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Attention Needed

It was moments like this that Maggie lived for.

Laying underneath her beautiful, sexy, hot girlfriend in her giant king sized bed after a long day of work and a hot shower wearing nothing but an oversized Stanford t-shirt. The room was dimly lit with the candles that Alex and taken to lighting while Maggie took her shower.

Maggie had told Alex that she had had a rough day, something about not being able to save an alien that was being targeted for their specific species, and she wasn’t in the best of moods.

And so Alex made it a point to make sure that Maggie was feeling loved.

She was being pampered with light, barely-there kisses all over her neck and cheeks by Alex, who had been feeling overly affectionate since Maggie had gotten off of work, not that she was complaining at all. The light kisses were so delicate and carefully placed that they felt like feathers being dragged across her skin. Every third or so kiss that Alex placed on Maggie, she whispered her love for the woman against her smooth skin and it ignited a chain of goosebumps down her spine.

Maggie, becoming extremely turned on from her girlfriend’s ministrations, had taken to writhing lightly and moving her head from side to side to allow Alex to give both sides of her face equal attention. Occasionally, Maggie would look straight up at Alex and allow the woman to press a light kiss to her lips before she moved back down her jawline.

It was safe to say that Maggie was feeling a lot loved at the moment.

After a while, Alex and taken to adding her tongue to the mix of feelings, lightly licking and suckling at Maggie’s skin, but not enough to leave a mark. Just enough to leave a wet trail down Maggie’s jaw and neck. Maggie moaned out light at the feeling.

Just as Alex made her way back up Maggie’s jaw toward her lips, Maggie’s phone rang loudly from the nightstand beside the bed.

“Leave it.” Alex whispered against her skin, not stopping her kisses.

Maggie knew that she couldn’t, though. She knew that it could be McConnell trying to get in touch with her about a lead on the case, and she couldn’t miss that.

She grabbed for her phone, making the effort to quickly kiss Alex’s lips before blindly answering it.


Maggie,” It was Lena Luthor, thank god you picked up. I need a favor.”

If Alex was interested in the conversation, she didn’t show it at all. She simply continued her before-mentioned actions with the same pace as before.

“Lena, this is ac-”

Yes, hello. I know it’s kind of late, but I really need someone to talk to and I believe it would sufficiently awkward for me to go to Alex about this.”

Maggie sighed lightly in slight annoyance. Was Lena her friend? Absolutely. They were practically sisters in law and she respected Lena. Not only because the woman was the CEO of an extremely successful business, but also because Lena knew what it was like to be in love with one of the Danvers sisters.  But this really wasn’t the time to being helping Lena with Kara.

“Lena, I-”

I know you probably have a million other things to be doing instead of listening to me vent about Kara, but you’re the only person I feel comfortable talking about with.”  

As Maggie went to answer, Alex nipped lightly at Maggie’s neck making her gasp lightly.

Maggie? Are you alright?”

Maggie swallowed the moan threatening to fall from her lips. “Uh, yeah. Go on. Tell me all about it.”

“Okay, well, Kara went back to help Barry with another meta-human catastrophe and didn’t even mention it to me! Like, I understand that she is an adult and sh-”

Maggie really tried to pay attention. She did. But Alex nipped at her skin again and Maggie couldn’t stop herself from reaching up into Alex’s hair and pulling her in for a heated kiss because Alex was driving her crazy.

“…and I’m just worried sick! I’m terrified that she’s gonna get herself hurt over there with absolutely no backup!”

Maggie broke the kiss quickly and hummed her response hoping that Lena wouldn’t pick up on the fact that she really wasn’t giving her her full attention.

With that, Lena broke into another full rant about her frustrations and Alex took advantage of Maggie’s free lips.

This went on for almost 5 minutes. Maggie listened in spurts, making sure to make hmm-ing and oh-ing where she felt appropriate. She even added a few “that’s ridiculous” claims to really sell the performance, but the last of her control left when Alex switched her body weight from her arms to her knees and began adding her hands to the equation. Roaming her fingers down Maggie’s torso until they reached the hem of the shirt Maggie was wearing. She pulled the shirt up until it bunched just under Maggie’s breasts.

