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Hi, I’d like to file a complaint

Hi, hello, I’d like to file a complaint, please? Four, actually. I found some problems with how Volume 4 treated a Miss Ruby Rose and I’d like it to be brought to your attention.

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black paladin!lance: from a meta standpoint

oh god it’s one am, and i’m writing an essay on lance. wow. fucking hell man gg this is what your life has become kyasuu

Alright, let’s get started.

I’ve read a lot of posts about Lance becoming the Black Paladin from a canon perspective–his personality, and it would work better if he were the Black Paladin. And these posts are really, really good (I’m talking specifically about @ironinkpen‘s post on it, go read it haha.)

However, I haven’t seen that much on it from a more meta standpoint (it was actually touched upon briefly in ironinkpen’s post, but I haven’t seen one in depth about it) so I’m writing an essay. Before I start I’d like to thank @royalspaghetti​ for being my rubber duck and letting me talk about all of it and get my thoughts together. (Kinda, this is gonna be a fucking mess)

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I’ve come to realize that there’s a large portion of the Steven Universe fandom that doesn’t want character redemption, even if they say they do. Because there’s a similarity in the characters they’ve decided are deserving of redemption.

Blue Diamond, as of the Answer, was considered a horrible dictator at best. But then the whole zoo arc and the trial happened, and now there are a few people who have decided that she deserves redemption. And that redemption can be defined as joining the Crystal Gems to fight against whoever really shattered Pink Diamond.

But Blue Diamond is still a Diamond. And she has never once shown any sympathy to anyone or anything that is not related to the other Diamonds, especially Pink Diamond. But since she mourns in a socially acceptable way, she’s considered deserving of redemption.

And let’s look at the rubies. Up until Room for Ruby, both Navy and Leggy were the rubies that deserved redemption. They were sweet. They were innocent. They weren’t really bad. And after Room for Ruby, Navy went immediately to the completely irredeemable pile, leaving Leggy as the lone redeemable Ruby. Why? Because she’s too young and naive to know any better. Rubies are stupid. Once Steven is nice to her, she’ll run to the Crystal Gems.

And even when a character does have her redemption arc, where she grows and develops, fandom pretends it never happened. I am, of course, referring to Peridot. I can’t count the times I’ve seen people say that Peridot only ever attacked the Crystal Gems because she was alone and scared on Earth. But that ignores that Peridot tried to smash “the Steven” because she thought he was nothing more than an infestation. It ignores that Peridot was perfectly fine with the Cluster destroying the Earth, and only opposed it to save her own gem. No, they’ve decided that Peridot was always good, and that’s why she got redeemed.

Same with Lapis. She did terrible things, for selfish reasons. She dragged Jasper under the sea in order to have a scapegoat for all her pain. But she’s grown. She doesn’t like that part of her. She doesn’t want to hurt others. But so many in this fandom act like she’s sweet angel who did it only to protect Steven. That she’s the eternally suffering, abused victim.

To them, Lapis and Peridot are both characters who were always sweet and good and never once intentionally hurt anybody who didn’t deserve it. They weren’t selfish. They were noble, and eager to learn and grow. But they don’t want either of those characters to grow. They want them to have always been good.

And that’s it. It’s always the characters who were “nice” who deserve to be “redeemed”. But the nastier characters don’t deserve it. Jasper doesn’t deserve to be redeemed because she’s a bully, who deals with her pain by putting others down. Eyeball doesn’t deserve to be redeemed because she tried to kill Steven even though she thought she was attacking Rose. Yellow Diamond can’t be redeemed because she grieves angrily and wants to destroy anything that reminds her of her pain. They’re not “nice”. They’re not “good”.

And there’s the rub. This lovely little hellsite doesn’t like change. If you’ve done, or even thought, something problematic even once, that’s what you always are. So gems like Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, or even Blue Diamond were really always good. And Jasper, Eyeball, and Yellow Diamond always were, and always will be, bad.

i just realized there are at least 4 instances in the series where Bakugou is being restrained

Bakugou. Bakugou why does this keep happening to you, my child

(and that’s not even including when he was captured in an orb… thing? during the Training Camp arc or when he was turned into a human potato during the Provisional License exam, because i’m not entirely sure if those count as being “physically restrained”)

steven universe has such flawed story telling it’s genuinely hard for me to enjoy it anymore. there’s no urgency, there’s no need to do things. it took however many episodes for homeworld to develop a presence (the red eye doesn’t fucking count) on earth, and even then, they weren’t really a threat. they were just… there. peridot’s arc was never as urgent as it should’ve felt, and it was interrupted by the awkwardness of sardonyx, where we were torn from a manhunt to watch miscommunication and disrespect take charge. yellow diamond comes back once in a blue moon, despite homeworld being oh so threatening. there’s weeks worth of boring, unentertaining filter with zero mention of homeworld, and when homeworld does arrive, it doesn’t feel like there’s a countdown. the pacing is also shit- as seen in the ‘are you my dad?’ arc

also, you never feel like there’s high stakes anymore. we all know steven is going to win. we all know that jasper stood no chance, that the rubies would go back to homeworld, that steven wouldn’t be executed, that lars would get home, that the kidnapped humans would return, that bismuth wouldn’t use the breaking point. we know what’s going to happen. that was why peridot was so important at first- because she won a few times! she got away! not only was she an ever present threat, but she gave the crystal gems a little kick. as a liaison from homeworld, she was the most dangerous enemy the gems had come across, and she couldn’t be beat. but they beat peridot. they beat lapis. they beat bismuth. they beat topaz. they beat aquamarine. there’s no actual threat behind any character, because steven keeps winning.

Sexism in One Piece

I was asked to collab in a youtube video about sexism in One Piece and accidentally got upset about it. I did not realise that I would get this worked up about it and I think that’s because when you’re watching the series, there are little moments of sexism that you can ignore. But when you actually research it and think about all the moments that have made you feel uncomfortable, it becomes overwhelmingly clear that One Piece is sexist.

It’s gotten to the point where I’m embarrassed to tell my friends that I watch One Piece, because I know that they’re going to google it to check it out and they’re just going to see boobs. I would never buy a figurine of a female character in One Piece because I wouldn’t even be able to look at it.  I’m not saying that large boobs don’t exist in real life but it’s a problem in One Piece because it’s gotten to the point where every young and attractive female character has giant boobs. There is barely any diversity between female characters. And to be honest this isn’t the type of anime I signed up for. The first time I remember feeling uncomfortable when watching the anime was in the Alabasta arc and seeing Miss Doublefinger outfit. I was like wtf, who would dress like that but I could just write it off to her being a crazy villain. But after that moment the boobs grew bigger every One Piece arc, until after the timeskip when in the manga you couldn’t even tell which female character was speaking because they all looked the same.

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Top five worst Sonic Archie issues

So a while back me and @greenyvertekins​ talked a bit about our favorite Sonic Archie moments, I was thinking of doing a TOp five/top ten favorite Sonic archie issues but honestly the moments I and Greenyvertekis mentioned were pretty much my favorite/best issues. So if you want to read here! most of them are also from the best written arcs so …..

Then I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to do a top five WORST Sonic arche issues instead? :) (warning Im from the Netherlands so my English is bad, feel free to spell correct me!)

Number 05 Issue 172

Going pretty low in the list because despite this being one of  my least favorite issues it should be noted that this was the start from the comic getting better and better at this point, this ugly-face just was the blacksheep from that collection.

