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I still question the need for the cowl AND the helmet with that suit. Granted, Steve would've still looked like A Mess without it, but it also would've been a slight improvement.


that is a hoodie with THE LITTLE WINGS it is thick and has the captain america design and it is in a very specific spot on the suit

so here’s the helmet, complete with its ugly bold A–where does the fucking hood go? that’s not the same material? but there’s something under there. why would there be a helmet and a hoodie with the same design one on top of the other? how is his helmet even attaching? I don’t think he has the chin strap. so is the helmet attached to the material underneath it? does he have two layers of material AND a helmet on? why? or is it thE MAGICAL TRANSFORMING HOODIE listen this movie wanted us to believe so badly that this awful and ugly thing could be removed very easily and made into a flexible and convenient hoodie bUT HOW WOULD THAT WORK where is the helmet. we see the helmet get ripped off at some point during the movie and whoosh away it goes, so where is the fucking mystery hoodie, are they one and the same, how does it suddenly become a cowl with an attached helmet and then go back to being a hoodie, what is going on, who was responsible for this, this has been Haunting me,

Not A Date (1/?)

Summary: Bucky Barnes is an infamous player with a well-known reputation. Can he woo the wary girl who had her heartbroken too many times? Or will she woo him so he changes his ways?

Warnings: College AU, Swearing, Mentions of Alcohol, Mentions of Sex

Words: 908

A/N: So I was thinking about making a College AU series. Depending on how this does, I may or may not continue this. Let me know what you guys think here.


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i’m honestly laughing that the only insulting thing simon could think about calling jace was captain america like… simon, my sweet darling boy, that is the exact opposite of an insult, this is the same as saying, “would you please SHUT YOUR BEAUTIFUL MOUTH” “can you please stop with your face it’s distracting me” “you’re the embodiment of all that is good and right with the world” “i literally have a poster of you in my room”

I think I broke him.
Steve Rogers x Reader
Requested by anonymous
Word Count: 714

Bucky couldn’t help himself, he couldn’t hold back the chuckle as he nudged Steve’s side. “Jealous, are you?” he whispered, prompting a chuckle from Sam.

“Shut up if you know what’s good for you,” Steve threatened, making Sam and Bucky exchanged glances and laugh loudly.

“Oh, ho! He’s pissed,” said Bucky, play-punching Steve’s shoulder. “What’s got you all pissy-faced, Captain America? Does it, maybe, have to do with the fact that Y/N is currently on a date with a guy instead of being here with us, drinking and spending Friday night in your ever-so confusing company?”

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So let me get this straight.

When Culverton was already in the room with Sherlock, John barely discovers that Sherlock is in danger. So what does he do next? Well, taking Mrs. Hudson’s bad ass car, John would have to have drove way over the speeding limit, crossing every red light with police cars most likely chasing after him, make it to the studio —however far that is— fight every security guard that tries to stop him from running down hospital halls, make it to Sherlock’s room and bust down the door like he’s fucking Captain America…..And people still think this is platonic? I wish they showed that instead of Culverton being creepy.

ok but like think about steve being on his run like he does everyday but today he decides to venture a little out bc natasha told him he needs to get out of his comfort zone. so that means steve adds about six miles to the diameter of his run today. half way into his run he sees this gorgeous man, gray shorts, gray sweat shirt and sweat glistening off his beautifully dark skin. steve stops, just short of falling flat on his face and texts nat

holy shit cute guy in my running path today what do i do

flirt with him ;)

so naturally, because flirting comes to steve rogers so naturally, he catches up with the guy, full speed, and runs right past him, fast as a bullet, announcing his presents so not to spook the poor man.

he keeps running, cursing himself and trying to figure out how the hell to actual flirt with this man while running.

in the mean time he passes him a few more times. he can’t help but smile when the man starts to speed up and steve hears him say

“don’t say it! don’t you dare!”

and steve whizzes past him laughing as the exasperated man shouts “come on!” 

on his next circle around, he sees the cute guy, practically dying against a tree. he stops and texts nat

omg im going to stop and talk to him he’s so cute when he looks like he’s dying




“Need a medic?”

he does his best to flirt, the cute guy, Sam holy shit, knows who his is

and doesn’t really give a shit

he picks on steve

holy shit

a few minutes later he gets a text from natasha,

meet me at the curb :)

and she pulls up in a sexy ass car that steve knows she borrowed from tony

“can’t run everywhere.”

he laughs (!!!!)

