does it count as that if sara is nowhere to be seen

Forever Is Composed of Nows, 7/? (Olicity, Mature)

Co-written with @so-caffeinated, for @olicityficbang

Summary: Sometime in the not-so-distant future, things aren’t going all that well. At least that’s the story Oliver and Felicity are told when a supposed time-traveler (and their supposed friend who is a supposed superhero supposedly named The Flash) pops up in the lair with a toddler in tow… who calls them momma and daddy. The Flash can’t quite control when he’s going at this point and there’s a big bad chasing him through the years. The future isn’t safe for little Elizabeth Queen at the moment (even if The Flash could get her there), but her once and future parents haven’t got a clue what to do with her. Slade Wilson, however… he might have his own agenda when he finds out his nemesis is apparently a father. (See Chapter 1 for additional Author Notes.)


“When was the last time you ate, sweetheart?”

“I ate with momma and daddy,” Ellie replies, concentrating on her drawing.

Oliver’s pretty sure it will never not be weird to hear his daughter talking about their future selves.

“Oh? What’d you have?”

He takes a steadying breath, listening to Ellie as she talks to her grandmother about chicken cordon bleu - he lets out a breathy chuckle at her pronunciation, pausing only when he hears her says it’s his chicken cordon bleu - he cooks? - and that, “The fireman had to come the last time momma tried to cook it.”

“I see some things won’t be changing,” Felicity says under her breath.

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4.14 Who's in the Box? - Theories/Clues

Episode recap along with clues, hints, theories from last night’s episode.

1. Where has she been all this time …

The liars in Spencer’s room, questioning where Ali has been
all this time. “Ali always liked games.” Could she have involved the girls in a game created by yours truly, or is this game bigger than Ali and the creator have yet to be discovered? Whatever the case may be the girls question everything, “Is Ali A?”

Who is she afraid of?

  • Shana - She only sold Jenna’s car to Mona in 4.12 summer finale

  • CeCe - On the run for the murder of Detective Wilden.

  • Boardshorts - Is he real, he sure seemed real to Spencer.

One thing that concerned us was why didn’t the liars suspect Mona, is she not a suspect anymore?

2. Has Ali reached out to anyone besides us …

Aria asks Hanna if Caleb found anything in A’s apartment in Ravenswood, unfortunately the place was cleaned leaving no evidence. Spencer speculates Ali contacted Jason since she’s been on run and suggests they speak with him but Aria remind her that they agreed it was too dangerous to tell anyone. Hanna has a brilliant theory that Ali isn’t in the grave but someone else is and if they find out who’s in the grave and was killed the night of Ali’s disappearance the whole mystery is solved.

Aria: “The body was identified as Ali.”

Hanna: “It was important to somebody that we’d think it was Ali.”

So we’ve been pondering Hanna’s theory and we have this theory that the only benefit a person would get from killing another person and placing them in a grave that was meant for Ali would be to create a torture system. A way to make the girls suffer. That torture system is what the girls have been experiencing for the past two years. So whoever placed a body there and went through so much trouble to make the liars believe that Ali was dead is a sick and twisted individual and we are sure this person had help from others.

3. Where is Jason …

Emily is curious of Jason’s whereabouts and doesn’t hesitate to ask Jessica DiLaurentis. She claims she doesn’t know where he is but she can reach him in case of emergencies. What type of emergencies is she referring to? The last time we saw Jason he was in a serious accident, but somehow managed to leave the hospital without anyone knowing. We wonder if he if could be attending therapy or something.

4. Mona’s new ride …

As Toby and Spencer are reconnecting, Mona drives by in a very familiar new ride. Yes, Mona was sporting Jenna’s ‘67 Mustang! What a sweet ride? We posted last month that Mona probably purchased this ride from Shana in the 4.12 summer finale 'Now You See Me, Now You Don’t.’ This would explain the conversation the two girls had as well as the paper Shana handed Mona, which was Jenna’s car title and we are pleased to be right.

6. A victory lap in Jenna’s mustang …

Gotta love Mona, despite everything that has happened she tries really hard to regain her friendship with Hanna. She reminds Hanna of how she helped her in 4.08 and doesn’t understand why Hanna won’t forgive her.

She still considers Hanna to be different from the other liars but Hanna believes Mona could be up to something. “That’s just it, I don’t know if you did do it for me.”

Note: One thing that interests us in this scene is when she tells Hanna, “…a victory lap in Jenna’s mustang, since she won’t be needing it anymore.” We love how Mona considers this as her defeating her opponent. She seems very confident in this scene and different from the last time we’ve seen her. We’re unsure right now of a connection to Jenna in 4.09 but we are keeping our eyes open.