Not only was the cover a bad reminder that the comic was seen as bad-furry-romance-drama which I really hoped the comic wanted to distant itself from it, the entire issue is a sadlyalso  bad-furry-drama. It starts off with Amy Rose confronting Fiona Fox about the rumors that she heard from Tails that she is cheating on Sonic with Scourge, (the Green Edgy Sonic recolor) Now the story of Fiona Fox is a pretty sad one, she never had much of a character to begin with. She was first introduced as a robot in her child form to lure Tails into a trap. It turns out that Eggman based her off a real person: Fiona Fox who someway or another was left behind by Mighty and Sonic in Eggman’s prison and she manage to escape but stil holding a grudge and got angry at them for it, That is mostly what I remember her from in the past issues. From then on she would just be background character number 55 a freedom fighter with no dialog, the only times I sort of remember her was that she liked the idea of using guns, and that Sonic was afraid for Tails to be rejected by the too-old-for-you girl Fiona.Sonic wanted to talk to FIona about this issue and she mentions she still thinks SOnic is selfish for leaving her behind but that his sacrifice in issue 125 made her change her mind somewhat, That’s it. Now the weird story behind Fiona is that Karl Boilers planned to use her as a second-love interest for Sonic after Sonic broke up with Sally. Sonic was supposed to enter a relationship with Amy Rose shortly after the Sonic/Sally break up. (Keep in ind that Amy Rose back then was still 10 years old mentally at that time YIKES.) and Fiona for whatever reason was to become a rival to Amy for Sonic’s affections. Now Ken Penders apparently interfered with this idea and Karl and Ken changed it into…Fiona Fox becoming Sonic’s girlfriend instead…out of the blue….out of nowhere. At least with Amy you knew she had a crush on Sonic but with Fiona? why would Sonic ever enter a relationship with a girl he hardly interacted with and with a girl his best friend was crushing on? ..moving on various issues later and writer Karl Boilers and Ken Penders were no longer on board and new writer Ian Flyn entered into the picture it was by then far too late to clean up this mess and I could tell from the comic’s writing that Ian wasn’t sure what to do with Fiona, he tried to give her a more Sally-personality with a bad history but that felt tripped and forced. He knew he had to break the two characters off and he thought the best way to do that was to reveal that Fiona Fox became a bad-girl who fell in love with Scourge due to the events off Sonic 150 (dont worry that issue will be brought up later)

Not only did this came out of no where, it felt forced even if Fiona had no character it felt like she really was just a pawn of a writer not sure what to do with her. It also didnt help that the issue ends in a weird anticlimatic way  and in the next issue most of the characters dont even talk or seem to be phazed with Fiona’s betrayel and  Sonic would be slightly flirtatious with Sally and Amy in the next issue too, (Really Sonic you just got dumped.) The issues saving grace is a cute side story with Amy Rose and Julie Su training together and some decent/good art overall.

Number 04 Knuckles the Echidna issue 32

Yes Knuckles does count as part of the Sonic series, and if the list would be Knuckles comic focused this would have been number one. Not only was this the last issue of probably the most boring arc I ever read It also nailed the coffin on the Knuckles series as it was canned after this issue. It introduced two very uncreative very Un-SegaSonic like characters: Monk and Hunter whose design and motivations are as generic as you can imagine. Ken Penders tries to make you feel for the Monk-character but I dont think anyone was convinced. I own this issue as well and HONESTLY I forgot I even read this issue as a child it was that forgettable, even in my Knucklesfangirl phase as soon as I finished reading the last 3 issues I forgot about it, It also doesnt help that the covers while nicely drawn by Galan were cluttered and too busy, Ken Penders did the book’s art and while he did a perfect job drawing Hunter his cartoon characters were always off-model and the way he draws large mangaeyes didn’t look well. In other words the art wasnt good either.

I only remember these issues  because of @hedgehogscantswim​ review, which I suggest you guys read into as they go into much greater depth on their blog on the flaws of the art, the character designs of Monk and Hunter and the overall big problem the last issue has.  

Number 3 Sonic issue 134

Oh Yeah let’s talk about the big one, let’s talk about the issue that caused many Sonic fans to drop the comic, lets talk about the issue that split the fanbase in half and what made the Sonic-Archie comics the laughing stock of Sonic spin offs for years to come until Ian Flyn joined and the much later soft-Reboot. If the Sally/Sonic/Mina love drama didn’t convince people that the comic had badfurryromance drama this issue sure did.

Sonic sacrificed himself in issue 125 to save the world,  but was transported to a different planet cause science, he survived and had space adventures with Aliens, met up with Tails parents somehow…(Really those issues are all a blur too me at this point.) he came back to Mobuis only to discover a year has passed since then, he reunites with his nowwithlonghair girlfriend Sally and by issue 125, Sally makes it clear to Sonic that she wants him by his side as she is sort-of forced by her parents to no longer be on the battle field. However Sonic cant possibly do that, he is the hero after all, he cant be tied down Sally clearry suffering from trauma after Sonic’s death begs him to stay by her side, Sonic  tearfully tells her he can’t and Sally takes Sonic’s rejection pretty well and says that she knows being a hero is in Sonic’s blood and decides to reject her parents wishes and join her boyfriend and the rest of her friends on the battle field.

No wait Never mind, she SLAPS him across the face and calls him Selfish and breaks up with him afterwards.

Not only did this issue came in the worst possible time when the Sonally/Sonamy ship wars was rampant in the Online Sonic fandom communities. The motivation and reason for Karl Boilers to do this was in such a bad taste as well. Karl who MOST Likely was aware of the growing popularity of the Sonamy ship and the hatred the sonamy fanbase had for Sally, from people calling her a marry sue, a slut because her lack of pants, ugly due to her brown color sceme, and other funny-horrible things because shipping is serious business, Probably wanted to win and be favored by a part of the Sonic fan base and had outlined plans to have Sonic and Amy Rose become an official couple in the comics. (Even if Karl wrote Amy Rose as a 10 year old mentally girl with a body of a 12 year old together with a 17 year old teen Sonic.) They had to become a couple. How to do this you ask? by breaking Sonic/Sally up and portraying  Sally out to be a selfish cunt of a woman, not only was this so disgustingly out of character and a slap to the face to the sonally and Sally fans, it was all to make the fans to transaction to the idea of Sonamy instead. It didnt help Sally’s position in the fanbase and she along with Chris and Elise would be among the list of the most hated characters where extreme Sonamy fanbrats now had valid proof on their side.It would take years for Sally to recover. To add insult to injury the only nice thing about the issue is the introduction of new artist John Gray (whose animish-cartoondisneyish style was colorful, pleasant and very pleasing to the eye! was more then needed at that time since the art quality standards was low back then. )John has stated he did NOT like working on this issue either due to the content and story. I am so thankful that Sally has been much better written for years now.

Number 02 Sonic Super Special issue 07 Crossover with Image Comics

Where to start with this, oh boy oh boy. I put this very high on the list because this has to be one of the worst crossovers spin ofss I have ever had the pleasure of reading. and I mean that the Powerrangers/TMNT crossover was more enjoybale that this mess. This is also very high on the list not only because the art was below average and many characters were off models but Mister Ken Penders used this crossover special to shoehorn his own ‘’characters’ from his comic book series the Lost Ones. (who btw got canned after only volume 01) his characters got the most attention out of everyone else. A image-comics with Sonic crossover already sounds sort of weird and silly but hey I am Spawn fangirl, I am intrigued. But I dont even get that.

(oh wait, this is fucking it, Spawn appears for about a page to say no to Sonic and then leaves thats it??) FOR FUCK SAKE….

