does it even look like shes walking forwards

Between the Shelves (M)

Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Smut and fluff

Warnings: Public sex

Word count: 5,252 words

You looked around the public library, satisfied that you’d managed to find a section completely devoid of people. Granted, the place was usually mostly empty, but you preferred to be absolutely alone while you did your work. Your roommates were always throwing parties at the house you shared, and when they were not hosting one, the entire house would be shaking with the noises they made with guys they brought home. After many, many not-so-subtle, then downright obvious attempts to tell them that the walls were thin, having them apologise to you just to do the same thing again the next day, you had given up. You liked your housemates immensely and you have a lot of fun together, but you needed silence when you were studying or finishing your many assignments.

The university library was not an option either. You had no idea why it became such a popular place to hang out in. Sure there were many students who went there to study, but they could never do it quietly. Discussions erupted here and there all the time, with voices that they did not bother to lower even by one iota. When you complained to your friends, they knew better than to suggest that you try sitting at one of the tables in the back away from the ruckus. Those secluded corners produced noises of their own that you found even less tolerable: moans and grunts of people making out, and who knew what else.

That’s when you stumbled upon the town’s public library. It was not very big, but boasted a pretty large selection of books covering various genres that was supposed to appeal to the public, but for some reason not many people visited. Perhaps people preferred to read online. We were in the age of advanced technology after all. Anyhow, it was better for you this way. An entire library all to yourself was heaven on Earth. Save for the occasional visitors who rarely stayed long, coming just to borrow or return books, and the surly librarian whom you have never seen move from the front desk except to go for lunch or relieve herself.

And him. Ooooooh, how you hated that guy for invading your sanctuary at first. It was during your second visit to the public library and you were smiling to yourself, excited to have found this gem where you could study in peace. You settled down at one of the tables near the row of windows, enjoying the soft rays of sunlight pouring through into the library. You’ve only been there twice but you knew that this was to be your favourite spot.

Every bit of your attention was given to your laptop screen, fingers flying across the keyboard in an effort to type out your report in record time so you jumped in surprise when you heard the legs of a chair scraping against the floor. You lifted your head up to see a tall guy with dark hair sitting down a few tables away, facing you. His head was bent down as he dropped his things onto the long table: a brown leather satchel that rattled when he set it down, his phone and a paperback, probably a novel.

As though he sensed that he was being watched, he looked up and met your eyes. With how hard you’d been staring, you wouldn’t be surprised if he did feel your eyes on him. He flashed you a grin, and you couldn’t help your lips parting just a little as two prominent dimples dipped into his cheeks. You shifted your eyes down to your computer without responding, wanting nothing but to continue your work in peace.

You heard him plop down into his seat and then the sound of pages rustling as you assumed he was there to read his book. Suddenly the report in front of you stopped making sense. You searched your mind for the words you meant to write, having mapped out a rough idea of the report in your head before you even started, but your brain had decided that the person that had just arrived was infinitely more interesting than the piece of writing that you were supposed to hand in the day after tomorrow, and was refusing to cooperate.

He’s cute, the thought ran through your head before you could regain your focus. A few seconds were spent frowning and chewing on your lower lip before you chanced another glance at him. Your chin tilted upwards a mere centimeter, your eyes doing most of the movement, but he caught you anyway, because he had his eyes on you the entire time. You suspected that, but it didn’t stop blood from rushing to your cheeks when his smile grew (Was he smiling the whole time?) and this time you managed a little nod of acknowledgement of his presence before you dipped your head back down.

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Mirror For The Sun - Part 3: Chicago

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 2  -  Part 4

Summary: Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other.

Warnings: swearing, very lighthearted mentions of sex

Word Count: 1876

Author’s Note: Sorry this took so long! Hopefully it’s worth the wait? I love Chicago, so we’ll be in Chicago for 2 parts, even if it’s for tourist areas. :)

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Natasha fires off a quick text, and sets the phone back on the table before lifting a small handgun off the rack and slipping it into a holster on her hip.

Progress update?

She has two missions right now, one is easy, a simple international arrest, she’s well prepared, and doesn’t expect much resistance. The other… requires a more delicate hand.

The phone pings softly. Rogers. She sets her last defense tools into place and picks up the phone, unlocking the screen as she saunters out of the weapons hold.

She’s smirking at the photo Steve’s sent her. It’s Y/N curled into a ball with her head on Bucky’s lap in the backseat of the car that Nat had sent them all off in less than 24hrs prior. His fingers are peaking through tangles of Y/N’s hair sprawled over his lap. Bucky’s head is rolled to the side, sleeping soundly. They look comfortable together, like they just fit.

