and so smart, and just – just gorgeous. Who wouldn’t? Trust me – I will never, ever, let you go.”

Y/N grins and lay back down next to Sirius who wraps his arm around her shoulders and continues his story with a smile on his face.

of flowers and quotation marks

Agghhh I’m sorry this took so long

I feel like it gets a bit rushed at the end but I think it works, heh

Also- philip calls his SO “boo” and you can fight me on that

Pairing: Philip x Reader

Prompt: Soulmate + Modern AU- Once you turn 18, the marks on Philip’s arm appear on yours and vice versa

Word Count: 1,152

Today was your birthday and you wanted nothing more than to curl up in your bed and die. Not only would you turn 18 on this special day, but you would also have the mark of your soulmate appear on your arm next to the symbol you were born with. A simple flower.

When you were younger, you used to dream of how romantic and cute it would be once you found your true love. As the deadline approached, you couldn’t be more terrified. What if they were a murderer or rapist or psychopath? Then what would you do?

Checking the time, you picked up your phone and texted your best friend Philip Hamilton.

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[Jackson] Princess (Part IV)
Part 1

Part 2
Part 3

There is a loud buzz and the door opens. Jackson appears and tears prickle at your eyes, he changed so much in three months. Yes, you thought short hair could look good on him but not that kind of hair cut. He locks his eyes with yours, silently apologizing while giving his hands to the tall and authoritarian man; he frees him.

Oh god this kind on orange looks horrible on him. Jackson walks hesitantly to his seat, his lips parted from surprise, his eyes scared, he’s scared.

You pick the blue compound as he slowly sits down. His eyes never leave yours as he picks up the phone from his side of the glass. He brings it to his ear, his mouth is open but no sound comes out, he blinks.

“I thought you’d never come.” It’s almost a sob. You suck your lips in- you thought you’d never come too. What made you come after three months? Love? Need? Anger? Sadness? You have no answer, you don’t reply.

“I’m sorry.” Of course he is. You don’t doubt he’s sorry, you don’t doubt he’s scared to lose you, you don’t doubt he regrets: he’s careful with his words, slow and hesitant, his throat is tight- but is it really enough? What guarantees he won’t do anything again?

“I should have listened to you.” Oh yeah he should have listened to you. If only he had listened to you. If only he had listened, for once, just once.

“There is not a single minute where I don’t think about you. I miss you. You’re always in my thoughts.” He says. Why? Why did he have to be so stubborn? You could have been happy. Now look at both of you being punished. Is this the great life he talked about? Is this what he wants to show you parents?

“Me too.” You sniffle.

“I cry every day.” It’s a whisper. You too. Every fucking dais a nightmare.

“Me too.”

“I disappointed you. And I’m sorry for that.” His nostrils widen- his about to cry. Are you only disappointed? If only it would have been only disappointment. Silence is all you can give him.

“If you still want me in your life, I promise that I soon as I come out, I’ll find a job, a good job, okay?” Do you even want him in your life anymore? Promises, promises, you’re here because of promises, broken promises.

“You’re still wearing your ring.” He states. You’re still wearing your ring Y/N. You should have taken it off. Why?

“Talk to me.” He sounds desperate. What does he want you to say? You haven’t answered a single question you asked yourself. You need to think.

“Y/N please say something.” Jackson urges you. It’s too much, too much emotions. Fear? Love? Loss? Pain? Anger? Sadness? It’s a disturbing mix of everything. He’s the one doing you this. You can’t think straight. You have to be away from him. You hang up, sobbing. Jackson says something from behind the glass, he pleads as you leave.


The loud buzz of the door is heard and Jackson appears again, the same mix of apprehension and fear visible in his eyes as he walks to his seat, sits down amd picks up the phone.


“I’m sorry for leaving like that last time.” This is the only apology you owe him, the only one you’ll give.
“Why did it take so long for you to come back? I thought you had left me. I thought you were breaking up with me. I was broken.” I he fucking scolding you right now? Does he possibly think he’s in the right position to do this? You stiffen up and look down, pressing your lips together.