Honestly @robotnikholmescomicblog​ gave this comic a great review and I suggest going to their tag of Ken-Penders-Why as they bring out most of the flaws of Ken Penders writing and they said it better then I ever will.

Overall the issue is just a mess, with shallowcheap cameos of image characters, Sonic and the freedom fighters being DICKS to most of the human characters for no reason, a very anti climatic ending and a giant commercial for Ken Penders doomed and boring characters that nobody gave a dam about) characters that he planned to use in ‘’The Lost ones’’ and Knuckles 20 years later. With a character hinting to become Knuckles’s greatest enemy yet with a very ugly boring design that could rivals Hunter. (btw none of these concepts go anywhere, Lost Ones was canned, and Knuckles 20 years later didnt come in fruition the way Ken Penders wanted.)

and number 5, worst issue Sonic issue 150

This is my most least favorite issues up to date and why you might ask

well for one thing the art is okay, I give it that but it doesnt even start with Sonic,

no we get a quick-reveal  of AntiSonic pretending to be the real Sonic flirting with all the girls in knothole

We get uncomfortable panels of Mina Mongoose almost cheating on her boyfriend with Sonic, Sonic and Bunnie making out and falling asleep next together, Sonic being creepy at Amy ect and none of the girls seem to realize that this is obvious not the real Sonic but ANti-Sonic. Everbody fails to notice that Sonic is  trying to flirt with all the girls he gets his eyes on. Only Tails seems to quistion it. Shows how much his own friends seem to know him. Or his own freaking family. The real Sonic is stuck in anti-mobuis and is busy trying to convince them that he is not AntiSonic, it’s very boring and dull. Also since the real Ant was stuck in anti Mobuis couldn’t he have tried to come back to his own world with Sonic? I dont know that just confused the heck out of me, The extra side story also doesn’t help, Its the conclusion to TailS ‘’the Chosen One’’ which was,,,pretty lame too with bland-art, and has the unfortunate of introducing the fanbase to the still-hilarious Titan Tails


So the stories are stupid, the art is okay and lame. Why is it so high on the list?

It’s THE 150 anniversary issue and this is how Karl and Ken apparently wanted to celebrate it? It also doesn’t help that the cover is really underwhelming and boring compared to the 125th issue but that’s it’s least of its problems. A short while later Ian Flyn and Tracey joined the team and Ken and Karl left. For the better. But talk about a lame way to celebrate a 150th milestone. What a waste. 

Why ObiYuki > ZenYuki

First of all,this is just my opinion and this rambling will contain spoilers! So now that I have cleared this, let’s get to it cuz this is gonna be LONG

I don’t hate ZenYuki. It’s a decent pairing, they have cute moments and stuff and at first it was my main ship in AnS. But then came ObiYuki and at first I didn’t think any of it. But then chapters came out and as the manga goes forward I feel like there isn’t any contest between obiyuki and zenyuki for me.

I finished rereading the whole manga about a week ago. And my first point about zenyuki is going to be it’s start. That damn kiss. I hate it.

Zen kissed Shirayuki without permission, without confession without anything. Hell, Zen even says he did it without her consent! And if Shirayuki was so in love with Zen and stuff imo, she wouldn’t have reacted the way she did. She was startled, embarrassed, confused etc. And she seeks protection from Obi! 

On that day, she could have rode back with Kiki, Mitsuhide or even Zen if she asked. No, she chose Obi. He was neutral, she felt the safest with him out of all people. Which is huge! And then the almost hand touch. In this chapter so far Shirayuki is stressed cuz of the kiss, then we see she rode with Obi back, he tries to get info out of her what happened, Zen is on prince business and then Obi almost holds Shirayuki’s hand. After the kiss between the male characters Obi a side character gets a moment like this. And then Zen appears, Shirayuki hides behind Obi! She seeks comfort and protection from him. And he understands and helps her. After ZenYuki did that bad kiss we have moments like these with ObiYuki. So yeah, ObiYuki > ZenYuki for me

Little later we have the Tanbarun arc. Which is for me mainly ObiYuki. For me Zen being a prince is bad for ZenYuki. Say what you want but many times Shirayuki has faced prejudice for her connection with Zen, she has to deal with Izana’s mind games which make her uncomfortable, she has to “behave properly” like dance classes and stuff. It’s stress, getting into royal enviroment as just a normal person and living with these things. 

So Shirayuki is sent to Tanbarun and even if Zen wants to go with her he can’t. Obi senses the distress and has his own feelings growing too, so he and Zen have a duel. 

Obi has nothing holding him back. No royal title, nothing. This line does it for me and I don’t think it only stands for the coming arc. Obi will always protect Shirayuki in Zen’s place. If something were to come up like a royal arranged marriage or they were to break up Zen can always count on Obi being by Shirayuki’s side. This is a lifelong promise from Obi.

Then in chapter 20 we have Shirayuki thanking Obi for coming with her to Tanbarun, Mitsuhide picking up that maybe Obi has developed new feelings, Obi complimenting Shirayuki in her dress, her wearing the hair ornament that she got as a present, adjointing rooms scene. You know, lots of stuff for a non canon pairing in just one chapter.

And this arc is just full of important moments like the library scene, the balcony scene. Obi and Shirayuki are together in Tanbarun and the author is just throwing romantic moments at us. If I didn’t know about Zen then ObiYuki sure would look like the main couple. And there wasn’t a confession or a kiss.

Then Shirayuki gets kidnapped and Obi is nuts. He shows a dark side of him. He is really angry, dangerous and has a dark aura around him almost all of the remaining arc. Even when Zen and the others show up and he puts his mask back up you can still see he is tense. He is really affected by the kidnapping and not just cuz this was his duty. He made a promise and on the first chance where he is guarding Shirayuki this mess happens.

And at the end of the arc, we have Shirayuki and Obi talk after she is saved. Obi feels like a failure, he is sad, he won’t listen to her apologies. But Shirayuki still trusts Obi. She wants to go to Tanbarun, her special homeland, with him and this means so much to Obi. It throws him off that someone puts so much faith into him and shows so much kindness towards him after experiencing being kidnapped.

Obi never really got attached to people. In one of the coming chapters Torou who known him in the past mentions this too. Obi was always moving, never staying in one place long. I think that’s why he doesn’t really use names. If he did, it would make things more personal.

But here he is so overwhelmed with affection that he almost says her name. This moment means a lot, I think this is the hight of the whole arc. Throwing Shirayuki and Obi together, showing how they click in their time, how other characters pick up on it, how Obi starts to realize things after the balcony, how he fails and yet how Shirayuki still accepts him and doesn’t push him away. For me this arc was the birth of ObiYuki.

And of course there isn’t a better way to end this beautiful arc with a not so pretty ZenYuki kiss. After witnessing obiyuki sweetness, Zen kisses a sleeping, unconscious girl. Shirayuki may be strong but the events got to her. And here we have Zen, whose first kiss was without consent, again kissing a sleeping Shirayuki. Just no. If he kissed her on the forehead or something it would have worked but for me this way it just deals damage to the pairing.

After the Tanbarun arc comes the Lyrias arc. We get new characters, a new main place in the manga. Jumping a bit forward, a sickness breaks out. And when Obi and Zen appear, who gets to stay and help Shirayuki? No, not the main love interest, the prince charming. It’s Obi who also flirst with Shirayuki in front of Zen and Izana. Real smooth.

