does it have bed bugs

Okay kiddies, I’m gonna teach you how to get rid of bedbugs today, bc I feel like I’m qualified to do that. 

Step 1) figure out if you have bedbugs. Have you been getting a lot of random bug bites lately? does the side of your bed look like this? 

congrats! You have bed bugs!

Step 2) Clean EVERYTHING! Literally everything! Wash ALL OF YOUR CLOTHING AND SHEETS on hot! ALL OF THEM! EVEN IF THEY WERE CLEAN! Empty out your drawers and wash the insides! Wipe off the bottom side of your desk! Bedbugs like wood and they will ruin your wood stuff, so do this really really well!

Step 3) Spray your furniture! You can use bedbug spray or just rubbing alcohol, but do that! I personally use both! Spray your furniture and move it out of your room when it’s done drying! Make sure to get the bottom of your box spring and your mattress!

Step 4) vacuum 

Step 5) spray your floor and let it dry then vacuum again!

Step 6) wrap your box spring in plastic and tape all the sides shut! This will make sure that any bugs in there can’t get out and will die from lack of nutrition and that no bedbugs can get in. Wrap your mattress too, if you can’t drop the cash on a bedbug cover atm. If you can, though, do that! Much quieter than plastic. 

Step 7) Put everything back and then vacuum one last time!

Final step) Spray behind your furniture and stuff every week, you don’t need to move everything out, but spray against the baseboards and floors and vacuum and junk. Spray more than once a week if the idea of bedbugs makes your skin crawl! Do that until you are 100% sure you have no more bedbugs and then add another month bc they’re sneaky. 

*note*: I am a child and junk and my family has been fighting bedbugs for the past 2 years and it sucks yo! do this as soon as you think you might have them or even if you want to make sure you don’t bc they suck so hard. 


TPoH music time!

Considering I let slip about RGB actually singing this at some point in the faraway future (hopefully far enough for you to forget before we get there dohoho), I figure it’s only reasonable to add this one to the mix.