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She Doesn’t Want To Be Forgiven (Widow/Tracer/Emily)

A/N: …But being trusted soothes her down. NSFW but not explicit, 800 words. A commission for an anonymous patron.

When Lena came home and found the note, the world dropped out beneath her feet. She felt unreal again, the constant tugging of the slipstream threatening to pull her under. Then she read it again, recognized the handwriting, and crumpled the note into a shaking fist.

“Those idiots are going to give me a heart attack.”

Finding them wasn’t easy. That was the point. Not out of any sense of playful cat-and-mouse, but from a very real desire to remain undiscovered. She worked backwards, trying to figure out where they might have vanished.

Lena knew that her girlfriend wouldn’t settle for anything less than a real bed. But that didn’t narrow it down much. Searching hotels didn’t turn up anything, and Lena didn’t want to risk using her credentials to demand a more thorough scouring. If she tapped into her Overwatch resources, it would leave a trail. It would need explaining. The less lies she had to tell, the easier this was.

Not that anything about this was easy.

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Home Again|20

Originally posted by aomgwithkids

The car ride was awkward, for me at least. Jay strapped Seulgi down in the backseat. She sat in the very middle, with all the seat belts around her. “Why is she strapped down as if she’s insane?” I asked him. “I read an article that the seven to eight year old needs a booster seat. But I don’t have that right now, so she’s strapped down. I’m only looking out for her safety.” He answered.

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The Little Dancing Star

Summary: If she’s dancing across the sky like a shooting star, then he’ll be there to catch her.

The first time Taehyung spots her, is in the the dark. She is loud, giddy, and kicking up a storm, literally. Her small feet are tearing sand left and right as she sings aloud, shamelessly, breathlessly. Her friends, they’re sitting by the fire pit, trying to drown out her singing with their laughter, it’s as if they’re all competing with the waves, pounding against the white sand. Are they louder or is she?

It doesn’t matter. Taehyung is too enthralled by her, so much, he’s stopped walking along the pier and is leaning over the cool metal railing to watch her dance along the shore, running, and jumping. Sending salt water up and down her legs.

Jimin hasn’t even realized Taehyung is gone, his gaze glued to the girl who’s shimmering underneath the moon, dancing across the dark like a little star, shooting into the distance.

He thinks that if she’s dancing across the sky like a shooting star, then he’ll be there to catch her.

It’s a promise.

The first time he talks to her is as she’s leaning on the railing of the pier. The morning is cold and foggy, when he breathes in the air it’s wet and briny. Only a handful of people are out, jogging or in Taehyung’s case walking. She’s teetering forward and for a moment it looks like she might throw herself off, but then he spots her grin and the look of awe across her face. 

She’s busy watching something in the water.

And he’s busy watching her. So busy he doesn’t even seem to realize that she’s watching him back.

“Did you see them?”

Taehyung blinks, mind having been wiped clean and mouth gone dry. He can’t speak, but his mind is saying a million things. Where does he begin?

“The dolphins! Did you see them? Look, look! Come here!”

She pulls him close to her, so close their shoulders touch and she grips his freezing hand in hers. She’s warm, despite how cool and foggy it is today. She jerks his hand forward to wave in the direction of the water. Sure enough he spots a pod of dolphins, their fins arching over the surface of the water.

“Isn’t that amazing! They’re beautiful!”

Taehyung nods, but in reality all he can of is how beautiful she is.

How lovely it is that someone can glow the way she does and make his insides quiver. He didn’t know that someone could be this alive and he doesn’t know if he ever wants to let this feeling go.

“I’m Y/n by the way, what’s your name?”


“That’s a nice name, I’ve seen you around here before. I was wondering if I’d ever see you again.”

Taehyung’s face burns and his heart leaps into his throat.

“Do you want to get breakfast?” It takes all his strength not to choke on those words.

“Yes, please! I know the perfect place actually!”

She may not have noticed, but she never did let go of Taehyung’s hand.

The first time he says ‘I love you’ is when they’re visiting the shore. The whole summer has gone by leaving their skin sun kissed and their minds littered with treasured memories of each other.

The sun is disappearing along the coast. The water is lapping at the wet sand, lukewarm as it swallows their toes and a little bit restless as it gets darker.

Y/n is dancing across the water, kicking up sea spray and soaking his shorts. The hem of his bottoms are sticking to his skin and the salt is drying on his skin. Any other person would feel uncomfortable, but he doesn’t. She’s right there with him, her shirt is soaked, revealing a cute little bikini top and her hair is damp and wild.