“No you can’t”

when he asks her about the car she tells him she wanted to show off for him

steve couldn’t ask for a better wingman

except the actual wingman he asks on a date later that week.

Steve-Bucky Headcanons

Platonic, but can be read as romantic.

  • Bucky often called Steve’s mother “Mom”. 
  • Steve’s first crush was Bucky’s sister.
  • Bucky has a Captain America plushie he calls “Stevie” and talks to whenever he’s alone. He hides Stevie under his pillow and thinks nobody knows, but everyone does, except Sam.
  • The first time Steve and Bucky got drunk, back in the 30s, they drunkenly kissed. They both remember the incident, but think that the other was too drunk to remember, hence, it has never come up between them.
  • Steve once overheard Bucky singing “The Star Spangled Man” while in the shower.
  • Steve’s mom used to make Bucky’s favorite cookies when he was a kid- Steve remembers the recipe and occasionally bakes them, much to Bucky’s delight.
  • The two often have night-long movie marathons in which they watch iconic movies that they missed being frozen. Steve usually falls asleep after a few hours, and cuddles Bucky in his sleep.
  • They watch all kinds of ‘must-watch’ movies. Bucky says his favorite is Star Wars: The Revenge of the Sith, but Steve knows it’s really Mean Girls.
  • When they were kids, Bucky would often hold an asthmatic Steve against his chest, so that Steve could feel the rhythm of his chest and breathe along, slightly calmer. Steve does the same thing present day when Bucky wakes up screaming from a nightmare, unable to breathe.
  • They haven’t completely gone back to the ‘punk-jerk’ relationship. They’re a bit more of what Sam calls ‘an old, married couple.’
Rhythm - 3

(part 1) | (part 2) | (part 4) | (part 5)

summary: you want her, you need her, and I’ll never be her.
warnings: swearing, angst, injury 
word count: 1359

“Take off your shirt.”

“Excuse me?”

“I said take off your shirt.”

The nerve of this man, to barge into your room, without so much as a knock, mind you, and tell you to take off your clothes. The hell does he think he is?

“Need I remind you that you have a girlfriend, Barnes?”

Bucky strides over to you and grips your arm. Despite the chill of the metal, his touch burns like a match against your skin, and you try to pull away, but his grip is firm. His jaw is clenched, and his stare is cold.

“Listen, Y/N, neither of us want to be here,” (Ouch), “but everyone else is on a mission and Bruce told me to make sure your bandages are changed so do me a favour, darlin’, and take off your fuckin’ shirt.”

His piercing gaze makes you shiver, or maybe it’s the fact that he’s standing so fucking close to you, and all you have to do is lean in a couple inches and then your lips would be on his and–

“I swear to god if you’re just goin’ to stand there then you can change ‘em yourself.”  

You snap out of it and take a couple steps back. The back of your knees hit the edge of your bed and you take a seat, then peel your shirt off, taking care to not aggravate your shoulder injury. Bucky watches you, arms crossed, his weight placed lazily on one leg.

You look up at him. “Now who’s just standing there?”

He rolls his eyes and walks over, kneeling in front of you. Once again, he’s so close. So close that you can breathe his scent: aftershave and detergent and–

And his girlfriend’s perfume. You swallow, throat tightening and chest hurting with a pang of jealousy. You’re being stupid, irrational, and you damn well know it, but fuck, it just– it hurts. A lot.

Bucky’s fingers work painfully slowly, peeling away the bandage wrapped around your midsection. Every now and then his fingers brush against your skin, sending a shiver down your spine. His breath is hot against your skin. You close your eyes, feeling your own breathing becoming shallower and shallower. You shouldn’t be feeling the things you do – he has a girlfriend, for fuck’s sake.

It’s been three weeks since the last mission. Bucky’s been avoiding you, and you can’t understand if it’s because of what he thought what your reckless plan to save his ass or because of what you’d whispered to him before passing out. Either way, above anything, you’re relishing the time he’s spending with you, however forced and guilt-riddled it may be.

He’s removed the bandage now, and he lets it fall away. Then the tips of his fingers brush your bare skin, just barely making contact. It’s a feather light touch, and you shudder. He feels around your injury, and then slowly his thumb skims across your stitches, and then–

“Fuck, Barnes!” He draws his hand back quickly from where his fingers slipped and poked your final stitch. You clench your fists, breathing in and out heavily. “Watch what you’re doing.”