Maggie watched as Alex slowly descended her body and leaned down to begin leaving a trail of wet kisses beginning from where the shirt met her breasts and leading down to where Maggie needed her most.

Maggie’s eyes closed immediately and her head was thrown back onto the pillow at the feeling of Alex’s talented tongue on her body. She began feelings more tiny nips down her torso and her jaw dropped in a silent gasp before she brought her bottom lip between her teeth to keep the sounds from coming out of her mouth.

“-I’m just so worried. And I’m sorry to have intruded on your night, but I really needed to get that off my chest.”

“N-no problem, L-Lena.” Maggie stuttered out. Alex was beginning to get dangerously close to her thighs and Maggie knew she was a goner the second she reached her destination.

Thank you, Maggie. Really.”

Anytime.” Maggie panted out just as Alex reached her hips. “I-I’m about to h-head to bed.” Alex moved just a tad bit lower. “I’ll talk to you t-tomorrow?”

Yes, of course. Goodnight, Maggie.”

“Night!” Maggie all but threw her phone and reached down to guide Alex to where she needed her most.

She forgot all about her bad day in that moment.


“Kara Zor-El! The next time you go to another planet without at least telling me first, I will ban potstickers being delivered to you, and don’t think that I don’t have the power to do so!”

“I’m sorry!”

Lena rolled her eyes and reached for her girlfriend. “It’s alright. Now, tell me allllll about it.”

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i have no idea how this would work but i've always wanted to see auguste meeting canon/postcanon laurent

Damen fell asleep a short while ago, lulled by wine and food and the midday heat. Laurent is awake, leaning back on his hands, which are buried in the thick grass. Off to one side are the marble steps which lead up to the hall of the Kingsmeet; down the hill, resting in the shade of trees, are their guards.

This is a place in their kingdom, like any other place. Laurent will face it unflinching, time and time again, until it stops sending fear and rage like small armies into his throat. Already, with the buzz of insects and the thought of Damen laughing around a mouthful of bread, Damen sleepily kissing the green-smudged tips of Laurent’s fingers, the memory of his uncle’s last triumph seems like less of a threat.

There is a soft and sudden noise, like a branch falling to the ground, and Auguste sits down in the grass at Laurent’s other side.

“Hello, little brother,” he says. “You know you’ll burn, sitting here in the sun.”

He looks exactly as he did on the day he died. Strong, and regal, and calmly confident. About the age that Damen is now.

“How,” Laurent starts. He licks over his dry lips. “What is this?”

Auguste is gazing at the marble statues that line the stairs, weathered by the centuries, but full of life. An ancient lineage of kings, like the one picked out in the oldest and largest tapestry in the palace at Arles.

“History is thinner here, I think,” Auguste says.

Laurent reaches out to touch him, then stops. Either he will be able to feel his brother there, flesh and blood, or his hand will pass through him like mist. Both of them will destroy Laurent, in their own fashion. He pulls his hand back and takes tight hold of his knees instead.

“I’m sorry,” Laurent says. It falls from his mouth as though over a cliff.

Auguste turns and faces him fully. Laurent remembers this smile. It broke over you like sunrise, like stepping out of the winter shade. It was one of Laurent’s favourite things in the world.

“For what?” his brother asks.

Laurent finds he cannot say it. He glances at Damen, whose face is relaxed in repose, his breathing slow and even. Even now the sight of him makes a terrifying and bewildering tenderness start to brim in Laurent, held barely at bay by the boundaries of his skin.

“I could have been the one to kill him, at Marlas,” Auguste says. “Would you have preferred that happiness to the one you have now?”

Laurent feels his shoulders flinch and curl in. When it comes to Auguste he has no defences, none at all; he never needed them.

“Yes,” he says, but he hears the depth of the uncertainty in his voice, like echoes in a cave.

“You can’t torture yourself over what didn’t happen, Sparrow,” Auguste says gently. “Look to what you have. Look to what you’re going to do.”