He wants nothing more than to drag her closer and to press salty little kisses across her lips and face.

“Tae?” She pauses in her playing.

“Yeah?” He stops too, letting the water lap at his ankles.

“Catch me?” Her words are small, quiet, almost shy. So unlike her.

“Always,” he replies with a grin.

She doesn’t hesitate to run to him and lunge into his arms. He presses a kiss to the side of her wet face and their ‘I love you’s’ are whispered into skin where they will remain forever, guarded and held close to their hearts.

A/n: Summer has me in a soft mood these days, so I thought a summer love Drabble would be nice. Also I felt like I should post something and get my creative juices going again.

James/Lily, ‘Every Little Thing She Does is Magic’

for @bloomingsoftly

Every Little Thing She Does is Magic - Sleeping at Last

James let his trunk fall heavily to the floor.  He looked around the room, smaller than his room in Gryffindor Tower, but it was all his.  

He wasn’t sure how he felt about that. Alone here with Lily next door…it felt like a step forward.  Tentative and frightened, but a step nonetheless.  Was he even capable of being Head Boy?

There was a sharp knock on the door and he knew before he opened it that it was her.  

He took his time walking to the door, not wanting to appear too eager.  But at the same time, he did.

Her lips quirked upward in a smirk.  “Twelve seconds to answer your door, Potter?”  

He snorted.  “How would you know, Evans?  Counting the seconds until you see my handsome face again?”  

She rolled her eyes.  “Dumbledore wants to speak with us. So we’d better head down together. Tosser.”  

He followed after her.  “Want me to walk ahead?  So you can get a good look at my backside?”  

“If you must.  It is your best side, I suppose.”  

He chuckled. “I can’t believe Lily Evans just said she liked my arse.  AND I’m Head Boy?  All in one day? Marvelous.”  

“I absolutely did not say that.  I said it was better than your face.”  

He hummed and sauntered ahead.

“Keep it up and I’ll kick it down the stairs, James Potter.”  

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Zen, Jaehee and Yoosung reacts to Nyan cat

Author’s note: omg I haven’t thought about nyan cat in AGES


  • he starts sneezing right away evEN THOUGH IT’S NOT EVEN A REAL CAT
  • he gets mad at you when he finds himself humming along to the video
  • also he pretends to hate it BUT as soon as you walk away he watches it again and laughs
  • “His body looks like a pop tart??” *laughs*


  • he is sO AMAZED
  • you aren’t even surprised when a nyan cat key chain comes in the mail


  • the first thing she does is forward the link to Jumin
  • then after watching 3 times she’ll turn to you
  • “What’s the purpose of the cat flying in space?”
  • you have to explain to her it’s just supposed to be funny and there was no real plot

