does it look like i'm crying

“Does this look inanimate to you, punk?!”
Hi! ^^ I noticed some fan art you’d done a while back, so I figured I’d add to it. Hope you like it. ^^ 

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Your style is SO cute and oh–okay I’m gonna ramble because my brain is EVERYWHERE—holy lord—SCEERED MELVIN OOOOOOO I’m gonna cry!! and his bandages!! On his widdle fingers because he’s been feeding this monster plant!! Omg I love that detail andAAAAAAAAA!! 

I’m so flipping out because omg MORE CU and little shop of horrors crossover OMG!! This is so necessary and good!! And you draw a radical Audrey II!! And a radical soft scared Melvin too ofc but I am totally floored with Twoey!! Thank you so much for creating this and submitting it to me oml 

Sorry I stumbled on a gif set the other day and couldn’t get this out of my head.

THEY BOTH DO IT. Who taught these boys this move? Do you think it was Peggy?

Peggy (1940s): If I tell them falling over is a Good Fighting Tactic™ do you think they’ll believe me?

Peggy (2010s): Huh.


I’ve heard Skam being compared to the UK series Skins a lot, and while usually Skam is referred to as a better quality version of Skins, one thing I think Skins got right that I hope Skam does as well is, at the end of the series, giving all its actors their “curtain calls”. Just in case they don’t, I decided to make one myself. This video is sort of how I imagine/hope the very last moments of the series look like.

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: How does Violet Baudelaire put her hair up with a ribbon so perfectly? She just whips it out and it takes two seconds and her hair looks impeccable, is this some sort of witchcraft? When I try to put my hair up with a ribbon it takes 5 hours of crying and accidentally pulling out some of my hair and even then it looks like a complete mess how does she do it????

“the gems’ palettes are so oversaturated and gross looking now !!!! it’s terrible show design !!!” 

steven universe is actually great with color design and utilizes a lot of specific color palettes for specific SETTINGS. it does so much better with varied palettes than most shows out ive watched (and there’s a LOT). 

what you’re complaining about here is the day palette or “default colors”. don’t quote me on the terminology there. this is what they look like without specific lighting hitting them it’s just white light that;s the point of the day palette i’m sorry charlie please stop crying 


“peridot’s warp tour palette ????????”

Guys this ST season 2 trailer has me SHOOK

1. When Mike screamed Elevens name and then it cuts to her I cried
2. Either Mike or Eleven (seriously who was that) was curled up in a ball crying and I am not okay with that
4. Okay Will’s drawing looked exactly like that thing in the sky
6. What are the boys cycling so furiously away from
7. Why are glass shards flying at Hopper um leave our father alone
8. what the FUCK is that thing in the fucking SKY
9. When the door was opening itself, the child staring at it looked an awful lot more like Will than it did Eleven does he have powers or does that thing in the sky


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Sometimes I actually forget how huge Vixx are? Like they're all above 180cm w t f I'm 150cm THEYRE FUCKING HUGE THEIR HAND CAN PROBABLY PALM MY HEAD LIKE A BASKETBALL

I’m crying I know what u mean anon I’m 163cm what the HELL
hi ok lets talk about vixx hands
so look at cute lil Jaehwan here right, so he’s got some BIG HANDS ok

^^^ completely!! Covers!! Her!! Face!!!!!!!!

they are very pretty just like him <:

anyway riddle me this @realvixx why THE FUCK DOES HYUK MAKE HIS HANDS LOOK TINY THEN??


Like what the sweet bejeezus are they feeding this child??

pretty sure thats an iphone+ i need to fight something

AND THIS ONE FUCKED ME UP THATS A GRANDE (medium) SIZED CUP??? When I drink those my one hand can barely wrap around what the hell??

and its!! Bigger!! Than Hongbins!! FAC E !!!!

