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Cool. New blog. How about some headcanons about Todoroki, Shinsou and Midoriya with s/o who looks calm when told that exams are nearing. The boys mentioned it but s/o was shocked & told them honestly they're not calm. If anything, they're panicking. I was told by my best friend that I looked calm which shocked me cuz my face does not show my panic?! Interesting...Anyway, good luck with your blog! PLUS ULTTTRRRRAAA!!!!

Haha, that’s quite the skill! This one is a bit shorter than usual, so I hope it’s still okay! And thank you so much! :3

Word count 413.

Todoroki Shōto:

  • Actually pretty relieved that his s/o can keep their panic to themselves when they’re studying together; it can make these study sessions go smooth, and that’s something he appreciates.
  • He’s very calm about exams himself, both inside and outside, so he was pretty confused when his s/o told him that they were having a hard time coping with the exams deep down.
  • Very observant towards his s/o, because he never knows if they will snap and has to make sure they don’t get a breakdown from all the stress.
  • Wouldn’t really know who to deal with a stressed s/o if exams are the reason. He would probably just tell them that if they study they won’t have any problems with their exams, even if he sounds a little blunt.

Shinsō Hitoshi:

  • Amused by their reaction. He was expecting they would be freaked out, but they come out as calm as possible and it turns out that they’re actually freaking out as he thought. He can’t help but chuckle.
  • Pretty focused when he is studying, and it would annoy him a little if his s/o were to start crying over exams, so he appreciates one who can keep that to themselves.
  • However, he is so willing to help them study, with the snack breaks from time to time, and doesn’t want to see them panicking, so he always sets limits so they don’t overwork themselves.
  • His s/o stays for the night at his place and since he cannot sleep he studies while they’re out like a light. His lover trying to stay awake but falling asleep on the desk is honestly the cutest thing he has seen in a long time.

Midoriya Izuku:

  • Finds it impressive that his s/o can mask their worry so easily; I bet he is a switch, and depending on his mood will he openly freak out or look as calm as possible.
  • Their calm demeanor mostly helps him remain calm, and he loves studying with them because it’s very quiet and he can concentrate better if he isn’t studying alone.
  • Can start mumbling about everything they have to study and it’s then that his s/o starts freaking out because he makes it sound like it’s a whole pile but it isn’t that much actually. He apologizes a lot.
  • So sweet, he will make his s/o focus on breaks more than studying, and loves asking his s/o questions while they’re having snacks; he rewards their correct answers with the cutest kisses, he’s so pure.

hellooooo i’ve been tagged again by the very. freaking. pretty. drop. dead. gorgeous. rui aka @emperorhwangs! thank you for tagging me love~!

i’m going to tag blogs i haven’t tagged before/would like to get to know better! @2hyeons @daybreak-mp3 @kangdanielprotectionsquad @onibugi-jr @nuestlovestory and @wannabl~♡



so im pretty fucking stressed because supernatural is my reason for living. It’s pretty much the only thing that has kept me going. Using my SPN blog and getting messages from you guys is changing my life. So it seems that with tonight’s episode of Sam wanting in on “The Man of Letters” and how Mary wants to kill all monsters off the face of the Earth. Sam thinking hey-we killed the main vamp so this will probably work. M 0 0 S E. 




if it does work Sam and Dean won’t be doing much anymore-will the show end?! THIS IS ALL MARY’S FAULT AND I KNOW IM OBLIGATED TO LIKE HER AN’ ALL BUT CAN SHE NOT. LIKE SHES LITERALLY CAUSING ALL THE PROBLEMS. “I want you to have a future” 


CHOSE this. 

DEAN chose to do this.

They can literally stop if they want no one is stopping them but themselves like you can let people die…

Imagine this

HIV/AIDS is bad-can be fatal right? 

Just like monsters can kill

you can manage HIV/AIDS 

you can manage monsters

It’s nearly impossible to have a cure to HIV/AIDs because it spreads so fast all over the world. 

The monsters are not only in America. They reproduce-this whole idea Mary has just doesn’t seem realistic. Do they even know what they want to do after hunting? Probably not. I’m not sure if this rant even made any sense but I tried my best.