“I’m not scolding you, Y/N.” You shoot your eyes up. Fucking telepath.

“I know you’re mad but don’t run away from me, I really want to fix this.” Can you still fix things? You don’t know. All you know is tat you
have a wigjt, a big weight on your heart that you have to drop. You wamt to confront him.

“You lied to me. I begged you to stop boxing, and you said you would. You lied.” You say amd h nods, he already knows that.

“Do you have a clue of how I felt when they called me?” You ask, your face twisted with disgust.

“Miss Y/L/N?”


“Detective Park, please follow me.” The man stretches his hand out and you shake it- Wow, what a grip. He turn on his heels and you following in the hallways, silently walking behind his board back, your heart filled with anxiety, until you reach a room. Interview room 08. He pushes the door open and you discover four grey walls and a table with three chairs. Wow, live CSI.

“Do you know why you are here?” Mr.Park let’s you in, his hand on the door knob. “I think.” You walk in and choose a sit. “Good.” Mr.Park sits in front of you, folder, paper and pen spread out on the desk.

“You are Jackson Wang’s girlfriend, right?” He it goes. You start to play with you engagement ring. You still hope this is not about what you think.

“Fiancé. We are engaged.” You precise.

“Did something happen to him?” You ask.

“Mr.Wang has been arrested for illegal underground boxing.” Mr Park leans in, laying his forearms in the wooden surface and joining his hands. You blink. Your world falls apart, you fall into a living nightmare.

“We did a raid, he was on the ring.” Mr Park shrugs. A raid?! The ‘Police, hands up!’ thing?

“Is he okay?” You ask.

“We are still listening to what he has to say.” The detective nods.

“Now you, miss Y/L/N. Did you know he was an underground boxer?” The man asks, fixing his papers and uselessly making them parallel on the desk. You could protect yourself, but you’re at fault.

“Yes. And I knew it was illegal.” Never lie to the police.

“But you didn’t do anything.” Mr Park states, but it’s a question.

“He was doing this because we needed money.” You explain, tears prickling at your eyes.

“So you agreed.” He’s openly judging you, how rude and mean is that?

“I tried to. But then I asked him to stop. It hasn’t been long since he started. I didn’t know for the first fight, I went to the second one, and I begged him to stop afterward. He said he would stop, he promised.” You explain, blinking the tears away. Your face contorts in discuss as you think about your next words

“He lied to me.”

“Or how it felt to see you at the court?”

“He lied to me.”

“No more questions.”

“The accused is sentenced to six months of jail.” Bang. The coup is not for you, but it feels like a slap across the face. Jackson doesn’t wait to understand what he judge has said, he turns around to face you as the room starts to live.

“Y/N.” He says as you get up from your seat, you glare at him.

“Y/N! I’m sorry!” He pleads. He moves to walk to you but his lawyer holds him back.

“Y/N wait! Please, wait, Y/N!” A policeman walks to him, the clicking sound of the handcuffs making Jackson jump. Tears prickle at your eyes as his wrists ate pulled behind his back. This is am awful sight, you walk away.

“Please, let me see her, let me talk to her, please. Let me see her, I’m begging you. Y/N!”

“You left me all alone. I cried every single day since they took you away. Jackson you swore to me you’ll never leave.” You say, your voice calm despite the tears.

“I know, I know baby, and I’m sorry. But for my defence, I did it for you, for us.” What the fuck? No. He did this because he’s stubborn and immature.

“I’m not saying I’m here because of you, it’s my fault. But you need to know I did this because I love you. I knew you didn’t want me to fight but I wanted the best for us. I wanted to give you your dream wedding, I wanted to spoil you, I couldn’t think about anything else. I was stupid, I should have listened to you. I swear it won’t happen again, I swear on everything I have, on my life. I won’t do it again. I don’t want to lose you.” You know he had good intentions but… Fucking shit, he promised.

“I know I’m stupid, stubborn and immature, I know I’ve let you down but I love you with all of my heart, and if I disappointed you about how I handle things, know that I’ll never disappoint you about loving you like you should be loved.” You don’t doubt he loves you, you don’t. But is it enough?