After Zen leaving because of his duty and Obi staying with Shirayuki this arc like the last one shows obiyuki together, how they solve the case. Zen is out of the picture, Obi is in the middle of it. The manga isn’t even trying to hide obiyuki. They spend time together, go through this hardship together, work together and understand each other more.

Here Shirayuki saw through Obi’s act. She is touched by his kindness. The way they look at each other is just precious. From Obi okay, but from Shirayuki who is already head over heels in love with Zen I think it means a lot.

After the Lyrias arc we get smaller moments but still important ones. The one in chapter 47 where Obi lightly touches Shirayuki’s hand to support her, Obi finding her after she fell asleep with a fever, waking Obi up, cooking together. Just small moments so we don’t forget that Shirayuki is together with Zen and she doesn’t have a growing other relationship…

Chapter 57-58 are killers. Till these chapters nothing was confirmed. We could, hardly but still, pass these things off as platonic things. Close friendship. But then Shirayuki is sent to Lyrias for 2 years and everyone is shaken a bit. Everyone gets a hug, we get an obiyuki hug and foreshadowing.

This is more important than the hug! Why? Cuz Shirayuki says smiling that she thinks Obi will follow her, that he will be there with her. Not Zen, but Obi who she has spent more time with. Obi is always there with her, watching her. Shirayuki feels that if she goes somewhere Obi will be beside her. This is really beautiful and Obi is surprised too. And luckily, they will meet up in Lyrias a few chapters later.

But not before this.

This is the point where I went to heaven. His smile, his confession are just so beautiful. He admits it to Zen that he likes the girl that his master loves. And that he didn’t want to go be with her for 2 years without Zen knowing his feelings. That’s what I call being fair and honest. Obi respects Zen and his relationship with Shirayuki, he doesn’t want bad feelings between him and Zen. Obi is just too good for this world.

The moment Shirayuki sees Obi her face lits up and she blushes. What she said came true and she feels happy to have Obi by her side.

And chapter 62 is just gold. They talk and Obi asks if it’s okay for him to stay with her. And he is nervous too you can see it. But Shirayuki just says of course and her expression surprises Obi. No wonder.

Try to convince me that this is just meant for a friend. If you say that Shirayuki doesn’t love Obi like she does Zen I can accept that. At this point. But her feelings are growing, her relatopnship developes with Obi. And nobody can deny that.

After chapter 62 it’s mostly adventure time. For me the next big moment is the silent goodbye that they have in chapter 80.

No words are said or needed. They have built a connection. Obi looks back at her and Shirayuki looks strong. She isn’t teary eyed or anything. She is worried sure but her eyes say she expects him to return to her. She from past experiences knows and feels that Obi will come back to her side.

Their reunion will come in chapter 88 which sadly I couldn’t find yet, just the spoilers. But in the spoilers Shirayuki has a warm smile and says welcome back and she meets him first before Zen.

The conclusion.

In my opinion ObiYuki has more development than ZenYuki. Obi and Shirayuki started as strangers then became friends and are growing stronger together while supporting each other. For me zenyuki is still the same charming princes common girl crush on each other. Many times Obi stands by Shirayuki’s side cuz Zen can’t because of his social status. And thinking about it, does Shirayuki want a royal life? If she marries Zen she will be expected a different behaviour, she will have to adjust to a whole different lifestyle. What she has now, working in Lyrias suits her much more than dancing and balls and such. We have seen she can’t dance, doesn’t know sometimes how to properly behave with other nobles and such. I think a royal lifestyle would burden her more than would help her.

I think Shirayuki’s first love is Zen, but that doesn’t mean she can’t fall deeper for someone else. Being liked by a prince as your first time experiencing love is unique and thrilling. But I think what she has is a crush. Despite wanting to be by Zen’s side she spends more time with Obi. I think she is more free with Obi. You see their development in the manga while I can’t really name a big change for Zenyuki. He loves her, she blushes they kiss that’s all. That’s first love. But not the one. Obiyuki feels more developed, natural, comfortable, relatable. The manga puts them together a lot maybe that’s why. But why if they are not the main couple? For bait or for something more? No matter the ending, ObiYuki will be always special for me, more than ZenYuki. Obi and Shirayuki built an amazing relationship no matter the outcame and I will always smile when I see these two dorks together.

Lance a.k.a. the “cool” guy

It’s a liveblog! I only finished season two, please no spoilers in the comments/reblogs!

Sharpshooter of a team, a teenager who misses his family, a Cuban, if his comment about Varadero Beach is anything to go by, social butterfly, self-proclaimed Keith’s rival (at least at first,) and a current Blue Paladin.

The first time we meet Lance he’s a leader of a little group back in Garrison simulator. Full of false self-confidence, a little arrogant, his decisions are what, among other things, causes the simulator to crash and burn and along with Hunk and Pidge has to listen to Iverson’s admonishments. And then curious thing happens - when his teammate speaks up he takes superior’s anger on himself, listening how he got to be a fighter pilot only because some other guy was expelled.
This whole sequence tells us a lot about Lance and how he wants to be seen by others. He wants to come off as charming, likeable and the one everyone listens to. And he is all that!… When he’s not trying to flaunt himself in front of others. But when it comes to helping and caring about others he’s the one you should turn to.

Lance likes people, likes spending time with them, he’s everyone’s friend in span of seconds (…unless you’re Keith, Iverson, or evil,) likes to analyze them, is very perceptive, especially when it comes to other people. He’s the one who cared about Pidge enough to be her friend (despite the initial cold shoulder she gave him and Hunk) and to notice how she reacts whenever Kerberos mission is mentioned. He’s just interested in people in general and makes friends easily.
He trusts very easily which sometimes can end up badly (Nyma, though to be fair to him everyone else besides Hunk trusted both her and Rolo,) but, since he keeps connecting with people it shows how it doesn’t let it affect him that much and how he wants to see the best in others.
“But,” you’re going to say. “But what about Keith?” Well, here’s a thing - when it comes to Red Paladin his perspective is skewed thanks to comments he heard in Garrison and his insecurities. He’s looking at him with envy-tinted glasses, so to speak. For him Keith is a goal, constantly tries to prove himself to him and the team, he sees him as this cool guy full of himself who does everything easily. Though he gets to see the real him. Slowly.

Allura didn’t talk about Blue Paladin’s virtues thanks to Lance interrupting her, making our boy struggle to define his place in a team. And we, as the audience, are thrown off a little too through the small things, but ultimately he is a valuable member and a true Blue Paladin, otherwise the Lion wouldn’t choose him. Except…

His insecurities are a big part of his character development. Lance feels overshadowed by his teammates, while he’s jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Or rather jack-of-all-trades, master of one, if we’re talking about the use of his bayard. And while his sharpshooting skills are definitely there I can’t say it’s his most valuable asset. But it’s something that he thinks might be a thing he can add to the team and tries to make sure they consider him a marksman. He might not have in-born talents like others, but I imagine he has been practicing on his own with his weapon. Also he relies on his eyesight a lot, I guess he must have a good one, which adds to his sharpshooting skills.

What he can’t see, however, is that team trusts him to do his job right and sees him as valuable member for who he is. But it is something he has to figure out himself and be happy with ho he is. So apart from shooting what he adds to the team?

He’s the heart. He’s the one who diffuses situations and makes sure everyone are okay. He’s the one who gathered everyone and flew them into space. He’s the one who interacts with both Alteans first. It is significant that the darkest Voltron’s hour so far is the one when he was out of commision. After saving the guy he knew barely a few days. Because that’s who Lance is, he’s a good person who’ll be your friend in span of few seconds (good example is Laika who he called a friend and defended after knowing her for an hour, at best.)