“Shit. Shit, sorry.” He rubs his knuckles with his metal hand, draws in a breath, and reaches for the clean bandages. He works quickly after that. There’s a change in his demeanour; he’s tense again, shoulders pulled back and a frown on his face as his finishes bandaging your midsection and moves onto your shoulder.

It’s quiet after that and he’s careful not to touch your skin at all. He finishes in record time and when he’s done he hands you painkillers (“You couldn’t have given them to me before?”), rolls his eyes, and turns to leave to room.

He’s almost at the door when you speak up, “Hey, Barnes?” He stops, but doesn’t turn around to look at you. “Thanks.” His hand hesitates on for a fraction of a second around the doorknob, then he pulls open the door and leaves your room without a word.

“BARNES!” You’re storming through his bedroom door, not bothering to knock, and fuck, you’re pissed off.

He appears from behind the bathroom door, a towel wrapped around his hip, and wet hair dripping onto his chest. “What?”

You pay no regard to his appearance and barrel towards him until your finger is prodding him in the chest and you’re glaring up at him. (Damn him, for being so tall). “You told Steve to let me off this mission.”


You draw in an angry breath. “Don’t play dumb with me Barnes. You told Steve that I wasn’t fit for the mission.”

He shrugs. “Yeah, I did.”

Your hands grab him at the shoulders and shove him backwards. (He barely moves). “How fucking dare you.

Then his hands are on your shoulders and he’s pushing you backwards until your back meets the wall and then his hands are on either side of you, trapping you. “Don’t touch me, doll.”

“I told you not to call me that.” You’re shoving his chest but he doesn’t move an inch. “You have no right– no right! – to make decisions on my behalf.”

He leans in closer. “In case you haven’t noticed, darlin’,” (You hate the way he calls you darling), “you’re injured.”

I’m fine.”

“You got shot a month ago. I ain’t goin’ to let you compromise another mission.”

You drop your hands in disbelief. Compromise? Compromise? How fucking dare he. “In case you haven’t noticed, Barnes, I saved your fucking ass last time.” You’re yelling now.

“And I didn’t fuckin’ ask you to.”

Unbelievable. “Fine then. I’m so damn sorry for saving your goddamn life. How stupid of me to think about someone other than my own damn self.”

Bucky clenches his jaw. “You’re not goin’ on the mission.”

You close your eyes. “You don’t control me.”

“Steve’s already said you ain’t goin’. You’re a liability on the field with your two bullet wounds and the last thing we need–“

You kiss him. Your hands are placed lightly on his shoulders and your mouth moves and he–

He doesn’t respond. He’s as still as a statue.

Fuck, Fuck, you’ve fucked up.

You pull away, eyes wide and heart hammering against your rib cage. “I – I shouldn’t have done that.  Shit. Shit.” Your gaze drops to the floor. “I should go.” You nod once, “Yeah. Yeah, I should go.” And then you’re moving to push your way past him, but his hands find your arms and then they’re pushing you back against the wall and then his fingers touch your cheeks and then his lips are on yours. His lips are on yours.

They’re soft. Softer than you’ve imagined they would be, and the revelation alone drowns out the voice at the back of your mind telling you just how wrong this is.

You kiss him back, matching the hunger behind his lips as your fingers tangle themselves in his wet locks. His hands travel from your face, down your neck, brushing the sides of your arms before the settles on the curve of your hips. Then his lips move from yours to your jaw, and then further down to your collarbone, and your breathing becomes laboured and he’s kissing the joint between your shoulder and neck and this is all you’ve ever wanted and–

He pulls away and your eyes shoot open. His own eyes are wide and his breathing heavy, chest falling up and down so fast. Your brows knit in confusion as he steps away from you.

“You should go.” His voice is barely above a whisper; you’re straining to hear him. “You should go.” He says it more firmly this time, as if reassuring himself and not you.

“What? You can’t just–”

His hand grabs your arm and pushes you towards the door. “You need to leave.” And then he’s pushing you out of the door and slamming the door shut behind you.

You’re staring at the white door in disbelief, chest tightening with an ache more intense than you’ve ever felt before and throat constricting and eyes burning.

Fuck you, Bucky Barnes. Fuck you.

A/N: There will be a part 4, but I am a bit busy for the next few days, so it probably won’t be out for a while. Thank you so much for the response to this series! 