tens one of my ult biases oh my god im going to set myself on fire 

  • it all started when you were simply just walking around the mall 
  • you were lookin at your phone busy changing the song playing through your headphones when u didnt notice the boy walking towards u, who also didn’t notice u being there
  • u crash into each other real hard and ur phone flies out of your hand and onto the floor n u can hear the crack of the screen as well as your soul leaving ur body
  • he’d finally look at you and go “oh my god, i’m so sorry i didn’t see you there” and he’s the type to continue babbling when you don’t respond to him
  • but the moment u look up at him he Literally freezes and goes “woah”
  • and ur like “oh it’s no biggie don’t worry its an old phone” even tho inside you’ve already dropped down on ur knees and yelled out a prolonged no to the entire world
  • and he’d just keep staring at you like Woah… is she real but you’d pretend to not notice and you’d pick your phone up and walk away
  • and while ur walking away he’d still continue to stare at you like he’s literally so awestruck 
  • it took a person shoving past him to help him snap out and when he does he kinda looks at the floor like “what the heck just happened”
  • so fast forward a few days later, ur gonna go visit your long time friend Johnny (who…coincidentally… a mutual friend between u and ten) at a coffee shop to catch up 
  • and you’re sitting there at one of the tables waiting for him to arrive
  • you’d hear the door bell jingling when someone walks in and you look up, seeing Johnny
  • but u also see another boy peer over his shoulder
  • and ur like “…he looks familiar”
  • “(Y/N) !! it’s been so long !! i’m so glad we could hang out today.” johnny would say
  • you wouldn’t be listening to him though lmao you’d just be wondering why he brought this other dude who looked eerily familiar
  • and just as Johnny’s introducing him, you finally remember him
  • “This is Ten, one of the other trainees.. sorry I took him with me he sa-” “YOU’RE THE GUY WHO MADE ME DROP MY PHONE !!” you’d cut Johnny off
  • and Ten’s like “!!!!!!!!!!!!!panic oh god she remembers”
  • and then he’d nervously smile and giggle and scratch the back of his neck and he’d go “oh gosh…i’m sorry about that” 
  • and you’d just smile and go “lowkey i’m still a bit peeved but you know what… it’s no biggie, like i said. I’m (Y/N) by the way”
  • “Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul :)”
  • “wh-”
  • “just call me Ten :)”
  • At the end of the catch up, you’d still wonder why Ten was there but it didn’t really matter bc u end up exchanging phone numbers anyway
  • was it really a meet up with you and Johnny tho ??? #investigate
  • So you guys would talk non stop for months and months and sometimes Johnny would text you like “i cant believe you replaced me with Ten-_- smh” 
  • and you’d be like “nah, no one can replace you Johnny” even tho lowkey you’re already planning your friendaversary with Ten lol sike Johnny !
  • you and Ten would have so many inside jokes 
  • Like the type of inside jokes where he could hold something up to you with a knowing smile and you would both start laughing really hard
  • you’d also get super duper close with each other, knowing each others secrets, etc, within a week
  • at this point you only see Ten as a really good friend whereas he really likes you
  • one day after several months of being friends he’d see you getting frustrated with the cracks on the screen of your phone and he’d frown and take your hand and take you outside
  • “What are you doing?” “going outside” “Why with me?” “cuz I wanna go somewhere with you” “go where??” “To get you a new phone”
  • the moment u step in the cab ur like NO NOOOO GET ME OUT OF HERE I DONT HAVE MONEY but he’d be like “i’ll pay for it dont worry lol” which makes u even more eager to get out but it’s too late ur already parked at the mall
  • and he’d just be holding your hand through the entire process without even noticing it and u’d be like “whats he doing??? i kinda like it..”
  • then when he takes out his card to pay for your phone u’d frown and go “i owe you now.”
  • and he’d smile and look at you and go “you don’t owe me anything. just being here’s enough” 
  • NORMALLY YOU’D CRINGE AT STUFF LIKE THAT but for some reason when he said it at that moment you felt your heart pitter patter real hard
  • you’d walk out the mall and his hands still in yours and he’d finally notice and go
  • “oh gosh, sorry, i didn’t notice” 
  • and you’d go “it’s alright :)”
  • after this there would be so much tension between the both of you
  • and its so obvious too because the boys always stare at the both of you knowingly whenever you and Ten do something together
  • and you would be in denial of your feelings (but u lowkey already accepted the fact that you like Ten) 
  • in fact you’ve already told Johnny about ur possible feelings for Ten
  • and Ten won’t even bring up his feelings because he’s afraid of getting hurt
  • so he admires you from afar
  • the boys are getting sick of it though
  • so one day, Johnny tells you he needed to talk to you in private and brings you to his dorm
  • Ten’s there too
  • and ur like ??? whats going on
  • and Johnny would close the door and go “ok. (y/n) you like Ten. Ten you like (y/n). it’s pretty obvious. so please, stop eyeing each other already and just date, it’s so exhausting like.. oh my god”
  • and you’d be wide-eyed and Ten would be wide-eyed and he’d look at Johnny like “im gonna kill u tonight lmao :)” 
  • and you’d turn to Ten and you’re like “is that true?” 
  • and Ten would look at the ground and blush and scratch the back of his neck and he’d go “yeah..”
  • and you’d smile and go “when did you start liking me?”
  • and he’d go “when i first bumped into you.” 
  • Johnny would leave the room and the rest of the boys are crowded around the door listening and you’d roll your eyes and Ten would laugh
  • then when the two of you are finally alone you’d go “so what now?”
  • he’d go “I guess we’re together?”
  • then you’d go “oh… should we ki-”
  • but he’s one step ahead of you because he’s already cupping your face and kissing you 
  • his dates would be normal and chill but also really romantic without him even trying, hes that charming
  • he’d take you out sight seeing on your first date, and it would end with him buying the both of you ice cream, sitting at a park underneath the stars, just talking about life and philosophical things :”)
  • dating Ten is basically just a best friend relationship, except with kisses
  • he probably teases you a lot too and when you fireback he’ll just chuckle and ruffle your hair ;-;
  • he wanted to get matching couple shirts but since he’s about to debut, he decides otherwise and gets you a promise ring instead !!!!!!
  • he loves to hold your hand
  • he also loves to make you food
  • even when you’re full
  • “(y/n) do you want some more?” 
  • “ten no im full”
  • “Already???”
  • he’d honestly just be the best boyfriend ever :((
  • “hey ten?”
  • “yeah?”
  • “i still owe you.. you know… for buyin me that phone a few years ago”
  • “then marry me”

that feel when you write a Serena/Bernie AU and suddenly find urself w a fragment of Serena/Fleur first time making out o.O 

posting bc I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it in the current fic or ever get around to expanding it into a proper fic and the world needs more Serena/Fleur (well, I mean any at all, if I’m being honest)