Lance is a team player, turning to either Shiro or Allura (“Blade of Marmora”) in times of trouble, but also willing to make strategies on his own using his and his teammates abilities to win the day (“Return to the Balmera”, where he managed to come up with a not-harmful to Balmera plan twice and explained it to Keith without words in a second instance.  …Sort of.) He knows his friends’ strenghts and will use them (as well as compliment them for them.) This plus him being a ranged fighter makes him a top priority, as Pidge noted during her fight against Paladins. Also whenever he’s in trouble he’s not afraid to call for help and looks for a way out (“Taking Flight”).

Which brings us to yet another useful trait of his - he’s flexible in various situations and, pardon the pun, can go with a flow. He’s pretty adaptable guy; when figthing Hunk in “The Depths” he does everything he can to not hurt him and in order to get him out of hypnosis and uses his foot (actually tying it with his actions in “Taking Flight” it means kid knows how to put his legs for good use, so there’s another point for him.)

Similiary to Hunk he’s support of the team, but, in contrast to Yellow Paladin’s he’s not the ‘grounding’, more stabilizing one, he’s more on the offensive side, the leg that makes a step forward (again, he trusts easily, while Hunk is more cautious with people.) In Blue Lion he can use unique abilities that are sonic cannon and freezing laser, which can be both used in offense as well as a tool to help others (in “Escape from Beta Traz” the cannon was used to get the map of prison’s interior; the laser was unlocked when saving Balmera from Galran tower falling down on her.)

While Lance chooses what aspects of himself he’s showing to the world a lot of time, he is an honest, open guy. He doesn’t want to bring the party down after feeling a wave of homesickness so he excuses himself, but after Coran finds him he immediately talsk about what’s bothering him. Also don’t forget how he easily shared information about his friends and his own troubles with ‘Slav’ who he knew for a short time. And since he started to recognize his insecurities problem in Beta Traz episode, I expect him to talk to one of his teammates sometime in a future.

He is a Paladin who confronted death most of them all (except Shiro, obviously.) Lance is the one who thought his best friend was dead back in the first episode (and yet stayed behind, just in case he survived,) was injured by fake Rover, faced Baku, one-on-one, and let’s not forget how he was almost send to space by airlock. Actually, the whole “Crystal Venom” episode counts here. In S2 finale he’s the only one who doesn’t look shocked when Paladins think everyone in the Castle died. And during Shiro’s speech he says “Let’s go down swingin’.” Believing that he’ll die, but willing to fight till the very end.

Interestingly he has the least reasons to be Defender of the Universe (except Hunk, but he got his character arc about that) - aside from keeping Galra away from Earth and helping people. And that’s all the reasons he needs - his compassion is a driving force. Even if he does want a parade once in a while, but it steems more from his desire to be recognized and liked by others and he talks about it half-jokingly.

He cares about what other people think of him, thus tries to draw others’ attention to him and likes to flirt with people. And whenever girls are a main topic he might be a little more blindsided than not.

Also he can shoot sparkly sparkles with his bayard. Yay!

Tl;dr: No matter if it’s a life or death situation or not Lance will be there for you. Heart of a team who, sadly, does not believe in himself a lot of times, but that’s what character arcs are for. And it looks like his is going to last few seasons.

(more character analyses)

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What did you think of the new chapter? I think that Freya’s inner self is testing Iduna. Like, if she doesn’t win this battle she can’t be her eve. But I think regardless of whether Iduna does become her permanent eve or not, Freya will def help her save Shuuhei.

     NGL… I’m a little bit of a salt bucket this chapter–mainly because it was a bit… misleading? The chapter focuses entirely on Shuuhei and Tinker’s history together and why she’s fighting so passionately for his safety, which, ok good. Yah we should know that I guess, but… why was Touma on the cover then if the chapter was all about Tinker battling her inner demons and self doubt/finding her reason to fight??? Wouldn’t having Tinker or Shuuhei on the cover be better?

     On the other hand though, seeing all the background and getting development on these two was really nice. We got to understand more of how deep Shuuhei’s anger really runs, and why Tinker is so compelled to protect him (looks like Shuuhei’s sister had quite the helping hand in that).

     Obviously yes, Tinker is now having the inner battle with Freya and her own will to control her. What I don’t get is how the hell it got to this point? Wrath never sucked her inside like all the other Servamps have done with their Eves (Sloth, Lust, and Greed) she’s just all of a sudden faced with inner Wrath which… um… ok? Maybe I missed something in context I can’t make out at a glance who knows. I like to think TANAKA’s got a good handle on all this, though my fear is growing that Tinker’s going to wind up with her weapon (perhaps symbolized as the small dagger she received) like the other Eves have. That would certainly seem like the contract is more permanent as Mahiru received his weapon AFTER his and Kuro’s contract became permanent. I’m lowkey praying TANAKA hasn’t forgotten about the item rule but… we’ll see.

     In general I really can’t say I’m 100000% on board with the turn this arc is taking, mainly just how Tinker came in almost from nowhere and now is getting a huge character spotlight when none of the others even have their shit resolved? I suppose it does connect to Shuuhei a lot who’s in the midst of his, which helps but… eh… like I said, I’m salty, let me sit in my biased corner and wait for the next chapter to come out.

     Also… even as a huge fan of Tsurugi I gotta say this but–

     ANYONE ELSE READY FOR THIS ARC TO BE DONE ALREADY??? (I’m starting to feel like I’m in the magician’s arc from Magi and we’re spending 500 years here. We’ve spent at least the last 3 volumes on this arc alone; 4 if you count 11 when it releases…) Even loving Tsurugi as much as I do I’m reaching my limit here… I’m ready for the next arc please–can we not be in C3 anymore?

You see in the 1991 BATB there was a wonderful contrast between the beast and gaston. The beast was a good person but had an ugly exterior, and gaston was an ugly person but a beautiful exterior. They were meant to act as complete opposites, and gaston was meant to serve as proof that looks aren’t everything. 1991!Gaston has ZERO redeemable qualities. There’s no way you can look at him and think he’s a good guy. No way.

But 2017 BATB is a bit different. Gaston and the beast are more alike. The beast is a more obviously bad person in the beginning and he changes. Gaston is more obviously a good person in the beginning and he changes. They move in opposite directions.

And because Gaston is given redeemable qualities like a gentler approach towards others including Belle (“Can I give you some advice?” Instead of taking her book, throwing it on the ground, telling her women shouldn’t be reading, etc) he can return to the good person he used to be.

No one is born evil. No one is born bad. And because Gaston has a lot of gray area, I think it would be the most interesting thing ever to see his character evolve even more and to see him redeem himself. No redemption will negate what he’s done, but he will be better.

And I absolutely love that message. I love the idea that no matter how badly you fucked up, how awful of a person you are, there’s always hope to become better if you try. It’s the entire theme of Beauty and the Beast: change for better. I think it’s deserved.

So im gonna give scene analysis a go because i havent loved an episode this much all season.

So here it goes.

