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Hey Dave. Can you, like, chill? What's with all the Angrath posts? And why is somebody who identifies as G/W/U suddenly obsessed with a R/B planeswalker anyway?

Look buddy, maybe YOU’RE the one who needs to chill! Do I go around telling you how to run your blog?! 

And Angrath is just plain awesome sauce, OK? I mean, yeah, he and I are pretty much opposites when it comes to color pie philosophy, but I can still relate to a loving dad wanting to get back to his kids! 

PLUS! He’s the first planeswalker who is exclusively R/B. AND he’s the first minotaur planeswalker! AND he does that whole “whipping around red-hot chains to fight his enemies” thing without looking like a knockoff version of Ghost Rider or Spawn!!  

So no, my friend, I will not “chill.” And you know who else will never chill? 


Real Reason 2016 Sucked

What if the years are correlating with the tarot cards of the same numbers? 16 is the number of The Tower, which is about a drastic life altering painful change taking place. But it’s also about foundations being broken, destruction to old ways, and a sudden change to everything. 2015? Another year agreed to royally suck? The Devil aligns with the tarot card 15, common readings say it’s about self entrapment, addictions, ego ran thoughts, hopelessness, and other negative patterns effecting one’s life.
2017 being 17 would alrign with The Star, a card about new beginnings and hopefulness, finding the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. It has connotations believed to be about inner peace, inspiration, acceptance and higher vibrations.

Of course this is just a silly theory but it gives me hope for the new year (and looking back at my own choices and experiences the last two years align pretty tightly with the cards)


Want to look like Eleven from Stranger Things? Well why not wear the dress she wears in Season 1 (I’ll post the one with the jacket soon, I’m really proud of it!) 

I got a couple of requests, and I’ll be posting them soon as well. 

But since the “Best Things First” came out, my blog has been pretty much dead. If you look, I barely got any notes on my most recent post compared to the ones I first posted. So if you’d like me to continue making clothes, and I have shit tons planned for now, please, please reblog this. It really does motivate me to post and make more. 

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Ok, so I did the thing that I said I would do, and I *think* I understand how Society6 works.

On the other hand lemme ask because I really don’t know. What did you guys wanted to see as prints and stuff? Mostly from old works, but feel free to suggest stuff for me to maybe work later on.

I can see what fits and what I can make available.

fandommofia  asked:

Do you have any advice or websites for writing characters with mental illness all I can find are biased opinions that are really negative. Also do you have know anything about writing university campus life?

I don’t have much knowledge on that topic, but I’ve learned that for people to truly understand the effects of a mental illness, it’s best to read or watch personal accounts of people dealing with it on a daily basis. It even helps to talk to them and I believe there’s a list of people on Tumblr that are willing to talk to writers about whatever mental illness they have. They want to help writers to write accurate characters that have a mental illness. So don’t be afraid to talk to them about it and ask them for their advice or opinions on your character.

Here are some sources that I’ve found that can hopefully help as well. 

As for writing about university campus life I was able to dig up some of these sources. I’m not sure if they’re what you’re looking for exactly, but don’t be afraid to ask someone with personal experience about it, especially when you have a specific university in mind.

A friendly reminder to myself never-ever again try to draw kisses, since I have no idea how humans work, so I need to heavily reference or trace something, but since I have no idea how humans work or how to do proper coloring for this matter it still turns to look pretty shitty. Bleh.

Anyway, one meme ask on my RP blog was about Nox smooching Yuria, so here you go. Weird zombie and Yuria, who #DeservedBetter


So I’ve made my own crochet sweater pattern for the first time! It’s gonna be a silver and black Venom pullover based on the one featured in @hannahblumenreich‘s wonderful comic, which you can read here:

After I read it, I HAD to looked at pretty much all of her spiderman art, so I REALLY recommend you at least look at the comics on her blog, they’re ALL good. (now that my nose is good and brown, let me talk about something else) After I saw the sweater in the comic, I realized that I NEEDED that sweater, but I couldn’t find one like it ANYWHERE!! So I just went “fuck it, I need that, I’m making one.”

