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How about top 5 cutest characters you want to hug so tightly

Ah, if only I could, I would hug the hell out of ALL of them!!! BUT if I was only blessed with 5 hugs, I would choose:

1. Bokuto. Of course. I would squish his cute owl face and hug him so tight and never let him go. I bet he gives the best, longest and warmest hugs. That kind of hug that makes you feel so safe, like nothing in the wold could ever harm you till you’re there.

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2. Nishinoya. HE’S SO TINYYYYYYY and fierce and so affectionate we would probably end up jumping around and screaming in each other’s ears but still  

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3. Hinata. My sunshine son, if I was to hug him, chances are that I would instantly bust into tears because I’m so so so proud of him. Literally, no one makes my heart explode with pride and happiness like Hinata does. Plus I bet he’s such a soft, cuddly little baby. But since I know Kags would give me the death stare, I’ll let him go as fast as I could

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(actual picture of what would happen)

4. Tendou. This boy…went through…so much…and still…look at him…hiding his scars behind that cheerful smile…my tender son…my most precious swan…I would probably cry even more with him, because his pain spoke to me on a soul level and but when I try to console someone I always end up sobbing way more than them but still I want to protect him from the whole fucking world but he’s just that kind of person who will end up protecting me instead (ಥ﹏ಥ) 

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 5. Sugawara. Because sometimes you just need to go back into your mother’s arms even if he would probably hit me in the ribs telling me it’s time to log off tumblr 

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- bonus: every time I see Yaku I have this urge to hug him but I bet he would probably fight me to death if I dared to touch him so there’s that

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- p.s. I know, I know. There are two people who are always in my top 5s but they’re missing on here. When it comes to Oikawa, I have a strong feeling of reverence towards him. He’s a great person to just like sit and kind of like just admire what he’s like…he has this royal aura that makes him untouchable to me. On the other hand, when it comes to Kuroo I just want to stay as far as I can from him, literally, is for the best. Don’t even get him on my eyesight, I’ll probably never recover from that. 

Thank you for your messages!

Ask me my top 5 things!

firsts - dragon swan queen friendship, with a baby

@lucyllawless​ requested Mal and Regina seeing the hat, which means very very new baby and everyone crying. Dragon Swan Queen friendship, romantic Dragon Queen. Dragon Queen baby. (Zelena using her fake midwife skills.) 

(mild descriptions of the immediate aftermath of childbirth)

She’s so little, bright red and squirmy. Regina’s tears fall on her head, and Mal cradles her against her swollen breasts. Zelena brought them the blanket. It has tiny dragons on it, and she pats the baby’s back, drying some of the gunk from her skin.

She was angry a moment ago, bleating like a little lamb, not a baby, but now she has her mothers and she’s quiet while Zelena whispers how wonderful she is. The umbilical cord pulses on the bed, weird and grey and alien. Emma barely remembers this part from Henry’s birth. Everything hurt and he was crying. She didn’t hold him. She never clutched him tight like Maleficent does.

Mal and Regina whisper about love, and Regina kisses her forehead, over and over. Everything’s slick, and even Emma’s sweaty. Her hands are damp because she held Mal’s shoulders so Regina could see their daughter arrive. Zelena and Nurse Ratched caught her, then everything stopped, because she’s here. Right here. She fumbles at Mal’s breasts, rooting around for a swollen nipple.

Regina laughs, sobs, something and then her hand grabs Emma’s arm. “Look at her.”

“Head’s a little squashed,” Zelena says, readying a very shiny pair of scissors to cut the cord and part them. All of Emma aches, but this baby’s not leaving. No one’s giving her up, no one’s taking her. Her life will be here, with her family.

“That happens when pushing takes awhile.” Nurse Ratched helps clean off the baby and cooes at her. “She looks nearly perfect.” She makes something down on a form, and she and Zelena watch the cord still before they clamp it off.

Zelena touches the back of the baby’s head and smirks. “I don’t think she noticed, seems like she’s ready to eat.”

“Is she all right?” Regina’s voice cracks and Emma wraps her arm around her, trying to keep her steady.

“Perfect,” Ratched promises. “Color’s good, lungs are strong. She’s awake, alert, ready to eat.”

“What do we do? Am I doing this right?” Mal looks at her breasts with absolute confusion, and between the three of them, they shift and guide until that little red mouth grabs a nipple.

Mal makes a face and then they’re all laughing.

“Just needs a hat,” Zelena says, looking at the pile of little blankets. “Did we bring one? Wouldn’t want her to get cold.”

A hat.

“Oh I–” Emma blushes and pulls the little hat out of her jeans pocket. She almost forgot. She wishes she’d forgotten, because it’s an ugly, lumpy little thing because she kept screwing up the stitches and it’s not even hard. It’s just a hat, and she tried to get an apple on it, but it’s really hard. “I made a hat.”

“Emma–” Regina’s voice is almost too thick to be heard. “You made a hat?”

“It’s terrible.”

“Emma, please.” Mal somehow sounds more coherent than Regina, which seems impossible, but she reaches her hand. “Let us see.”

“I’m terrible at knitting.”

“No, Emma, no.” Regina takes it and she clings to the little hat, wiping her tears with her hand. She smiles so bright that it hurts to look at her face. “It’s beautiful. It’s her first present.”

“I brought the blanket.” Zelena mutters and Regina touches her and Maleficent laughs.

“You did, but Emma made this.”

“It’s crooked, and lumpy.”

“I love it.” Regina slips it onto the baby’s damp little head, covering her dark hair. “It fits her.”

“It’s too big.”

Maleficent reaches for Emma and grabs her hand with a gentleness she hasn’t had for the last few hours of labor. “It’s wonderful. Thank you.”

Shrugging, Emma looks down, then back up at their faces. “I’m sorry I didn’t make a better one.”


“It just happened so fast.”

Regina glances at the clock, and she squeezes Emma, almost hugging her. “Twenty-one hours. You could have made several hats.”

“Was it?” Mal looks up from the baby, eyes wide.

“Shhh,” Regina insists, leaning int to kiss her. “Everything’s fine. Everything’s wonderful. You were perfect, you’re both perfect.”

“She’s getting sappy,” Zelena mutters, rolling her eyes.

“She’s allowed.” Ratched nudges Zelena and they take the placenta over to the table, while it lies like a dead alien creature.