Don’t even get me started on yaoi hands over here I am tired

this turned into a hyuks hand post but do you see. my pain. 

vixx big


(also, a moment of silence for lee hongbin)

(me neither hongbin, I don’t understand how they can be that small as well)

In my opinion, Spring Day is to show fans how much Bangtan really does love each other. While it looks like the members are alone in one shot, they really aren’t because the other boys come into frame. It looks like the boys are just reminiscing about the past and can’t wait to see each other again so they can have more fun together. “You know it all, you’re my best friend, the morning will come again.” 

The message is sort of like, whenever you feel alone, remember that you never are. Your friends, family, Bangtan will always be there waiting for you. You never walk alone.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: jenna marbles never fails to make me cry because she's such a great person who you can tell is so accepting and loving of all types of people and she has never cared about anything other than being happy and that's so admirable and beautiful and i would love to grow up and be like her. she gets a lot of shit for the way she looks and acts in her videos but she is never hurting anybody and if she does on accident she's always so quick to apologize and learn from it. her relationship with julien is so real and pure and you can see how happy they make each other. she never thought her youtube career would go anywhere but now she can do literally whatever she wants in life because she's hilarious and is 100% herself all the time and people love her for it. i just really wanna be like jenna marbles because she has never had the world all figured out and she knows she never will and she doesn't just accept that, she embraces it and is so honest with herself and other people. she's not a perfect person obviously but i think she's one of the main role models in my life at this moment in time

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Sian, how we get so lucky doe? I'm crying??? Richonne is life and I am living! 😭😭😭😭😭

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I am screaming! We are so blessed right now! @shipnation, just think of how many times an effing TV show did one of our OTPs wrong; how awful and painful it could be as a shipper.

Now look at Richonne. They are everything a pairing should be; I can’t even put it into words. We are so lucky to have SG being Richonne trash just like us. We are so blessed that they are being written and portrayed how we always imagined they would.

Best. Ship. Ever. Encompassing both: The Ultimate Power Couple and Two Dorks In Love *sighs*

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I'm sorry to pop in, but didn't Mario cry in Paper Jam? While he was comforting Luigi after Wiggler's "death"... His animation really made it seem like he was shedding a few tears as well. Just not as vigorously. I dunno, though, I might have seen it wrong or something, heh. TwT

He does look like he’s crying!

The first animation has him with a sorrowful look on his face

While his second has his head down. It’s hard to tell if he is shedding a few tears or not but….I think it’s best to leave that to interpretation!

Remember, Mario is still human, and is prone to emotion just as much as Luigi. But he’s the older brother, so he has put on a much stronger exterior.

It’s always nice to see Mario comforting Luigi in this way.

But then Wiggler is alive and everything is fine! Yay!

no one told me jinwoo was a house dancer

i did some digging bc i was very surprised and impressed with his solo on immortal song bc he never did that only rocky and moonbin ever did that

i don’t?????understand?????? this was 2011 ok and look at him. he was literally 15 ok he has endless potential 

look at him go wow his legs literally never stop what is this shit

he keeps spinning and i keep crying

why does jinjin never freestyle. why does he never dance alone like rocky or moonbin. this is going to bother me forever has anyone actually seen these

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BLONDE HOBI IS MY SEXUALITY. I mean he was blonde before but it was more of a dirty blonde if I'm not mistaken??? (I could be doe) but yeah it was a lot darker and I always thought that if he had like bright blonde hair it wouldn't look right on him but I was FUCKING WRONG. That bright blonde looks so good on his GOLDEN ass beautiful ass tan ass skin it compliments it so well it just looks so good on him. BLONDE HOBI is MY religion


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ffufcck i'm so glad genyatta is a thing in the au they're so cute;; SUCH NERDS TBH i like to think genji tries to flirt with zenyatta at any given chance... but when zenyatta does it purely by saying stuff like "you look very nice today genji!" genji just kinda.. blushes deeply and stutters and trips over a trashcan and YELLS BC THIS DAMN OMNIC IS TOO CUTE PLS SAVE HIM

im going to cry that’s so fucKING SWEET AA,, i had to,,,,dra,,,,w,,,,,