For those that crochet, I made a chain of 45, skipped the last stitch, and single stitched until I reached the end again. Then, I did a 1:1 pattern of front-back double crochets for three rows. I switched to single stitch for the rest, and I’m basically going to do this for the entire sweater. Once that’s done, I’ll slip stich the sides and tops together and do the same 1:1 pattern of front-back doubles around the collar. I hope that was coherent. This pattern is pretty much free for anyone to use, just tell me if you make this, I’d love to see what other people make!!! (I’d also love it if you checked out @hannahblumenreich seriously I’m pretty sure she’s one of the few people I know of that loves Spiderman more than me) Also this is taking like six balls of THE SOFTEST yarn i’ve ever felt, I highly recommend Lion Brand super bulky, IT’S SO SOFT THIS IS GONNA BE THE BEST SWEATER!!!


Autumn has arrived!

Can you believe it? I’m already 19 months old! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. This weekend, me and Mom are going to compete in Obedience again, and I’m really looking forward to it! Speaking of fun stuff, I’ve begun my Search-and-Rescue training! It’s great, I get to run around in the forest and find people to play with! Best sport ever!

  • October 19th, 2016

Out of ideas for your crappy WoW blog? Resort to awful puns!

What does Vereesa Windrunner take when she can’t sleep? Nyquel’dorei!

How does Sir Finley store his discoveries? He Murlocks them away!

What did the Orc look-out say when he spotted an enemy? Look’thar!

Why can’t a Bloodhoof be warchief? Because they’re the Baine of the horde.

What do you call a Shaman’s fart? Stormwind!

When Sebastian Stan took over our lives.

I have to be honest. When I first joined Tumblr, it was because of Sebastian Stan. The list of guys I love is painfully tiny. My first and foremost love is always going to be Sebastian Stan. He’s always going to be my prince. I have a Wordpress blog just for him. I even went to my first Comic Con dressed as Bucky. You know, I’m just going to appreciate this man without further ado.

This is gonna be a pretty long post.

First of all, the way he licks his lips

Does he even realize how tempting that looks?

This time when he says inappropriate things and half the time he doesn’t even realize it…

Good Lord.

And then he needs someone to remind him it’s really bad timing to say anything inappropriate.

It’s okay, darling. It happens.

He tends to bring out the five-year old child in him. Like here, when he asks for a cuddly wolf.

How old is this guy again?

Most of the time he’s behaves exactly the way we would do if we were in his place.

He shows you just how to walk out of a swimming pool.

And then he makes workout look smoking hot.


The times when he stares at you and gives this smile and makes you feel special.


He says the right words and you know he just made your day.

I love you too!

He shows you that fixing your hair is important in any given occasion.

That hair…


If that’s a threat, it still looks cute.

Sebastian’s guide to flirting. Simple questions work best.

You really want me to answer those questions, Seb? 

These moments when he was just too cute beyond comprehension.

This is how you react to being called a dork.

His laugh. Enough said.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

He has a good heart too. Like here, when he replied to a fan’s instagram post when she said her anxiety was bad.

Or this when he keeps the gifts given to him by fans.

And this.

So basically this man is dorky, cute and just all around wonderful. I think most of us can agree he really has taken over our lives.

I don’t regret it. He’s just the best thing to ever happen so he should just keep smiling, continue being beautiful and continue taking over my life. ❤

anonymous asked:

You’ve probably explained this before but why does the aphobe blocklist say your transphobic/transmisogynistic? I know your not and your a pretty fuckin decent lad and it’s pretty shitty that they would accuse you of being something you’re not

someone once sent me an ask saying i talk about trans issues too much and i “speak over trans people” on my blog that only i run and speak on and i said the message looked like bait designed to make me look bad because “you arent transphobic enough” isnt an actual problem. thats literally the only thing that was linked

anonymous asked:

Do you have any diy for glass jars?