Emma watches Regina and Mal kiss again, then stare down at the baby and her ugly little hat between them. It’s dreadful. They can’t possibly like it.

“Thank you, Emma.” Maleficent pulls her close and both of them hug her, sweaty, sticky, still wet with tears, and the baby’s in the middle.

“Her godmother should be the first one to give her a gift,” Regina insists, clearing her throat. “So it’s wonderful.”

She can’t escape. They’re both staring at her. They didn’t pick Zelena, Granny or Ursula, someone who knew what she was doing. They picked Emma. They want Emma to be something to this tiny new baby in an ugly hat.


“Please.” Mal smiles at her with liquid blue eyes and fuck. No one should be able to ask her anything with that kind of look. “We want you to be a big part of her life. We love you.”

Hormones. Totally hormones, except that Mal doesn’t need to blame them. She says these things.

Regina strokes the baby’s head. “It would mean a lot to both of us if you’d accept.”

Staring at the baby, Emma nods, now her voice catches. “Okay. I’ll practice knitting.”

“Emma, we love it.”

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If the turts had babies with their S/O's! How would the turts react to their child playing with their weapon even after being instructed not to, and actually getting hurt in the process? Does dad or mom give discipline?

I’m really working on these asks, I’m not used to them so its the first time with me working on them. I hope you still like it!!! Also I’ve made the ages different for each turtle !! hope this was okay  !!!

Age: 12

“How did you even get hold of these?!” 

“You left them on the table” they sobbed, winching at the pain as they shamefully looked down as Donnie was stitching up the small but deep wound on their hand. I don’t think Leo would be able to give punishment, he’d be kicking himself too much. He’d take it out on himself, beating himself up both emotionally and physically going extra hard in the dojo as the mama was sorting things out. The ma is going to make them do every chore imaginable, just to make them understand that those weapons are not toys and shouldn’t be treated like such. Of cause, raising such an understanding kid, they took their punishment without a word. Because damn their hand really freaking hurt and they’re gonna regret ever touching them.

Leo is going to need a talking too though, I Honestly believe he’ll beat himself up for it for a while. Maybe up until the wound has completely healed, so they’ll have to smack him around the face a little and tell him these things happen, and assure him it’ll never happen again. 

“But please, be careful where you put them in the future?” He’d kiss her after saying that, like sealing the deal type of thing. 

Age: 10


“I’m sorry!” They were wincing, tears in their eyes as the already felt the bruise forming on their head. And of cause, they would go straight to Donnie to see if there was any long term damage, of cause they had a concussion. Mikey would be the soft one out of the two of them, so mama bear would be the one to give the punishment. It would be her taking away their kids video games and comic books,and i assure you, that would bring the biggest temper tantrum in the world. But even Mikey would back her up on this one, they weren’t a toy! After this he would keep them on him at all times, and even ask donnie if he had a safe he could use for them on a night. I also bet everything he would be so smothering afterwards, even with protests from their kid. 

Age: 13

“This is why I said no to playing with these”

“I know..” I feel like Raph’s kid would cut his face? Maybe they raised their hand too high and just grazed their cheek? nothing too harmful, not enough to leave stitches. But there would definitely be a lot of blood.

Out of all the kids, I feel like Raphs would be the one to actually go out of their way to get the weapons. mama bear isn’t going to go near this punishment - she’s gonna leave it all to Raph and not get involved. He’d ban anything fun for a very, very long time. Not letting them near a tv or internet, not letting ‘em hang out with any friends either. He’s gonna be so let down with them, all he asks of his child is to respect him and their mother. He doesn’t think that’s asking for much. The kids going to ignore them both for a while, but soon enough their heads going to be hung low and they’re going to apologize profoundly. 

“You did great baby” they’re s/o would smile, kissing his cheeks as they watched their kid run to their phone after about a month of not having it. 

Age: 11

“I thought I told you not to touch this, do you even understand how dangerous this is, i can’t believe–” 

“…..” I truly believe Donnie would talk the hell out of them, I don’t think he’d really punish them like the other turtles. Just lecture them. A lot. Literally to the point where they actually are sorry and wont want to go near the thing again. Of cause, the mama bear wouldn’t want to do anything either, knowing his lectures would be enough. However something has to be done for them to really understand what they did was wrong, so mama would personally take away any gadgets that they had. Between them not having their stuff and their dad nagging in their ear constantly, they’d get the message and apologize for what they did. 


The tension was unbearable as Christine cried silently in the corner, distraught over Erik’s confession that he didn’t want nor like children. She had just discovered that morning she was pregnant and Erik’s reaction to this news hadn’t been great. He knew now was the time to come clean and really explain why he was so afraid to have children. Sighing, he ran a hand over his face, shutting his eyes tight as the words tumbled out of his mouth.

“Christine, what I said about children isn’t entirely true. There is more to it than that…The reason I don’t want children is because…” He sighed shakily and gulped, “I am terrified that the child would end up looking like me. And that is something that I would never be able to forgive myself for.” He didn’t even watch to see her reaction, instead stared at a spot on the ground. He felt the mattress sag next to him as she sat down and felt her hand rest over his hand, but he still did not look at her.

“That’s truly what you’re afraid of? That the child will look like you?”

“You have no idea the fear and the… shame that that brings me. If I can barely look at myself in the mirror without feeling repulsed, then how on earth would I be able to look at my own child?” Christine said nothing, the only noise in the room being the wind that whistled through hidden cracks in the ceiling. When Erik felt his hand being pulled, he did not question it, only allowed Christine to lead him away to wherever she was headed. He was not expecting her to take him to her walk in wardrobe which contained the only mirror in the house and he physically balked, restraining against her pull.

“Christine, what are you doing?”

“I need to show you something.” She opened the shuttered doors, flicked on the light switch and took Erik around the corner. It wasn’t very big inside but it was enough for Christine and she loved having a floor length mirror that reflected the light even more. She pulled Erik in front of the mirror and he looked away, avoiding his reflection as if it were the plague. “Please, don’t.” Christine went to stand behind him, threading her arms around his stomach that tensed underneath her touch before running her hands up to his chest.

“Look into the mirror, love. I want you to tell me what you see.” She said soothingly.

“I am not playing this game!” Erik barked back, but calmed immediately when she placed a gentle kiss on the top of his spine.