SYNOPSIS: Mary is basically destroying the family

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I'm sorry! I didn't mean to sound like I was trolling you! I was just wondering how Jon should view Ned after learning about the truth and what it means for Rhaegar. I'm sorry.

No, no, don’t apologize. I made that leap so it’s on me. It’s just… somehow when I wasn’t looking, Rhaegar became the most argued about character on my blog. I don’t mind discussing him - I’ve been engaged in such a discussion over IM for the past two weeks - but I’ve gotten some, let’s say, interesting responses that were pretty much designed to pull my leg. I found the premise of your questions kinda strange and based on a dichotomy that does not really exist in the books, which is why I thought you might be trolling me in the vein of previous responses I got. I’m sorry if I made you feel bad.

I’m gonna start my response to the questions you posed in your previous ask by asserting one point: Ned Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen do not occupy even a remotely similar place in the text. There is simply no way to compare their respective narrative importance to Jon; Ned is the guy who raised Jon and the father Jon looked up to and loved. For better or for worse, he is the only parent Jon ever had and the father that Jon wanted to make proud; his model is the one that Jon strove to live up to. And Jon loves Ned and loves the family Ned raised him in, that’s not going to change just because he discovers that he is not biologically Ned’s. Because he is still Ned’s son in all the way that matter. Ned, for all his mistakes, loved Jon and protected him and gave him a family at a high personal cost to himself. He besmirched his honor in order to save Jon’s life and essentially committed treason and put his life on the line by concealing him. He is an integral part of who Jon is and a vital linchpin to his identity. So Jon would certainly be angry (and he has every right to be), he’d probably lash out spectacularly, but I don’t think it’d lead him to stop seeing Ned as his father or that it’d change how he feels about him. The bonds Jon has with the Starks run deep and true and so I imagine that his dominant emotion once the initial shock wears off would be only sorrow.

But while Ned is personally dear to Jon, Rhaegar would be little more than a name to him, a name attached to a dark history at that. The significance of Rhaegar’s fatherhood in Jon’s arc is largely thematic because the truth about Jon’s parentage is gonna be a major hit to Jon’s self-conception and identity. Because the only identity Jon ever wanted or dreamed of is that of a Stark. He struggled with his bastardy and the conception of his identity in light of it but he was proud that he is Ned Stark’s kid. Finding out that he is not Ned’s son is a hit in and of itself but then to discover that his father is none other than Rhaegar Targaryen, oh that would be just brutal.

This is (one instance) where GRRM subverts the classic trope of the downtrodden boy with a hidden parentage and a grand destiny, because Jon’s origin story is a horror story that is going to devastate him. Not only does his real parentage remove him even further from the identity he desires, not only does it mean that the father and siblings he loves so well are not really (biologically) his own, it also comes with the sobering realization of the circumstances of his own birth. Like, the identity of Jon’s mother has always been a point of tension in his relationship with Ned, and he finally, FINALLY gets his answer, except it’s a punch in the gut. Because the circumstances of Jon’s conception and birth are fucked up. Rhaegar absconded with Lyanna without sparing a thought to the consequences of his actions, so focused he was on getting a third child for the prophecy that everything paled in comparison, even insulting two Great Houses and throwing the realm into war. Lyanna was his means to fulfill the prophecy and get the third head of the dragon in a situation that reeks of consent issues. It’s not a particularly happy origin story.

That’s the truth Jon will find out, the answer to his lifelong question. His mother is the sister of whom his adoptive father couldn’t talk because of how painful it was. His father was the crown prince who is known for carelessly breaking every chivalric code by absconding with Lyanna Stark, the guy whose actions sent the entire realm into war and created the situation that led to the murder of Rickard and Brandon Stark. His father pretty much used his mother as a vessel for a prophecy-child that she died birthing, and then his adoptive father had to claim him as his own bastard - damaging his own marriage and lying to both his wife and Jon himself - to prevent his best friend from murdering baby Jon for the grand crime of existing. Jon was literally born for the purpose of a prophecy so that he could fulfill a destiny his birth father was willing to throw the realm into war for. So how is Jon going to react to that? My belief is that he, in his initial anger and pain, is going to reject said destiny. He’ll reject his Targaryen heritage, he’ll reject the prophecy, he’ll reject Rhaegar and his ready-make destiny and the purpose for which he sired Jon.