“wants and what ifs” Serena Campbell/Fleur Fanshawe (Holby City), mature, ~800wds

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Backyard Champagne II

Could you write the first kiss that you mentioned in Backyard Champagne. I love all of your stories and I always look forward to reading them.

Previously on Backyard Champagne

The old Oak tree was a formidable component of the back yard, oddly out of place with the long twisting branches when compared to the well manicured bushes and trees that were never older than a few years. This oak had purpose, had history, withstood many years and winters and droughts. Arthritic, jointed bones stretched like an open palm, wide and tall and uninhibited.

She spent her entire life in love with that tree. The entire time she played outside, she climbed into its branches, into its palm. The addition of the swing was the best present she could have ever asked for ever. Hours were spent pulling the rough rope until it was supple in her palms, and her legs kicked and kicked and kicked in search of a new height, in search of grabbing a higher leaf.

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This War Isn’t Civil [Part Two]

Pairing: Steve x Reader
Warnings: Cursing, I think that’s it?
A/N: I feel so terrible not posting anything in a while, I apologize! School has been crazy as ever. I will try and update 00 : 00 : 00 : 00 and Blame Natasha next but I can’t promise anything :/



“Ya know, when you said we should go out more, I didn’t have this in mind,” you muttered breathlessly to yourself as you knelt down next to Steve, who was knocked out by the shoreline where the hellicarrier crashed a bit ago.

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Habits picked up from the other person:

Tenga habits Chidori adopted:

-Nicknames on her cell contacts. She used to just have each person listed as their actual name but after seeing some of the goofy names Tenga came up with for the other Kiznaivers she started nicknaming her closest friends.

-Going for walks in the morning. Tenga likes going out early when not a lot of people are out and about and Chidori joined him after they started dating. Now she looks forward to them and will go even if Tenga is busy or out of town.

-Finger pistols. Tenga does them so often that Chidori started doing them without noticing. She was legitimately surprised when someone pointed it out to her.

Chidori habits Tenga adopted:

-Ordering desserts at restaurants. Tenga used to just order the main meal but Chidori has such a sweet tooth that he would agree to split something for dessert. Now the meal just doesn’t seem complete without something sweet to finish it off.

-Organizing his sock drawer. Tenga made fun of her for this when he found out but she argued that she’d seen in online on one of those “life hack” posts and that it actually did save space. He organized his just to humor her and well dang yeah that actually does save space. (Chidori is a bit smug about being right)

-Listening to podcasts. Chidori introduced him to some of her favourites and now he listens to them on the bus, while doing homework and when he goes for walks. They have a few they listen to together.   

“In the Spirit World, your emotions become your reality… especially for the Avatar.”

Alright. So lets imagine thats true and lets also imagine that Korra didn’t consider that when she completely and totally went with Asami’s plan for their vacation there. And let’s consider that Korra and Asami haven’t actually voiced the feelings that have grown between them.

But lets say that both of them are also aware that those fluttery feelings they have at the bottom of their stomachs and somewhere in the region of their hearts, are returned. Sort of. They know, but they haven’t actually addressed it so they don’t know.

But now they’re in the Spirit World. And everything there is springtime and blooming flowers and roses and cherry blossoms and sunshine and all the spirits around them are those that are in pairs, truly, not one spirit is single and alone.

And Korra knows what that means, but she’s less sure if Asami is aware of all those hints.

*hint* Asami is.

And it definitely gets clearer once she gets swept up in Korra’s excitement to show Asami everything interesting about the world they’re spending their ‘vacation’ in.

Besides they might not have talked about it, but Asami knows that they might not have stepped into the Spirit portal as a couple, but even when they walked toward it she knew that when they felt ready to return they would be one.

And yes, they do run into Iroh. And Iroh knows with one glance and immediately sets up a tea date for them (you remember how much he loved matchmaking don’t you? Poor Zuko).