“Loosing you would kill me. I wouldn’t handle it, it would fucking kill me.” His eyes are shiny and moist, his voice shaking.

“You’re my beautiful princess, you’re the most precious thing I have, I just wanted you to feel like the princess you are and..” A tear rolls down his cheek and your heart sinks.

“…I messed up.” He shrugs. Maybe it is that simple. Maybe it was just a silly mistake. You don’t know anymore.

“Forgive me, please.” You’re at the wall’s feet.

“Y/N.” He calls, you break down.

“Baby, look at me. Stop crying.” You can’t stop. You’re too confused, too upset, too hurt, too scared, too in love.

“Look at me, princess.” Oh what that name does to you. You look up at him, he’s crying.

“Do you forgive me?”

A/N: Please tell me if you forgive him or not, it can influence next part ;)

Hoodies and Slippers

Genre: Fluff. So much fluff.

Words: 2,342

Ship: Reader x Kim Taehyung

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First Night

You slammed the front door shut behind you, several thoughts crashing against each other and making your head pound. Wrapping your arms around yourself, you continued down the sidewalk with a particular destination in mind. You just needed some time alone, even if it was past ten at night.

Nothing was working out.

You were stuck in a country you didn’t want to be in. The university hadn’t contacted you yet and at this rate, it seemed like they never would. The sketches that you had spent hours on seemed like scribbled lines that disobediently ran across the page on their own will rather than forming the piece of art you wanted them to. Stress weighed down on you like a ton of bricks, cutting off your air supply slowly little by little, day by day.

An involuntary sigh escaped your lips as you kicked a stray rock lying on the pavement and watched as it flew into the kids’ playground you had reached. Your eyes snapped to a figure sitting on one of the two swings and you raised your eyebrows.

Clearly, somebody else had the same idea as you.

Not letting the fact that the place wasn’t completely empty perturb you, you walked to the vacant one beside him and sat on it, swinging at a painfully slow rhythm that seemed to describe your present days.

Of course, you couldn’t help but glance at the boy from the corner of your eye. The first thing you noticed were his long legs that were digging their heels into the dirt as he swung. His slender and long fingers were wrapped around the chains that supported him, drumming slightly on them but not seeming to follow a proper tune. Then came the unique, faded red hair that caused a small gasp to emit from you. The boy tilted his head slightly at the sound and made eye contact, raising his eyebrows questioningly and you looked away with such speed that you almost got whiplash.

However, the damage had already been done; your heart was racing – you possibly couldn’t have ever seen a more beautiful man in your life.

What the fuck, you mouthed to yourself.

You were horrified, not sure how you got stuck in this situation. You weren’t ready, not at all. A hoodie and slippers weren’t exactly flattering and you cursed your luck. You had joked with your friend about meeting a cute boy in this attire but you hadn’t expected it to actually turn out this way and you had caught his attention in the most embarrassing way possible. On top of that, he wasn’t just cute – he was fucking ethereal – and you wanted the ground to open up beneath you and swallow you whole along with your swing.

Pulling your hood over your head to avoid further shame, you tried to forget about the stranger beside you and chose to just clear your foggy mind. You didn’t know how long you both just sat there and the only sounds that filled the air were your breaths and the creaky chains of the swings.

Third Night

It was the third night in a row that your feet had mindlessly found their way back to the playground. He had been present the night before too but there had been no exchange of words then either. It had just been you two lost in your own thoughts, painfully aware of each other’s existence yet not knowing how to proceed with introductions. However, you were determined to change that as soon as possible.

This time, you were a bit earlier than usual – it wasn’t even ten yet – so you were alone and you chose to lie on one of the two wooden benches that were positioned side by side. Maybe it was luck taking pity on you but when he appeared, he walked straight to the bench beside you and plopped down on it with a sigh.

“Rough day?” you murmured questioningly, slightly amazed at your own bravery.

He looked up in surprise as if he hadn’t expected that night to be any different either. “Sort of.”