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if u think im ever going to move on from Steve dropping the shield for Bucky, ooohooho boy are u wrong, i ain’t ever moving on from this, Steve dropped the shield, Steve is happy to give up being Captain America™, to give up the fight, to live without the war that Ultron told him he couldn’t live without, he does all that,,,,for Bucky, so yh u’ll find me, in like 70 years, old and decrepit, and I’ll still be talking about this

They’re so different- his two loves. But they love him both the same, he thinks. Worry about him the same. Steve’s may be older; impacted by years and years and years of Bucky taking care of him, only for the roles to be so suddenly and definitively switched. Darcy though, she does everything with this certain type of fierceness. She dives head first and eyes open into everything she does- loving Bucky included; and, even if he wants to, he can’t find it in himself to question it. He used to be like that too. Following Steve to the ends of the world. No questions asked.

Those impulses were trained out of him. He doesn’t do anything- doesn’t move a goddamn finger- without thinking it through first. Covering all the most probable outcomes. He knows this would break Steve’s heart, which he’s certain he does almost daily anyway. Steve’s none wiser, Bucky thinks, because the soldier is so good at being the soldier. Does all this planning and preparing in the space it takes anyone else to simply do. Darcy is more perceptive than Steve in the ways that matter. But Bucky still doubts she knows the soldier chooses which curl of her hair to wind around Bucky’s fingers.

The two of them, Steve and Darcy, work together in a way that the soldier can’t always predict. They move together with a distinct understanding that it’ll be what he needs. It’s uncomfortable. Bucky feels so lost most days. Floating with tethers but the ropes are so long. When the soldier feels lost too- can’t predict- can’t decide- Steve and Darcy are there.

They open him up piece by piece. Darcy places her hand on top of his where it grips too hard into the back of Steve’s neck. Steve places Bucky’s other hand against Darcy’s heartbeat. He worries, somewhere in the back of his muddled brain, that his hand is cold too cold. But she presses into it anyway. Steve has his hands on either side of Bucky’s face. “Right here, Buck.”

Bucky’s taking these shuddery breaths that make his chest heave and he’s meeting Steve’s eyes and he swears even the soldier feels more himself when he looks at Steve’s eyes. Bucky can’t say he likes the solider, but he likes that the soldier loves Steve too.

They’ve kind of sunk to the floor in a heap- the three of them. Steve’s in front of him and Darcy’s to the side and Bucky remembers that they’d been getting ready for bed. He doesn’t have the best handle on what triggers him sometimes but people are unpredictable- Steve and Darcy especially. He toes Steve’s toothbrush across the carpet so it hits the other man’s foot. Cracks a barely noticeable smile at Darcy’s half-face of makeup. He’s so lucky, but they never let him say it.

Darcy’s carding her pretty fingers through his hair and his eyelids flutter as always. Steve presses two kisses to Bucky’s temple- quick and almost too hard. And it grounds Bucky more than anything else, which he’s never told Steve but he just seems to know. “Better?” Darcy whispers.

“I’m here,” he replies. The soldier thinks-decides-and Bucky’s lips meet each of his loves’.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m capable of more than 600 words. As per the usual, this not compliant with much of life. 

I think I’m in love with you and I’m Terrified

A/N: This was something I just had floating around in my head for the last few days, hope you like it!

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Summary: Bucky confesses his love for you and it doesn’t quite go as planned…or does it?

Warnings: slight language

Word count: 692

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You were worried about Bucky. He wasn’t acting like his usual self. He had woken up in the middle of the night and left you alone again, third night in a row. You were a little frustrated, and hurt at the same time. “Maybe he does just see me as an easy fuck.” you thought to yourself as you let a few tears run down your cheek, thinking back to what Maria had told you.

Bucky hated leaving you in the middle of the night. But he couldn’t sleep, and laying next to your gorgeous body wasn’t helping him. He never wanted to make you feel cheap. He was crazy about you, and he might have fallen in love with you. He just didn’t know how to tell you, or if telling you was even a good idea. He decided that the best thing to do was go work out and let off some steam. 

“Whoa there Buck. Take it easy on the punching bag, what did it ever do to you?” he wiped his sweaty hair out of his eyes and noticed that you were giving him a concerned look. “You okay?”

“I’m fine.” he said roughly. He immediately regret using that tone with you, he could see the hurt written all over your face. “I’m sorry, I just haven’t been sleeping that well and wanted to tire myself out a little.”

“I noticed. Have you been up all night?” you asked a little more worried. It was almost 5:00 am. 

“I didn’t realize how late it was.” he said without even looking at the time or breaking his boxing routine.


“What Y/N!?! Can’t you see I’m in the middle of something?” he stated in annoyance.

“I just want to know what’s going on with you! Why do you leave me every night. It kills me to wake up alone.” You were getting answers, whether he liked it or not. 