And that would be the struggle in Jon’s arc and the choice he needs to make. Is he a hero because his lineage dictates it or a prophecy told it or Rhaegar decided he would be, or is he a hero because he chooses to be? Is he the maker of his own destiny or a puppet dancing to the stings of prophecy and his ancestors’ decisions? Is he fighting for humanity because he is the ready-make prophecy-child fulfilling the purpose of his birth or because it’s the right thing to do? Is he is driven by the prophecy or by hope that humanity can prevail and usher in spring after they throw back the winds of winter? Who is Jon Snow and why is he fighting?

Here’s the thing, Rhaegar prioritized the prophecy above any and everything else. He caused a lot of destruction in his pursuit of a prophecy-child and in the name of saving the same realm he doomed to war. Causing a political crisis that ended up making the realm bleed was an acceptable collateral damage to him as long as he got the third head of the dragon. Jon is going to have to come to terms with the fact that this guy is his father and that he was born specifically for a prophecy; he’ll have to accept his parentage because it’s a part of accepting himself - you have to accept where you came from before you conceive who you are. But Jon’s parentage isn’t going to be what defines him or who he is, his own choices are. Because choosing who you become when you’re faced by the abyss is perhaps the most prominent overarching theme of ASOIAF.

Jon is not going to be a hero because Rhaegar made him one by siring him, or because a prophecy foretold his birth. If my prediction that he’ll reject the prophesied destiny that Rhaegar was willing to throw the realm into war for is true, that means that Jon is not going to be a hero because of Rhaegar but despite him. He did not need either Rhaegar or the prophecy to put him up to fighting the Others or saving people, he was doing that on his own and by his own choice because he recognized that as the most important cause and the right thing to do. Jon’s heroism is his own choice, his destiny is of his own making; he’ll fight not because his lineage compels him to or because it’s the purpose of his birth but because he genuinely wants (and chooses) to do the right thing and save the world.

Real Reason 2016 Sucked

What if the years are correlating with the tarot cards of the same numbers? 16 is the number of The Tower, which is about a drastic life altering painful change taking place. But it’s also about foundations being broken, destruction to old ways, and a sudden change to everything. 2015? Another year agreed to royally suck? The Devil aligns with the tarot card 15, common readings say it’s about self entrapment, addictions, ego ran thoughts, hopelessness, and other negative patterns effecting one’s life.
2017 being 17 would alrign with The Star, a card about new beginnings and hopefulness, finding the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. It has connotations believed to be about inner peace, inspiration, acceptance and higher vibrations.

Of course this is just a silly theory but it gives me hope for the new year (and looking back at my own choices and experiences the last two years align pretty tightly with the cards)

true to my nurseydex trash nature,,
1. dex is the most relatable character
2. my boys are so pretty
3. that fuckin green hat,, AGAIN
4. christopher ships it
5. looks gay somehow idk
6. how does nursey get everything done with 0 minimal effort
7. send dex a relief team

Try harder.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader
Word count : 1,341
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 15 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

When River walked in, you were sitting at the table. Dinner was ready to serve, and you’d finished setting the table yourself, but you weren’t eating, or serving. Your chair was turned, your elbow on the table and your head in your hand. “Mom?” You looked up, realizing River was back, not really knowing how long he’d been standing there. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t want to talk about it, River. Sit and eat.” You turned and were staring at nothing in particular.

“Are you mad at dad for making things work with Genevieve?”

“River..” You warned him.

“I’m sorry I pushed mom, I was sure he loved you as much as you still love him. But you can’t be mad at him for wanting to fix his marriage. You told me he wasn’t ours, remember? We have to let him go? So stop fighting with him! Don’t hate him for what he had to do!” You clenched your jaw, taking a deep breath and trying to keep yourself calm. “Just let him-”

“I’m pregnant.” You said it between clenched teeth.