Your eyebrows shot up in shock - his voice was much deeper than you thought it’d be (you prayed silently that he was around your age and that it wasn’t an old man with a secret beauty technique) but it just made him more attractive. You hummed in response, agreeing that your day had been pretty shitty as well.

He made himself comfortable on the bench too and both of you stared the vast sky above in silence as if all the endless possibilities were buried in it, visible yet out of reach. There has been no news from the university today either and not to mention that you hadn’t been blessed by the art gods in weeks. The pressure was eating you alive.

“Do you know what constellation that is?” His question broke you out of your miserable train of thought.

You looked at the direction he was pointing in, trying to at least see a pattern that the stars drew even if you didn’t know its name. However, you couldn’t make out anything.

“Um no…?” you trailed off.

“Me neither.”

You turned with an eyebrow raised in amusement just to see him staring back with a grin on his lips and you could feel the air being sucked out of your lungs. He had a spark of innocence in him that made you feel all fuzzy inside and you suddenly envisioned both of you cuddling together underneath a mess of blankets while laughing at the stupidity of characters in a horror movie. You almost choked on the fluffiness of your thoughts.

Too soon, too fast.

Fifth Day

“So…” Vee looked up from her laptop with a raised eyebrow, “you’re telling me that you don’t even know his name?”

“We never got to it,” you replied, shrugging. “And besides, I prefer it that way. Adds in a little bit of mystery.”

“It sounds like a plot for a very cheesy movie,” Cece murmured from her spot on the bed, a mud mask spread on her face.

Lou frowned. “I swear to God he’s going to end up being a serial killer and we’ll find your dead body in an alleyway.”

You rolled your eyes. “He’s not a serial killer. He looks way too innocent for that kind of thing.”

“It’s always the innocent ones that turn out to be psychopaths, Y/N,” Vee tut-tutted. “But seriously, what does he look like?”

Red flushed your cheeks almost immediately and you stuttered, “U-um he’s definitely very handsome.”

“Is that all you’re going to tell us?” Cece asked with a laugh. “Okay let’s start off with a simple question: how tall is he?”

“179 centimeters,” the answer flew out of your mouth automatically and your face started flaming again.

A teasing grin appeared on Vee’s lips. “How specific.”

“We asked about each other’s height as a random question,” you said, desperately trying to defend yourself, which wasn’t a lie.

“That’s actually pretty tall,” Cece commented, her hands fanning her face.

“I bet he packs a foot long,” Vee said with a smirk and you spluttered weird sounds, choking on air.

Lou covered her ears. “You all are way too young for this. My children, what is happening to my children? Vee, you’re grounded.”

“Lou, we’re all pretty old although younger than you.” Cece laughed. “And mother, you’re only twenty-one.”

“And the oldest!”

Seventh Night

“Worst fear?” you asked from a few feet up in the air, your legs dangling over the sides. Your side of the seesaw was obviously outweighed by his.

“Hmm…” he trailed off. Moonlight generously fell on his face, a silvery tinge accentuating each of his features. The tiny freckle on his nose was somehow more visible than usual and made you want to poke it. “Needles.”

“Needles?” you chuckled.

He shuddered. “They’re nasty, stinging, manmade mosquitos that have evolved a thousand times,” he stated, making you laugh. “You?”

“Everything actually,” you muttered in embarrassment. “I’m not too fond of heights. Fire can burn me to a hot toasty crisp and I feel like every single animal out there is out to get me.”

“Even dogs?” he asked incredulously, his eyebrows shooting up. “I’m sure you’re not scared of the small ones… Right?

“Dogs of all sizes,” you confirmed and the boy looked positively horrified as if you had killed his whole family.

“But they’re so cute!”

“And they have razor sharp teeth that can sink inches into you in milliseconds,” you deadpanned. “But the worst is pigeons,” you continued with fiery passion in your eyes. “I hate those motherfuckers.”

“Really? Pigeons?” It was like he couldn’t believe his ears.

“Yes!” you exclaimed. “I swear they’re planning world domination. Have you seen their evil, little beady eyes? And those eerily soft necks that can turn almost one-eighty degrees?”

He let out a soft laugh. “You make them sound so creepy.”