“Please, love. Just look.” It took him a while but he acquiesced and grimaced in disgust when he saw his reflection. It looked worse than it ever had done, his skin pale and taught in places, it didn’t take him long to look away.

“I see an ugly, disgusting man who has corrupted you and has already probably corrupted the little being inside of you.” He spat out moodily, clenching his long fingers into tight fists. Christine poked her head out from behind him and snuggled under his arm, pulling it over her shoulder so that she could rest her head on his chest.

“That’s funny because I don’t see that at all.” She murmured, threading her fingers through his own. “I see a wonderful, beautiful man who gave me everything I could ever ask for. I see a man who has suffered so much hardship and yet finds the love inside him to share it with me, someone who doesn’t deserve as much as she has been given. I see the man I fell in love with and the face that I adore because it makes you who you are.” She then stepped in front of him and took his face into her hands, placing kisses against his deformity. “I love every ridge, every bump, every blemish, I love your lips, I love your eyes.” Christine then placed a firm kiss against his lips, trying to ignore the saltiness that lingered from his tears that he hadn’t realised he had begun to cry, “And my god Erik, if our child does inherit your looks then I will know I have been truly blessed because I have two beautiful humans in my life. I will have a child that reminds me of my husband who I love beyond belief, who I will love utterly even if there were the slightest blemish and I will teach our child that they shouldn’t have to hate who they are because of how they appear. Just as I am now telling you that your appearance doesn’t make you some evil, corrupted ‘monster’ as you called yourself all those years ago. It makes you, you! And that is someone who is very beautiful.” Erik choked on a sob, trying desperately to keep back the tears and failed miserably as his knees buckled and fell to the floor, crying into his hands. Her hands found the back of his head and stroked his soft hair until he ceased to cry, then did something remarkable. He placed his hands on her hips and brought his lips to her stomach, kissing it gently as if it were the most delicate surface of all.

“I swear, I will love this child and protect it with my life, Christine. Even if it does look like me. I will love them fiercely and will never let them doubt themselves.” Christine smiled a watery smile and bent down to meet him, capturing his lips on her own.

“I know you will. That is what makes you beautiful.”

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can you please write a neymar imagine? i don't care what it's about, i just love reading your imagines <345

hello! thank you very much, this is super nice 😋💜 hope you like this! (even tho it’s not exactly happy or long — which i’m sorry about but i figured i could write a second part to this if people liked it lol)

You try to take deep, shaky breaths as you watch your fingers loosen and tighten around the cup of tea you’re holding, your heart beating fast in your chest, your throat tight. It feels like you’re not getting enough air to fill your lungs but the deeper you breathe the dizzier you become, and you can’t be dizzy. Not with Neymar sitting on the couch across from you, not with what he’d just told you.

He has his head down, like he can’t look you in the eyes. His shoulders are slouched while his underarms rest on his knees, his fingers intertwined with their tips kneading the backs of his hands nervously.

He doesn’t make a sound. Neither do you.

It is so odd to sit in silence with your favorite person — the one guy you always have something to tell to, always have a laugh with, always can turn to. Now the mere idea of forming sensible thoughts seems unattainable.

Exhaling deeply, you bury your head in your hands. Loose strands of hair that have somehow fallen out of your messy bun tickle your neck with the movement but you’re too tired to retie your hair, too tired to move in general.

“Are you still talking to me?” Neymar says after a while, his voice shaky and soft, like he’s hesitant to speak at all. You don’t look up at him but you can feel that he has, the weight of his stare heating your body.

You’re not sure what to answer. Of course you are still going to talk to him but if you are ready to do so just yet, you’re not certain. There are so many questions rushing through your mind, causing your head to throb, dizzying you. You long for something to hold on to, something to take your thoughts somewhere else, but you know there’s no escaping this situation now. You can’t flee, you can’t let this be the end of your relationship. Or at least not end your relationship like this. Honestly, you’re not sure you can go on now, sleep by his side every night, kiss him good morning before he has to leave for training, wear the shirt with his name on it to every game you can attend …

“Yeah,” you mumble into the palms of your hands, your eyes shut tight but tears still finding their way out of them and streaming down your cheeks.

“I’m so sorry,” he says, his voice breaking. You can hear the soft scroop of the pillows when Neymar shuffles over to where you’re sitting. He’s not coming close — thank God — but he is here, next to you, and his presence calms you down immediately. Which is strange considering he’s the reason you are feeling this way in the first place.

You take another deep breath. “How far along is she?”

“Couple weeks.”

“How many?”

His voice is hardly more than a whisper now, “Sixteen.”

A sob falls from your mouth, shakes your body, makes your heart pull and pinch. You can feel your energy drain away, leaving you weak, your muscles slack; continuing to sit upright becomes harder with every minute that passes.

“I’m so sorry,” Neymar repeats. You know he means it — it’s obvious in the way his voice sounds, obvious in his hesitancy and unease — but what you don’t know is what to make of it. So you just keep crying.

“You’re such a fucking asshole.”

His hand curls around your knee, squeezing gently, soothingly. “I’m really so sorry, babe. Please, I—”

“You cheated on me,” you say, the words barely audible as they’re being swallowed by the sobs that still shake your body. “You seriously cheated on me? Why? Why did you do that? God, I hate you so much.”

This time, he doesn’t say anything. You let your hands drop from your face and slap his hand, that’s still resting on your knee, away. Neymar flinches but doesn’t protest. Instead, he bites the inside of his cheek and stares out of the window. You watch his eyes well up with tears, watch as he presses his lips together, but you suppress the urge to comfort him even although it hurts to see him like this.

And suddenly, his silence pisses you off. He doesn’t have the right to cry at all, not with what he’s done to you, and he does owe you answers. Furious, you slap his arm. Not hard enough for it to hurt but he flinches again before he runs a hand over his face, dashing away tears.


“I don’t know. I was drunk.” With furrowed eyebrows and rapid breathing you look on as he bows his head and starts sobbing as well. His fingers run through his blonde strands of hair, keeping them out of his face but tugging on them slightly. You have no clue what to do so you just let him cry to himself as you do the same.

“Did you even go with her to see a doctor?”

Neymar doesn’t answer, only shakes his head.

“You’re an asshole.”

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. Seriously. I’m so, so sorry. I never meant to hurt you, that’s the last thing I’d ever want,” he rasps, still crying, still shaking, still not looking at you. “I love you, babe. I love you. I really do. Please, just—”

“Please,” you interrupt as you try to control your breathing, “Please, just … shut up.”