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Pan, I was looking through your art blog and I saw Catrinia in a swimsuit, but that made me think, she is a sugar skull right? so does that mean if she got doused in water would she disolve/fall apart?

Yeah, it be pretty hot if she held my head underwater until I pass out

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Do you have any favorite astro websites/blogs? I'm really looking to delve deeper into astrology! Thank you so much! :)

Websites: - really good for indepth analysis of aspects, looks at asteroids and pretty much looks into the darker side of astrology - has concise interpretations for practically anything, great resources. - not only can you store all your charts here, they have huge informative articles that really broaden the horizon for astrology


@ninthhousemoon - A+ blog, is so open minded with astrology

@astrofairies - Does the best character studies around, she’s been around for a good while and she knows her shit 

@ceresinlibra - so in depth with his answers, explains things very clearly

@transcendicalprosperity - You can’t hope to learn about astrology extensively without following Scott, he’s literally my mentor

@astro-hotline - really knows her shit when it comes to astrology and will explain in detail if needs be

@wizkhalibra - such a nice person to talk to and has tons of knowledge

There are so many more but they aren’t coming to mind atm, I’ll add on when I remember

well i recently hit 500 followers!!! i know to some people that’s not much but considering a few months ago i didn’t even know how to navigate this website properly i’m doin pretty well imo!! 

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a little contribution to #studyblr get real

ok, so i was an art student and i really like making pretty notes, the ‘aesthetic’ does motivate me a lot - that’s why i reblog the pretty mildliner stuff and the neat af handwriting

just because that’s my personal preference how my blog looks and what motivates me, does NOT mean that’s the only way to study

my lecture notes do not look like that. i rewrite notes to look pretty but only when i have the time/energy

a large amount of my studying involves reading on the bus to lectures, quizlet sets while i dry my hair, watching documentaries and youtube explanations of things while i paint because painting keeps me sane

i want to be positive on here, but i try to be honest too. i did well all through school, that’s true, but my a2 grades were not as high as i needed to get into my top choice universities and i am not happy where i am. i felt awful for so long after getting my grades back and frankly i still feel an ache in the pit of my stomach when i think about it. i’m currently doing fine academically but for someone who used to be top of the class it’s discouraging to me to be just fine. i don’t like the city i’m in, my uni’s mental health support is lackluster at best, and the only things keeping me going are my one close friend here and the choir. 

i got 53/100 on my ancient greek exam this semester. that’s a third. i passed, but badly. i am studying for the second exam and hopefully that’ll bring my grade up, but look - i studied for that exam. i got in the 60s for the mock exam. i should have gotten a 2:1. but i didn’t. life got in the way and i was not on top of my game and it happens. SHIT HAPPENS. 

so yes. when you look at the pretty notes i post and the neatly organised desk and stuff, that’s not a lie, but there’s so much more behind it. i am struggling a lot with mental health issues, i don’t always do well academically even when i work hard, and sometimes i don’t work anywhere near as hard as i should because i just don’t have the energy or the motivation.

if you’re going through it too, or anything else, you’re not alone. we got this. 


tbh i need new music for my long ass flight next week aaaand blogs to follow so i’ll do blogrates for the first time and prob the last time ever? be warned this will take me like 7 days to accomplish but like.. i’ll do them. 


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Hi Emma, I want to start a studyblr too. Please give me some tips. :(

Hello! These are my top tips:

  • set with a related url and icon - whilst some people choose not to have a study related url, it can help to have something that gives people an idea what your blog is about! Also personalised icons are super popular and a cool way to differentiate your blog! @annistudio makes awesome custom icons for a minimum of $3 which is great for the quality of work she does! Otherwise you can make your own!
  • have a user-friendly theme - my pet peeve is themes! I also like mine to look pretty, be functional and free from glitches. Make sure your followers can see everything clearly, navigate through your posts quickly and there are clear links to all your pages. My favourite theme makers include @modernisethemes​​, @neonbikethemes​​, @acuite​​, @pohroro​, @magnusthemes​, @bychloethemes​, @sorrism and @themesbyflorels.
  • make an introductory post - these are super cute in the studyblr community and people love to find new blogs and read a little about someone. Tag your favourite blogs or your most inspirational blogs and hope they’ll see it and reblog it too!
  • upload your own tips/advice posts - people love reading tips and tricks that other studyblrs use so feel free to share you own! If you make a post, feel free to submit a link to my masterpost blog @studyblrmasterposts
  • use popular tags - this includes #studyblr, #studyspo, etc. This can help give your post a little bit of extra exposure. Tag some of the urls of your favourite blogs. For instance if you take a post with #emmastudies I’ll see it and reblog it!
  • join studyblr networks - I’ve seen a few of these pop up around and about so if you see one, join in! It is also a great way to make friends and get some mutual followers!
  • use a queue - if you use the queue option you don’t need to be on Tumblr 24/7 and that means you can still have an active blog when you’re not around. If you’re having an off-Tumblr day or week, it doesn’t matter because you’ll still be seemingly online!
  • join my studyblr directory list - I created a list of studyblrs which you can see here. It is a collection of different accounts in categories like their education level, their examination system, what country they’re from or the language they study, etc. If you’d like to add yours too it, go to here!

I think running one is great, I’d totally recommend it! :-) xx

( bias list? pffft, more like a lame appreciation post! wow, so um, i never really thought i’d reach this far with say’ri?? i remember back in october of last year, i decided merely on a whim to play an obscure character in the fire emblem franchise… especially since i felt like i couldn’t do any other muse justice at the time and the fact i’ve been wanting to be a part of the fandom back while i had been an observer as an oc whom some of you might know by the url of unladylikc. 

true, now that i’ve been in it, i do recognize the fact that it is less than perfect, realistically speaking? but all the same, however, it will always hold a precious place in my heart for it is the first fandom i’ve ever really joined and where i met some of the most talented writers that i had the fortune of writing with. anyways, i had always been such an insecure little bean, that more often than not, i would question if i truly belonged here.

by now of course, i kinda know my doubts are unfounded and i want to thank everyone for sticking with me through thick and thin. like i have oftentimes been saying, say’ri is a difficult muse to play, yet you all put up with that, despite my initial portrayal being a shaky one. well, before i start delving into a long winded speech, i think i’m just going to get on with addressing/mentioning cool folks beneath the cut… though do keep in mind i’m just going off by memory here for this list, so forgive me if i forget anyone. )

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Out of ideas for your crappy WoW blog? Resort to awful puns!

What does Vereesa Windrunner take when she can’t sleep? Nyquel’dorei!

How does Sir Finley store his discoveries? He Murlocks them away!

What did the Orc look-out say when he spotted an enemy? Look’thar!

Why can’t a Bloodhoof be warchief? Because they’re the Baine of the horde.

What do you call a Shaman’s fart? Stormwind!

Here’s a photo of one of my kitties, showing me her soft belly fur. Thank you for your blog, it’s really great. I found it because of Lucifer the Bunny, and I’m staying for the frank discussions of veterinary care.

That belly does look very soft and tempting, but I’m pretty sure…

Originally posted by gameraboy

(May the Forth be with you.)

electryke  asked:

I understand that you're big into fitness and a healthy lifestyle! What does a normal week's workout routine look like for you? Love you and your blog.

Hi there, thank you so much for the kind words!
Here’s my typical workout routine:

Monday - Arms/Back
Tuesday - Glutes/Hamstring focused
Wednesday - Triceps/Abs/Shoulders
Thursday - Rest day
Friday - Glute isolation
Saturday - Back/Abs
Sunday - Glutes/Hamstrings

I’m pretty quad dominant, so I avoid doing the leg press. Here are a few of my favourite leg day activities:
Glute press down
Hip thrusts
V-hack Squats (sumo style)
Sumo Deadlifts
Straight leg deadlifts
Pause squats on smith machine
Glute kickbacks
Hip abductor (go heavy)
Leg curl (drop set)
Cable walk out