Laurent, restless, lies back in the grass. He can’t look at Auguste’s face for too long–it’s painful, like a thorn in his hand–but he’s afraid to look away. He picks out slow shapes in the clouds, and finds Damen’s arm with his fingertips. The golden cuff is exactly the same temperature as Damen’s skin. Laurent looks back at Auguste, who is limned in light.

“We’re going to build something great,” Laurent says. “I’m going to–you’ll be proud of me.”

“I am proud of you,” Auguste says.

Laurent has to close his eyes and count his breaths: in, and out. The sun is a warm weight on his eyelids.

“Sleep,” Auguste says. “I’ll watch over you.”

Laurent does.


can someone look at me the way peyrol looks at ronan plz 

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50- Vax/Gilmore pre-breakup

I will always love you, or anyway I will always have loved you now. (And you will always be someone who was beautiful, once.)

this definitely does not fit the prompt but i tried hwjkfdnasf

As cliché as it might sound, you remember the first time you saw him as if it was yesterday.

It was a slow day, the one or two customers in the shop browsing idly through your not-insignificant shelves for the past hour or so when they entered. The bell above your door chimed incessantly as eight of the most colorful personalities in all of Exandria stepped through. The bright red dragonborn (how curious. not many of them ever really stepped outside of Draconia, and your merchant’s eye noticed the intricate brocade trim that adorned the dragonborn’s robes with some interest) and the tall woman with antlers (antlers) made a beeline for the shelves stocked with ingredients. The two gnomes and… was that an actual goliath behind them? meandered about in idle curiosity, occasionally picking things up (and almost breaking them, in the goliath’s case) as they did. The tall, bespectacled fellow somewhat awkwardly shuffled his way towards the shelves with tomes on the more obscure histories, thumbing his way through the dusty pages with rapidly growing interest (Sherri was already making her way towards him, fiery determination in her eyes. We are not a library!)

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yeah its real easy to reblog that post about not getting notes when you regularly gets loads of reblogs and have tons of followers. i've had a tumblr for just as long as you, i regularly create new content and am active in my fandom. my follower count? 232. and damn does it hurt when people like you say i'm being catty and petty because i'm frustrated and then offer some bullshit empty advise. thaaaaanks

Oh, yes. Thank you for categorizing me into the “people like you” group. This kind of messages is exactly why I reblogged that post. Have you read it until the end? Because I, as one of “those people” can definitely say it has some amazing points from the perspective.

The thing is, you are being catty and petty, I’m sorry but I can hear it in the tone of your message from all down here and I don’t even know you or follow you. If you sound the same to your followers no wonder people don’t want this negativity. But I hope you don’t take it out on your followers or this bitterness doesn’t really reflect in your art or internet communtication.

It’s still going to be a bullshit empty advise for you, but try to hear me out and abstract from your situation.

Say, you see this advise about a subject that matters to you a lot, and instead of actually trying to GET IT, you’re choosing to get all angry at “people like me” who try to help you. 

I have to ask. What is it you create the new content for? Is it gaining followers? If so, your priorities are not quite there. You create content for yourself, for others to ENJOY or relate to, but not for the basic follower count. I feel like people who are way too focused on getting followers forget that a) followers are PEOPLE, b) they “create” art mostly for the sake of “popularity”.

What if the content you create doesn’t resonate with as many people as you like? The problem then, is in you, and not other people or people like me. I’m sorry for putting it so bluntly.

What I mean is…Usually artist’s personality shines through their art. Whenever I see the art I can mostly see what artist is like and what they love and how they are. Some artists shine through their kindness, some show their wit, some show people cheerfulness and hope. People can see it. 

So, the key point here is what do YOU shine through?

Maybe it’s not quite something that people want to surround themselves with.

Also, maybe you aren’t quite as good yet. It is possible, sometimes even if the “message” in the art is right, the delivery still isn’t as much on point. Whether it’s a thing or not, you still have to strive for improvement. People love seeing development.

And the last thing. A three-year-old child, bumping in the bench, always blames the bench for getting in the way. But the child age 5, usually says he’s at fault for not looking where he was going. All because before 5, children can’t think critically of themselves.