7. Ali Ali Oxen Free …

Hanna shows off her mad detective skills by breaking down how she found a girl named Sara Harvey who went missing around the same time Ali did. Spencer doubt Hanna’s new found smarts for a second but generally admits that Hanna did the damn thing with her awesome discovery and setting up a meet and greet. Suddenly a video starts playing and an 'A’ message pops onscreen ALI, ALI OXEN-FREE. WHOEVER FINDS HER, GETS TO KEEP HER, KISSES –A.

Spencer seems more shocked than the other two and we realize it’s because Spencer used to play this game with Melissa when they were younger. “It was my favorite game with Melissa, you wanna know why … because I always won.” (2.25)

8. You must suffer me …

Our biggest concern this scene was to watch Ezra’s hand. We noticed that he wrote with his right hand, which was the hand that Spencer cut in 4.13 and he basically kept it closed the rest of the class, so it’s hard to make a connection to episode 4.13 when we were given little on if his hand was injured.

After class was over Ezra asked to see Aria and their conversation was very interesting. He talks to Aria about Malcolm and how wrong he was. Ezra tells her he wants to try over after she graduates, then he says “my days are numbered.” He makes this very weird expression and we had to add that to our notes, there’s something up with this.

9. Why does everything always lead back to Radley …

We love how Toby is determined to find out what happened to his mom. He even pulls off a little detective work of his own proving that his mother didn’t kill herself and shows Spencer a list of people who knew she
didn’t. Everything leads to Radley, it’s like a sanitarium of secrets. Everyone’s secrets are hidden within that place:

  • Wilden - He was paid off to cover up Marion’s accident/murder
  • Mona - Claims she made a deal with the devil (3.24)
  • CeCe - She’s been visiting that place pretending to be Ali, while Marion Cavanaugh was a patient
  • Spencer - She seemed content there, no one could get to her (besides Mona), and she joined the A-Team when she was a patient there, but is there more …

10. You think you’re entitled to that much revenge …

Ezra is viewing a book when Mona walks up. She says how she’s enjoining the book Jekyll and Hyde and how much better she would be in school if she found the 'right mentor.’

Their conversation gets interesting as she subtle teases him about how his reading list reveals his true identity, if you know what to look for. Mona knows exactly who Ezra Fitz is now and she still seeks revenge on the liars. She feels she’s entitled to as much revenge as The Count of Monte Cristo although, Ezra thinks otherwise. He believes fear can be a good thing and I think he may have made little Mona cringe, just a little,

11. The dates don’t match … 

Hanna call Aria to tell her that the dates don’t match. Apparently, Sara Harvey was seen after Labor Day and according to Hanna the cement was poured over the grave of whomever is in Ali’s casket that same day. Therefore, Sara Harvey can’t be in Ali’s grave or at least that’s what she thinks.

Hanna hears her mother talking in the kitchen and is surprised to see Jessica Dilaurentis there. Ashley is excited that Jessica has offered her a job. Jessica tells Hanna that Alison told her to offer the job to Ashley, “she still shows up, in my dreams.” Hanna looks confused and possibly a bit scared because that was totally creepy. I can’t put my finger on it but Jessica is up to something.

12. Your daughter is very smart …

Toby and Spencer are at her house when her father walks in. Toby tells Peter Hastings how smart his daughter is, but the shocking expression he gives remarkable. We still believe that the Hastings have some sort of ties with Radley, because Peter seemed eager to close Radley with the document Spencer managed to get from an earlier conversation with Declodine owner.

13. I check on it for my friend when he’s out of the country …

Ezra and Aria in a cabin in the woods, it honestly looks like they are in the middle of nowhere. He tells Aria about how he comes there to write and that it belongs to his friend who’s out of the country. For some strange reason when he said out of the country we immediately thought of Melissa and Wren because in 4.12 summer finale Toby found a piece of paper addressed to Wren Kingston in London.

We wonder if Ezra Fitz and Wren Kingston are buddies, hmm…

14. It’s Ali’s …

Hanna finally reveals to the other girls that she has had Ali’s journal since the Ravenswood lair. She tells them that she didn’t tell them because of what Ali wrote about all of them. The others seem a bit upset but hopefully they suck it up, because Hanna was the only one who was smart enough to take something from that lair, so kudos to you Hanna.

15. Ending …

:A is seen going into the cabin that Ezra took Aria to, it just doesn’t seem right, we don’t believe this was Ezra.

Light - Olicity one-shot.

Post 2x20. Contains spoilers. -


The first thing Felicity notices is the look in his eyes.

She always notices his eyes first.

But this time, this one time, she doesn’t even have the chance to notice anything else. Not like she usually has.

His arms are around her before she can think of saying or doing anything. They’re strong and desperate, clinging to her as if she’s the only thing keeping him from falling down.

“Thank God.” He whispers into her hair, and Felicity can’t know for sure if he wanted her to hear those words or not.

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