“I know-” he started but you interrupted him.

“You obviously don’t know if you keep doing it! Bucky just talk to me…please!” he had walked away from the punching bag and leaned against the table. “If you’re tired of me could you just say so,” you said softly. He heard the crack in your voice and knew you were about to cry any second now. His heart stung. He hated putting you through this. “Well? I deserve to know Buck.”

“Honey I really don’t want to talk about this right now, go back to bed.”

“Don’t you dare tell me what to do! Tell me whats going on with you, you’re worrying the hell outta me.” His eyes dropped to the floor.

“Please just drop it.” he said defeatedly. You stood there for a few more seconds before replying. “Fucking fine then,” you turned around and headed towards the door before he could see your tears. You were almost out the door when you heard him.

“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” he spit out quickly. He didn’t want you to leave upset. You turned around with wide eyes.

“What did you say?”

“I said I think, actually no, I know I am in love with you and I’m terrified.” He stepped away from the table and headed towards you. “I don’t want you to get to attached to me in case something happens. I’m terrified because us being together means that sooner or later hydra will find out and they’ll use you against me and I can’t have you in harms way. I won’t let that happen,” his hand cradled your cheek. He used his thumb to wipe away the remaining tears. “I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I knew you were hurt because of me.” 

“You were already hurting me.”

“I know and I’m sorry. I hate seeing you upset.” He pulled you up against him and kissed you slowly, “I don’t know if I can keep myself away from you though.” 

“Then don’t.” You pulled him in for another long, sweet kiss. “By the way, I love you too.” You could feel his smile against your lips. 

“Thank fucking god.”


Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Language, can you guess? Yeah. More smut.

Request: Hello! First I want to say that I love your blog and writings! I was wondering if I could have a request for a story. Reader thinks Steve is all innocent and probably super vanilla in bed so the reader decides to tease him (wearing short shorts, bending over, revealing shirt, etc) to see if he’ll do anything. When he does react, it’s not what she expects. He is super kinky, dominate, rough, animalistic, and just UGH all hotness. I hope you can do it, your writing is awesome! Thank you!

If it’s one thing you were. You were determined. Determined to get a reaction out of Steven Rogers.

At first, you didn’t want to join the Avengers initiative. You thought it would be too stressful and dangerous. Nick Fury discovered you when the aliens started to invade New York a few years back. You had the power of teleportation which you took to good use as you teleported civilians to safety. He tried to make you join then, but you teleported away before he could persuade you further.

You managed to lay low enough to where he couldn’t find you until the war with Ultron hit and he managed to drag you to Sokovia to help teleport more civilians to safety which you gladly agreed to.

After the war had ended, instead of Nick Fury coming to talk to you it was Captain America. You’ve seen him before and thought he was quiet an attractive man. But boy seeing him up close was so much better. You saw how defined his body was in his suit and his eyes were a mystery of beautiful blue. His hair slightly messy from just ending a war and his perfect friendly smile he gave. Just the way he carried himself made you swoon. And don’t even get you started on his ass.

“Hello ma'am.” He greeted with a smile showing his perfectly straight white teeth.

“(Y/n).” You stated giving him your name. He nodded looking you over.

“(Y/n)… I was ordered by a man the name of Nick Fury to talk to you about being in the Avengers initiative. You would be a great service to the team.”

“Mmm and what would happen if I joined?” You asked checking him out. You can’t believe you were even considering this. But hey, what do you have to lose? You could tell he was a sweet man. Which made you like him all the more.

“Well.. You would be transferred into a living vicinity in the Stark tower to train with the rest of us.” You were shocked at this statement.

“So I would get to live with you?” You said a little too quickly making him smile his gorgeous smile. You cleared your throat and stood up straight regaining your composure.

“Yes ma'am.” He chuckled looking down.

“Then sign me up Captain.” You smirked winking at him making him blush.

“Call me Steve.” He smiled the blush still faintly on his cheeks. You grinned at him.

“Steve..” You repeated walking away from him to get on the quinjet swaying your hips while doing so knowing the he was watching.

Oh how you were going to have so much fun with this man.

It had been a few weeks since you joined the team and it wasn’t so bad. Training was a little tough and living with people you didn’t know was strange at first. But it was nice.

And so was Steven Rogers.

He was the sweetest person you’ve ever encountered. Always such a gentleman and just an overall good man.

And you loved getting a reaction out of him.