Uh, yeah, I do!!

DIY Bottled Nebula

I’m always down to make some pretty, sparkly jar of space! Not sure what one can do with it, but it does look pretty sick on a shelf.

DIY Enchanting Halloween Lanterns

Looks great with one jar and looks phenomenal with many. And you’re not even limited to the spooky, witchy scenery, you can do almost anything. Hogwarts, anyone?

DIY Salad in a Jar

For the recipes and the know how, check out the link above.

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

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hakimirektman  asked:


🎀: Who makes you want to draw and improve?

She’s probably one of my biggest inspiration throughout my whole entire time continuing doing art these few years, and always will be <3 

Even before I became active on Tumblr, I’ve always silently looked at her TMNT art, trying to figure out how she does it, and watch a few of her speed paints. Until one day I feel like I should speak to her and ask about this stuff. And sure enough, we eventually became pretty good friends! 

Till this day, whenever I’m out of ideas on what to draw, and how to interact with other people on this site, I’ll most likely look back at her blog and just admire her artwork, and see how nice she is to her followers and friends. Seriously, I highly aspire to be someone like her :) 

Hhhhh you guys totally should follow and support her work! She’s got massive talent, and such an amazing person indeed👌👌👌 >>>>  @arishynya <<<<

bi-dracula  asked:

Hello! Would it be possible to add Rika to the RFA + minor trio react to chubby MC who is insecure about their appearance HC someone requested a while back, if it’s not too much trouble? It’s one of my personal favorite HCs you’ve written and I’d definitely love to see how you write Rika into that HC. Anyways, thanks for continuing to grace the fandom with your writing ^-^

Congratulations, my good person, you have just revived my blog! Also a reminder to everyone else that you can absolutely do this. I would add Rika to any and all of the posts on my Masterlist! (Which is here~)


  • Oh gosh how could you not be insecure next to her she is gorgeous
  • And she knows it. 
  • Most of the time, at least, she knows and agrees that she is “pretty”.
  • But you know what? It means nothing to her.
  • (It does though, it controls her, she needs to be the “pretty” that the world wants and she hates it)
  • Besides, looks are just another mask people wear, hiding what’s inside. 
  • (Another reason her looks don’t make her feel good. 
  • What does it matter if she looks bright and beautiful if she’s dark and ugly inside?)
  • She likes to think of herself as someone who looks through those masks to the person underneath.
  • She tells you being “typically pretty” isn’t all it’s made out to be anyways.
  • Sometimes she meets people who like her just for her looks and she hates it. It’s fake and superficial and makes her feel fake and superficial.
  • But you, on the other hand?
  • You have a real beauty. 
  • She tells you this, her hands cupping your face and her eyes softly gazing into yours.
  • Never conform to their standards, she tells you.
  • “Your type of beauty is more beautiful than anything in any magazine.”
  • And she means it. Your hair, your eyes, your face, your body, she loves all of it. 
  • She loves all of you just the way you are, in all your natural imperfection.
  • She really likes doing your hair and getting all dressed up with you, even if it’s just to lounge around the house together.
  • ”Let’s be pretty together, MC~! ^^”
  • (It’s not for society when she does it with you. It’s for yourselves.)
  • Formal Netflix nights will totally become a thing if it helps you feel good about yourself
  • And her love for you will help you realize that you more than meet her beauty standards <3

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thegirlwholovesanime  asked:

Despite being a kinky little boy, can you give us some others informations about Niko's personality? (Sorry for my english, since is not my first language I have some trouble with it)love your blog btw!😍😍

thank you !! ;*
niko is a very positive person, carefree and kind of a daydreamer. he’s very flirty and bold but can be modest when he needs to (in the end he does work as the servant of a young girl so he’s proper around her). he’s open and emotional and bad at hiding his feelings. he’s very focused on his looks and he just,, wants to be pretty and liked :’)

also some other info now that you’ve given me a reason to write down the stuff i’ve been thinking about lol,,, he has a younger sister, but he’s no longer in contact with his family since his parents didn’t approve of him. he left on his own but they would’ve probably kicked him out anyway.. he has a scar below his right eye, from his father hitting him, he thinks it’s ugly and hides it with his hair. other than that his past doesn’t bother him much although he misses his sister sometimes. he dreams of the life of a rich housewife lol but he hasn’t had much luck in relationships, mostly just flings, often for money.
also ! he likes birds and has pet budgies !!

thanks :’)

I don’t know when I stopped being a girl
And started becoming a woman
There’s a blurry gray line separating then and now
I never used to want to look pretty
Never wanted to wear dresses, heels, or mascara
Because, I told myself, I cared about important things
I didn’t want to be pretty, I wanted to be smart
I didn’t want good looks, I wanted good grades
But somewhere along my timeline of existence,
I figured out just how horribly wrong I was
Femininity and intelligence can coexist
I’ll say it again: femininity and intelligence can coexist
You do not have to dull yourself down physically
In order to be respected for your abilities mentally
So, maybe I do know
I stopped being a girl when I realized that acting like one does not mean acting helpless
When I realized that beauty and brains have never been mutually exclusive
And that I look pretty damn great in red lipstick
—  c.r.h.; beauty and brains

ask-artist-jin  asked:

Another Joonie I see! Hello there~ What genre of music are you into?

I really listen to a lot of different genres, with music, genre doesn’t matter if I like the song all in all-!

anonymous asked:

I'd love your advice. I consider myself a pretty girl, I take good care of myself and pride in my appearance. But these girls I see on your blog are absolute bombshells, 10/10! How does one go from pretty to bombshell? How do I take myself to the next level?

 Interesting question. I’ve never really been aware that I’ve been reblogging said women, mostly out of love for their hair and makeup if anything. You have to be aware that a lot of the women you see are highly edited and made over. Nobody is a bombshell as they arise. You are probably gorgeous. Anyway, I’ll answer your question.

I feel like the bombshell look is all about balance more than it is about beauty. For instance, Amy below is a gorgeous girl. But her ratty tangled hair, poor highlighting technique  and nasty tan really take away any bombshell vibes.

Above is another picture of Amy looking much better. The hair is professionally colored, vibrant, her outfit is nice and suits her figure, her manicured nails are nice, skin looks fresh and healthy. There is balance.

Work with what you have. For instance, Erica Mena has always had plenty of hair,  full lips and soft sultry eyes. . But below the makeup is off and doesn’t bring too much attention to her. The orange brassy colors and the shine in her hair is very distracting.

Below are more pictures of Erica. She looks flawless. Her hair is layered and colored beautifully, eyebrows did, nails did. Makeup is natural and light, no heavy eyeshadows. She seems to have opted for eyelash extensions which is good as she has gorgeous slanted eyes. Bringing attention to them do wonders for her.  Pay attention to details.

Someone who I think is always on bombshell mode is Miss Usa contestant Nana Meriwhether. I love observing beauty queens, they’re kinda trained to be on their best 24/7 as a form of marketing somewhat. Her face is lovely. Makeup, natural looking. Pitchblack hair which brings attention to her dark eyes. She also has a classy way of dressing and posing which makes her stand out.

A bombshell look is about naturally standing out. It’s all about making the most out of small details. Don’t feel you must rush to the surgeon’s office first thing. Optimize what you have and make it stand out more. Keep up with the ‘little’ things(fabulous hair,skin care, makeup technique, nails, scent, clothing maintenance, fashion, hygiene) and the rest will take care of itself.

Take it slow, maybe play with your hair one month,the other focus on your skin. Above  all , adore yourself and that’ll radiate strongly.