  • Killian quite literally running down hill. Such a good representation of his arc. We got so much angst and this episode is going to be the come down to all of it. The settling. 
  • And just like his past created the the beginning of the climb to this story/arc, it’s interesting that in the scene where he is going downhill it is literally because he’s being chased by what could be seen as symbols of his past. Who he was in the past. (Referring to the lost boys).
  • Lol I love the whole buried Rum line. Very Captain Jack Sparrow-esque
  • I got someone waiting for me at home. The show IS NOT ACCIDENTALLY THROWING OUT THIS TERM A LOT. It’s done with absolute intention. 
  • I don’t know if we will ever get real backstory on Killian and Tiger Lily but his little smirk he has upon saying her name and the era of confidence has me thinking it isn’t anywhere near as bad as everyone speculated.
  • Ah and there’s Captain Floor again. I gotta say they really do love messing with this man’s neck.
  • Nice reference to the fact that Hook is family.
  • I also dig Charming saying that this is REGINA’S curse. He didn’t differentiate in this moment.
  • Ugh the Snowing theme song always chokes me up. I love that there Love is enough to snap her out of this. Always a sucker for TL moments.
  • IT still makes me so giddy that these are real life husband and wife being all romantic on my screen.
  • Okay BF is stunning. Like damn.
  • I laugh at the idea that had Charming not said Emma’s name Rumple could still be living mindlessly in the 21st century Storybrooke Regina made. 
  • Ahh Charms saying “I know Hook is out there doing the same for you,” is so important because she needed to hear it and I think Charms knew that. You can see the instant relief in her face as she embraces him. I think it both calmed her and it also solidified that he wasn’t as mad anymore as maybe she was worried he was.
  • “Skull Rock” nice throw back to the animated version!
  • Killian’s anger and desperate need at having to get back to Emma, the woman he loves, will always get me in the feels.
  • I love that fate comes into play when it means creating the chance to save someone you love. There is so many great moments around this idea, this episode. We have Snowing later sacrificing themselves so Emma can get Killian. Which by fates hands will connect her with the weapon she needs to stop the BF. We also see this same fate come into play when Killian ends up in Neverland with the woman (tiger lily) who has the needed weapon. It’s all connected my friends. 
  • 20:1, “well I feel sorry for those lads, they don’t stand a chance.” Ah that pirate swag. 
  • I love that the FB all share some significance to season 1. I mean the scene where Regina sends Archie and Pongo to the mines is very reminiscent of season 1. It makes you wonder how much of these moments influenced those moments.
  • The field of flowers. Hmm well if Regina’s curse and season 1 evilness = 1 found pink flower. And now we’re seeing hundreds. She must really be a big big bad huh?
  • “NO mother should have to watch their child die,” hmm me thinks someone with a mom on the show might experience just that. SPOILER: my thoughts are Emma but I think she’ll be brought back. 
  • Killian Jones the host of all current hope speeches.
  • And there he goes again, risking himself to ensure his TL get’s what she needs to live. 
  • A single flower. A symbol that there is always hope. There is always something there that will get you through.
  • Okay so the scene with Snowing and young emma is really heart breaking. To me it’s not just a conversation of right vs. wrong. But a moment of just decision making. A hard one. And that’s why it was so important to have both sides of it. One side represented by Charms the other by Snow. It was the same conversation the audience would be having. So it fit well. But this scene was also meant to contrast what is coming next. It was also really nice to see that second chances run in romances. Ayyyee. That rhymed. But seriously Snowing and Captain Swan really do parallel the crap out of each other. The second good byes, the second reunions. Sometimes things happen more than once before they stick. 
  • And his fricken shadow caressed her face and im dead on the floor. I love that it kind of parallels the scene where Charms touched Snows hand and it was enough to just catapult a shift in emotion. 
  • And here we have the scene the FB’s were built for. One of them at least. Snow giving Emma the potion to bring back her love. TO have that happiness. To not have to wait. To do something for herself. EVERYTHING in contrast to what was done when they saw her through that door earlier, comes down to this moment. Snow is making the other choice. And it will pay off.
  • My understanding of that potion by the way, is that the one seeking their true love has to use it. So Im under the impression that everyone who will be mad at Emma for using it cant really be mad anyways? Because Snow has already passed out before she has a chance to use it. 
  • Also can we talk about how Snow knows that to win this battle. To fight this big fight, Killian has to be there. He’s part of what matters most to her and without that she wont be at her strongest. In a way Snow is once again doing what’s right by the people. She’s not only giving her daughter a chance but by letting her get Killian back and allowing her to have that person by her side for that fight, she is also potentially saving the town. 
  • Everything was just so perfect in that second that he saw her face. He was both scared and surprised and relieved at the same time that he saw her. And then not a second later he is warning Tiger Lily to run and again thinking about those other than himself. Here comes the full circle arc guys. I can feel it. 
  • Tiger Lily’s little happy smirk makes me happy. 
  • ALSO can we talk about how the last time they were in Neverland together everything was different. He felt like an orphan and had no family. Emma felt like an orphan. She was running away from him. He was declaring that he would one day win her heart because she’d WANT HIM. And now we have them both, with their families and each other, no where near alone and he has won her heart and she is running towards him and not only does she WANT HIM SHE AGREES TO SPEND ETERNITY WITH HIM BECAUSE SHE NEEDS HIM. THEY NEED EACH OTHER!! *loud screaching*
  • .2 seconds. Count with me. .2 seconds until Killian apologizes and gets right back to where he left off. This is so vital. So important. He’s tired of waiting. He wants to be different and he knows he is. He doesn’t want to waste time thinking about himself. He wants to get that truth of his and that apology out there because that’s what he’s been dying to say to her this entire time. Redemption arc! Redemption arc! You can even see Emma in my mind, taken a bit by surprise. He’s hurting and he doesn’t care. He needs to talk to her and clear the air. This is a clear showcasing of what he’s learned and what he finds important and Emma sees that.
  • He also owns up to the fact that he considered running away. He owns it. He didn’t have to but he did.
  •  The change off is so so good here. Emma’s line of “lets go get you cleaned off” showing where her concern in this moment lies. On his wellbeing. On his feeling whole. And his reluctance because he needs her to know that he loves her. That he wants to marry her. That she will never ever ever be alone and need to worry about him leaving ever again because he will always be with her by her side. (His concerns lying on her wellbeing, and her feeling whole).
  • Second proposal. SECOND FRICKING PROPOSAL. AND IM UGLY CRYING. DEAD AND ALIVE AT THE SAME TIME. My god. The single tear. The fact that they both had a chance to now ask each other. 
  • They’re both so vulnerable and delicate and AWARE of the stakes of life here. And it just guts me in the best kind of way. 
  • And again .2 seconds later he wants to know where her parents are because homeboy is not playing. He’s not messing things up this time. He knows who is important to him and how keeping them means being honest with them and he needs to talk to his bro before anything else. And make sure that the full truth is out there and that he is 100 percent the man he needs and wants and knows he can be and REDEMPTION ARC! REDEMPTION ARC!
  • Ah holding hands while walking to Emma’s parents. 
  • .2 seconds my friends. This is what i’m talking about the closing of a redemption arc. He is wasting no time owning up to everything, making amends for everything. Not only is Killian a vital part in breaking the curse. But he is the first step in making it happen. He is using his ACTIONS in CURRENT TIME to make amends for his ACTIONS of the PAST. All this is on purpose and it’s what makes this such a good redemption arc. I mean seriously who does a redemption arc better than Killian mother f’n Jones. 
  • I loved Killian and Emma’s little smile at Leroy. Especially sense they have a spotted past with him haha.
  • Idk why that little look on Emma and Killian’s face gets me. The one right after Granny takes a sip. It’s like Emma is seeing what he waiting until she was 28 to find her parents really did. It brought these people together. It made this group. These friendships. It was worth something. And Killian is just looking like he is desperately waiting for his bro to resurface. He needs the chance to Look David in the face and own what he did and make sure he knows that he is sorry. 
  • ^^ Point: Colin and Jen are fantastic fricken actors. I will follow their careers until i’m probs dead.
  • I love the whole Season 1 feeling of Snow waking up, only now they are next to each other. Im a sucka for some parallels. 
  • And here’s another contrast point to the FB. This moment. Where they wake up and see what everyone has done for them is to show Snowing and the audience that when you help others they will return the favor. It won’t go unnoticed. 
  • Emma and Killian look so regal laying there haha.
  • Also David rushing to his daughter has my eyes rushing with tears ya feel.
  • Anyone else get a little father daughter feeling when Emma woke up at Charms touch. I could imagine him waking her up for school in the morning as a little girl when I watched this.
  • And CHARMS HAND REACHES TO HELP KILLIAN UP AND IM DEAD. IM ABSOLUTELY DEAD. Like the symbolism. Killian is still down because Charming needs to know how he feels. How he’s sorry. And now Charming is lifting him up and they are eye to eye and here it comes. The man who he inadvertently hurt is the man helping him to his feet. Coming to his hand and his rescue. And Killian is given the chance to finally say what needs to be said and HE TAKES IT. OF COURSE HE DOES. 
  • Can I also holla at the parallel shot (like literally parallel) of Emma and Snow looking at each other right next to Killian and David looking at each other. The newly engaged and the parents. In an actual parallel. I mean can you scream symbolism because I can “SYMBOLISMMM!”
  • Can I also point out that Killian is still scared. It’s not going to hinder him from being the good man we know he is. But he is scared. He tells David that he guesses “Emma didn’t tell [him his] secret.” And this line doesn’t have anything to do with Emma it has to do with Killian thinking there is no way Charms would help him to his feet and ensure his safety if he knew. Because how could he be forgiven so fast. How could something he was so ashamed of and so terrified of acknowledging and scared of knowing yet alone saying be forgiven. This is the bow on the top of a very important package. 
  • I love everything about this scene. Charming saying that Hook is a changed man. Ensuring not only him but the audience. Charming had a lesson this episode about the past. He knows that once was is far away from what now is. And the way he looks at Emma as he says Hook has changed. Ensuring his daughter that all is well. That he is still supporting their marriage and love and happiness and Emma’s knowing look. That look that says “these are my parents and I love them. I love who they are.” Is the best. And i’m in tears again.
  • “No matter what she does you will not face her alone.” This is so important. Because let’s be honest. Of course Emma is scared of the battle. But what has always scared her more than some big bad has been who will be there by her side when this darkness comes (Whether its the darkness of being an orphan or a literal dark one). Emma has her family. She has come full circle too. She isn’t alone and never will be again. 
  • AH Gideon kept a flower alive. You go my dude.
  • Can we also talk about the contrast in family dynamics. Rumples whole family is a mixture of people chosing to love each other and being forced to obey each other in some weird representation of false love. Meanwhile the charms-mills-swan-jones/town is having one big huge family moment. In which people are actively choosing, with their hearts, to be a part of this family that was built out of love and respect and forgiveness and sacrifice. They contrasts are on purpose. And it’s glorious.