And Korra pours the tea from her former life’s Wan’s teapot and looks all smitten by Asami’s little smile when she drinks it and affirms that she does in fact taste the light, but she’s looking right at Korra and Korra’s grinning like a loon too. And then Korra just suddenly leans forward but stops just short of Asami’s lips and hesitates because for all her inherent bravery in some things that courage flees her, only for a moment though and then Asami is the one to cover the remaining distance. And we get that long awaited kiss.

And when an eternity passes and they open their eyes there’s flower petals floating all around them, tangling into their hair and they’re smiling so widely at each other. And it’s, yes… perfect.

fanfic: Work From Home

supergirl/supercat. also on AO3, cuties.

AU Romcom. Cat’s building a new house. Kara is her hot contractor.

More interactions with Carter. And I’m still not sorry.


II: The Unattainable Employer

Hank serves her a beer. “Don’t do it. Don’t text her.”

Kara whines, lowers her head to the counter, and shoves her phone in his hands.

Alex appears by her side, runs a hand through Kara’s hair, scratches her scalp just how she likes it. “He is right, you know.”

Kara groans and tries to shove her aside with her shoulder, but Alex is built like a ninja and doesn’t bulge. “The ball is in her court now, little sis’.”

“It’s been a week!” Kara says, voice higher than usual. She chugs her beer. “You don’t just kiss people and leave! Who does that? I am not a bad kisser!”

“Maybe she doesn’t know what to do,” Hank offers, cleaning the counter in swift gestures. He’s smiling, just a little bit, like he’s having fun with this.

Kara sets her bottle on the table with a thud. “She is Cat Grant, the Queen of All Media! Have you read her Wikipedia page? The woman does not know doubt.”

Astra shows up behind Alex, an easy hand on Alex’s hip. “Maybe you should step up your game, as they say.”

Kara frowns. “I don’t get it.”

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Sage sweeps his gaze over the crowd once more, frowning.

           His height grants him many advantages—longer reach with his sword, physical intimidation, the ability to see clear over the heads of most average-sized people. It makes wading through crowds a snap, and there’s not a single shelf space in all of Haven he can’t reach. Baring, of course, that time Sun had hung his coat from the rafters of the lunchroom during the team’s infamous prank war.

           A prank war that had ended rather abruptly after that very prank.

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tired-angry-robot  asked:

Carolina inspiration = "her hair always smelled like raspberries"

“Were you smelling my hair?” Carolina asks, looking up at the bald man standing behind her. Maine had the decency to act embarrassed, but he was still pretty bad at it.

“Someone said it smelled like raspberries,” he says with a shrug and a furtive glance at her head. “I’ve never had raspberries.”

Carolina stares at him, hands on her waist, hip cocked towards the door to the rec room that they are standing next to. “Was step two going to be eating it?”

Maine scoffs under his breath and steps around Carolina’s stance with more grace than expected of his towering dimensions. “No one said anything about it tasting like raspberries.”

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A Closer Look at Ruby and Mercury’s Encounter: Why it Makes Sense

After looking over chapters 1, 7, and 8 respectively, my brother and I believe without a doubt that Ruby was trying head back to Beacon to warn her team/authorities about her findings after spotting Emerald. (Also: There is a large possibility that Mercury didn’t just “hurhur w/e Cindur” and stumbled into Ruby, but rather intercepted her after Emerald caught sight of her as well)

From episode 1 as well as others, we can tell that Team RWBY as well as Merc/Em/etc get into the Arena through these large entrances.

We see many teams enter through here as well as leave (Penny and her teammate).

Immediately after spotting Emerald and seemingly getting an idea of what was going on, Ruby stood up and rushed towards one of these exists. Some people might think she immediately encountered Mercury (due to a stupid or thoughtless move on his part) because of her ‘lone wolf’ gotta-go-and-investigate-myself ways (from vol 2 before the breach). However, we’re pretty damn sure she was on her way to where the airships were located to exit the Arena and head to Beacon to warn her team.

When Mercury was “injured”, the medics rushed him down this hallway, which seems completely identical to the area Ruby was heading into before Mercury intercepted her.

This could be the general area to exit the Arena. To the right under the exit sign, it seems to head into the airship terminals.

In here, Cinder is telling the medics they have an ambulance ready to take Mercury away.

The white/red thing behind the medic is the ambulance and the blue seems to be the dock/runway used for the airships to connect to the Arena.

After the ambulance leaves, you can see various of these runways scattered around it for other ships to connect to.