He does. He presses his lips together again and looks away, setting his eyes on a spot above the TV screen.

Everything Neymar told you today is hard to process. Obviously. Your boyfriend of two years has admitted to cheating on you and getting the woman he cheated with pregnant. And, well … sixteen weeks. You know what that means. Even if she had wanted to abort the pregnancy, it’s too late for that now. So, your boyfriend is definitely going to become a father to a child that isn’t yours. It’s hard to think about that but there’s nothing you can or would do about it, anyway. That’s his thing to work out now, not yours.

For what’s probably the ten-thousandth time today, you take a deep breath, letting the oxygen erase all the dizziness inside your brain, and stand up.

Neymar, with his eyes red and his cheeks pale, looks up at you, panic glistening in his gorgeous golden eyes. “What are you doing?”

You wipe away a tear and shrug. “I need to think. Don’t call me, Ney, please.”

Instantly, he jumps off the couch, too. When he’s standing in front of you and has his hands on your shoulders, he asks, “What?” Again, his voice breaks.

You can’t answer. It is almost like his troubled expression mixed with that look in his eyes has you paralyzed.

Softly, he shakes you. “What are you talking about?”

You feel another tear roll down your cheek, into the corner of your mouth. A second later you taste the saltiness. “This is a lot to handle and I can’t deal with this right now.”

At that, Neymar freezes. “Are you — are you breaking up with me?”

The question makes your head hurt and your heart tighten. “I don’t know.”

Neymar stares at you. You see his jaw move when he clenches his teeth, his Adam’s apple bopping up and down as he swallows hard. His breathing becomes heavier, therefore more audible, and even though he averts his eyes from yours and turns his head, you notice the tears.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N.”

And then you hear he’s crying. He sits back down, rests his underarms on his knees and bends over to bury his head in his arms as the sobs start to make his body tremble again.

“I love you so much,” he blubbers out in between gulped back sobs.

But because you can’t listen to him say those words right now, you leave.


Hey y'all here are some of my redesigns for the yandere sim girls!!! Its gonna be long and im on mobile so *sweats*
I gave them all street clothes (I made most of the designs in a doll maker rip) but i might redraw their terrible uniforms too!!
Ayano Aishi is a bit “dull”, but she acts like an actual yandere - she’s liked by her teachers and her classmates, and does not try to cause scenes.
I gave Info-chan a name! Her name is Michiko Honda and she’s Ayano’s best friend. Nobody knows Info-chan’s identity, but Ayano finds out at the beginning of the game because Michiko feels that she can trust Ayano (they’re super friends). Also you ‘pay’ her with money or food, not panty shots thats gross. Michiko is fully aware of Ayano’s secret, and just wants to help her find the boy of her dreams, and often turns a blind eye when she asks for more questionable things.

Now, rivals! Osana has shorter hair now (I wanted to make her more “realistic” if that makes sense???) and is still Senpai’s best friend. She has bipolar disorder, and goes to therapy to help deal with it.
Amai is mixed-race and chubby. Her favourite culinary art is baking, and she loves sharing them with the rest of the school. She is bulimic but is getting the help she needs!
Kizana is one of those girls that wears fake flower crowns and those wire cat ear headbands unironically. Her and Mida are good friends and she hates Shakespeare (because as I have learned from taking drama, ALL theatre kids hate Shakespeare).
Oka is relatively the same as before, but with a few differences. She suffers from Social Anxiety and Sleep Apnea, and she tutors Osoro and Mida sometimes! She’s also a Satanist but refuses to go public about her beliefs because of ridicule.
Asu is black and buff! (I tried lmao) She’s a bit clumsy and has to rely on Muja for first aid because she has some trouble trusting adults and authority in general. She’s also dyslexic!
Muja is AN ACTUAL STUDENT, and not a pedophile. She’s a sweet girl with trouble talking to boys due to anxiety, but always tries her hardest to help the people around her! She is very interested in medicine and hopes to become a nurse in the future. She volunteers in the school nurses office sometimes!
Mida is AN ACTUAL STUDENT as well, and is very popular with boys and girls alike. She is a hypersexual, but also a virgin and has no plans to do sexual acts or have sex until she is of age (shes still a virgin).
Osoro is a delinquent but she actually dresses a bit more like a Japanese delinquent than the delinquents in the actual game lmao. She is trying very slowly to reform herself, and she is starting by going back to school and getting a private tutor to help- Oka!
Hanako is Senpai’s sister, but she is a threat to Ayano in a different way. She doesn’t want her brother NOT to have a girlfriend, instead she tries to convince him to go into the foreign exchange program. She is a child prodigy and the youngest “rival” at 15. You cannot do the Matchmaking method or the Make Senpai Hate Her method on her. Shes also gay.
Megami is black and a relative of the man who tried to convict Ayano’s mom, The Journalist. If you kill anyone in the game, even if you make it look like someone else did it, even if it looked like an accident, she will be highly suspicious and set up security in the school. If you go for a pacifist route, she will come to the school knowing full well who Ayano is related to, and feels as though even though nothing has “happened” so far, something might. She does not voice her suspicions of Ayano out loud, but keeps an eye on her to see if she can catch her in the act.

Sorry this got so long! I just wanted to elaborate more on my thoughts lmao.

Hiya hey hey, welcome back lovely V anon!! glad to have you again
(´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡
thank you for your kind words, im so sorry this took so long to get to!




- he’s an insomniac

- has so much trouble sleeping at night, he just thinks a lot and it’s hard to sLEEP AFTER YOURE THINKING ABOUT SO MUCH

- WILL message you at 3 am asking you if you think white bread is underrated

- loves button ups and cozy clothing

- when he was a kid he had to always wear uniforms and formal clothes, so now as an adult he likes to ~rebel~ and wear what he wants

- he got his ears pierced for his 15th birthday and regretted it because he had a lot of problems

- like allergic reactions to certain metals and such

- but the holes haven’t closed so he still wears some earrings every once in awhile when he wants to feel fancy

- owns lots of crystals!!

- his personal favorites are clear quartz, rose quartz, and moonstone

- he cologne smells like fresh laundry and black tea!!