Honestly this episode was so good. This is long because I had many feelings. Sorry not sorry. haha. 

Im ded.

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could you do mikasa being sick and just more aloof than usual and cranky because she feels so crappy, but sasha awkwardly trying to take of her anyway? pretty please with sniffles on top? ----> blip/bump-of-whump

@bump-of-whump anything for you, lovely! This is set during the training arc. Enjoy!

Hand to hand combat was always Sasha’s least favorite part of training. Practicing with the ODM gear in the forest was fun, and at least she knew running laps was meant to improve her endurance. But practicing fighting skills against humans seemed so pointless when the enemies they would be facing are as enormous as the titans. And this doesn’t even count towards their final exam!

Plus, in the off chance that Sasha does have to face an opponent that’s her own size, she’d much rather be fighting from a distance with her bow and arrows, rather than a fistfight close up.

Today, hand to hand combat is worse than usual, thanks to her partner.

“Uh, Mikasa?” Sasha begins tentatively, gulping when Mikasa narrows her eyes at her. She does her best not to flinch, and continues. “Maybe you should take a break?”

Mikasa looks at Sasha as if she just suggested that they go live outside the walls with only potatoes to defend themselves. “We still have have an hour of combat training left. We should be using this time to prepare ourselves and get stronger, not goof around like you usually do,” she says sharply, after a moment of awkward silence.

Well. That backfired spectacularly. Mikasa really looks like she’s about to keel over-her face is even paler than usual, and her nose and cheeks are flushed pink. Not to mention the fact that her voice sounds like it’s been shredded. Sasha has been trying to go easier on her during their practice session; not that it really makes a difference. Sick or well, Mikasa can easily knock Sasha on her ass with little effort. Even if she’s coughing and sniffling the whole time.

Sasha lets herself get distracted, and Mikasa takes the opportunity to tackle her to the ground. By the time she realizes what’s happening, there’s a knife at her throat.

“Yield,” Mikasa says hoarsely, before turning her head into her shoulder to muffle a cough. Despite the sign of weakness, Sasha doesn’t hesitate to throw her hands up in surrender.

“Alright, alright, you win again!” she yelps.

“You let yourself get distracted, and it made you sloppy. I expect you to pay attention and actually put some effort into this.” Sasha gulps again and nods frantically.

Anyone who thought that Eren had the worst temper out of the cadets clearly had never been around an angry Mikasa; she easily put everyone else to shame in the anger department. Hence why both Armin and Eren had immediately scattered away from Mikasa as quickly as possible when training had begun today. Sasha can’t fault her for being grumpy today though-if Mikasa is showing even tiny signs of illness then she must be pretty sick.

Training seems to drag on forever, but they’re eventually dismissed and allowed to shower before dinner. Mikasa takes a long time in the shower, so long that Sasha actually comes in to check on her, only to find that the other girl fell asleep. She nudges Mikasa awake and lets her finish her shower before taking a quick shower of her own. She’s lost a lot of time, but she can’t really get mad at her friend when she’s obviously feeling so ill.

When dinnertime comes, Mikasa makes no move to go with Sasha to the dining hall. “C'mon, aren’t you hungry?” Sasha prods carefully.

Mikasa just shakes her head. “Okay, well, I’ll bring you back some bread in case you change your mind. At least drink some water!”

No response this time, but at least Sasha tries. She eats much quicker than usual, not wanting to leave Mikasa alone for long when she’s feeling so crappy, and returns to the barracks with the purloined bread hidden in her jacket. She’d had to lie to Eren and Armin to get them off her back, but she figured that Mikasa would be less than pleased if those two barged in here while she was sleeping.

Mikasa is sound asleep when she gets back, snoring softly, and Sasha smiles. She leaves the bread on the edge of Mikasa’s pillow where it should be safe, and easy to find, before throwing the blanket over the sleeping girl. “I hope that you feel better tomorrow,” she whispers, before climbing up into her own bunk.

If she’d been looking at Mikasa’s face she would have seen the other girl’s lips twitch up into a slight smile before being reclaimed by sleep.

Okay but guys, we joke about Clara being The Stylishest™ all the time (well, I do) bc how did she afford all her clothes in s8? Why would she spend so much money on them when she’s going to spend her day trying not to be vaporized by Daleks? Etc, etc.

And I seem to remember a post awhile ago about Clara skipping ahead to get currently trendy stuff super cheap (sorry, I can’t find it—if any of my lovely followers knows what I’m talking about and could send me the link, that would be amazing), which makes sense from a practical standpoint.

