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I've had a pretty shitty day, could I have some friend!Dark headcanons?

Sure thing, hope your day gets better!

-so Dark likes to keep up his edgy grumpy front

-but occasionally he’ll soften just a bit

-Oliver has someone use his program used against him for the first time and Dark is furious

-he lets him know that his programming doesn’t dictate who he is and that no mere human should force him to do something he doesn’t want to

-he does piano/violin duets with the Host to sooth his nerves

-“You’re looking good, Trimmer”, he says, passing Bim in the hall who’s picking at the sleeve of his new suit

-he goes on walks with the Host, helps him navigate through busy areas where it takes more concentration to narrate

-he lets the others rant and vent and while he pretends not listen, he always remembers

-so now he knows every detail about Yan’s senpai

-and various levels of Japanese

-he’s somewhat concerned about the things the red man whispers in Artie’s ear

waxing poetry

Inspired by this, and encouraged, as always, by Chris.


Derek’s isn’t particularly surprised when he hears that Stiles broke his arm during lacrosse practice at college. He’d sighed upon hearing the news but that was about as far as it went. It’s not like he could change anything about the fact. Although, admittedly, it is surprising that Stiles has broken his arm playing sports and not battling supernatural evil; and that he went so long without cracking his bones before. In the years Derek’s known him now, Stiles has never had a broken bone before. He was concussed, a little battered, had bruises but that was about it.

He is surprised, however, by the facial hair.

Stiles comes back from college for his summer break two weeks after his accident, and there’s–hair in his face. Derek didn’t see that one coming. At all.

“I swear to god, Derek, if you say one word, I’m going to break your arm using my cast,” Stiles threatens when he walks into Derek’s apartment. It’s the pack’s dinner-movie-night, and Derek is, much to his dismay, the host this time.

Derek smirks as Stiles shoulders past him. “One, it would heal within a minute, so there’s no point in you coming at me; and two, it’d probably hurt you more than me.”

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