You’d always get him blushing when you were around him. Always giving him complements and just overall flirting with him. He wouldn’t push it too far, being the gentleman he is, even though you’d want him too. And in order for you to get to the next level, you were going to have to step it up a notch.

You started off wearing a tank top and black spandex to every training session knowing it will grab his attention. The first time you wore it you were stretching your hands to your toes before training began and you literally heard him gasp as he stared at your ass with his mouth open when he entered the room. You straighten and gave a playful smirk as his face got deep red.

“Ready to train, Cap?” You purred as he swallowed nervously making the team laugh.

You then started wearing low cut shirts making your cleavage more presentable. You’d find him somewhere in the tower and just start a conversation with him, making sure your breasts were showing maximum cleavage. He’d try his hardest to keep his eyes on your face but you still saw him glancing at your breasts while taking deep breaths trying to breathe properly.

So now it was early in the morning and you knew no one would be up. Except for one certain Avenger. You looked in your bedroom mirror and ruffled your hair to give it that perfect messy ‘fuck me’ look. You bit your lips to give them a puffier and darker look. You wore an oversized white t-shirt stopping mid-thigh not bothering to wear a bra just to tease him that much more. So the only thing underneath would be your black lace underwear.

Your feet padded against the floor making your way to the kitchen. You entered and mentally cheered when you saw Steve, his back towards you. He wore your favorite tight white t-shirt outlining all the muscles underneath and his black running pants shaping his ass perfectly.

“Morning Captain.” You purred as you got a bowl and spoon out to 'get cereal’.

“Oh good morning (y/-” Steve smiled but it dropped as soon as he saw you in your half naked glory. You could see in his face that something changed in him as he inched his eyes up and down your body before making eye contact with you.

You picked up your spoon and held it to the side of you. You stared at his darling blue eyes as you purposely dropped your spoon causing it to clink to the ground.

“Oops.” You whispered before turning around and very slowly bending over to pick it up, your shirt falling to your face exposing your whole ass to him also exposing some of your breasts to him. Slowly swaying your hips you made your way back up to your original stance smirking. You were surprised to find Steve so close to you when you turned around.

You gasped in pure shock when he roughly pushed you into the wall his body firmly pressed against you.

“What do you think your doing, showing me that pretty little ass of yours?” Steve growled pressing hot kisses on your jaw. All you could do was moan. You have never ever seen Steve like this. Like he had a deep dominant hunger that has been buried away for so long. You hadn’t ever imagined this would be his reaction. But you sure did love it. You already felt his bulge rubbing against your center making you incredibly wet.

“Mm you think it’s fun to tease me? Just wait. I’ll show you what it means to tease.” Steve said throwing you over his shoulder patting your ass then going to his room.

Once he closed his door he plopped you on his bed immediately taking off your shirt already exposing 90% of your body then laying you down. His tongue attacked your left nipple as his hand pinched your right causing you to arch your back into his touch. Moments later he did the same with the opposite nipple. You loved how he swirled his tongue around your tender skin making you shiver.

You reached to take his shirt off but he quickly took your hands away from him making you whimper. He chuckled as he made his way back up to your face.

“You’ve been bad. No touching.” He stated before firmly pressing his hot lips to yours his tongue already making its way in your mouth. Suddenly you felt Steve rub you through your panties making you moan into his mouth. He pulled back and quickly discarded your panties and stuck a finger in you without warning causing you to gasp. He pumped inside you furiously adding another finger and he smirked staring at you with your eyes squeezed shut, brows furrowed and mouth slightly open moaning his name.

“Oh god Steve… I’m gonna cum!” You moan fisting the sheets. He pumped his hand a few more times before leaving you completely empty making you gasp/growl in frustration.

“Patience..” Steve whispered moving his head between your thighs as he started to pepper kisses up and down them driving you insane.

“Steve… Please” You moan out bucking your hips up only for Steve’s arm to fall over your hips pressing them down.

“Ah, ah, ah. No moving either.” He spoke into your pussy, the vibrations making you whimper. He finally moved his warm tongue around your aching clit trying your hardest not to move under his touch. His hand played with your left breast as he continued to eat you out. He saw that you were coming undone before him once again so he stopped once more. Her eyes shot open to stare at him.

“Mmm don’t like being teased do ya?” He chuckled making you shake your head.

“Have I ever told you how hard you make me?” Steve groaned rubbing himself through his pants still fully dressed. He quickly took off his white shirt revealing his toned upper body. He then proceeded to take off his pants along with his underwear making his erection show itself for all its worth causing you to bit your lip. Steve climbed back on top of you his member rubbing against your center as he roughly kissed you.