- good mix

- he’s AWFUL at video games

- after him and Yoosung make up he really does try his best to play games with Yoosung but he gets his controls messed up and he’s never very accurate but hey at least he is trying!!

- pretty good at tetris though

- LOVES picking wild flowers

- especially ones that look pretty even after they wither

- puts them in little thrift store bottles and vases he repaints


- get mad at people who only watch 1 hour to the end or beginning

- like NO you have to watch the whole thing to get the full story :((

- if you get him to laugh really hard he has the most adorable little snort it’s pure

- has a big scar on his knee that he got from biking when he was a teenager

- look me in the eye and tell me this boy does not has fairy lights in his room

- exactly

- also has a big tapestry that has a mountain on it that he got from the Philippines it’s really cute

- LOVES trying new exotic foods

- like i’ve said he travels a ton so he likes to try new things as he goes

- tries a lot of weird stuff which also leads to food poisoning every once in awhile

- poor baby is sick for days

- but never learns his lesson and keeps on trying weird ass shit you’re convinced it’s going to kill him one day

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please send me a ship and I will tell you -

*who’s the cuddler: Mabel!! But Bill holds her very closely and protectively (he keeps her in a protective death grip while they sleep), and not-so-secretly loves cuddles as well

*who makes the bed: Bill, he’s surprisingly a neat person, which is the complete opposite of Mabel

*who wakes up first: Bill wakes up at the crack of dawn, and Mabel usually sleeps in until eleven

*who has the weird taste in music: They both see the other’s taste in music as weird - Bill listens to just insane sounds and noises, and Mabel loves pop and boy bands (if you ask either of them, they’ll say the other has weird music taste)

*who is more protective: BILL (if anyone even looks at Mabel in a way he doesn’t like, they’re a goner)

*who sings in the shower: Mabel does, and Bill always ends up getting dragged into singing a duet with her (her singing is infectious to him)

*who cries during movies: Mabel, she clings to Bill and sobs into his suit coat

*who spends the most while out shopping: Bill spends insane amounts of money on Mabel because he loves showing off, and money has no value to him (“If I’m on the dollar bill, I should get to use it!”)

*who kisses more roughly: Bill, but occasionally Mabel is more rough and he absolutely loves it

*who is more dominate: They’re both dominant, it’s about 50/50 (Bill loves to be in control, but surprisingly enough he also loves to be dominated)

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10!!!!!!!!!

Weekly Oushitsu Review!

(I tried not putting too many pictures on because I cant format them like on mobile) Okay~ Here it is! My weekly review of Oushitsu!! I loved it again. Can i just say that the second to last picture is so sexy like can you imagine Leonhard with you in be– *ahem* Yeah.. I mean it looks pretty good tbh. The blush, the half lidded eyes.. The people who drew that went right. Really right. Also the last picure of Heine falling out of bed. I cant. I said “Awwwhh” super loud.


Also that voice that Shoutan does whenever he says “Yay!” and “Heine-chan”. Ugh. It just.. It sounds so good AHHHHHHHHHH Shoutan.


Also Bruno really loves his master- I mean, teacher. A lot more than I ever have towards mine. Also, Bruniiiiiiiiiiiiiii (and Leonhard tbh) pls let them be friends

anonymous asked:

Pretty pretty please could you write this bechloe lovechild prompt: Beca and Chloe come home early, only to find Emily skipping school and smoking/drinking with some friends at home

Emily’s reaction from the moment she heard the front door open was in slow-motion. The processing part of her mind - normally operating on high alert - stilled to a stop when she heard the giggles of her moms travel up the staircase, hushed and rushed and whispered, so that when they passed by her door, she didn’t even think to hide the cigarette that was posed precariously between her two fingers. 

They were wrapped up in each other, grinning in a way that normally promised that they wouldn’t notice anything beyond each other for a long while, but there was a movement in their periphery that broke Chloe’s gaze on Beca’s lips long enough to warrant a double-take into the wide-open door of Emily’s room (and, yeah, admittedly not closing the door was dumb. But they were supposed to be at work). 

“Em?” Beca said, surprise coating her tone before she had a chance to process the entire situation. “Holy–”

“Shit,” Emily finished unintentionally, looking down at her hands and the two boys perched on her bed. She scrambled then, all of her slow-moving processing suddenly rushing back to full-speed quick enough to make her dizzy. 

“Language, Emily Beale-Mitchell!” Chloe gasped, stepping into the room. Beca slapped her lightly on the shoulder, glaring. 

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A masterpost about Jared + kids.

Because be sure that whenever Jared spots a baby or a kid in the crowd he’ll bring them on stage to share moments of pure cuteness overload.

Warning: this may be painful at times.

A collection of gifs and pics under the cut.

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Calum Hood, the schools golden boy. He’s the reason that the varsity team is undefeated for four years. He’s got perfect grades, a scholarship to one of the best colleges in the country. But no one knows his secret, that his passion for music is bigger than his passion for soccer. And what happens when Ember Williams finds out that secret? Read to find out! 


Calum’s POV

After ice skating for an hour longer, we decided to leave. Ember fell a total of five times. She gave up, and asked to leave, so I agreed.

We went to get some hot chocolate, and walked around for a little while. I was in pure bliss, walking around alone with Ember, no distractions, no school, no family, just us. I couldn’t help but grin at her every time she smiled or blushed.

After walking around, it got cold, and late, so we decided to go home. As I drove her home, I was kinda depressed that our date has to be over. I wanted more time alone with her.

“We need to to this a lot. I love having you to myself,” I admitted.

Although it was dark I know that her cheeks turned red. She nodded and mumbled an agreement.

Once we got to her house, I walked her to her front door as usual. We sat there in each other’s arms for a few minutes, then she went inside after a long goodnight kiss.

As I drove home, all I could think of is how amazing my life is, all because of one girl.

Ember’s POV

“So, how was your first date?” Jess asks, wiggling her eyebrows.

I roll my eyes, and blush, “It was amazing. We went to this cute little diner, then ice skating. After that we got hot chocolate and walked around for a little while”

Kim grins when she hears “ice skating.” Her and Jess both squeal. Because I had a date with Calum yesterday, we moved our traditional Friday night sleepover, to Saturday. Right now we’re sitting in my room, watching a movie that no one is paying attention to, and talking about whatever we want. It just turns out that right now we’re talking about my love life.

“Aw how cute!” Kim exclaims, shoving a handful of skittles into her mouth.