Don’t be the three year old child.

ps also, anon, I have forgotten. 232 is still A LOT of people who despite everything decided they wanted to have a glimpse of your presense and personality on their dashboard. appreciate them instead of being boo-hoo it’s just 232! Imagine them all coming to your room and get your priorities right. 

Sorry for being so…straight forward in this.

  • hunk: (goes in for a hug)
  • keith, backing up: uh, sorry. my doctor says i should avoid physically exerting myself
  • hunk: you drove us off a cliff five minutes after we first met you? (to lance) does that not count as exertion? i'm pretty sure that counts as exertion...
  • lance, in the background: since WHEN do you have a DOCTOR

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*whispers* or bringing Montparnasse back after a robbery gone wrong. (Does this count as jehanparnasse?) I'm sorry!!! But I needed to share :/

This prompt is in relation to this necromancer!Jehan post

Maybe that’s how they met. Montparnasse had been shot during a robbery, and you know what cats do when they’re about to die? They hide. So Montparnasse finds a dark alley to “regain his strength”, or so he says, and expires.

Jehan takes that alley every time he goes to the Corinthe and finds an inanimate body lying on the cobbles. There’s blood on the ground and the man looks pale, though still warm. Jehan hesitates. The man truly looks like a victim, a gentleman robbed and shot, left for dead. So young too… That could have been him!

Jehan has never bought anything back to life that was bigger than his neighbour’s cat, so he doesn’t know how to proceed. He tries holding the cavader’s hand, sort of like he does with birds, but there is no spark of life. He tries cradling his face. Nothing. And then Jehan remembers the fairytales and their methods and bites his lip.

Surely he’s not going to kiss him, that’s be preposterous! A corpse! What if someone saw him? He’d be sent to prison! Or worse, the asylum! He looks behind him: nobody. The necromancer takes a deep breath, as though he was going to dive in deep sea, and kisses the dead man.

Nothing happens for a second, he’s just kissing cold lips. But suddenly there’s a tremor. A response. The corpse is kissing him back!

Jehan wants to pull away immediately, but the undead shoves him away first, or rather pins him against the wall, panting.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“I―er―it’s sort of a delicate―See, you were..”

Jehan gestures vaguely towards the pool of blood and the poppies that have bloomed on Montparnasse’s waistcoat. Terrified, Montparnasse takes a step back.

“What have you done to me?”

“Please.. Do no be alarmed. I was simply trying to help you!”

Later, Jehan discovers he did not bring a young aristocrat back to life. He brought back one of the most dangerous criminal in Paris. But a criminal that is singularly terrified at the sight of the necromancer, no matter how much Jehan tries to assure him of his good will

Two things.

First of all, can you believe I actually had to go back and watch clips with Cas in them just to see if the description in the first comment was accurate? Like I’m pretty sure Dean has noticed, but I don’t know why I’m still amazed that the fandom has caught all these little things as well. Such as the “dark hair that curls a little at the base of his neck,” like how the hell do you catch that? I’m amazed.

Second of all, I’m looking at these pictures and I’m like “Wait a minute.” And I realized. Dean is listing the most striking features of each person. Like Crowley is pretty obviously “poncey” and all around “dickish.” Sam, immediately, the first thing you notice is that he’s fucking tall. People notice that Kevin is in fact, very young, and Asian as well. And then there’s Cas. To Dean, Cas’ most striking features are his hair, his eyes, and his attitude. And there’s no way these things are negative, because Cas is his best friend. But I’m sorry Dean, but when I started to notice, and I mean really notice, my best friend’s hair, eyes, and attitude, it was because I already had a pretty big crush on him.

And if you watch that scene, after Dean says, “a little out of it,” it kind of looks like he had to stop himself from talking. As in, stop himself from gushing about this guy with the lovely dark hair, the intense blue eyes, and the adorable “out of it” attitude.

You’re pretty far gone, aren’t you Dean?