“Correction,” you muttered. “They are creepy.”

Ninth Night

“I’m wearing a skirt!” you hissed.


“I can’t climb trees while wearing a skirt! Besides, this is a children’s playground. I might as well flash the whole damn country!”

The boy rolled his eyes. “It’s eleven at night. No one will see.”

“You will see!” you exclaimed.

“I won’t complain,” he replied cheekily with a mischievous grin and you felt your face heating up for the millionth time.

“Oh shut up,” you mumbled in embarrassment, making him chuckle.

“It’s easy as pie to make you blush,” he teased. “I just have to say something and you’ll turn into a ripe tomato.”

“You just compared me to a tomato,” you said. “That’s like the least flirty thing you could say.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Does that mean you want me to flirt with you?” he asked, making you blurt incoherent words in shock.

“That’s not what I meant!” you groaned and he laughed.

“Okay seriously, I really won’t peek,” he promised. “I’ll climb first so when I pull you up, I won’t be able to see anything.”

You hesitated for a few seconds before thinking fuck it and nodded your head. “Oh alright.”

He beamed at you in response, making you swear that you were falling too hard too fast and it was like a freight train you couldn’t stop. (mabushi ikimono)

Within seconds, he was already up and settling on one of the branches and just looking at him made your lazy butt feel tired.

“Maybe this isn’t such a good idea,” you muttered, trying to backtrack and weasel your way out of it. It’s not like you’d miss out on much – maybe a sore ass but that would be it.

“Oh you’re not getting out of this now,” he said, rolling his eyes and offered you a hand. “Come on up.”

Maybe it was his large, warm hands or maybe it was the prospect of sitting next to him so closely that was appealing to you, but you found yourself placing your hand in his. His long, slender fingers wrapped around yours and he helped you up and you finally settled next to him.

Then came the cliché part. You turned towards him to mumble a thank you but found his face inches from yours and you both froze. This was closer than you anticipated to be. Each tiny detail of his face was visible under the pale moonlight that shone through the gaps between the leaves: the tiny freckles – especially the one towards the bottom of his nose –, the gentle curve of his full lips, even each individual eyelash.

Then you noticed he was looking back at you in the same way, the same intense curiosity and determination to commit every single part of you to memory. The whole thing was so pure, so innocent that it made your heart race.

It was safe to say that you weren’t the only one blushing for the rest of the night.

Fifteenth Night

You ran as fast as you could to the playground, almost tripping over your feet in the process. A lot had happened in the past five days: your family had discovered your nightly escapades and forced you to put an end to them; you had gotten your acceptance letter to your dream university and you felt like your latest drawing was worth being proud of.

Everything was perfect. Except the fact that you hadn’t seen him for four nights.

The possibility that he might think that it had been your choice caused a kind of dread that you had never felt before. You had so much to tell him and something to confess.

You were moving into an apartment with Vee right beside the university, which was on the other side of the country, and it was highly unlikely you’d ever see him again. So why not just admit it?

You had a humungous crush on him.

However, you never got to tell him that because he never came. Not that night, not any of the nights that followed.

Sixty-fifth Day

“I can’t believe I’m late, oh my god,” you yelled, adjusting the straps of your bag.

Vee snorted. “I can.”

“Wow you’re so helpful, thanks,” you muttered, slipping on your trusty slippers in a hurry. Not like you had anyone to impress.

“You’re welcome!” you heard her yell as you ran out the apartment. It was only the second day of classes and you couldn’t afford to miss a lecture already.

That day, you learnt the key to getting a moving bus to stop for you: all you have to do is yell like a deranged woman.

Sighing in relief, you took the first empty seat you could find and leaned back, closing your eyes. You heard the person next to you clear his throat and you turned to him. A gasp escaped your lips immediately as you recognised his familiar features.

“Hey,” he grinned at you. “I’m Kim Taehyung and I have a thing for girls in hoodies and slippers.”

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If Not Now, When?

Sebastian Stan x reader

Summary: you look so beautiful tonight. Sebastian cannot avoid asking you that question.