“And now I’m going to fuck you.” He growled thrusting into you hard and fast making you both moan in pleasure. He started off slow but each thrust making it harder than the last getting deeper and deeper making you moan louder and louder.

“Steve.. Oh god.. Fuck..” You moaned as he pounded into you in a faster pace your nails scratching all over his back.

“You like that?” He smirked taking a hand and furiously rubbing your clit making you scream his name pulling you over the edge.

“Cum for me baby.” He grunted as your walls tightened around his large member. His speed increased as he road out your orgasm making you moan his name with some curse words along the way. Steve’s breathing was hot and fast down your neck as his body started to shake and he started to grunt your name. You felt him cum inside you soon after that as he groaned your name then pulling out of you.

“You look so pretty when you cum.” He breathed pulling you up to his chest making you grin.

“Let’s go back to sleep.” You mumbled pecking Steve on the lips before both of you closed your eyes.

-Hours Later-
You and Steve walked into the living room as casual as you could manage before Tony saw the both of you and gave a big sarcastic laugh.

“There they are! The human alarm clocks!” Tony said as everyone laughed. Steve started to blush but you just had confusion written on your face.

“What? I don’t get it?” You stated obviously confused.

“We all heard the two of you. It woke us all up.” Clint snickered as your eyes when wide.

The more your face became beet red, the more the team laughed. You rolled your eyes and sat down with Steve.

“Oh shut up.”

Headcanon: Dating Steve Rogers/ Captain America

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Headcanons: Dating Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier // Mental Abuse // Mental Abuse - Pietro Maximoff // Domestic Abuse 

I don’t usually write headcanon’s mostly Angie does short ones when people send in asks, so if I get something wrong or whatever, know that I don’t intend to I am just *new* to writing this stuff. - Rosalee

  • Him being extremely comfortable around you - everyone thinks he is really shy but not around you, you are possibly the only women he actually is himself around / other than Natasha of course
  • Although there are times when he is blushing/ stuttering and just being awkwardly-shy around - although you are equally the same around him
  • He memorises every quirk, habit and dream you have, - he probably knows you better than yourself at some points
  • You helping him through his PTSD 
  • He loves cuddling and snuggling with you
  • Although he isn’t big on PDA - which you are fine with 
  • He loves to hold your hand though- or in some form touching you when outside or in public, either a hand on the small of your back, an arm draped across your shoulder or even his thigh brushing against yours- it helps him relax
  • He loves spending as much time with you as possible- so he plans date nights which usually falls on Sundays 
  • You introduce him to everything he has missed- especially your favourite stuff, he says he loves them but you know he prefers the old shows
  • He actually loves Full House and That 70′s Show
  • It took a while for him to be able to sleep in the same bed as you - now he can’t go to sleep without you
  • He’s EXTREMELY protective of you 
  • His favourite place to kiss you is your nose - the way your scrunch it up after and laugh makes his heart melt 
  • He has moments of insecurity - he believes you deserve someone who will ALWAYS come back home to you
  • You tell him that he is worth the wait - waiting for him to come home is difficult but totally worth it when he walks through the door 
  • You have wrapped around your little finger - he’d do anything for you, you don’t abuse that power… a lot
  • His favourite outfit on you are his outfits - his shirts and sweats, it’s his weakness: you in his clothes 
  • Unlike Bucky he doesn’t ASK for a dog/ cat… he BRINGS one home without talking or discussing it - it just happens - not that you mind
Avengers and their undercover skills

Iron Man- is too famous and easily recognizable. Enjoys drawing attention to himself way too much.

Thor- he tries. He tries so hard. But he knows little of Earth culture and is the size of a mountain.

The Hulk- no. For obvious reasons. Banner does ok though.

Black widow- easily the best out of the Avengers. Maybe the best I’ve ever seen.

Hawkeye- highly skilled, but gets distracted by dogs.

Captain America- never again.

Falcon- does quite well. Charming, can blend into a crowd. Thinks quick on his feet.

Quicksilver- haven’t been on a mission with him. Couldn’t say one way or the other.

Scarlett witch- is becoming quite good. Her accent provides some problems, but her"wriggly-woo" can alter a person’s memory.

Vision- far distinctive appearance.

Spiderman- blends into a crowd well. Terrible liar though. How does he keep a secret identity?

The Bad Guys of the Week™ think that everything special about Captain America actually came out of Dr. Erskine’s magic bottle.