“And romantic!” Jess adds.

I blush even harder, and nod, “It was… What about you and Tyler? Have you gone on any dates?” I ask, trying to get the attention away from me.

She smiles and bites her lip, “We’ve gone to the movies, but he’s not really one to go on dates…”

I don’t understand what she meant, but Jess gasps. I furrow my eyebrows at her, and her eyes widen.

“You know, they don’t go on any dates,” she says, and I still don’t get it.

“So?” I ask, and grab a handful of popcorn.

“So what else are they gonna do if they don’t go on dates?” Her eyebrows lift, and she expects me to get it.

“I don’t know, hang out, watch movies, be together,” I list, my mouth full of popcorn.

“Well they are together, literally.” She mumbles.

Kim slaps Jess’s arm, causing the M&M’s in her hand to fly everywhere. I sigh, not bother to tell her to clean it up, because I know she won’t.

“Ow!” Jess whines, and glares at Kim.

“Well you…” they start to argue, and I sit there, still confused.

There’s plenty of things you could do as a couple, and not go on dates. You could watch a movie or TV show at home, you could make food together, you could basically do anything. I don’t get what she means at all.

“Guys, guys!” I stop them from arguing, “I still don’t know what you mean.”

“They have sex for god’s sakes!” Jess exclaims, and Kim slaps a hand to her forehead.

“Oh…” my face distorts to disgust.

“Now don’t tell me that you and Calum don’t do it, you two practically eat each others faces off every time you see each other!” Kim glares, annoyed by the look on my face.

I blush, and shake my head. I start to play with the popcorn kernels, forming them into random shapes.

“Wait, you two haven’t done it?” Jess asks, her eyes wide.

“No!” I exclaim, feeling extremely uncomfortable with the situation.

“Wow,” Kim says, then goes quiet

“Yeah, wow,” Jess repeats.

I look down at the odd shape of the popcorn kernels in my hands, utterly embarrassed. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with us not having sex yet. I’m not ready for it, and Calum respects it. Plus we just became a couple last week, and I don’t want to rush things.

“Hey, don’t worry, that’s awesome if you’re waiting,” Jess pushes my shoulder playfully.

I look up at her, to see if she’s serious. She gives me a sweet smile, and I know that what she said is genuine. I nod at her, and look away, still slightly embarrassed.

“So how’s Andrew, Jess?” Kim speaks up, thankfully changing the topic of the conversation once more.

I notice Jess’s cheeks turn red, and she starts to play with her hair. They’d been texting each other ever since the night at the pizza joint after the soccer game that Calum asked me to prom in the middle of. I didn’t know that it was anything serious, but her actions are clear, she likes him.

“He’s good,” she vaguely replies, and takes a drink out of her water bottle.

“How good is he?” Kim sniggers, and Jess spits out her water, everywhere.

“Kim!” I yell, and jump up to get a towel. All she does is burst into laughter, while Jess is choking, and I’m trying to clean my room. After a few minutes everything is dry, and Jess has stopped choking. Kim still sits there, laughing hysterically, clutching her stomach.

“Oh my god…. I’m sorry…. that was just…. hilarious,” she says in between laughs. Her laughter dies down and she wipes the tears from her eyes.

“That was not hilarious,” Jess says through gritted teeth.

“Okay, I’m sorry. I really do want to hear about him though,” she says genuinely.

Jess sighs, but starts to speak anyway, “He’s really sweet. Like the sweetest guy I’ve dated.”

“Wait you guys are dating?” I interrupt her.

Her cheeks turn bright red, “Yeah.”

“For how long?!” Kim practically shouts.

“Since Thursday, when he asked me to prom”, She smiles a she speaks

“Oh my god!” Kim and I squeal at the same time.

“Wait that means we’ve all been asked to senior prom,” Kim realizes. Earlier she announced that

Tyler asked her prom, and of course she said yes.

“I never thought this would happen,” I mutter, amazed.

“I know,” Jess agrees.

We all sit in silence for a few moments. I never thought I’d even get asked to my own senior prom. Now I’ve been asked to Calum’s while I’m a junior. It’s just so surreal to me. I know Kim would get asked, she’s, pretty well known to the guys at our school. As for Jess, I had no doubt that she wouldn’t get asked, she’s so pretty and nice to anyone. I just never thought I’d get asked.

“We have to go shopping for dresses together!” Jess exclaims, interrupting my thoughts.

Kim agrees, and I do too. Suddenly I get an idea.

“We should do it soon. Calum’s sister is in town, and I think I might ask her to come with. Because she knows Calum the best,” I explain.

“Yeah that’s a great idea! The more the merrier,” Jess winks

I smile at her, “So when should we go?”

“How about Tuesday? The boys all have soccer practice late that night,” Kim says.

“They’re all on the team, I totally forgot that. Wow. But yeah, Tuesday sounds good,” Jess says.

I nod agreeing with her on both subjects. That it’s weird that we’re all dating seniors on the varsity soccer team, and that Tuesday would work. I pull out my phone to text Mali.

A few minutes later she replies saying she’d come with, “Tuesday it is.”

“What about this one?” Jess holds up a strapless blue dress that is way too puffy, and short for my liking.

I shake my head for what seems to be the millionth time today.

“Ugh come on just choose a damn dress, this is taking way too long,” Kim groans, tired of dress shopping.

We’ve been shopping for nearly five hours, and haven’t stopped since. It only took just over an hour to find Kim’s dress, a sexy dark red V-neck dress with long sleeves. She matched it with black pumps and some jewelry that looked good with it. She looks amazing in the dress, and she knows it. It took a little longer to find Jess the perfect dress, but eventually we did find it. Hers is a bright pink gown that reminded me of a wedding cake. It’s strapless, and has a sweetheart neckline, with silver studs bordering the top of the dress. It’s straight, but extremely puffy, with many layers of material to make the dress even bigger. She got sparkly silver pumps, and matching jewelry as well. As for me, I have found nothing that 1.) Looks good on me at all and 2.) I like the slightest bit.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t find anything,” I exclaim, just as frustrated as Kim.

She gives me a look, and I groan, “You no what, I’m never going to find anything that I look good in. I’ll just tell Calum that I’m not going, and to take someone else. It’s fine,” I ramble, and start to walk away.