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(Credits to the owner of the gif)

‘You look fantastic Y/N. You are beautiful.’

'Well, I have to. I have to be as elegant as the man I am accompanying.’

'Yeah? Where is he?’

'He is coming. You are such a dork Seb.’

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Happy Birthday Michael Latta (Requested)

It was already Michael’s 27 birthday , it was crazy to think how fast time went by. You rolled over and saw Michael sleeping peacefully. You smiled and kissed his nose softly.

“Hi baby.” He moaned out, sleep still in his voice. He kissed you delicately on the lips. 

“Happy Birthday, Michael.” You cuddled closely next to him. 

“Thank you, baby. I can’t believe I’m already 27, damn time goes by fast.” He laughed, placing another kiss on your lips.

“I know, it’s crazy. You’re such an old man now.” You laughed, “Are you ready for today?” He held you tight, kissing your neck, forcing you to laugh. 

“What should I be ready for?” He laughed.

“A damn good time.” You said as he kissed you. 

“You and your surprises.” He laughed, rolling his eyes. “Now go get ready, I’ll whip us up a real good breakfast.” He teased as he ran his fingers through his hair and walked off to the kitchen. 

You smiled to yourself as you sat up in bed, you reluctantly rolled off the bed and headed toward the shower. You took a quick shower and did light makeup. You stood in your towel searching for something to wear in you closet as Michael walked in. 

“Damn babe, that may not be the most appropriate thing to wear today.” He laughed, hugging you from behind, lightly nibbling on the top of your ear. “I do love to see that though.” 

“I bet you do.” You giggled, “I think you should pick what I wear today, since you get to see my all day might as well be something you enjoy seeing.”

“Hm,” He moved to stand beside you so he could get a better look at your clothes, “I like this one.” He pulled out a blue floral dress, “This one is really cute too.”  A simple but gorgeous summer dress, a pastel pink with an open back.

“I like the pink one a lot.” You took your towel off and pulled the dress over your head, “How does it look?” You spun around, twirling your dress in the process.

“You look beautiful, my god, y/n.” You could see his cheeks go a slight pink. He pulled you close and kissed you passionately, “I can’t believe you’re mine, as cheesy as it sounds, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“Being in the NHL is a pretty big deal though.” You teased, kissing his lips softly. 

“I’d pick you any day, baby.” He kissed you again, “I think I’m burning the pancakes, by the way.” He laughed, grabbing your hand and taking you to the kitchen. 

“It smells delicious in here, babe.” You took a seat on the dining room table. 

“Here you go, babe.” He placed a plate of pancakes in front of you and a small blue box. 

“What is this?” You picked up the small box, “It’s your birthday, not mine, silly boy.” 

He smiled, grabbing your hands and kissing them softly. He stood up slowly and knelt on one knee. You could feel your cheeks go a bright red, your palms becoming sweaty. You knew what was coming but you couldn’t believe it. 

“Holy shit, Michael.” You whispered out.

He laughed, “Y/N, I love you so much, it’s honestly crazy to think about how much I love you. It’s been what, three years we’ve been together?” You nodded, cheeks a bright red, smile brighter than the sun, “These past three years have been amazing. When I was drafted into the NHL I thought all my dreams had come true, but y/n, the second I met you everything changed. God, I could never imagine my life without you.” He smiled shyly, his cheeks a light pink, “Baby, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me, y/n?” He asked, opening the blue box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring. 

You were in shock, you put your hands on his cheeks and kissed him, “Yes, baby, yes. I want to marry you.” You whispered out, kissing him again. You heard Michael sigh causing you to laugh. 

“I love you so much, y/n.” He pulled the ring out and slowly placed it on your finger. You couldn’t stop staring, it was gorgeous. 

You kissed him again, “I couldn’t imagine a life without you too, Michael Latta.” You stared back at your ring, “It’s gorgeous, baby.”  

“I’m glad you like it, my beautiful fiancee.” He kissed you again, “This is the best birthday I’ve ever had now that I know I get to spend the rest of my life with the most amazing girl in the world.” 

You laughed, “Happy Birthday, my soon to be husband.”