As for why we believe in the possibility that Emerald (or at least someone from Cinder n’ Friends) called Mercury to intercept Ruby, parts of it is because of how during this scene, she looks at Ruby’s direction, looks away, looks back, squints and leans forward (much like Ruby does when spotting her). While I may not say for certain that Emerald spotted her, the possibility is there.

I believe this to be especially true when re-watching Mercury walk out of the exit to intercept Ruby and stop her from exiting the arena. If you look at his face and posture, nothing about him even hints to being ‘shocked’ or ‘surprised’. In fact, he seems to walk with a purpose and mocks her with the incoming duel between Penny and Pyrrha. Also, I’d like to give Kerry and Miles more credit. I sincerely doubt they’d forget about Cinder telling Mercury to “lay low” in the span of one episode.

i just need an episode deep into season 3 where riley just really likes farkle so much that when farkle is on a date with smackle or something she goes to great lengths and does something drastic and makes a fool out of herself in front of a lot of people and then when she walks away smackle tells farkle “you should go talk to her.” and smiles a small but genuine smile. and farkle goes after riley and they talk and jsut;  a LL TEH  pOSSIBILITES SLRJSKLDJRKSD

Happy birthday @fairytamashii! You honestly are such a fantastic writer and amazing friend and I love talking to you! (Also I told you I’d do this huehue)

Title: A Day in the Life
Summary: Lucy is tired. Like really tired. She wants to sleep. She hasn’t gotten to sleep much lately and her day isn’t looking too kind on her. (Love Wears a Cape fanficition, pure fluff)

Lucy ran into school, hoping not to trip over her feet. She hurried down the halls and quietly opened the back door to the classroom. She prayed that her teacher hadn’t noticed…

“Ms. Heartfilia, if you were planning on trying to fool me by sneaking in to class ten minutes late, you are dumber than I thought.”

Lucy cursed under her breath, managing an embarrassed smile. “N-No, I didn’t want to interrupt you.” Lucy stuttered out. She felt the eyes of the class on her.

“What’s your excuse today? Did someone die this time?” Ms. Aquarius snarled, hands on her hips.


The front door swung open, revealing a slightly frazzled Natsu Dragneel. Lucy felt the heat rise in her cheeks almost instantaneously, to her dismay. “Sorry I’m late,” he announced.

“You too, Mr. Dragneel?! Were you two together?!”

Lucy’s eyes widened. “Nope! We were not-”

“With Luigi? Psh, no. I just overslept.” Natsu responded, looking away.

No matter how much she crushed on him, she wasn’t going to let that slide. “It’s Lucy!” she hissed.

“Get in your seats, both of you.”

Lucy sat down, taking out her notebooks. She couldn’t just tell her teacher that she was Celestial Star, that she had been busy taking down thieves and burglars. The wouldn’t have been late for class if not for that.

She sighed, lying her head against her arm. She was exhausted. The crime that had vanished when she first started defeating the bad guys returned with a force. She couldn’t have gotten more than ten hours of sleep in the last three days and had to get up early every morning to make patrol.

She forcibly kept her eyes open, even though it was so difficult. She saw Natsu, a few seats in front of her, nodding off himself. She bit her lip and forced herself to look out the window towards the rest of the city.

For some strange reason, she almost wanted there to be an attack so she could get out of class.

The next few periods were very uneventful. Lucy was exhausted, somehow managing to stay awake and take notes, muttering a few words to her friends between classes.

Finally lunch, Lucy kept her head down on the table as her friends talked. They were used to her being tired all the time, it seemed. Honestly at this point she just needed sleep, regardless of what people thought of her. All this superhero business was fun and definitely the right thing, but it was taking a huge toll on her.

She couldn’t wait for break.

Suddenly, there were shouts from outside. Lucy’s head shot up as she felt Loke immediately react in the same way.

“The screams came from a block away!” Loke cried telepathically.

“I-I have to go to the bathroom!” Lucy stammered to her friends, grabbing her bad and running into the hallway.

She pulled out a golden key, and took a breath.

“Open the Gate!”

Celestial Star dashed over the rooftop, jumping and running down to try to spot the site of the danger. She saw men inside the building, holding hostages at gunpoint. Celestial Star peered in through the window, standing on the windowsill, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

“Give us all of your money! Right now!” the man, most likely the leader, shouted. The people cried and yelled for help, a few reaching carefully to give them their prized possessions in exchange for their lives. Lucy glanced down to see Captain Zeref trying to organize a force to infiltrate, seemingly worried about the men shooting the hostages if they interfered.

With that, Celestial Star snuck in.

