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do you have any new fics coming out soon? feels like its been forever! i refresh your blog and ao3 every day hahaha..

I’m working on: 

1. a dirk/jake/brain ghost dirk thing for my wife (my actual homestuck ot3) (sshhh) (will be nsfw) (because uh of course it will)

2. A STUPID davekat fic that spawned in my brain from someone asking the question “ok, but what does their sexting look like” (spoilers, stupid and ridiculous) (will be nsfw OBVIOUSLY)

3. The third part of my post-canon series (All The Things That Divide Us, The Second Time Around) which I’ve written the first half of like 4 separate times, not sure EXACTLY what direction I’m taking with it… I know all the major plot beats but I’m trying to decide what ancillary Dirk relationships I want to focus on (that is, relationships other than DirkJake which is still the primary focus…) there are too many good options. The first fic had Dirk&Roxy and Dirk&Karkat (and Dave to a lesser extent), the second fic was more Dirk&Roxy with some Dirk&Jade, for this one I’m trying to decide whether to do Dirk&Jane as the main “other” focus or like… have Dirk actually start dealing with John, or get Rose in somehow. I have versions with the first two drafted. BASICALLY, I’M WORKING ON THIS

4. A davekat fic that’s basically about “what if trolls actually do have a biological need for blackrom interaction to be fully satisfied romantically/sexually and how does this inevitable vacillation look in dave & karkat’s relationship” which is going to have hurt/comfort elements probably because I know what I like

5. A dirkjake PWP set in earth c that I have outlined (I can’t believe I outlined a pwp what the fuck) but haven’t started actually writing yet

6. A davekat PWP set on the meteor in the retcon timeline that’s basically the “you should go cuddle up with your sleeping self in the pile” conversation from openbound but uh… the post-retcon version. lmao. it will hopefully be spicy. I have it like 75% written. 

AND THATS IT FOR CURRENT WIPS holy shit I need to finish some of these

I love every taako


vento aureo is pretty good so far….also i found out i really like drawing giorno


I saw this lovely comic by Max, and I thought I should add a little something of my own.

They get gold rings, eventually.

My new obsession.....

A HUGE shout out to the awesomely talented @coolpartytimefan.  She made these amazing gifs for me and I cannot thank her enough.  I have watched this scene every night since Sunday and I honestly cannot get enough of watching him make their pallet on the floor.  I know this was a totally serious interaction between them but I sure wish I could’ve been that little angel or devil on Michonne’s shoulder whispering….”Girl go on over there and lay down.”