But at the same time, I think all those insanely put-together outfits demonstrate Clara’s need for control over her own image very effectively. I can definitely see her taking the time and care to make room in her budget for cool Adventure™ clothes and Stylish Yet Professional™ clothes. Because it’s really important to her to be able to command the perceptions of others, and clothes are a major way of affecting that. So those clothes, and the money she spends on them, are very much an important part of her character.

With this mind, it’s interesting to look at Amy’s character arc (expressed in costume) vs Clara’s, since they’re nearly polar opposites. Both start out with cute flirty ensembles (Clara’s dresses, Amy’s skirts). But Amy goes from her skintight red and leather outfits to a softer look as time goes on, with more pastel colors near the end of series 6 (a major exception being TWORS, which doesn’t really count as far as costuming goes), flowier dresses and pants, and even jeans by her last episode. This is an Amy growing into her own skin—an Amy who does not feel the need to be spiky and defensive, always waiting for people to leave. She has let down her guard around Rory and the Doctor.

Clara, by contrast, starts out in flowy dresses and flowers. She knows exactly where she is going and who she wants to be—until she meets the Doctor. She slowly changes until her s8 look shows up, which is always on trend, always “grown-up,” and always very put-together. Some of this is for Danny and/or the Doctor, but most of it is for herself and how she wants to be perceived.

The sudden reverting to nontraditional clothes in s9 is another sign of her unmooring from the Earth and growing recklessness: she no longer cares so much about being the perfect teacher, perfect girlfriend, etc. She cares about being the Doctor. Which isn’t a bad thing, except she focuses on it to the exclusion of all else. Thus the sudden wild variance in style: a s7-esque cute flaring skirt in the classroom, the perfect professional look on a casual motorbike trip, and more and more outfits that are very not contemporary for her, from Viking gear to a spacesuit. The “Face the Raven” outfit is a particularly good example of her style change: it’s loose and doesn’t restrict movement, very unlike Clara’s carefully-tailored clothing in s8—obviously chosen with adventure in mind. Clara just doesn’t care about being on top of things at home as much as she used to, and it’s a bit sad to see how her life on Earth is falling apart for her, even as her Doctor-life becomes richer and deeper.

This does, however, culminate in a nearly-happy ending, as Clara exits the show in one last “fairytale” dress, free to live out her original dreams of traveling as a storybook heroine. She has created a final persona for herself, one that launches from the solid surface of the Doctor and his familiarity into entirely new adventures.

Tl;dr Clara’s sudden expensive fashion choices in s8 make perfect sense for her character and showcase an important aspect of her arc. If @silvermarmoset, as the resident costume expert, would like to weigh in on this at all, I’d appreciate another opinion! (And anybody else should feel free to weigh in on this as well, of course. It’s a fun bit of her character to pick apart.)

I made it back to the first Sansa chapter in A Game of Thrones and guys…I love Sansa. I love everything about Sansa, even early spoiled pretty-pretty princess Sansa is fantastic. 

All she wanted was for things to be pretty.

And then life crushed all of Sansa’s dreams. And it’s so sad…And I love it.

Sansa is a girly-girl and a secret badass. And she never needed to kill anyone to be that way and also the show’s Ramsay death doesn’t count. Because all of the show’s Ramsay/Sansa arc doesn’t count.

Not because Sansa isn’t strong but because it’s just stupid writing and Sansa deserves better. I can’t wait to see what Book!Sansa does next. 

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I am absolutely living for Wakaba’s selfish, vain desire to keep Saionji all to herself, EVEN KNOWING that he doesn’t really love her, I think that is some absolutely beautiful shit. I think that speaks so much to the complexity of the idea of “goodness” that if you do something good, but you do it for your own selfish reasons, does it even really count (This is why Judaism has shit like levels of charity, because we recognize that a good deed is more complicated than that) and i sincerely and genuinely appreciate that the ‘nice friend’ like Wakaba hasn’t been Naru’d but more than that, she’s been given her own arc laden with difficulty, and been allowed to become a fully realized person. 

I know I have said much about this episode (or I don’t feel I have) because so much of what’s going on is very direct, i feel, and there’s not much to tease out. This is bad! I think the show is pretty clear on its stance on this

Unless of course you are Sad Dude Tatsuya, and then your mistreatment and desire to possess is truly noble, yeah, gotcha, good deal, I will be bitter until i die. 

Please note I haven’t seen anything past this and am watching spoiler free! Please don’t confirm, deny, or explain anything to me! Even if I should be able to figure it out based on past episodes! Even if it’s cultural! Even if there is no answer! It ruins it for everyone when I get spoiled!

So @izzyovercoffee‘s tags on my other jango post reminded me of something else that bothers me. 

#tbh the hate Jango Fett gets is wildly disproportionate to like … the actual people actually responsible for the fate of the clones#Jango did the best he could in the situation he was given#and I suspect that he had plans he would have operated on#had he only survived the war … but he didn’t#and so we’ll never know

the fandom: look these tiny handful of jedi actually remember from time to time that clones are people and clones are young men they are the best!! they are like fathers to their clones!! it’s so wonderful! 

Jango Fett: existed for the entire time the clones were being trained and taught them how to be Mando, how to be individuals, long before the jedi ever had any inkling whatsoever about Kamino much less a clone army.

the fandom: but that damn jango fett, sentencing these poor clones to being treated like cannon fodder by the jedi and the republic at large. 

Jango Fett: is the whole reason for the clones existing in the first place and taught them their first steps into becoming men and didn’t actually tell the clones they were just expendable because not a single Alpha, clones he personally trained, ever says that is their lot in life. And is you know the actual ‘father’ of the clones and whatnot. The closest thing said by an Alpha regarding their lot is the fact that they know they are more of a handful than the white jobs infantry and it’d be easier to kill them and start over than to try to keep the cycle going with Alpha DNA. The only time the ONLY time the idea of just being dead men sooner or later is AFTER the Tavo and Sull incident. Jango’s orders for the Alphas re: the young cadet clones does not count in this ‘jango is bad’ thing when you look at it as them being left alive could doom them to a worse life, to a life possibly being forced to fight their older brethren later. Umbara Arc multiplied by like 1000 doesn’t sound great at all.   Even though he had no control over how the clones were treated by the Jedi/Republic especially after his death and in fact would have been disgusted because wasn’t it bad enough for the kaminoans to treat them like product? It had never been in the deal for that kind of treatment but who cares about that! And in fact gave very specific instructions to the Alphas about how to interact with Jedi and it did not include just mutely going to their deaths.

Me: yep. that damn jango fett, worst father ever who personally trained 100 men who continued his legacy long after his death and were truly loyal not out of fear or ill-gotten respect or simple blind obedience. Clearly these jedi are the better parent figure after only knowing them a couple years after the clones even reached maturity anyways.  A horrible person, that Jango. Unlike these handful of jedi who treat the clones like sentient beings which should be an inherent reaction not a pick and choose.

I would promise my first born child to the CM writers if they would give Penelope Garcia a complex, emotional engaging and narratively satisfying story arc in season 13.

Actually I would probably promise them my firstborn if they could promise even a semi-decent story arc!


Rating: T

Summary: If Yugo is honest with himself, this is more healing for him than it probably is for her.  When he holds her in his arms like this, she’s no longer the Mad Queen of Froiya or the Ice Demon of the North.  She’s just Rin, his Rin from their childhood days of laughing and being free to exist without a care in the world. 

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