(Tony would like to state, for the record, that he is massively ashamed of having ever spoken that statement aloud.  He’s been trying to apologize for it without using his words ever since.   He doesn’t know if Steve has cottoned on to it yet.)

So, turning Steve Rogers back into his tiny, skinny, five foot and change self, has become something of a running theme.  It’s exasperating as all hell because it never really works the way anyone expects it to and also because Abraham Erskine was a cunning secretive old goat who knew his way around Certain Things that Tony Stark refuses to call magic.

(Yes, it’s magic.  Erskine really was a wizard.  Shhh.  Bruce Banner, mind you, is figuring his way around the “magic” stuff.  Nobody tell Tony.)

When he’s bitty, Steve just straightens his suspenders, puts on his most comfortable pair of Chucks - thankful he doesn’t have to stuff newspapers for a better fit - and just goes about his day. 

The inhaler is mostly a prop.  Mostly. 

Steve wanders all over New York, taking the subways, sketchbook and pencil in a suspiciously round backpack that also contains his shield. 

It’s hilarious because the goddamn thing is practically bigger than he is but Steve unironically has been known to lay that shield out under a tree somewhere in Central Park so he can curl up in it and nap. 

(He naps without a care in the world, because he’s aware that there’s watchful, protective eyes on him.  He just likes to pretend that he’s completely oblivious to that beloved presence shadowing his every move.)

When he’s bitty, Steve still walks up to that asshole on the subway trying to harass that young woman who’s already got her earphones on and he says, “This jerk bothering you, miss?”

And most times she finds the starch in her spine, even when she’s already scared shitless of the potential rapist/sex offender/serial killer trying to chat her up - because even if he’s tiny, there’s something calm and confident in those clear blue eyes and she thinks - we got this, both of us.  And between the two of them, Miss on the Subway and Steve Rogers can tell the asshole to fuck right off and at this point, the other people on the subway, trying to mind their own business, find themselves speaking up too. 

They can’t help themselves - if that little guy isn’t afraid to do something, why not them?

(Also, Steve may be small, but he’s not really the same battered, stubborn punk kid from Brooklyn anymore.  He still carries himself with authority and quiet confidence and it shows.)

When the Bad Guys™ come for him, they think he’s an easy mark.  But Steve knows far more tricks up his sleeve than the scrapping he used to do and the thing is, he may LOOK small, but the serum is still there thrumming in his veins.  He moves even faster now and every punch, every kick is delivered with precision and strength. 

Steve can leap into the air like a cat and maybe he’s not bringing down a reverse-edged sword from twenty feet in the air…. but that shield can still bring in plenty of pain.  

(The techniques of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu was intended for a sword, not a shield and its red-haired master had only found two people worthy to be trusted with its secrets.  Steve was the second person in nearly two hundred years.)

When Steve lands gracefully on the ground, his enemies groaning and whimpering at his feet, he hears applause and a reverent, “God damn, baby, do that again.”

Steve launches himself at one former Winter Soldier and clings to him for dear life, octopus-style.  Laughing for the first time in over seventy years, James Buchanan Barnes gropes Steve’s precious, bitty ass and gets the welcome home kiss he’s always dreamed of.


Everything Special About You, Steve Rogers - A Blanket Fort Headcanon

(There may be a stealth Rurouni Kenshin reference in there.  Because the mental image of tiny Steeb and tiny Kenshin getting along is just too good to pass up.)

I just watched Captain America: the First Avenger with my 70something yr old parents

And they asked me what happens in Cap 2, if Steve ever sees Peggy again.

I told them he does, but she’s very old, so they can’t be together. But then he sort of flirts with Peggy’s great-niece, which is kind of weird, though not too weird, since he never actually had sex with Peggy. I said it seemed like they might turn into a thing in a later film.

My parents’ response: ‘Sex with Peggy? Isn’t Captain America gay?’

I shit you not, they both thought Steve was in love with Bucky the entire movie and that this was some kind of gay love story.

When straight people who were born during WWII think they are watching a gay film, the filmmakers have crossed over the line from queer subtext into actual text.

i think tony’s arguments about having limits and deal with the consequences of their actions are reasonable and honestly he’s kinda right but whenever i hear bucky barnes scream in pain or i see him being placed against his will in a fucking freezer or whenever he does this heartbreaking expression 

i am 100% steve rogers facing the government of 117 countries, fighting with his teammates and holding a helicopter with his own hands just to protect bucky and keep him safe.