She dashed towards the men and dropkicked the first one. The people gasped as the remaining two frantically tried to get ahold of their guns, but she was too quick. She lunged at them and knocked their guns away, roundhouse kicking one in the face and kicking the leader into the wall. The man on the floor reached for his gun, struggling to get up, but she kicked the gun away and knocked him out with a swift blow to the head. She proceeded to do the same to the other two.

“Were there any more men?” she asked the hostages urgently. They shook their heads. “Okay, go go! Go down quickly!”

The hostages ran down the stairs as Celestial Star used her lasso to tie the culprits, then hauled them down the stairs behind the freed hostages. As they ran out, going to the police for comfort, Celestial Star tossed the tied up bunch of criminals at the Captain’s feet.

“Thank you, Star.” he said, giving her a relieved smile. She nodded with a gentle smile.

“The guns are still upstairs. No one should be left in the building.”

“We’ll take it from here. You should go back to school.”

Celestial Star yelped, then dashed back to school. Loke congratulated her gently in her mind.

“I heard Celestial Star took out three armed men within seconds!

“Not only that, she carried them all down the building! Can you imagine?!”

“The hostages were so relieved. She’s amazing.”

Not even the comments helped Lucy’s mood. She was just about ready to pass out. It didn’t help that her irritating History teacher droned on about topics not even relevant to the class.

When the bell finally rang, Lucy got up quickly. She joined Levy in the hallway, who was reading a book while walking. Lucy was careful to steer her friend away from the oncoming crowds of students so there were no collisions.

“Lev, I’m already exhausted. How am I going to get through gym?” Lucy whined.

“That’s what you get for sleeping late.”

“It was unavoidable!”

Levy sighed. “Like me. What has been going on with you lately? You’ve been evasive and strange and have to go to the bathroom every period. Are you okay? Is something going on?”

Lucy winced, not knowing how to respond to that. At least her friend was too busy reading to read her facial expressions…Lucy was not a terrific liar. “Yeah…it’s just been harder to sleep lately – oof!” She crashed into the person in front of her without realizing.

“Oh, are you okay?” he asked. Lucy looked into her crush’s onyx eyes. She nodded, blushing heavily.

“Y-Yeah, I’m really sorry. I wasn’t paying attention at all,” she stuttered out, looking at the ground.

He laughed lightly. “No it’s okay! I understand.” He then continued walking forward with his friends. Lucy cast a frantic look at Levy, whose eyes were wide with amusement.

“Lucy oh my god.” Levy said, voice hushed. “He totally likes you back. Did you even see that?!”

“He does not!” Lucy hissed. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“He was blushing! Blushing! He has a thing for you!”

“He does not! Can we just go to gym?” Lucy begged.

“He does!”

They walked to the locker room where they quickly changed into gym clothes. Lucy kept shushing Levy as she giggled and teased the blonde about Natsu.

They got into the gym and the coach stood up. “Is everyone here?” he asked, without checking the attendance. “I’m going to assume yes. Okay, well our next unit is dancing as you know. Your partners are as follows…”

Lucy tuned him out slightly, only noticing when Levy was paired with Gajeel Redfox (to Lucy’s amusement, the height would definitely not work out). She was not in the mood for this. She had dreaded this. She was tired and done and just wanted to go home and sleep.

“Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragneel.”

Lucy’s jaw dropped. She saw Levy bursting into laughter out of the corner of her eye.

Oh. My. Mavis.

Natsu walked over to her while Lucy looked at her feet. The coach gave them the position, and the pair turned to each other.

“Ready, partner?” Natsu asked, scratching his cheek sheepishly.

“You sound like a cowboy,” Lucy responded without a thought, a bit mortified afterwards. Natsu laughed, still. Lucy gently placed her hand in his and her other hand on his shoulder. He, in turn, put a hand on her waist. They waited for the cue to start, not looking at each other.

When the music started (after the coach explained the steps, seemingly bored), the two started. They shuffled their feet awkwardly, trying to match the tempo. Lucy looked up shyly at his face, meeting his eye unexpectedly.

It was then she started to relax. He visibly relaxed. They danced together, both blushing lightly. Lucy cheered in her mind, proud of herself for not falling over her feet.

“You looked like a couple!”

“We did not! You did!”

“Me and that giant lug?! Sorry Lu, this time you can’t use that.”

“You looked cute!”

Lucy and Levy pouted at each other before giggling. They waved goodbye as their paths diverged. Lucy hurried behind an alley before transforming, prepared for patrol.

“Open the Gate!“

Yeah this is not nearly as good as your fic but I hope you enjoyed anyway! (Fanfiction fanfiction for the win hahahaha)