You know what I really like at the 2x18 sneak peek? (apart form the suit+glasses+scruff combo) 

The way Fitz points at his head when he can’t say the word “brain damage/hypoxia/aphasia” and smoothly goes with the conversation like it’s not a big deal. Like it’s just a statement and nothing important. 

Because finally, finally it’s not a big deal for him. Finally he’s not letting it bring him down, he’s not feeling like it’s making him less worthy.
Finally it’s just a part of him that he accepted and it’s not stopping him from being awesome. 

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Hey Sheila!! I was thinking of cosplaying as a 90s/tumblr-Esque version of Leia...what do you think of the idea?? I've realized I find the idea of dressing exactly like a specific character daunting (I'm a broke perfectionist, who likes to procrastinates, what can I say?) but the idea of taking those characters and dressing them in modern and/or different time period clothing, seems way more fun to me. Is that still cosplaying?? Or is it more like casual cosplay?? Does it it still count? (1/2)

… I guess I’m just wondering if it’s still cosplay if I’m putting them in different clothes?? Idk. I’m sorry this was so long. Have a good night! Hopefully you can make sense of my ramblings. :) (2/2)

Absolutely it’s still cosplay! Just because it’s a variant doesn’t mean it’s not viable! 

Have you seen those epic Sailor Moon alt.costumes? 

Here’s biker sailor moon by battyjuice! That was inspired by this fanart by babs tarr:

You can totally do the same thing with Leia!

By DenisM79

Either by looking at fanart or making your own!

Headcanon: Oliver has a very bad habit of killing people who try to hurt Felicity. After the third time, she recognizes the pattern and realizes that she has to tell him to stop.

The first time he had killed for her was when he shot three arrows into The Count. She had worried over how she had forced him into a position where he had to break his vow for Tommy and the guilt that the consequences of her actions had left her sleepless for days.

The second time he had killed for her was after a hostage situation where both of them were stuck with no way out. She had tried hitting one of the guys with a crowbar (and succeeded), but she didn’t notice the man pointing a gun at her until she heard the stumbling of two bodies and turned around to see Oliver breaking the man’s neck. He had claimed that the other man didn’t give him a choice.

And now the third time it had almost happened was last night, when she was walking to her car from the club. She had noticed the group of three men following her from a distance, and she slyly took out her phone to try and call Oliver or Diggle but she heard the sound of arrows slicing through the air and the grunt of pain. She quickly turned around to find the three men with an arrow in their shoulder lying on the ground, and she gulped when she realized that they were closer to her than she originally expected. She saw the Arrow jump down in between her and the men, and with widened eyes she realized what was about to happen when she saw Oliver grip an injured shoulder while tightening another hand around his throat.

She screamed to get his attention and when he finally looked at her, she shook her head, trying to silently tell him to stop, to leave before he did something he would regret, and after seconds (which felt like hours), he nodded and walked away from them.

Felicity bit her lip. She didn’t know what was causing Oliver to lose control like this, but she couldn’t let him spiral down a path of guilt-filled nights and agony stretching in his mind. Not for her. 

to be continued… (maybe)

(I realize this is … odd. And not a happy sunshine fluff filled head canon. Does this even count as a head canon? I don’t think I know what that word means.) 

Provocateur Update

PROVOCATEUR Chapter 20: Inevitable has finally arrived!

Summary: Criminal Minds AU - Emma and Killian are partners in a BAU unit, but behind the innuendos and good-natured quips lays a dangerous game of cloak and dagger. When all is said and done and the perpetrator is put away, how deep does their partnership go? (Violent themes throughout)

Rating: M

Word Count: 204,265


I am so sorry this took so long (like several-months-long) but we’re finally here! One more chapter to go and then… well, I wouldn’t exactly say it’s over…

okay so i’m gonna pass on this one

because i honestly don’t hate anybody enough to subject them to the sight of me dancing

(it’s basically as bad as it gets)

(like what am i supposed to do with my limbs also the rest of my body HOW DOES THIS DANCING THING WORK)

but instead i’ll post a picture of me at my friend’s senior prom under the cut

(does that count? i’m gonna say that counts)

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