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t think like that. We will find you a dress that looks amazing on you, and you will go with Calum. There’s no way he’d take anyone but you. Don’t worry, we’ll find something, I promise,” Mali says sincerely after grabbing my arm, stopping me from leaving.

I sigh, but nod my head, hoping that she’s true. She gives me a wide grin.

“Good, now go try these on,” She shoves another pile of dresses, and pushes me towards the dressing rooms.

I try each of them on, and hate all of them. Most of them wouldn’t even zip up because they were too small, and they were the largest sizes! After I change back into my plain t shirt and jeans, I just stare at myself in the mirror. I pick out every flaw I have, my thick thighs, big stomach, not even relatively pretty face. All I can think is, How does Calum even like me?

I begin to break down, tears of frustration, and self hatred well up in my eyes. I try to blink them away, but they stream down my face. I try to get myself to stop crying, but nothing works. Now that I’ve started, it only gets worse.

“Ember, do you like any?” I hear Mali’s voice from behind the door.

“No,” I sniffle.

“Are you okay?” She sounds genuinely concerned.

A sob leaves my mouth, “No.”

“Let me in Ember, please.”

I unlock the latch on the door, and sit down on the bench. I look up to see Mali’s face full of concern. Immediately I’m embarrassed that she’s seeing me like this.

“What’s wrong?” She crouches down to be at eye level with me.

“None of them even fit,” I mutter, and more tears stream down my face.

“Oh honey that’s okay we’ll find one that does,” She reaches out and wipes a stray tear away.

I shake my head, “No we won’t, you don’t understand. This doesn’t ever happen to you, because there’s always have something your size,” I gesture to her flat stomach and small waist.

She frowns at me, but pulls me into a hug, not saying anything. We stay like this for a few minutes until my tears die down, and my breathing is steady. Eventually she pulls away from me, but stays crouched down in front of me.

“I need you to remember this. Calum loves you, for who you are. He doesn’t care that you’re bigger, in fact, he loves you even more for it. Everyone loves you for who you are, so it shouldn’t matter how much you weigh. You need to start loving yourself for who you are, because your opinion is really the only one that counts. You are a talented, kind hearted girl, who is gorgeous not just on the outside, but on the inside as well, you gotta start believing that.”

The way she speaks, and the look in her eyes, make me believe every word of what she says. She smiles at me, causing me to smile back at her.

“Now come on, we’ve got a dress to find, that will make my little brothers jaw fall to the ground, and I think I saw the perfect one,” She grins and slings an arm around my shoulder, walking me back to the dresses.

It feels like I have an older sister, and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

Chapter 13! Woohoooo

More bonding with Mali, and Ember gets deep.

Honestly, this is an experience that has happened to me. (not exactly in the same context, but you know what I mean) I’ve broken down in a dressing room, and can I just say, it freaking sucks.

Guys, you’re all beautiful inside and out, please know that.

I love you all.

<3 <3 <3

Just FYI, the next chapter is most likely the last chapter of this story. I’ve written basically everything I had planned at the beginning of the story, plus more, and I’m pretty happy.

Give it some notes if you enjoyed this chapter!

Hugs & Kisses


floor19  asked:

can you just do a rant about zia going to mortal school please and ty your headcanons are the actual greatest


  • okay zia goes to bag bc that’s where everyone else goes and upon enrolling everyone learns that zia has a heavenly singing voice 
  • carter tears up a little hearing her for the first time but don’t tell sadie that
  • zia is also a fUCKIN MATH WIZ
  • there was this rly obnoxious dudebro in her history class and no one actually knows what happened after school that day but. some say you can still see the imprint her foot made if you look hard enough
  • is suddenly a master at winged eyeliner??? sadie is extremely jealous
  • actually likes cafeteria food??? as the lunch table looked on in disgust she shrugged and said “egyptian magicians aren’t exactly world class cooks. you should see some of the things they gave us to eat at the first nome.”
  • caught some guys making fun of cleo and may or may not have threatened to light their eyebrows on fire. 
  • cleo is beyond embaressed but also rly grateful 
  • becomes president of the qsa within a week 
  • everyone is like “wtf zia you’ve been here for like two days”
  • “there current president was straight and cis and i’m persistent”
  • she’s that kid that takes gym class too seriously
  • when she went to a dance w/ carter for the first time there were numerous remarks of “what?? i thought you were a lesbian??” and “are you guys brother and sister??”
  • zia’s arm tightens around carter’s and she scowls and tells them she’s bi and are you serious she’s arab they don’t even look alike??
  • the initiates end up dragging her to a High School Party w/ the red cups and everything 
  • drunk karaoke eventually happens
  • sadie does a suprisingly good rendition of teenage dream
  • also when walt sings “halo” everyone starts sobbing bc it’s so beautiful
  • zia’s the only one that manages to say sober 
  • carter is the designated driver and takes them all in freak’s chariot thing
  • her locker is literally the most unorganized thing and it’s not what anYONE EXPECTED like it’s amazing how she manages to find anything in that mess
  • one time walt pulled out a piece of gum that crumbled in his hand
  • she’s required to get a school shirt since she’s in the choir and when it finally comes in sadie ends up drawing all over it claiming “it’s not punk rock enough for you, zia" 
  • ppl kept asking her how to say curse words in arabic so she just started telling them things like "eggplant”, “banana”, “mail” bc zia is secretly a huge dork
  • i can’t think of anymore rn but. pls feel free to add some

what’s always fun to hear is “you’re only crying to get pity” & things similar to that because bud! buddy! pal! my friend! do you think i can control it. do you think i like the fact that my go-to response when frustrated or.. anything else is crying. and that i love not being able to control it/hold myself back. does having your voice break & being unable to finish your sentence because you’re too busy trying (and failing) to keep your words steady while sobbing seem like a fun time. especially in front of other people & having them look either bewildered or uncomfortable or even irritated because there you are! having a breakdown! over something ridiculous &/or small. does that seem fun. it’s not.

randomrandomme-deactivated20141  asked:

liam looked happy in these fan pics apparently from tonight and i just- 😩 baby is happy bc his bf made him breakfast in bed this morning and he even said he felt spoilt and like i'm just *sobs* 😭 accept my headcanon please 😭 c'mon it's not even a headcanon he said it himself this morning leave me alone bye *more sobbing*

Why not? Let’s roll with it. That was to make up for the wedding question yesterday. True facts. LOLAnd he did look happy tonight. Btw, how does this Harvi dude always track them down??  Liam was so happy he didn’t even mind seeing this 1D stalker for the 6,932nd time.

