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😍 - Bruce Campbell

As Esme– Because adorable:

Fluttering her lashes would the bashful Esme incline her head, smiling small whilst thumbing the picture. “He– He is a very handsome man. A beautiful soul, even if he does not believe has one. I can see it.”

i like to imagine that clark kent’s search history is mostly normal but then there’s stuff like “improved superman costume concept art” because he wanted ideas


“…I still want to see video game reviews like the ones he does!”

-PeanutButterGamer: Follows a very similar style of game review to Jontron, but with minimal sketches, and focuses a bit more on the game itself rather than his own comedy. Less cut away gags, though the sketches that he does do are always entertaining enough to actually justify a cut away gag, something that Jontron surprisingly still has yet to perfect. His content is clean, like most of the Youtubers on this list, but clean in a sort of Tumblr level of obscure that gets a good laugh without offending anyone. To quote his Tumblr: “ I’m all for not offending people. I mean, I actively attempt to be as inoffensive as possible on videos and on social media, “. He also recently voiced his distaste for what Jon has been saying lately, a bold move, considering they work for the same company.

-BrutalMoose: Brutalmoose does both video game and TV show/movie reviews the same way Jon does, and unlike PBG, he does have a few videos with a bit more mature content in them, like his reviews of “adult” games. While he does play “mature” games from time to time, and the content/comedy of those games can be offensive, his own comedy is still clean, but on the borderline of dirty. The kind you’d see on the likes of the Simpsons. Jokes that are adult, but still don’t hurt anyone. (Also…Tumblr is kind of obsessed with the fact that he’s gay? Don’t go overboard with that info, kids.)

-SpaceHamster: If you were a fan of JonTron’s knockoff game videos, you’re gonna love SpaceHamster! He’s done multiple knockoff and rom hack compilation videos, and his humor is up there with PBG. Heck, PBG and him even game together on PBG’s side channel!

“…I still want to see movie reviews like the ones he does!”

-Nostalgia Critic: If you’re looking for completely inoffensive comedy, then Nostalgia Critic probably isn’t the first place you’re gonna want to go, but hear me out. Nostalgia Critic’s offensive content differs from JonTron’s in that not only is he self aware of what is and isn’t acceptable in comedy, he’s willing to apologize when a joke goes too far and learn from his mistakes, instead of attacking his own critics. He’s made videos discussing “the line” in comedy, does countless charity shoutouts, and started the “Where’s The Fair Use” movement, a movement created in hopes of holding YouTube accountable for taking down videos that fall under Fair Use laws. He’s a genuinely decent guy!

-CinemaSins: I feel like CinemaSins is popular enough that I hardly even need to signal boost them, but their content also falls under that “adult but harmless” category. Not only that, but they’re not afraid to call out movies like 50 Shades of Gray for being ungodly shitty.

“…I still want to see sketch comedy like the sketch comedy he does!”

-JacksFilms: Remember that guy? The Your Grammar Sucks guy? You might also know him as “the guy who made parody videos calling out both Leafy and Keemstar for being shitty uncreative people” or “the guy who has videos featuring fans art and complimenting them”. Another genuinely decent human being.

But Percy singing ’How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana.

  • Us: Today we lost an innocent soul, we lost Credence.
  • Us: Sometimes we can still hear his voice, he deserved so much better. Curse you Grindelwald and MACUSA!

Mark & Haechan at school

Teacher: Lee Minhyung, where is your homework?

Mark:puts on a fake crying acting<he played games all night with his hyungs>

Mark: I’m sorry teach, you know being a leader and performing with 3 NCT units these days..I…I…am sorry…

Teacher: Poor boy, ok you may sit down for now, but don’t forget to bring it next week! Now…Lee Donghyuck…Lee Donghyuck student! Your homework!!

Haechan: wipes off his real tears <he did his homework for real>

Teacher, I am sorry, seriously this time, I forgot my notebook at the dorm! For real! I am not lying!!! I was too tired to remember taking it with me…

Teacher: This is the 3rd attempt Donghyuck student! Sit down, you’ll have extra classes starting from next week!


“Okay… Just… Please, hang in there a little longer…”

Twitter ver.


Here’s my design for Shiro in the Voltron paranormal investigation team AU! Unlike the rest of the team, he can actually see ghosts. (He doesn’t tell Lance that some of them make faces at him while they’re filming episodes of their reality show bwahahahahaha)

You can find paranormal investigators Keith and Pidge here and here!

Hunk and Lance are here!

Allura and Coran are here!


Hayyyy I made the bby a Twitter so like if you have an account feel free to follow him if you wantttt <3333

Man sometimes I just think about how mad it is that Buffy delivers one of the most painful, dramatic episodes/reveals in song form. Like wtf Joss get it together. WHY IS THIS EPISODE SO GOOD. IT HAS NO RIGHT.

Dex as a ghost who died a few years ago from hypothermia because he fell through the ice at the pond during a shinny. He kinda just floats around Samwell and does his ghost thing. Then one day he sees Nursey being his clumsy self and is like ‘fuck i gotta help this guy.’ Dex follows Nursey around campus and stops him from tripping over shit and whatever other clutzy things he does. And one day at the Haus the boys decide to crack open an Ouija Board to talk to the 2 ghosts in the attic and instead they get Dex who complains about Nursey’s clumsy ass via Ouija Board. 

What if Evan was the one to kill himself and not Connor?
Evan is found with Connor’s name, and only Connor’s name, on his cast. And Evan’s mom thinks that maybe her son does have a friend. She goes to confront Connor, like the Murphy’s did, at school, but he hasn’t showed up for school today.
A few weeks later, Connor shows up at the hospital Heidi works at, half high and half concussed.
Heidi instantly recognizes him. She’s been to his Facebook page, mouse hovering over that friend request button, desperate for answers.
She learns that he, nd of course he did, fell out of a tree to get himself a concussion. (of course Connor just like to get high and do weird shit sometimes)
She begs him to stay until after her shift, and for some reason, he does. Because he was one of the last people to see Evan alive. He was one of the last people to talk to Evan. And he had been mean to Evan earlier that day. Connor may be troubled and a bit of a jerk, but he was still very interested in what she has to say.
So he stays and waits.
Heidi takes him out to a diner, forgoing nigh classes for tonight.
Connor confesses that they hadn’t been friends. They barely had known each other. He tells her about how he pushed her son earlier that day.
And she doesn’t fault him. She doesn’t get mad like he expected, almost hoped for. She tries to understand. That’s very new to Connor.