And Zayn was feeling playful.Of all the tweets he gets, why did he respond to this one? Hmmm…did it have anything to do with @mage​zayn’s icon?

The other half of which is this:

I see what you did there, Zayn. So yeah, it looks like our boys are happy, rn. Your headcanon works for me! 

Episode 7! 

[If you’re curious about the previous mega-posts, feel free to read them here:

Episode 1  Episode 2  Episode 3  Episode 4  Episode 5  Episode 6]

It’s mid-November and we’re right now in the central part of the Yuri on Ice series. This is where things start to get interesting, right? To make things better, number 7 is my lucky number, so I was expecting something good from this episode.

Have I ever told you that I have an unbelievable good luck when it comes to OTPs? No matter what kind of ship it is, if it becomes my OTP, my OTP will become canon. No matter how gay. This has never failed me (I don’t have maaaaany OTPs, though, but still).

So far, it seems like Yuri on Ice won’t break my streak of OTP good luck. I told you all to trust me, right?

What did I expect from this episode, knowing this? I read about Japanese fans theorizing about a kiss and, let’s be real, I really wanted it to happen. It either had to happen in this episode or in the last episode. 

Turning to figure skating (because yes, I’m a figure skating fan and I’m watching this show for it too), I really wanted Leo to make it to the podium and qualify for the GPF. Bias? Noooo. (Yes.)

I also wanted #JusticeForPhichit. He didn’t get good quality animation last episode and he also deserves a better score, so I hoped he could improve his standing in the FS and, if he beated Yuuri, make my predictions true.

I was also really curious about Georgi. As I predicted a couple of days ago, I thought he was going to fail during his FS. I’ll probably be using the #PoorGeorgi hashtag a lot these days.

For this episode, I’m going to change my way of watching it: so far, I stopped the video every time something interesting happened, took screencaps and wrote my opinion. This time, I’m going to watch the whole episode first, scream inside, die, and then rewatch it for screencaps and to write everything. The cons of this new way is that it might take me a bit longer to watch and I won’t have a way to scream as I watch it, which is something I love to do when I’m overwhelmed with feelings. It might also change the way I write this post. The pros, however, is that I have more time to think about what I want to write, and might skip unimportant things to focus on the most important ones. I will still talk about the impressions I had while I watched the scenes for the first time, don’t worry. Also, I hope Crunchy’s player doesn’t make it too hard to skip scenes so I can take screencaps better.

Okay. I’m ready. (I’m not.) Let’s watch this.

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Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right

Gonna write a lil thing here cause I’m bored. Sorry for the bad format because I’m on mobile B’)

Au where Chloe is finally trying to like redeem herself, but everyone’s convinced she’s not being legit. She tells them she’ll do whatever she can to show them she’s trying to be better, but they still don’t believe her, so they test it.

They end up messing with her because they don’t believe her and they wanna see how far she’ll go. Adrien doesn’t like this and he says so but the others don’t stop.

Their fun is like borderline bullying now and it gets worse the longer it goes on and finally Mari walks in to see what’s happening and is appalled. She might not like Chloe really, but she doesn’t deserve what they’re doing to her. The poor girl is even on the brink of actual tears.

Mari stomps over and yells at her other classmates, including Alya, because no one should stand by while this happens and no one should be doing it. So Mari grabs Chloe’s hand and tugs her to her feet. With like one more glare at her classmates, she stomps out of the room with Chloe in tow.

She leads her to like the bathroom or something and helps her out, cleans her up and all that jazz. Then she asks what happened, and Chloe tells her and Mari is like “they were messing with you, they weren’t even giving you a chance!”

And Chloe starts to legit cry and she just breaks down, and Mari hugs her and comforts her and tells her that she’ll help and believe her. That only makes Chloe cry more, and she asks, “Why would you do that? It doesn’t help you any, if anything it’ll make other people give you a hard time.”

Mari pulls back and gives her a smile and responds, “Why wouldn’t I do it? People make mistakes, and if you know you’ve made one and try to fix it, then you definitely deserve a chance! I don’t just do things if doing it benefits me, you know. Even if this is beneficial, because I’d like to be your friend.”

That answer rips another sob from Chloe and they just hug it out until she can’t cry anymore. They walk back to class (holding hands because Chloe needs the reassurance) and everyone looks ashamed of what they did. One by one they apologize and even Adrien does because he couldn’t stop them from being mean.

So people take her seriously now and eventually they’re all great friends and Chloe has definitely joined Mari’s group of friends.

Her and Mari go shopping from time to time and they just hang out a lot. Chloe even decides to help Marinette talk to Adrien. Friendship all around woo!

S01E12: Skin Deep (Part 3)

villains being domestic~~~

aka the happy cute parts

before everything dissolves into me crying for days for making the mistake of watching this in slow motion

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fleurreads  asked:

Cs + 11 or 27 for the drabble. Thank you💕

27. “I’m pregnant.”

A/N: Lieutenant Duckling modern AU. Not quite as fluffy as the prompt would suggest.


It takes a little while for the door to open after he knocks on it, but he finds he doesn’t mind waiting when it’s Emma Swan standing in the opening of the apartment. His face lights up at the sight of her, delighted that it’s her instead of the other occupant of the residence.

“Good morning, Swan. I just wanted to ask-” The part about borrowing the book she was gushing about last week dies on his lips when he notices her expression. Killian’s smile fades just as quickly as it had appeared.

“Are you alright, love?” The worry in his tone is not even slightly concealed. He sees puffy eyes, the twitch of a poorly faked smile, the way her gaze averts his as if she’s just been busted doing something she shouldn’t have done.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m- I’m fine.” The crack in her voice tells a vastly different story.

He doesn’t say anything, just looks at her intently, hoping and praying she’ll open up to him about what upset her. Whatever it is, he already knows he will do anything in his power to make sure it never hurts her again.

“Really, I am. What did you want to ask?” The matter of the book seems like the most trivial thing in the world right now.

“It matters not. What does matter is that I can tell that your heart is uneasy. Please, let me help.” He longs to reach for her, to stroke his hands over her back, to soothe her sorrows with a comforting touch.

In the end, it’s the gentle blue of his eyes that nudges her over the edge.

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